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   Feb 2011
                                            S .D.                                                                          Volume 9, Issue 7

       Government Contracting Opportunities
       zzzz                                                                       February Program Notes:
                                                                                    Government Contracting
                      DATE:       Tuesday, February 15, 2011
                      TIME: 5:00 PM—Social Hour and
                                  Check-in of Attendees
                            6:00 PM—Dinner Service begins
                                                                               H    istorically, construction activity runs in cycles
                                                                                    characterized by periods of prosperity as well as times
                                                                               of recession; the length and breadth of the current
                            7:00 PM—Program begins                             economic downturn could not be predicted by industry
                                                                               leaders. In the past, companies have adjusted to the ebb
                      PROGRAM:                                                 and flow of declines by modifying their operations to control
                           Government Contracting                              costs. However, the nature of this business climate has
                               Opportunities                                   caused firms to rethink every phase of its processes to
                                                                               survive and hopefully participate in the next stage of
                      PANEL:                                                   growth. The number of jobs available in the marketplace
                           Representatives from GSA,                           has greatly diminished since 2007, and the contractors and
Meeting at a Glance

                       NAVFAC, Caltrans, City of San Diego,                    subcontractors vying for any “piece of the pie” have
                                                                               dramatically increased over that span of time. In addition,
                            and County of San Diego                            we have seen organizations without the proper credentials
                                (see page 4 for names and bios)                or qualifications enter the fray to compete for those
                                                                               projects. Experience, financial capacity, technical capability,
                      IN-HOUSE TALK:
                                                                                                                                                  (continued on pg 3)
                               Dan Sackett, CPE
                                        Chief Estimator
                                                                                  INSIDE THIS ISSU E …
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                                                                               From Our President ...................................................................... 2,6
                                                                               In-House Article: “Making the Change” ............................................. 5
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  From Our President                                                                           by Ed Wenz, E

 G    reetings, fellow ASPE Chapter 4 members!

       Preparation is underway as our Chapter will be hosting the Joint Southwest/
 Northwest Regional Meeting in San Diego later this month. Representatives from many of
 the 21 chapters, from Washington to Texas, will be visiting our beautiful city as we make
 preparations for their accommodations and events, as well as for the Regional Meeting
 that will take place on Saturday, February 26th. Most guests will arrive in time for our
 welcome reception which will be held at the Hacienda Hotel in Old Town on Friday
 evening, and all members are welcome. Please refer to the flyers attached to this
 newsletter for details on the event. Join us for any of the weekend events and feel free to
 bring your spouses. I look forward to seeing many of you there!                                         Ed Wenz, E

                                                                  Our last dinner meeting included an excellent
                                                                  program with James Benham of JBKnowledge who
                                                                  discussed Social Networking. Several members
                                                                  noted that they wished they had brought more
                                                                  people from their companies to hear how social
                                                                  media, including LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook and
                                                                  many others, is playing a role in companies
                                                                  effectively marketing themselves and securing
                                                                  business because of it. Again, we want to thank
                                                                  James of JBKnowledge for his continued support
                                                                  and contributions to ASPE on a national and local
                                                                  level. To learn more about JBKnowledge, including
                                                                  SmartBidNet, please visit their website at http://

                                                                  Be sure to join us at our upcoming dinner meeting
                                                                  on Tuesday, February 15th for a special Joint
            James Benham of JBKnowledge discusses
                                                                  General Membership dinner meeting of the ASPE/
       “The Use of Social Networking for Construction” at the
      January 18th ASPE San Diego Chapter 4 Dinner Meeting        ASA San Diego Chapters, which will feature a
                                                                  panel discussion on “Government Contracting
                                                                  Opportunities” with representatives from GSA,
                                                                  NAVFAC, Caltrans, City of San Diego, and County
                                                                  of San Diego. These representatives will provide
                                                                  an overview of their agencies’ planning, projects
                                                                  bidding, where to find projects to bid, and how to
                                                                  qualify, to name just a few of the topics. It’s rare for
                                                                  us to be able to gather this many representatives
                                                                  from these various entities at one time, and the
                                                                  event is expected to be full, so please be sure to
                                                                  sign up early! For more details, see Frank Young’s
                                                                  Program Article beginning on page 1.

                                                                  Ed Wenz, E
                                                                  Reno Contracting, Inc.
                                                                  ASPE San Diego Chapter 4

            ASPE San Diego Chapter 4 President Ed Wenz
           presents to James Benham an ASPE coffee mug,              MEETING PHOTOS
         thanking him for his presentation on Social Networking
                                                                     COURTESY OF CNV.
                       More photos on page 6.

