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					Essential of MIS (9th edition)
                                                              6) Verizon's implementation of a Web-based digital
                                                              dashboard to provide managers with real-time information
                       Chapter 1                              such as customer complaints is an example of:
                                                              A) improved flexibility.
      This word document was downloaded from                  B) improved decision-making.
                            C) improved efficiency.
     please remain this link information when you             D) customer and supplier intimacy.
              reproduce , copy, or use it.
                                                              7) The move of retail banking to use ATMs after Citibank
               <a                                             unveiled its first ATMs illustrates the information system
href='                              business objective of:
     /en'>word documents</a>                                  A) improved efficiency.
                                                              B) customer and supplier intimacy.
                                                              C) survival.
                                                              D) competitive advantage.
1) As discussed in the chapter opening case, the Yankees'
                                                              8) An information system can be defined technically as a
use of information systems in their new stadium can be
                                                              set of interrelated components that collect (or retrieve),
seen as an effort to achieve which of the primary business
                                                              process, store, and distribute information to support:
                                                              A) decision making and control in an organization.
A) Operational excellence
                                                              B) communications and data flow.
B) Survival
                                                              C) managers analyzing the organization's raw data.
C) Customer and supplier intimacy
                                                              D) the creation of new products and services.
D) Improved decision making
                                                              9) The three activities in an information system that
2) Journalist Thomas Friedman's description of the world
                                                              produce the information organizations use to control
as "flat" referred to:
                                                              operations are:
A) the flattening of economic and cultural advantages of
                                                              A) information retrieval, research, and analysis.
developed countries.
                                                              B) input, output, and feedback.
B) the use of the Internet and technology for instantaneous
                                                              C) input, processing, and output.
                                                              D) data analysis, processing, and feedback.
C) the reduction in travel times and the ubiquity of global
exchange and travel.
                                                              10) Order data for baseball tickets and bar code data are
D) the growth of globalization.
                                                              examples of:
                                                              A) raw input.                        B) raw output.
3) The six important business objectives of information
                                                              C) customer and product data.        D) sales information.
technology are: new products, services, and business
models; customer and supplier intimacy; improved
                                                              11) The average number of tickets sold daily online is an
decision-making; competitive advantage; operational
                                                              example of:
excellence, and:
                                                              A) input.                          B) raw data.
A) flexibility.
                                                              C) meaningful information.         D) output.
B) survival.
C) improved business practices.
D) improved efficiency.                                       12) Output:
                                                              A) is feedback that has been processed to create
4) The use of information systems because of necessity        meaningful information.
describes the business objective of:                          B) is information that is returned to appropriate members
A) survival.                                                  of the organization to help them evaluate the input stage.
B) improved business practices.                               C) transfers raw data to the people who will use it or to the
C) competitive advantage.                                     activities for which it will be used.
D) improved flexibility.                                      D) transfers processed information to the people who will
                                                              use it or to the activities for which it will be used.
5) Which of the following choices may lead to competitive
advantage (1) new products, services, and business            13) Converting raw data into a more meaningful form is
models; (2) charging less for superior products; (3)          called:
responding to customers in real-time?                         A) capturing.                      B) processing.
A) 1 only                  B) 1 and 2                         C) organizing.                     D) feedback.
C) 2 and 3                 D) 1, 2, and 3

14) An example of raw data from a national chain of            and coordinate the computer hardware components in an
automobile stores would be:                                    information system.
A) average of 13 Toyotas sold daily in Kentucky in 2007.       C) the software governing the organization of data on
B) 300 Toyota RAV4s sold during fourth quarter 2007 in         physical storage media.
Kentucky.                                                      D) the hardware and software used to transfer data.
C) 1 Toyota RAV4 sold January 7, 2008 in Louisville,
Kentucky - $28000.                                             22) The hardware and software used to transfer data in an
D) annual sales of Toyota RAV4s increased 2.4 percent.         organization is called:
                                                               A) data management technology.
15) Electronic computers and related software programs         B) networking and data management technology.
are the technical foundation, the tools and materials, of:     C) data and telecommunications technology.
A) all business procedures.                                    D) networking and telecommunications technology.
B) information accumulation.
C) modern information systems.                                 23) An intranet uses:
D) all industrialized countries.                               A) mainframe technology.
                                                               B) infrared telecommunications systems.
16) The field that deals with behavioral issues as well as     C) the telecommunications capacities of fiber optic
technical issues surrounding the development, use, and         networks.
impact of information systems used by managers and             D) Internet technology within the boundaries of the firm.
employees in the firm is called:
A) information systems literacy.                               24) The first step in the four-step model of business
B) information systems architecture.                           problem solving is:
C) management information systems.                             A) agreeing that a problem exists.
D) information technology infrastructure.                      B) identifying the problem.
                                                               C) outlining the problem's causes.
17) A hierarchy:                                               D) assigning the problem to a problem solver.
A) results in a clear-cut division of labor.
B) is composed primarily of experts trained for different      25) Inadequate database capacity is an example of the
functions.                                                     ________ dimension of business problems.
C) is a pyramid structure of rising authority and              A) technology             B) organizational
responsibility.                                                C) people                 D) management
D) is used primarily in large organizations to define job
roles.                                                         26) Legal and regulatory compliance is an example of the
                                                               ________ dimension of business problems.
18) In a hierarchical organization, the upper levels consist   A) management             B) organizational
of:                                                            C) people                 D) technology
A) managerial and professional workers.
B) managerial, professional, and technical workers.            27) Aging hardware and outdated software are examples of
C) professional and operational workers.                       the ________ dimension of business problems.
D) managerial, professional, and operational workers.          A) technology            B) management
                                                               C) information systems D) organizational
19) The fundamental set of assumptions, values, and ways
of doing things that has been accepted by most of a            28) Poor business processes and unsupportive culture are
company's members is called its:                               examples of the ________ dimension of business
A) culture.                 B) environment.                    problems.
C) atmosphere.              D) values.                         A) management             B) organizational
                                                               C) people                 D) infrastructure
20) Business processes:
A) include informal work practices.                            29) The owners of Speed-EZ, a new bike messenger
B) are used primarily for sales and accounting functions.      service, are concerned about how they will manage their
C) are governed by information technology.                     messengers once they have left the office. This is a
D) are logically related tasks used primarily by operational   business problem that falls into the:
personnel.                                                     A) management dimension.
                                                               B) people dimension.
21) Data management technology consists of:                    C) organizational dimension.
A) the physical hardware and media used by an                  D) technology dimension.
organization for storing data.
B) the detailed, preprogrammed instructions that control       30) Flapjack Flats, a new pancake chain, is having

difficulty finding pancake chefs. This is a business           C) Toyota's legendary TPS that has created superlative
problem that falls into the:                                   efficiencies and enabled Toyota to become the world's
A) management dimension.                                       largest auto maker
B) people dimension.                                           D) Verizon's Web-based digital dashboard providing real-
C) organizational dimension.                                   time company information for managers
D) technical dimension.
                                                               38) An example of a business using information systems to
31) In choosing the best solution for a business problem,      attain competitive advantage is:
one of the most important considerations is:                   A) Apple's creation of the iPod.
A) change management.                                          B) JC Penney's information system that allows its contract
B) existing resources and skills.                              manufacturers to see what garments have been sold and
C) employee training.                                          need to be replaced.
D) outcome measurement.                                        C) Toyota's legendary TPS that has created superlative
                                                               efficiencies and enabled Toyota to become the world's
32) The final step in the four-step model of business          largest auto maker.
problem solving is:                                            D) Verizon's Web-based digital dashboard providing real-
A) outcome.                 B) implementation.                 time company information for managers.
C) change management. D) feedback.
                                                               39) An example of a business using information systems
33) Which of the following would not be considered part        for customer and supplier intimacy is:
of the implementation phase of problem solving?                A) Apple's creation of the iPod.
A) change management                                           B) JC Penney's information system that allows its contract
B) purchasing hardware for an information systems              manufacturers to see what garments have been sold and
solution                                                       need to be replaced.
C) training an employee on new systems software                C) Toyota's legendary TPS that has created superlative
D) evaluating a selection of software packages for             efficiencies and enabled Toyota to become the world's
implementing a new business process                            largest auto maker.
                                                               D) Verizon's Web-based digital dashboard providing real-
34) The failure of NASA's initial solution to preventing the   time company information for managers.
space shuttle shedding foam illustrates:
A) the importance of training employees on new business        40) An information skill important for an accounting major
processes.                                                     would be:
B) the need to prepare for measuring outcomes of a             A) an understanding of system and network security
business solution.                                             issues.
C) the continuous nature of problem solving.                   B) an understanding of product management enterprise
D) the need to quickly adapt to new technological              systems.
innovations.                                                   C) an understanding of supplier management enterprise
35) One of the most frequent errors in problem solving is:     D) an understanding of enterprise systems that enhance
A) rushing to judgment.                                        leadership.
B) not being aware of personal limitations.
C) being too doubtful.                                         41) An information skill important for a marketing major
D) following a rote pattern of decision making.                would be:
                                                               A) an understanding of system and network security
36) A major criterion in deciding the most important           issues.
perspectives of a business problem is:                         B) an understanding of product management enterprise
A) implementation.                                             systems.
B) change management.                                          C) an understanding of supplier management enterprise
C) usefulness.                                                 systems.
D) organizational needs.                                       D) an understanding of enterprise systems that enhance
37) Which of the following is an example of a business
using information systems to create new products and           42) Maintaining the organization's financial records is a
services?                                                      business function of:
A) Apple's creation of the iPod                                A) accounting.            B) finance
B) JC Penney's information system that allows its contract     C) sales                  D) marketing.
manufacturers to see what garments have been sold and
need to be replaced                                            43) Branding products is a business function of:

A) manufacturing and production.                                 C) The fear that offshore outsourcing will reduce demand
B) finance and accounting.                                       for new information system hires in the U.S. is mitigated
C) human resources.                                              by the fact that reduced IT expenditures results in
D) marketing.                                                    increased IT investments and the creation of domestic jobs.
                                                                 D) The impact of domestic IT outsourcing has been very
44) To make sure they stock clothes that their customers         disruptive to some regional areas of the U.S.
will purchase, a department store implements a new
application that analyzes spending levels at their stores and    49) The culture of UPS places service to the customer
cross-references this data to popular clothing styles. This is   among the company's highest business objectives, which is
an example of using information systems to support a             reflected in their use of information systems to enable
business strategy of:                                            customer tracking of their packages. Based on your
A) new products, services, and business models.                  reading of Chapter 1, why is "culture" an important factor
B) survival.                                                     to consider when building information system solutions to
C) customer and supplier intimacy.                               business problems?
D) improved decision making.                                     A) Business culture has to be synchronized with new
45) Financial managers work directly with ________ to            B) The business culture provides the vision and inspiration
ensure investments in information systems help achieve           for information system solutions.
corporate goals.                                                 C) People are a company's most important asset.
A) operations managers                                           D) Businesses without culture do not understand new
B) senior managers                                               technology.
C) marketing managers
D) accounting managers                                           50) Based on your reading of the case discussing mobile
                                                                 handhelds, Doylestown Hospital's use of iPhones is an
46) Operations management as a discipline is directly            example of using information systems to enhance which of
relevant to three occupational categories:                       the following generic business objectives?
A) industrial production managers, operations analysts,          A) Survival
and administrative service managers.                             B) New products, services, and business models
B) project managers, production managers, and                    C) Improved decision making
administrative service managers.                                 D) Customer and supplier intimacy
C) project managers, production managers, and industrial
production managers.                                             Chapter 2
D) finance, accounting, and management.
                                                                 1) The five basic entities that make up any business are
47) Assume you work for a package delivery service in a          suppliers, customers, employees, products and services,
major metropolitan area, and that the business has been          and:
losing customers for several years. You have been asked to       A) its environment.
find a solution to this problem, perhaps one which uses          B) manufacturing and production.
modern information technologies. What is the correct way         C) sales and marketing.
to proceed?                                                      D) invoices and payments.
A) Look for solutions, evaluate the solutions, identify the
problem more clearly, and then implement the solution.           2) Promoting the organization's products or services is a
B) Think about what solutions can be implemented, look           responsibility of the ________ function.
for solution designs, evaluate the designs, and then             A) finance and accounting
implement the solution.                                          B) human resources
C) Identify the problem, design alternative solutions,           C) manufacturing and production
choose the best solution, and then implement the solution.       D) sales and marketing
D) Design solutions, evaluate and identify the problems,
choose the best solution, and then implement the solution.
                                                                 3) Checking for product quality is an activity associated
48) Which of the following statements is not true?               with the ________ function.
A) The most common and successful offshore outsourcing           A) finance and accounting
projects involve production programming and system               B) human resources
maintenance programming work, along with call center             C) manufacturing and production
work.                                                            D) sales and marketing
B) Inflation in Indian wages for technology work is
leading to a counter movement of jobs back to the United         4) Which of the following is a cross-functional business
States.                                                          process?

A) Hiring an employee                                          designates a specific category of information systems
B) Identifying a customer                                      serving:
C) Fulfilling a customer order                                 A) integrated data processing throughout the firm.
D) Creating an invoice                                         B) transaction process reporting.
                                                               C) senior management
5) Employees that assist with paperwork at all levels of the   D) middle management functions.
firm are called:
A) data workers.                   B) knowledge workers.       14) These systems are designed to summarize and report
C) operational management.         D) service workers.         on the company's basic operations.
                                                               A) Management information systems
6) The three principal levels of hierarchies within a          B) Decision-support systems
business organization are:                                     C) Executive information systems
A) management, knowledge workers, and service workers.         D) Transaction processing systems
B) senior management, middle management, and
operational management.                                        15) ________ support making decisions that are unique,
C) management, data workers, and operational                   rapidly changing, and not easily specified in advance.
management.                                                    A) Management information systems
D) senior management, operational management, and              B) Transaction processing systems
workers.                                                       C) Executive support systems
                                                               D) Decision-support systems
7) Key forces in a business's immediate environment
include:                                                       16) Which type of system would you use to determine the
A) regulations.            B) technology.                      five suppliers with the worst record in delivering goods on
C) economy.                D) politics.                        time?
                                                               A) ESS                     B) TPS
8) Engineers and architects are examples of:                   C) MIS                     D) DSS
A) senior management. B) production workers.
C) knowledge workers. D) middle management.                    17) These systems are especially suited to situations in
                                                               which the procedure for arriving at a solution may not be
9) Which of the following is an example of a key force in a    fully predefined in advance.
firm's broader, less immediate environment?                    A) Management information systems
A) stockholders            B) regulations                      B) Transaction processing systems
C) shipping firms          D) economic trends                  C) Decision-support systems
                                                               D) Knowledge management systems
10) A computerized system that performs and records the
daily dealings necessary to conduct business is classified     18) Which type of system would you use to forecast the
as a(n):                                                       return on investment if you used new suppliers with better
A) executive support system.                                   delivery track records?
B) management-level system.                                    A) ESS                     B) TPS
C) decision support system.                                    C) MIS                     D) DSS
D) transaction-processing system.
                                                               19) Decision-support systems are also referred to as:
11) Which type of system would you use to change a             A) business information systems.
production schedule if a key supplier was late in delivering   B) business intelligence systems.
goods?                                                         C) executive support systems.
A) ESS                     B) TPS                              D) business model systems.
C) MIS                     D) DSS
                                                               20) Executive support systems are information systems
12) A relocation control system that reports summaries on      that support the:
the total moving, house-hunting, and home financing costs      A) long-range planning activities of senior management.
for employees in all company divisions would fall into the     B) knowledge and data workers in an organization.
category of:                                                   C) decision-making and administrative activities of middle
A) knowledge management systems.                               managers.
B) transaction support systems.                                D) day-to-day processes of production.
C) executive-support systems.
D) management information systems.                             21) ESS are specifically designed to serve the ________
                                                               level of the organization.
13) The term "management information systems"                  A) operational                      B) end-user

