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					                             North Dakota IT Roundtable

                                                 Don Ottinger

                                                      Fargo, ND
                                                    August 2006

Information Technology Council of North Dakota

Booz Allen is a global strategy and technology
consulting firm with over 90 years experience
delivering results that endure …
            Who We Are ...                                           What We Do ...
 One of the oldest, largest and most                 Booz Allen Hamilton delivers end-to-
  experienced strategy and technology                  end strategy-based transformation
  consulting firms                                     solutions through multi-disciplinary
  – Founded in 1914                                    skills…from concept through
  – 16,000+ professionals
  – 2005 over $3.3 Billion in sales                   … and through our industry expertise
                                                       which spans virtually every major
 Our business model is driven by global               industry sector
  industry practices emphasizing industry
  expertise to better serve clients                   We bring industry-specific talent for the
                                                       most complex consulting engagements
 We bring a global perspective —
  serving clients from over 100 offices on            We leverage our global expertise to
  6 continents                                         fulfill client’s needs

 We bring an objective and independent               We provide our clients an Honest
  viewpoint to all of our clients                      Broker for making tough decisions
          Information Technology Council of North Dakota

     Booz Allen delivers a broad spectrum of solutions …

                                 Management Sciences
                                  •   Change Management
                                  •   Business Process Reengineering
                                  •   Financial Management
                                  •   Human Resources Management
                                  •   Systems Operations Management
                                                                        & C4I
                                                                       •   Communications and C2
Information                       •   Human Resources Systems              Architectures
                                  •   Total Quality Management
 Technology                                                                   • NetCentric Warfare
                                  •   Training Systems                        • FORCEnet
•   Systems Strategy &            •   Strategic Planning
    Architecture                                                              • C4ISR
                                  •   Acquisition Documentation        •   Communications Design
•   Systems Integration &
    Engineering                                                        •   Technology Standards
•   Software Development                                               •   Systems Engineering
•   Information Security                                               •   Program Development
•   Information Engineering                                            •   Local and Wide Area Networks
•   High Performance                                                   •   Communications Security
                                                                       •   Satellite Communications
•   Network Design & Analysis
                                                                       •   Modeling & Simulation

                Information Technology Council of North Dakota

    Booz Allen strives to identify partner companies with
    “best-in-class” skills and management capabilities …

Booz Allen’s subcontractors typically
 possess the following characteristics:
  – A well defined business strategy
    and complementary corporate                                                        Client
                                                     Booz Allen                    Understanding/
    capabilities                                     Capabilities                  Requirements

  – An understanding of the
    government market with expertise                                 Business
    or recognition within a specific                                Subcontracts

    client organization                                                            Government
  – The potential for a long-term,                    Business
    reciprocal relationship                          Capabilities

  – Compatible business ethics and
  – Financial stability and viability

              Information Technology Council of North Dakota

We are committed to helping the small business
community …

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy
  – 23.9 million small businesses in the United States
  – Represent 99.7% of all employers
  – Account for 41% of jobs in high technology sectors
  – Employ 50% of all private sector workers
  – Create 75% of the net new jobs in our economy each year
  – Supplied more than 23% of the total value of federal prime contracts in
    FY 2004

Prime Contractors reported subcontracts totaling $86.5 billion dollars for
 GFY03, of which $32 billion or 37% was awarded to Small Businesses

         Information Technology Council of North Dakota

We are making a concerted effort to forge strong
relationships with small businesses …


  $150                                                             VOB

            GFY01       GFY02        GFY03         GFY04   GFY05

            And we are ahead of plan for GFY 2006
         Information Technology Council of North Dakota

Relationships with small and emerging businesses is
the right thing for Booz Allen, for our clients, and for
the national and regional economies ...
Our priorities are to:
  – Expand outreach to those socioeconomic categories that are the most
    difficult to engage
  – Continue to advise and educate the small business community on
    government contracting requirements
  – Work collaboratively with business leaders across Booz Allen to identify
    meaningful subcontracting opportunities for small businesses
  – Aggressively track performance against small goals and take quick and
    deliberate corrective action
  – Celebrate success with our small business team members

         Information Technology Council of North Dakota

The first step towards doing business with Booz
Allen is to register your company in our small
business registry …
 Since Booz Allen receives a tremendously high volume of small business inquiries
  each week, it is essential to provide us with accurate and detailed information about
  your firm
  – Emphasize your firm’s unique and complementary capabilities that would add
    value to a Booz Allen team
  – Be specific and clear about the services your firm provides, particularly services
    for which you are widely recognized as “best-in-class”
  – Identify clients for whom you have deep knowledge and/or experience
  – Highlight specific upcoming procurements or Booz Allen contracts on which you
    could make a meaningful contribution
  – Describe special characteristics that distinguish your firm in the marketplace
    (e.g., socio-economic classification, security clearances, certifications)