Page 2                                                                                                   February 2011
 February Program Notes                                                                             cont’d from pg 1

or skilled personnel do not seem to matter when “times are tough.” Decisions are made by management to change their
business models and find ways to maintain some level of volume with just a “break even” bottom line.
This situation can best be illustrated by looking at one of ASPE’s member-firms and their approach in responding to the
market conditions. California Comfort Systems, a large mechanical subcontractor in the area, restructured its operation to
seek new avenues to gain potential work in the commercial sector. Formerly this company never considered the pursuit
of public work in the government sector, with its requirement to pay prevailing wages, its notoriety for mountains of
paperwork, and its reputation for stiff competition and often difficult working conditions. Dan Sackett, Chief Estimator for
this mechanical entity, will serve as our in-house speaker to share CALCS’ experiences working for NAVFAC, including
the challenges of running off-shore activities in Guam in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
The importance of this month’s theme is particularly relevant for the contractors working in Southern California, even with
the financial uncertainty surrounding federal, state, and local government budgets. The military expenditures in our region
represent a significant annual contribution to the economy. The website announcing the 2011 NCMA (National Contract
Management Association) Symposium contains the following comments about doing business with the U.S. Government.
“Getting into the federal procurement system is difficult. There are many who try, but few who persevere until accepted.
The benefits of being on the inside of federal procurement are solid. One is that the federal government’s checks do not
bounce. They are probably the best credit risk you will ever take, though you should be aware checks come slowly but
they do come. Another reason is that once you make it inside the system, you’re inside for a long while. The government
changes slowly and that includes vendors. And the main reason to slog it out for government procurement is that the
government does nothing small including purchasing. The United States Government is the largest purchaser of goods
and services in the world. That is a client worth chasing.”
Furthermore, by law, at least 23% of all government buying must be targeted to small firms. Often, funds go begging
because the government cannot find enough qualified small businesses to take their money. Dan Kehrer, member of the
work.com staff offers these observations:
“You don’t just raise your hand to get the cash; there is a formal process with plenty of rules with three basic steps to get
started on your way: 1) become comfortable with how the process works, 2) find out if your particular business is qualified
to sell to the government and more importantly, whether it is the right move for your enterprise, 3) register today and start
pursuing opportunities.”
Must-know government websites include:

     SBA.gov – Introduction to Government Contracting Opportunities; also look for the Government Contracting
         Checklist for Small Businesses
       FedBizOpps.gov – central online marketplace for government contracting
       business.gov – official business link to the U.S. Government
       cbdnet.access.gpo.gov – Dept. of Commerce’s Commerce Business Journal
       fedvendor.com
       bidnet.com
       usgovinfo.about.com

American Express Open has published a 16-page insight guide entitled “Tap Stimulus Act Opportunities in Government
Contracting.” The guide explains how to discover and take advantage of the money that is available through the
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
ASPE San Diego Chapter #4 welcomes the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) San Diego Chapter for our
Tuesday, February 15th program. ASA’s mission is to educate the industry and the public by promoting programs,
services and legislation and to create an environment in which specialty contractors can operate more professionally and
profitably. ASA is a place where members have a voice in determining the future of the San Diego County construction
industry. Member-firms of both organizations include: Baker Electric, Barnhart Balfour Beatty, Bergelectric Corp., The
Blue Book, DPR Construction, Diversified Window Coverings, Legacy Building Services, Quality Iron, Reno Contracting,
Roel Construction, and Sundt Construction. We expect a gathering of approx. 100 people for this event.
The format to cover our principal subject matter for the evening will consist of presentations by six panel members from
five various government agencies as follows:
                                                                                                            (continued on pg 4)

February 2011                                                                                                        Page 3
 February Program Notes                                                                          cont’d from pg 3

General Services Administration (GSA)
    Keith Hsiuleh, Project Architect, is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley School of Architecture and
has been employed by KB Homes, PCL Construction, and Jones Lang LaSalle. Current assignments include work on
stimulus-funded jobs and clients such as the U.S. Marshal’s office, the IRS, and Homeland Security.
    Moss Bahadori, Contracting Officer, with a BA degree in Economics from UCLA, is involved with awarding and
managing government contracts. He evaluates contract requirements, specifications, proposals and contract
Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
    Kim Bourgeois, Deputy for Small Business Programs, received her undergraduate BA degree in History and
Political Science from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. She subsequently obtained her teacher’s credential from
Chapman University in Orange County. Kim has 25 years of federal contracting experience and in her present
capacity is responsible for Small Business Programs at seven Marine Corps bases throughout Southern California and
in Yuma, AZ.
State of California, Dept. of Transportation (Caltrans)
    Dante Buenviaje, Project Coordinator (D11OE) with the Division of Engineering, has held numerous positions with
the agency. Those tasks included Office Engineer with Construction and Traffic, delivery of minor and major contracts,
contributing member of Design-Construction committee, Small Business Outreach Program, and the statewide
Specifications committee.
City of San Diego
    Hildred Pepper, Jr., Director of Purchasing and Contracting, was Contracting Officer while serving in the United
States Air Force. Prior to coming to San Diego, he managed contracts for the Detroit Public Schools and Dallas/Ft.
Worth International Airport. Hildred is responsible for all centralized procurement activities for the 8th largest city in
America, including strategic sourcing, handling sealed bids, and oversight of construction and consultant contracts for
the City’s $1.2 million budget.
County of San Diego
    Bruce Petrozza, Contracting Officer for Construction
Speakers will be given 10-15 minutes to describe how contractors and subcontractors can participate in their specific
contracting programs, providing contact information for interested parties and distributing lists of upcoming projects
available to bid. The audience will have time to pose their questions to each individual.
During the networking period, tabletop sponsors Jeff Gerardi with Construction Management Software (CMS) who
markets ProEst estimating software (see ad on page 10), and Anne Wright with Surety Associates of Southern
California will have an opportunity to visit with members and guests to talk about their products and services. Please
arrange your schedule to spend a few moments with these vendors. Each organization depends on the monetary
donations from such sponsors to support our educational activities.
The meeting will be held at the Butcher Shop Steakhouse, located at 5255 Kearny Villa Road, San Diego. Registration
and social hour commences at 5:00 P.M., dinner will be served earlier than usual at 6:00 P.M., and our program with
the in-house talk and panel presentations follows at 7:00 P.M. Opening remarks by Ed Wenz and Pete Spencer,
Chapter Presidents for ASPE and ASA, the Pledge of Allegiance, self-introductions, and announcements by each
group will occur during the dinner hour. Choice of entrées includes Top Sirloin Steak, Chicken Mozzarella, and
Vegetarian Pesto Pasta at a cost of $40.00 per person. Ed Wenz requested the Program Committee to schedule this
topic during our Planning Retreat in August 2010. Let’s respond with a good turnout of ASPE members and guests.
Contact Mike Moyers at Best Interiors today to make your reservation:
                      Telephone – (858) 737-7316       Email – michael.moyers@bestinteriors.net