C) middle management                 D) senior management       C) ESS                     D) CPS

22) Which type of system would you use to determine             30) Which type of information system would an intranet be
what trends in your supplier's industry will affect your firm   most easily adapted to?
the most in five years?                                         A) CRM                   B) MIS
A) ESS                     B) TPS                               C) TPS                   D) KMS
C) MIS                     D) DSS
                                                                31) Which of the following types of system could be used
23) ________ systems often deliver information to senior        to enable different firms to work collaboratively on a
executives through a portal.                                    product?
A) Transaction processing                                       A) intranet                 B) extranet
B) Executive support                                            C) KMS                      D) CRM
C) Management information
D) Decision-support                                             32) You manage the Information Systems department at a
                                                                small startup Internet advertiser. You need to set up an
24) A POS system, such as the one selected by Johnny's          inexpensive system that allows customers to see real-time
Lunch in the chapter case study, falls into which category      statistics such as views and click-throughs about their
of information system?                                          current banner ads. Which type of system will most
A) TPS                     B) KWS                               efficiently provide a solution?
C) MIS                     D) DSS                               A) CRM                      B) Enterprise system
                                                                C) Extranet                 D) Intranet
25) These systems are designed to support organization-
wide process coordination and integration.                      33) Buying or selling goods over the Internet is called:
A) Decision-support systems                                     A) e-commerce.            B) e-business.
B) Management information systems                               C) an intranet.           D) an extranet.
D) Enterprise applications                                      34) The use of digital technology and the Internet to
                                                                execute the major business processes in the enterprise is
26) A(n) ________ collects data from various key business       called:
processes and stores the data in a single comprehensive         A) e-commerce.                      B) e-business.
data repository, usable by other parts of the business.         C) enterprise applications.         D) MIS.
A) transaction processing system
B) enterprise system                                            35) You work for a highly successful advertiser that is just
C) automatic reporting system                                   about to expand nationally. Of utmost importance will be
D) management information system                                finding a way to store and disseminate their client's
                                                                frequently updated branding and style guides to all of their
27) What is the most important benefit of an enterprise         branches. The guides include multiple image files and text
application?                                                    documents. What system will best serve these needs?
A) Enabling speed of communicating.                             A) A wiki
B) Enabling business functions and departments to share         B) An extranet with KMS capabilities
information.                                                    C) A TPS with KMS capabilities
C) Enabling a company to work collaboratively with              D) An ESS with collaboration capabilities
customers and suppliers.
D) Enabling cost-effective, e-business processes.               36) Interaction jobs are those jobs which:
                                                                A) are in the service sector and require close coordination,
28) ________ systems integrate and share information            and collaboration.
from suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and logistics      B) involve knowledge that can't be put into an information
companies.                                                      system.
A) Collaborative distribution                                   C) are performed typically by operational-level employees.
B) Supply-chain management                                      D) require intense levels of interaction with clients.
C) Reverse logistics
D) Enterprise planning                                          37) You have been hired by Inspiration Inc, to help
                                                                improve their profit margin. Inspiration Inc. is a business
29) ________ systems provide information to coordinate          communications consultancy that services many clients in
all of the business processes that deal with customers in       different industries throughout the U.S. The end products
sales, marketing, and service to optimize revenue,              of the company are customized recommendations for the
customer satisfaction, and customer retention.                  best use of a client's existing resources for improving
A) CRM                      B) MIS                              internal communications, typically delivered via

documentation in different media. The company has              C) space/cost matrix       D) time/space matrix
approximately 100 consultants all of whom are located in
their central headquarters in Chicago. What system do you      45) Which of the following collaboration tools would be
recommend to improve the company's business processes          appropriate for participants in separate locations who need
and increase their profit margin?                              to collaborate synchronously?
A) Extranet, to enable quick collaboration over the            A) blog                              B) team room
Internet, minimize the time spent communicating with the       C) electronic meeting software       D) group calendar
client, and minimize the amount of paperwork needed
B) CRM, to maintain easily accessible customer records to      46) The ________ is responsible for ensuring that the
minimize the time spent looking for client data                company complies with existing data privacy laws.
C) KMS, for minimizing redundant work on similar clients       A) CPO                   B) CKO
D) Video conferencing system, for improving                    C) CIO                   D) CIP
                                                               47) The principal liaison between the information systems
38) In a business environment, the focus of collaboration is   groups and the rest of the organization is a(n):
to:                                                            A) programmer.
A) accomplish the task at hand.                                B) information systems manager.
B) provide a sense of community.                               C) systems analyst.
C) foster better communication.                                D) CIO.
D) prevent miscommunication.
                                                               48) A ________ is a senior manager who oversees the use
39) Which of the following statements is NOT true about        of IT in the firm.
collaboration in a business setting?                           A) CEO                    B) CFO
A) Collaboration may be a short-lived activity, lasting just   C) CIO                    D) CIT
a few minutes.
B) Collaboration is a many-to-many activity as opposed to      49) Development and support services for a firm's business
a one-to-one or one-to-many activity.                          systems are provided by:
C) Meaningful collaboration requires a supportive business     A) IT educational services.
firm culture and the right, decentralized structure.           B) IT management services.
D) The evidence of the business benefits of collaboration      C) Application software services.
are largely anecdotal.                                         D) IT standards services.

40) Which of the following tools is NOT one of the most        50) Policies that determine which information technology
important 15 types of collaboration software tools?            will be used, when, and how are provided by:
A) screen sharing                                              A) IT educational services.
B) video streaming                                             B) IT management services.
C) video conferencing                                          C) Application software services.
D) e-mail and instant messaging                                D) IT standards services.

41) A wiki is a type of:                                       Chapter 3
A) social networking site.
B) blogging.                                                   1) Which of the following is not one of the competitive
C) video conferencing.                                         forces of Porter's model?
D) Web site designed for collaborative writing and editing.    A) Suppliers              B) Other competitors
                                                               C) External environment D) Customers.
42) Second Life is an example of a:
A) virtual world.                   B) wiki.                   2) A manufacturer of deep-sea oil rigs may be least
C) social networking site.          D) mind mapping tool.      concerned about which of these marketplace forces?
                                                               A) Product differentiation
43) The most widely used collaboration software tool used      B) Traditional competitors
by very large firms is:                                        C) Low number of suppliers
A) Lotus Notes.          B) Microsoft SharePoint.              D) New market entrants
C) Google Apps.          D) Onehub.
                                                               3) Which of the following industries has the lowest barrier
44) What analytical framework discussed in the chapter         to entry?
helps understand and evaluate the benefits and uses of         A) Automotive             B) Computer-chip
collaboration tools?                                           C) Restaurant             D) Airline
A) cost/use matrix        B) task/time matrix

4) A substitute product of most concern for a cable TV         products and services at a lower price than competitors.
distributor is:                                                C) Chrysler Corporation's use of information systems to
A) satellite TV.           B) broadcast TV.                    facilitate direct access from suppliers to production
C) satellite radio.        D) the Internet.                    schedules.
                                                               D) AutoNation's use of information systems to determine
5) Which of the following can force a business and its         which models and options they are most likely to buy.
competitors to compete on price alone?
A) High product differentiation                                11) Which of the following illustrates the use of
B) Poor process efficiency                                     information systems to focus on market niche?
C) Demand control                                              A) Dell's use of information systems in selling made-to-
D) Transparent marketplace                                     order PCs directly to customers.
                                                               B) Wal-Mart's use of information systems to produce
6) A firm can exercise greater control over its suppliers by   products and services at a lower price than competitors.
having:                                                        C) Chrysler Corporation's use of information systems to
A) more suppliers.         B) fewer suppliers.                 facilitate direct access from suppliers to production
C) global suppliers.       D) local suppliers.                 schedules.
                                                               D) AutoNation's use of information systems to determine
7) The four basic strategies a company can employ to deal      which models and options they are most likely to buy.
with competitive forces are:
A) (1) increase process efficiency, (2) implement demand       12) When a firm provides a specialized product or service
control, (3) focus on market niche, and (4) low-cost           for a narrow target market better than competitors, they are
leadership.                                                    using a:
B) (1) strengthen customer and supplier intimacy, (2) focus    A) product differentiation strategy.
on market niche, (3) product differentiation, and (4)          B) market niche strategy.
implement demand control.                                      C) mass customization strategy.
C) (1) focus on market niche, (2) product differentiation,     D) process efficiency strategy.
(3) mass customization, and (4) implement demand
control.                                                       13) ________ is the ability to offer individually tailored
D) (1) strengthen customer and supplier intimacy, (2)          products or services using the same production resources
focus on market niche, (3) product differentiation, and (4)    as bulk production.
low-cost leadership.                                           A) Mass customization       B) Size customization
                                                               C) Personalization          D) Demand customization
8) Wal-Mart's continuous replenishment system allows it
to:                                                            14) An information system can enable a company to focus
A) provide mass customization.                                 on a market niche through:
B) provide an efficient customer response system.              A) complex trend forecasting.
C) strengthen customer intimacy.                               B) tailoring products to the client.
D) achieve economy of scale.                                   C) intensive product trend analysis.
                                                               D) intensive customer data analysis.
9) Which of the following illustrates the use of information
systems to achieve product differentiation?                    15) Hilton Hotels' use of customer information software to
A) A PC manufacturer's use of information systems in           identify the most profitable customers to direct services to
selling build-to-order PCs directly to customers.              is an example of using information systems to:
B) A retailer's use of information systems to produce          A) strengthen customer intimacy.
products and services at a lower price than competitors.       B) differentiate their service.
C) An automobile manufacturer's use of information             C) focus on market niche.
systems to facilitate direct access from suppliers to          D) increase efficiency.
production schedules.
D) A car dealer's use of information systems to determine      16) Which industries did the first wave of e-commerce
which models and options its customers are most likely to      transform?
buy.                                                           A) Air travel, books, bill payments
                                                               B) Air travel, books, music
10) Which of the following illustrates the use of              C) Real estate, air travel, books
information systems to strengthen customer and supplier        D) Real estate, books, bill payments
A) Dell's use of information systems in selling made-to-       17) To what competitive force did the printed
order PCs directly to customers.                               encyclopedia industry succumb?
B) Wal-Mart's use of information systems to produce            A) Positioning and rivalry among competitors

B) Low cost of entry                                            D) synchronizes the business processes of customers,
C) Substitute products or services                              suppliers, and trading partners.
D) Customer's bargaining power
                                                                24) The most successful solutions or methods for
18) Internet technology:                                        achieving a business objective are called:
A) makes it easy for rivals to compete on price alone.          A) core processes.         B) best processes.
B) imposes a significant cost of entry, due to infrastructure   C) benchmarks.             D) best practices.
C) increases the difference between competitors because of      25) A firm's value chain is linked to the:
the wide availability of information.                           A) value webs of its industry.
D) makes it easy to sustain operational advantages.             B) value chains of its suppliers, distributors, and
19) The Internet raises the bargaining power of customers       C) value webs of its suppliers and distributors.
by:                                                             D) value chains of its suppliers and customers.
A) creating new opportunities for building loyal customer
bases.                                                          26) A ________ is a collection of independent firms that
B) making more products available.                              use information technology to coordinate their value
C) making information available to everyone.                    chains to produce a product or service for a market
D) lowering transaction costs.                                  collectively.
                                                                A) value chain            B) business network
20) The value chain model:                                      C) value web              D) consortia
A) categorizes five related advantages for adding value to
a firm's products or services.                                  27) How are information systems used at the industry level
B) sees the supply chain as the primary activity for adding     to achieve strategic advantage?
value.                                                          A) By building industry-wide, IT-supported consortia and
C) categorizes four basic strategies a firm can use to          symposia
enhance its value chain.                                        B) By raising the bargaining power of suppliers
D) helps a firm identify points at which information            C) By encouraging the entry of new competitors
technology can most effectively to enhance its competitive      D) By enforcing standards that reduce the differences
position.                                                       between competitors

21) The primary activities of a firm include:                   28) When the output of some units can be used as inputs to
A) inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, sales     other units, or if two organizations pool markets and
and marketing, and service.                                     expertise that result in lower costs and generate profits it is
B) inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics,           often referred to as creating:
technology, and service.                                        A) value webs.               B) value chains.
C) procurement, inbound logistics, operations, technology,      C) synergies.                D) core competencies.
and outbound logistics.
D) procurement, operations, technology, sales and               29) An information system can enhance core competencies
marketing, and service.                                         by:
                                                                A) providing better reporting facilities.
22) The support activities of a firm include:                   B) creating educational opportunities for management.
A) inbound logistics, technology, outbound logistics, sales     C) allowing operational employees to interact with
and marketing, and service.                                     management.
B) inbound logistics, organization infrastructure, outbound     D) encouraging the sharing of knowledge across business
logistics, technology, and procurement.                         units.
C) organization infrastructure, human resources, sales and
marketing, and technology.                                      30) The more any given resource is applied to production,
D) organization infrastructure, human resources,                the lower the marginal gain in output, until a point is
technology, and procurement.                                    reached where the additional inputs produce no additional
                                                                output is referred to as:
23) Benchmarking:                                               A) the point of no return.
A) compares the efficiency and effectiveness of your            B) the law of diminishing returns.
business processes against strict standards.                    C) supply and demand.
B) allows industry participants to develop industry-wide        D) inelasticity.
C) is used to measure the speed and responsiveness of           31) Network economics:
information technology.                                         A) applies the law of diminishing returns to communities

of users.
B) applies traditional economics to networked users.            39) ________ systems are those in which each foreign unit
C) sees the cost of adding new members as                       designs its own unique information system solutions.
inconsequential.                                                A) Centralized             B) Decentralized
D) balances the high cost of adding new members to a            C) Duplicated              D) Networked
community against the lower cost of using network
infrastructure.                                                 40) ________ systems are those in which development
                                                                occurs at the home base but operations are handed over to
32) In network economics, the value of a commercial             autonomous units in foreign locations.
software vendor's software products:                            A) Centralized            B) Decentralized
A) increases as more people use them.                           C) Duplicated             D) Networked
B) decreases as more people use them.
C) increases due to higher marginal gain in output.             41) ________ systems are those in which systems
D) decreases according to the law of diminishing returns.       development and operation occur totally at the domestic
                                                                home base.
33) A virtual company:                                          A) Centralized           B) Decentralized
A) uses the capabilities of other companies without being       C) Duplicated            D) Networked
physically tied to those companies.
B) uses Internet technology to maintain a virtual storefront.   42) ________ typically develop a single information
C) uses Internet technology to maintain a networked             system, usually at the home base, and then replicate it
community of users.                                             around the world.
D) provides entirely Internet-driven services, or virtual       A) Domestic exporters     B) Multinational firms
products.                                                       C) Franchisers            D) Transnational firms

34) The emergence of the World Wide Web acted as a              43) Psychological aspects play a significant role in the
disruptive technology for:                                      definition of quality for:
A) the typewriter industry.                                     A) customers only.
B) print publishing.                                            B) producers only.
C) PC manufacturers.                                            C) both customers and producers.
D) microprocessor firms.                                        D) neither customers nor producers.

