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					 Volume 25.06                                             9th March 2011                                   Telephone: 9334 0000

From the Principal, Mr Jim Laussen

All of you will have heard and read about the launch of the           Instead of referring to the data that compares us to like
My School 2010 website last week. I would be surprised, if            schools based on a similar ICSEA score, rather you may
most of you have not accessed the Overnewton page to                  choose to do a comparison to other schools in this part of
see what is contained on it; indeed, if you have not done so          Melbourne. Again, this is not an evaluation, I am going to
yet, I would encourage you to read it.                                provide as parents will have their own lists of comparisons
                                                                      they wish to make.
It is not my plan to provide an evaluation of or
commentary on the data provided on the site. There have               The one comment I will make about the website is that the
been many reporters and journalists who have done this                schools are compared on a single criteria, that being
already. Many of these journalists and also politicians have          NAPLAN results. Clearly, NAPLAN results are not the
chosen to use the new financial data provided as a                    only reason a parent chooses to send their child to a
particularly strong political debate about funding of                 particular school, neither are they, or should they be, the
independent schools. In fact, more has been made of the               driver that runs the academic direction of a school.
financial data than any implications that may arise about
the nature of NAPLAN results across the country.                      Overnewton College continues to be proud of all that it
                                                                      achieves across both its curricular and co-curricular
None of the financial data provided about Overnewton is               programs as well as its incredible links to its community.
new to parents of the College as you have already seen                As members of this community, you can all decide how
these figures in the Community Report published each of               well these achievements are reflected within the My
the last three years and in the 2011 fee letter posted to             Schools 2010 website. I would be very happy to receive
families in October 2010.        Of course, our capital               comments or questions from parents about the site.
expenditure is great, and is about to increase with the
imminent commencement of construction of the new                      Some Exciting Auskick News (especially for Bulldogs
Junior School at Keilor Campus. We fund all of our                    Fans)
capital works ourselves through fees and borrowing.
                                                                      Brad Johnson from the Western Bulldogs and his son will
For those who did not understand how the „like schools‟               be attending the Auskick Super Clinic on Saturday March
category was determined, you are not alone. It was                    19th at Taylors Lakes Campus. This day is the launch of
developed using the schools‟ ICSEA (Index of Socio-                   the Auskick season for the year.
Educational Advantage) score. The ICSEA score is
determined using the occupational and educational                     The AFL has organised for Brad to attend and there will
background of parents, the proportion of students at each             be media coverage to launch our 2011 AFL season. Thank
school from an Indigenous background, the physical                    you to Garry Scibberas and his team for organising this for
location (remoteness) of the school, and the parental                 our students.
language background. How these factors were individually
scored and subsequently ranked is not easily explained.
However, we do know that the educational background of
parents had the most significant impact on the score for
individual schools – rated almost three times more than
any other individual factor. Therefore, the higher the
score, generally, the more highly educated were the parents
in that school community.

                                                        College Mission Statement
Overnewton Anglican Community College encourages and supports its students as individuals to achieve at optimum levels in a broad
range of curricular and co-curricular activities and to prepare them for life as responsible members of the community with sound values
based on Christian faith. The College will maintain a strong sense of community values and strive to ensure that its educational program
is widely accessible and that parents, the community and the Anglican Church enjoy active roles in the life of the College.

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Mr Rob Huntington, Head of Keilor Campus                                                COLLEGE DATES                                Thursday 10th March School Alive Tours
                                                                    Saturday 12th March Working Bee - Taylors Lakes
GORTON YOUNG LEADERS AWARDS                                         Monday 14th March LABOUR DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY
The Federal Member for Gorton, Brendan O‟Connor, this week          Thursday 17th March Year 10 Parent-Student-Teacher
hosted a morning tea to celebrate the achievements of recipients                        Interviews
of the second round of the Gorton Young Leaders Awards.             Saturday 19th March Working Bee - Keilor Campus