Frank E. Young, FCPE
1st Vice President and Program Chair
ASPE San Diego Chapter 4

Page 4                                                                                                 February 2011
                                         Making the Change
                        by Daniel Sackett, CPE—Chief Estimator
                         California Comfort Systems USA, Inc.

                            W       hen I came to work for California Comfort Systems in 2002, we were a different company
                                    than we are today. Our strategic plan in 2002 was focused on bidding negotiable design-
                            build and plan & spec work in the following arenas:
                                   1.    Telephone Communications Companies
                                   2.    Laboratories
                                   3.    High-rise Condominiums
                                   4.    High- and low-rise Office Complexes
                                   5.    High-rise Hotels
                                   6.    Medical Office Buildings
                                   7.    Shopping Centers
   Dan Sackett, CPE                8.    Car Dealerships
                                   9.    Resorts
                                   10.   Process Piping and Ductwork Projects
                                   11.   Design-Build Projects
None of these projects were federal work, and none of them involved or required prevailing wages. Our strategy was to be very
selective about bidding Prevailing Wage work. In 2008, when the housing industry turned upside down and mortgage
companies started to file bankruptcy, our bidding strategy had not yet changed. We were still busy bidding commercial work,
but then we found that the projects on which we were successful were being put on hold because the lending institutions pulled
their financial support. Several of our projects were put on hold and still are today.
    1.   Pier One High Rise Complex
    2.   Sheraton Resort in Cathedral City
    3.   Rehabilitation Center in Rancho Mirage
    4.   Ritz Carlton Hotel and Spa in Rancho Mirage
    5.   Pomona Medical Office Building
Needless to say, our backlog for 2008-2009 slowly dwindled away. We also discovered the downturn in the housing market was
now affecting the commercial market; contractors who specialized only in the residential markets were now trying to survive and
moving into the commercial market. The bid lists that normally had 4 to 5 bidders now had 10 to 11 bidders. Looking at the
number of contracts that we received since 2007 required us to change our plan.
    1.   In 2007, we received 115 contracts.
    2.   In 2008, we received 93 contracts
    3.   In 2009, we received 57 contracts
    4.   In 2010, we received only 35 contracts.
Our strategic plan of strictly bidding commercial work and ignoring the federal and public construction market was not working
and had to change. As a company, we knew our strengths to be:
    1.   Good at Design-Build
    2.   Capable of manning the projects
    3.   Completing the projects on schedule
The federal and public government agencies had a very strong construction plan. We decided to look at the Design-Build
projects in those sectors. Our first project that estimated was the Bachelors Enlisted Headquarters Bid Pack #4 at Camp
Pendleton. Our team was chosen and our strategic plan began to change. Since late 2008, we have budgeted and/or bid 204
federal and public projects for a total of $363,000,000 worth of work. Out of this staggering number of projects estimated, we
have been awarded 6 contracts that total an awarded value of $44,000,000. We currently have contracts for:
    1.   BEQ Bid Pack #4 at Camp Pendleton
    2.   BEQ Bid Pack #7 at Camp Pendleton
    3.   Seabee Museum in Port Hueneme
    4.   Central Utility Plant for the Guam Naval Hospital in Guam
    5.   San Diego Airport Terminal 2 Expansion
    6.   TASS Training Center at Camp Parks in the Bay area.
Moving to the Federal sector was necessary to keep our company from being a statistic! ■

February 2011                                                                                                        Page 5
          Meet Your Chapter Board Members ...
              Focus on D. KEITH ESTES, CPE
       Estes Construction Management Company

                                 F   or over 25 years, Keith Estes has been in the construction industry spending the
                                     majority of those years working in the lucrative Southern California market.

