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									                        CHICAGOLAND G.A. INTERGROUP
                    MINUTES FOR July 16, 2007 corrected 8 22 07
Chairman: René B
Secretary: Cindy M
The meeting was called to order at 7:32 pm

Note to group – My computer froze and some info was lost, so the notes may not be up
to standards. My apologies. Cindy

Recovery Program –Stan N
Unity Program – Dale C
One Day at a Time – Florence L

Excused Absences: Bob K – Northwest Community Hosp
New Reps: Jim H – St Mary Nazareth, Jeremy B - Lisle Thur, Alan H - Mayfair Lutheran

Rene and Jim addressed the issue that our intergroup reps should be conducting
      ourselves in a courteous and respectful way to each other in and out of our
      monthly meetings. During the meeting Rene will be ruling people out of
      order who do not abide by this simple guideline.

Old Business
Trustee nominations:
To finish Steve S’s term which goes till June 30th 2008..
Arnie B and Dolores R were both nominated and Arnie accepted.
Dolores wasn’t present but it was confirmed that she did want to run for trustee. She will
need to get her bio on the internet this week.
Cindi M from Lake in the Hills will send out the ballots and bios of the nominees to the
outlying areas that are entitled to vote. Motion made to reimburse Cindi the amount she
will pay for postage and envelopes.
Motion passed.

Spirituality chairman nominations
Alan S and Tom C were nominated and voted in to be the co chairs.

2008 Spring Conference chairman
Frank N was nominated and voted in the chairman.

Conference update by Jim F and Rene B
They have negotiated the contract, which we have until July 20th to accept or we will lose it. The hotel is
keeping the prices similar to our last conference.
Discussion re the format of the conference, should it be held at a smaller hotel, concern
re the declining numbers of attendees at conferences in past years.
Motion made by Christine K to approve the contract as presented tonight and let the
committee figure out the details and budget considerations of the 2008 conference.
Motion passes.
Motion made by Alan S to establish a committee to explore changing the venue of the
2009 conference, and present their findings at Jan intergroup.
Motion passes. Jim A declined being on committee. Fred L, Christine K, Jim M, Frank K
and Victor C all accept positions on the committee.
Rene reported on process of changing our checking acct to a business checking acct. It
will require 2 signatures to do this. Presently Phil S, Harvey W, Steve S and Rene B are
all signatures. We have just ordered new checks at a cost of $100.
Discussion: what are the charges for business accts, they are usually higher than regular
accts; will we need to keep money in a savings acct to eliminate fees; will there be irs
problems; what about changing banks, our current bank is difficult to work with and there
have been many issues with them. Rene will research these new questions and report
back next month.
Tom D reported he is looking into the question re the IRS and he has left a msg on the
trustee phone line. So far he has been told than NO AREAS file with the IRS If he
cannot get a good answer he will attempt to put this as a discussion item at the LA

New business:
Rene has contacted the hospital to request we be allowed to continue to meet here at
Elmhurst hosp in our current room the 3rd Monday of the month. She is waiting for
confirmation from the hospital.

Please call or email Heidi at 312-475-9041 or AT LEAST ONE DAY PRIOR

Room reps, PLEASE follow the format below when sending info to Heidi.
When having an in room meeting, please indicate if it is open or closed!
On the website we will be posting which trustee will be attending the pinning.

Date          Day             Time           Location                  Person          Years
7/20/07       Friday – open   7:30 pm        Bolingbrook               Nancy L         5 yr GA
              In room
7/20/07       Friday          6:30 pm        Joliet – Provena          Mike P          1 yr GA
              In room                        St Joseph Hosp
8/13/07       Monday          7:00 pm        Arlington Heights         Frank B         5 yr GA
              Open                           NWCH Auditorium
8/18/07       Saturday        11:00 am       Oak Park                  Dan B           1 yr GA
              Open            after 9:30
8/19/07       Sunday –        5:00 pm        Elgin – St Joseph         Steve H         1 yr GA
              open            TIME           Hospital                  Randy H         1 yr GA
                              CHANGE                                   Lisa E          1 yr GA
                                                                       Joanne S        1 yr GA
8/23/07       Thursday        7:30 pm        Mayfair Lutheran          Debbie M        10 yr GA
                                                                       Allen H         15 yr GA

8/26/07       Sunday          6:00 pm        Naperville                Tim C           1 yr GA
                                                                       John L          1 yr GA
                                                                       Joyce C         1 yr
Committee Reports
Public Relations – no report

Anniversary – no report

Picnic - Scott S
Location Bemis Woods – FLYER ON THE INTERNET
August 12, 11 am till 4 pm

We have 53 adults and 13 kids registered to date. We usually get 60 to 65 percent walk-
ups on the day of the picnic. Scott would like a better head count. There is not an
intergroup meeting prior to picnic, so please mail registration form along with checks to
PO Box 3649
Lisle Il 60532
Or u can contact Scott at 708-514-0921 or email at