Mr O‟Connor established the Gorton Young Leaders Awards last
year to recognise local young people who have shown an
exceptional commitment to public service, specifically through      Ms Anne Mc Naughton, Head of Junior School, KC
involvement in voluntary work, student leadership or community
service.                                                            Mrs Tracy Fielder, Head of Junior School, TLC
Mr. O‟Connor presented award winners with certificates and a
small prize to commemorate their achievements. He also spoke        JUNIOR SCHOOL - TAYLORS LAKES CAMPUS
of the importance of active public leadership, youth engagement
                                                                    As we approach the second half of Term 1 and reflect on how
and education.
                                                                    much has been achieved thus far, the mind boggles! Schools
                                                                    continue to be immensely busy, and the education that occurs on
18 students from 9 local schools have been awarded a Gorton
                                                                    a daily basis is astounding. We are lucky enough to be in a
Young Leaders Award for 2010. I am delighted that two
                                                                    school where the children are exposed to such a variety of
students from our Class of 2010, Kyle Downward and Rachel
                                                                    learning opportunities. Lessons are built on an inquiry approach
Potter, are recipients of this award and were presented with
                                                                    whereby the students are able to investigate and build on their
certificates on Wednesday, 9th March.
                                                                    knowledge in order to reach their ultimate goal. It has been
                                                                    interesting to visit classrooms this week and ask the children
Congratulations to Kyle and Rachel!
                                                                    about their learning. It is easy to provide children with activities
                                                                    to complete, however, if they don‟t understand what the learning
STUDENT SUPERVISION                                                 objective is then the task can seem pointless. I was most
There have been a number of disturbing situations recently that     impressed that the children I spoke to in a variety of different
have been brought to my attention involving parent supervision      year levels could speak to me about the reason why they were
of Junior School students or pre-schoolers. On a number of          working on a particular task. This is both effective teaching and
occasions, young children have been found wandering the             learning.
playground unattended outside of yard duty times. At a recent
parent information night, a number of Junior School and             There was exciting inquiry occurring in the Prep area last week
preschool siblings were found playing in the dark outside of the    as they took part in a collaborative construction project. The
assembly hall, there have been instances of preparatory grade       students were provided with a variety of boxes and construction
students being left at school as early as 8am and not being         materials and their job was to work together in a small group in
booked into the Out of School Hours Care Program and there          order to build something of interest to them. The opportunity
were a number of young siblings of Junior students running          for the children to work with their peers on a task that required
noisily around in the SOSE Open Learning Area while their           consideration of others, team work and thinking skills was a
parents were in parent-teacher interviews. Staff have also found    valuable exercise for them. This proved to be a successful
unattended preschool children in cars in the car park and drop-     educational experience as well as a great opportunity for social
off zone and students have been throwing rocks in the company       skills development.
of parents when leaving the campus, one of which recently
broke the windscreen of a car driving along Overnewton Road.

I remind parents that teachers on yard duty are responsible for
College students on campus from 8.30am to 4pm only.
Preschool students are the responsibility of their parents as are
Junior School students outside of yard duty and class times.
                                                                         Images have been removed to meet privacy needs
When using the drop-off zone, parents should only be parking in
designated carparks and should not be parking close to the first
roundabout at the entrance gates. There are also instances
where drivers have been entering through the gates and then
stopping at the entrance to the loop as their children run across
the grass to the car. This holds up cars entering behind them,
causing traffic to be held up in Overnewton Road. Students
should not be waiting on the roundabout or on the grass verge
nearby as this creates an unsafe mix of vehicular traffic and
student pedestrians.                                                Our first House meeting last week was a great success. The
                                                                    children met to discuss the purpose of House, the history of
                                                                    their House and to meet the students who have applied to be
                                                                    House Captains. It was nice to see such House spirit amongst
                                                                    all of the children and staff on Thursday. There was certainly a
                                                                    sense of pride throughout the Junior School.