                                 His introduction into construction began in college working summers as a laborer in
                                 San Jose, CA. Upon his return to Southern California in the late 1970’s, he began
                                 working at the bottom as a carpenter and worked his way through the ranks to
                                 superintendent and eventually project manager. It was during this time, that Keith
                                 recognized estimating was his true passion.

                                 In 1988, Keith was introduced to ASPE and has been an active member of Chapter 4
                                 ever since, currently serving on the Board as Secretary.
      Keith Estes, CPE     Keith first earned his CPE in 1989 before it lapsed following a relocation to Wyoming.
                           In 2010, Keith had his CPE reinstated and established his current business, Estes
Construction Management Company.

Thanks, Keith, for your participation and service over the years to ASPE and San Diego Chapter 4.

Hendrick Degenaar, CPE
Gilbane Building Co.
Membership Chair
ASPE San Diego Chapter 4

                                                                      MEETING PHOTOS
                                                                      PROVIDED COURTESY
                                                                      OF CNV.

           ASPE Southwest Governor Larry Hendrick, CPE,
          discusses the State of Construction with members
      of San Diego Chapter 4 at the January 18th dinner meeting

                                                                   San Diego Chapter 4 Board Members Frank Young, FCPE,
                                                                  and Dan Luckhardt, CPE, at the January 18th Dinner Meeting

Page 6                                                                                                     February 2011
              Tech Tips for the Estimating Profession
                 by Ed Wenz, E – Reno Contracting

                             This Month’s Topic: DATA FILTERING AND CLEANSING

                             O    ver time, many of our databases become cluttered with expired data and unneeded
                                  information. Aside from the arduous task of opening each record and making
                             corrections, the data can be cleansed outside of many commonly used database

                             If your database program allows for exporting and importing to and from a spreadsheet,
                             this method of data filtering and cleansing can save a great deal of time especially when
                             hundreds and even thousands of entries may populate it.
        Ed Wenz, E

 Although there are several ways to do this, one of the more common methods with which the data can be worked is
 by exporting it to an Excel spreadsheet in either an xls, xlsx or csv file format. For the purposes of this article, I will be
 working with Excel. The same methods apply if your data is already in Excel.

 With your working data on a spreadsheet, save a backup copy and then save your working file as rev-01 and
 continue make incremental saves and change the version each time. If importing data, each record will appear in a
 single row with the various fields of data in a different column with a column heading across the top. Freeze any
 heading rows at the top of the spreadsheet.

 Start by adding a new column “A” to the left of your data, format the column as text, add the #1 in cell A1, and copy
 down to the last record for sequential numbering. Note: DO NOT number by adding 1 to the cell above it. CELL
 FORMULAS SHOULD NEVER BE USED WHEN SORTING DATA. This added column will allow you to resort to the
 original order if needed.

 When using the Sort Data feature, it’s always best to
 define the range of data to be sorted by selecting the
 entire group of rows and not from column A through M,
 for example. This will prevent the possibility of some of
 the fields being left out of the sort range which will ruin
 the integrity of the data files. As an added precaution,
 select any row inside the data records and fill with the
 color yellow. If the data range is ever off when sorting,
 the yellow line will be broken. If so, select undo before
 you save.

 To organize the data to be cleansed, sort by the various
 groups of fields; for example, by Trade, then by Name,
 then by Project, etc. all at one time. Once sorted, a
 smaller group of, let’s say, 50 rows of data can then be
 sorted by themselves at a more granular level. Typically,
 fields with missing data sorts to the bottom. With the
 data properly sorted, fields can be corrected or changed
 in large groups such as State referenced as CA, CA.,
 Calif. & California.

 If the data was exported from a database, it must be
 imported back with the exact same fields (columns) and

                                            (continued on pg 8)

February 2011                                                                                                         Page 7
 Tech Tips for the Estimating Profession                                                        cont’d from pg 7

in the same order. (Delete the “Original Order column ‘A’” if it was added.) The number of rows (records) can be
changed when importing back.

A recap and some other best practices for sorting, filtering and cleansing data:

          Sort for blank entries of a given field and then fill or fill down as needed.
          Provide uniform naming where applicable.
          Records can be deleted (entire row).
          Do not delete any fields (columns).
          Add a new “Original Order” column while working (be sure to delete it before importing back to
             your database).

          Always make sure you import that data back to the database with the same fields (columns) in
             the same order.

          Highlight/fill an entire row with a color and make sure it is never broken when sorting data.
          Sort entire rows only.
          Data can be copied into a Word file to “Change the Case” and then copied back if needed for
             large amounts of data.

          Run spell check.
Use great caution and multiple backup versions as
Keep in mind that when using the precautionary
measures and best practices noted, there’s little chance
of corrupting your data.