35) Globalization allows:                                       44) Seeing quality as the responsibility of all people and
A) information systems to enhance core competencies.            functions in an organization is central to the concept of:
B) businesses to sell their products on a global scale.         A) Six sigma.               B) TQM.
C) businesses to use the capabilities of other companies        C) quality control.         D) cycle time reduction.
without being physically tied to those companies.
D) information systems to more fully utilize Internet           45) The reduction of errors to 3.4 defects per million
capabilities.                                                   opportunities is central to the concept of:
                                                                A) Six sigma.                B) TQM.
36) The greatest impact the Internet has had on                 C) benchmarking.             D) cycle time reduction.
globalization is in lowering the costs of:
A) labor.                                                       46) Which of the following is not a benefit of
B) telecommunications.                                          implementing CAD systems?
C) network infrastructure.                                      A) Reducing the time spent on completing a design
D) entry to global-scale operations.                            B) Reducing the time spent on benchmarking
                                                                C) Ability to review designs for errors prior to production
37) The ________ strategy concentrates financial                D) Ability to make changes to digital models without
management and control out of a central home base while         building physical prototypes
decentralizing production, sales, and marketing operations
to units in other countries.                                    47) Streamlining the steps taken to complete a business
A) domestic exporter         B) multinational                   task more efficiently is called:
C) franchise                 D) transnational                   A) workflow reengineering.
                                                                B) business process management.
38) The ________ strategy is characterized by heavy             C) business process reengineering.
centralization of corporate activities in the home country      D) workflow management.
of origin.
A) domestic exporter        B) multinational                    48) Many reengineering projects do not achieve
C) franchise                D) transnational                    breakthrough gains in performance because:

A) organizational change is difficult to manage.
B) it is difficult to streamline many business processes.       6) What would be a reason for using a workstation rather
C) workflow management is difficult to achieve.                 than a personal computer?
D) document management is difficult to achieve.                 A) When you need more powerful computational abilities
                                                                B) When you need to access a network
49) Blockbuster's move to include online movie rental as a      C) When you need to serve applications and data to client
part of its services illustrates the use of information         computers
systems for:                                                    D) When you need to share resources
A) competitive advantage.               B) survival.
C) new products and services.           D) customer intimacy.   7) Which of the following types of computer is used for
                                                                weather forecasting?
50) Which competitive force best categorizes the threat         A) Mainframe
Netflix posed to Blockbuster?                                   B) Server
A) Rivalry among traditional competitors                        C) Minicomputer
B) Threat of new market entrants                                D) Supercomputer
C) Substitute products and services
D) Bargaining power of customers                                8) Connecting geographically remote computers in a single
                                                                network to create a "virtual supercomputer" is called:
Chapter 4                                                       A) co-location.             B) cloud computing.
                                                                C) grid computing.          D) autonomic computing.
1) Software that organizes, manages, and processes
business data, such as data concerned with inventory,           9) The use of multiple computers linked by a
customers, and vendors, is called:                              communications network for processing is called:
A) system software.                                             A) grid computing.
B) application software.                                        B) distributed processing.
C) data management software.                                    C) client/server computing.
D) network software.                                            D) centralized processing.

2) Software that manages the resources of the computer is       10) The business case for using grid computing involves
called:                                                         all of the following except:
A) system software.                                             A) cost savings.             B) centralized maintenance.
B) application software.                                        C) speed of computation. D) reliability.
C) data management software.
D) network software.                                            11) In a multitiered network:
                                                                A) the work of the entire network is centralized.
3) Software used to apply the computer to a specific task       B) the work of the entire network is balanced over several
for an end user is called:                                      levels of servers.
A) system software.                                             C) processing is split between clients and servers.
B) application software.                                        D) processing is handled by multiple, geographically
C) data management software.                                    remote clients.
D) network software.
                                                                12) A client computer networked to a server computer,
4) Legacy systems are still in use today because:               with processing split between the two types of machines, is
A) they can only be run on the older mainframe computers.       called a(n):
B) they are too expensive to redesign.                          A) service-oriented architecture.
C) many integrate well using new Web services                   B) on-demand architecture.
technologies.                                                   C) multitiered client/server architecture.
D) they contain valuable data that would be lost during         D) two-tiered client/server architecture.
                                                                13) The primary storage technologies are:
5) In co-location, a firm:                                      A) storage networks, magnetic tape, magnetic disk, and
A) purchases and owns their Web server but locates the          optical disk.
server in the physical facility of a hosting service.           B) hard drives, magnetic tape, magnetic disk, and optical
B) contracts with an external vendor to run their computer      disk.
center and networks.                                            C) storage networks, magnetic disks, hard disks, and
C) off-loads peak demand for computing power to remote,         optical disks.
large-scale data centers.                                       D) hard drives, removable drives, storage networks, and
D) utilizes an external, distributed computing grid.            magnetic tape.

                                                              C) cell phones taking on the functions of handheld
14) Which of the following is a type of optical disk          computers.
storage?                                                      D) programming languages that allow non-programmers to
A) CD-ROM                 B) Hard drive                       create custom applications.
C) USB Flash drive        D) Magnetic tape
                                                              24) An industry-wide effort to develop systems that can
15) Which of the following storage technology stores data     configure, optimize, tune, and heal themselves when
sequentially?                                                 broken, and protect themselves from outside intruders and
A) CD-ROM                 B) RAID                             self-destruction is called:
C) Magnetic disks         D) Magnetic tape                    A) grid computing.          B) utility computing.
                                                              C) cloud computing.         D) autonomic computing.
16) A high-speed network dedicated to storage that
connects different kinds of storage devices, such as tape     25) Linux plays a major role in back office operations,
libraries and disk arrays so they can be shared by multiple   with about ________ of the U.S. server market.
servers best describes:                                       A) 10 percent             B) 25 percent
A) SSN.                     B) ASP.                           C) 50 percent             D) 80 percent
C) LAN.                     D) SAN.
                                                              26) Microsoft Excel is an example of:
17) Which of the following is a device used to collect data   A) data management software.
directly from the environment for input into a computer       B) spreadsheet software.
system?                                                       C) presentation graphics.
A) Sensor                 B) Touch screen                     D) word processing software.
C) Audio input            D) Trackball
                                                              27) Which of the following types of computer would you
18) What type of device gathers data and converts them        use to support a computer network?
into electronic form for use by the computer?                 A) Server                 B) Mainframe
A) Output device            B) Input device                   C) Workstation            D) PC
C) Optical storage          D) Magnetic storage
                                                              28) The interactive, multiuser operating system developed
19) Which of the following is not a type of output device?    by Bell Laboratories in 1969 to be highly supportive of
A) Speakers               B) Cathode ray tube                 communications and networking is:
C) Ink jet printer        D) Keyboard                         A) Unix.                   B) Linux.
                                                              C) Mac OS.                 D) COBOL.
20) The main challenge coming to Microsoft's Office
software suite will be:                                       29) Which is the most recent Windows operating system?
A) open-source, Linux-based suites such as StarOffice.        A) Windows 2010           B) Windows Vista
B) Web-based productivity software such as Google Apps.       C) Windows 7              D) Windows XP
C) mobile software.
D) in-house, custom software created using open-source        30) In client/server computing, the client is:
Web services.                                                 A) the computer that acts as the user point of entry.
                                                              B) the location of the bulk of the processing.
21) A widget is a(n):                                         C) software program used for logging on to the network.
A) combination of two Web-based software applications.        D) the computer that firsts asks for services.
B) Ajax-enabled Web app.
C) small software program that can be added to Web pages      31) Which of the following is not one of the most
or placed on the desktop.                                     important four programming languages for business?
D) Java applet that is downloadable over the Internet.        A) Java                   B) C++
                                                              C) COBOL                  D) Visual Basic
22) Microsoft Word is an example of:
A) open-source software.                                      32) Linux is:
B) word-processing software.                                  A) primarily concerned with the tasks of end users.
C) software productivity suite.                               B) designed for specific machines and specific
D) data management software.                                  microprocessors.
                                                              C) an example of open-source software.
23) An example of autonomic computing is:                     D) especially useful for processing numeric data.
A) virus protection software that runs and updates itself
automatically.                                                33) Languages that enable a user to make requests using
B) software programmed to run on any hardware platform.       conversational commands resembling human speech are

called:                                                         41) A set of self-contained services that communicate with
A) query languages.                                             each other to create a working software application is
B) natural languages.                                           called:
C) fourth-generation languages.                                 A) Web services.            B) enterprise integration.
D) nonprocedural languages.                                     C) SOA.                     D) SOAP.

34) A report generator is a type of:                            42), which combines Google Maps with
A) procedural language.                                         crime data for the city of Chicago, is an example of:
B) second-generation language.                                  A) cloud computing.         B) SOA.
C) graphics language.                                           C) a widget.                D) a mashup.
D) fourth-generation language.
                                                                43) Software applications that combine different online
35) Two categories of fourth-generation languages are:          software applications are referred to as:
A) graphics language and application software package.          A) integrated software.     B) widgets.
B) utility software and computer language translation           C) mashups.                 D) grid computing.
C) Java and C++.                                                44) To analyze the direct and indirect costs and determine
D) SOAP and WSDL.                                               the actual cost of specific technology implementations,
                                                                you would use a:
36) Which type of software provides more control over           A) total cost of ownership model.
text and graphic placement in the layout of a page than         B) return on investment model.
word processing software?                                       C) breakeven point.
A) Desktop publishing software                                  D) cost benefit analysis.
B) Spreadsheet software
C) Graphics software                                            45) All of the following place strain on system capacity,
D) Presentation software                                        except for:
                                                                A) increased number of users.
37) A software suite:                                           B) minimized response time for transaction processing.
A) includes capabilities for presentation graphics as well      C) increased business volume.
as text-editing and spreadsheets.                               D) large numbers of interactive Web pages.
B) provides functions to support the collaborative activities
of workgroups, including software for group writing,            46) Which of the following refers to the ability of a
information-sharing, and electronic meetings.                   computer, product, or system to expand to serve a larger
C) includes full-featured versions of application software      number of users without breaking down?
bundled as a unit.                                              A) Modifiability           B) Scalability
D) combines the functions of important PC software              C) Expandability           D) Disintermediation
                                                                47) The contracting of custom software development to
38) Running a Java program on a computer requires:              outside firms is commonly referred to as:
A) a Java Virtual Machine to be installed on the computer.      A) outsourcing.
B) a Java Virtual Machine to be installed on the server         B) scaling.
hosting the Java applet.                                        C) service-oriented architecture.
C) a miniature program to be downloaded to the user’s           D) application integration.
D) no extra or specialized software, as Java is platform-       48) In order to manage their relationship with an
independent.                                                    outsourcer or technology service provider, firms need a
                                                                contract that includes a(n):
39) Which technology allows a client and server to              A) TCO.                      B) SOA.
exchange small pieces of data behind the scene so that an       C) SLA.                      D) API.
entire Web page does not have to be reloaded each time
the user requests a change?                                     49) Which of the following statements is not true about
A) XML                     B) SOAP                              cloud computing?
C) Javascript              D) Ajax                              A) It consists of three types of services: cloud
                                                                infrastructure, cloud platform, and cloud software.
40) What is the foundation technology for Web services?         B) It removes the concern about data and systems security
A) HTML                   B) XML                                for businesses.
C) SOAP                   D) UDDI                               C) It allows smaller firms to use resources previously

D) It relies on the Internet as the platform for delivering     A) field.                   B) tuple.
services to users.                                              C) key field.               D) attribute.

50) Purchasing computing power from a central computing         8) The most basic business database is comprised of:
service and paying only for the amount of computing             A) three tables: for customers, suppliers and parts, and
power used is commonly referred to as:                          sales.
A) grid computing.                                              B) four tables: for customers, suppliers, parts, and sales.
B) utility computing.                                           C) four tables: for customers, employees, suppliers and
C) client/server computing.                                     parts, and table sales.
D) autonomic computing.                                         D) five tables: for customers, employees, suppliers,
                                                                products, and sales.
Chapter 5
                                                                9) In a table for customers, the information about a single
1) Which of the following is not a true statement about         customer would reside in a single:
MDM?                                                            A) field.                   B) row.
A) Its goal is to ensure a company is not using multiple        C) column.                  D) table.
versions of the same data.
B) It is a multi-step process that includes business process    10) In a relational database, a record is also called a(n):
analysis.                                                       A) tuple.                   B) row.
C) It is a quality-of-data concept that is used to identify a   C) entity.                  D) field.
company's most important data.
D) Its goal is to create a single, authenticated master file    11) A field identified in a table as holding the unique
for the company's data.                                         identifier of the table’s records is called the:
                                                                A) primary key.              B) key field.
2) What is the first step you should take in managing data      C) primary field.            D) foreign key.
for a firm?
A) Identify the data needed to run the business                 12) A field identified in a record as holding the unique
B) Cleanse the data before importing it to any database         identifier for that record is called the:
C) Normalize the data before importing to a database            A) primary key.               B) key field.
D) Audit your data quality                                      C) primary field.             D) foreign key.

3) An example of a pre-digital database is a:                   13) A schematic of the entire database that describes the
A) library’s card-catalog.                                      relationships in a database is called a(n):
B) cash register receipt.                                       A) data dictionary.
C) doctor’s office invoice.                                     B) intersection relationship diagram.
D) list of sales totals on a spreadsheet.                       C) entity-relationship diagram.
                                                                D) data definition diagram.
4) Which of the following best illustrates the relationship
between entities and attributes?                                14) A one-to-one relationship between two entities is
A) The entity CUSTOMER with the attribute PRODUCT               symbolized in a diagram by a line that ends:
B) The entity CUSTOMER with the attribute ADDRESS               A) in two short marks.
C) The entity PRODUCT with the attribute PURCHASE               B) in one short mark.
D) The entity PRODUCT with the attribute CUSTOMER               C) with a crow’s foot.
                                                                D) with a crow’s foot topped by a short mark.
5) The type of logical database model that treats data as if
they were stored in two-dimensional tables is the:              15) A one-to-many relationship between two entities is
A) OODBMS.                 B) pre-digital DBMS.                 symbolized in a diagram by a line that ends:
C) relational DBMS.        D) hierarchical DBMS.                A) in two short marks.
                                                                B) in one short mark.
6) What are the relationships that the relational database is   C) with a crow’s foot.
named for?                                                      D) with a crow’s foot preceded by a short mark.
A) Relationships between rows and columns
B) Relationships between entities                               16) A table that links two tables that have a many-to-many
C) Relationships between fields and records                     relationship is often called a(n):
D) Relationships between databases                              A) derived table.            B) intersection relation.
                                                                C) foreign table.            D) entity-relationship table.
7) A characteristic or quality describing an entity is called
a(n):                                                           17) The process of streamlining data to minimize

redundancy and awkward many-to-many relationships is            26) The select operation:
called:                                                         A) combines relational tables to provide the user with
A) normalization.      B) data scrubbing.                       more information than is otherwise available.
C) data cleansing.     D) data administration.                  B) creates a subset consisting of columns in a table.
                                                                C) identifies the table from which the columns will be
18) A DBMS makes the:                                           selected.
A) physical database available for different logical views.     D) creates a subset consisting of all records in the file that
B) logical database available for different analytical views.   meets stated criteria.
C) physical database available for different relational
views.                                                          27) The join operation:
D) relational database available for different physical         A) combines relational tables to provide the user with
views.                                                          more information than is otherwise available.
                                                                B) identifies the table from which the columns will be
19) The logical view of a database:                             selected.
A) shows how data are organized and structured on the           C) creates a subset consisting of columns in a table.
storage media.                                                  D) organizes elements into segments.
B) presents an entry screen to the user.
C) allows the creation of supplementary reports.                28) The project operation:
D) presents data as they would be perceived by end users.       A) combines relational tables to provide the user with
                                                                more information than is otherwise available.
20) Which of the following is not a typical feature of          B) creates a subset consisting of columns in a table.
DBMS?                                                           C) organizes elements into segments.
A) Data manipulation language                                   D) identifies the table from which the columns will be
B) Report generation tools                                      selected.
C) Data dictionary
D) Query wizard tool                                            29) The data dictionary serves as an important data
                                                                management tool by:
21) Oracle Database Lite is a:                                  A) assigning attributes to the data.
A) DBMS for small handheld computing devices.                   B) creating an inventory of data definitions contained in
B) popular open-source DBMS.                                    the database.
C) Mainframe relational DBMS.                                   C) specifying the structure of the content of the database.
D) DBMS for midrange computers.                                 D) maintaining data in updated form.

