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Grants and Scholarships

Do you have 60K for school? Me either. (and that's a pretty low estimate) So how do you plan

on paying for school? You can always get the change from in between the couch cushions, or

                                                you could wait tables. You can sell your Ipod or

                                                your vintage records. Actually, don't sell your

                                                vintage records, you'll regret it, I know I do.

                                                Unfortunately, most students can't come up

                                                with tuition all by themselves every semester,

                                                even if they are working nights at Blockbuster.

                                                Here's where Grants and Scholarships come in.

                                                Grants and scholarships help students pay for

                                                their education. I can help you get the

                                                information that you need to finance your

                                                education with Grants and Scholarships.



Grants are a form of government funding that you're not required to pay back. How great is

that? Grants are need based; meaning those who demonstrate a certain level of financial need
will qualify. Don't let this discourage you though; grants are the very best form of financial aid

out there because it's basically free money. It is in your very best interest to check and see if

you qualify for grants you may be surprised with the result and the money will go a long way!

To see if you qualify for any grants fill out a free application for federal student aid or a FAFSA

Even if you don't qualify for a grant, this web site may provide information about loans and

scholarships that are available through the school of your choice. Filling out a FAFSA is the

absolute best way to go about seeking aid and should be your first priority. It is also important

to be aware of the

deadlines that are placed

on students by FAFSA.

Familiarize yourself with

their website and

complete your application

according to their time-

table. via

Types of Grants
Pell Grants

      Undergraduate students only.

      Need based.
      Award amount is based on the individuals cost of attendance, family contribution, and

       funds available to the school you choose.

Academic Competiveness Grant

      Undergraduate students only, specifically freshman and sophomore students.

      Must be eligible for a Pell grant first to qualify for this grant.

      Requires completion of certain high school programs ("rigorous").

      Second year students must maintain a 3.0 GPA at least.

SMART Grant (National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant)

      Undergraduate students only, specifically juniors and seniors.

      Must be eligible for a Pell grant first to qualify for this grant.

      Major must be in one of the following fields: physical, life, or computer sciences,

       mathematics, technology, engineering, and foreign language determined critical to

       national security.

      Must maintain a GPA of 3.0 at least.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

       Undergraduate students that qualify for exceptional need.

       Priority to those with lowest expected family contribution.

Institutional Aid
       Some schools provide scholarships and grants through the school itself.

       May require enrollment in an athletic or academic program depending on the school.


Scholarships are also beneficial to students because repayment is not required either. You can

also find scholarships through the FAFSA website. After you have filled out your FAFSA

application search for scholarships that you are eligible for and apply, apply, apply.

Scholarships can totally fund your education but it will take effort on your part. Pairing

scholarships and grants can also be a way to get you through school. is a

database of scholarships and a very good place to start searching for scholarships. is the government's financial aid information site that may be useful in your

research as well.

The most important thing to remember

when researching grants and scholarships

is that you must follow through. Do your

research, do the work, and you may find

that you have tuition paid for! There are

many options out there for those who need

help funding their education, take

advantage of what's out there! via

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