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									                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

                                How To WIN
               The Billion Dollar
                AdSense Game

                                 Written by: Len Thurmond

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                1
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game


Every year Google pays people like us billions of dollars to place ads
on our websites. It’s called AdSense publishing, a new term.

Another new term has come into use. The “Fed Ex Club.” When your
payment for placing these ads amounts to $10,000.00 or more per
month, Google mails your check using one of the overnight services,
such as Fed Ex. And since Federal Express was the first one they
used, the name stuck.

The purpose of this report is to clear up the confusion about this type
of advertising and show you how to make it work…so YOU can profit
from it too!

The information contained in these pages is taken from my own
experience and the experiences of many colleagues who have had
similar findings in their Adsense publishing careers, over the last few

This is NOT to be taken as “Gospel” as quite frankly, there is no right
or wrong way to do it (beyond of course adhering to the Terms of
Service put forth by the Contextual Advertising Agencies (Google and
others) themselves! If you mess with them, they WILL shut you down!
So always pay close attention to their Rules and Regulations before
trying anything new.)

The name of the game is “experimenting.” So feel free to do so.

This report gives you the knowledge and the tools you need to be
creative in your campaigns, to test new ideas, and to find out what
works best for you.

Individualism is VERY important in this game, as the more people do
exactly the same thing, the less chance those things have of working.

They might work for a little while, but as more and more people use
the same techniques, they will become less and less effective.

So it’s important to be creative in your efforts!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                2
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

It should also be said that I make NO profit claims in this report. Your
results will be as varied as the efforts you put into your own systems,
the creativity you bring to the table, and how much research you do,
before jumping into the fire.

If you want this to work for you, you’ll need to become a student of
the Contextual Ad Industry, and then…

Form your own conclusions
Do your own Testing
Never give up; and above all…
Learn from what others do, but

If you do this, you have a very good chance of making a lot of money!

This a BILLION DOLLAR industry and this industry is here to stay.
People are making fortunes from these techniques, every single day.

But it is NOT a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme!

As with anything that’s worth doing, there is a learning curve, and
there IS work involved! You have to be dedicated, and patient, if you
wish to succeed in this game

And…If you want to STAY in the game, you need to keep on top of the
changes that take place. And you must always be ready to change
with them!

Follow the many forums that you can find by doing a search in Google
for Adsense Forums, also do searches for Adsense Articles, and signup
for Google Alerts and choose Adsense and Adwords to be alerted on.

(NOTE: Adsense and Adwords are two entirely different systems, but they
work off each other. So to be successful at Adsense, it’s important to know
what’s going on in the world of Adwords!)

And you can read some of the books that are out there as well. But be
careful and take them with a grain of salt. Always remember that the
purpose of your research is to enable you to form your OWN opinions,
NOT to adopt those of others.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                3
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

So read everything you can get a hold of, but listen to your inner self.
If it doesn’t make sense to you, forget about it!

About the only ebook I ever recommend, is Joel Comm’s book…

Joel is a smart guy, and won’t lead you wrong. He and I are on the
same page for the most part. And like me, his purpose is to give you
the information you need to form your own opinions and come up with
your own techniques!

Here’s to Your Success,

Len Thurmond

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                4
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

Maybe this will help…

As I have taken on more and more clients, coaching on the subject of
how to make money with contextual advertising, it has become more
and more apparent that many people are confused about the very idea
and basic theories of the subject.

In a nutshell, we make money from displaying Pay-per-Click ads on
our websites.

These ads are purchased through the various Contextual adverting
agencies such as Google Adwords, Overture, Chitika, SearchFeed,
7Search, and a number of other contextual advertising agencies.

These ad agencies then farm out their ads, and pay people like you
and me, for showing their ads on our sites, when someone clicks one
of the ads that we've posted. (Sort of like an affiliate program for ad
agencies ;o)

So, the name of the game is to build targeted sites where we can
display these contextual ads, and then drive targeted traffic to them,
through the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and
highly evolved software products.

(I know that sounds intimidating, but you need to understand that the
software products do MOST of the work for you. The rest is just
theory, and testing ideas that you'll get as you become more and more
involved with those theories.)

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                5
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

While most of these ad brokers operate pretty much in the same
manner, I'll confine my tutorial here, to Google, as it's by far the
largest and most successful of the bunch, and therefore is the one
most of us concentrate our efforts on (however, it should be said that
Yahoo is coming on strong, trying to give Google a run for their
money. And MSN will probably be joining the "Contextual Ad Wars"

Google sells ad space (called Adwords) to hundreds of thousands of
advertisers, who bid for position on their Google search engine pages.

When you do a search at Google, the search engine returns what it
considers to be the most relevant sites in their databases, for the
search term you entered. These results (called SERPs for Search
Engine Results Pages) are displayed on the left side of the pages
returned, and are ranked by a very complicated set of algorithms that
decides whose webpages get shown, and in what order they get

The only control anyone has over that process, is in optimizing their
webpages (and various other techniques such as working to get links
to your webpages, on other people's sites of related subject matter),
to try and gain a better position and therefore an advantage over their

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                6
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

competition, by getting a higher ranking in the pecking order of which
pages are shown first.

Since the pages generally show only 10 results per page, and since
most searchers don't go much beyond the first couple of pages, when
looking for the answer to their quest, it's important to try and get your
webpages shown in the top 20 results (and preferably in the top 10, to
get placed on the first results page).

If you can accomplish this, the search engines will send you boatloads
of free traffic. And TRAFFIC is the name of the game in any marketing

It doesn’t matter how high or low your conversion rate is, the higher
the number of visitors, the more conversions you will have.

Of course, you should also work toward getting the highest conversion
rate possible.

So, by maximizing your conversion rate and the number of visitors,
you get the best possible results.

The Google Adwords advertising works differently from the Search
Engine Standard Results, in that the advertisers pay Google to show
their ads on related search results pages (pages targeted to the people
who, through their searches, have identified themselves as being
interested in the subject of the ads Google then places on those
pages). And those ads are shown in the order of the highest bidder.

While the free results are always displayed on the left side of the
results pages, the paid ads (Adwords Ads) are displayed in a row on
the right side of the pages (arranged from the highest bidder to the
lowest, over as many pages as it takes to show all the ads that qualify
for that particular search, and then they start again, throughout the
results pages of that particular search).

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                7
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

Everytime someone clicks on any of these Adword ads, Google gets
paid for showing them. If no one clicks on them, Google gets nothing
for its efforts.

This is Google's main source of income, and the main reason it has a
free search engine in the first place.

So, to augment this incredibly lucrative business, Google developed
another system that is capable of reading the pages these ads are
placed on, and instantly figuring out what that page is all about. It
then instantly sends the most relevant ads it can find, to be displayed
on that page, giving the visitor a choice of options pertaining to the
subject they were interested in.

In other words, it targets the ads automatically to the subject your
visitors are looking for. And if those highly targeted visitors click on
one of those get paid!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                8
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

For instance, if the Google script is put on a page that is about real
estate (see above), each time the page is called up by a visitor, the
script will scan the page, decide what the page is about, and then
place Google Adwords ads on that page.

These ads pertain to some product or service that Google’s Real Estate
advertisers are paying them to show. And if a visitor who comes to
that site clicks on any of those ads, the owner of that site gets paid a
share of the commission that Google gets paid by the advertiser.

All that in the blink of an eye! It really is an ingenious system if you
think about it. Google is getting US to show their Adwords Ads for
them, on our sites, and then sending traffic to those pages when
someone does a search that matches the subject of our page!

And…They’re making BILLIONS of dollars a year from their advertisers!
(In fact, it was stated by Google recently, that they paid "OUT" over a
Billion Dollars to people like you and me last year alone, for showing
their Adwords Ads on our sites! So you can only imagine what they
made from it, since they only pay us a very small amount of their

Now...When we show these Adword ads on our own sites, they're
called...Adsense Ads. And this is what all the Adsense whoopla you've
been hearing is all about. There are people (A LOT of People) who are
making well into the 6 figure range each year, doing NOTHING but
building sites to show Adsense Ads. It has become one of the most

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                9
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

lucrative and successful ways to make money in the Internet industry

And, while I have always maintained that there is no such thing as a
"Get Rich Quick" scheme that actually works, Adsense is the closest
thing to it, that I believe we will ever see!