22) Access is a:                                                30) An automated or manual file that stores information
A) DBMS for small handheld computing devices.                   about data elements and data characteristics such as usage,
B) popular open-source DBMS.                                    physical representation, ownership, authorization, and
C) DBMS for midrange computers.                                 security is the:
D) DBMS for desktop systems.                                    A) data dictionary.
                                                                B) data definition diagram.
23) MySQL is a:                                                 C) entity-relationship diagram.
A) DBMS for small handheld computing devices.                   D) relationship dictionary.
B) popular open-source DBMS.
C) mainframe relational DBMS.                                   31) The specialized language programmers use to add and
D) DBMS for desktop systems.                                    change data in the database is called:
                                                                A) data dictionary language.
24) Microsoft SQL Server is a(n):                               B) data manipulation language.
A) DBMS for small handheld computing devices.                   C) Structured Query Language.
B) Internet DBMS.                                               D) data definition language.
C) Desktop relational DBMS.
D) DBMS for midrange computers.                                 32) The most prominent data manipulation language today
25) In a relational database, the three basic operations used   A) Access.               B) DB2.
to develop useful sets of data are:                             C) SQL.                  D) Crystal Reports.
A) select, project, and where.
B) select, join, and where.                                     33) DBMS typically include report-generating tools in
C) select, project, and join.                                   order to:
D) select, from, and join.                                      A) retrieve and display data.
                                                                B) display data in an easier-to-read format.

C) display data in graphs.
D) perform predictive analysis.                               42) Data mining is a tool for allowing users to:
                                                              A) quickly compare transaction data gathered over many
34) The type of database management approach that can         years.
handle multimedia is the:                                     B) find hidden relationships in data.
A) hierarchical DBMS. B) relational DBMS.                     C) obtain online answers to ad hoc questions in a rapid
C) network DBMS.          D) object-oriented DBMS.            amount of time.
                                                              D) summarize massive amounts of data into much smaller,
35) Which of the following database types is useful for       traditional reports.
storing Java applets as well as handling large numbers of
transactions?                                                 43) In terms of the data relationships found by data
A) Relational DBMS                                            mining, associations refers to:
B) Hierarchical DBMS                                          A) events linked over time.
C) Object-relational DBMS                                     B) patterns that describe a group to which an item belongs.
D) OODBMS                                                     C) occurrences linked to a single event.
                                                              D) undiscovered groupings.
36) A data warehouse is composed of:
A) historical data.                                           44) In terms of the data relationships found by data
B) current data.                                              mining, sequences refers to:
C) internal and external data sources.                        A) events linked over time
D) both historical and current data.                          B) patterns that describe a group to which an item belongs.
                                                              C) occurrences linked to a single event.
37) Which of the following statements about data              D) undiscovered groupings.
warehouses is not true?
A) They store supply data to be used across the enterprise    45) An alternative to using application server software for
for management analysis and decision making.                  interfacing between a Web server and back-end databases
B) Data warehouse systems provide a range of ad hoc and       is:
standardized query tools, analytical tools, and graphical     A) CGI.                    B) HTML.
reporting facilities.                                         C) Java.                   D) SQL.
C) They may include data from Web site transactions.
D) Data warehouse systems provide easy-to-use tools for       46) Businesses use ________ tools to search and analyze
managers to easily update data.                               unstructured data sets, such as e-mails and memos.
                                                              A) OODBMS                   B) Web mining
38) A data mart usually can be constructed more rapidly       C) text mining              D) OLAP
and at lower cost than a data warehouse because:
A) it typically focuses on a single subject area or line of   47) The confusion created by ________ makes it difficult
business.                                                     for companies to create customer relationship
B) all the information is historical.                         management, supply chain management, or enterprise
C) it uses a Web interface.                                   systems that integrate data from different sources.
D) all of the information belongs to a single company.        A) batch processing         B) data redundancy
                                                              C) data independence        D) online processing
39) Tools for consolidating, analyzing, and providing
access to vast amounts of data to help users make better      48) Detecting and correcting data in a database or file that
business decisions are known as:                              are incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or
A) DSS.                    B) business intelligence.          redundant is called:
C) OLAP.                   D) data mining.                    A) data auditing.           B) defragmentation
                                                              C) data scrubbing           D) data optimization
40) The tool that enables users to view the same data in
different ways using multiple dimensions is:                  49) Which of the following would you use to find patterns
A) predictive analysis.    B) SQL.                            in user interaction data recorded by Web servers?
C) OLAP.                   D) data mining.                    A) Web usage mining         B) Web server mining
                                                              C) Web structure mining D) Web content mining
41) OLAP is a tool for enabling:
A) users to obtain online answers to ad hoc questions in a    50) Which of the following would you use to find out
rapid amount of time.                                         which Web sites with content related to database design
B) users to view both logical and physical views of data.     were the most often linked to by other Web sites?
C) programmers to quickly diagram data relationships.         A) Web usage mining        B) Web server mining
D) programmers to normalize data.                             C) Web structure mining D) Web content mining

                                                              9) Which signal types are represented by a continuous
Chapter 6                                                     waveform?
                                                              A) Laser                   B) Optical
1) The device that acts as a connection point between         C) Digital                 D) Analog
computers and can filter and forward data to a specified
destination is called a(n):                                   10) To use the analog telephone system for sending digital
A) hub.                     B) switch.                        data, you must also use:
C) router.                  D) NIC.                           A) a modem.                B) a router.
                                                              C) DSL.                    D) twisted wire.
2) The Internet is based on which three key technologies?
A) TCP/IP, HTML, and HTTP                                     11) Which type of network is used to connect digital
B) TCP/IP, HTTP, and packet switching                         devices within a half-mile or 500-meter radius?
C) Client/server computing, packet switching, and the         A) Microwave               B) LAN
development of communications standards for linking           C) WAN                     D) MAN
networks and computers
D) Client/server computing, packet switching, and HTTP        12) Which type of network treats all processors equally,
                                                              and allows peripheral devices to be shared without going
3) The method of slicing digital messages into parcels,       to a separate server?
transmitting them along different communication paths,        A) Peer-to-peer            B) Wireless
and reassembling them at their destinations is called:        C) LAN                     D) Ring
A) multiplexing.           B) packet switching.
C) packet routing.         D) ATM.                            13) Which type of network would be most appropriate for
                                                              a business that comprised three employees and a manager
4) The telephone system is an example of a ________           located in the same office space, whose primary need is to
network.                                                      share documents?
A) peer-to-peer           B) wireless                         A) Wireless network in infrastructure mode
C) packet-switched        D) circuit-switched                 B) Domain-based LAN
                                                              C) Peer-to-peer network
5) Which of the following is not a characteristic of packet   D) Campus area network
A) Packets travel independently of each other.                14) In a bus network:
B) Packets are routed through many different paths.           A) signals are broadcast to the next station.
C) Packet switching requires point-to-point circuits.         B) signals are broadcast in both directions to the entire
D) Packets include data for checking transmission errors.     network.
                                                              C) multiple hubs are organized in a hierarchy.
6) In TCP/IP, IP is responsible for:                          D) messages pass from computer to computer in a loop.
A) disassembling and reassembling of packets during
transmission.                                                 15) All network components connect to a single hub in a
B) establishing an Internet connection between two            ________ topology.
computers.                                                    A) star                 B) bus
C) moving packets over the network.                           C) domain               D) peer-to-peer
D) sequencing the transfer of packets.
                                                              16) The most common Ethernet topology is:
7) In a telecommunications network architecture, a            A) bus.                B) star.
protocol is:                                                  C) ring.               D) mesh.
A) a device that handles the switching of voice and data in
a local area network.                                         17) A network that spans a city, and sometimes its major
B) a standard set of rules and procedures for control of      suburbs as well, is called a:
communications in a network.                                  A) CAN.                      B) MAN.
C) a communications service for microcomputer users.          C) LAN.                      D) WAN.
D) the main computer in a telecommunications network.
                                                              18) A network that covers entire geographical regions is
8) What are the four layers of the TCP/IP reference model?    most commonly referred to as a(n):
A) Physical, application, transport, and network interface    A) local area network.              B) intranet.
B) Physical, application, Internet, and network interface     C) peer-to-peer network.            D) wide area network.
C) Application, transport, Internet, and network interface
D) Application, hardware, Internet, and network interface     19) ________ work(s) by using radio waves to
                                                              communicate with radio antennas placed within adjacent

geographic areas.                                             of the Internet?
A) Cell phones              B) Microwaves                     A) None (no one "owns" the Internet)          B) W3C
C) Satellites               D) WANs                           C) ICANN                                      D) IAB

20) Bandwidth is the:                                         29) IPv6 is being developed in order to:
A) number of frequencies that can be broadcast through a      A) update the packet transmission protocols for higher
medium.                                                       bandwidth.
B) number of cycles per second that can be sent through a     B) create more IP addresses.
medium.                                                       C) allow for different levels of service.
C) difference between the highest and lowest frequencies      D) support Internet2.
that can be accommodated on a single channel.
D) total number of bytes that can be sent through a           30) Which of the following services enables logging on to
medium per second.                                            one computer system and working on another?
                                                              A) FTP                    B) LISTSERV
21) The total amount of digital information that can be       C) Telnet                 D) World Wide Web
transmitted through any telecommunications medium is
measured in:                                                  31) Instant messaging is a type of ________ service.
A) bps.                    B) Hertz.                          A) chat                     B) cellular
C) baud.                   D) gigaflops.                      C) e-mail                   D) wireless

22) Digital subscriber lines:                                 32) The need in some cases for employees to have access
A) operate over existing telephone lines to carry voice,      to sexually explicit material on the Internet, such as
data, and video.                                              medical researchers, suggests that companies:
B) operate over coaxial lines to deliver Internet access.     A) cannot restrict Internet use.
C) are very-high-speed data lines typically leased from       B) need specialized software to determine which types of
long-distance telephone companies.                            material are acceptable.
D) have up to twenty-four 64-Kbps channels.                   C) may need to maintain a database of acceptable Web
23) T lines:                                                  D) need to base their Internet use policies on the needs of
A) operate over existing telephone lines to carry voice,      the organization and culture.
data, and video.
B) operate over coaxial lines to deliver Internet access.     33) ________ integrate(s) disparate channels for voice
C) are high-speed, leased data lines providing guaranteed     communications, data communications, instant messaging,
service levels.                                               e-mail, and electronic conferencing into a single
D) have up to twenty-four 64-Kbps channels.                   experience.
                                                              A) Wireless networks
24) Which protocol is the Internet based on?                  B) Intranets
A) TCP/IP                  B) FTP                             C) Virtual private networks
C) packet-switching        D) HTTP                            D) Unified communications

25) What service converts IP addresses into more              34) A VPN:
recognizable alphanumeric names?                              A) is an encrypted private network configured within a
A) HTML                   B) DNS                              public network.
C) IP                     D) HTTP                             B) is more expensive than a dedicated network.
                                                              C) provides secure, encrypted communications using
26) The child domain of the root is the:                      Telnet.
A) top-level domain.      B) second-level domain.             D) is an Internet-based service for delivering voice
C) host name.             D) domain extension.                communications.

27) In the domain name "",         35) Web browser software requests Web pages from the
what are the root, top-level, second-level, and third-level   Internet using which protocol?
domains, respectively?                                        A) URL                     B) HTTP
A) "http://", myspace, blogging, com                          C) DNS                     D) HTML
B) "http://", com, blogging, myspace
C) ".", com, blogging, myspace                                36) Together, a protocol prefix, a domain name, a
D) ".", myspace, blogging, com                                directory path, and a document name, are called a(n):
                                                              A) uniform resource locator.         B) IP address.
28) Which organization helps define the overall structure     C) third level domain.               D) root domain.

                                                              maximum wireless coverage for a specific area are referred
37) The most common Web server today, controlling 46          to as:
percent of the market, is:                                    A) touch points.        B) hotspots.
A) Microsoft IIS.          B) WebSTAR                         C) hot points.          D) wireless hubs.
C) Apache HTTP Server. D) Netscape Server.
                                                              47) The IEEE standard for the WiMax is:
38) What technology allows people to have content pulled      A) IEEE 802.15.           B) IEEE 802.11.
from Web sites and fed automatically to their computers?      C) IEEE 802.16.           D) IEEE 802.20.
A) FTP                    B) RSS
C) HTTP                   D) Bluetooth                        48) The WiMax standard can transmit up to a distance of
39) The process of employing techniques to help a Web         A) 30 meters.           B) 500 meters.
site achieve a higher ranking with the major search engines   C) 30 miles.            D) 5 miles.
is called:
A) VPN.                     B) IAB.                           49) Passive RFID tags:
C) SEM.                     D) SEO.                           A) have their own power source.
                                                              B) have a range of several feet.
40) Which of the following statements is not true about       C) enable data to be rewritten and modified.
search engines?                                               D) are used in automated toll-collection systems.
A) They are arguably the Internet's "killer app".
B) They have solved the problem of how users instantly        50) Based on your reading of the examples in the chapter,
find information on the Internet.                             what would be the best use of RFID for a business?
C) They are monetized almost exclusively by search            A) Logging transactions
engine marketing.                                             B) Managing the supply chain
D) There are hundreds of search engines vying for user        C) Lowering network costs
attention, with no clear leader having yet emerged.           D) Enabling client communication

41) Which of the following is the first generation of         Chapter 7
cellular systems suitable for wireless broadband Internet
access?                                                       1) ________ refers to policies, procedures, and technical
A) 2G                       B) 2.5G                           measures used to prevent unauthorized access, alternation,
C) 3G                       D) 4G                             theft, or physical damage to information systems.
                                                              A) "Security"              B) "Controls"
42) CDMA:                                                     C) "Benchmarking"          D) "Algorithms"
A) is the major European digital cellular standard.
B) is more expensive than GSM.                                2) ________ refers to all of the methods, policies, and
C) transmits over several frequencies.                        organizational procedures that ensure the safety of the
D) uses the 1.9 GHz band.                                     organization's assets, the accuracy and reliability of its
                                                              accounting records, and operational adherence to
43) The most appropriate wireless networking standard for     management standards.
creating PANs is:                                             A) "Legacy systems"          B) "SSID standards"
A) I-mode.                B) IEEE 802.11b.                    C) "Vulnerabilities"         D) "Controls"
C) WiFi.                  D) Bluetooth.
                                                              3) Large amounts of data stored in electronic form are
44) Bluetooth can be used to link up to ________ devices      ________ than the same data in manual form.
within a 10-meter area using low-power, radio-based           A) less vulnerable to damage
communication.                                                B) more secure
A) four                    B) six                             C) vulnerable to many more kinds of threats
C) eight                   D) ten                             D) more critical to most businesses

