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       Unit 2 Robots

     Learning about Language
1.Rewrite these sentences using words or
  phrases of similar meaning from the text
  to replace the underlined parts.
1. Bill felt great pleasure when he tried his new
   fax machine and it worked. satisfaction, tested out
2. He felt pity for Claire because she was overweight
   and needed to lose about five kilos to look slim.
3. Even though Jane told him many times to go away
   her brother still accompanied her to the doctor.
         leave … alone
4. Her greatest wish was to look as elegant as
   Gladys Claffern.     desire
5. Please call me before you buy a new digital
   camera so I can go with you. ring … up
6. She looked at the computer screen carefully
   hoping to find some new emails in her mailbox.
7. It was ridiculous that his own mother would
   not talk to him about the affair. absurd
8. He felt happy when his boss stated that he
   could set aside some time for exercise. declared
2. Complete the following paragraph using
the words and phrase in their proper forms.
     turn around scan awful alarm clerk
     cushion declare favour bedding
   (News, 16/04/2321) Historical research shows that
in the 22nd century many people told stories about how,
at one time, people could buy robots as house decorators.
The robots would _____ the literature for the latest ideas
in home decoration. Often the robots would _______
designs that were grander than their owners wanted.
                    cushions      beddings
Brightly coloured _________ and _________ would
be suggested together with brightly patterned walls and
Some of the _______ in the shops thought that the
designs were _______. While some owners were firm
with their robot’s suggestions, others would
 turn around
______________ and walk out of the shop, feeling
embarrassed. A few other robots would even get into
physical fights with their owners in public as their
electrical systems sometimes would set off the shops’
_______. After a while the government decided such
behaviour was not appropriate and passed a law
_________ robots should not leave the house. So robots
became household cleaners or industrial workers instead!

Passive Voice
一. 复习被动语态(Revise the Passive Voice)
  英语动词有主动语态(the active voice)和
被动语态(the passive voice)两种形式。
Everyone enjoys exciting sports.(主动语态)
Exciting sports are enjoyed by everyone.
用公式表示为:(主动) S+V+O                S(O)+V(be+
V-ed)+ by+O(S), 如:
Miss Li is teaching music now.

Music is being taught ( by Miss Li ) now.
    式      一 般            进    行       完     成
现 在 am/is/are given am/is/are         has/have
                        being given   been given
过   去 was/were given was/were         had been
                        being given   given

将   来   shall/will be                 shall/will
        given                         have been
1. English is spoken all over the world.
2. The water is being turned into vapour.
3. Those rooms have not been cleaned yet.
4. He was seen to enter the room.
5. At that time they were being shown how to
 run the machine.
6. Radios had just been invented then, and
  people were talking about sending pictures
  by electricity.
7. Madame Curie will always be remembered
  as the discoverer of the element radium.
8. Before you come back, the building will
  have been finished.
e.g. He ordered the bridge to be built within

the month.


She was glad to have been given so much help.

得到如此多的帮助, 她很高兴。(完成被动式)
三. 动词不定式的主动被动结构变化一览表

         一般式         进行式          完成式
主 动      to do     to be doing    to have

                                 to have
被   动 to be done                 been done
More examples:
(1)The meeting to be held is of great importance.

(2) The bridge to be built next year is just

   between the one built last year and the

   one being built now.

(3) This house seems to have been built by

   a good architect.
通常在believe, suppose, say, report等动词构成
 They say that Mike is sick in bed.

  It is said that Mike is sick in bed.

  Mike is said to be sick in bed.
People believe that he was killed.

It is believed that he was killed.

