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Federal Acquisition and Contracting


									                                                                    Certificate in
                                                         Federal Acquisition
                                                          and Contracting
                                                          is a Hot program to elevate your career

       In every industry there is an increasing need for highly skilled acquisition and contracting
       professionals to gather data. The need is driven by federal audit agencies (DCAA, DoD, etc.) to
       increase and insurance compliance.

       Real World ● Applicable ● Relevant
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       Center for Advanced Management Programs
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       Houston, Texas 77058
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Curriculum ..................................................................................... 3   Management has created an
Understanding the FAR Cost Principles .................................... 4                         environment where excellence is
Application of Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) ...................... 5                              expected and rewarded on three
                                                                                                     dimensions – Career Development,
Introduction to Government Contracting.................................... 6
                                                                                                     Productivity and Knowledge. Each of
Understanding the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) ....... 7                                    our courses fit into one or more of these
Contract Administration: Managing Government Contracts .......8                                      dimensions and they are designed
Advanced Contract Administration: The Legal Aspects ..............9                                  to help you focus on your objectives
Cost Estimating Systems and Truth-in-Negotiations ................10                                 and help you get the most out of the
Equitable Price Adjustments and Claims ..................................11                          curriculum you have selected.
Audits in Government Contracting............................................13
                                                                                                     Our goal is simply to help you and your
Government Contract Law........................................................14
                                                                                                     organization increase its effectiveness
Contracting for Services ...........................................................15
                                                                                                     and your success as a Federal
Subcontracting & Subcontract Management ............................16                               Acquisition and Contracting professional.
Essentials of Purchasing®.........................................................17
The Legal Aspects of PurchasingSM ..........................................18
Improving Negotiating SkillsSM ..................................................19
Admission .................................................................................20
Requirements and Planning .....................................................20
Acquisition and Contracting: Industry Profile ............................20
Faculty ......................................................................................21
Frequently Asked Questions.....................................................22
Certificate Program Application ................................................23

Certificate in Federal Acquisition & Contracting
Real World ● Applicable ● Relevant

The University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Certificate in Federal Acquisition & Contracting is designed for both
public and private sector professionals from a variety of disciplines and industries seeking to expand their
knowledge and skills while building a career. Course offerings cover the broad spectrum from introductory,
advanced, and specialized courses of particular interest to the acquisition and contracting community. The
courses provide for a well rounded understanding of the respective aspects of acquisition and contracting
personnel, expanding beyond their current responsibilities.

This broad array of open-enrollment courses addresses the practical and professional education requirements
for the acquisition and contracting community. The program is open to all interested individuals and there are
no prerequisites specific to the course of enrollment.

The certificate itself will demonstrate your knowledge to your superiors, peers and counterparts in your
professional field – and opens doors to future career opportunities. The program offers the skills, knowledge
and competencies that employers are increasingly seeking.

Federal Acquisition and Contracting Certificate Program

Earn a professional certificate in federal acquisition and contracting from the University of Houston-Clear Lake,
School of Business, Center for Advanced Management Programs.

What will you get out of it?
• Credibility, respect, earning power
• Earn a place in an elite group of professionals
• Much more upward momentum than your peers
• Enhance opportunities for more frequent promotions
• Receive recognition from your organization for your knowledge and expertise

What will my boss get out of it?
Superior employees who know how to make the most out of today’s limited resources. You’ll make your boss
look great when your results and productivity from this training continually trend upwards. Bosses who sent their
employees through the FAC Certificate program consistently find their team is more motivated, and up-to-date on
the latest trends and best practices. Although best practices remain the same, there are always new strategies
and techniques to improve your productivity and increased innovation because of the new skills you gain.

Both you and your organization will reap the benefits from your increased knowledge and skills.

Courses are stand alone and may be taken individually or as part of the complete certificate program. However,
the university reserves the right to cancel individual program offerings if enrollment criteria are not met or when
conditions prevail beyond its control.

All courses are taught by prominent, known top-notch practitioners under the direction of the University of
Houston-Clear Lake, School of Business, Center for Advanced Management Programs.

FAC 301:       Understanding the FAR Cost Principles                                 Develop and grow your
FAC 302:       Application of Cost Accounting Standards                              career.
FAC 303:       Introduction to Government Contracting
FAC 304:       Understanding the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
                                                                                     Check out our website
FAC 305:       Contract Administration: Managing Government Contracts                for the date of these
FAC 306:       Advanced Contract Administration: The Legal Aspects                   courses.
FAC 307:       Cost Estimating Systems and Truth-in-Negotiations           
FAC 308:       Equitable Price Adjustments and Claims
FAC 309:       Audits in Government Contracting
FAC 310:       Government Contract Law
FAC 311:       Contracting for Services
FAC 312:       Subcontracting and Subcontract Management
FAC 313:       Essentials of Purchasing®
FAC 314:       The Legal Aspects of PurchasingSM
FAC 315:       Improving Negotiating SkillsSM

Understanding the FAR Cost Principles
FAC 301

If you are in any way involved with government contracts, you undoubtedly know how crucial – and often, how difficult, frustrating,
complicated and ever changing – the subtleties of cost allowability are. Understanding and living with the conflicting rules on allowability
and allocability is becoming increasingly important because of the government’s aggressiveness on advocating disallowances, even in the
gray areas of law.
In fact, many of the current disputes between contractors and the government are questions of cost allowability. Disputes stem from routine
audits, claims negotiations and criminal investigations. As a result, contractors and government contracting officers have recognized the
need to increase their familiarity with cost issues.
The course covers basic requirements for allowable costs… reasonable, allocable, and conformance with cost accounting standards
(CAS) and/or generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Discussion focuses on the application of the rules and significant judicial
decisions related to cost recovery, including a discussion of FAR 31.201, 202, 203 and 205. You’ll compare the FAR with the CAS
approach to allocability as set out in the standards. Analysis of how the courts have decided allocability issues and conflicts between FAR
and CAS are also discussed.
Authoritative guidance is provided on the allowability of specific costs such as advertising, entertainment, travel, interest expense,
compensation, consultant costs, bid and proposal costs, independent R&D and penalties.
The process of cost submissions related to the FAR’s rules are discussed, including a discussion of government cost submissions.
You’ll leave this course prepared to deal with all aspects of cost allowability.

Key Benefits                                      Course Contents
You’ll Learn                                      Overview                                        •   Lobbying
• Basic requirements for a cost to be             • Composition of total cost                     •   Losses on other contracts
  allowable                                       • Determining allowability                      •   Maintenance and repair
• The application of rules and judicial           • Determining allocability                      •   Manufacturing and production
  decisions related to cost recovery              • Credits                                           engineering
• Basic rules that address allowability           • Accounting for unallowable costs              •   Material
  provisions of the FAR Subpart 31.2
                                                  • Construction and architect-engineer           •   Organization costs
• Incurred cost submissions and audits
                                                    contractor                                    •   Other business expenses
• The knowledge and skills needed for
                                                                                                  •   Plant protection
  determining both cost allowability and          Types of Costs
  allocability                                                                                    •   Patent
                                                  • Direct costs
                                                                                                  •   Plant reconversion
                                                  • Indirect costs
Who Should Attend                                 • Application of principles and
                                                                                                  •   Precontract costs
                                                                                                  •   Professional and consultant services
This course is designed for anyone                  procedures
                                                                                                  •   Recruitment
connected with government contracting,
                                                  Specific Cost Categories                        •   Relocation
including all: contract managers, contract
                                                  • Public relations and advertising              •   Royalties and other costs for use of
administrators, subcontract managers,
                                                  • Bad debts                                         patents
project managers, proposal managers,
buyers and purchasing personnel; even             • Bonding                                       •   Selling
veterans who may feel the need for a              • Compensation for personal services            •   Service and warranty
refresher or wish to acquaint themselves          • Contingencies                                 •   Special tooling and special test
with some of the special topics covered in        • Contributions and donations                       equipment
this program.                                     • Cost of money                                 • Taxes
                                                  • Depreciation                                  • Termination costs
                                                  • Economic planning                             • Trade, business, technical and
                                                  • Employee morale, health, welfare,               professional activity
                                                    food service and dormitory costs and          • Training and education
                                                    credits                                       • Transportation
                                                  • Entertainment                                 • Travel
These programs are highly                         • Fines, penalties and mischarging              • Costs related to legal and other
interactive and participatory.                    • Gains and losses on disposition of              proceedings
                                                    depreciable property or other capital         • Deferred research and development
                                                    assets                                        • Goodwill
                                                  • Idle facilities and idle capacity costs       • Alcoholic beverages
                                                  • Independent research, development,            • Asset valuations resulting from
                                                    bid and proposal                                business combinations
                                                  • Interest and other financial costs
                                                  • Insurance and indemnification
                                                  • Labor relations
Application of Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
FAC 302

CAS Impact on Government Contracts
The intricacies of the Federal Government’s procurement policies and regulations are complex, but few are as complex as CAS. The
problems you face in understanding, implementing, maintaining and complying with the standards are becoming more complex. Given the
recent revisions to CAS and proposed changes to the standards, you must stay abreast of them to effectively deal with their enforcement.
The course provides an understanding of the CAS, its recent changes, rules and regulations. Thus, you get a solid foundation for
administering and enforcing the standards. The standards’ exhaustive scope is presented in the course outline.