45) The Wi-Fi 802.11a standard can transmit up to:            4) Electronic data are more susceptible to destruction,
A) 54 Mbps in the 5-GHz frequency range.                      fraud, error, and misuse because information systems
B) 11 Mbps in the 2.4-GHz frequency range.                    concentrate data in computer files that:
C) 54 Mbps in the 2.4-GHz frequency range.                    A) are usually bound up in legacy systems that are difficult
D) 722 Kbps in the 2.4-GHz frequency range.                   to access and difficult to correct in case of error.
                                                              B) are not secure because the technology to secure them
46) One or more access points positioned on a ceiling,        did not exist at the time the files were created.
wall, or other strategic spot in a public place to provide    C) have the potential to be accessed by large numbers of

people and by groups outside of the organization.             user’s machine. The program enabled outsiders to infiltrate
D) are frequently available on the Internet.                  the user’s machine. What type of malware is this an
                                                              example of?
5) Specific security challenges that threaten the             A) Trojan horse           B) Virus
communications lines in a client/server environment           C) Worm                   D) Spyware
A) tapping; sniffing; message alteration; radiation.          13) Redirecting a Web link to a different address is a form
B) hacking; vandalism; denial of service attacks.             of:
C) theft, copying, alteration of data; hardware or software   A) snooping.              B) spoofing.
failure.                                                      C) sniffing.              D) war driving.
D) unauthorized access; errors; spyware.
                                                              14) A keylogger is a type of:
6) Specific security challenges that threaten clients in a    A) worm.                   B) Trojan horse.
client/server environment include:                            C) virus.                  D) spyware.
A) tapping; sniffing; message alteration; radiation.
B) hacking; vandalism; denial of service attacks.             15) Hackers create a botnet by:
C) theft, copying, alteration of data; hardware or software   A) infecting Web search bots with malware.
failure.                                                      B) by using Web search bots to infect other computers.
D) unauthorized access; errors; spyware.                      C) by causing other people’s computers to become
                                                              “zombie” PCs following a master computer.
7) Specific security challenges that threaten corporate       D) by infecting corporate servers with “zombie” Trojan
servers in a client/server environment include:               horses that allow undetected access through a back door.
A) tapping; sniffing; message alteration; radiation.
B) hacking; vandalism; denial of service attacks.             16) Using numerous computers to inundate and overwhelm
C) theft, copying, alteration of data; hardware or software   the network from numerous launch points is called a
failure.                                                      ________ attack.
D) unauthorized access; errors; spyware.                      A) DDoS                 B) DoS
                                                              C) SQL injection        D) phishing
8) The Internet poses specific security problems because:
A) it was designed to be easily accessible.                   17) Which of the following is not an example of a
B) Internet data is not run over secure lines.                computer used as a target of crime?
C) Internet standards are universal.                          A) Knowingly accessing a protected computer to commit
D) it changes so rapidly.                                     fraud
                                                              B) Accessing a computer system without authority
9) Which of the following statements about the Internet       C) Illegally accessing stored electronic communication
security is not true?                                         D) Threatening to cause damage to a protected computer
A) The use of P2P networks can expose a corporate
computer to outsiders.                                        18) Which of the following is not an example of a
B) A corporate network without access to the Internet is      computer used as an instrument of crime?
more secure than one provides access.                         A) Theft of trade secrets
C) VoIP is more secure than the switched voice network.       B) Intentionally attempting to intercept electronic
D) Instant messaging can provide hackers access to an         communication
otherwise secure network.                                     C) Unauthorized copying of software
                                                              D) Breaching the confidentiality of protected computerized
10) An independent computer program that copies itself        data
from one computer to another over a network is called a:
A) worm.                 B) Trojan horse.                     19) Phishing is a form of:
C) bug.                  D) pest.                             A) spoofing.               B) logging.
                                                              C) sniffing.               D) driving.
11) A salesperson clicks repeatedly on the online ads of a
competitor's in order to drive the competitor's advertising   20) An example of phishing is:
costs up. This is an example of:                              A) setting up a bogus Wi-Fi hot spots.
A) phishing.                B) pharming.                      B) setting up a fake medical Web site that asks users for
C) spoofing.                D) click fraud.                   confidential information.
                                                              C) pretending to be a utility company's employee in order
12) In 2004, ICQ users were enticed by a sales message        to garner information from that company about their
from a supposed anti-virus vendor. On the vendor’s site, a    security system.
small program called Mitglieder was downloaded to the         D) Sending bulk e-mail that asks for financial aid under a

false pretext.
                                                               28) The Sarbanes-Oxley Act:
21) Evil twins are:                                            A) requires financial institutions to ensure the security of
A) Trojan horses that appears to the user to be a legitimate   customer data.
commercial software application.                               B) specifies best practices in information systems security
B) e-mail messages that mimic the e-mail messages of a         and control.
legitimate business.                                           C) imposes responsibility on companies and management
C) fraudulent Web sites that mimic a legitimate business’s     to safeguard the accuracy of financial information.
Web site.                                                      D) outlines medical security and privacy rules.
D) bogus wireless network access points that look
legitimate to users.                                           29) The most common type of electronic evidence is:
                                                               A) voice-mail.         B) spreadsheets.
22) Pharming involves:                                         C) instant messages.   D) e-mail.
A) redirecting users to a fraudulent Web site even when
the user has typed in the correct address in the Web           30) Electronic evidence on computer storage media that is
browser.                                                       not visible to the average user is called ________ data.
B) pretending to be a legitimate business’s representative     A) defragmented             B) ambient
in order to garner information about a security system.        C) forensic                 D) fragmented
C) setting up fake Web sites to ask users for confidential
information.                                                   31) Application controls:
D) using e-mails for threats or harassment.                    A) can be classified as input controls, processing controls,
                                                               and output controls.
23) You have been hired as a security consultant for a law     B) govern the design, security, and use of computer
firm. Which of the following constitutes the greatest          programs and the security of data files in general
source of security threats to the firm?                        throughout the organization.
A) Wireless network                                            C) apply to all computerized applications and consist of a
B) Employees                                                   combination of hardware, software, and manual
C) Authentication procedures                                   procedures that create an overall control environment.
D) Lack of data encryption                                     D) include software controls, computer operations
                                                               controls, and implementation controls.
24) Tricking employees to reveal their passwords by
pretending to be a legitimate member of a company is           32) ________ controls ensure that valuable business data
called:                                                        files on either disk or tape are not subject to unauthorized
A) sniffing.               B) social engineering.              access, change, or destruction while they are in use or in
C) phishing.               D) pharming.                        storage.
                                                               A) Software                  B) Administrative
25) How do software vendors correct flaws in their             C) Data security             D) Implementation
software after it has been distributed?
A) Issue bug fixes          B) Issue patches                   33) Analysis of an information system that rates the
C) Re-release software      D) Issue updated versions          likelihood of a security incident occurring and its cost is
                                                               included in a(n)
26) The HIPAA Act of 1997:                                     A) security policy.         B) AUP.
A) requires financial institutions to ensure the security of   C) risk assessment.         D) business impact analysis.
customer data.
B) specifies best practices in information systems security    34) Statements ranking information risks and identifying
and control.                                                   security goals are included in a(n):
C) imposes responsibility on companies and management          A) security policy.        B) AUP.
to safeguard the accuracy of financial information.            C) risk assessment.        D) business impact analysis.
D) outlines medical security and privacy rules.
                                                               35) An analysis of the firm’s most critical systems and the
27) The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act:                                impact a system’s outage would have on the business is
A) requires financial institutions to ensure the security of   included in a(n):
customer data.                                                 A) security policy.        B) AUP.
B) specifies best practices in information systems security    C) risk assessment.        D) business impact analysis.
and control.
C) imposes responsibility on companies and management          36) Rigorous password systems
to safeguard the accuracy of financial information.            A) are one of the most effective security tools.
D) outlines medical security and privacy rules.                B) may hinder employee productivity.

C) are costly to implement.                                   key sent to the receiver so both sender and receiver share
D) are often disregarded by employees.                        the same key?
                                                              A) SSL                      B) Symmetric key encryption
37) An authentication token is a(n):                          C) Public key encryption D) Private key encryption
A) device the size of a credit card that contains access
permission data.                                              45) A digital certificate system:
B) type of smart card.                                        A) uses third-party CAs to validate a user’s identity.
C) gadget that displays passcodes.                            B) uses digital signatures to validate a user’s identity.
D) electronic marker attached to a digital authorization      C) uses tokens to validate a user’s identity.
         file.                                                D) is used primarily by individuals for personal
38) Biometric authentication:
A) is inexpensive.                                            46) Downtime refers to periods of time in which a:
B) is used widely in Europe for security applications.        A) computer system is malfunctioning.
C) can use a person's voice as a unique, measurable trait.    B) computer system is not operational.
D) only uses physical measurements for identification.        C) company or organization is not operational.
                                                              D) computer is not online.
39) A firewall allows the organization to:
A) enforce a security policy on traffic between its network   47) For 100% availability, online transaction processing
and the Internet.                                             requires:
B) check the accuracy of all transactions between its         A) high-capacity storage.
network and the Internet.                                     B) a multi-tier server network.
C) create an enterprise system on the Internet.               C) fault-tolerant computer systems.
D) check the content of all incoming and outgoing e-mail      D) dedicated phone lines.
                                                              48) In controlling network traffic to minimize slow-downs,
40) In which technique are network communications are         a technology called ________ is used to examine data files
analyzed to see whether packets are part of an ongoing        and sort low-priority data from high-priority data.
dialogue between a sender and a receiver?                     A) high availability computing
A) Stateful inspection                                        B) deep-packet inspection
B) Intrusion detection system                                 C) application proxy filtering
C) Application proxy filtering                                D) stateful inspection
D) Packet filtering
                                                              49) The development and use of methods to make
41) ________ use scanning software to look for known          computer systems resume their activities more quickly
problems such as bad passwords, the removal of important      after mishaps is called:
files, security attacks in progress, and system               A) high availability computing.
administration errors.                                        B) recovery oriented computing.
A) Stateful inspections                                       C) fault tolerant computing.
B) Intrusion detection systems                                D) disaster recovery planning.
C) Application proxy filtering technologies
D) Packet filtering technologies                              50) Smaller firms may outsource some or many security
                                                              functions to:
42) Currently, the protocols used for secure information      A) ISPs.                  B) MISs.
transfer over the Internet are:                               C) MSSPs.                 D) CAs.
A) TCP/IP and SSL.           B) S-HTTP and CA.
C) HTTP and TCP/IP.          D) SSL, TLS, and S-HTTP.         Chapter 8

43) Most antivirus software is effective against:             1) From your reading of the Severstal case study, the firm
A) only those viruses active on the Internet and through e-   implemented new information systems in order to achieve
mail.                                                         which of the main six business objectives?
B) any virus.                                                 A) customer and supplier intimacy
C) any virus except those in wireless communications          B) survival
applications.                                                 C) improved decision making
D) only those viruses already known when the software is      D) operational excellence
                                                              2) Which of the following is not an example of next-
44) In which method of encryption is a single encryption      generation enterprise applications?

A) Open-source solutions                                       business processes.
B) On-demand solutions
C) Solutions incorporating SCM                                 9) Supply chain complexity and scale increases when
D) Solutions incorporating SOA                                 firms:
                                                               A) move to globalization.
3) A suite of integrated software modules for finance and      B) manage the procurement, manufacturing, and
accounting, human resources, manufacturing and                 distribution functions themselves.
production, and sales and marketing that allows data to be     C) produce products and services that coordinate with
used by multiple functions and business processes best         hundreds or more firms and suppliers.
describes:                                                     D) modify their existing workflows to comply with
A) process management software.                                supply-chain management systems.
B) ERP systems.
C) groupware.                                                  10) Why is overstocking warehouses not an effective
D) application software.                                       solution for a problem of low availability?
                                                               A) It does not speed product time to market.
4) Enterprise software is built around thousands of            B) It is an inefficient use of raw materials.
predefined business processes that reflect:                    C) It increases sales costs.
A) the firm's organization.                                    D) It increases inventory costs.
B) industry goals.
C) best practices.                                             11) A network of organizations and business processes for
D) cutting edge workflow analyses.                             procuring raw materials, transforming these materials into
                                                               intermediate and finished products, and distributing the
5) Which of the following is not true about enterprise         finished products to customers is called a:
systems?                                                       A) distribution channel. B) supply chain.
A) Enterprise systems help firms respond rapidly to            C) value chain.            D) marketing channel.
customer requests for information or products.
B) Enterprise system data have standardized definitions        12) Components or parts of finished products are referred
and formats that are accepted by the entire organization.      to as:
C) Enterprise software is expressly built to allow             A) upstream materials.   B) raw materials.
companies to mimic their unique business practices.            C) secondary products.   D) intermediate products.
D) Enterprise software includes analytical tools to evaluate
overall organizational performance.                            13) A company’s suppliers, supplier’s suppliers, and the
                                                               processes for managing relationships with them is the:
6) You have been asked to implement enterprise software        A) supplier's internal supply chain.
for a manufacturer of kitchen appliances. What is the first    B) external supply chain.
step you should take?                                          C) upstream portion of the supply chain.
A) Select the functions of the system you wish to use.         D) downstream portion of the supply chain.
B) Select the business processes you wish to automate.
C) Map the company’s business processes to the                 14) A company’s organizations and processes for
software’s business processes.                                 distributing and delivering products to the final customers
D) Map the software’s business processes to the                is the:
company’s business processes.                                  A) supplier's internal supply chain.
                                                               B) external supply chain.
7) When tailoring a particular aspect of a system to the       C) upstream portion of the supply chain.
way a company does business, enterprise software can           D) downstream portion of the supply chain.
provide the company with:
A) configuration tables. B) Web services.                      15) Uncertainties arise in any supply chain because of:
C) data dictionaries.      D) middleware.                      A) inaccurate or untimely information.
                                                               B) poor integration between systems of suppliers,
8) In order to achieve maximum benefit from an enterprise      manufacturers, and distributors.
software package, a business:                                  C) inefficient or inaccurate MIS.
A) customizes the software to match all of its business        D) unforeseeable events.
B) uses only the processes in the software that match its      16) Which of the following traditional solutions enables
own processes.                                                 manufacturers to deal with uncertainties in the supply
C) changes the way it works to match the software’s            chain?
business processes.                                            A) Safety stock
D) selects only the software that best matches its existing    B) Continuous replenishment

C) Just-in-time strategies                                     study, the company implemented a multi-echelon
D) Demand planning                                             inventory optimization system to achieve which of the
                                                               main six business objectives?
17) A scheduling system for minimizing inventory by            A) Customer and supplier intimacy
having components arrive exactly at the moment they are        B) Operational excellence
needed and finished goods shipped as soon as they leave        C) Improved decision making
the assembly line best describes a ________ strategy.          D) Survival
A) just-in-time            B) frictionless
C) bullwhip                D) safety-stock                     26) A supply chain driven by actual customer orders or
                                                               purchases follows a ________ model.
18) A distortion of information about the demand for a         A) pull-based model       B) build-to-stock
product as it passes from one entity to the next across the    C) push-based             D) replenishment-driven
supply chain is called the ________ effect.
A) network                  B) bullwhip                        27) A build-to-order supply-chain model is also called a
C) ripple                   D) whirlpool                       ________ model.
                                                               A) supply-based           B) demand-driven
19) Supply chain software can be classified as either          C) replenishment-driven D) push-based
supply chain ________ systems or supply chain ________
systems.                                                       28) Concurrent supply chains are made possible by which
A) push; pull             B) demand; continual                 technology?
C) upstream; downstream D) planning; execution                 A) ERP systems
                                                               B) The Internet
20) Systems that enable a firm to generate demand              C) Supply chain management systems
forecasts for a product and to develop sourcing and            D) Just-in-time supply-chain technologies
manufacturing plans for that product best describes supply
chain ________ systems.                                        29) The business value of an effective supply chain
A) demand                   B) delivery                        management system includes all of the following except:
C) planning                 D) execution                       A) faster time to market.
                                                               B) cost reduction.
21) Supply chain planning systems:                             C) supply matched to demand.
A) track the physical status of goods.                         D) increased inventory levels.
B) identify the transportation mode to use for product
delivery.                                                      30) A ________ is a method of interaction with a
C) track the financial information involving all parties.      customer, such as telephone or customer service desk.
D) track the status of orders.                                 A) point of presence      B) touch point
                                                               C) sales point            D) client channel
22) Which supply chain planning function determines how
much product is needed to satisfy all customer demands?        31) Which of the following would not be considered a
A) Distribution management                                     contact point?
B) Replenishment planning                                      A) E-mail                 B) Web site
C) Demand planning                                             C) Intranet               D) Retail store
D) Order planning
                                                               32) ________ modules use many of the same data, tools,
23) Supply chain ________ systems manage the flow of           and systems as CRM to enhance collaboration between a
products through distribution centers and warehouses to        company and its selling partners.
ensure that products are delivered to the right locations in   A) SCM                    B) SFA
the most efficient manner.                                     C) ERM                    D) PRM
A) demand                  B) delivery
C) planning                D) execution                        33) ________ modules deal with issues such as setting
                                                               objectives, employee performance management, and
24) Capabilities of supply chain execution systems would       performance-based compensation.
not include:                                                   A) SCM                    B) SFA
A) identifying the optimal transportation mode                 C) ERM                    D) PRM
B) tracking the flow of finished goods.
C) managing materials.                                         34) Customer relationship management systems typically
D) managing warehouse operations.                              provide software and online tools for sales, customer
                                                               service, and:
25) From your reading of the Procter & Gamble case             A) marketing.             B) account management.