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Our next Junior School event, Harmony Day, will combine our              1T couldn‟t wait to read their new
pastoral program and international understandings that have              picture book with their buddy. It was      Images have been
formed a focus for House this term. Harmony Day is celebrated            even more exciting when they could          removed to meet
around Australia on 21st March each year. This special day               take them home and share it with              privacy needs
celebrates cultural diversity throughout Australia. The children         their Mum and Dad.
in the Junior School at Taylors Lakes will celebrate this special
day on Monday the 21st of March. Children are invited to wear
the official Harmony Day color of orange (as an accessory) on            MAKING CONNECTIONS – ALL ABOUT…… IN 3S
this day. Alternatively, they can wear their official Overnewton         The children in 3S have been very busy getting to know each
House t-shirt with summer sports uniform. The orange item is             other this term. They have completed a project emphasising the
to be a top or an accessory (ie. hair ties, scarf, hat etc) and is to    qualities that make them unique. Here is Jayden‟s.
be worn with the summer sports school uniform. It will not be
a casual clothes day. The children in the Junior School will              ALL ABOUT JAYDEN NAJDOVSKI
congregate at 12:30pm on this day to have lunch together. Your                       Hello, my name is Jayden and I am 8 years old.
child may like to bring something to eat that represents his or          Images have I‟ve got 5 people in my family and I live in Taylors
her unique heritage on this special day. Children will not be           been removed Hill.
sharing food at this event.                                                to meet
                                                                        privacy needs
                                                                                        My mum‟s name is Shana an my dad‟s name is
The Junior School children have enjoyed playing with sports                             Mick. I have a sister Natarsha and a brother
equipment in the yard during recess or lunch time over the past                         Ryley. My mum is 38 and my dad is 37. My dad
week. Items such as skipping ropes, hoola hoops, balls etc have          fixes planes and my mum works at school. My sister is in Year 5
been a part of their play. It was great to see so many children          and my brother is in Prep.
using the equipment and being active out in the yard. We have
asked that children do not bring along toys from home to be              The best time of my life was when I visited America and went
played with at school. Where an item is brought along for Show           on the log ride. I was drenched from the water ride. When I
and Tell, it will need to be left with either the teacher or in          was in America, I saw the biggest Lego shop in the world. It had
school bags.                                                             big Lego statues. I saw Darth Vader, R2 D2 and a giant giraffe.
Connections continue to be made throughout the Junior School.            My favourite sports are football and soccer. I like them because
Each class is beginning to find connections in their rooms and           you can tackle when playing these sports. You also have a ball
with each other as they became more acquainted. The turn out             to play with.
at the Prep BBQ last Friday
night was just amazing and                                               My favourite movie is Star Wars because it‟s got fighting and lots
both the children and parents                                            of exciting characters.
were all eager to socialise and
help where needed. I sincerely Images have been removed to               If I was an animal, I would be a chameleon.            They can
thank all whom attended for           meet privacy needs
                                                                         camouflage themselves by changing colour.
braving the cold and showing
their commitment to College                                              My favourite toys are my Star Wars action figures. They have
and their children‟s education.                                          light sabres in different colours. Purple is the rarest colour.
There are many benefits to being in a Prep – Year 12 school, but         I feel happy when someone comes to play at my house. They
one very obvious and easy way of taking advantage of this is to          can play on my Wii with me. I have four remotes.
utilise peer teaching. Year 9 students often come to the Junior
School during their Focus Week time. Recently a group of
                                                                         JUNIOR SCHOOL - TAYLORS LAKES CAMPUS
Canowindra students worked with Year 1 T on creating picture
story books that they would enjoy. The older students                    HOUSE MEETING – HOUSE SPEECHES
conducted research and created a story book that represented             On Thursday the 3rd of March
the interests of the student they were writing for. My                   the very excited children in the
congratualtions and praise goes direct to the Year 9 students            Junior School met in their House
                                                                         groups for the first time in            Images have been
who did an outstanding job on creating picture story books and                                                removed to meet privacy
presenting them for the younger students to read and keep!               2011. It was at this meeting, the
                                                                         children got to meet prospective              needs
                                                     Tracy Fielder
                                                                         House Captains for 2011 and
YEAR 9 PRESENT PICTURE STORY BOOKS TO 1 T                                learn more about the origins of
                                                                         their House. The enthusiasm and
                                                                         excitement demonstrated by
1T were lucky enough to be a part of a Year 9 Focus Week. The            prospective Year 4 captains when addressing their Housemates
children in 1T were paired with a Year 9 buddy who was going             was outstanding. It was wonderful to see our ‘You Can Do It’
to make them a picture book. The children in 1T were so                  behaviours of persistence, resilience and organisation displayed
excited and enjoyed talking about                                        during the speeches. Ms Fielder, Ms Sheldon and the Junior
themselves with their Year 9                                             School teachers were very impressed by the speeches made and
buddy. On Monday our Year 9             Images have been                 will have a tough decision deciding who will be our leaders in
buddies came and visited us. removed to meet privacy                     2011. We wish applicants all the best and congratulate them on
They had finished their picture                needs                     their efforts.
books and had brought them to                                                                                             Joann Sheldon
our classroom.

