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					Verbs formed from adjectives by adding -en

    Adjective       Verb          Meaning                                                                      Latinate alternative
?   alive           enliven       make alive (figuratively - e.g. 'to enliven a party')                        revivify
    awake           awaken        Make awake                                                                   arouse
    black           blacken       Make black                                                                   denigrate (only in 'blacken's figurative sense)
    broad           broaden       Make broad                                                                   latitudinal
?   chaste          chasten       Make sorry (not "chaste")                                                    chastize/castigate
    damp            dampen        Make damp                                                                    humidify/moisten
    dark            darken        Make dark                                                                    obscure
    dead            deaden        Make dull (not "dead")                                                       mortify
    deaf            deafen        Make deaf
?   deep            deepen        Make deeper (the hole must have some depth to start with)                    profound
?   bold            embolden      Make bold - also "bolden"                                                    audacious
?                   enlighten     Not "make light", but (figuratively) " cast light"                           illuminate
?   fast            fasten        Make fast (but not in the sense "quick"        - 'make a firm connection')   secure
    fat             fatten        Make fat                                                                     corpulent
    flat            flatten       Make flat                                                                    (plane)
    fresh           freshen       Make fresh
    great           greaten       Make great                                                                   magnify/amplify
    hard            harden        Make or become hard
?   hearty          hearten       Give heart                                                                   encourage/inspirit/invigorate
?   high            heighten      Make more intense (not - in a physical sense - high)                         (intensify)
?   long            lengthen      Make long (not *longen)                                                      extend
    light           lighten       Make light                                                                   alleviate
    like            liken         Make like                                                                    assimilate
?   live (/laɪv/)   enliven       Make [more] alive                                                            revivify
    loose           loosen        Make loose                                                                   detach
    moist           moisten       Make moist                                                                   humidify
    quick           quicken       Make quick (sometimes in an archaic meaning of quick [=alive]                accelerate
    quiet           quieten       Make quiet                                                                   pacify
?   awake           rewaken       Make awake again
    red             redden        Become red
    ripe            ripen         Make ripe                                                                    mature
    rough           roughen       Make rough                                                                   abrade
    sharp           sharpen       Make sharp                                                                   intensify/exacerbate (Latin acer =sharp)
    slack           slacken       Make slack
    straight        straighten    Make straight                                                                (rectify)
                    straiten      Make difficult (chiefly in the collocation 'straitened circumstance')        aggravate
?   strong          strengthen    Make strong (not *strongen)                                                  fortify
    sweet           sweeten       Make sweet                                                                   dulcify
    taut            tauten        Become taut
    tight           tighten       Make tight                                                                   constrict/restrict
    tough           toughen       Make tough
?   awake           waken         Cause to wake                                                                rouse/arouse
Verbs formed from adjectives by adding -en

   weak            weaken         Make weak    attenuate
   white           whiten         Make white   bleach