16Laws 1015 by KristinCarlson


									     Neither temporary defeat nor adversity amounts
to failure in the mind of the person who looks upon it
as a teacher that will teach some needed lesson. As a
matter of fact, there is a great and lasting lesson in
every reverse, and in every defeat; and, usually, it is a
lesson that could he learned in no other way than
through defeat.
     Defeat often talks to us in a "dumb language" that
we do not understand. If this were not true, we would
not make the same mistakes over and over again
without profiting by the lessons that they might teach
us. If it were not true, we would observe more closely
the mistakes which other people make and profit by
     The main object of this lesson is to help the
student understand and profit by this "dumb language"
in   which defeat   talks to us.
     Perhaps I can best help you to interpret the
meaning of defeat by taking you back over some of my
own experiences covering a period of approximately
thirty years. Within this period, I have come to the
turning-point, which the uninformed call "failure,"
seven different times. At each of these seven turning-
points I thought I had made a dismal failure; hut now I
know that what looked to be a failure was nothing
more than a kindly, unseen hand, that halted me in my
chosen course and with great wisdom forced me to
redirect   my efforts along more advantageous
     I arrived at this decision, however, only after I
had taken a retrospective view of my experiences and
had analyzed them in the light of many years of sober
and meditative thought.

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