    If you have any topics you would like to have
    addressed or have input on, please forward them
    to Ed Wenz at ewenz@renocon.com. ■

Page 8                                                                                                 February 2011
         Ask A CPE (Certified Professional Estimator)
         “A Few Time Saving Tips” by Cord Cooper
                  (reprint from Investor’s Business Daily, 7/31/06)
                    Article submitted by Keith Estes, CPE – ECMC

E   -mail and the phone can either be effective business tools, or two of the biggest time wasters imaginable.
    As with everything else, all depends on execution.
 View the two as necessary evils, and they'll continually bog you down. See them as ways to achieve goals, and
you'll use them sparingly and efficiently, says Kenneth Zeigler in Organizing for Success.
To reach that level of effectiveness:
     Batch your calls. When possible, return calls at a certain time each day, especially mid- and low-
        priority calls, Zeigler says. The best times are from 11:30 a.m. to noon and at the end of the day. Why?
        "It's easier to keep the call short and focused, because people are either in a rush to eat or go home."
     Play it smart. If you're leaving a message and you don't need a response, call when you know the
        person won't be there. You'll eliminate needless conversation time.
     Be brief, and be gone. "Don't leave messages longer than 30 seconds, if possible," he says.
        "Otherwise, (the listener) may only respond to part of the message or none at all."
     Keep the call focused. Know beforehand "how long it should take to cover your main points." Casually
        but matter-of-factly state why you're calling, then stay on topic. "If the call starts to wander, get it back
        on track," he says. To end the call, summarize by saying, "Does that cover everything?" and follow up
        with, "I know you're busy, so I'll let you go." The closing line does two things: It politely says "This call is
        over" and shows consideration for the other person's time.
     Maximize voice mail. Most people seldom change outgoing voice mail messages from one month to
        the next. Zeigler suggests a couple of options. "Leave a voice mail message once a week that tells
        callers the date of that week and your schedule. Or leave a new voice mail daily." For people with
        frequently changing schedules, this gives callers a heads up and prompts them to leave more specific
     Scan first, read second. “If you don't have time to read all new e-mail, scan for content,” says business
        consultant Christina Cavanagh. “You'll be able to respond to priority mail and get back to the rest later.
        Respond to all e-mails within 24 hours.”
     Avoid the keep-as-new trap. Don't collect old e-mails, using the subject headers as reminders to
        perform tasks or get in touch with contacts. Before long, inboxes bulge at the seams, and reminders go
     Thin out. “If you get a series of messages on the same topic, summarize the key points and print them
        out. Then delete the e-mails,” says Cavanagh, author of "Managing Your E-Mail."
     Get off CC lists. "Each time you get an unwanted e-mail on which you've been copied with a slew of
        others, ask to be removed from the list," she says.
     Be a model e-mailer. "Use clear, descriptive subject headings, and state your purpose in the first
        sentence. Keep messages brief—with short paragraphs and bullet points to make them easy to read or
        scan," Cavanagh says. ■

February 2011                                                                                                    Page 9
Page 10   February 2011
        Become an                                       ASPE Membership
      ASPE Newsletter
    Sponsor or Advertiser                      A    n accurate cost estimate is the first of many
                                                    key components of a successful construction
                                               project. Plan interpretation, labor and material
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                                               recognition are a fraction of the skills necessary to
                                               become a successful estimator.
        $350 CORPORATE
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         EMPLOYMENT AD:                        -C- Associate Member—is a Member with less
 $50 per month (FREE to ASPE Members)              than 5 years of experience as an estimator or
                                                   an active construction professional. When the
                                                   Member achieves 5 years of experience, the
     FOR MORE INFORMATION:                         Member shall be given one of the Member
                                                   classifications listed above.
      Contact LAURA PARKER, CPE
                                               One of the ultimate goals of a member in ASPE is
              619.906.2867                     to achieve status as a “Certified Professional
           OR laurap@roel.com                  Estimator,” otherwise know as “CPE.” CPE status
                                               is recognized by Builders, Government Agencies,
                                               Developers, and many other Corporate entities as
                                               the highest level of qualification as an estimator.
                                               Educational training is available to become part of
                                               this elite group of professionals.
                                               ASPE San Diego Chapter 4 is perennially
                                               recognized as one of the top chapters of the
                                               nation’s 50 chapters. The local chapter meets on
                                               the third Tuesday of each month. This general
                                               membership meeting offers education and insight
                                               into our industry. Each membership meeting is
                                               highlighted by presentations and guest speakers,
 ASPE MISSION STATEMENT                        with information pertinent to our ever-changing
     The American Society of Professional      If you would like to become part of this exciting
  Estimators serves construction estimators    group of professionals, please contact Hennie
  by providing education, fellowship and the   Degenaar, CPE at hdegenaar@aol.com or
  opportunity for professional development.    858.717.3198. ■

February 2011                                                                                Page 11
                               ASPE San Diego Chapter 4
                                CALENDAR OF EVENTS