Key Benefits                                   Course Contents
You’ll examine such topics as:                 History and Background of the CAS             The Individual CAS
• Relationship between cost principles         Board (CASB)                                  • CAS 401 – Consistency in Estimating,
  (FAR Part 31) and the Cost Accounting
                                               • GAO Feasibility Study                         Accumulating and Reporting Costs
  Standards (CAS)
• Consistency in cost accounting practices     • The Origin of CASB                          • CAS 402 – Consistency in Allocating
• Unallowable costs                            • Rebirth of CASB                               Costs Incurred for the Same Purpose
• Accounting periods                           • Re-codification of the (CFR 48              • CAS 403 – Allocation of Home Office
• Cost allocations                                                                             Expenses to Segments
                                                 Chapter 99) CAS
• Capitalization and depreciation of assets
                                               • Current Issues                              • CAS 404 – Capitalization of Tangible
• Cost of money
• Insurance costs                                                                              Assets
                                               Purposes of the CAS
• Changes in accounting practices                                                            • CAS 405 – Accounting for Unallowable
                                               • Promote Uniformity
• Disclosure Statements                                                                        Costs
• Cost Impact Statements                       • Promote Consistency
                                                                                             • CAS 406 – Cost Accounting Period
• Current issues of Cost Accounting            • Facilitate Negotiation, Administration
                                                                                             • CAS 407 – Use of Standard Costs for
  Standards (CAS) and Cost Accounting            and Settlement of Contracts
  Standards Board (CASB)                                                                       Direct Material and Direct Labor
                                               Relationship Between the Cost                 • CAS 408 – Accounting for Costs of
Who Should Attend                              Principles (FAR Part 31) and the CAS            Compensated Personal Absence
This course is designed for anyone who         • Changes in Applicability                    • CAS 409 – Depreciation of Tangible
works with or expects to work with CAS. It     • Allowability and Allocability                 Capital Assets
will prepare you for successful negotiation    • Exempted Contracts and Contractors          • CAS 410 – Allocation of Business Unit
of government contracts and clarify
                                               CAS Contract Clauses                            General and Administrative Expenses
accounting requirements during contract
performance. Whether you’re a government       • Full Coverage Clause                          to Final Cost Objectives
procurement professional, CPA, contract        • Modified Coverage Clause                    • CAS 411 – Accounting for Acquisition
administrator, executive, lawyer, manager,                                                     Costs of Materials
financial officer or internal auditor, you     Changes to Cost Accounting
                                                                                             • CAS 412 – Composition and
will learn the intricacies of the accounting   Principles
requirements of CAS.
                                                                                               Measurement of Pension Costs
                                               • Definition
                                                                                             • CAS 413 – Adjustment and Allocation
                                               • Illustrative Changes and Examples
                                                                                               of Pension Costs
                                               Disclosure Statement                          • CAS 414 – Cost of Money as an
                                               • Filing Requirements                           Element of the Cost of Facilities Capital
                                               • Adequacy Determination                      • CAS 415 – Accounting for the Cost of
                                               • Amendments to the Disclosure                  Deferred Compensation
                                                 Statement                                   • CAS 416 – Accounting for Insurance
                                               Steps of Successful Implementation              Costs
CAMP delivers unparalleled                                                                   • CAS 417 – Cost of Money as an
                                               • What Action to Take
insights in their training                                                                     Element of the Cost of Capital Assets
                                               • How to Keep Up-to-Date
programs that help                             • Proactive Steps                               Under Construction
companies and organizations                                                                  • CAS 418 – Allocation of Direct and
                                               Cost Impact Statement
make smart decisions.                                                                          Indirect Costs
                                                                                             • CAS 420 – Accounting for
                                                                                               Independent Research and
                                                                                               Development and Bid Proposal Costs

Introduction to Government Contracting
FAC 303

Doing business with the Federal Government or any entity that requires compliance with Federal contracting regulations is not like doing
business in the commercial marketplace. Regulations are extensive and non-compliance is expensive. In the contracting business the
customer may not only refuse to do business with you, but may also attempt legal action against you. This two-day introductory course in
government contracting is designed to give you the information needed to understand the procurement process – from contract formation
to contract completion. The course covers key issues that are essential to your understanding of the practical application of government
It covers all the key elements you’ll need to function effectively in today’s Federal procurement environment. The workshop covers a
comprehensive amount of material in an easily understood manner that allows you to apply the knowledge and skills you acquire to your
individual work and operations.
You’ll receive proven tools and the guidance you need to fulfill your responsibilities and contribute to the success of your involvement in the
contracting process, while developing your career.

Key Benefits                                     Course Contents
This highly informative workshop provides        Federal Contracting: An Overview                Negotiation of Cost and Fee
you an understanding of:                         • Statutory and Regulatory Basis for            • Analysis and Determination of Cost
• The important elements of contract               Contracting                                   • Cost or Pricing Data
  documents                                      • Solicitation, Offer and Evaluation            • Cost Analysis
• The structure of the Federal Acquisition       • Contract Award                                • Cost Realism Analysis
  Regulation (FAR) and how it relates to         • Contract Administration
  your work                                                                                      Negotiation of Profit
                                                 • Authority of Contracting Officer              • Fee Limitation
• Contracting techniques such as sealed          • Contracting Officers’ Representatives
  bids and contracting by negotiation                                                            • Structured Approach
• Various forms of cost reimbursement            Introduction to the FAR                         Contract Changes and Modifications
  contracts                                      • Structure and Content                         • Pricing a Deduction Change
• Fixed price contracts                          • Rules vs. Guidance                            • Formal Change Orders
                                                 • Deviations                                    • Authority to Make Changes
Who Should Attend                                • Agency Supplements                            • Government Acts
The most obvious ones are those new to           Sealed Bidding and Competitive                  • Contract Interpretations
government contracting. Professionals            Negotiations                                    • Organizing a Claim
who have been working in a limited area of       • Bid Preparation
procurement – those who have not had the
                                                                                                 Termination: Convenience and Default
                                                 • Bid “Responsiveness” and Bidder’s             • Nature of Convenience and Default
opportunity to familiarize themselves with         Responsibility
the entire contracting process. Seasoned                                                           Termination
                                                 • Bid Opening and Awards                        • Basis of Default
veterans of procurement, who feel the need       • Conditions Permitting Competitive
for an effective refresher, to be brought                                                        • Contractual Liabilities
                                                   Proposals                                     • Contesting Termination for Default
up-to-date on new rules, new procedures,
new regulations and remedies.                    Cost Issues                                     • Notice Requirement and Responses
                                                 • Allowability and Allocability                 • Unforeseen Terminations
If you work or plan to work in a government
                                                 • Cost Accounting Standards                     • Delay
contracting environment, you should know
                                                 • Defective Pricing                             • Contractor Recovery
the basics of the contracting process. This
course is designed to provide a sound            • Government Audits                             • Pricing Termination for Convenience
foundation for your daily involvement in         Cost Reimbursement Contracting
government contracts. If you have any            • Cost Type of Contracts
involvement in the contract award process,       • Types of Cost Reimbursement
this course is invaluable in learning about        Contracts
the federal contract process. Whether            • Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee Contracts
you’re a government procurement
professional, a CPA with government
                                                 • Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee Contracts             Are you in shape for the
                                                 • Cost-Plus-Award-Fee Contracts                 competition?
contracting clients, a contract administrator,   • Cost-Sharing Contracts
executive of an organization with
government contracts, a lawyer, manager,         Negotiation and Awards
financial officer, or internal auditor, you      • Requirement for Competition
need to be familiar with the intricacies         • Procedures for Less Than Full and
of government contracting. You’ll sit              Open Competition
elbow-to-elbow with people like yourself         • Alternative Competitive Procedures
– professionals who require a down-to-
business approach to developing their
contracting skills in an accelerated learning
forum that maximizes your valuable time.

Understanding the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
FAC 304

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the baseline document which controls the Federal Government’s acquisition of supplies,
construction and services. Nearly every government contract is “built” on the FAR; virtually every government contractor must have a
solid working knowledge of the FAR’s provisions. The acquisition process — procurement regulations, procurement culture, training of
government procurement personnel — has changed. Major areas impacted include…contract formation…simplified acquisition threshold…
whistleblower protections…small business and socioeconomic laws…commercial items…federal acquisition computer network…ethics/
procurement integrity. Many of the reforms require that you make a formal assessment of the implications and impacts of the regulations.
Procurement of commercial products and services has been enhanced and the Procurement Integrity Act provisions have changed. Part
15 of the FAR is enormous in scope and depth. It has streamlined, reshaped and redefined how the Federal Government goes about its
source selection process. Basically, it is changing contracting by negotiations.

