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   Illustrate five symbols you listed on the
   second page of Micro Lab #40.
• Students will utilize art concepts and
  vocabulary in discussion and analysis of
  works of art.
• Students will sketch a work of art in order
  to demonstrate knowledge of artist
  exemplar Artemio Rodriquez.
• Students will use the elmo/projector in
  order to demonstrate understanding of
  technology within the classroom.
              Micro Lab #41
• Double Spread Page
• Two Designs (one on each page)
• Take the two most important symbols/ social,
  political, economic, environmental issues that
  you wrote on the second page of Micro Lab 39
  and create two designs based off of these
• Remember the artist Artemio Rodriguez.
• Use LOTS of detail.
• Line, Shape, Form, Balance
               Micro Lab:40
• As a group at your table record a list of 10
  social, political, and economic issues relevant to
  today's culture. Each person must record this
  list. As a group you will present this list.
• Select the issue that you think has effected
  society today the most. Re-Write this word in a
  font that is descriptive of the word.
• You have 25 minute.
• Good Luck.
• Copy Vocabulary:
• Calavera: Spanish for
  skull, can refer to any
  representations of
  skulls or skeletons.
Day of the Dead:
  November 1 - 2.
  Mexican celebration in
  commemoration of the
  dead - Día de los         Jose Guadalupe Posada, La Catrina,
  Muertos.                  ca. late 19th century.
        Making Connections
• Think about the images shown.
  – What do they have in common?
  – In what ways are they different?
  – Which has the strongest message or political
  – How is this message made clear?
Michael Wolgemort, Dance of Death, 1493.
Wall of Skulls at Aztec Templo Mayor,
Tenochtitlan (reproduction), Mexico City
                                           Tzompantli, Codex Duran
Carving representing the duality of life,
Mesoamerican, pre-classic period.           Leopold Mendez, Calaveras of the
.                                           National Mausoleum, 1934
Artemio Rodriquez, Zompantli, 2001
                                   Leopoldo Mendez, Corrido de
                                   Stalingrado, 1942
Leopold Mendez, Calaveras of the
National Mausoleum, 1934
Jose Posada, Calavera de Don Quijote, ca. 1890s
Artemio Rodriguez, Galloping Death, 2003
Artemio Rodriguez, We are the Defenders of the Cheeseburgers, 2003
        Making Connections
• Think about the you are about to see:
  – What do they have in common?
  – In what ways are they different?
  – Which has the strongest message or political
  – How is this message made clear?
       FINISH Micro Lab # 39
• Page 1: Sketch an image of your choice located
  in the packet on your table by artist Artemio
• Page 2 Top: Make a list of symbols you see in
  this image that describe the image itself.
  – Example: man holding money = greed
• Page 2 Bottom: Brainstorm a list of social,
  political, economic, and environmental issues
  relevant to your lives today. Issues can be
  school based or of a local, national or global
           Artemio Rodriquez
• Artemio Rodriguez was born in Tacambara Mexico
  in 1972 and began studying anatomy at the
  Universidad Autonoma Chapingo where here he
  learned to use a print with a letter press from Juan
• Rodriguez primarily works in black and white with a
  signature style that emphasizes simplicity and clarity
• His goal in life is to keep exploring the world of
  printmaking until he feels that he has contributed
  something to the medium.
• Rodriguex has been featured in galleries in the
  United states and in Mexico- and founded La Mano
Artemio Rodriquez   Artesia Rodriquez, Infinite Night,
                    (detail), 2001
Artemio Rodriquez, Bajo el Mismo Cielo, 2003
Artemio Rodriquez, Avarice , 2003
Artemio Rodriquez, Treachery and Lechery, 2003
Artemio Rodriquez, The Beast who sees All, 2003
Artemio Rodriquez, GraficoMovil
                                                 La Lotteria (detail) Wa are Barrio.
Artemio Rodriquez, Don’t Loose your Head, 2001
      Presenting Information
• Students will use technology within the
  class room in order to present Micro Lab
• Students will use the projector/elmo to
  show sketches and verbally present their

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