 Tuesday, February 15, 2011                               Tuesday, March 22, 2011—5:30 PM
   ASPE/ASA San Diego Chapters’ Joint General                 ASPE San Diego Board of Directors’ Meeting
     Membership Dinner Meeting                                Location:   Reno Contracting, Inc.
   Program:     Panel Discussion:                                         1450 Frazee Road, Suite 100, San Diego
                “Government Contracting Opportunities”
                                                            Tuesday, April 19, 2011
   Panel:       Representatives from GSA, NAVFAC,
                Caltrans, City and County of San Diego        ASPE San Diego General Membership Dinner Meeting
   In-House     Dan Sackett, CPE                              Program:    Site Tour to San Vicente Dam Raise
   Talk:        California Comfort Systems USA                Speakers: Representatives from San Diego
   Location:    The Butcher Shop Steakhouse                             County Water Authority
                5255 Kearny Villa Road, San Diego             In-House    Tim Dyer
                                                              Talk:       San Diego County Water Authority
 Tuesday, February 22, 2011—5:30 PM
   ASPE San Diego Board of Directors’ Meeting                 Location:   To be determined
   Location:    Reno Contracting, Inc.
                1450 Frazee Road, Suite 100, San Diego      Tuesday, April 26, 2011—5:30 PM
                                                              ASPE San Diego Board of Directors’ Meeting
 Friday, February 25, 2011—Saturday, February 26, 2011
                                                              Location:   Reno Contracting, Inc.
   ASPE Joint Southwest/Northwest Regional Meeting                        1450 Frazee Road, Suite 100, San Diego
   Location:    Best Western-Hacienda Hotel Old Town
                4041 Harney St, San Diego                   Tuesday, May 17, 2011
   See the attached flyers for complete information.          ASPE San Diego General Membership Dinner Meeting
                                                              Program:    Ethics Program
 Tuesday, March 15, 2011
                                                              Moderator: Dan Luckhardt, CPE
   ASPE San Diego General Membership Dinner Meeting
   Program:     NewSchool of Architecture & Design’s          Talk:       To be determined
                Construction Management Program
                                                              Location:   The Butcher Shop Steakhouse
   Speaker:     Dr. Linda Thomas-Mobley, Director                         5255 Kearny Villa Road, San Diego
                George Welch, Program Coordinator
   In-House                                                 Tuesday, May 24, 2011—5:30 PM
   Talk:        To be determined                              ASPE San Diego Board of Directors’ Meeting
   Location:    The Butcher Shop Steakhouse                   Location:   Reno Contracting, Inc.
                5255 Kearny Villa Road, San Diego                         1450 Frazee Road, Suite 100, San Diego

               CLICK HERE for ASPE National’s 2010-11 Critical Calendar or go to:

Page 12                                                                                          February 2011
      GET INVOLVED IN YOUR SUPERI                                          R CHAPTER!! !

 COMMITTEES:                               2010-2011 Chapter Officers
 Certification:            Office               Officer               Phone               Fax                 Email
 Lou Farallo, CPE
 Education:             President       Ed Wenz, E                 619.220.0224      619.220.0229     ewenz@renocon.com
 John W. Heusner, CPE                   Reno Contracting, Inc.     x6242

 Ethics:                1st Vice-       Frank Young, FCPE          619.980.4025      619.401.7545     pancho77@cox.net
 Dan Luckhardt, CPE     President       CSOS
 Stephen Fisher, CPE    2nd Vice-       Dan Sackett, CPE           858.564.1160      858.530.4074     dsackett@calcsusa.com
                        President       Calif. Comfort Systems
 COMMITTEES:            3rd Vice-       Stephen Fisher, CPE        760.639.8630                       stephen.fisherFCG
 Chapter Awards/        President       Fisher Consulting Group                                       @cox.net
 Ed Wenz, E             Secretary       Keith Estes, CPE           858.437.1191      858.538.7681     dke.ecmc@gmail.com
                                        ECMC (Estes Construction
 National Awards:                       Management Co.)
 Dan Sackett, CPE
 Bylaws:                Treasurer       Laura Parker, CPE        619.906.2867        619.278.6604     laurap@roel.com
                                        ROEL Consulting Services
 Keith Estes, CPE
 Finance:               Executive       John W. Heusner, CPE       858.566.6217      858.673.9263     johnwheusner@san.rr.com
 Laura Parker, CPE      Secretary       Cumming
 Membership:                            Hennie Degenaar, CPE       858.717.3198      858.658.6701     hdegenaar@aol.com
 Hennie Degenaar, CPE   Past            Gilbane Building Co.
 Programs:              President
 Frank Young, FCPE

 OTHER                  Executive       Margy Ashby                619.749.1890      619.593.9989     info@aspechapter4.org
 COMMITTEES:            Administrator                              619.593.9988                       aspesd4@gasvcs.net