C) advertising.           D) public relations.              B) provide consolidated data for operational CRM
35) SFA modules in CRM systems would provide tools          C) are based on data warehouses consolidated from
for:                                                        operational CRM applications.
A) assigning and managing customer service requests.        D) provide customer-facing applications.
B) capturing prospect and customer data.
C) identifying profitable and unprofitable customers.       44) Operational CRM applications include tools for:
D) managing sales prospect and contact information.         A) identifying buying patterns.
                                                            B) calculating CLTV.
36) Customer service modules in CRM systems provide         C) salesforce automation.
tools for:                                                  D) pinpointing unprofitable customers.
A) assigning and managing customer service requests.
B) capturing prospect and customer data.                    45) Analyzing customer buying patterns is an example of:
C) identifying profitable and unprofitable customers.       A) CLTV.                 B) analytical CRM.
D) managing sales prospect and contact information.         C) operational CRM.      D) demand planning.

37) Marketing modules in CRM systems would provide          46) Which metric is based on the relationship between the
tools for:                                                  revenue produced by a specific customer, the expenses
A) assigning and managing customer service requests.        incurred in acquiring and servicing that customer, and the
B) capturing prospect and customer data.                    expected life of the relationship between the customer and
C) identifying profitable and unprofitable customers.       the company?
D) managing sales prospect and contact information.         A) Churn rate                B) CLTV
                                                            C) Cost per lead             D) Cost per sale
38) ________ software deals with employee issues that are
closely related to CRM, such as setting objectives,         47) The measurement of the number of customers who
employee performance management, performance-based          stop using or purchasing products or services from a
compensation, and employee training?                        company is called:
A) Enterprise             B) ERM                            A) switching costs.        B) churn rate.
C) PRM                    D) ERP                            C) CLTV.                   D) switch rate.

39) Selling a customer with a checking account a home       48) Which of the following statements about enterprise
improvement loan is an example of:                          applications is not true?
A) operational CRM.        B) direct marketing.             A) The total implementation cost of a large system might
C) cross-selling.          D) cross-channel promotions.     amount to four to five times the initial purchase price for
                                                            the software.
40) ________ management is an important capability for      B) Enterprise applications introduce “switching costs.”
service processes that is found in most major CRM           C) Enterprise applications are based on organization-wide
software products.                                          definitions of data.
A) Returns                  B) Lead                         D) Enterprise applications are best implemented when few
C) Account                  D) Events                       changes in business processes are required.

41) Which of the following is an important capability for   49) ________ integrate(s) multiple applications from
sales processes that is found in most major CRM software    multiple business functions, business units, or business
products?                                                   partners to deliver a seamless experience for the customer,
A) Returns management                                       employee, manager, or business partner and provide a
B) Lead management                                          greater degree of cross-functional integration than the
C) Channel promotions management                            traditional enterprise applications.
D) Events management                                        A) PRM software              B) SFA software
                                                            C) ERP suites                D) Service platforms
42) Customer relationship management applications
dealing with the analysis of customer data to provide       50) Enterprise application vendors have created ________
information for improving business performance best         to make their own customer relationship management,
describes ________ applications.                            supply chain management, and enterprise systems work
A) operational CRM         B) analytical CRM                closely together with each other.
C) operational SCM         D) analytical SFA                A) e-business suites       B) ERP systems
                                                            C) middleware              D) legacy systems
43) Analytical CRM applications:
A) include tools for marketing automation.                  Chapter 9

                                                              C) Richness                 D) Social technology
1) Through what channel did e-commerce first evolve?
A) Online advertising sales                                   9) The act of engaging consumers in a dialog that
B) Internet portals                                           dynamically adjusts the experience to the individual
C) Online book sales                                          describes which dimension of e-commerce technology?
D) Internet service providers                                 A) Ubiquity
                                                              B) Personalization/customization
2) Based on your reading of the chapter, e-commerce is:       C) Richness
A) still in a revolutionary phase.                            D) Interactivity
B) widely accepted by consumers, although technology is
still quickly changing.                                       10) The integration of video, audio, and text marketing
C) not yet fully accepted by consumers, although much of      messages into a single marketing message and consumer
its driving technology is firmly in place.                    experience describes which dimension of e-commerce
D) well entrenched as a form of modern commerce.              technology?
                                                              A) Ubiquity
3) The quality of ubiquity, as it relates to e-commerce, is   B) Personalization/customization
illustrated by:                                               C) Richness
A) the same set of standards being used across the globe.     D) Interactivity
B) the spread of plentiful, cheap information.
C) the enabling of commerce worldwide.                        11) The effort required to locate a suitable product is
D) the availability of the Internet everywhere and anytime.   called:
                                                              A) price discrimination. B) search costs.
4) A marketplace extended beyond traditional boundaries       C) menu costs.              D) shopping costs.
and removed from a temporal and geographic location is
called a(n):                                                  12) The lowered costs of information storage, processing,
A) exchange.             B) marketspace.                      and communication, along with the improvement of data
C) online marketplace.   D) e-hub.                            quality, has resulted in which unique quality of e-
5) In which of the following Internet business models does    A) Information density      B) Richness
a merchant create an online digital environment that          C) Customization            D) Interactivity
enables people with like interests to share information or
buy and sell goods?                                           13) Information density refers to the:
A) Community provider B) Service provider                     A) richness–complexity and content–of a message.
C) Market creator          D) Transaction broker              B) total amount and quantity of information delivered to
                                                              consumers by merchants.
6) Which of the following is not a recent development in e-   C) total amount and quantity of information available to all
commerce?                                                     market participants.
A) Wireless Internet connections grow rapidly.                D) amount of information available to reduce price
B) Social networking sites become a new platform for e-       transparency.
C) The music recording industry is disrupted as music         14) Selling the same goods to different targeted groups at
creation and distribution become decentralized.               different prices is called:
D) Online entertainment business models surge.                A) cost customization.      B) cost optimization.
                                                              C) price gouging.           D) price discrimination.
7) How is the Internet and e-commerce causing severe
disruption to the existing advertising business model?        15) Information ________ exists when one party in a
A) Ties between customer and businesses are being             transaction has more information that is important for the
rethought.                                                    transaction than the other party.
B) Technology players such as Yahoo! seek to dominate         A) transparency             B) asymmetry
online advertising and expand into offline ad brokerage.      C) complexity               D) discrimination
C) New methods of advertising, such as blog advertising,
are emerging.                                                 16) The cost to a merchant of changing the price of a
D) The market entry costs for online advertising services     product is called a ________ cost.
are extremely low.                                            A) pricing                 B) dynamic pricing
                                                              C) menu                    D) switching
8) Which of the following is not one of the unique features
of e-commerce technology?                                     17) Varying a product's price according to the supply
A) Information density    B) Transparency                     situation of the seller is called ________ pricing.

A) menu                    B) flexible                       individual businesses.
C) dynamic                 D) asymmetric
                                                             27) Which of the following best illustrates the sales
18) Compared to digital markets, traditional markets have:   revenue model?
A) lower search costs.                                       A) EBay receives a small fee from a seller if a seller is
B) stronger network effects.                                 successful in selling an item.
C) higher delayed gratification effects.                     B) Epinions receives a fee after steering a customer to a
D) higher transaction costs.                                 participating Web site where he or she makes a purchase.
                                                             C) Flickr provides basic services for free, but charges a
19) Reducing the business process layers in a distribution   premium for advanced services.
channel is called:                                           D) Apple accepts micropayments for single music track
A) disintermediation.     B) BPR.                            downloads.
C) market segmentation. D) network effects.
                                                             28) Which of the following best illustrates the affiliate
20) Digital goods are goods that are:                        revenue model?
A) produced digitally.    B) sold over digital networks.     A) EBay receives a small fee from a seller if a seller is
C) delivered digitally.   D) used with digital equipment.    successful in selling an item.
                                                             B) Epinions receives a fee after steering a customer to a
21) Compared to traditional goods, digital goods have:       participating Web site where he or she makes a purchase.
A) greater pricing flexibility.                              C) Flickr provides basic services for free, but charges a
B) lower marketing costs.                                    premium for advanced services.
C) higher production costs.                                  D) Apple accepts micropayments for single music track
D) higher inventory costs.                                   downloads.

22) Compared to traditional markets, digital markets have:   29) Which of the following best illustrates the transaction
A) lower distributed delivery costs.                         fee revenue model?
B) higher marginal costs per unit.                           A) EBay receives a small fee from a seller if a seller is
C) equivalent copying costs.                                 successful in selling an item.
D) similar inventory costs.                                  B) Epinions receives a fee after steering a customer to a
                                                             participating Web site where he or she makes a purchase.
23) Which of the following Internet business models does     C) Flickr provides basic services for free, but charges a use?                                              premium for advanced services.
A) Content provider       B) Portal                          D) Apple accepts micropayments for single music track
C) Market creator         D) E-tailer                        downloads.

24) Which of the following businesses utilizes the content   30) In a phenomenon called ________, some argue that
provider Internet business model?                            large numbers of people can make better decisions about a
A)              B)                       wide range of topics or products than a single person or
C)                 D)                  even a small committee of experts
                                                             A) the wisdom of crowds             B) outsourcing
25) Transaction brokers:                                     C) crowdsourcing                    D) social networking
A) generate revenue from advertising or from directing
buyers to sellers.                                           31) Netflix's public announcement of a reward for a
B) save users money and time by processing online sales      technology solution to its movie recommendation system
transactions.                                                is an example of:
C) provide a digital environment where buyers and sellers    A) prediction markets       B) behavioral targeting
can establish prices for products.                           C) long-tail marketing      D) crowdsourcing
D) sell physical products directly to consumers or
individual businesses.                                       32) EBay is an example of:
                                                             A) C2C e-commerce.        B) B2B e-commerce.
26) Market creators:                                         C) B2C e-commerce.        D) M-commerce.
A) save users money and time by processing online sales
transactions.                                                33) Selling products and services directly to individual
B) provide a digital environment where buyers and sellers    consumers via the Internet best describes:
can establish prices for products.                           A) B2B e-commerce.         B) C2C e-commerce.
C) create revenue by providing digital content over the      C) M-commerce.             D) B2C e-commerce.
D) sell physical products directly to consumers or           34) Consumers selling goods and services electronically to

other consumers best describes:
A) disintermediation.     B) C2C e-commerce.                42) The process of sourcing goods and materials,
C) M-commerce.            D) B2C e-commerce.                negotiating with suppliers, paying for goods, and making
                                                            delivery arrangements is called:
35) Exposing an individual to ads that are chosen and       A) procurement.             B) e-procurement.
based on the recorded and analyzed online behavior of the   C) SCM.                     D) sourcing.
individual is referred to as:
A) clickstream advertising.                                 43) An extranet that links a large firm to its suppliers and
B) behavioral targeting.                                    other key business partners is called a(n):
C) online profiling.                                        A) e-hub.                   B) marketspace.
D) long tail marketing.                                     C) exchange.                D) private industrial network.

36) Which of the following was the leading advertising      44) E-hubs are more ________ than private industrial
format in 2009?                                             networks.
A) Display ads            B) E-mail                         A) transaction-oriented  B) collaborative
C) Classifieds            D) Search engine                  C) independent           D) supply-chain oriented

37) Which of the following statements about B2B             45) Net marketplaces:
commerce is not true?                                       A) focus on continuous business process coordination
A) Eighty percent of online B2B e-commerce is still based   between companies for supply chain management.
on EDI.                                                     B) are industry owned or operate as independent
B) B2B e-commerce represents approximately three-           intermediaries between buyers and sellers.
quarters of the overall B2B marketplace.                    C) are geared towards short-term spot purchasing.
C) B2B e-commerce only includes commercial                  D) are more relationship oriented than private industrial
transactions between firms.                                 networks.
D) B2B e-commerce revenues in 2009 were over $3
trillion.                                                   46) A third-party Net marketplace that connects many
                                                            buyers and suppliers for spot purchasing is called a(n):
38) Goods that are involved in the actual production        A) exchange.               B) vertical market.
process are referred to as:                                 C) private exchange.       D) e-hub.
A) raw materials.           B) direct goods.
C) purchasing goods.        D) indirect goods.              47) Which of the following is not one of the categories of
                                                            services that are popular for m-commerce?
39) Which of the following statements about m-commerce      A) location-based services          B) financial services.
is not true?                                                C) games and entertainment.         D) retail shopping.
A) In 2009, m-commerce represented less than 10 percent
of all e-commerce.                                          48) In the United States, m-commerce:
B) M-commerce is the fastest growing form of e-             A) has become widely adopted.
commerce.                                                   B) is still in its infancy.
C) M-commerce applications are especially popular in        C) now represents a major fraction of total e-commerce
Europe, Japan, and South Korea.                             transactions.
D) In 2009, the top-grossing category of m-commerce was     D) is growing slowly.
e-book sales.
                                                            49) You are planning the requirements for a site tracking
40) The system functionalities of an e-commerce site are    and reporting system for your company Web site. Which
best described as the:                                      of the following information requirements would not be
A) general capabilities wanted.                             essential for this function?
B) information systems capabilities wanted.                 A) Number of unique visitors
C) information elements needed.                             B) Pages visited
D) software and hardware required.                          C) Products purchased
                                                            D) Secure credit card clearing
41) EDI is:
A) the use of Internet technologies for electronic data     50) In which of the following revenue models does a Web
transactions.                                               site charge a fee for access to some or all of its offerings
B) the exchange between two organizations of standard       on a continual, regular basis?
transactions through a network.                             A) Subscription             B) Free/freemium
C) electronic data invoicing.                               C) Transaction fee          D) Sales
D) electronic delivery infrastructure.

Chapter 10                                                  10) Deciding whether to introduce a new product line is an
                                                            example of a(n):
1) Neural network applications in medicine, science, and    A) unstructured decision. B) semistructured decision.
business address problems in all of the following except:   C) procedural decision. D) nonprocedural decision.
A) pattern classification.           B) prediction.
C) control and optimization.         D) generalization.     11) Estimating the number of direct goods to reorder falls
                                                            into which category of decision-making?
2) Which of the following is a key problem in managing      A) Structured              B) Documented
knowledge?                                                  C) Unstructured            D) Procedural
A) Classifying knowledge
B) Storing knowledge                                        12) Which phase of decision making finds or recognizes a
C) Distributing knowledge                                   problem?
D) Locating knowledge                                       A) Design                 B) Intelligence
                                                            C) Choice                 D) Implementation
3) According to your reading of the text, Procter &
Gamble's use of DSS illustrates the use of information      13) Simon's four different stages in decision making are, in
systems to implement which common business strategy?        order from first to last:
A) Low-cost leadership                                      A) identification, choice, design, and implementation.
B) Product differentiation                                  B) identification, design, choice, and finalization.
C) Focus on market niche                                    C) intelligence, choice, design, and implementation.
D) Strengthen customer and supplier intimacy                D) intelligence, design, choice, and implementation.