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JUNIOR SCHOOL - KEILOR CAMPUS                                         Mrs Jan Jolley, Head of Middle School, KC
This week the Junior School classrooms have been humming    
along as students settle into the routines and work habits of their
new classes. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Prep            Mr Tim Mahon, Head of Middle School, TLC
classrooms. Prep teachers are quite remarkable in the way they
take an eclectic group of five year olds on the beginning of the
                                                                      HOUSE SWIMMING CARNIVALS
journey that is „school life‟. Already we have seen the Prep
                                                                      Last week both Middle Schools had their House Swimming
students becoming independent in their morning routines and
                                                                      Carnival at the St Albans Swim Centre. House spirit was strongly
developing their understandings about how school works. In
                                                                      on display and the participation from students was wonderful to
addition, Mrs Lokman has reported that Prep classes have been
                                                                      see. The weather on both days was a challenge but all
busy on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons participating in
                                                                      competitors were keen to participate. Thank you to all the
Activity Maths. The students have been rotating around fun,
                                                                      House co-ordinators, staff, parent helpers and students for their
hands-on stations run by teachers and parents which aim to help
                                                                      enthusiastic support, cooperation and participation.
the children develop important math‟s strategies. Some photos
have been included in this edition of Whispers.
                                                                      It is fantastic to see so many students wearing their uniform
                                                                      appropriately and we are very proud of the way they look.
                                                                      Parents, please remember that students are to wear full
     Images have been removed to meet privacy needs                   Overnewton school uniform in its correct form. An outline of
                                                                      the uniform requirements is to be found in the student diary, but
                                                                      a few small things to note are:
                                                                         •   Blazers need to be worn to and from school except when
                                                                             the forecast temperature is over 30 degrees.
              Above: Prep students doing Maths                           •   The College hat to be worn during Term 1 and Term 4.
                                                                         •   Shiny black leather lace up shoes to be worn.
At our assembly on Monday the Preps also treated us to a                 •   Earrings must be studs or plain sleepers only.
delightful rendition of “I jump out of bed in the morning”. The          •   Only one earring per ear and in the lobe of the ear.
Junior School Captains and Vice Captains did an excellent job            •   A watch and small cross (worn under the uniform) are the
hosting a very busy assembly which included the presentation of              only other jewellery that can be worn.
the Library Committee badges and a performance from the cello            •   Make-up and nail polish should not be worn to school.
teacher, Ms Sophia Chishkovsky. Curie House Captains and                 •   Hair must be tidy at all times which supports the school
Vice Captains, Olivia, Peter, Nicholas and Tegan spoke about                 policy of prohibiting extreme hairstyles.
the House system and promoted the „Lapathon‟ which is being              •   Hair which touches the uniform collar or longer must be
held on Monday, 21st March.                                                  (fully) tied back.
                                                                         •   For our sports uniform, it must be full Overnewton attire.
I am still concerned about students arriving very early to school.
Last week a Prep student sustained an injury at 8.15 a.m.             COLLEGE DIARY
Although a minor injury, it could have been much worse. I             The College Diary is an organisational tool for students, noting
remind parents that the yard is not supervised until 8.30 a.m. and    homework as well as upcoming events, which is to be taken to
the students are at risk when they are in the yard before this        all classes. It is also an effective source of communication
time. Before School Care is the safest place for Junior School        between the home and school and is to be kept clean of graffiti.
students to be, and opens at 7.15 a.m. every day.                     We ask that the diary be signed at least once each week by a
                                                                      parent or guardian so as to keep up to date with what is
I have had a good response from parents wishing to participate        happening at school.
in discussions about the Learning Beyond the Classroom policy.
If you would like to be included in this group (as outlined by        HOME – SCHOOL COMMUNICATION
Andrea Dart in last week‟s Whispers), please let me know by           If you would like to discuss any issues, please don‟t hesitate to
Friday, 18th March. To date, I have received some very positive       contact the relevant staff via the student diary, email, or by
feedback from parents in relation to our weekly diary                 phone, as we look forward to continuing to successfully work in
communication slips. It is very affirming for the teachers to         partnership with all Middle School families.
receive such feedback and assists us in ensuring our
communication with families is of a good standard.                    10 WAYS FOR PARENTS TO HELP TEACHERS HELP
Enjoy your week.                                                      THEIR CHILDREN LEARN
                                             Anne McNaughton            1. Create a smooth take off each day. Get organised the
                                                                           night before. Give your children a hug before they leave
                                                                           the house and you head to work. Tell them how proud
              COMING EVENTS - TERM 1                                       you are of them. Your children‟s self-confidence and
        JUNIOR SCHOOL - KEILOR CAMPUS                                      sense of security will help them do well both in school
Thursday 10th March Prep-Year 2 incursion -Brainstorm                      and in life. A positive, happy start is the best foundation
                     Show                                                  for the day at school.
Monday 14th March    LABOUR DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY                          2. Prepare for a happy reunion at the end of the
Wednesday 16th March Year 2 Excursion Melbourne CBD,                       day. Create predictable rituals such as 10-20 minutes
                     Eureka Tower and Yarra River Cruise                   listening to your children talk about their day over an after
                                                                           -school snack – before you check phone messages, read
                                                                           the mail, or begin dinner. This is truly quality time when
                                                                           your children know your attention is focused on them and
                                                                           they can count on you every day after school.