I want to stress that it is NOT an overnight wealth system. But if you
do your homework, work at it hard, and put the time into it that is
necessary to make it profitable, it's entirely possible to start making
thousands of dollars a month in a very short time (about 3 to 6

You have to understand from the beginning that Adsense is a numbers
game. The more sites you put up, the more money you'll make. But
you have to keep in mind that it usually takes a few months to start
seeing those profits roll in, as it takes time for your sites to get listed,
and even more time for them to climb the rankings.

But if you build them properly (and that is the key), they will continue
to do better and better as time goes on. They won't last forever! But
they can certainly last a year or two, if you build them right. And the
longer they stay listed, the higher they will rank, and therefore the
more they will be shown, and consequently, the more you will make.

This is due to the way in which the search engines look at the ranking
systems they use.

A couple of the key things they look at is how many people visit a
page, and how many outside sites and pages are linking to your site.
So, if your site is worthwhile, the longer it stays up, the more people
will come to it, and consequently the more people will link to your

So in general...the longer it stays listed, the better it will do.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                10
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

TWO Schools of Thought…

There are basically 2 schools of thought on how to build Adsense

One says to build as many as you can, as quickly as you can, building
them with nothing but built in optimizations done by the software
products you use, which are all designed to get a high ranking quickly.

And while these pages MAY get listed quickly and make money fast...

Because of the fact that they have little or no useful content on them,
the Search engines have labeled them as "Spam" pages and are
actively on a constant "Search and Destroy" mission at all times.

They are constantly changing what their "Robots" are looking for, in
order to find and "De-List" (get rid of) these undesirable "Spam"

Robots are the Software Scripts the Search Engines use to find and
rank the pages that they eventually place in (or remove from) their
databases. These scripts use Mathematical Algorithms to search out
many things, and consequently, there are many types of robots. And
not all of them hit your pages at the same time. Therefore, it can take
them some time to find these "Spam" pages and get rid of them. So
for the short period of time they are listed, they can do quite well.

This school of thought is one of cranking out these Spam sites to stay
ahead of the "De-Listings". And frankly, you can make a lot of money
quickly with this technique. But you have to continually build new sites
to replace the ones you lose, or you'll eventually lose your income all

(SIDE NOTE: I have watched as countless people went from 5 figures a
month to nothing, overnight, and had to start all over again. Simply because
the Search Engines found a way to ferret out their sites and get rid of them,

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                11
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

all at once, by searching for some little "Footprint" that all those sites had in
common. In fact it's happened to me!)

This whole school of thought is basically a method of trying to fool the
search engines into showing your pages so that you can display your
Adsense ads to the targeted audience they send you. And since there
is little if anything of use on those pages, the click through rates (the
percentage of people visiting your pages vs. those who click on the
Adsense Ads) are very high, because there is laterally nothing else of
use to the visitor on the page.

There are a number of people who have been successfully making a
living this way for a couple of years now, but they are all avid students
of the search engine industry, constantly looking for a clue as to what
the SEs are searching for next, and trying to always stay one step
ahead of them with every new site they produce.

The very nature of this system is one that will always come tumbling
down eventually.

You have to keep in mind that they're trying to fool some of the
smartest people on the planet. And if those people don't like what
you're doing, they WILL find a way to shut you down!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                   12
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

The Other Way…

The second school of thought is to "Stop trying to fool them, and just
give them what they are looking for". Which means, give them sites
that they can be proud to send their customers to.

In other words...If they send a customer who does a search on a
specific subject, to one of your pages, and that customer is happy they
found you, then the Search Engines Are happy too!

So they will continue to send people to your sites, for as long as it
makes their customers happy, and makes them look good ;o)

Think about it, the Search engines make money from selling
Advertising. And the only way they can sell that advertising is if people
use their system to search for whatever they are looking for.

But if their search engines are full of nothing but useless, garbage, and
"Spam" pages, pretty soon, no one will use their service, and then
they won't be able to sell their advertising to anyone!

So they walk a tightrope between their profit and their service.

On the one hand, they would LOVE to be able to let us build these
‘Spam’ sites that are designed to get massive Click Through Rate on
Adsense ads, because3 everytime someone clicks on one of those ads,
they get paid.

But they can’t allow it, because if we stuff their databases full of these
useless pages, pretty soon they’ll have no Advertisers ads to supply us

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                13
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

So listing sites that are worth while has, by necessity, become their
number one priority. And if you build these types of sites, they will
reward you by sending boatloads of traffic!

But building these kind of useful content rich sites can be (And usually
is) very time consuming. You have to do a lot of research, a lot of
writing and use a lot of creativity to make these types of sites
worthwhile. And trust me… that can be exhausting.

And even worse… it can take a LONG time to build them, and a lot of
time maintaining them, and making changes to them, to keep them in
the good graces of the Search Engines.

The Search Engines LIKE change. So if you’re going to build sites like
this by hand, you need ot be able and willing to spend the time
updating them on a regular basis, so they don’t get “Stale”.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                14
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

But my methods are somewhere in the middle.

While I firmly believe that you need to "Appease the Search Engine
Gods", I am personally inherently lazy! I mean really…If I wanted to
work, I'd get a "REAL" job ;o)

But I also believe there is a middle ground, where we can build sites,
primarily through the use of various software tools, that the Search
Engines will still accept as viable, valuable and useful websites. These
tools are designed to emulate what a Human would do, as closely as
possible. And these are the types of websites I teach my clients to
build, and highly recommend to you.

They take a little longer to put together than the "Spam" sites
mentioned in the first school of thought, but not nearly as long as
building a site one page at a time by hand, and writing all the material
for those pages yourself (or paying someone else to do it).

And they can last a long time, if you set them up right and continue to
take care of them, and update them regularly, so the Search Engines
can see you’re actively working on them, and not just tossing them up
and walking away.

So, what we’re talking about is automating the process of building
worthwhile Content Rich Sites as much as possible.

But even here, there is trouble in Paradise!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                15
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

The first thing you need to understand, is that creating a site that is
chocked full of great articles and useful information that the visitor will
love, also badly dilutes the keyword density of your pages, and
therefore doesn't get a high enough ranking to get them shown very

Keyword density does not play as big a role as it used to, but it is still
important. It is STILL the primary way that the search engines figure
out what your page is all about. If they can’t figure out what the page
is about, they won’t know where to categorize you.

And if you’re using Adsense to monetize your pages, it’s IMERPATIVE
that they are able to figure out the subject of your site, so they will
know what Adsense ads to serve up to each of your pages. (if the
Adsense ads are not targeted to your visitors, they will never click on

So keyword density and keyword placement DOES still play an
important part in the over all scheme of things, and there is a fine line
between too much content, and not enough!

Too much content, and you lose your ranking and no one sees your
pages, while too little puts you back in the realm of the "Spam" sites,
and you'll eventually get "De-Listed" completely!

(SIDE NOTE: De-Listing is the kiss of death! As long as you have at least one
page listed on a search engine, you can always make a comeback by
tweaking them and trying new techniques. But once you've been completely
'De-Listed’, you can just forget that domain ever existed. It's very rare for a
domain to ever come back from being completely De-Listed!)

But you can’t get “De-Listed” until you GET listed.

So the big question is “How do you get your sites listed in the first

And the answer is…You need inbound links!

In other words, you need to get other sites to suggest your site to
their readers by putting hyperlinks on their sites that lead to yours.
And this can be a VERY difficult and time consuming task!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                 16
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

Another Piece of the Puzzle!

One of the latest new phenomenons to hit the web is the popularity of

The Search Engines Absolutely LOVE Blogs! Blogs are very targeted,
information sites that change their content on a regular basis, and
archive all the old posts. (The one thing Search Engines like more than
relevant content is regularly changing Relevant content!)

So now, visitors can constantly get new information on the subjects
they're interested in, while also being able to read the "Back" posts in
the archives, for more relevant information.

And by the very nature of these "Blogs" your site is constantly growing
with every post, as each former post is moved from the main page into
the Archive folder, to be replaced with the new one!