Key Benefits                                    Course Contents
• Understand how the FAR affects prime          Federal Acquisition Regulation              General Contracting Requirements
  contracts                                     System                                      • Patents, Data Copyright
• Explore issues dealing with                   • Applicability of FAR to Prime             • Bond and Insurance
  subcontractor kickbacks                         Contractors                               • Taxes
• Become aware of acquisition planning          • How Agency Regulations Impact Prime       • Cost Accounting Standards: the Office
• Learn about disbarment, suspension and          Contractors                                 of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP)
  ineligibility                                 • Contracting Office Representative           and Cost Accounting Standards Board
• Find out how to contract by negotiations
                                                  (COR) Role and Responsibilities           • Contract Cost Principles and
• Learn about the concern of small
  businesses and small disadvantaged            Improper Business Practices and               Procedures
  businesses                                    Conflicts of Interest                       • Contracting: Financing; Progress
• Find out the impact of FAR Part 15 –          • Procurement Integrity                       Payment; Assignment of Claims;
  rules, policies and procedures                • Independent Pricing                         Prompt Payment Act
• Learn about contract management               • Gratuities                                • Protests, Disputes and Appeals
                                                • Contingent Fees Paid by Contractors       Special Categories of Contracting
Who Should Attend                               • Subcontractor Kickback                    • Major System Acquisition
Anyone involved in any way with federal         Competition and Acquisition Planning        • Research and Development
procurement, as either a government                                                           Contracting
                                                Contractor Qualifications
or industry representative. You need to                                                     • Construction and Architect-Engineer
                                                • Responsibility and Ability to Perform
know about the FAR, DFARS, DEARS,                                                             Contracts
                                                • First Article Testing and Approval
the changes to FAR Part 15, and how to                                                      • Service Contracts
take advantage of available opportunities.
                                                • Debarment, Suspension and Ineligibility
                                                                                            • Federal Supply Schedule Contracting:
You also need to understand and know            • Organizational/Consultant Conflict of
                                                                                              Single Award Schedules; Multiple
how to effectively use these rules, policies,     Interest
                                                                                              Award Schedules
procedures, perspectives, and priorities.       • Contractor Team Arrangement
                                                                                            • Management, Acquisition, and Use of
For two concentrated days, you’ll be            Acquisition of Commercial Products            Information
schooled in the facts of what the FAR,          Contractor Delivery or Performance
DFARS, DEARS and FAR Part 15 require                                                        Contract Management
and how to efficiently and successfully         Contract Methods and Contract Types         Clauses and Forms
weave them into your on-the-job                 • Small Purchases and Other Simplified
                                                                                            FAR Part 15
contracting duties.                               Purchase Procedures
                                                                                            • Contracting by Negotiation
                                                • Sealed Bidding; Bid Opening, Late
                                                                                            • Source Selection Process and
                                                  Bids, Mistakes in Bids
                                                • Contracting by Negotiation
                                                                                            • Solicited and Unsolicited Proposals
                                                • Source Selection Procedures
                                                                                            • Source Selection
                                                • Best and Final Offers
                                                                                            • Make-or-Buy Programs
                                                • The Truth-in-Negotiation Act
Your experience can help                                                                    • Price Negotiation and Profit
                                                • Types of Contracts: Fixed Price, Cost
                                                                                            • Pre-Awards, Awards and Post-Awards,
you turn it into a competitive                    Reimbursement, Other Types
                                                                                              Notifications, Protest and Mistakes
weapon.                                         • Special Contracting Methods
                                                Socioeconomic Programs

Contract Administration: Managing Government Contracts
FAC 305

What is Contract Administration and its Regulatory Basis? Contract Administration refers to the procedures taken by the government or a
prime contractor to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the awarded contract. The regulatory basis for this phase of the
acquisition process is contained in Part 42 of the Federal Acquisitions Regulation (FAR), Contract Administration and Audit Services. FAR
42.302 lists over 70 contract administrative functions.
This two-day workshop is designed to give you needed information for successful contract administration from planning to contract
termination. The essentials of contract administration are covered, requiring little previous knowledge or exposure to the subject. It includes
both the contract administration process, as well as the initiation of contract administration. All of the key elements you’ll need to function
effectively in today’s government contracting environments. The emphasis is on the critical duties performed by contract professionals
during the contract administration phase of the acquisitions process and provides for a complete understanding of contract administration.

Key Benefits                                    Course Contents
You’ll Learn How to                             Contract Administration Introduction             Audits and Systems Reviews
• Know who does what and when! The              • “Cast of Characters” or Players                • Coping with the Defense Contract Audit
  “cast of characters” – and their              • FAR, Part 42                                     Agency (DCAA) and other auditors
  respective duties, responsibilities and                                                        • Audits of proposed and incurred costs
  limitations                                   Contract Administration Planning
                                                • Clauses and Requirements of the                • Contractor Purchasing Systems
• Measure and monitor contract
                                                  Awarded Contract                                 Review (CPSR) (pronounced “Sip Sir”)
  performance – milestones, deliveries,
  costs incurred, etc. from inception           • Previous Issues and Problems                   Contract Modifications and Options
  through completion of the project             • Time Considerations                            • The change clauses
• Monitor compliance with subcontracting        • Ascertaining the Extent of                     • How changes materialize
  plans                                           Performance Monitoring                         • Changes initiated by the government
• Safeguard government furnished                • Delegating Functions                           • Changes initiated by the contractor
  property (GFP)                                • The Contract Administration Plan               • Pricing the change — Proposals for
• Identify requests, directives, conditions,    • Notices and Instructions                         equitable adjustments
  circumstances, etc. that might require a
                                                Basic Rules of Contract Interpretation           Contract Payment
  change in contract scope
• Respond to the contract’s changes                                                              • Payment requests — Invoices, progress
                                                Risk Allocation in Government
  clause that can be used by you as well                                                           payments and public vouchers
  as the Government                                                                              • Payment processing in a Federal
• Prepare cost estimates to accompany           Subcontract Administration                         Agency
  proposals for equitable adjustments           • Subcontracts requiring advance                 • Using the Prompt Payment Act to
• Increase your firm’s cash flow by               approval                                         facilitate timely payment
  assuring timely payment                       • Monitoring compliance with                     • Provisional billings and final indirect
• Use your firm’s cost accounting system          subcontracting plans                             cost rates
  to claim reimbursement for costs              Property Administration                          • Withholdings, deductions or other
  incurred under a cost-reimbursement           • Reporting requirements                           corrections
                                                • Government Furnished Property (GFP)            Cost Reimbursement Contracts
• Enhance your cash flow by using the
                                                • Contractor’s property control system           • Cost principles — FAR Part 31
  provisions of the Prompt Payment Act to
  get paid on time                              Performance Monitoring and/or                    • Contract costs and payments clause
• Enforce compliance with the different         Quality Assurance                                • Limitation of costs clause
  procurement integrity statutes                • Measuring and monitoring contract              • Provisional billings and final indirect
• Satisfy the customer in terms of cost,          performance                                      cost rates
  quality and timeliness of the delivered       • Monitoring actual cost of contract             Contract Closeout
  product or service                              performance – when appropriate                 • Verifying that all terms and conditions
                                                • Socioeconomic and other terms and
Who Should Attend                                 conditions
                                                                                                   have been met
                                                                                                 • Settling any outstanding issues
• Government Contracting Professionals
                                                Contract Remedies – Accountability               • Verifying no outstanding claims or
• Consultants
                                                When Things Go Wrong                               disputes
• Attorneys
• Accountants                                   • Delinquency notices                            • Collecting final payment or paying back
• Financial Management Personnel who            • Cure or show cause notices                       any overpayment from government
  are Service Agencies or Government            • Liquidated damages                             Disputes, Claims and Terminations
  Contractors                                   • Nonconforming supplies or services             • Disputes and claims
• Professionals Who Want to Get Up-to-          • Expressed and implied warranties               • Termination for default
  Speed Quickly                                 • Latent defects, fraud or gross mistakes        • Termination for convenience

Advanced Contract Administration: The Legal Aspects
FAC 306

In this advanced contract administration course you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the critical duties associated
with the administration of contracts. You’ll explore the competencies appropriate for an advanced level of contract administration as well
as the government’s comprehensive and complex clauses and requirements. Most administrative actions are based upon the rights and
obligations as defined in the General Provisions clauses of contracts. The contractor, however, cannot lose sight of the basic contractual
purpose – to perform the needed work in the time required.
In this course you’ll find answers you need – the best forum to challenge a contracting officer’s decision, how to use contract tools to avoid
or mitigate risks, subcontract consent requirements and small business subcontracting plans, the permissible limits of a change order,
differences between compensable and noncompensable delays, the contractor’s rights and obligations concerning government property, the
scope of price adjustments, standard quality assurance procedures, the government’s termination rights and how it assesses excess costs
of reprocurement against the defaulted contractor(s), and what is required of both the government and contractor before making payment.

