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• 授课教师:穆 艳
•学    科:英 语
• 班   级:英语护理班
What is success?
Review Part
 成功 (n.)     success      意思是         mean
      (a.)   successful   权力          power
      (v.)   succeed      成就(n.)      achievement

 文章          article      完成、获得(v.)   achieve
 出现          appear       混淆          confuse
 信息、情报 information        相等的、等同的     equal

 印刷          print        尊敬          respect
 出版          publish      智慧的         intelligent
 定义          definition   报酬          reward
    1、Read and understand the text.
      ※①、Language points:
            She is said…
            I wish that
            a large number of
            a great many
            confuse … with
            ask for
            pass on
      ※③ 、Grammar:
       the use of general form and perfect form of infinitive
※※2、Discuss and state your opinion about success simply.
      Analyse the Text

               What is success?
    Ann Landers’ articles appear every day in a large
number of newspapers. She is said to have thousands
                              ①            ②
of readers. People write to tell her their problems, to
ask for help, and sometimes to ask her to pass on
information to other readers. Each day the newspapers
print a few of these letters with Ann’s answers. Here is
an example:
 1、She is said to have thousands of readers.
       ①              ②
① She is said… 相当于It is said that she has thousands of
readers.或People say that she has thousands of readers.
    It is reported (thought, believed, announced, etc.)
② 本句的动词不定式用的是一般式(to do),表示的动作与谓
e.g. We are glad to see her back.
     He asked me to help him with his homework.
不定式用完成式(to have done)
e.g. It’s nice to have met you.
     He is said to have invented the machine by himself.
          According to Layer 1

1、What does Ann Landers do ? Why ?

2、Is Ann Landers a popular writer ? Why ?

3、What are the readers’ purposes to write to her ?

4、How to understand the last sentence “Here

   is an example.”?
Dear Ann Landers:

   A long time ago you published an article
about success. Will you please run it again?
                                    Southern Banker
·run 意思为“连续刊登”、“放映”、“演出”。
e.g. ①Is that film still running?
    ②His play is running in New York now and I hope it
      runs for years.
    ③The novel has run into ten editions.
               According to Layer 2
     What is Southern Banker’s purpose for
   writing this letter ?
Dear Banker:
    Success is a word with a thousand definitions. For some it
means power; for others it is fame or great achievements. A
great many people confuse success with money. But my mail
shows clearly [that there are thousands of rich people (who have
                宾语从句                                   定语从句

“failed”) and / an equal number of “successes” (who don’t have

much in the bank).] The following definition of success was sent
to me by a reader. △ I wish I had written it.
  I wish that 是表示“愿望”的交际用语。宾语从句中的that

  e.g. I wish I were a bird.
       I wish I had her telephone number.
  e.g. I wish I had stayed at home yesterday.

 e.g. I wish he would try again.
     He wishes I would help him.
          According to Layer 3
1、Do you think success is a simple topic ? Why ?

2、How do people usually think of success ?

3、What’s Ann Landers’ opinion about success?

   How do you understand it ?

4、What proofs does Ann Landers use to support her

   opinion ? Why ?
              To laugh often and
            love much,

  To win the respect of intelligent
persons and the love of children,

  To give of oneself without
any thought of reward,

  To find the best in others,
            To enjoy beauty,

     To have played, laughed,
    and sung,

   To have achieved something:
  brought up a child, or grown a
 To know [that at least one life has been happier
or better (because you have lived) ],
This is to have succeeded.
   What’s the profound meaning of the reader’s
definition about success ?
  Can you use simple words to cover the
definitions of success ?

   Happiness                     Success
Look at the pictures and state your opinion about success.
              Somebody                     某人
Somebody did a golden deed;           某人做了件闪光的好事;
Somebody proved a friend in need;     某人证明是患难之交;
Somebody sang a beautiful song;       某人唱了首美丽的歌曲;
Somebody smile the whole day long;    某人脸上终日挂着微笑;
Somebody thought, “Tis sweet to live”; 某人想:“生活着多么甜”;
Somebody said, “I’m glad to give”;    某人说:“我乐于作奉献”;
Somebody fought a valiant fight;      某人曾英勇地进行战斗;
Somebody lived to shield the right;   某人一生都在捍卫正义;
Was that “somebody” you?              这个“某人”可是你?

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