He is believed to have been killed.
承受者时, 不定式一般要采用被动形式。
一、 不定式的被动形式有下列用法:
1. 作主语:
   It is an honor for me to be asked to speak here.
2. 作宾语:
   She asked to be sent to work in Xinjiang.
3. 构成复合宾语:
  He wanted the letter to be typed at once.
  She didn’t like herself to be praised like that.
4. 构成复合谓语:
The books are not allowed to be taken out
of the room.
5. 作定语:
Are you going to the meeting to be held
 in the teachers’ office?
6. 作状语:
She was too young to be assigned such work.
二、不定式有时还可以有完成式的被动式, 在句中作
主语、宾语、定语, 或者构成复合宾语、复合谓语等。
It is a good thing for him to have been criticized. (主语)
She preferred to have been given heavier work to do.
He thought it an honour to have been invited to the
party. (复合宾语)
The book is said to have been translated into many
languages. (复合谓语)
She was the first woman to have been elected to such
a post. (定语)
1. 在there be结构中。例如:
There is a lot of homework to do. (也可用to be done)
There is no time to lose (to be lost).
2. 在“n/pron + be + adj + to do”结构中。
常用的形容词有easy, difficult, hard, impossible,
nice, pleasant, light, heavy, fit, interesting,
important, expensive, cheap, dangerous等。如:
He is hard to convince.
He is an impossible person to work with.
3. 在“too…to do; enough…to…”结构中。如:
 The problem is too difficult to work out/
 (to be worked out).
 The house is big enough to live in.
4. 在“with+n+to do”结构中。例如:
 With nothing to do, he lay in bed.
 With so many exercises to do, I can't go to
 the cinema.
5. 当不定式的逻辑主语在句中出现时。如:
I have a letter to type today.(I是to type的逻辑主语)
Do you have anything to say? (you是to say的逻辑主语)
6. 当不定式隐含在for sb to do结构中时。例如:
This is the best book to read (=for us/you to read).
The important thing to do is to lock the door when we
leave the house.
7. 一些作表语用的不定式的主动形式。常见的这类
动词有let(出租), rent, hire, blame等。例如:
The house is to let.
I felt l was to blame.

语态形式的使用普遍, 有时(尤其在口语中)
虽然意思上是被动的, 也往往用主动语态
  I have three motors to repair today.
  The task is difficult to finish on time.
1. The purpose of new technologies is to make life
   easier ________ it more difficult. (MET99)
  A. not make           B. not to make
 C. not making          D. do not make
2. I’ve worked with children before, so I know
   what ______ in my new job. (MET2000)
   A. expected               B. to expect
   C. to be expecting         D. expects
3. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old
   couples but it remains ______ whether they will
   enjoy it. (MET2001)
   A. to see     B. to be seen    C. seeing   D. seen
4. Charles Babbage is generally considered _____
  the first computer. (MET1993)
  A. to invent               B. inventing
 C. to have invented         D. having invented
5. Allen had to call a taxi because the box was
  _______ to carry all the way home. (MET2003)
 A. much too heavy           B. too much heavy
 C. heavy too much           D. too heavy much
6. The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the street,

but his mother told him ______. (MET95)
A. not to B. not to do C. not do it D. do not to