If optimized and Pinged properly ( Automatically submitted to the right
Blog and RSS directories with each new post), Blogs can also rank
quite well in the Search Engines, and actually be shown on a regular
basis to people typing in searches that match the information on your

Plus, since most blogs have RSS feeds attached to them, you'll find
links to them popping up all over the place, on related sites whose
owners picked up those feeds for quick easy content for their sites.

And this helps to solve the problem I mentioned above on how to get
inbound links pointing towards your site.

In other words, if you have a site on Real Estate, and it's a BLOG site,
then you can set up the article content on your site to be used by
others, by letting them grab the RSS feed that is part of your blog,
and adding that content to their sites automatically, through software
products called Aggregators.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                17
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

And since your RSS feeds will include links to your site, you end up
with inbound links from outside related sites (the one thing the Search
Engines consider most important).

Plus by putting links to your relevant sites that you wish to get listed,
on your blogs that are on different domains, you are creating an
inbound linking structure of your own!

(SIDE NOTE: The Search Engines don’t know that these other blogs also
belong to you unless you tell them. So they see them as inbound links from
other related sites!

And therefore, if you create a group of Blogs on the same basic subject and
put links ot your main site on all of them, you create a group of Inbound
Links to help get you listed and ranked.)

And all of this is done automatically by your blog (if you set it up
properly), so you really don't have to do anything but publish it on a
regular basis.

So, as you might guess, we use Multiple Blogs for many reasons in our
Adsense Campaigns.

1. We use them to create inbound links to our Adsense sites.

2. We use them to display adsense ads themselves, and

3. We use them as the Home page for our adsense sites as well to
establish those sites as “Blogging” sites.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                18
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

That last example is very important!

By setting up a targeted Blog as your home page (with GOOD relevant
and useful information that's updated on a regular basis), your site
becomes a BLOG site. And as we already stated, the Search Engines
Love Good Blogs!

But another interesting thing happens here as well...

By linking to a sub folder of what would have normally been seen as
"Spam" pages (as they don't have much else on them other than
keyword specific Search Engine Results), these "Spam" pages are
suddenly seen as "Resources" to the blog, and are therefore given
more credence as worthwhile Resources to a specific area of interest
within the subject of your blog.

For Instance, Going back to the same Real Estate example...

If your home page is set up as a blog that is constantly giving good
and useful information to people interested in Real Estate, and you
have links on that blog to pages of relevant interest such a link to a
page about 'North Carolina Real Estate', you can see how the Search
Engines might see this as useful to their customers who are specifically
interested in finding more information about 'North Carolina Real

And, if a person is on your Blog page, and clicks on the link to the
North Carolina Real Estate page, it's likely that they are looking for
resources on Real Estate in North Carolina. So the very fact that your
blog is the home page, gives credence to the Resource pages in the
background ;o)

And if you further spice up those pages with a little relevant content
and possibly a Product offer pertaining to the subject at hand, you
suddenly have a good chance at getting those pages listed and shown

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                19
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

to people who type in the keyword phrase that those pages are
individually optimized for (in this case North Carolina Real Estate).

This has proven to be a very effective means of getting sets of
Keyword Specific Pages listed and shown by the Search Engines, and
as long as the content on your blogs and pages updates regularly, they
should continue to have a long shelf life.

And as stated before, generally, the longer they stay listed, the more
profitable they will become.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                20
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

The Goal…

With each of our Adsense sites, we're shooting for an average of 2 to 5
dollars a day per site. And although it's not unusual to see some make
MUCH more than that (even into the hundreds of dollars a day), while
others may only make a few cents a day, and even other may never
make a dime…we’re talking averages here!

So you can see that it's still a numbers game, regardless of which
school of thought you adhere to. The more sites you have up, the
more money you will make.

So DON’T get too hung up on how much an individual site makes. It’s
all about the averages. If you consistently make new sites, you WILL
have some winners, and some losers. But keep in mind if you don’t
continue to make sites, you’ll NEVER find those winners!

So, while we’re talking about site earnings below, keep in mind that
we are talking about averages of a LOT of sites, and the numbers we
are throwing out are just to make it easier to explain the issues at
hand. They should NOT be taken literally.

(SIDE NOTE: It should also be said that the more sites you have, the more
accurate your averages will be. You could put up 20 sites that barely make
you 3 bucks a day, and then put up one that makes 50 bucks a day before
your averages start settling down into where they should be.

On the other hand, you MIGHT hit that winner on the fist site you put up.
You just never know!

So you have to always keep in mind that if you put up those first 20 sites
and then give up because you’re only making 3 bucks a day, you’ll NEVER
get to the pot of gold at the end of the Adsense Rainbow!

The name of the game here is FAITH and PERSISITENCE!

Keep putting up sites, and never look back! If you put up enough sites,
even complete garbage sites, you will eventually make a LOT of money.)

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                21
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

For the sake of argument, let’s say you have one site making 3 bucks
a day.

You're probably not going to go out and buy that new car you've
always wanted. I mean really, Three bucks a day won't even buy you
lunch, so it's hard to get too excited about it, isn't it?

But if that's what you're thinking, you're looking at it this whole thing
the wrong way!

If you create a site every night, before you go to bed (easily doable
with the right tools), then at the end of a week, you'll have 7 sites.

And, if these sites “AVERAGED” $3 a day it probably still wouldn’t be
enough to get too excited about, but certainly enough to pay for your
lunch and probably your gas too.

But let’s say you continue to build one site a day for a month.

At the end of that month you'll have 30 sites that, or about $90 a day
(more than a LOT of people make in a day).

And you have to remember we're talking about 7 days a week, not
five, so you're looking at $630 a week, or $2700 a month! That’s
32,000 a year!

NOW let’s say you continue to create one site a day for three months.
At an average of $3 a day, we're looking at a daily income of $270 a
day, or $8100 a month, or Almost $100,000 a year! NOW, it's starting
to get exciting...right?

And how about doing it for 6 months? That's $540 a day, $16,200 a
month, or $197,100 a year. And that will buy you one HELL of a lunch
everyday, PLUS that new car you've always wanted!

Now the truth is, you may need to build hundreds of sites to get the
averages we’re talking about here (or you might achieve it with far
fewer sites. You just never know.

As stated above, this IS a numbers game, and the more sites you
have the more accurate your averages will be.

But they ARE realistic numbers! And thousands of people are achieving
these types of averages every day!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                22
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

Your Success Depend On You…

It really all depends on how hard you're willing to work at it, how long
you're willing to persevere and believe (even though it may take some
time to see the profits), and how well you listen to those who know
what they're talking about, and become a student of the industry, so
you can always stay on top of what works and what doesn't. (Because
the truth is, it changes regularly, and you need to change with it, and
to stay informed so you can build your sites accordingly.)

In the end, the question you have to answer becomes, is it worth it to
you to spend a few hours a day to stay on top of things, and to do the
necessary research to build another site or two every day, to make
THAT kind of money and more?

There is NO Such Thing as a Get Rich Quick Scheme that works! So it
really all depends on you!

How badly do you want it? Are you willing to put aside your fun and
leisure for a little while, to be able to have it ALL the time later on.

It will require work and commitment! But it works 100% of the time
for those who believe in themselves and refuse to give up, and are
willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want!

There is no question that this contextual advertising thing is here to
stay! Oh, it will change (it's gone through a number of major changes
in the short years since its creation.) But it WILL be around in one
form or another for MANY MANY years to come. There's just too much
profit in it, for the powers that be, to let it go away!

And as long as it's profitable for them to let us do their advertising for
them in one form or another, I assure you, they'll continue to do so!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                23
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

And there is no question that there is a LOT of money in it for you and

As stated at the beginning of this tutorial, Google paid out over a
BILLION Dollars last year alone to Adsense Publishers. And this year
it’s expected to increase dramatically!

So as long as we play the game by their rules, they will continue to
give us a small piece of the pie (small by their standards. Personally I
consider a Billion Dollars a pretty big slice of pie!)

So it all comes down to you!

Are you willing to become a student of the industry and work at it hard
enough to grab YOUR slice of the pie.

Or will you continue to stand on the sidelines watching as those
around you get rich, while continuing to tell everyone how this is just a
fad and will soon pass?