4) Why does improving a small, routine decision have        14) Which dimension of quality means that a decision
business value for a company?                               should reflect a rational process?
A) A small decision may have a great economic impact on     A) Comprehensiveness         B) Accuracy
the company.                                                C) Fairness                  D) Coherence
B) Even a routine decision may have a "ripple" effect
through a corporation.                                      15) Which dimension of quality means that a decision
C) A single decision has business value when added with     faithfully reflects the concerns and interests of affected
all the other decisions made in the company.                parties?
D) Small, routine decisions typically do not have any       A) Due process               B) Justice
business value for a company.                               C) Fairness                  D) Coherence

5) Where there is no well-understood or agreed-on           16) Which dimension of quality means that a decision is
procedure for making a decision, it is said to be:          the result of a known process and can be appealed to a
A) undocumented.           B) unstructured.                 higher authority?
C) documented.             D) semistructured.               A) Due process             B) Justice
                                                            C) Fairness                D) Accuracy
6) The type of decision that can made by following a
definite procedure is called a(n) ________ decision.        17) MIS typically produce:
A) structured               B) unstructured                 A) New ways of looking at data that emphasize change,
C) semistructured           D) procedural                   flexibility, and rapid response.
                                                            B) Fixed, regularly scheduled reports based on data
7) Which types of decisions are more prevalent at lower     extracted from the organization's TPS.
organizational levels?                                      C) Solutions to semistructured problems appropriate for
A) Procedural decisions B) Unstructured decisions           middle management decision-making.
C) Structured decisions D) Semistructured decisions         D) Responses to ad hoc queries, and graphic
                                                            representations of existing data.
8) ________ decisions are most common at higher levels
of management.                                              18) Which systems help managers monitor and control the
A) Semistructured         B) Unstructured                   business by providing information on the firm's
C) Structured             D) Undocumented                   performance?
                                                            A) MIS                     B) DSS
9) Operational management typically makes which type of     C) ESS                     D) GDSS
A) Semistructured       B) Documented                       19) Which systems support decision-making by enabling
C) Structured           D) Procedural                       users to extract useful information that was previously
                                                            buried in large quantities of data?

A) GSS                     B) ESS                              C) enable collaboration among geographically dispersed
C) TPS                     D) DSS                              participants.
                                                               D) implement structured methods for organizing and
20) The components of a DSS are the:                           evaluation ideas.
A) database, data query language, and user interface.
B) data visualization tools, software, and graphics            28) Automobile companies would implement a(n)
capabilities.                                                  ________ to allow Web site visitors to configure their
C) database, data mining tools, and analysis tools.            desired car.
D) user interface, software system, and database.              A) customer decision support (CDSS)
                                                               B) model-driven DSS
21) A DSS database is a collection of:                         C) CAD system
A) historical data extracted from transaction-processing       D) GDSS
B) current or historical data from several applications or     29) Which of the following are types of intelligent
groups.                                                        techniques?
C) external data typically mined from the Internet and         A) Knowledge management systems
other third-party sources.                                     B) Expert systems
D) the corporations current transaction data.                  C) Computer-aided design
                                                               D) Sensitivity analysis
22) Which type of model is used to help managers estimate
future conditions and sales figures resulting from these       30) Which of the following would not be classified as a
conditions?                                                    type of intelligent technique?
A) Forecasting             B) Predictive                       A) Genetic algorithms       B) Case based reasoning
C) Statistical             D) Sensitivity analysis             C) Neural networks          D) Virtual reality

23) Optimization models are often used to:                     31) Expert systems:
A) project future conditions and predict the effect of these   A) solve problems too difficult for human experts.
conditions on sales.                                           B) are based on DO WHILE rules.
B) determine the proper mix of products within a given         C) work in very limited domains.
market to maximize profits.                                    D) share characteristics with mainframe computing.
C) determine the price of a product given fluctuating sales
and advertising budget.                                        32) Expert systems model human knowledge as a set of
D) establish the best relationship between price and sales     rules that collectively are
and marketing budgets.                                         called the:
                                                               A) knowledge base.          B) knowledge database
24) What type of model asks what-if questions repeatedly       C) inference engine         D) inference base
to determine the impact on outcomes of changes in one or
more factors?                                                  33) An inference engine is:
A) Optimization           B) Sensitivity analysis              A) a data mining strategy used by intelligent agents.
C) Goal seeking           D) Forecasting                       B) the programming environment of an expert system.
                                                               C) a method of organizing expert system knowledge into
25) Backward sensitivity analysis software is used for:        chunks.
A) supply chain optimization.                                  D) a strategy used to search through the rule base in an
B) historical what-if analysis.                                expert system.
C) goal seeking.
D) reverse forecasting.                                        34) Virtually all expert systems deal with problems of:
                                                               A) associative data.
26) Which type of information system uses data                 B) classification.
visualization technology to analyze and display data for       C) logic and control.
planning and decision making in the form of digitized          D) unstructured decision-making.
A) GIS                     B) DSS                              35) ________ are designed to have a generalize capability
C) GSS                     D) TPS                              to learn.
                                                               A) Knowledge-based systems.
27) GDSS are designed to:                                      B) Neural networks.
A) allow meeting attendees to share their thoughts in real-    C) Fuzzy logic systems.
time with their peers.                                         D) Expert systems.
B) manage knowledge using a global perspective.

36) Intelligent techniques that parallel some aspects of the   44) ________ help media firms store and manage
processing patterns of the biological brain best describes:    unstructured digital data such as photographs, images,
A) neural networks.         B) genetic algorithms.             videos, and audio files.
C) case-based reasoning. D) fuzzy logic.                       A) Digital asset management systems
                                                               B) Knowledge networks
37) Genetic algorithms:                                        C) LMS
A) represent knowledge as groups of characteristics.           D) CAD
B) are software programs that work in the background to
carry out specific, repetitive tasks.                          45) ________ are an essential component of a knowledge
C) develop solutions to particular problems using              work system.
techniques such as fitness, crossover, and mutation.           A) Computer-aided design tools
D) "learn" patterns from large quantities of data by sifting   B) Three-dimensional modeling tools
through data.                                                  C) Tagging and classification tools
                                                               D) Links to external knowledge bases
38) To automate routine tasks to help firms search for and
filter information for use in electronic commerce and          46) Which of the following would not be classified as a
supply chain management a firm would most likely use:          knowledge work system?
A) CAD systems.              B) genetic algorithms.            A) Computer-aided design
C) fuzzy logic systems. D) intelligent agents.                 B) 3D visualization system
                                                               C) Investment workstations
39) Expertise and experience of organizational members         D) Digital asset management system
that has not been formally documented best describes:
A) wisdom.                 B) information.                     47) CAD workstations:
C) data.                   D) tacit knowledge.                 A) provide design engineers with precise, three-
                                                               dimensional representations of their models.
40) What are the two major types of knowledge                  B) provide an important source of expertise for
management systems?                                            organizations.
A) Management information systems and decision support         C) allow groups to work together on documents.
systems                                                        D) are high-end PCs used in the financial sector to analyze
B) Enterprise-wide knowledge management systems and            trading situations instantaneously and facilitate portfolio
knowledge work systems                                         management.
C) Enterprise systems and knowledge management
systems                                                        48) Virtual reality applications for the Web use a standard
D) Expert systems and knowledge work systems                   called:
                                                               A) CAD                       B) VRML
41) ________ systems help organizations manage both            C) VML                       D) TCP/IP
structured and semistructured knowledge.
A) Digital asset management                                    49) Virtual reality systems:
B) Knowledge network                                           A) provide design engineers with precise, three-
C) Enterprise content management                               dimensional representations of their models.
D) Knowledge work                                              B) provide an important source of expertise for
42) In order to search for and retrieve knowledge objects      C) allow groups to work together on documents.
in an enterprise content management system, the objects        D) provide simulations of walking through or manipulating
themselves must be:                                            a three-dimensional model or programmed real-world
A) tagged with a classification.                               environment.
B) linked to their original sources.
C) organized into relevant directories.                        50) Based on your reading of the chapter case discussing
D) referenced by appropriate indices.                          the HSBC, which type of information system was used to
                                                               establish the policies for lending subprime mortgages?
43) Tools for the management, delivery, tracking, and          A) Data-driven DSS           B) Model-driven DSS
assessment of various types of employee learning best          C) Model-driven ESS          D) GIS
A) knowledge work systems.                                     Chapter 11
B) employee relationship systems.
C) employee management systems.                                1) What was the primary problem facing the Girl Scouts
D) learning management systems.                                regarding their supply chain problems?
                                                               A) Ordering process was inefficient for a large volume of

orders                                                       B) User interface
B) High error rates in ordering and fulfillment              C) Manual procedures
C) Required too much time of volunteers                      D) Security and controls
D) Paper-based system was outdated
                                                             9) Transferring transaction data from a legacy system to
2) Order the following steps in the systems development      the new system would be defined by which system design
process in the correct sequence.                             specification category?
A) Systems analysis, systems design, hardware and            A) Input                   B) Database
software acquisition, testing, training and documentation,   C) Manual procedures       D) Conversion
conversion, production, and maintenance
B) Systems analysis, systems design, hardware and            10) System design specifications that address database
software acquisition, training and documentation,            issues will include specifications for:
conversion, testing, production, and maintenance             A) volume and speed requirements.
C) Systems analysis, systems design, hardware and            B) data entry.
software acquisition, testing, training and documentation,   C) input, processing, and output controls.
production, conversion, and maintenance                      D) program logic and computations.
D) Systems design, hardware and software acquisition,
testing, training and documentation, conversion,             11) System design specifications that address input issues
production, maintenance, and systems analysis                will include specifications for:
                                                             A) training modules and platforms.
3) Which of the following is not part of the                 B) flow and data entry.
implementation process?                                      C) input, processing, and output controls.
A) Evaluating the system                                     D) medium and content.
B) Testing
C) Systems analysis                                          12) Unit testing:
D) Creating detailed design specifications                   A) includes all the preparations for the series of tests to be
                                                             performed on the system.
4) Which process develops a detailed description of the      B) tests the functioning of the system as a whole in order
functions that a new information system must perform?        to determine if discrete modules will function together as
A) Feasibility study       B) Requirements analysis          planned.
C) Systems design          D) Test plan development          C) tests each individual program separately.
                                                             D) provides the final certification that the system is ready
5) Developing an information system has been compared        to be used in a production setting.
to the problem-solving process. Which one of the
following problem-solving steps is not a part of systems     13) System testing:
analysis?                                                    A) includes all the preparations for the series of tests to be
A) Implement the solution                                    performed on the system.
B) Choose the best solution                                  B) tests the functioning of the system as a whole in order
C) Develop alternative solutions                             to determine if discrete modules will function together as
D) Define and understand the problem                         planned.
                                                             C) tests each program separately.
6) The entire system-building effort is driven by:           D) provides the final certification that the system is ready
A) organizational change.                                    to be used in a production setting.
B) feasibility studies.
C) data.                                                     14) Acceptance testing:
D) user information requirements.                            A) includes all the preparations for the trials.
                                                             B) tests the functioning of the system as a whole in order
7) Systems design:                                           to determine if discrete modules will function together as
A) identifies the system's information requirements.         planned.
B) specifies how the new system will fulfill the             C) tests each program separately.
information requirements.                                    D) provides the final certification that the system is ready
C) identifies alternate solutions for solving the problem.   to be used in a production setting.
D) defines the problem and specifies its causes.
                                                             15) In a parallel conversion strategy, the new system:
8) Determining methods for feedback and error handling       A) is tested by an outsourced company.
would be defined by which system design specification        B) replaces the old one at an appointed time.
category?                                                    C) and the old are run together.
A) Training and documentation                                D) is introduced in stages.

16) In a direct cutover conversion strategy, the new            23) Fourth-generation tools cannot replace conventional
system:                                                         development tools because they:
A) is tested by an outsourced company.                          A) cannot handle large numbers of transactions or
B) replaces the old one at an appointed time.                   extensive procedural logic.
C) and the old are run together.                                B) are not designed to integrate with legacy systems.
D) is introduced in stages.                                     C) do not incorporate methods for documentation.
                                                                D) do not incorporate methods for testing.
17) The Girl Scouts' conversion strategy of first
introducing the modules for ordering cookies and then           24) Management can control the development of end-user
introducing the modules for transmitting orders and             applications in part by:
instructions to the cookie factory and shipper is called a(n)   A) developing a formal development methodology.
________ strategy.                                              B) requiring cost justification for end-user IS projects.
A) phased approach          B) direct cutover                   C) establishing standards for project requirements.
C) indirect cutover         D) incremental conversion           D) requiring Gantt charts

18) Changes in hardware, software, documentation, or            25) If an organization's requirements conflict with the
production to a production system to correct errors, meet       software package chosen and the package cannot be
new requirements, or improve processing efficiencies are        customized, the organization will have to:
termed:                                                         A) change its procedures.
A) compliance.             B) production.                       B) outsource the development of the system.
C) maintenance.            D) acceptance.                       C) redesign the RFP.
                                                                D) change the evaluation process.
19) The oldest method for building information systems is:
A) component-based development.                                 26) "Hidden costs" such as ________ costs can easily
B) prototyping.                                                 undercut anticipated benefits from outsourcing.
C) object-oriented development.                                 A) vendor selection        B) hardware
D) the systems development lifecycle.                           C) software                D) employee salary

20) In the traditional systems development lifecycle, end       27) The process of creating workable information systems
users:                                                          in a very short period of time is called:
A) are important and ongoing members of the team from           A) RAD.                     B) JAD.
the original analysis phase through maintenance.                C) prototyping.             D) end-user development.
B) are important only in the testing phases.
C) have no input.                                               28) This type of systems development is characterized by
D) are limited to providing information requirements and        significantly speeding up the design phase and the
reviewing the technical staff's work.                           generation of information requirements and involving
                                                                users at an intense level.
21) As a technical project manager you have decided to          A) RAD                     B) JAD
propose implementing a prototyping methodology for a            C) Prototyping             D) End-user development
small Web-based design project. What is the order of steps
you will follow in this project?                                29) The term structured, when discussing structured
A) Develop the prototype; use the prototype; revise and         methodologies, refers to the fact that:
enhance the prototype                                           A) the finished software is highly documented.
B) Identify user requirements, develop the prototype, use       B) the development process is highly documented.
the prototype, revise and enhance the prototype                 C) the techniques are step by step, with each step building
C) Define the requirements, develop solutions, select the       on the previous one.
best prototype, and implement the prototype                     D) a defined hierarchy of objects and classes are used to
D) Define the requirements, develop the prototype, revise       structure the programming.
and enhance the prototype
                                                                30) The primary tool for representing a system's
22) When systems are created rapidly, without a formal          component processes and the flow of data between them is
development methodology:                                        the:
A) end users can take over the work of IT specialists.          A) data dictionary.
B) the organization quickly outgrows the new system.            B) process specifications diagram.
C) hardware, software, and quality standards are less           C) user documentation.
important.                                                      D) data flow diagram.
D) testing and documentation may be inadequate.