 Dan Sackett, CPE
                               2010-2011 Chapter Board of Directors
  Newsletter:                   Director              Phone                   Fax                       Email
  Kevin Murphy, CPE
   Website:             Lou Farallo, CPE           858.361.1721            858.483.3061    lfarallo@sbcglobal.net
   Ed Wenz, E           Farallo Professional
 Historian:             Estimating
 VACANT                 Stephen Hainlin, E (Alt.) 858.564.1160             858.530.4074    shainlin@calcsusa.com
 Mentoring:             Calif. Comfort Systems
 John W. Heusner, CPE
                        Dan Luckhardt, CPE         619.980.4025            858.467.9400    dluckhardt@ocmi.com
 Parliamentarian:       O’Connor Construction
 Keith Estes, CPE       Management, Inc.
 Public Relations:
 Dan Sackett, CPE       Michael Moyers, CPE        858.737.7316            858.737.7317    michael.moyers@bestinteriors.net
                        Best Interiors, Inc.
 Dan Luckhardt, CPE     Kevin Murphy, CPE (Alt.) 619.398.8806              619.858.0585    kmurphy@legacybldg.com
 Telephone:             Legacy Building
                        Services, Inc.
 Michael Moyers, CPE
 Ways & Means:          Eric Scheidlinger, E (Alt.) 619.220.0224           619.220.0229    escheidlinger@renocon.com
 Laura Parker, CPE      Reno Contracting, Inc.

February 2011                                                                                                       Page 13
                                         Visit our Chapter website at http://www.aspechapter4.org

                      Published by San Diego Chapter 4
                      American Society of Professional Estimators

                             Ma tor
                       S. D.
     ASPE San Diego Chapter
      127 N. Westwind Drive
     El Cajon, CA 92020-2955                        For the Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Phone:   619.749.1890                            ASPE San Diego Chapter 4 Dinner Meeting
Fax:     619.593.9989
Email:   info@aspechapter4.org
Web:     http://www.aspechapter4.org                 G OVERNMENT C ONTRACTING
                                                           O PPORTUNITIES

          CORPORATE SPONSORS                                         d
                                   CP&M (Construction                              MONTHLY ADVERTISERS
Baker Electric, Inc.               Planning & Monitoring)
http://www.baker-electric.com      http://www.
                                   edmondsconsultants.com                BAKER ELECTRIC, INC. ............................. p. 12
Barnhart Balfour Beatty
http://www.                        Johnson, Finch & McClure BERGELECTRIC CORP. ............................... p. 8
Barnhart-BalfourBeatty.com         Construction, Inc.
                                   http://www.jfmcon.com    CUMMING ................................................... p. 7
Bergelectric Corp.                 Reno Contracting, Inc.
                                                                         MADSEN, KNEPPERS & ASSOCIATES, INC.                 p. 8
Contractors & Engineers            http://www.renocon.com
http://www.bergelectric.com        Trinity Grading, Inc.                 TRINITY GRADING, INC. ............................. p. 12
California Comfort                                                       U.S. CONCRETE PRECAST GROUP .............. p. 7
Systems USA                        Waller-Opsal
http://www.comfortsystemsusa.com   Consulting
     ASPE Southwest/Northwest Regional Quarterly Meeting
                                                       Hosted By

                                           FEBRUARY 25 & FEBRUARY 26, 2011
                            4041 Harney Street, San Diego, California 92110

                                                      Attended By:
 Chapter #1- Los Angeles, #2 - Golden Gate (San Francisco), #3 - Orange County, #4 - San Diego, #5 - Denver, #6 - Arizona,
    #11- Sacramento, #12 - Reno, #18 - Houston, #40 - Rio Grande ( El Paso), #43 - Dallas/Ft. Worth, #45 - Puget Sound
(Seattle), #47 - Roadrunner (Albuquerque- NM) , #51 - Great Salt Lake, Utah, #53 - Old Pueblo - (Tucson AZ), #54 - Columbia-
  Pacific (Portland), #55 - Santa Clara Valley, #57 - San Antonio, #68 - Inland Empire- (Riverside, CA) #72 - Las Vegas, #80 -
                                                          Oklahoma City.

   For the purpose of: Chapter Building; Quarterly Reports on Chapter Status; Discuss Membership Drives; Reports from the
   Northwest and Southwest Governors regarding National ASPE recent Board Meetings and general status of National ASPE.
                                                Schedule of Events

                       Friday, February 25, 2011 WELCOME RECEPTION 4 PM - 7 PM
                                     SPONSORED BY SMARTBIDNET
The Friday Night Welcome Reception will be held at the GOVERNOR'S MANSION at the Hacienda Hotel and will
 introduce San Diego Members, guests, spouses, and sponsors to the Presidents and Representatives attending the
             meeting from the other Chapters. Complimentary Hors d'oeuvres, Wine, Beer and Mixers.

                             Friday, February 25, 2011 DINNER AT 7PM - Optional
                    We are currently making arrangements for the group at a location in Old Town.

        Saturday, February 26, 2011 BREAKFAST 7- 8 AM at Acapulco Restaurant at the Hotel.
 Upon check-in, you and your guest will be issued a Breakfast Coupon for breakfast at The Acapulco Restaurant
        located at the Hacienda Hotel. Your guest may enjoy breakfast with you or later in the morning.

