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					Getting Help With Warrant Bail Bonds

Any time Las Vegas police suspect a person of committing a crime, they
can obtain a warrant for that person's arrest. The individual will have
to go to the police station and be booked. Booking is a process in which
the officer takes fingerprints and puts the accused party into the
computer system. At this time, the police will contact a judge about bail
and court. The judge will review the person's criminal history and decide
on an amount of money the person can pay to get out of jail. Bail amounts
vary according to the nature of the crime and the criminal history of the
defendant. Anyone who has an impending court date can apply for warrant
bail bonds.

What are Warrant Bail Bonds?

Warrant bail bonds are loans that special lenders called bondsman put up
for their clients. These loans cover the cost of bail so that the
defendant can get out of jail. The bond company issues the loan only
until the defendant makes his or her required appearance in court. If the
defendant does not show up in court, the bail bond company can proceed
legally and a new warrant will be issued for an arrest.

How to Receive Warrant Bail Bonds

Receiving warrant bail bonds is easy for any person. The first step in
the process is making a phone call to a warrant bail bonds company for
assistance. A trusty bondsman will take preliminary information to get an
idea of what the person needs. The bondsman will need to know the bail
amount, the nature of the crime, and some information about the
defendant's criminal history. He or she will then arrange for the
applicant to meet in person if possible. During the meeting, the bondsman
will let the applicant know about any additional requirements. Some
applicants may be required to submit some collateral before the bondsman
can help. Common types of collateral are automobile titles and home

We can have the defendant released the same day a prospective client
applies for help. The bondsman will drive to the jail, post the bail, and
in some cases assist the defendant with getting home. That person is then
free to go to work and spend time with his or her family until the court
date comes up. Once the person makes an appearance in court, the bail
money will be released back to the bond company by the courts. The
defendant can remain free until the next time he or she needs warrant
bail bonds.

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