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    3. Fill your child‟s lunchbox with healthy snacks and              LEARNING BEYOND THE CLASSROOM
       lunches. Have dinner as a family, preferably round the          Please refer to the “Class tasks” documents on the Canowindra
       table, at a reasonable hour. In the morning provide a           page of the College intranet. There you will find a great deal of
       healthy breakfast with whole grains, protein and fruit. A       information about the tasks your son or daughter is involved in
       well-balanced diet maximised your children‟s learning           and where they should be up to. A task in red means the due
       potential and helps them stay alert throughout the school       date has recently passed.
   4. Include peaceful times in your children‟s afternoons             ACS
       and evenings. Maintain a schedule of regular bedtimes           ACS matches have commenced and families are reminded that it
       that allows them to go to school rested, and if they are        is an expectation that all participants in the ACS program
       sick, have a system in place so they are able to stay           compete in shorts. Hats are also a requirement for all outdoor
       home. Children need plenty of sleep for healthy physical        sports. Mouth guards are strongly recommended for a number
       and mental development and success at school.                   of sports and a requirement for hockey.
   5. Fill your children‟s lives with a love for learning by
       showing them your own curiosity, respecting their               Please avoid appointments on Thursday afternoons as a last
       questions, and encouraging their efforts.                       minute reduction in team numbers can impact on our ability to
   6. Fill your home with books to read, books simply to               field teams which is extremely disappointing for coaches and
       look at, and books that provide answers to life‟s many          players.
       questions. Public libraries are an excellent resource and
       can become a habit from a very early age.                       UPCOMING EVENTS
   7. Be a partner with your child‟s teacher. When you need
                                                                       Thursday 10th March ACS St Michaels at home
       to speak to the teacher in reference to a specific issue with
                                                                       Tuesday 15th March  Goal Setting Day
       your child, do it privately, not in front of your
                                                                       Thursday 17th March ACS St Leonards away (our latest
       child. Never criticise your child‟s teacher in front of your
       child. Keep adult disagreements among the adults
                                                                       Monday 21st March   Focus Week 2 including the Non
                                                                                           Duke of Ed Camp at Waratah Bay
   10. Set up a system where routine items are easily
       located – such as backpacks, shoes, signed
       notices. Create a central calendar for upcoming events to
       make sure everyone is prepared. Boys in particular can
       benefit from learning how to organise themselves.
                                                                                               ACS SPORT
   11 Become involved in school activities. This could be
       helping with reading, being on a committee, helping with        Year 7
       College events, going to meetings, providing                    It was a closely fought match with Isabella Markovski and
       transport. Teachers appreciate the practical support of         Natasha Anderson being the standout players in the tennis
       parents – and children whose parents are involved do            encounter. They won both their singles and doubles matches.
       better at school.
                                                                       Elyse Wright and Charlotte Lake both pitched well in the girls‟
                                 Acknowledgement: Mimi Doe             softball match. Lauren Ould and Emily Slocombe displayed
                                                                       some good catching skills.