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                24
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game


I've spent the last few years studying and perfecting systems to make
this Adsense thing work. And I have finally come up with the ultimate
system in Adsense technology.

I have been privileged to know and be privy to the testing results of a
number of the people who started this whole Adsense Revolution, and
have therefore been involved since the beginning.

I've seen a lot of systems come and go, and that's the point...they
come...AND THEY GO! Because they are all bent on FOOLING the
Search Engines, instead of recommending their sites to their

About two years ago, I had built a nice little Adsense business only to
see it come crashing down, because I, like everyone else, was trying
to fool the Search Engines into showing my pages. And until it became
widely known how we were doing it, those techniques worked like a

But once John Q. Public got wind of what was going on, the Search
Engines started getting literally flooded with the useless Spam pages
we were creating.

And it wasn't too long before they were forced to devise ways of
ferreting out and systematically deleting our garbage from their
databases, before we inadvertently killed the golden goose!

And I, along with many of others I personally know (and thousands
that I didn't), watched as our very profitable little Adsense based
businesses disappeared, almost overnight!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                25
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

But while all my friends were busy trying to figure out the next stealth
method to fool the search engines, I had an epiphany, and came to
the sudden realization that it was foolish to keep beating ours heads
against that wall, when all we really had to do, was figure out what it
was the Search Engines wanted from us...and GIVE IT TO THEM!

Here we were trying to fool the brightest people on the planet into
doing OUR bidding, when they were offering to give us the Keys to the
kingdom, if we’d “Just Play Nice”!

Now I’m not the sharpest tack in the shed! But it just seemed to me
that since it was their ball, I was gonna have to play by their rules, if I
wanted to play at all!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                26
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

I mean, think about it.

It is DEFINATELY to Google's advantage for us to sell their Adsense
ads. They make money everytime we get someone to click on one of
their ads.

But at the same time, they have to be VERY sensitive to the content of
their search engines as well, since that’s what brings in the customers
that are clicking on their ads in the first place.

So…They are literally caught in their own "Catch 22".

On one hand they desperately want us to show their ads, but on the
other, if they let us continued to go down the road we were on, they'd
be ruined!

If people can’t find what they’re searching for (because we’ve filled up
their data bases with useless garbage, then they will stop using that
search engine.

And then, the advertisers will stop buying ad space, and we’ll have no
Adsense ads to show on our sites.

So you see, they are caught in a real dilemma.

They wanted us to build sites where we could display their ads, but
only if these sites are worthwhile when standing on their own.

And the sites that most Adsense publishers are building just don’t even
come close to fitting into that category.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                27
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

So What Was The Answer?

I looked long and hard at the situation and realized all they really
wanted was for their customers to be happy when they sent them to a
results page. And that meant having a database of worthwhile
websites to send them to!

So I started designing and building adsense based websites that I
thought they would be happy with. Sites that had good relevant
information pertaining to the subject they were optimized for.

I found, wrote, or bought content for the sites I was building, and
started putting that content on them by hand in an attempt to make
them content rich enough to keep everyone happy.

And the Search Engines started sending traffic to them.

And those sites actually started making some money again!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                28
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

The Problem

But there were a number of problems involved...

1) They took WAY too long to build and maintain,

2) While they were getting listed and staying listed longer, they were
NOT getting the traffic I wanted from them.

By building sites that had good relevant content on them, I was also
diluting the Keyword Density that the software products I was using to
build those site, were designed to build into them.

Therefore though my sites WERE getting traffic, they were not ranked
high enough to be in the public’s eye and get the traffic they needed to
be truly successful.

So I had to figure a way to give them the content they wanted,
without screwing up my optimization.

                      AND… since I’m an inherently Lazy person to start with,
                      I had to also find a way to automate that system so
                      that I could end up doing as little work as I could
                      possibly get away with!

                      Now don’t get me wrong, in order to be successful at
                      ANYTHING, you have to work at it.

But as a lazy person, my goal is to always be able to do something
once and then forget about it, having it bring in an income consistently
for a long period of time.

That way, I can spend my time building new income streams, to add
to the ones I already have, instead of constantly having to spend my
time maintaining the current ones and playing catch-up with the

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                29
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

search engines, to replace the ones they’ve De-Listed, as they
constantly, and continually change their algorithms to find and destroy
the “Stealth” type pages everyone else is trying to fool them with.


In my quest to create this perfect system, I started systematically
creating all the “Pieces of the Puzzle”, one at a time, with an eye on an
entire solution in the end.

Now understand that I created these products for myself out of need,
so they’re not just some crazy ideas that were developed to dupe the
public, or make a buck by selling them.

Well, I guess they WERE just crazy ideas in the beginning, and
truthfully, some of them panned out while some of them didn’t. But
they were ideas I tested by HAND, to prove my theories, before
moving on to create an automated solution from the results of my
tests, out of necessity, due to my own pure laziness.

And in fact, it should be noted that I seriously considered not making
them public at all, since whenever someone releases a new idea, and it
becomes popular, it ceases to work in short order.

But since I had built them to be very versatile and customizable
(again, out of need), allowing me to change MY techniques along with
the Search Engines changes, I realized that anyone who used their
imagination and continued to test new techniques for using these
products, would always have the tools they needed to be successful.

Because THAT my friend, is the true key to success in this business.

You need to be different and not follow the crowd.

And having used just about every other industry specific piece of
software out there, I knew that THAT was their universally biggest

They created systems to CLONE what they had found to work. And this
was their ultimate “Kiss of Death”.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                30
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

These products produced millions of pages that had obvious footprints
that could easily be looked for by the search engines.

And even if though some people are creating worthwhile sites with
these software products, there will always be enough people abusing
them, to catch the Search Engine’s attention.

And unfortunately, when the Search Engines start looking to delete
Garbage sites with these footprints in them, they don’t know, or care,
if yours was a good one that just got caught in the shuffle, or if ours
was in fact a garbage site like the ones they were looking for.

They just delete them all!

So…since I am in this business to stay, I created my products with an
eye to always be able to change with the industry. It’s why my
products have survived through the years, while so many others have
gone the way of the Dinosaur. (That and the fact that I am constantly
upgrading those products to better suit the needs of the industry, as I
find those needs necessary)

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                31
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game


The following is the process I use to create a profitable adsense site,
and an explanation of the tools I created to make that possible.

Remember…No matter what industry you work in, you’ll never be any more
effective than the tools you use!

Would you try to build a house with a pocket knife and a ball peen hammer?

Of Course Not!

So why would you even consider building a business without the proper

First you need to pick a subject to build and optimize a site around
(these targeted sites are called “Niche Sites)

You can do this in many ways, including just opening your eyes and
looking around you, with an open mind towards what people might be
interested in finding out about.

For instance, just sitting here in my office as I type this, I can look
around and pick out dozens of possibilities…

Universal Gyms
Office Furniture
Executive Desks
Desk chairs
Floor Coverings
Picture Framing
Cowboy Hats

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                32
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

Sound Systems
Book Shelves
Lighting Fixtures
Window Coverings

And that’s without even leaving my chair, as I type this tutorial. Think
how many things you can come up with, once you start thinking in
those terms, with an eye for the possibilities of what others, might be
interested in finding out more about!

And don’t discount ANYTHING that you might think of. You’d be
surprised how many seemingly unlikely subjects there are, that can
make you a LOT of money!

Of course, you’ll need to do your due diligence and investigate each of
the niches you come up with, to make sure they are actually worth
your while.

You need to make sure that enough people are actually searching on
these subjects and that there are enough people advertising with
Adwords ads on those subjects, so you can monetize your pages.

But I think you’ll be amazed how many of them actually ARE worth
pursuing! People are searching the net for an amazing number of
subjects. And as long as there is traffic for those subjects, there will be
those who are creating and advertising, products and services for

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                33
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

As you can see in the screen shot above, there were literally MILLIONS
of searches in the last 30 days or so, for each of the niches I picked
‘out of my hat’, while just sitting here in my office!

And each of these terms ALSO have a significant adwords presence as
well, making each of them viable niches to build Adsense sites on ;o)

(SIDE NOTE: If you’re wondering where I got those figures in that screen
shot…They came from an incredible new research tool you’ll find at . As you can see from the screen
shot, this amazing new product even tells you who your competition is, for
each of the keyword terms. And this is just one of FIVE different types of
research this product does for you. I Highly Recommend this Software!)

