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Shawn Johnson


									Shawn Johnson Face of Today Show’s Facebook Page
During London 2012 Olympics
                                                                                                       July 17, 2012

Gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson is taking questions on the Today Show’s Facebook page. The West Des
Moines native is a special correspondent for the long-running morning show on NBC, the exclusive U.S.
broadcaster of the London 2012 Olympics.

Facebook fans are asking her everything from what it was like as a former competitor to watch the U.S. Women’s
Gymnastics team win gold to what it was like to do a commercial with Matthew Perry.

The commercial plugs his new sitcom, called "Go On," in which he plays a sportscaster going to group therapy.
He consoles her for being an Olympic loser, to which she says "No, I won a gold medal." His reply is, "and three
silvers ... loser, loser, loser." Then he's giving her a hug telling her it's OK.

“It was so much fun doing the commercial,” Johnson answered. “Matthew Perry was one of the nicest people I've
ever met. I've love to go back to the show for a visit!”

Others commenting are obviously Iowans, proud of their Olympic champion who won a gold medal on the
balance beam in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Here’s a sampling from the shout stream:

Ethan Furnish: How is it Shawn being an Olympic champion and getting to see these girls become champions?

Greg Pack: Hey Shawn,Do you miss the Olympics and do you still wish you were competing in this Olympics?

Heather Roberts: What was your favorite thing about USA Gymnastics last night?

Tracy Ramsey: Have fun kiddo, and tell Gabby that Des Moines has a heck of a 'welcome home' for her.

Trisha Anderson Rogers: What advise, as a former Olympian, do you have for the Fab Five as they wrap up
and will be heading home?

Jessica Smith: You are truly an inspiration Shawn. My daughter loves watching the commerical with you and
your mom doing the routine in a house! Congratulations on your successes and many wishes of luck for your

Steven Bailey: What happened to the Russians last night? They seemed defeated before they took the floor.
Did they get some bad news before the meet?

Laci White: How does it feel to be on the spectator side of the Olympics? What do you miss most?? BTW: You
make us fellow Iowans very proud. Thanks for representing us so well.

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