Corporate ecosystem and nature, a comparison by drsranganathan


									A very interesting question was asked to me as how to keep the corporate ecosystem
free from predators and preys. When I highlight the existence of such possibilities in
most corporate in most of my articles, do I have any suggestion or recipe as how the
corporate can be kept healthy and free of such unhealthy boss-subordinate

How to answer the above question? Is the answer easy or difficult? Indeed, nature
itself offer answer to such question and hence all one need to do is observe and
understand the language of nature.

The prey and the predator are created only by the same nature. The same nature only
has designed the prey as prey to the predator.

The same nature only has given enough and more tricks and strategies both to the prey
and the predatory animals to escape and hunt. The same nature only supports both the
prey and predators.

Why the nature has created such contradiction or anomaly. Only contradiction offer
harmony and balance. As much as a tree wish to grow tall, so much deep it must
produce its roots inside the soil.

The HR should never look for creating a situation where no prey and predators in the
corporate. How important the boss and subordinates are for the corporate so
important is the culture of prey and predator. The prey should be taught to live in the
ecosystem where predators live.

The cognition of predator should give alertness and smartness to the preys and not fear
and frustrations. This is how the HR should train the people who are so called

Similarly the bosses also must be taught to catch hard preys and not easy preys. In
other words, they must toil. Unless the people realize that it is not the ‘predator boss’
they should bother about but they should become smart and wise. None of the prey
animals in the jungle appear to move out of jungle because of predators or blame the

Creating ‘utopia’ in corporate is a myth and knowing how to deal the situation alone will
ensure one to feel safe and secured. Do not upset the ecosystem or the very fabric of
corporate hierarchy.

Ninety percent of problems people face in corporate lies in the mind of the people and
only twenty percent really exist in corporate. Most people are unaware of the major
problem and worry a lot about the minor problems.
Unless the HR learns the science first, it cannot develop the people. Blame, complain,
frustrations etc., of people are more due to the inability of people to handle a situation.
Teach them about the art of dealing the different situations.

The situation remains same for both the predator and prey. As worried as the prey
animals in escaping from the predator, so worried are the predators in achieving success
in their hunting effort.

Success lies in ones effort and no situation simply script either success or defeat to any
life form. The effort should be born out of conviction and desire and it should not be
due to fear and necessity.

Ref: Management book – Jungle wisdom for corporate management – lessons from
university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd.

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