31) You are an IT project manager for an advertising firm.      A) Object-oriented development
The firm wishes to create an online survey tool that will be    B) Component-based development
used to survey focus group reactions to products in             C) Structured methodologies
development. The most important consideration for the           D) RAD
firm is being able to offer the tool as soon as possible as a
new corporate service. However, you know that many of           38) Compared to the use of proprietary components, Web
the senior managers that are business owners of this            services promise to be less expensive and less difficult to
project have difficulty in understanding technical or           implement because of:
software development issues, and are likely to change their     A) their ability to integrate seamlessly with legacy
requirements during the course of development. What             systems.
development method would be most successful for this            B) the use of universal standards.
project?                                                        C) the ubiquity of the Internet.
A) RAD                                B) JAD                    D) the ability to reuse Web services components.
C) End-user development               D) Prototyping
                                                                39) ________ provides software tools to automate
32) To show each level of a system's design, its                development methodologies and reduce the amount of
relationship to other levels, and its place in the overall      repetitive work in systems development.
design structure, structured methodologies use:                 A) CASE                    B) CAD
A) structure charts.                                            C) JAD                     D) RAD
B) Gantt charts and PERT.
C) process specifications diagrams.                             40) ________ refers to the application of knowledge,
D) data flow diagrams.                                          skills, tools, and techniques to achieve specific targets
                                                                within specified budget and time constraints.
33) An entire information system is broken down into its        A) Systems analysis         B) Systems design
main subsystems by using:                                       C) Project management D) Project implementation
A) high-level data flow diagrams.
B) low-level data flow diagrams.                                41) The worth of systems from a financial perspective
C) process specifications.                                      essentially revolves around the question of:
D) structured diagrams.                                         A) systems ownership.
                                                                B) information requirements.
34) In an object-oriented development framework for a           C) multiyear financial models.
university, how would the classes Degree, Mathematics,          D) return on invested capital.
and Physics be related?
A) Degree would be a sister class to Mathematics and            42) ________ are tangible benefits of information systems.
Physics.                                                        A) Improved asset utilization, increased organizational
B) Degree is a superclass to Mathematics and Physics.           learning, and improved operations
C) Mathematics and Physics would be ancestors to Degree.        B) Reduced workforce, lower outside vendor costs, and
D) Degree would be a subclass to Mathematics and                increased productivity
Physics.                                                        C) Increased productivity, reduced workforce, and
                                                                increased job satisfaction
35) Object-oriented modeling is based on the concepts of:       D) Lower operational costs, improved resource control,
A) objects and relationships.                                   and more information
B) classes and objects.
C) class and inheritance.                                       43) ________ are intangible benefits of information
D) objects and inheritance.                                     systems.
                                                                A) Improved asset utilization, increased organizational
36) Object-oriented development could potentially reduce        learning, and improved operations
the time and cost of writing software because:                  B) Reduced workforce, lower outside vendor costs, and
A) object-oriented programming requires less training.          increased productivity
B) iterative prototyping is not required.                       C) Increased productivity, reduced workforce, and
C) objects are reusable.                                        increased job satisfaction
D) a single user interface object can be used for the entire    D) Lower operational costs, improved resource control,
application.                                                    and more information

37) Groups of objects are assembled into software               44) Which process is used to develop risk profiles for a
components for common functions, which can be                   firm's information system projects and assets?
combined into large-scale business applications, in which       A) Information systems plan         B) Scoring model
type of software development?                                   C) Portfolio analysis               D) Feasibility study

                                                                A) dampening effect on the discourse of business ethics.
45) You have been hired by a pharmaceutical company to          B) ripple effect raising new ethical, social, and political
evaluate its portfolio of systems and IT projects. Which        issues.
types of projects would be best avoided?                        C) beneficial effect for society as a whole, while raising
A) Any high risk projects                                       dilemmas for consumers.
B) Any low-benefit projects                                     D) waterfall effect in raising ever more complex ethical
C) High-risk, low benefit projects                              issues.
D) None — any project might be beneficial
                                                                3) In the information age, the obligations that individuals
46) A business document indicating the direction of             and organizations have concerning rights to intellectual
systems development, the rationale, the current systems,        property fall within the moral dimension of:
new developments to consider, the management strategy,          A) property rights and obligations.
the implementation plan, and the budget is called a(n):         B) system quality.
A) project plan.                                                C) accountability and control.
B) request for proposal.                                        D) information rights and obligations.
C) information systems plan.
D) mission statement.                                           4) In the information age, the obligations that individuals
                                                                and organizations have regarding the preservation of
47) The project risk will rise if the project team and the IS   existing values and institutions fall within the moral
staff lack:                                                     dimension of:
A) RAD experience.                     B) web services.         A) family and home.
C) the required technical expertise. D) CASE tools.             B) property rights and obligations.
                                                                C) system quality.
48) Users prefer systems that:                                  D) quality of life.
A) are oriented to facilitating organizational tasks and
solving business problems.                                      5) The four key technical trends responsible for current
B) work with existing DBMS.                                     ethical stresses related to information technology are (1)
C) are able to provide optimum hardware and software            doubling of computer power every 18 months, (2) data
efficiency.                                                     analysis advances, (3) declining data storage costs, and (4)
D) are capable of storing much more data than they need.        ________.
                                                                A) advances in wireless networking
49) A ________ shows each task as a horizontal bar whose        B) international standards for data protection
length is proportional to the time required to complete it.     C) networking advances and the Internet
A) PERT chart               B) DFD                              D) increased ease in file sharing and copying
C) feasibility study        D) Gantt chart
                                                                6) The U.S. Department of Commerce developed a
50) Which of the following tools may help identify risk         ________ framework in order to enable U.S. businesses to
areas associated with employee acceptance of a new              legally use personal data from EU countries.
information system?                                             A) COPPA                    B) P3P
A) Formal planning and control tools                            C) PGP                      D) safe-harbor
B) Organizational impact analysis
C) System prototype                                             7) The use of computers to combine data from multiple
D) Feasibility study                                            sources and create electronic dossiers of detailed
                                                                information on individuals is called:
Chapter 12                                                      A) profiling.              B) phishing.
                                                                C) spamming.               D) targeting.
1) Which of the following best describes how new
information systems result in legal gray areas?                 8) NORA is a:
A) They work with networked, electronic data, which are         A) profiling technology used by the EU.
more difficult to control than information stored manually.     B) federal privacy law protecting networked data.
B) They result in new situations that are not covered by old    C) new data analysis technology that finds hidden
laws.                                                           connections between data in disparate sources.
C) They are implemented by technicians rather than              D) sentencing guideline adopted in 1987 mandating stiff
managers.                                                       sentences on business executives.
D) They are created from sets of logical and technological
rules rather than social or organizational mores.               9) Which of the five moral dimensions of the information
                                                                age do the central business activities of ChoicePoint raise?
2) The introduction of new information technology has a:        A) Property rights and obligations

B) System quality                                             D) wrong, because if everyone were to do this, the concept
C) Accountability and control                                 of personal property is defeated.
D) Information rights and obligations
                                                              17) Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative states that:
10) Accepting the potential costs, duties, and obligations    A) if an action cannot be taken repeatedly, then it is not
for the decisions you make is referred to as:                 right to be taken at any time.
A) responsibility.         B) accountability.                 B) one should take the action that produces the least harm
C) liability.              D) due process.                    or incurs the least cost.
                                                              C) one can put values in rank order and understand the
11) The feature of political systems in which a body of       consequences of various courses of action.
laws is in place that permits individuals to recover the      D) if an action is not right for everyone to take, it is not
damages done to them by other actors, systems, or             right for anyone to take.
organizations is referred to as:
A) accountability.          B) responsibility.                18) The ethical "no free lunch" rule states that:
C) due process.             D) liability.                     A) if an action cannot be taken repeatedly, then it is not
                                                              right to be taken at any time.
12) The feature of social institutions that means             B) one should take the action that produces the least harm
mechanisms are in place to determine responsibility for an    or incurs the least cost.
action is called:                                             C) one can put values in rank order and understand the
A) due process.             B) accountability.                consequences of various courses of action.
C) the courts of appeal. D) the judicial system.              D) everything is owned by someone else, and that the
                                                              creator wants compensation for this work.
13) The process in law-governed societies in which laws
are known and understood and there is an ability to appeal    19) According to the ________, you should take the action
to higher authorities to ensure that the laws are applied     that produces the least harm.
correctly is called:                                          A) Categorical Imperative
A) liability.               B) due process.                   B) Risk Aversion Principle
C) the courts of appeal. D) accountability.                   C) Utilitarian Principle
                                                              D) Golden Rule
14) Which of the following is not one of the five steps
discussed in the chapter as a process for analyzing an        20) Which U.S. act restricts the information the federal
ethical issue?                                                government can collect and regulates what they can do
A) Assign responsibility.                                     with the information?
B) Identify the stakeholders.                                 A) Privacy Act of 1974
C) Identify the options you can reasonably take.              B) Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999
D) Identify and clearly describe the facts.                   C) Freedom of Information Act
                                                              D) HIPAA of 1996
15) A colleague of yours frequently takes for his own
personal use small amounts of office supplies, noting that    21) FIP principles are based on the notion of the:
the loss to the company is minimal. You counter that if       A) accountability of the record holder.
everyone were to take the office supplies, the loss would     B) responsibility of the record holder.
no longer be minimal. Your rationale expresses which          C) mutuality of interest between the record holder and the
historical ethical principle?                                 individual.
A) Kant's Categorical Imperative                              D) privacy of the individual.
B) The Golden Rule
C) The Risk Aversion Principle                                22) The Federal Trade Commission FIP principle of
D) The "No free lunch" rule                                   Notice/Awareness states that:
                                                              A) customers must be allowed to choose how their
16) A classic ethical dilemma is the hypothetical case of a   information will be used for secondary purposes other than
man stealing from a grocery store in order to feed his        the supporting transaction.
starving family. If you used the Utilitarian Principle to     B) data collectors must take responsible steps to assure that
evaluate this situation, you might argue that stealing the    consumer information is accurate and secure from
food is:                                                      unauthorized use.
A) acceptable, because the grocer suffers the least harm.     C) there is a mechanism in place to enforce FIP principles.
B) acceptable, because the higher value is the survival of    D) Web sites must disclose their information practices
the family.                                                   before collecting data.
C) wrong, because the man would not want the grocery to
steal from him.                                               23) Which of the following U.S. laws gives patients access

to personal medical records and the right to authorize how      falling into the public domain when:
this information can be used or disclosed?                      A) the courts become involved.
A) HIPAA                                                        B) hackers are able to break into the source code.
B) Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act                                       C) the software is widely distributed.
C) Privacy Protection Act                                       D) a new version of the software is released.
D) Freedom of Information Act
                                                                32) Intellectual property can best be described as:
24) European privacy protection is ________ than in the         A) intangible property created by individuals or
United States.                                                  corporations.
A) less far-reaching      B) less liable to laws                B) unique creative work or ideas.
C) much less stringent    D) much more stringent                C) tangible or intangible property created from a unique
25) U.S. businesses are allowed to use personal data from       D) the expression of an intangible idea.
EU countries if they:
A) have informed consent.                                       33) What legal mechanism protects the owners of
B) create a safe harbor.                                        intellectual property from having their work copied by
C) develop equivalent privacy protection policies.              others?
D) make their privacy protection policies publicly              A) Patent protection        B) Intellectual property law
available.                                                      C) Copyright law            D) Fair Use Doctrine

26) When a cookie is created during a Web site visit, it is     34) "Look and feel" copyright infringement lawsuits are
stored:                                                         concerned with:
A) on the Web site computer.                                    A) the distinction between tangible and intangible ideas.
B) on the visitor's computer.                                   B) the distinction between an idea and its expression.
C) on the ISP's computer.                                       C) using the graphical elements of another product.
D) in a Web directory.                                          D) using the creative elements of another product.

27) The Online Privacy Alliance:                                35) The strength of patent protection is that it:
A) encourages self-regulation to develop a set of privacy       A) puts the strength of law behind copyright.
guidelines for its members.                                     B) allows protection from Internet theft of ideas put forth
B) protects user privacy during interactions with Web           publicly.
sites.                                                          C) is easy to define.
C) has established technical guidelines for ensuring            D) grants a monopoly on underlying concepts and ideas.
D) is a government agency regulating the use of customer        36) One of the difficulties of patent protection is:
information.                                                    A) that only the underlying ideas are protected.
                                                                B) digital media cannot be patented.
28) A(n) ________ model of informed consent permits the         C) preventing the ideas from falling into public domain.
collection of personal information until the consumer           D) the years of waiting to receive it.
specifically requests that the data not be collected.
A) opt-in                    B) opt-out                         37) Which of the following adjusts copyright laws to the
C) P3P                       D) PGP                             Internet age by making it illegal to circumvent technology-
                                                                based protections of copyrighted materials?
29) P3P stands for:                                             A) Digital Millennium Copyright Act
A) Privacy for Personal Protection.                             B) Privacy Act
B) Platform for Privacy Preferences.                            C) Freedom of Information Act
C) Personal Privacy Policy.                                     D) Electronic Communications Privacy Act
D) Personal Privacy Protection.
                                                                38) In general, it is very difficult to hold software
30) The P3P standard is concerned with:                         producers liable for their software products when those
A) controlling pop-up ads based on user profiles and            products are considered to be:
preventing ads from collecting or sending information.          A) part of a machine.         B) similar to books.
B) allowing users to surf the Web anonymously.                  C) services.                  D) artistic expressions.
C) scrambling data so that it can't be read.
D) blocking or limiting cookies.                                39) ________ are not held liable for the messages they
31) The limitation of trade secret protection for software is   A) Regulated common carriers
that it is difficult to prevent the ideas in the work from      B) Private individuals

C) Organizations and businesses                                be offset by poor data quality.
D) Elected officials                                           D) reliance on technology results in the loss of hands-on
40) It is not feasible for companies to produce error-free
software because:                                              48) The term "________ divide" refers to large disparities
A) any programming code is susceptible to error.               in access to computers and the Internet among different
B) it is too expensive create perfect software.                social groups and different locations.
C) errors can be introduced in the maintenance stage of        A) computer                 B) technology
development.                                                   C) digital                  D) electronic
D) any software of any complexity will have errors.
                                                               49) CVS refers to:
41) The most common source of business system failure is:      A) eyestrain related to computer display screen use.
A) software bugs.                   B) software errors.        B) carpal vision syndrome.
C) hardware or facilities failures. D) data quality.           C) wrist injuries brought about by incorrect hand position
                                                               when using a keyboard.
42) Which of the following is not one of the three principal   D) stress induced by technology.
sources of poor system performance?
A) Software bugs and errors                                    50) ________ can be induced by tens of thousands of
B) Hardware or facility failures caused by natural or other    repetitions under low-impact loads.
causes                                                         A) CTS                    B) CVS
C) Insufficient integration with external systems              C) RSI                    D) Technostress
D) Poor input data quality

43) The "do anything anywhere" computing environment
A) make work environments much more pleasant.
B) create economies of efficiency.
C) centralize power at corporate headquarters.
D) blur the traditional boundaries between work and
family time.

44) The practice of spamming has been growing because:
A) telephone solicitation is no longer legal.
B) it is good advertising practice and brings in many new            This word document was downloaded from
C) it helps pay for the Internet.                                   please remain this link information when you
D) it is so inexpensive and can reach so many people.                        reproduce , copy, or use it.
45) The U.S. CAN-SPAM Act of 2003:                             href='
A) makes spamming illegal.
                                                                    /en'>word documents</a>
B) requires spammers to identify themselves.
C) has dramatically cut down spamming.
D) does not override state anti-spamming laws.

46) Which of the five moral dimensions of the information
age does spamming raise?
A) Quality of life
B) System quality
C) Accountability and control
D) Information rights and obligations

47) Re-designing and automating business processes can
be seen as a double-edged sword because:
A) increases in efficiency may be accompanied by job
B) increases in efficiency may be accompanied by poor
data quality.
C) support for middle-management decision making may


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