Key Benefits
• Distinguish between claims and requests       Subcontracting, Limitations on                   Pricing of Adjustment: FAR 15.4;
  for payment                                   Subcontracting and Subcontracting with           52.215-22, 23, 52.243-6
• The best forum to challenge a contracting     Small Businesses:                                • Methods for pricing adjustments
  officer’s decision                            FAR Parts 44 and 19.7, 12                        • Truth-in-Negotiation requirements
• Contract tools to avoid or mitigate risks     • Recertification of size status                 • Case law and price adjustments
• Examine the contract modification process     • Limitation under set-aside contracts           • Change order accounting clause
• Limitations on change orders                  • Government consent to subcontract              • Estimates/incurred costs in price
• Compensable vs. non-compensable delays        • Contractor purchasing system reviews             adjustments
• Apply Suspension of Work, Stop Work Order     • Small Business Subcontracting                  Inspection, Acceptance/Warranties:
  and Government Delay of Work clauses            Damages and Incentives
• Contract adjustments for delays
                                                                                                 FAR Part 46; 52.246-2
• Objectives of pricing adjustments             Cost Principles and Cost Accounting              • Levels/Procedures
• Truth-in-Negotiations Act requirements        Standards: FAR Part 30 and 31- 31.204            • Standard inspection clause
• Levels of quality assurance                   • Cost Allowability Standards                    • Government’s rights: non-compliance
• Standard quality assurance procedures         • FAR Allocability Standards                     • Post acceptance rights/remedies
• How to properly terminate contracts           • Cost reasonableness                            Default Termination: FAR 49; 52.249-8
• What conditions constitute contract default   • CAS functions                                  • Termination/Reprocurement
• How to request contract payments              • Consequences                                   • Assess excess reprocurement costs
• FAR payment clauses                           Changes: FAR Part 43, 52.243-1                   • Contract default/Discretion to terminate
                                                • Contract modification process                  • Due process and Notice
Who Should Attend                               • Types of changes/differences                   • FAR Part 6
This course is designed for anyone              • Changes to Contract General Scope              Termination for Convenience:
connected with government contracting,          • Limitations/Analysis: orders/clauses           FAR 49.1-3; 52.249-3
including all – contract managers, contract     • Contractor rewards: Value engineering          • Conditions/Process
administrators, subcontract managers,             provision
project managers, proposal managers,                                                             • Role, Rights and Remedies
buyers and purchasing personnel; even           Novation Agreements                              Payment and Discharge
veterans who may feel the need for a            • Contents/Standard term                         • Requirements
refresher or wish to acquaint themselves        • FAR agreement model                            • Request for Payment/Processing
with some of the special topics covered in      • Restructuring activities and costs             • FAR payment clauses
this program.                                   Rights in Software and Technical Data:           • Progress payments
                                                FAR 27 Subpart 4                                 • Prompt payment clause
Course Contents                                 • Government Rights                              Closeout
Contract Administrator Process:                 • Contractor’s rights
FAR Part 42                                                                                      Fraud and Exclusion
                                                • Contractor’s remedies
• Assignment                                                                                     • Indication of fraud
                                                Delay: FAR 52.249-8; 52.242-14, 15 and 17        • Civil or criminal offenses
• System compliance                             • Compensable/Non-compensable
• Performance measurement                                                                        • Mandatory reporting
                                                • Suspension/Stop Work Order                     • Contractor Code of Business Ethics
• Contract modification                         • Government delays/Contract adjustments
• Completion Payment/Closeout                                                                    • Internal controls requirement
                                                Government Property: FAR Part 45;
Disputes: FAR Part 33.2; 52.233-1               52.245-1
• Disputes process/clauses                      • Property clauses/Alternative provisions        CAMP can customize an
• Adjudication of disputes
• Claims vs. Request for Payment
                                                • Government furnished property                  experience to meet your
                                                • Government’s obligations and rights            training needs, fit into your
• Claims processing                             • Remedies for government breach
• Challenging the decision                      • Contractor’s obligations to administer         budget, and help boost your
• Contracting officer’s role in proceedings     • Allocation of risk                             adrenaline.
• Interrelationship among boards
• Agencies and the department of justice
• Protests of task orders
Cost Estimating Systems and Truth-in-Negotiations
FAC 307

The emphasis in this course is on the responsibilities and rights of both buyers and sellers in the government. The emphasis on
responsibilities is to ensure that estimating, cost analysis and pricing are conducted within the letter and the spirit of applicable laws and
regulations. The emphasis on rights of both buyers and sellers is to ensure that overzealous attempts to conform to real or imagined
legal or regulatory requirements do not result in contractors failing to take advantage of their rights and, thereby, giving away large sums
of money. This course is designed to provide an understanding and detailed working knowledge of principles, tools and techniques for
estimating cost and pricing. Government regulations require contracting officers to award contracts at “fair and reasonable” prices. This is
one of the most challenging tasks in government contracting — for both contracting officers and contractors.
This is a timely course, not only because of a rapidly changing marketplace, increased competition and congressional attention on
acquisition and contracting, but also because of the many changes and pending initiatives by the Department of Defense and other
agencies, including: regulations to assure quality for reasonable prices; emphasis on estimating systems; strengthening the contract audit
function; meaning and intent of cost principles; increased contractor responsibility for subcontracting pricing; and the activity of the Justice
Department in prosecuting fraud.
The course offers comprehensive and practical approaches to the subjects of estimating cost and pricing of government contracts,
as well as the applicability of the Truth-in-Negotiations Act. It addresses issues in the fields of estimating cost and pricing, including
estimating systems, accounting systems, price analysis and the DCAA audit program. In government contracting, the first and
biggest step is to determine the price for which you are willing to perform. This is the axis upon which the profitability of — or loss
from — your efforts is balanced. Underlying that first step is the cost estimate which forms the foundation for your price. Yet, despite
the overriding importance of cost estimating, there seems to be a lack of adequate training on the subject. Cost estimating is not
simply a matter of 1 + 2 = 3. From the government’s standpoint, the evaluation of contractors’ estimates is more than just running
calculator totals. Rather, estimating involves a combination of factual data, experience based analysis, imagination and cultivated
sophistication. It’s both an art and a science. This is also true of pricing, the science of carefully pricing tangibles and the art of
reasonably pricing intangibles. Both estimating cost and pricing are delicate exercises — especially in today’s highly competitive
environment. This two-day integrated course provides in depth information and analysis on principles, techniques, practical points
and legal considerations involved in government contract cost estimating and pricing.

Key Benefits                                      Course Contents
• Learn how to price contracts                    Estimating Policies, Procedures and
• Find out how to use techniques for price        Practices
  analysis                                        • FAR Table 15-2
• Learn the applicability of DFAR 215.811         • Developing cost estimates
• Review the characteristics of an                • System considerations
  adequate estimating system                      • DOD estimating system regulation
• Learn how to spot estimating deficiencies
                                                  • DCAA audit program/audit reports
• Discuss FAR Table 15-2 instructions
                                                  • Pricing manual
  concerning competitive and non-
  competitive methods                             Profit Guidelines
• Discover how to estimate material costs         • Overview of changes
• Learn how to estimate subcontract costs         • Profit objectives determination
• Learn the critical aspects of direct labor      • Performance risk
  costs and indirect costs                        • Contract type risk
• Hear about the DCAA Audit Program for           • Facilities capital employed
  estimating system surveys                       • Agency guidelines
• Discuss the objectives of DCAA Review
                                                  Quantitative Cost Estimating
• Learn survey techniques for estimating
  systems and defective pricing
                                                  • Graphic and computation analysis
Who Should Attend                                 • Improvement curve analysis
                                                  • Parametric estimating                          If you can’t believe the data,
Since the course integrates all aspects of
cost estimating and pricing of government         Pricing Analysis                                 how can you believe analytic?
contracts, it can benefit any person              Defective Pricing and Fraud
connected with government contracting:            • Truth-In-Negotiations Act: Applicability
administrators, contracting officers, contract    • Exemptions
managers, subcontract managers, buyers            • Summary of relevant defective pricing
and purchasing personnel, program/project           provisions
managers, financial managers, and even            • Government’s burden of proof
senior executives who must oversee or             • Subcontractor cost or pricing data
interface with those involved in the activities   • Fraud in defective pricing
covered by the course.
                                                  • Defective pricing — preventive steps

Equitable Price Adjustments and Claims
FAC 308

It is the purpose of this program to equip you with the knowledge necessary to secure price adjustments and settlements from contract
changes and terminations (whether they are consciously ordered, or result from uncontrollable circumstances). It tells you what you need
to know about the various elements of many types of changes, about your responsibilites, about your rights, about your remedies, about
the dollar considerations. It tells you about all these things which bear upon the performance of change, sensible price adjustment and
settlement of claims.

Key Benefits                                    Course Contents
Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:      Entitlement                                   Direct Labor Rates
• Everything you need to know to                • Formal and Informal Changes                 • Actual Rates
  successfully price contract claims            • Delays, Disruptions and other Causes        • Competitive vs. Individual Rates
• How the Federal Acquisition Regulation        • Prevent Correction to Buy-ins               • Different Skills
  (FAR) treats individual costs                                                               • Premium Hires
                                                Preparation Methodologies
• How substantive requirements affect                                                         • Rate Escalation
  contract claim pricing                        • Detailed/Grassroots Estimating
                                                • Total Cost                                  • Costly Skills
• How to apply learning curve models
• Key elements of loss efficiency               • Modified Total Costs                        Materials and Subcontracts
• What action you can take to recover           Preparation Costs                             • Current Prices
  extended overhead costs                       • Normal Accounting                           • Pricing Inventory
• The nuts and bolts of change orders and       • Cost Allowability                           • Attrition
  various types of changes                                                                    • CAS Compliance
• What to consider when developing                                                            • Non-recurring Costs
                                                • Truth-In-Negotiations Act
  claims for delays and disruptions                                                           • Purchase Timing
• How to prove equitable adjustments to
                                                • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
                                                                                              • Cancellation Charges
  contracts                                       Indirect Costs and Claims
                                                                                              • Accelerated Delivery
• Contractor’s ability to stop work             Pricing Scenarios
                                                                                              Direct Costs
• And more training on how to                   • Federal Work
                                                                                              • Travel costs
  successfully price and prove claims           • State and Local Government Work
                                                • Private Contracting                         Equipment Costs/Construction
Who Should Attend                               Federal Pricing and Proposal
•   Price analysts and cost analysts                                                          • Allowable Cost (FAR part 31)
                                                Preparation Instructions
•   Contract administrators                                                                   • Idle facilities
                                                • Estimated and/or Actual Costs
•   Contracting officers                                                                      • Special tooling and test equipment
                                                • By Line Items
•   Contract specialists                                                                      • Loss of efficiency
                                                • Supporting Data
•   Contract managers                           • Suitable for Detailed Analysis              Pricing Indirect Costs
•   Subcontract buyers                                                                        • Consistent with disclosure statements
                                                • By Cost Elements
•   Anyone involved in contract performance                                                   • CAS Compliance
                                                • Consistent with Accounting Systems
•   Suitable for senior executives who must                                                   • Costs allocation
    oversee or interface with those involved
                                                • FPRA, if applicable
    in the activities covered in this program   Pricing Deductions                            Estimating Indirect Costs
                                                                                              (FAR 31.201.2)
                                                Change Order Accounting
                                                                                              • Reasonable/Allocatable
                                                Procedures (FAR 43.203)
                                                                                              • CAS and GAAP
                                                Pricing Direct Costs                          • Contract terms
                                                • Labor Costs                                 • Specific FAR coverage
                                                • Materials                                   • Time-Phased direct costs
                                                • Intercompany Transfers                      • Forecast or budget by year
                                                • Equipment                                   • Indirect cost impact
                                                • Other Direct Costs
                                                                                              Unabsorbed and Extended overhead
We have the ingredients for                     Direct Labor Hours
                                                                                              Facilities Capital/Cost of Money
your successful career.                         • Consistency
                                                                                              • CAS 414 compliance
                                                • CAS Compliance
                                                                                              • Prescribed forms
                                                • Time Sheets or estimates
                                                                                              • Contract clauses
                                                • Reasonableness
                                                                                              • Agency treatment
                                                • Supporting Documents
                                                Learning Curves
                                                                                              • Interest/Attorney fees
                                                • Usage and concept
                                                                                              • Profit or Fee on charges
                                                • Description of curve
                                                                                              • Profit guidelines
                                                • Elements of learning curves
                                                                                              • Project analysis factors
                                                                                              • DOD profits policy
                                                                                              • Other agencies
                                                                                                        continue to next page
continued from previous page

