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					6th Grade Artist Time Line
                                 Due: Two weeks from the snow day

1. Find an artist that you like the best from the provided list.
2. Find one artwork create by that artist you like best and recreate
   that work of art on your poster board the best you can.
3. Your artist’s full name, country they are from, art movement
   they belong to, and the year they were born and died should
   be written largest on your poster board.
4. Create a time line on your poster board. The time line should
   have 12 dates on if the artist has not died then your timeline will
   have 11 dates.
   Start from the date your artist was born, list at least 10 major
   events in your artist’s life, and end with the date your artist
   died(of they have)
Use an Encyclopedia, the internet, books from the library, or other
text to help you find these dates.

5.   Print out a photography or self portrait of your artist and past
     this image on to your poster board.
6.   Print out 5 major artworks that your artist created. Each
     artwork should include :

Media:                                     Size:
Location (museum/collection):

Glue these images on to your poster board.

        Please be prepared to present your artist to the class

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