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									Shenington with Alkerton Parish Council Portfolio Action Plan

Portfolio                         Who              Actions                                                                                                        Year to      Closed
                                  (lead in                                                                                                                        Action      (minutes
                                  red)                                                                                                                                       reference)
Gliding & Karting                 Margaret         Go Karting
                                              1    Noise monitoring of every karting day by parishioners ( currently 4 but aim for more participants)             On-going
                                              2    Notify the Kart club of any trailers carrying Karts through the village                                        On-going
                                              3    Present noise monitoring data to the Environmental Health dept at Cherwell DC for current season               On-going
                                              4    Follow up any action to be taken regarding the 2009 data submitted to CDC Env Health.                             1
                                              5    Monitor any changes at the Kart track and advise CDC planning dept of any enforcement issues                   On-going
                                              6    Arrange annual meeting in Sept/Oct 2010 to discuss :                                                              1
                                                   ·        Calendar for 2011
                                                   ·        Possibility of reduction of meetings on Sundays in July and August
                                                   ·        Update on sat navs directing traffic up Stocking Lane
                                              7    Possible signage directing traffic to the airfield                                                                2
                                                   Gliding Club
                                              8    Arrange annual meetings with the Gliding Club committee to discuss the above objectives                        On-going
                                              9    Possible signage directing traffic to the airfield                                                                2
Communication                      Emma            Internal Communications
(To include liaison with police,   Margaret   1    Draft minutes to be circulated by Friday after meeting with action points and assigned responsibilities        On-going
clubs, school, church, Neil Brooks Gillian         Where distributed to the public, Councillors, bodies (e.g. Cherwell) to be identified by name, not by
re Green, LDF)                                     initials
                                              2    Post Countryside Code on notice boards                                                                            1
                                                   PC Website
                                              3    Develop our own ‘basic’, 4 or 5 page website                                                                      1
                                              4    Approval required for small expenditure for domain name, hosting.                                                 1
                                                   Communications Management
                                              5    Standing order to be added: All PC communications to be cleared by Chair, Vice-Chair. No active                   1
                                                   approaches to Media, except where cleared by Chair / Vice-Chair in advance. All incoming press
                                                   enquiries to be handled according to agreed procedure (details of procedure to be finalised)
                                               6   PC reports of business to be originated by PC                                                                     1
                                               7   Public circulation of meeting announcements, approved minutes, etc by Parish Clerk                             On-going
                                               8   Complaints procedure – publicise via web site, hold hard copy for provision if requested                          2
                                               9   To ensure communications are in plain English and jargon-free                                                  On-going
                                              10   To note relevant communications style points e.g. “The Village s ”.                                            On-going
                                              11   When necessary, develop ‘position statements’ for hot-button issues.                                           On-going
                                                   Contact Management
                                              12   Build a circulation list of Parishioners requesting Meeting Announcements, Approved Minutes, etc. To           On-going
                                                   be held centrally.
                                              13   Build a circulation list of relevant ‘non-parishioner’ contacts – e.g. local bodies, etc. Provided by Chair,   On-going
                                                   Portfolio holders
                                                   Emergency Plan
                                              14   Create plan and communicate to parish as appropriate                                                              1
                                              15   PC info leaflet and questionnaire to be finalised and distributed. Findings report to be provided to PC           1
                                              16   Affordable Housing Survey – Queries list completed, survey amendments awaiting confirmation from                  1
                                                   ORPH re: scope for change
                                              17   Parish Plan – Subject to review and input from PC questionnaire                                                   2

Shenington with Alkerton Parish Council Portfolio Action Plan

Minerals & Tip                       Tom       1     Contact WNS Recycling and OCC. Express our concerns re. litter and fly-tipping and clarify                   On-going
                                     Emma            responsibilities for clean up.
                                               2     Discuss with OCC the possibility of moving the recycling centre.                                                2
                                               3     Request “Minerals and Waste Development Control” dept. at OCC updates the PC immediately upon                   2
                                                     any development in the proposed minerals extraction.
                                                4    Discuss with interested and concerned residents the formation of a “Minerals Forum”                             1
Highways                             Robin      1    Review PC minutes and other information held by PC on parish highways.                                          1
                                     Anthea     2    Clarify OCC and CDC responsibilities concerning highways.                                                       1
                                                3    Be reactive concerning objectives 1, 3 and 4.                                                                On-going
                                                4    Log OCC and CDC activities in the parish concerning highways.                                                On-going
                                                5    Road safety in the villages:
                                               5.1   Discuss with OCC road safety and speed limits in the villages and particularly Stocking Lane;                   1
                                               5.2   Discuss with the School possible actions to improve road safety in Stocking Lane;                               1
                                               5.3   Other actions to be decided after review and discussions.                                                       2
Countryside                          Anthea     1    Footpaths – to liaise with local landowners to gauge their feelings regarding allowing members of the           2
                                     Robin           public more access
(To include activity on footpaths)             2     Oxfordshire Nature Conservation Forum, Development Officer Cynthia Napper, happy to talk to PC on               1
                                                     what we have & how to conserve it, our area has already been surveyed! talk would be about 20 mins
                                               3     Sort of things we could consider bird/bee/bat boxes, not mowing an area of the green and not mowing             1
                                                     some grass verges. Will speak to Ann Grant to find out which wild flowers etc were on the green before
                                                     it was mowed on a regular basis.
                                               4     Cherwell Countryside Forum – re managing land etc, clerk should be notified of meetings, would like to       On-going
                                                     attend if possible.
                                               5     Litter pick, September 24th with school, will speak to head, area and time, also village litter pick April      1
                                                     2011, will need to borrow equipment which we used last time.
                                               6                                                                                                                     1
                                                     Countryside Code, include in next issue of The Shenington Green and copies on village notice boards.
Businesses & Services                Gillian   1     Create a list of local businesses and trades (to include parishioners if available)                             2
(To include recreation)              Tom       2     Find out needs of parishioners in relation to services, such as broadband speed                                 2
                                               3     Liaise with local bus company to keep up to speed on any changes to services                                 On-going
                                               4     Establish if there is a need for a play area within the parish                                                  2
                                               5     Consider place on school governors                                                                              1
Planning                             No lead   1     Increase PCs' planning knowledge                                                                                1
                                               2     Strategy for planning applications                                                                              1


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