Role of DCAA Proposal Review               Profit
Cost Allowability                          • Rate
• Allowability Criteria                    • Loss Contracts
• Reasonableness of costs                  Partial Terminations
Cost Allocatability                        Settlement Expenses
• Criteria                                 Total Cost v. Inventory Methods
• Elements of allocatability
                                           Impact of Outstanding Modifications
Indirect Cost Structures                                                          This program is for
                                           Impact of Learning Curve
• Indirect cost pools                                                             professionals who want to
• Criteria for establishing cost pools     Termination for Default Claims
                                                                                  advance their career.
Generally Unallowable Costs                Profit, Interest and Attorney Fees
• Advertising                              • Profit
• Bad debts                                • Interest on Government Claims
• Contributions and donations              • Interest on Commercial Claims
• Fines, penalties and mischarging costs   • Attorney’s Fees
• Interest and other financial costs       Packaging and Presenting the Claim
• Lobby and political activity             • Organization
• Organization costs                       • The Narrative Portion
• Goodwill costs                           • Calculations
• Cost of alcoholic beverages              • Charts and Attachments
• Asset valuation                          • Certification Requirements
• Entertainment cost                       • Successful Presentation Techniques
• Legal and other proceedings                and Strategies
• Compensation for personal services       • Who Should Prepare
• Losses on other contracts                • The Claims Team
• Travel costs                             • Surviving an Audit
• Taxes
Construction and Architect/
Engineering Contracts
Cost Accounting Standards
• Construction and Architect/
  Engineering Contracts
• Cost Accounting Standards 401, 402,
  403, 410, 418
• Other Cost Accounting Standards
  404-409, 411-413
• Charges
• Types of charges
• Delays and disruptions
• Equitable adjustments to contracts
• Disputes
• Government contract claims
Work Stoppages
Termination for Convenience
Cost Recovery
• Common Items
• Special Tooling and Equipment
• Starting Load Costs
• Subcontract Costs
• Costs After Termination
• Unabsorbed Overhead

Audits in Government Contracting
FAC 309

Today, government contract audits are increasingly considered “serious business.” In fact, it has been called “The Golden Age of
Government Auditors,” an appropriate name for a time when the armies of government auditors come complete with subpoena powers
and a schedule that includes more audits than ever before. The government auditing and oversight agency, the Defense Contract Audit
Agency (DCAA), is charged with the responsibility of making sure that the government is dealt with fairly. As a result, audits today are more
frequent...tougher...demanding. You probably have already seen the expanding requests for access to your company records, an increase
in the number of defective pricing reviews, audits which allow auditors to determine final indirect cost rates and a trend toward reviews
which may resemble investigations.
If you are in any way involved with government contracting, you undoubtedly know how crucial — and often how difficult, frustrating and
complicated — a contract audit can be. In most instances, the best that can happen is that nothing will changes, no lost
reimbursement. The chances of this happening will be greatly reduced “if” you know what an audit it is to
prepare for to conduct yourself.

Key Benefits                                    Course Contents
Understanding the Operating Policies and        Contracts Subject to Audit                      Other Audit Reviews
Procedures of DCAA                              • Contracting methods                           • System reviews
• How audits are conducted...effectively        • Contract types                                • Cost accounting standards
  preparing for and conducting yourself                                                         • Operation audits
  during the audit experience                   Auditors
                                                                                                • Terminations for convenience
• What the auditors look for...contract         • Defense Contract Audit Agency
                                                                                                • Claims
  audit objectives                              • Inspectors General
• Working relationship with auditors            • General Accounting Office                     Working Relationship With a
• The government subpoena powers                • Public accounting firms                       Government Auditor
• How to avoid an unnecessary audit             • Corporate internal auditors                   • Objectives
• Which contracts are subject to audit                                                          • Elements of a sound program
                                                Proposal Audits
• How to maximize and survive the audit                                                         • Records commonly at issue
                                                • Developing cost estimates
                                                • Government auditor approaches
• Contract auditor rights and powers
• How labor charges are examined                Incurred Cost Audits
• Problem areas and their resolution            • Incurred cost regulatory issues
                                                • Auditor approaches to various cost            It’s important to have more
Who Should Attend                                 elements                                      information before you say
Busy professionals just like you...             • Segregation of unallowable costs              “no”. It’s even more important
• Accountants, attorneys, contract              • Finalization of indirect rates
  administration, personnel, managers,          • Comprehensive labor audit
                                                                                                to have that information
  financial managers, contract managers                                                         before you say “yes”. CAMP
                                                Defective Pricing Reviews
  and others involved with federal
                                                • Applicability of Truth-In-Negotiation Act     has that information to
  government contracts.
                                                • Price reduction                               promote your career.
This is an ideal course...for anyone who        • Government’s burden of proof
wants to know what an audit      • Fraud in defective pricing
to prepare for it is   • Audit techniques
to conduct yourself.

Government Contract Law
FAC 310

This course focuses on the basic principles of contract law, their impact on government acquisition, and fundamental principles of the
common law rules, statutes, regulations and pronouncements, as interpreted by the federal courts and boards of contract appeals, that form
the foundation of government contract law. The emphasis of the course is on elements of a contract and the federal government’s authority
to contract. It also discusses and identifies basic statutes, regulations, case law, and administrative law of the federal acquisitions system.

Key Benefits                                    Course Contents
• You’ll learn how regulations have the         Introduction to Government                       Termination of Contracts
  force and effect of law                       Contracting                                      • Default Termination Fixed Price
• You’ll learn what the contract says           • Sources of Contract and Major Players            Contracts (FAR 52.249-8)
  and why                                       • Office of Federal Procurement Policy           • Convenience Termination Fixed Price
• You’ll become aware of the various            • FAR (41 U.S.C. ¶ 421)                            (FAR 52.249-2)
  types of contracts                            • Government Accountability Office               • Termination of Cost Contracts
• You’ll find out when warranties do            • Inspector General                                (FAR 52.249-6)
  not apply
                                                • Defense Contract Audit Agency                  Pricing
• You’ll find out the basic change authority
                                                • Contract Appeal Boards and Courts              • Cost and Pricing Data
• You’ll gain an understanding of the
  various payment provisions                    Contract Types and Agreement                     • Defective Pricing
• You’ll find out when contractors are          • Contract Types (FAR Part 16)                   Audits
  required to submit a certificate of final       + Fixed Price                                  • Government Audit Rights
  indirect costs                                  + Cost Reimbursement                           • Cost Accounting Standards
• You’ll explore the two types of                 + Time and Materials/Labor Hours                 (41 U.S.C. ¶ 422)
  terminations of contracts                       + Indefinite Delivery
• You’ll improve your understanding of                                                           Disputes
                                                  + Letter
  fraud so as to avoid it                                                                        • Express or Implied Contracts
                                                • Agreements
• You’ll learn laws that help you, and                                                           • Claims For and Against the
                                                Contract Interpretation                          • Government
  potentially harm you
• You’ll learn workplace terms and legal        • Sources of Evidence                            • Claims Over $100,000
  factors that must be considered during        • Risk Allocation                                • Settlement of Disputes
  the contracting process.                      • Basic Change Authority
                                                • Excusable Delays
                                                                                                 • Contractor Responsibility
Who Should Attend                               • Pricing Adjustment
                                                                                                 • False Claims Act
                                                • Contract Payments
Anyone involved in government contracting
or interested in the award or administration    Indirect Cost Rates
of government contracts will benefit from       • Cost Type Contracts (FAR 52.216-7)
this seminar including: Contract managers,      • Firm Fixed Price (FAR 52.232-1)
contract administrators, contractor and         • Fixed Price Incentive (FAR 52.216-16)          Take your acquisition and
subcontractor managers, proposal                • Time and Materials (FAR 52.232-7)              contracting skills to the
managers, attorneys and even veterans           • Prompt Payment (FAR 52.232-25)                 next level by attending this
who may feel the need for a refresher or
wish to acquaint themselves with some of                                                         seminar.
the special topics covered in this program.

Contracting for Services
FAC 311

This workshop covers regulations and best practices for federal agency personnel and government contractors. The course focuses on
personal services and commercial services contracts as well as the Service Contract Act of 1965 (SCA).