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                34
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game


You need to do your keyword research.

Through the use of various software products or services, Such as…

Keyword Elite
Word Tracker
The Dowser

(SIDE NOTE: Just do a search at Google for “keyword research tools” and
you’ll find thousands of scripts, services and software products designed to
make your Keyword Research easy. The pricing for these services and
products can vary tremendously, from Free to Outrageous. Just remember,
as in most things…you get what you pay for ;o)

You then take the niche you settled on and use these tools to create a
list of search terms that people actually typed into the search engines
(during the previous month), to find information pertaining to that
niche. And most of these tools will tell you exactly how many searches
were made for each term.

And in general, if you pick a good subject, and do repeated searches
on related terms, you can easily come up with a list of a thousand or
more actually searched on keyword phrases.

For Instance…

Using the first term in my above example of niches I came up with
from my office chair…”Treadmill”, here is a partial list one such
software products returned…

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                35
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

And by then searching on each of those terms as well, you can easily
come up with a HUGE list of ‘Actually Searched on’ keyword phrases to
work with.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                36
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

(SIDE NOTE: The above results were obtained through the use of my own
proprietary Keyword Research tool that is only available as a free bonus to
my Sitebuilder Members. It’s an incredibly efficient research tool designed
to be used flawlessly with my system, and is capable of building sub-niche
groups of your main keyword, and saving those Groups to individual text
files. And although it would be very useful for ANY page creation system, it
is not for sale to the general public!)

But it should be said here that although there are techniques that
allow you to use thousands of keyword phrases on one domain
relatively effectively, the search engines tend to frown on HUGE sites
that build pages on thousands of terms.

So, it is usually better to cull down your list of keyword terms to the
top 100 to 500 or so terms, and build your site on those.

If your niche is one that has thousands of really good keyword terms,
and you can break them down into categories of much smaller list
sizes, it would be advisable to do so and then either build a set of
satellite sites that revolve around a main “HUB” site, or use a set of
“Sub-Folders” from within the same site.

(SIDE NOTE: While Sub-Domains do work, it is far better to always have a
bunch of totally different domains. That way you can have them linking to
each creating an inbound linking system, from outside domains, always
making sure that the links from one site to the other are “ONE WAY” links,
and do not link back to the site that linked to it, and then having ALL the
satellite domains linking to the main “Hub” site. This will greatly enhance
the performance of the main site, which obviously will be built on the top
paying and searched on terms for your niche ;o)

After gathering your list, you simply go through it and edit it, taking
out duplicates and offensive terms. (Be sure to remove everything
remotely related to gambling, sex, racism, etc. The search Engines
have been known to trash whole sites, for not taking the time to edit
their lists properly.)

And when you’re satisfied with the results of your list, you’re ready to
put it to use and build your site

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                37
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

OK Fine! But HOW do I do all this?

All Page     Creation products out there that work, are designed to take
that list    of keyword phrases we obtained through our research, and
through      the means of custom templates, create a separate webpage
for each     of those keyword phrases in that list.

Let me explain...

These template based software products work by a set of product
specific “Tokens” (small blocks of codes), that we place on the
templates before running them through the software. These tokens
allow us to use different SEO techniques on the pages wherever the
tokens are placed.

And since these templates are nothing more than simple webpages,
where the content has been replaced by the tokens, we can build the
templates ourselves in any html editor (like Microsoft FrontPage), and
are therefore able to make them look anyway we wish them to look.

"Tokens" are simply “Place Holders” in the templates that the software
reads to know what to insert into that spot.

The tokens for each individual software application are proprietary to
that individual piece of software, and will not work in any others
(unless the programmers inadvertently created identical tokens in
more than one software app).

There are Many different tokens that are used in many different
software products, and may include such things as a “Keyword” token
(which, depending on the software it’s used in, might look something
like this - %keyword% or this {KEYWORD}).

Wherever this token is placed on the template, the software will
replace it with the keyword phrase that each keyword specific page is
based on.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                38
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

There are also various types of Link tokens, which create a linking
system to all the other pages in various formats, depending on the
software product you are using... and several other Tokens designed
to insert different little SEO techniques into your webpages when run
through the software.

(NOTE: Many people have made the mistake of thinking they can put these
software tokens on webpages and upload them to their domains, and have
the content magically appear on the pages when someone visits them. But
Application specific tokens ONLY work when run through the software they
were designed to be used in, during the creation of the pages.)

But the most common token (and one that ALL the various software
products have one for) is the SERPs token.

This token causes the software to go out and query the search engines
to pull in keyword specific Search Engine Results (like those you'd see
on a Google search page) for each keyword specific page individually,
and place them on each appropriate page wherever the SERPs token
was placed.

This is the an important Token, because this is one of the primary
sources of Keyword Density that identifies the page to the Search
Engine Robots as being a page about that particular keyword phrase.

That said, you can see how I was destroying the keyword density by
putting articles on those pages!

If a page created by the software had the keyword phrase at say 5 to
10% percent of the total words on the page (a bit high for good
optimization, but about average for most of these software page
creation products), and I add a 1000 word article that is not likely to
contain the keyword more than a few times, you can see how adding
that much 'keywordless' content would dilute the density that the
software provided.

And since keyword density is still one of the major factors in getting
listed for a specific keyword phrase in the search engines, it was
hurting my rankings and causing my pages not to get shown
prominently enough to be profitable.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                39
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

SIDE NOTE: Optimally, you want to get listed on the first page of the search
engine results for each term, in order to get the traffic that you need to
make each page profitable. But you should also be aware that it is not
generally realistic to get that kind of ranking for every page you create, and
the best you can hope for is to get a few of your pages ranking that highly.
That’s why we create pages on so many different terms. Some will rank
higher and others (due to the competition) will not.

And it is usually the lesser terms that end up paying you the most money!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                 40
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game


About the same time I was trying to work out that problem, I also
started replacing the content of my pages on a regular basis.

I knew that about the only thing the Search Engines loved more than
good relevant content was good relevant content that periodically
changed. In short, they LOVE fresh content, which as I previously
stated is why they love Blogs.

I had worked out a PHP include system (PHP is a simple programming
language that executes on the server level, BEFORE the pages are
served up to the browsers or Search Engine Robots) which made it
possible for me to replace the article in one text file on my domain, in
order to instantly update all my pages that contained the php include
code, with new data.

But…there where obvious problems with that as well.

It was much easier than replacing each article on each page by hand,
or remaking and re-uploading all of them, but is was still VERY time
consuming to update a Bunch of sites on a regular basis, and even
worse… all the pages had the same article on them (not a good thing).

So I contacted a programmer and Traffic on Steroids was born!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                41
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game


TOS (Traffic on Steroids) is a software script that allows you to upload
an infinite number of articles (or graphics, or scripts, or text, or any
other kind of data) to a central database, and then set the program to
change out that data on all the webpages the TOS script is on, on a
customizable schedule that you preset in the software.

But more importantly, it will place different articles (or data files) on
each page, so that they are not all the same! And you can put as
many "Rotators" (sets of Data Files to change out) on a page as you
like, and have them change on entirely different schedules, giving you
an infinite amount of different data inclusions, on sites containing a
huge number of pages.

(EXAMPLE: With 3 or more sets of data rotating at random on different
schedules across all your pages, the chances of there ever being one page
that is identical to another, is slim to none. Even if that set of pages is

This solved a huge time problem, as once set, you could literally forget
it for as long as you like.

TOS worked like a charm, and since it is virtually undetectable, leaving
no footprints whatsoever, I decided to release it to the public.

(SIDENOTE: As mentioned earlier, TOS is a PHP script. And PHP, as opposed
to some other scripting languages such as JavaScript, is executed when a

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                42
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

page is called, BEFORE it is delivered to the browser of the person who
typed in the URL of that page.

What this means is that by the time anyone sees the page (including the
Search Engine Spiders), there is NO script for them to see, as it has already
been replaced with whatever the script is designed to replace it with,
BEFORE it is delivered!

This is one of the primary advantages of using PHP scripts over many other
programming languages.)

Traffic on Steroids was an INSTANT success!

