Human Rights by huanghengdong


									                                                                             Gerardo Galvan
                                                                                           SS 6-6
                                                                             March 12, 2012

                                     Human Rights
        The causes of this problem were because of physical appearance and position in society
problems with human rights. There have been problems not just here in the U.S. but around the
globe. More than 150 countries are involved in this issue. It affects the international community
by giving issues to them in their county. Human Rights affect many humans across the globe.

        The United Nations is involved be helping the problems in a lot of countries get solved. It
originally got involved after the atrocities of Nazi Germany called for greater clarity in defining
rights of the individual as contained in the United Nations Charter. The United Nations created a
comprehensive body of human rights law. The UN has also developed effective mechanisms to
protect human rights. Corporate Watch, Sierra Club, Project Underground and other groups are
involved in this too.

       Gabon is not that good involved because they only tried to help but they couldn’t.
Gabon’s position on Sustainable Development is that they have problems on ritualistic killings,
use of excessive force by the police, and harsh prison conditions with long detentions. The past
actions of Gabon on this are the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention which was established in
1991. The proposals for Gabon on Human Rights are a Human Rights Watch to help them.
                                                                             Gerardo Galvan
                                                                                          SS 6-6
                                                                             March 12, 2012

                               Sustainable Development
       The sustainability idea it emerged in a series of meetings and reports during the 1970s
and 1980s. This problem directly affects mostly on the US, China, and Russia. This does a lot of
damage to the international community by making their life harder because this is the future of
what will happen. Sustainable Development is very important because it is our basic needs.

        The United Nations is involved by trying to solve the Sustainable Development. The UN
originally became involved because of an idea that immerged during the 1970’s and the 1980’s.
A UN Conference on Environment and Development has been done in order to help
Sustainable Development. This involved with the International Union for the Conservation of
Nature, the UN Environment Program, and the World Wildlife Fund.

        Gabon has promoted the Sustainable Development Program to help Sustainable
Development. Gabon’s position on Sustainable Development is a problem on the timber
industry and the agriculture. The policy on this is that they will try to invest and improve the
Sustainable Development. The past actions of Gabon on this are the investments to solve the
Sustainable Development problems. The plans are to make a green sustainability program in
Gabon and that by 2025 it will become an emergent country.

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