7. There are five pairs _____, but I'm at a loss
which to buy. (1999上海高考)

 A. to be chosen            B. to choose from

 C. to choose               D. for choosing
8. ____ late in the afternoon, Bob turned off the
 alarm. (2001年北京春季高考)
 A. To sleep      B. Sleeping
 C. Sleep                   D. Having sleep
9. With a lot of difficult problems ____, the
  newly-elected president is having a hard time.
 A. settled                  B. settling
 C. to settle                D. being settled
10. She will tell us why she feels so strongly that each
   of us has a role _____ in making the earth a better
   place to live. (2003上海春季高考)
  A. to have played           B. to play
   C. to be played            D. to be playing
11. In order to gain a bigger share in the
   international market, many state-run companies
   are trying _____ their products more competitive.
  A. to make                  B. making
   C. to have made            D. having made
12. The teacher asked us ______ so much noise.
   A. don't make             B. not make
   C. not making             D. not to make
13. All these gifts must be mailed immediately
    _______ in time for Christmas.(05年辽宁卷)
   A. in order to have received
   B. in order to receive
   C. so as to be received
   D. so as to be receiving
14. I would love _____ to the party last night but
    I had to work extra hours to finish a report.
   A. to go              B. having gone
   C. going              D. to have gone
15. Robert is said ____ abroad, but I don’t know
    what country he studied in.
  A. to have studied         B. to study
  C. to be study             D. to have been studying
16. It is said in Australia there is more land than the
    government knows ______. A
    A. what to do with it         B. what to do it with
    C. what to do with            D. to do what with it
17. Quite a few people used to believe that disaster
   _____ if a mirror was broken.
  A. was sure of striking B. was sure of having struck
   C. was sure to be struck D. was sure to strike
18. John was made _____ the truck for a week as a
  A. to wash B. washing     C. wash    D. to be washing
19. She reached the top of the hill and stopped
   _____ on a big rock by the side of the path.
  A. to have rested   B. resting   C. to rest     D. rest
20. Last summer I took a course on _________.
A. how to make dresses B. how dresses be made
C. how to be made dresses D. how dresses to be made
21. The patient was warned _____ oily food after
    the operation.
A. to eat not B. eating not C. not to eat D. not eat
22. The flu is believed ________ by viruses that
    like to reproduce in the cells inside the human
    nose and throat. (04)
    A. causing              B. being caused
    C. to be caused         D. to have caused
23. To fetch water before breakfast seemed to
    be a rule ________.
   A. to never break
   B. never to be broken
   C. never to have broken
   D. never to be breaking
24. The tools in the workshop are not allowed
 A. taking out            B. to take out
 C. to be taken out        D. being taken out
25. The dam _____ by the year 2010, will benefit
   the whole country.
  A. being completed       B. to complete
   C. completed            D. to be completed
26. Here we found little snow, as most of it
  seemed _____ blown off the mountain.
  A. to have been          B. to be
  C. that it was           D. that it had been
27. He said such a thing ought ____ to happen.
  A. to be not allowed
  B. not to be allowing
  C. not to have allowed
  D. not to be allowed
28. She told me that her proposal needed
   _____ into consideration.
  A. to take              B. to be taken
  C. to be taking         D. to have taken
29. The local health organization is reported
  ____ twenty-five years ago when Dr. Adudon
  became its first president.
 A. to be set up
 B. being set up
 C. to have been set up
 D. having been set up
30. Large sums of money _____ each year in
  painting the steelwork of bridges, ships,
  and other exposed structures.
  A. have spent
  B. have to be spent
  C. have to spend
  D. spend
1. I feel greatly honored ____ into their society.
 A. to welcome              B. welcoming
 C. to be welcomed          D. welcomed
2. When asked why he went there, he said he
    was sent there _______ for a space flight.
  A. training             B. being trained
  C. to have trained D. to be trained
3. The children talked so loudly at dinner
   table that I had to struggle _______.
  A. to be heard          B. to have heard
  C. hearing              D. being heard
4. The flu is believed _____ by viruses that like
  to reproduce in the cells inside the human
  nose and throat. (2004上海)
  A. causing           B. being caused
  C. to be caused      D. be have caused
5. The news reporters hurried to the airport,
  only ____ the film stars had left. (2004福建)
  A. to tell           B. to be told
  C. telling           D. told
6. Little Jim should love _____ to the theatre
  this evening. (1992 全国)
 A. to be taken       B. to take
 C. being taken       D. taking
7. The chair looks rather hard, but in fact,
  it is very comfortable to ____. (1988 全国)
 A. sit   B. sit on C. be sat D. be sat on

1. Go over key words and expressions.
2. Go over the grammar and do the exercise
  on page 14 in the textbook.
3. Write a letter to a robot scientist.
  Tell him what other things you think
  robots can do. Or tell him why you think
  robots are dangerous and help them
  to improve robots.
Dear robot scientist,
  I am a student from No.7 Development School.
                                   Jim Green

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