And today, less than two years later there are literally tens of
thousands of websites being updated regularly with fresh data,
through the use of Traffic on Steroids.

But as usual, TOS created yet another problem, which was where do
you get all that data to rotate! And I still had the problem of over-
diluting the keyword density of my pages.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                43
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game


So I came up with an idea, and ran it by my programmer.

And ArticleAutomator was born!

(SIDE NOTE: Article Automator has been copied many times since then, but
it was the first of its kind, and still is the best most complete solution to a
multitude of problems)

“AA” (Article Automator) was designed to reach out to the most
popular public Article Directories, and search for and obtain articles
based on a keyword search.

It can even search only for articles where your keyword terms is in the
title so that you know they are on track for the subject you are
searching for.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                 44
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

But you don’t have to use the public domain articles that everyone else
is using. You can load your own articles into Article Automator, and
use it to work its magic on them, the same way it does the others.

And like the various Page creation software products we spoke of
before, Article Automator is template based; using its own set of
tokens to place the articles on your pages where you want them, and
format them the way you want them to look.

In other words, because it is template based, and you can create your
own templates easily in any html editor, you can literally create article
pages that look anyway you want them to, making it possible to create
article pages that blend in exactly with the rest of your site!

So Article Automator was the perfect solution to supplying content for
Traffic on Steroids, or any other type of content need.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                45
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

But it is MUCH more than that.

I also took this opportunity to have it written to solve my other
problem of diluting the keyword density, by designing it to create what
I called "Snippets".

In Fact…

AA creates four separate types of files each time you run it.

    1) It creates full article pages that contain the entire article with
       credits to the author ready to blend in flawlessly with your site.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                46
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

These Article Pages just become more pages for your site that you can
place adsense o. If you found and made 300 articles, you've now
added 300 more pages to your site! And naturally, you would make
sure to put your adsense code on then too ;o)

2) It creates a set of Sitemap Pages of Titles that are Hyperlinks that
automatically lead to the urls where those articles will reside on your
domain, once you upload them.

And just like the Article pages, you can create separate sitemap pages
to upload to your site, and link to them from your keyword pages.

Or, you can take those links and rotate them into your pages a few
links at a time using TOS.

And as with all the functions of this software, you have the option to
decide how many article links you want on each Sitemap Page, and the
program will then create as many pages as it takes to create the full
set of sitemap links, and link all those pages together for you.

3) It creates a set of "Snippets" for those articles, which are
comprised of the first few lines of the article, with a link that says "To
Read the Rest of This Article Click Here Now". This link takes you to
the full article page AA created as well, just like the Sitemap pages do.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                47
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

But the beauty of these snippets is in the fact that I now have a source
for valuable, relevant content that would NOT overly dilute the
keyword density of my Adsense Pages!

Given the fact that the keyword on which the article was based on will
probably be in the title or the first few lines of the article at least once
or twice, and since the snippets are usually only about 30 to 50 words
in length (you decide how many characters you want them to be), the
Snippets give you a source of keyword rich text that the search
engines still see as relevant data, but that won't overly dilute your
keyword density.

And not only can you decide how long you want the snippet to be, but
as with ALL the functions of Article Automator, you have complete
control over the output, and in the case of snippets, you can also
decide how many snippets you want the program to place in each
Snippet file it creates.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                48
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

So if you have it make each file with 3 snippets in it, you can rotate
those files into your pages using TOS, and have 3 new keyword rich
snippets placed on your pages each time it updates.

4) It creates a set of RSS (.xml) feeds from the Snippets, that can be
used to submit to all the various RSS Directories, where people are
searching for free relevant content for their own sites. Or used with an
RSS aggregator on your sites, or in your blogs for instant relevant
content there. And wherever (and by whomever) they are used, they
will link back to you’re the article pages on your site, building a great
source of inbound links for the search engines to see.

(SIDE NOTE: The search engines hang out at the Blog and RSS directories to
find new sites and find out when old sites are updated with new data. They
then spider through to those sites, and then from there to other sites,
through the links on those sites, and so on, and so on.

So, by submitting your rss feeds to those directories, you are accomplishing
two things… Making your RSS feeds available to the public to use on their
sites for instant content and thereby gaining inbound links from outside
related sources, and also letting the Search Engines know that they need to
spider through to your sites as well to check out the new content on your

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                49
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

But Article Automator also does one VERY cool thing that NO other
Content Solution Software does!

With Article Automator, you can search for keyword specific articles (or
add your own), and then click a button to have those selected articles
translated into a number of different languages! (At the writing of this
tutorial, AA translates its articles into Spanish, German, Portuguese,
French, and Italian, with more languages planned for the near future!)


You can now create sites in languages that were up to now, ignored
due to the scarcity of available Content, and capitalize on revenues
from those foreign countries and peoples, with almost NO competition!

And another side effect of this process is that the translating of these
articles transforms public domain articles into ORIGINAL content!

And to make things even better, when you create pages in other
languages and put your adsense codes on them, the Adsense ads
appear in those languages as well!

And so it seemed that Article Automator had solved all our content

It gave us readily available keyword specific content for TOS to rotate
into our pages, without overly diluting the keyword density.

It gave us a means to create and obtain inbound links from various
sources through the use of the RSS feeds it produces.

It "Grew" our sites by many hundreds of pages almost instantly!

And it gives us the incredible ability to create content for foreign
language sites!

But the best part is…

Article Automator is completely under your control. You control every
aspect of the software.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                50
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And we are always updating it to make it even better, and to better
comply with the ever-changing needs of content site builders.

Since its creation, we have added more than a dozen new features,
such as…

    •   The ability to input your own articles to use in the software,

    •   The ability to fetch Google and Yahoo SERPs (for those who are
        still using the "FIRST" school of thought, and wish create
        keyword rich text files for their sites or Blogs),

    •   The ability to fetch Google News feeds,

    •   The ability to sort the articles in many different ways (including
        by Keyword Density, word count, title, author, and more), to
        make it easier to cull through them before creating your finished
        pages and files.

    •   The ability to only search for articles that have your keyword in
        the title, or body, or even to search for just a particular author,

    •   The ability to translate the articles into 5 different languages

    •   And many other functions to make it the best Content Solution
        software available ANYWHERE!

Now I had what I needed to build sites that would produce and yet
have longevity, but I knew I wasn't done yet...

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                51
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About this same time, BLOGGING and PINGING was becoming the
rage. And through experimenting, I quickly discovered that creating a
blog and pinging (notifying the various Blog Directories that a new
post was available, each time the blog posted) was a VERY effective
way to get your sites listed quickly.

It also had the extra benefit of creating inbound links, by building
blogs on outside services such as (or on your own related
sites), that had links leading back to the site I wanted to get listed.

Basically, it was an easy means of creating your own “Backlinks” to
your sites and get the Search Engine’s attention.

The Search Engines tend to Spider (look over) high traffic sites
regularly. And Blog Directories are just such sites.

So by pinging those sites on a regular basis each time you post to your
blogs, they were spidering through to your blogs and then seeing links
to your sites (on your blogs) on a regular.

They would then follow those links to find your pages. And assuming
they were quality, content rich pages, listing them according to what
they were about.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                52
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It was an incredibly effective tool for getting sites listed, (the hardest
part of all). But as always, it created yet more problems.

The first being the usual one...

It was incredibly Time consuming to create and maintain all those
blogs and post to them on a regular enough basis to be effective.

So an idea was formed, and Auto Blogger was born!

Auto Blogger is an online program that monitors and administers all
your blogs, from One central, easy to use Control Panel.

Basically, you set it up to post to your blogs on a schedule of your
choice, and it Posts and Pings automatically on a variable schedule of
your choice, for as long as you leave each blog active.

You can upload an unlimited number of Articles, Snippets, and/or RSS
feeds for it to use when it posts, and it will work its way through the
lists of data, posting one of each with every post. So basically, it's a
"set it and forget it" solution to the blog and ping technique, that I
described above.

And the coolest part is that you can use the same articles, snippets
and RSS files you created in Article Automator, to be used with TOS on
your Adsense site!

Originally, it was set up to work with and a couple of
others, as those were the blogs of choice when I created the software.