                      Saturday, February 26, 2011 REGIONAL MEETING 8 AM TO 4 PM
   The Regional Business Meeting will be held at the EL PUEBLO ROOM at the Hacienda Hotel. Lunch and
                                         Snacks will be included.

                                      LUNCH SPONSORED BY CLARK PACIFIC
                                 SNACKS SPONSORED BY FBC BUILDING SOLUTIONS

            Saturday, February 26, 2011 HAPPY HOUR 5 PM - 7 PM - No Host Bar - Optional
   Saturday night we will gather on the patio of The Acapulco Restaurant for cocktails prior to the Saturday Night
                                   Event, Hors d'oeuvres will be complimentary.

              Saturday, February 26, 2011 DINNER & EVENT TBD AT 7PM - Optional
 We are currently making arrangements for the group at "SHOUT" in downtown San Diego, within walking
                    distance to the trolley to downtown. Specifics will be forthcoming.

                             Cost per Member for the Regional Meeting is $85.00*
                                       (Not including the "Optional" events)
*This includes the Regional Meetings breakfast & lunch and Hors d'oeuvres at the Welcome Reception on
     Friday and Saturday. "Optional" Event costs noted above are the responsibility of the individual.
    ASPE Southwest/Northwest Regional Quarterly Meeting

                                            Response Card
             Please FAX or EMAIL your response to 619-278-6604 or click on the link below.

                              For Meeting Reservations, send payment to:

                                         ASPE San Diego Chapter 4
                       Laura Jean Parker, Treasurer ASPE SD Chapter 4
                                              3202 Via Arcilla
                                        San Diego, California 92111


           Registrant's Name__________________________________________________________
           Guest's Name        ________________________________________________________

                      Number of Registrants________x $85.00 each = $_____________

                          Number of Guests________x $20.00 each = $_____________

Includes Welcome Reception Hors d'oeuvres and beverages, Saturday Breakfast and Saturday Night Hors d'oeuvres.
             Total Amount Enclosed $____________________________ Check #______________
             Company Name:       _____________________________________________________
             Contact____________________ Telephone_______________ Email ______________

                             Please R.S.V.P. by February 17, 2011


                     SEPARATELY ON WEDNESDAY.

  We have made special arrangements with the Hotel for a group of rooms ideally
            located. The cost of the room is $119.00 plus tax & fees.

        Presented by the American Society of Professional Estimators, San Diego Chapter 4
                            ASPE Southwest/Northwest Regional Quarterly meeting attended by:
Chapter #1- Los Angeles, #2 - Golden Gate (San Francisco), #3 - Orange County, #4 - San Diego, #5 - Denver, #6 - Arizona,
  #11- Sacramento, #12 - Reno, #18 - Houston, #40 - Rio Grande ( El Paso), #43 - Dallas/Ft. Worth, #45 - Puget Sound
   (Seattle), #47 - Roadrunner (Albuquerque- NM) , #51 - Great Salt Lake, Utah, #53 - Old Pueblo - (Tucson AZ), #54 -
  Columbia-Pacific (Portland), #55 - Santa Clara Valley, #57 - San Antonio, #68 - Inland Empire- (Riverside, CA) #72 - Las
                                                Vegas, #80 - Oklahoma City.

  For the purpose of: Chapter Building; Quarterly Reports on Chapter Status; Discuss Membership Drives; Reports from the
  Northwest and Southwest Governors regarding National ASPE recent Board Meetings and general status of National ASPE.
The Friday Night Welcome Reception will be held at the GOVERNOR'S MANSION at the Hacienda Hotel and will introduce San
 Diego Members, guests, spouses, and sponsors to the Presidents and Representatives attending the meeting from the other
  Sponsors are welcome to attend and display their product or company information at the Friday reception, or make a 30-
minute Presentation at the lunch during the all-day Regional Business Meeting being held all day Saturday February 26, 2011.
                                  (However, only ASPE Members can attend the meeting.)

                          SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES
                             SOUTHWEST / NORTHWEST REGIONAL MEETING
                                        February 25, 2011 & February 26, 2011
                                        Hacienda Hotel in Old Town, San Diego

              WELCOME RECEPTION DRINKS & HORS D'OEUVRES …………………..                         SMARTBIDNET

                 CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST ……………………….………………...……………… $300.00

            CATERED LUNCH ……………………..….………………………………………….. CLARK PACIFIC


                 REGIONAL MEETING HANDOUTS …………………………….……………………. $300.00

                  SATURDAY HAPPY HOUR FOOD …………………………….……………………. $300.00

                              For Sponsorship Reservations, send payment to:
                                         Laura Jean Parker, CPE
                                      Treasurer, San Diego Chapter 4
                                                    3202 Via Arcilla
                                                 San Diego, CA 92111
                                    FAX to 619-278-6604 or Email to laurap@roel.com
                       Please make checks payable to: A.S.P.E. San Diego Chapter 4

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