 After submitting your registration, be patient—business development is an ongoing
  process and it takes time to review and align small business capabilities with
  appropriate Booz Allen opportunities

          Information Technology Council of North Dakota

Be specific and detailed …

 These resources depend largely on the data small businesses provide. Therefore,
  to ensure large businesses get the clearest picture of your company and its
  capabilities consider the following hints when you register your company:
  – Be specific in the description of your firm’s service offerings
  – Identify your company’s distinguishing characteristics (e.g., clearances, socio-
    economic classification, etc.)
  – Provide references and descriptions of previous work whenever possible
  – Ensure the information you provide is current and up-to-date
  – Before meeting with large businesses at Vendor Outreach Sessions, do your
    homework! (e.g., visit company websites, understand their service offerings and

         Information Technology Council of North Dakota

Register your company…

     Information Technology Council of North Dakota

Small Business Office Team …

 Lynn Livengood – Sr. Associate – Manager, Small Business Programs
  Hamilton – 3021

 Diane Marsden – Sr. Consultant – Mentor-Protégé Programs
  Hamilton – 3013

 Patrick McQuillan – Consultant – Reporting and Metrics
  Hamilton – 3013

         Information Technology Council of North Dakota

Examples of Booz Allen engagements

     Information Technology Council of North Dakota

                     Technology Integration – Change Management
                                                                      POC: Richard Koester
 National Guard Bureau (NGB) J6 - CIO
                                                                      (937) 205-5201

 Congress approved and funded an enterprise computer, network, and video telephony solution
  designed to reduce operating costs, increase organizational automation, and improve unit training
 Resistance within gaining organizations to identify resources (personnel and facilities) to support
  installation, implementation and operation of system.
 No policies or processes to measure performance, utilization,
 Gaining organizations disassembling, moving, or salvaging components for local use.
 Lack of direct communication down from CIO to organizations and up from organizations to CIO.

             Approach/Methodology                                           Outcome
 Establish a regional support model that provides      Increased system utilization and reduced
  direct CIO support in the field with the gaining       organizational operating costs.
  organizations.                                        Metrics and lessons learned to support
 Implement a communications and change                  Congressional inquiries.
  management program that engages operations,           Single source for information, support, and
  training, and IT support personnel to increase         knowledge exchange.
  program awareness, knowledge, and exchange            Direct communication
  of best practices.                                     between CIO and units
 Create a metrics collection and reporting              to support continuous
  program that incentivizes increased utilization.       program improvement.

               Information Technology Council of North Dakota
                          Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
                                                                      POC: Christopher Barrett
 Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
                                                                           (937) 904-8070

 In 1998, the Air Force consolidated the four super labs into the Air Force Research Laboratory to
  improve efficiency, reduce duplication, and better tie Science and Technology to the new Air Force
  Aerospace long-range vision
 Business processes across the lab were linked through manual intervention, spreadsheets, and
  paper reports with no common data system
 Collaboration within the lab was challenging due to the geographic separation of the Technical
 The capture and dissemination of important business, culture, and organizational knowledge was
  not consistent across the laboratory
             Approach/Methodology                                            Outcome
 Employ industry standard knowledge, process,          Booz Allen developed AFRL’s Enterprise
  content and change management approaches               Business System (EBS) that automates critical
 Determine what business challenges exist due to        business processes and promotes information
  ECM deficiencies, identify case for action, and        sharing to enable a single, integrated, and
  baseline metrics                                       seamless laboratory
 Translate ECM business case to ECM focused            Provided a system that allows
  solutions                                              users to create, store, manage,
 Create ECM Solution Implementation strategies          and share information across
  with change strategies based on organizational         geographic boundaries
  cultural assessments                                   independent of physical location,
                                                         hard-drive and shared-drive constraints

               Information Technology Council of North Dakota
                              Human Factors - Usability Testing
                                                                        POC: Dawn Lofland
 Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
                                                                        (937) 781-2115

 Increase probability of project success by facilitating user involvement throughout the software
  implementation process.
 Identify requirements from the user community and prioritize as critical, nice to have, and training
 Recommend interface GUI design changes based on usability best practices and industry
 Provide design guidelines to development team based on usability best practices and industry
 Facilitate usability testing with end-users software products.
              Approach/Methodology                                           Outcome
 Review current Government and Industry Best           Users better understand technical and schedule
  Practices                                              trade-offs when included throughout the design
 Provide a Usability Test Plan outlining project        process, and are more likely to accept a product
  goals, expectations and communication methods          they have had a say in
 Develop Questionnaires for user community to          Users involved will be your product champions
  identify their needs, perspective of the tools,        reducing “technology pushback”
  and suggestions for design improvement                Designing GUIs based on best
 Form focus groups of the user community                practices makes the interfaces
  (can be virtual) to discuss questionnaire.             easier to understand, reducing
 Paper prototype GUI design                             training time and increasing job
  suggestions and review with users.                     efficiency

               Information Technology Council of North Dakota

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