But since then, Blogger and most of the other free services have
gotten "Pissy" about so many people using their services and
bandwidth to create Backlinks to their sites, and have started shutting
people down, who in their opinion are "Abusing" their services.

So I was forced to find a solution for my customers (and myself), and
had my programmer put together my own Blog Hosting Service (much
like, but better).

And now I offer my own proprietary Blog Hosting service
( for free to all my Auto-Blogger Customers so they
never have to worry about getting shut down again, and they can
create as many blogs as they like, to use in their Auto Blogger

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                53
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And since these blogs are html template based, you can create blogs
that look anyway you want them to look, just like you can with all my
other template based software products.

Naturally, Auto Blogger will still work with just about any blog host
system (including Word Press), but you now have another choice that
you don’t have to worry about.

And with ABBlogger Blogs, you have the choice of having them post to
my server, making your blog URL a subdomain of (with
AbBBlogger, if you name your blog RealEstate, the URL will be,


You can choose to have them post directly to any folder on any of your
own sites, instead of to, simply by filling in your FTP
info and checking a box. There is absolutely no installation to do at all!

Your blog will then actually post directly to your site, reside on your
site, and archive to your site for the Search Engine Robots to spider
anytime the want!

But maybe even more importantly, they will PING from your sites as
well, giving them a unique IP address to ping from for each of your

We’ve also added MANY new innovational functions to Auto Blogger as

Such as…

      •   The ability to spider your site to create a list of page links from
          your site. The program will then add whatever number of those
          links you choose, to the bottom of each of your posts, giving the
          Search Engines even MORE links back to your site to follow.

      •   A new Link Partner system that will place your link on other
          partner’s posts, but that will NEVER link back to you, ensuring
          that all the link partner links are one way.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                54
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    •   Our own Proprietary Blog Directory, that you can choose a
        category in and opt to be automatically listed in, each time you
        set up a new blog.

    •   The ability to get the Hyperlinks to ALL your blogs with the click
        of a single link. These Hyperlinks can then be easily used on any
        of your other already listed sites pages to promote link
        popularity. Or you can then take them and post them in any or
        ALL of the thousands of blog directories you’ll find by doing a
        search at Google.

    •   AB has a built in HTML editor that you can use to edit existing
        files in your rotation list, or create them from scratch right on
        the server, and save them directly to your acct.

    •   The ability to set up a posting schedule that will post at random
        intervals to more closely simulate the posting actions of an
        actual Human Being.

    •   The ability to add as many rss feeds as you like to your blog,
        and have the control to decide how many “Items” you want to
        shoe from each. You can even decide whether you want the links
        in those feeds to be live, dead, or not to even show at all. You
        can even have AB attach a No-Follow tag to each link.

    •   And Much more!

Although MANY have tried to copy Auto Blogger, none have even come
close to the original.

And I have made sure that Auto Blogger will always be the Best
Blogging solution available by continually upgrading to the current
needs of our industry.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                55
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The Final Piece of the Puzzle…

Each of my products was created out of a need of my own, one at a
time, and each is designed to work flawlessly with the others.

And, I realized I had an entire system at my disposal, with one

I still had to rely on someone else's Page Creation software to put
together my Adsense sites.

With the popularity of the Adsense program, there were suddenly a
LOT of new Page creation Systems popping up. Some of them were
good ones and some of them were bad. But most of them did basically
the same things.

And to make them work effectively, you still had to use products like
mine, and tweak their systems to make money consistently and have
any kind of longevity.

And because there were so many of them out there already, I didn't
see the point in developing one of my own in the midst of all that

To be honest, there were only a couple of these products that I would
personally use or recommend, and as long as they were working and
readily available, there was no need to develop one of my own right

But I knew that eventually I would have to, if for no other reason than
to complete my whole system and not have to depend on any one
else's software.

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Each of the products available had a few functions and characteristics,
that were unique to them, and again, some of these functions were
valuable and some were just gimmicks.

But none of the available products had ALL the functionality that I
wanted to see in my Page Creation Product.

So, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would create when I
decided the time was right. I even took a poll from my customer base
to see what THEY would like to see in the “Ultimate” Page Creation

So when I felt it was time to go ahead and create my own system, I
had a good idea of what it should do.

But, just about the time I had decided on what I wanted my software
to do, and was ready to put it into development, another Page
Creation Software was released that had much of the same unique
functionality I had decided on.

It was a bit difficult to use, and didn't do everything I wanted, but all
in all it was a very good product and worked well at generating traffic,
and making money with Adsense.

It was much like the others, but with a couple of functions that no one
else had put into their software. And they were two of the most
important functions that I had already decided on and planned to put
into my own software.

1) The ability to change the SERPs on a preset schedule...

Since I had developed and thoroughly tested Traffic on Steroids a year
earlier, no one knew the importance of being able to change the data
on your pages, better than I did.

It kept the search engines coming back to see what was new, and
tended to keep your pages listed longer (they tend to loose their
appeal to the SEs once they've been around awhile and have gotten

So it stood to reason, that the same would hold true for the Keyword
Rich Search Engine Results that all of these Page creation products
depended on to build their Keyword Density.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                57
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And besides that, if you think about it, in creating these resource
directories, we were emulating the Search Engines themselves. And
since THEY changed their listings on a regular basis, it makes sense
that we should also.

2) The ability of the software to dynamically create the pages on the

One of my pet peeves about this whole keyword specific Page creation
process was that you had to upload all those thousands of pages to
your website once they were created, which in many cases took hours
to upload!

And to make things even worse, if you wanted to make a change in
those pages, you had to change your template, regenerate the pages,
and then upload them all over again! This made it VERY difficult and
time consuming to test new theories on already functioning sites.

So, I had decided early on in my preparations that my system would
incorporate these two functions as well as a lot more we'll talk about a
little later. And the fact that someone else came out with a system
that incorporated these two functions into their program, just further
endorsed my theories ;o)

But as fate would have it, my competitor beat me to the market, so I
decided to bide my time and wait until the time was right.

The good news for me was that his system was slated from the
beginning to have only a set number of membership positions
available, that the owners refused to go beyond. ( A smart move on
his part, and very advantageous for me too ;o)

And so I waited on releasing my own software until their membership
was full. As then there would then be a need for another Product to fill
the gap. And I knew mine would do so nicely, as it also had many
other functions that no one else had (including the competitor in

So I quietly developed my software in the background, and kept it to
myself ;o)

And now, the time has come to release…

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                58
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                         The Amazing Site Builder System

My competitor’s membership quota is now full! And yet there are still
thousands of people needing a solution.

So I feel it's time to release my own Page Creation Software, and
complete the system I've been working towards for over two years!

As I mentioned above, ASB has the ability to dynamically create your
pages on the fly (meaning they are dynamically created by the server,
when someone types the URL into a browser, for one of your pages),
so you don't have to waste your time uploading them to your site.

You simply set up your pages in the easy to use Desktop Control
Panel, click a button, and your site is instantly available to anyone who
types in the URL to any page in the system!

It’s like Pure MAGIC!

And because the pages are created dynamically, from templates you
create yourself (don't worry, it's easy and I teach you how), you can

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                59
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instantly make any changes you want, simply by changing the
template, or choosing different options in the software, and then
clicking that “Activate” button again!

Like almost all of the page creation software products on the market
today, the Amazing Site Builder also offers optional Search Engine
Results to create the desired keyword density. But with a few different
twists that no other software has done before!

With ASB, you can choose to gather your SERPs from either Google,
Yahoo, or both.

You can choose how many results from either (or each) you wish the
software to place on your pages. AND, decide what schedules you
want them to refresh. You can even have the software randomize the

And since you can have them refresh on different schedules, your
pages will always be fresh and new when the Search Engine spiders
come to look at them.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                60
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You can even pull in and include current results from Google's News
Service to supplement or replace the SERPS.

And of course, all of these results will be chosen specifically for the
Keyword Phrase of each individual page. And unlike any other system
I'm aware of, you can choose from the Google and Yahoo search
results for the USA, Canada, UK, India, Germany, France or Australia.
So you can better target the market of your choice.

You can even choose to have them translated into Spanish (with more
languages coming very soon)

And as with my Auto Blogger and Article Automator products, you can
decide whether or not you want the links in your SERPS to be active or
just text, or be active with 'No-Follow' tags, or just not show up at all!

