My Laptop Has a Broken Screen, It's Not Repairable, Can You Still Help Me? by mikevincent11


									My Laptop Has a Broken Screen, It's Not
Repairable, Can You Still Help Me?
by Nico S. on 2009-03-18

One of the most common problems with a laptop can be the screen, whether it be broken and
cracked, it won't power on, or it just won't display correctly due to the LCD being damaged - any
one of these can be an expensive repair, and depending on the original state of the computer and
the laptop screen it doesn't mean that your problems will disappear, there is every chance of them
returning, I have found this the case with the LCD, and the not powering up troubles due to the

So how to overcome this problem with the laptop screen can be a troublesome issue, paying for a
permanent repair is one thing, but to pay and worry of a reoccurrence is something that none of
us should have to tolerate. This can however be overcome with a simple process, that involves
the recycling of the old laptop, being paid for it, and subsequently discounting the price of a
brand new laptop with a problem free screen.

There are companies online that will ay you for your old laptop, regardless of its condition and
the condition of the laptops screen, broken, cracked, or an LCD issue - these are all accepted and
you still get paid cash providing you select the right company to trade with. From my experience
and research the company leading the recycling and refurbishment laptop industry is a part of the
'cashfor' group in the form of They come very highly recommended not just
by me but many of their customers have been overwhelmed at the cash reward paid, and the
service they received during the process.

So what is the process, and how easy is it? - Simply visit and get a
quote for your computer, here you will see that all makes and models are greeted by them, and
irrespective of the laptop screens condition. Once you have received your quote which normally
is displayed in less than 30 seconds you just need to complete the delivery instructions for them
to send you a prepaid mailing box - yes, they even cover the postage and insurance. After
receiving your packaging simply return the box and your laptop with it's broken screen and await
your check that will be sent as quickly as the packaging box was. You then can take your
payment and use this towards your new laptop that now comes at a discounted price, around the
same figure as you would have paid for your laptop screen repair - except now you have a brand
new laptop that is up to date and problem free.

Remember, regardless of the condition of your laptop and its screen there is a cash payment
waiting for you at, and you will receive a friendly, professional and
very efficient service in the process of receiving it, broken laptop screen - problem solved.

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keeping track of the latest trends in the computer industry, and the biggest games in PC gaming
as well. His work entails plenty of research to ensure every detail is accurate and information is
shared in the best way possible. His favorite games include action games like the Call of Duty
series and RPG games like Dragon Age. In his spare time, he plays lead guitar with his band.

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