Key Benefits
• Gain understanding of agencies, other        Personal vs. Non-Personal Services           Contracting Officer Responsibilities
  than NASA, awarding severable                • Understanding non-personal services        • Two principles underlying contracting
  services contracts.                            contracts                                    officer’s responsibilities
• Discover how to provide incentives for       • Characteristics of personal services       • When must a contracting officer submit
  good performance.                              contracts                                    a written analysis
• Identify organizational Conflicts of         • When personal services contracts are       Severable vs. Non-Severable Services
  Interest.                                      awarded (5 U.S.C. 3109)                    • Understanding the differences between
• Explore positive approaches to delivering    • FAR indicators of a personal services        these services
  Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans           contract                                   • Agencies, other than NASA, may
                                               • Requirements for non-personal                award severable services contracts
• Learn how to apply payments under
                                                 services contracts
  services contracts, including Prompt                                                      Types of Contracts Used to Acquire
  Payments.                                    Performance Based Service Contracts          Services
• Gain better understanding of the type        • Guidelines for Performance Based           • Fixed Price, Level of Effort
  of contracts authorized for contracting        Services Contracts (PBSC)                  • Cost Reimbursement
  for commercial services.                     • Understand when Performance Work           • Pricing Time & Materials (T&M)
• Take a look at changes under contracts         Statement may be prepared by the             Contracts
  for services.                                  Government                                 • Payment for labor under T&M contracts
                                               • Things that must be included in            • Payment for labor
Who Should Attend                                Statement of Objectives (SOO)              • Materials: Direct Materials
Anyone involved in contracting for services      prepared by the Government                 • Commercial Services
or award or administration of different        Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans         • Audit for non-commercial contracts
types of service contracts will benefit from   (QASP)                                       Subcontracting Under T&M Contracts
this seminar including:                        • Using QASP for benchmarking                and Payment
• Contract managers, contract                  • Know what is specified in QASP
   administrators, proposal managers,                                                       • Uncompensated overtime
   Contracting Officer’s Representatives       Incentives Contracts and Inherently          • Fair Labor Standards Act
   (COR) and even veterans who may feel        Governmental Functions                       • Prompt Payment (FAR 52.232.25)
   the need for a refresher or wish to         • When to use and not use incentive          Overview of the Service Contract Act
   acquaint themselves with some of the          contracts                                  (SCA)
   special topics covered in this workshop.    • Incentives programs for fixed price        • How to apply the SCA/It’s meaning
                                                 contracts, cost-reimbursement              • Important facts about SCA
Course Contents                                  contracts                                  • Wage Determination (WD)
                                               • FAR 7.503: use for inherently              • Conforming to WD
Definition of Services                           governmental functions                     • Information related to WD
• Use the definition to understand how to
                                               Contractor Advisory and Assistance           • Types of Wage Determinations
  use contracting services
                                               Services (CAAS) (FAR 37.2)                   • SCA Application 4(c)
• Types of service contracts
                                               • Categories of CAAS                         • Collective Bargaining/Health and
Personal Services                              • CAAS management support services             Welfare Benefits
• Definition                                   • FAR 37.203 outlines when to use CAAS       • Two Types of Fringe Benefits
• How and when to use                          • When not to use CAAS                         + Vacation fringe benefits
• Policy objectives that prohibit the use of                                                  + Holiday fringe benefits
                                               Organizational Conflicts of Interest
  contracting for services                                                                  • Part-time or Temporary Employees
• Proper ways to identify personal                                                          • Overtime
                                               • Why OCI exists
  service contracts                                                                         • Notice to Employees
                                               • Conditions under the use of OCI on
• Proposal Evaluations                                                                      • Recordkeeping
                                                 future contracts and restrictions
  + When contractors cannot be paid:                                                        • FAR SCA Clauses
                                               • Four basic guidelines when OCI is
    FAR 37.203(d)
                                                 likely to occur
  + Required training of evaluators:
    FAR 37.204(d)                              Systems Engineering/Technical
  + The use of available personnel             Direction
  + Who makes determination when               • Use of Engineering/Technical Direction     Stay current and compliant.
    identifying required training and          • What is included in technical directions
    capabilities of evaluators

Subcontracting & Subcontract Management
FAC 312

This course focuses on key issues for subcontracting and subcontract management. The scope of this 2-day comprehensive course
is designed to prepare you for managing subcontract activities efficiently with a set of tools to meet the challenges of government
requirements. The program provides an understanding of the subcontracting process, including small business subcontracting planning,
contracting for commercial items, bid protests, government rights to audit subcontracts, financing of subcontracts, fraudulent subcontract
claims, to mention a few key issues associated with subcontracting and subcontract management.

Key Benefits
• Requirements for limitations on              Contractor Purchasing System                    Financing of Subcontracts
  subcontracting                               Reviews (CPSR)                                  • The permissible types of prime
• Competition for subcontracting               • Factors considered in a CPSR                    contractor financing
• Subcontractors role in pricing prime         • Denial or revocation of approval of a         • Prime contractor recovery from the
  contracts                                      contractor’s purchasing system                  government
• Applicability of the cost principles to
                                               Consent to Subcontract                          Payment of Subcontractors
• Prime contractor responsibility for          • Notification to the government of intent      • When payments are required
  developing subcontract specifications          to subcontract                                • Subcontractor remedies for failure to pay
                                               • What must be submitted with a                 • Government action for failure to pay
Who Should Attend                                request for consent to subcontract            • Applicability of the Prompt Payment Act
• Anyone involved with government              • Special considerations regarding T&M
  subcontracting and subcontract                                                               Termination for Convenience and
                                                 contracts                                     Subcontractors
• Prime contractors and small businesses       Competition in Subcontracting                   • Impact upon subcontractors
  engaged in subcontracting                    • Level of competition required by the FAR      • Prime contractor settlements with
• Seasoned professionals wanting to keep       • Relationship between competition                subcontractors
  abreast of all subcontracting changes in       for subcontracts and small business           • Prime contractor recovery of termination
  government policies and regulations            subcontracting plans                            settlement costs
                                               • Government directed sources                   • Government settlement with subcontractors
Course Contents
                                               Contracting for Commercial Items                Excusable Delays Caused by
Definition of “Subcontract”                    • Government policy                             Subcontractors
Teaming Agreements                             • Types of contracts that may be used           • Actions required for an excusable delay
• Characteristics                                when subcontracting                           • Impact of subcontractor’s unexcused delay
• Teaming agreement vs subcontract             Types of Subcontracts                           Government Claims Against
The Role of Subcontractors in Pricing          • Relationship of prime contract type           Subcontractors
Prime Contracts                                  and subcontract type                          • Privity of contract
• Subcontractor cost or pricing data           • Authorized/Prohibited subcontract types       • Subcontractor defective pricing
• When do the cost principles apply in         Flow Down Clauses                               • Impact on prime contractor of government
  pricing subcontracts?                        • Mandatory flow down clauses                     claims against a subcontractor
• Considerations under T&M contracts           • Necessary flow down clauses                   Subcontractor Claims Against the
The Role of Subcontractors in                  • Prime contractor generated clauses            Government
Prime Contractor Past Performance              Applicability of the Cost Principles to         • When a subcontractor can bring a
Evaluations                                    Subcontracts                                      claim directly against the government
Subcontractor Responsibility                   • Prime contract                                • Claims sponsored by a prime contractor
Determinations                                 • Subcontractor allowable costs impact          • Subsumed subcontractor claims
• Factors for determining responsibility         on prime contractor allowable costs           Disputes Between Prime Contractors
• Subcontracting with debarred firms           Subcontractor Indirect Rates                    and Subcontractors
Small Business Subcontracting Plans            • When a subcontractor must submit a            • The process for resolving disputes
• When is a plan required?                       proposal to establish final indirect rates    • Allowability of disputes costs
• Subcontractor responsibility to develop      • When certification of a subcontractor’s       • Terminated contracts disputes
  a small business subcontracting plan           proposal is required                          Fraudulent Subcontractor Claims
Subcontractors and Bid Protests                • Application to subcontractors of              • Prime contractor liability for fraudulent
• Subcontractor bid protests                     penalties for unallowable costs in an           subcontractor claims
• Prime contractor recovery of protest           incurred cost submission                      • Prime contractor responsibility
  costs incurred by a subcontractor            Government Audit Rights Regarding               • Subcontractor duty
Limitation on Subcontracting                   Subcontractors
                                               • DCAA audit rights
• What is the 50% rule?
                                               • Rights of the GAO
                                                                                                Check out the legal issues
• Special rules for 8(a) contractors                                                            that impact financing of
                                               • Rights of agency Inspector General

Essentials of Purchasing®
FAC 313

No vague, abstract theories here – just solid, put-it-to-use material based on vast experience and proven methods. This systematic and
well organized seminar has repeatedly received the highest praise from the best judges of all, hands-on purchasing professionals. You’ll
find the answers you need in just two days at this seminar – getting the best deals from suppliers, developing and maintaining a competent
supplier base, understanding the supply chain concept, implementation of the procurement card, winning at negotiations every time,
inventory valuation techniques, the most important things to know about the legal side of purchasing, measuring supplier performance, and
much more!

