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									Acne Scar
While the embarrassment of acne is mainly associated with the teenage years, the truth is bad skin
can have a negative effect on people whatever their age. It may be that acne is more worrying for the
younger generation as they are more likely to be concerned about the opinions of their peers, but
long after the stress filled school days are over, acne scarring can still be a cause of insecurity in
social interactions and also in the workplace. Getting rid of acne can be difficult, but usually with
time, and by using acne creams in conjunction with new technology such as blue light therapy and
thermal pulses the problem will go away.

The more difficult problem is when the acne causes scars that do not go away. Anybody who is
experiencing this issue has no doubt been searching for the best acne scarring reduction treatment
available. There are a lot of ways to remove acne scarring, let’s have a closer look at some of the
more common ones.

Laser treatments are a quick, efficient acne scar remover; however the acronym “LASER” seems to
scare some people off. Apart from that, laser treatments may also carry a higher cost than many are
able (or prepared) to pay.

Microdermabrasion and chemical peels may not offer quite the same level of results as laser
treatments, but they are nonetheless a commonly used method of treating acne scars.

Dermal filler injections can help cure the problem as well, but the problem with these (and many of
the other remedies) is that you may well have to get a few courses before you begin to see the

The availability of all of these treatments to you will be determined by several issues, including your
medical history, age, and the severity of the scarring itself.

Home based treatments are a very popular option for people who don't wish to spend the time or
money attempting to rectify the issue at the dermatologist’s office. While some of these may not be
as effective and can take longer to see results, many prefer them as they are less embarrassing than
having to talk the problems through with a stranger. Some of these home treatments include simply
eating fruits or vegetables that contain vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Pantothenic

One of the most effective at home solutions that you can buy to help remove scars is the Derma
Roller. This instrument is gently rolled over the skin and the tiny surgical steel needles embedded in
the roller painlessly open the skins’ pores to restart the body’s own healing process by producing
more collagen.(This also vastly increases the absorption of any creams and lotions). Best of all, it is
easy, quick and painless to use, relatively inexpensive and requires no lengthy recuperation period
or expensive repeat clinic visits.

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