He has budgeted $1300 for food and supplies. He has 3 people cooking hot dogs and
burgers. He is hiring a DJ, depending on who and what the DJ does, the cost will be
between $250 and $450.
Discussion: Scott asked the group how they felt about a game coordinator for the kids
games. The cost is about $400, it was asked why the DJ didn’t do that job. Dianna R
volunteered to be game coordinator if the DJ is unable to do this. It was asked if
donations could be accepted for the picnic. Dan brought up the issue that many people
seem concerned about the finances of the picnic but who stepped up to the plate to help
Scott. He has been working primarily SOLO as the picnic committee! It was suggested
we let Scott and his none committee make all decisions re the picnic. We should be able
to accept donations.
Motion made by Scott for a payment of $150 payable to Saras pony rides to secure the
pony rides and to pay $150 in cash the day of the picnic (this is what the vender
requested). Motion Passed
Scott asked again for people to sign up, come to the picnic and be prepared to
have a good time rain or shine!!!!!
Motion to accept picnic report – Report accepted

Pressure Relief – Dan B.
 2 financial in Downers Grove - 1 financial in Joliet
With advance notice Dan is available to come to any meeting to help with pressure relief.
Dans nbr is 815-342-0385, his email is
He now has the pressure relief forms on excel and he will email you the forms upon
Motion to accept the Pressure Relief report – Report accepted

Phone Service – Dianna R
68 calls from May 19th thru June 18, totaling 586 minutes.
Total bill was $264.06 and we paid $50.
Please let Dianna know if you hear of any issues or concerns re the phone service.
Discussion: The question was asked how do we get our calls from other areas. Dianna
states the calls we receive are based on the area code of the cell phone making the call.
Remind callers they call always call 1800gambler, if they are out of our service area.
Motion to accept the phone service report – Report accepted.
Supplies – Christine K and Jeff F
The supply form is on the website. You will find it in the business items under the
intergroup section. Continue to email Christine or Jeff, 2 weeks prior to intergroup and
you should be able to pick up your supplies.
Supplies distributed at July intergroup $477.70, amount collected tonight $190.50,
supplies ordered $676.74.
Christine has life liner envelopes available. Jeff reminds us that the only items which
must be paid for are: the day at a time book, blue and red books and the medallions.
However, big thanks to the rooms who are self supporting!
Motion to accept the supplies report – Report accepted.

Internet – Dan, reporting for Rick
Motion made to reimburse Rick P $99. which is the annual fee to keep our domain
name on the internet.
Motion Accepted
Motion to accept the internet report – Report accepted

Treasurers’ Report – Phil S and Harvey W
Motion to reimburse Kathy H $100. she spent for the LA conf and $62.80 she spent on
supplies and mailings.
Motion passed.
Collection tonight - Ga intergroup $1934.10 – ISO $897.90 - supplies $202.50- Pinning
fund $37.00 - Picnic collection $530.00
Discussion: we want the fellowship to know that we are not in financial distress; however
we need to remain fiscally responsible to our fellowship; please see the financial report
for figures.
Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report - Report accepted.

Sunshine Report – Debbie M
Everything up to date, cards are ready to go.
Motion to accept the Sunshine report – Report accepted.

Trustees Report – Tom D and Kathy H
Tom – reports that we have submitted 3 items for the LA agenda.
      Sept has been designated as the annual walk a thon month for ISO’s fundraiser
      by the board of trustees. ISO uses this money to fund the phone service hotline.
      All areas are encouraged to have this fundraiser.

       In the Chicagoland area we would like to designate, Thursday September 13TH,
       2007, (which is the 50th anniversary of GA), as ISO NATIONAL ATTENDANCE
       DAY. This is a day for all members to attend a meeting and donate to this special
       cause, which will be a separate collection.

Kathy – She is again walking for Chicagoland intergroup at the LA conference. So far
she has collected a little over $1000, thanks in part to a large donation from one of our
members. Her goal remains to raise $3000.00. Kathy thanks everyone who has and
who continues to support her!
       Motion to accept the trustee report – Report accepted.

New Meetings Report – Dave M.
        The Morris Hospital meeting has made the 90-day requirement.
                       It meets at 7:00 pm Mondays
                       150 W High Street, Morris
                       Whitman Assembly 1
                       Therapy/step/topic meeting
                       The meeting is doing great, officers are in place and membership
                       is growing. Come check this meeting out!
Dianna and Rick will get it posted to the phone service list and the internet
meeting list. They pay no rent.
Discussion: is there still a meeting at highland Ind? There seems to be one
women who is consistently at the 2nd sat meeting of every month, and if she isn’t there
we are not sure if there will be a meeting or not. The other Highland meetings are doing
What about the Lansing meeting? They have not been picking up their rent check
or contributing money.
        Monday July 30th, Kathy H will be speaking at the Joliet speaker meeting.
Motion to accept the New Meetings report – Report accepted.

Good and Welfare
We recvd a card from Bruce O’s family:
Dear Ga Group, I just wanted to thank you for your generous monetary gift to our family.
It brought tears to my eyes. I will put it towards the funeral expenses, as Bruce had no
life insurance. Thank you for your caring, God Bless, Lorna, Elton, Taylor, Matt and

Beverly H from Monday Aurora was in a coma for 2 weeks, and she has started to come
around. Please keep her in your prayers.

Tim Postma is at Lutheran General Hospital and he is happy to see visitors. (He gave
permission to use his last name.)
Motion to accept good and welfare report – Report accepted

Activities report – Heidi
Heidi passed out flyers re an adventure experience for recovering ga members. Please
discuss with your groups and give feedback to Heidi whether we want to pursue this as a
group activity.
Motion to accept activity report – report accepted

Other Items:
Tom L reported the budget committee is working on the budget and will bring it back to
the group in Oct.
Arnie B will have the final figures from the conference in August.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m. with the group joining hands and reciting the Serenity

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