Key Benefits                                   Course Contents
You’ll learn:                                  The Changing Role of the Purchasing            Selection of Suppliers
• New ways to streamline the purchasing        Function                                       • Four steps to improve supplier
  process                                      • How purchasing fits in your company            selection
• How to put the supply chain to work for      • The supply chain concept                     • The impact financial analysis has on
  your organization                            • Managing customer relations                    avoiding substandard suppliers
• Ways of using cost and price analysis to     • Purchasing’s financial impact on your        • Supplier reduction – the continuous
  determine the best deal                        company                                        process
• Why integrated suppliers must be a part      • Effective purchasing processes               • How to manage supplier relations
  of your plan
• The four best techniques of negotiation      The Concept of Commodity                       What is the Price of Quality?
• Dealing with E-Commerce – technology         Management                                     • Purchasing’s responsibility for quality
  on the move                                  • The value in using commodity                 • A buyer quality procurement plan
• The impact that the Uniform Computer           management                                   • Improving supplier quality and
  Information Transactions Act (UCITA)         • How to establish and use a commodity           reducing cost
  has on your contracts                          program at your company                      Legal Aspects of Purchasing
• How to determine if the procurement          • Pareto’s Law and ABC Analysis                • What is the Uniform Computer
  card is for your company                     Purchasing Capital Equipment                     Information Transactions Act (UCITA)
                                               • Elements of the capital purchases            • What are the laws you need to know?
Who Should Attend                                process                                      • What UCITA covers
• Associate buyers/buyers                      • Key questions to ask suppliers of            • How to deal with e-commerce
• Nontraditional buyers                          capital equipment                            Understanding the Elements of Price
• Production and inventory control             • Controlling capital purchases                • The components of price
  personnel                                    • Lease vs. buy – the implications             • Applying learning curve theory
• Transportation, distribution, and
  nonpurchasing executives                     How to Handle Maintenance Repair               • How to avoid a price increase
• Managers responsible for the                 and Operating (MRO) Purchases                  The Business Contract
  purchasing function                          • Getting a handle on this high                • Key elements of a business contract
• Engineers and managers with a                  transaction driven area                      • Some important factors to consider
  purchasing-supplier interface                • The systems contract – one option            • How it can be an asset to every buyer
• IT professionals involved in purchasing      • The procurement card – is it for your
                                               • Under $100 purchase approach – a
                                                 reasonable alternative
We guarantee this great                        • Integrated supply contracts
seminar.                                       E-Commerce and Purchasing
                                               • The increasing impact it has on the
                                                 buyers’ job
                                               • Sorting out the tools that have real
                                               • Web sites – which ones are of value –
                                                 which ones should you use?
                                               • Dealing with your internal clients
                                               • How to manage your internal clients
                                               • How to manage the supply base with
                                                 this new tool
                                               • On-line auctions

The Legal Aspects of PurchasingSM
FAC 314

Protect the rights of your company with solid, put-it-to-use material based on experience and proven methods.
This seminar has repeatedly received exceptional evaluations from hands-on purchasing professionals. You’ll find the answers you need
in just two days at this seminar – when a contract is a contract, the best way to determine the authority level of the seller, how to get an
extended warranty at no extra cost and the best remedy for avoiding and settling disputes.

Key Benefits                                    Course Contents
You’ll Learn:                                   The Origin and History of the Uniform            Rights of Inspection and Rejection
• How to deal with e-commerce                   Commercial Code (UCC)                            • Revocation of acceptance
• How to avoid entering into a bad              • The nine articles                              • Rights of seller
  contract                                      • Article 2: Sales                               Warranties
• Three methods to reduce the cost and
                                                The Law of Agency                                • Requirements for warranty
  liability of freight
                                                • Types of agent                                 • Warranty of title
• What you need to know about the
                                                • Buyer authority                                • Express warranty
  Uniform Computer Information
  Transactions Act (UCITA)                      • Seller authority                               Remedies for Buyer and Seller
• Selecting the best contract for different     • Risk of non-purchasing transactions            • Cancellation and breach of contract
  types of purchasing                           The Offer and Acceptance                         • Recovery of damages
• Two key laws every buyer should know          • What constitutes an offer                      Means of Resolving Disputes
• How to handle unauthorized shipments          • The request for quote/bid                      • Litigation versus arbitration
• Ways of handling defective materials          • The term of an offer                           • Which is best
• The best way to get your materials            • When an offer becomes a contract               • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):
  delivered on time
                                                Competence of Parties to Contract                  an effective approach
Who Should Attend                               • Honest mistakes                                Patents
                                                • Misrepresentation
Both new and experienced purchasing                                                              Government Regulation of Business
professionals, including                        Legality of Purpose                              • Anti-trust laws
• Engineers and managers with                   • Ultra vires contracts                          • Restraint of trade
  purchasing-supplier interface                 • Exculpatory clauses
• Associate buyers, buyers, senior buyers,      The Buyer-Seller Relationship                    • Relevance to the UCC
  nonpurchasing executives                      • Delivery – how to guarantee it                 • The paperless challenge
• Transportation and distribution               • Documents of title – needed?                   • Surviving in this new environment
                                                Types of Contracts                               Uniform Computer Information
• Executives responsible for overseeing
  the purchasing function
                                                • The two major categories                       Transactions Act (UCITA)
• IT professionals involved in purchasing       • How to decide which type to use                • What is it?
                                                • The statute of frauds                          • What will it cover?
                                                Title and Risk of Loss                           • Some selected sections
                                                • F.O.B.
                                                • Freight factors
                                                The Battle of the Forms
Your training level is                          • The purchase order
                                                • The acknowledgment
protecting your organization.
                                                • The quotation
                                                • Boilerplates

Improving Negotiating SkillsSM
FAC 315

Today, more than ever, those in the purchasing operations and other key people charged with the responsibility of investing their
company’s money must be knowledgeable about ways to maximize these investments. Management is placing increasing demands on
buyers to purchase goods and services in a cost effective manner. In fact, they see this function as the area of greatest profit contribution.
One clear-cut way of achieving these goals is to discover ways that will help you to improve your negotiation skills. You can “learn by
doing” with an experienced purchasing negotiator who will show you techniques guaranteed to bring immediate results.

Key Benefits                                     Course Contents
You’ll learn:                                    Definition of Negotiation                        Using Cost-Price Analysis as an Asset
• Key ingredients of successful                  • The primary components of all                  • How to determine costs
  negotiations                                     negotiations                                   • Negotiating profits
• How to solve problems before the               • Defining the need                              • Getting more facts before negotiations
  negotiations                                   • Goal aspiration                                  begin
• Ways to identify the do’s and don’ts of        • Assessing expectations
  negotiations                                                                                    Who to Negotiate With
                                                 • Attitudes and motivation                       • Use of strategy and techniques
• How time, information and power can
  influence the outcome                          Identifying Negotiation Style                    • How to succeed
• How to achieve a “win-win” outcome             • The 5 major styles of negotiation              Using Conflict Creatively
                                                 • Identifying your style                         • Dealing with conflict
Who Should Attend                                • How styles interact                            • Learning to assert yourself
• Purchasing managers and purchasing             • How to adjust your negotiation style –         • Helping the opposition solve “their”
  agents                                           change agent                                     problem
• Buyers and senior buyers                       Pre-Negotiation Planning                         Self-Assessment of Negotiations
• Directors of purchasing                        • Establishing your needs                        • Measuring your effectiveness
• All management personnel with                  • Determining the options                        • Observing your own style
  functional responsibility for the purchase     • Getting the facts                              • Critiquing your style
  of goods and services at their company         • Finding out the needs of the seller            • Enhancing your style
• IT professionals involved in purchasing        • Identifying what a trading card is
                                                                                                  Negotiating Exercise
                                                 Effective Communications
                                                 • What is communication?
This program is for                              • How to be a good listener
professionals who want to                        • Ways to communicate more effectively
advance their career.                            • Interpreting non-verbal behavior
                                                 • Listening exercise

Acquisition and Contracting: About the Program

Admission                                    Industry Profile
To pursue the Federal Acquisition and        Government procurement and                   Acquisition/Contracting professionals
Contracting professional certificate,        contracting processes have undergone         must comply with local, state and
you are required to make formal              significant changes in recent years.         federal regulations, participate in cost
application. You should submit your          Both congress and the White House            reduction programs, and serve as
application to the certificate program       have pushed for the adoption of              business advisors to acquisition teams.
before, or soon after, beginning your        more commercial and streamlined              Working in a wide range of functions,
course work. Course(s) taken toward          approaches to acquisition and                a successful acquisition/contracting
the certificate program are eligible for     contracting. A number of other changes       professional is required to possess
CEUs/CPEs upon request.                      are currently working their way through      knowledge and skills in
                                             the legislative process.
Requirements                                                                              •   Financial statement analysis
                                             Also, the acquisition and contracting        •   Cost recovery rules and decisions
To receive your professional certificate     community recognizes that their              •   Allocability and allowability issues
from the University of Houston-Clear         professionals are a vital part of the        •   CDAA audit procedures
Lake, School of Business, Center for         acquisition and contracting process,         •   Defective pricing and price
Advanced Management Programs                 as well as a powerful force that                 reductions
(CAMP), you must:                            contributes enormously to the success        •   Contracting techniques
•    Complete 6 of the 15 curriculum         and growth of their organizations.           •   Cost accounting practices
     courses within 48 months of             As procedures are streamlined,               •   Application of the FAR regulations
     receipt of your official application.   energized and made more efficient,           •   Subcontracting
•    The program can be completed in         these professionals must learn new           •   Audits in contracting
     as little as 12 months.                 skills, work faster, contain costs, and      •   Purchasing procedures
•    Successfully complete course            be more efficient while maintaining a
                                                                                          The University of Houston-Clear Lake’s
     exams with a grade of 70 percent        high level of quality.
                                                                                          Certificate in Federal Acquisition and
     or better.                              Clearly, there is a need to keep pace        Contracting serves as formal
•    Settle all financial obligations with   with the changes that impact the             recognition of your competency and
     the university.                         acquisition and contracting community.       expertise in this specialized subject
•    Notify the CAMP office when you         Courses in the Federal Acquisition and       area. It also documents your
     think you have completed your last      Contracting program are designed to          proficiency in the skills that employers
     course. The CAMP staff will verify      help you keep up-to-date and perform         demand from acquisition and
     that all requirements have been         your job better.                             contracting professionals. If you are
     met and your certificate will be
                                             Those who are employed in the                already working in these fields, you
                                             fields of acquisition and contracting        will appreciate the chance to update
Planning                                     perform a variety of job functions in this   and enhance your professional skill
                                             complex process, interfacing with            set, making yourself more valuable to
We’re with you when it’s time to plan
                                             various levels of management in              your organization and nurturing your
for your certificate program.
                                             small to very large organizations.           personal career development.
                                             Professionals in these fields work
                                             as specialists in roles that demand
                                             in depth knowledge of contract               On-Site Training
                                             administration, Federal Acquisition
                                                                                          We can bring the university to you
                                             Regulations (FAR), cost accounting
                                                                                          with any of these courses or custom
                                             standards, government contracting, the
                                                                                          programs with high impact on-site
                                             FAR cost principles, cost allowability,
                                                                                          training...cost savings, specialty focus,
                                             pricing, truth in negotiations, audits in
                                                                                          confidential and convenience.
                                             government contracting, legal issues,
                                             ethics and financial management.