                   Transport Assistance Needed                         Fortunes were mixed this week in the basketball games with the
                                                                       B team losing and the A team having a comfortable win by 51
A family needs help to transport their Middle School                   pts. Leading scorers were Norman Dimitrijevic (24 pts), Riley
student between Taylors Hill and the Taylors Lakes Campus on           Caines (16 pts), Harrison Bult (11 pts), Andrew Bellinger (10
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.                                      pts), Matthew Nobile (6 pts) and Marcus Raciti (2 pts). It was
                                                                       great batting by James Koroneos who saved the day in the boys‟
If you are able to help please call Mimal on 0450 092 977 to
                                                                       Khayenne Abarra and Vineeta Matkar displayed some good
                                                                       „digging‟ skills in the girls‟ volleyball A match but good serving
Mr Derek Summerton, Head of Canowindra
                                                                       by the opposition gave them the win. Sabina Wong was named
                                                                       player of the match in the B games, as her great serving when
                                                                       the team was down 2 sets gave Overnewton the win.
On the 25th of February Monty Pryor an Indigenous Australian           The girls‟ soccer team won their first game of the season. Zoe
came to Canowindra. Monty Pryor is an author; he has written           Sadler scored two impressive goals with Emma Baddeley scoring
many books including novels, autobiographies and picture story         the other. The team managed to keep the opposition scoreless
books. Monty talked to us about his childhood and growing up           throughout the game.
being an Aboriginal man. He talked about how even in these
modern times a „white fella‟ doesn‟t know about Aboriginal             Winners: Boys‟ basketball A (63 pts – 12); girls‟ tennis (6 sets –
culture, we learnt about the Aboriginal lifestyle, and about his       5); girls‟ softball (20 runs – 6); boys‟ softball (18 runs – 4); girls‟
childhood. It was interesting how Monty Prior used humour to           volleyball B (3 sets – 2); boys‟ table tennis (9 matches – 7); girls‟
engage the Year 9 students and then said something serious, and        soccer (3 goals – 0)
that‟s how he caught our attention. The Year 9 students enjoyed
the experience of meeting Monty Pryor and listening to his
                                       Hayden Rowley, 9 Purple                                                                (Continued on page 6)

