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					Comparison of Energy Technologies
Technology                     Description               Brands available
Name of your technology here

                               Photovoltaic paint is
                               applied in four layers.
                               The undercoat and
                               overcoat sandwich the
                               two middle coats that
                               make the paint work: A
                               layer made of solar cells,
                               and another made of
                               titanium dioxide that
                               contains electrolytes.
                               The paint must be          Not yet on the market -
                               applied to a steel surface still being developed
Photovoltaic paint (Vanessa)   in order for it to work.   and researched

                               Solar systems work
                               when sunlight strikes a
                               solar photovoltaic
                               module and excites
                               electrons trapped in the
                               silicon solar cell. The
                               electrons travel through
                               wires on the back of the
                               solar panel and into your
                               house, to be used         Common Brands:
                               immediately or sent to    Sanyo, Kyocera, and
PV Panels (Anthony & Luke)     your electric utility.    Suntech
Efficiency                  Carbon footprint            Cost range               Tradeoffs

                                                                                 Very low efficiency
                                                                                 rate; between 10-14%
                                                                                 lower efficiency rate
                                                                                 than solar panels.
                                                                                 Scientists believe that
                                                                                 after research the
                                                                                 efficiency rate may be
Low efficiency - only       Low carbon footprint;                                able to be increased by
one percent of light that   only emissions are                                   10% or so, which along
hits the paint gets         those used to make the                               with its extreme
converted to energy.        paint cans/containers                                easiness to install
Research is being           and the paint itself,  Cheaper than solar            would make PV paint
conducted to make it        which requires energy panels, not yet on the         competitive with solar
more efficient              and materials.         market                        panels.

High efficiency at high     Solar panels have
temperatures. More          almost no carbon
output in high              footprint, the only thing
temperatures in the         is that the production of
summertime. Not as          the panels uses lots of     from $200 - $400 for a   Costs alot to install and
efficient in cloudy or      electricity and gases to    single panel produces    does not pay off for a
darker days in the          make as well as             around 200-250 Watts     long time (about 20
winter. Suntech cells       transportation of the       from Suntech. For        years time). Saves lots
are 15% efficient.          products, but               Sanyo the prices are     of electricity and does
Sanyo Cells are 20%. A      considering the actual      about the same           not use a natural gas
single panel produces       product use, it is close    ranging from $250 -      so it is alot lower on
around 200 Watts            to none.                    $400.                    carbon emissions.
Where to buy it Incentives, rebates, tax benefsits available

                         PV paint is cheaper than solar panels, and easier to
                         install in a home. Since PV paint is not yet on the
Not yet on the           market, rebates and tax benefits are unknown, but it is
market                   likely that they will emulate those of solar panels.

There are many
companies that will
install certain solar
panels for you. If you
want an installer
directly from the        Systems less than 30 kilowatts (kW) can receive an
Sanyo or Suntech         upfront incentive based on the expected performance
Company you can go       of the system. For 2011 the expected performance
onto the website and     based incentive is $2.42 per watt, but may be reduced
contact an installer     based on expected performance. The performance
directly from the        based incentive for systems installed in 2011 is $0.24
website.                 per kilowatt-hour (kWh).
Major selling point

Not only is PV paint cheaper and easier to install than
solar panels, it can be produced cheaply and in large

The Solar Panels when installed save lots of natural gas
burning and convert energy from sunlight and uses that
energy to power a certain part of a building or electronic
that it is hooked up to. It is really a great product
because we use lots of natural gases and we are trying
to move away from that era into more renewable energy
Building Envelope (Windows,
Insulation, Air Leakage)       DEG
Space Cooling                  BD, WCEC
Space Heating                  BD, DB
Water Heating                  JC, DEG
Lighting                       CLTC
Appliances & Plug Loads        Gwen Benner
Renewables (PV, Fuel Cell, CHP)GB