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									                               Stretch Marks and Their Removal

Stretch marks (or striae as they're known in dermatological terms) occur when the body grows at such a
rate that the skin cannot expand quickly enough to match it. Stretch marks are most frequently linked
with pregnant women but they are also a very common part of puberty. Body building and rapid
bodyweight gain may also trigger striae.

Whilst they carry no health threat, lots of people who suffer from stretchmarks are embarrassed by
them to the point where it affects their day-to-day lives. Obviously, these fears grow within the hotter
seasons as more skin is displayed; making it even more urgent that stretchmark removal is undertaken.

Even though skin is usually reasonably elastic, whenever it is stretched, the natural creation of collagen
is disturbed. The body needs collagen to ensure the skin remains tight and flexible. Several factors have
an effect on the skins capacity to make and maintain collagen levels, including a person’s age, nutritional
intake and smoking habits. Collagen levels are important for many things, surgical scars and acne scars
among them.

What do stretchmarks look like?

When first formed, stretch marks appear as reddish/purple lines. They appear indented and have a
different texture to the rest of the skin. Eventually, the reddish purple colouration fades, changing to a
silvery shade. However they very rarely fully disappear naturally.

Stretch Mark Removal

For many who are uncomfortable about their physical appearance due to stretch marks, stretch mark
removal can be a life-changing occasion. There are different methods available at various price (and
efficiency) levels. These range from creams bought in a shop, to high-priced cosmetic surgery. Lotions,
creams and oils are usually the cheapest kind of stretchmark reduction treatment, but as only a small
percentage of your oils, creams and lotions are absorbed into the skin, sadly lotions, oils and creams
aren't efficient enough on their own to treat stretchmarks. Using creams combined with systems such as
micro needling, leads to a larger amount of cream being absorbed, making this combination of creams
and micro needling quite possibly the easiest, most cost-effective and most importantly efficient option

Microneedling helps with the removal of striae by producing a pain-free microscopic trauma on the
affected area of skin, initiating extra collagen development which gradually encourages the skin’s return
to its natural look. The region may be without hair follicles and perspiration glands, but the skin will
undoubtedly be thicker, have less pronounced discolouration and will also look considerably nicer.
What it's doing in effect is restarting (or extending) the healing process that occurs naturally within the
skin. The Derma Roller’s extension of this healing process ensures that the skin repairs itself to a level
with a feel and appearance very similar to the undamaged skin surrounding it.

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