There are many differing theories about that subject, and it depends
on who you talk to and when, as to the answer you will get. But ASB
gives you all the possible options, so you can test for yourself, and
come to your own conclusions.

So, if you see one way is not working, simply change your choices in
the software and save your changes, and your pages will instantly
display your new choices!

You have complete control over very aspect of the software, even the
linking structure to all your other keyword pages.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                61
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You can choose to have as many of the links shown on each page as
you wish, and the software will break up the main full keyword list into
separate lists with the number of links on each that you chose.

It then distributes those lists randomly and statically (so the links on
each page never change, unless you change them) on all the pages of
your site, so that all of the links to all your pages are eventually found
by the search engines as they spider through your site.

But it gets even better than that!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                62
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You can also choose to have each of those lists, split into as many as
three separate lists on each page! So, you can scatter the lists around
your page and position them better for Search Engine Optimization.

AND...You have complete control over how many links are in each of
the 1, 2, or 3 lists it creates for you.

You can also choose to have the software add new pages to the site on
a schedule and number of pages you decide on!

Want 2 pages added every 5 days? How about 3 every 9 days, or one
every week? No problem, you just set up the software and it will take
care of it for you!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                63
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You also have the option to create as many Sitemaps as you like (or
none at all), with as many links on them as you choose.

Many people think sitemaps help get a site fully listed faster, while
others think it doesn't help, and in fact may be a Footprint the SEs are
looking for.

But regardless of what you think, you have the choice either way.
Create your sitemaps, or not. It's entirely up to you.

Another controversial subject is about putting RSS feeds on your
Adsense Pages. Some experts recommend them, while others don't.

But again, it's YOUR choice.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                64
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And you can add as many feeds as you like, displaying as many items
from those feeds as you like, with or without active links, or any links
at all.

And as always, you decide how often those RSS feeds change. And you
don't need any RSS aggregator software products installed on your
site to make them readable. The Amazing Site Builder takes care of
that for you automatically. You simply fill in the info and forget it until
you want to make a change!

All that’s left is to load in your keyword list (or used the built in
Overture Keyword tool to find a list of keywords),

But here’s where it REALLY gets exciting!

You can choose to load in a single keyword, a list of keywords,
separate groups of keywords to be put in sub folders, or even Sub
groups to the sub groups! You can even choose a separate template
for each group or even each keyword, so that your pages will
specifically target the subject at hand exactly!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                65
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Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                66
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You can designate which keywords you want active now, and which
ones you want the system to use to automatically Add Pages to your
site on the schedule you set up in the settings area.

And you can do all this with each of the Sub-Folders (groups) you set
up independently of each other.

And once you’re done with the Keywords, and have loaded in your
Templates and set up your pages to your specifications, simply enter
in your FTP information and click the Save and Activate Button.

And instantly, your site is up and running!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                67
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You can set it to run in any folder on any site you own. So if you want
it to come up when you type in the main domain name, you simply
choose to have it run in the main folder of your site (usually the
public_html folder).

But if you wish to have a blog as your index page, which links to your
various keyword specific pages, simply set it to run in a subfolder, and
let your blog take the lead spot! (This is a HIGHLY recommended

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                68
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And I promised to tell you how to make the Templates didn't I?

ASB has a built in Template Creator that makes it a snap to create
working templates ready for the software to use. It's a fully functional
and easy to use WYSIWYG html editor, with the software tokens
(Software Codes) built in.

You simply place your cursor where you want a bit of data to be placed
on your pages, choose the appropriate token from a drop down box
and click a button, and the codes are automatically placed into your
pages exactly where you want them to go!

You can even create your own Tokens by programming any other
codes you like into the software, like your different Adsense codes,
TOS codes, or any other scripts, codes, or blocks of text you use on
your pages, and then just fill in those codes (or WHATEVER) with the
click of that same token insert button!

(SIDE NOTE: Which reminds me, I forgot to tell you that your PHP codes and
scripts will work just fine with ASB on most servers, without your having to
do anything different other than putting them in your pages ;o)

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                69
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                    I think you'll have to agree…

                    There has NEVER been system like this one.

                    This is a well thought out COMPLETE system!

             We've covered every base we could see, dotted all our I's
and crossed all our T's. And as we find other functions that we feel will
enhance the ASB experience, we'll add them in as well!

(SIDE NOTE: The users of any of my software will tell you I'm CONSTANTLY
upgrading my products as I see a need. Because I'm not just a software
designer...I'm also a USER! I also LISTEN to my customers, and many of the
improvements in my programs have originated with my customer’s

This Amazing Site Builder Program (complete with ALL my
products) was released as a package to the Public on…

June 5th 2006 12:01 AM





                  CLICK HERE NOW!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                70
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In Conclusion…
I hope this has given you a good idea of how the whole Adsense
industry works, and gives you some ideas as to how to best implement
those techniques.

Just remember to always try to produce worthwhile sites, and give the
Search Engines what they want, and they'll reward you by giving you
what you want...Boatloads of Targeted Traffic!

You need to remember to ALWAYS be creative in your campaigns, and
NOT just follow the crowd doing exactly what everyone else does. That
is a certain formula for disaster!

But by being different and testing new ideas, you'll always be a step
ahead of the curve. And it's those people who ALWAYS make the most

My purpose with this tutorial was to give you the Theory of how it all
works (And of course to give you a glimpse of our incredible suite of
tools!), so that you can take that theory and use it in your own way,
through the ideas born of your own creativity.

It seems that everyone is always looking for the "Silver Bullet". That
"Step by Step" course that tells them EXACTLY what to do, and where
and when to do it!

But unfortunately, it doesn't work that way!

My job as a teacher is to teach you how to THINK! Not to give you a
step by step blueprint, so you don't have to think for yourself.

Because the undeniable truth is, if I produced a map for everyone to
follow, step by step, it would NOT work for long. Too many people
would take it as their "Silver Bullet", and do EXACTLY the same things,
in exactly the same way. And when that happens, the ideas and
techniques that were working originally would simply cease to work at
all, and EVERY ONE would lose!

So my hope here is that I have given you food for thought...The
information you need to get started down the right path, and enough

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                71
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

information to start making educated decisions as to which forks in the
road to take when they reveal themselves to you. And trust me; this
road is FULL of forks. And most of them will get you where you want to
go, if you take them all the way to the end.

But if everyone took the same exact path, we'd soon have a 'Traffic
Jam'. And then no one would get anywhere!

However, if everyone is forced to choose their own way, there will be
very few who go by exactly the same path, and that's what we all
need to work towards.

Get enough knowledge to be able to make educated guesses and then
try out your own ideas. Win or lose...You WILL Learn!

You will fail sometimes. That’s a certainty! will WIN sometimes too. And you'll learn what works for
you, and what doesn't. And in the end, your way WILL be unique to
you, and that's the key to longevity in any business!

The name of the game is "WINNING", and no one likes to lose!

But if you're not making mistakes my friend...You're NOT Trying Hard

So learn from what you read here, and seek out more of the same
from others.

Be a student with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. And educate
yourself to the point where you can blaze your own paths, without the
need for maps.

Always be a "Perpetual Thinker"!

And always TEST, TEST, TEST your ideas!

Learn from others, and learn from your own mistakes, and in the end,
YOU will be the one left standing when the dust settles!

There is no such thing as "Get Rich Quick" on the Internet, or
anywhere else.

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                72
                              How To Win The Billion Dollar AdSense Game

And the road to success is full of potholes. But if you are willing to
persevere, and willing to make mistakes and then learn from
them...You Will Succeed.


Here's To Your Success,

Len Thurmond

PS…Remember, you’ll never be any more successful at anything than
the tools you use allow you to be.

I’ve spent years developing the ASB System to be the best set of tools
you can have for this industry.

But you only have a VERY small window to get your hands on them at
this price…

As I said…We will most likely release this system again in the future,
but it is guaranteed to be at a much higher price! Our competitors are
2 to 5 times what we are asking for this initial release, and we plan to
bring ourselves more in line with them in the future.

So Be Smart and Grab your membership today to be guaranteed this
ridiculously low price for the life of your membership!

Yes, You Can Really Win It!                                                73

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