16Laws 1017 by KristinCarlson


									management; but I had learned      that   it was beneficial
to render more service than that   for    which I was paid;
and I had also learned that it paid to take the initiative
and find out what ought to be done without someone
telling me to do it. A good sized bank account, plus a
record of steady advancement in my previous position,
gave me all the self-confidence I needed, with some to
spare, perhaps.
    My    advancement was rapid, my salary having
been increased twice during the      first     year.    I   did so
well in the management of sales that my employer
took me into partnership with him. We began to make
money and I began to see myself on top of the world
      To stand "on top of the world" gives one a
wonderful sensation; but it is a very dangerous place
to stand, unless one stands very firmly, because the
fall is so long and hard if one should stumble.
     I was succeeding by leaps and bounds!

     Up to that time it had never occurred to me that
success could be measured in terms other than money
and authority. Perhaps this was due to the fact that I
had more money than I needed and more authority
than I could manage safely at that age.
     Not only was I "succeeding," from my viewpoint,
of success, but I knew I was engaged in the one and
only business suited to my temperament. Nothing
could have induced me to change into another line of
endeavor. That is - nothing except that which
happened, which forced me to change.
     The unseen hand of Fate allowed me to strut
around under the influence of my own vanity until I
had commenced to feel my importance. In the light of
my more    sober years,   I   now wonder       if the       Unseen

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