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									Pet Memorial Plaques - How They Are Made

Pet memorial plaques like pet memorial stones have undergone an evolution in recent years. There was a time
when only wealthy people could afford to have a memorial plaque or pet marker made to honor their deceased
pet, and generally they had to be buried in a pet cemetery, but this has changed. With the invention of laser
etching, solid granite pet memorial plaques or marble pet memorial plaques, pet memorial stones, and pet
headstones can be made at a price most anyone can afford.

                                                          The process for creating headstones for pets, or pet
                                                          memorials works this way.

                                                          First, a photo of the dog, cat, or other pet is
                                                          digitized and loaded into a photo editing program.
                                                          This program is used to not only create the final pet
                                                          memorial plaques themselves, but also remove any
                                                          background elements that would spoil the photo
                                                          memorial plaque in the beginning stages. Photos
                                                          used for memorial plaques should be of high
                                                          resolution for best results.

Next the picture of the pet is positioned over a skeleton shape of the pet memorial to be etched. The skeleton
has the exact dimensions as the real pet memorial plaque or headstone, but it semitransparent, and can be
viewed in 3D from various angels. When the photo plaque looks correct to the engraver, that section of the pet
memorial plaque is digitized and locked in place.

Pet memorials often include words of remembrance, pet loss pomes, memorial verses, dedications, dates of
birth and death etc. The customer normally supplies this information, but an experienced pet memorial plaque
maker can usually offer very helpful suggesting getting the memorial sayings or dedication just right.

Once the words and dates for the plaque are decided upon, they are entered into the photo editing program
and adjustments to fonts and positing are made. The engraver will make numerous adjustments to get it just
right and if the customer has included. Once the engraver is satisfied that he has tweaked the layout of the
photo plaque to look its very best, it is saved and a copy of the layout is e-mailed to the customer for their
comments, revision request, and approval of the pet memorial.
Upon final approval of the layout of the pet memorial plaque by the customer, the digital image is sent to a
professional laser etching machine for engraving. After the plaque is engraved, it is clean, polished, and
chemically sealed. These are all the steps necessary to make beautiful pet memorial plaques.

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