The principal instructor in this certificate program,        John N. Ford has extensive Government
Darrell J. Oyer, CPA and CPCM, is a nationally               procurement experience in both the public and
known government contracts consultant with                   private sectors and is currently employed by the
experience in the application and interpretation of the      accounting firm of Cherry, Bekaert and Holland as a
Federal Acquisition Regulations and pronouncements           government contracts consultant.
from the Financial Accounting Standards Board and            Shortly after retiring from the Defense Contract
the Cost Accounting Standards Board.                         Audit Agency in 1997, he assumed the position of
Darrell’s work in these areas includes developing,           special counsel for cost and price issues, to the
implementing and reviewing contractors’ indirect cost        law firm of McAlesse and Associates in McLean,
structures, accounting systems, estimating systems           VA. Additionally, he has served as a senior analyst
and cost control systems to ensure compliance with           with the firm of Irving Burton Associates providing
federal procurement, accounting requirements. He             contracting advice and assistance to the DoD Military
is a CPA, CMA, CCE/A, CPCM, CPD, and member                  Health System Clinical Information Technology
of several professional associations including the           Program Office.
National Contracts Management Association and the            John spent 24 years serving as a procurement
Institute of Management Accountants.                         attorney with various components of DoD. At the time
For nearly 20 years, Darrell served in various               of his retirement from Federal service in December
capacities with the DCAA including assistant regional        1997, he was the Deputy General Counsel for
director, Atlanta Region, with responsibility for 10 audit   the Defense Contract Audit Agency where he
offices and assistant director in 3 areas: Operation &       concentrated on contract cost issues in litigation
Professional Development, Resources, and Policy &            before contract appeals boards and Federal courts.
Plans. He has authored and co-authored numerous              John has been an instructor in the University of
publications which include his most recent book,             Virginia’s Procurement and Contract Management
Pricing and Cost Accounting: A Handbook for                  Program since 1988, primarily teaching courses on
Government Contractors, authored chapters                    contract administration.
on cost principles in the text, Accounting for
Government: Federal Acquisition Regulations,                 He holds a BA and JD degree from the University of
and one chapter on “Activity Based Costing                   Texas at Austin and is a member of the State Bar of
Government Contracts” for the Handbook of Cost               Texas.
Management. Darrell wrote the lead article in the
initial publication of Government Contract Costs,
Pricing and Accounting Report on the subject                 Ken Rowe is also a principal instructor in this
of “Uncompensated Overtime” and continues to                 certificate program. He is a nationally recognized
contribute numerous articles to this publication.            leader in the fields of purchasing/supply chain
He has co-authored the Deloitte and Touché,                  management training and consulting.
A Guide to Truth-In-Negotiations (Defective                  He is an extraordinary instructor with in-depth
Pricing, PL 87-653) and Basic Cost Accounting                expertise and a rare gift for teaching. His talents have
Consideration in Government Contracting. He is               benefited thousands of purchasing professionals,
also a frequent speaker and lecturer on contracting          from new buyers to senior executives. Since his
subjects and has taught graduate level accounting            founding of Rowe Associates Inc. over 28 years
courses for Central Michigan University.                     ago, he and his associates have trained more than
                                                             40,000 buyers and consulted with more than 400
                                                             companies, ranging from small firms to worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I take this program?                   Q. Will completing this certificate program
A. If you are looking to grow your career and        guarantee that I get a job?
want to become respected in the field of federal     A. There are no guarantees in life when it comes
acquisition and contracting, this program is a       to careers, but employment opportunities may
great first step. Earning a certificate in Federal   result from this unique program.
Acquisition and Contracting (FAC), you’ll become
a problem solver with the knowledge and technical    Q. Will the program interfere with my current
skills needed in the complex field of federal        workload?
procurement and contract management.                 A. You will be required to complete six out of
                                                     15 courses. We allow you up to 48 months to
Q. Why should I take this program over other         complete the program, but it can be completed in
programs?                                            as little as one year.
A. We are unaware of any other program such
as this one. Our program has been built on a solid   Q. Will I receive credit for acquisition,
foundation made up from the broad spectrum of        contracting and/or purchasing classes taken
courses in acquisition and contracting that are of   several years ago?
particular interest to the government acquisition    A. Yes, we respect your experience and the time
and contracting community, i.e., NASA, United        you have already put into your career. However,
Space Alliance, Boeing, KBR, etc.                    to be eligible for credit all courses must have been
                                                     taken at UHCL within the past 5 years and you
Q. Should I take this certificate or a degree        must have scored 70 percent or better on your
program?                                             exam(s). Courses taken at other institutions will be
A. It depends on what you are looking for. This      considered on a case-by-case basis.
program requires 84 hours of instruction while a
degree program would take up to four years. This     Q. Can this program earn me credit toward a
program is designed for working adults with a        degree program?
particular focus that concentrates on specialized    A. No, all graduates of the Federal Acquisition
study to complement and expand your existing         and Contracting program only earn Continuing
knowledge, skills and experience.                    Education Units (CEUs) and Continuing
                                                     Professional Education (CPE) credit.
Q. How many instructors teach this program?
A. We have three exceptional instructors in          Q. Can I receive an income tax deduction for
this program. You’ll benefit from their years of     courses taken in this program?
experience with the Defense Contract Auditing        A. Yes, current tax law permits deductions for
Agency (DCAA) and the Department of Defense          educational expenses, including registration fees,
(DOD). Their experience with these agencies          travel, meals and lodging, to maintain or improve
includes the application and interpretation of the   professional skills. Consult a tax specialist for
Federal Acquisition Regulations, pronouncements      detailed information.
from the Financial Accounting Standards and the
Cost Accounting Standards Boards, as well as
concentrating on contract cost issues, contract
administration, and supply chain management.

For more information, call the Center for Advanced Management Programs (CAMP), School
of Business, University of Houston-Clear Lake at 281.283.3133 or 281.283.3121 or e-mail or register online at

Certificate Program Application

University of Houston-Clear Lake
Center for Advanced Management Programs

Please return this form by mail or in person to the Center for Advanced Management Programs (CAMP).
Please call us with any questions about the certificate program or the application process. Participants who
wish to pursue a certificate are required to make application for admission to the Federal Acquisition and
Contracting Certificate Program. Please type or print clearly.

Date of Application___________________________________________         Special Accommodations
Applicant Name _____________________________________________           Any individual who requires a special
Title ______________________________________________________           accommodation for a specific disability
Company __________________________________________________             should contact the Center for Advanced
                                                                       Management Programs at 281.283.3121 at
Mailing Address _____________________________________________
                                                                       least one week prior to the course date.
City ______________________________________________________
State ________________________Zip __________________________           Contact Information
Home Address ______________________________________________            If you have questions about Federal
City ______________________________________________________            Acquisition and Contracting please write,
State ________________________Zip _____________________________        call, fax or e-mail us at:
Prefer Mailing To: Mailing Address Home Address
                                                                       CAMP/School of Business
DL# __________________________________ State ______________
                                                                       University of Houston-Clear Lake
Day Phone _________________________________________________
                                                                       2700 Bay Area Boulevard
Eve Phone _________________________________________                    Houston, Texas 77058
E-mail ____________________________________________________            281.283.3133 (T)
# Years of College ___________________________________________         281.283.3123 (F)
# Years in Federal Acquisition and Contracting _____________________ (E)

Company Information
Approving Supervisor ________________________________________
Title ______________________________________________________
Company __________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________
City ______________________________________________________
State _____________________________________________________
Zip _______________________________________________________
Phone ____________________________________________________
E-mail ____________________________________________________

                                       Certificate in
     Federal Acquisition and Contracting
                             Real World. Applicable. Relevant.

                                  It’s That Good.

      CAMP delivers insightful and analytical programs you need to Become a Top Rated
                        Federal Acquisition/Contracting Professional.

               That’s why we have professionals attend our unique programs.

       It has a curriculum of 15 courses for you to select from for a challenging career.

                ACT NOW! Earn your professional certificate.
                                                                                 G o als
                                H e l p i n g Yo


                                                A                            C

                                                     ch                  r
                                                          i e v e Yo u

                                          To apply:
                                     Call 281.283.3133
                             University of Houston-Clear Lake
                                     School of Business
                        Center for Advanced Management Programs
                                 2700 Bay Area Boulevard
                                   Houston, Texas 77058

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