READ WHISPERS ONLINE AT:                                                          Page 5
(Continued from page 5)                                                 Winners: Girls‟ soccer (4 goals – 0); boys‟ basketball A (49 pts –
                                                                        31 draw); boys‟ basketball B (22 pts – 21); girls‟ tennis (59 games
Year 8                                                                  – 40); boys‟ table tennis (13 matches – 3); boys‟ cricket (128 runs
James Porto made 36 runs in the cricket match. The team                 – 47); boys‟ softball (22 runs – 5)
followed up with three great run outs in their fielding effort by
Jackson Smith, Jake Sexton and Daniel Raniolo. James Wrout              Seniors
and Josh Dujkanovic displayed good attitude and made good               The doubles partnership of Jonathan Truong and Vedan
efforts during the match. The only disappointing note from this         Khanna went the distance of seven sets but at the end were
game was a couple of dropped catches. If the team is to                 victorious. Jonathan was also successful in his singles game.
maintain an unbeaten season the catches need to be held in the          Kevin Lai and Jeffrey Pan are to be commended as they were
future.                                                                 good team players and were helpful to their coach during the
Matthew Bell scored the only goal in the hockey encounter this
week. Best players on the pitch were Crisdion Krstevski,                It was a vast improvement by the boys from the 2nd hockey
Benjamin Talevski, Ben Spitteler and Matthew Bell.                      team this week, despite losing the game. Matthew Bontorno and
                                                                        James Lautier were named players of the match.
Leading scorers from the two successful basketball games were
Zac Wunhym (20 pts), Jeremy Bortoli (20 pts), Michael Harsic            Natasha Georgopoulos scored two individual goals in a
(16 pts), Adam Mandic and Callum Shackleton both with 6 pts.            comfortable win by the soccer 1st team this week.

It was a sensational win by the girls‟ volleyball A team against        Despite going down this week, the boys‟ 1st softball team had
Westbourne. The game went to five sets, with Overnewton                 many highlights. James Costa stole home base three times with
winning the last set in a tie breaker. It was also a fantastic effort   Andrew Granger and Michael Nikitiuk both very good in the out
by all team members to secure the win. It was a convincing win          -field. In a very strong performance by the girls from the 2nd
by the volleyball B team 3 sets to 1.                                   softball, Taylah Peacock shone as the pitcher. The girls from the
                                                                        1st softball team had a comfortable win this week by 10 runs.
Winners: Boys‟ cricket (123 runs – 98); girls‟ volleyball A (3 sets     Natasha Tung, Crystal Cheung and Melissa Tassos all scored
– 2); girls‟ volleyball B (3 sets – 1)                                  home runs. Chloe White took a great catch in the field.

Year 9                                                                  It was an excellent team effort by the 1st mixed touch football
There were some great results in both the singles and doubles           team this week, as they protected the ball much better. Mitch
girls‟ tennis clashes. It was a great team effort allowing they         Chandler scored a try in his first game with the 1st team. The
team to win comfortably by 19 games. Mikaela Farrugia won her           2nd team also had a great game but unfortunately did not win.
singles games convincingly and followed it up with a win in a tie-      It was great captaincy by Phillip Meletis as he helped out the
breaker with her doubles partner Jennifer Trinh. Vivian Lu and          more inexperienced players of his team.
Jessica Wijnen were both successful as singles winners and as a
                                                                        Jaimee Vi had the only win for the afternoon in the girls‟ tennis
partnership in their doubles game.
                                                                        (2nd team) match. Chantelle Camilleri also had a good game but
It was a narrow one point win by the boys from the B basketball         lost in a close game. It the boys‟ tennis (1st team), best on court
team. After being down by 7 points in the first half they               was awarded to Jessie Thomas who had a comfortable win.
doubled the scoring of the opposition in the second and thus
                                                                        Leading scorers from the basketball (1st team) match were Omar
gained the victory. Leading scorers from this game were Callum
                                                                        Turk (10 pts), Dylan Johnson (9 pts) and Brendan Shackleton (8
Bellinger (7 pts) and Christian Hudec (10 pts). The A basketball
                                                                        pts). From the basketball (2nd team) match the leading scorers
game was a more comfortable win to the boys with Jack Hojnik
                                                                        were Joseph Pensa (10 pts) and Mark Michail (7 pts).
leading all scorers with a game high of 24 pts.
                                                                        Winners: Girls‟ 1st softball (20 runs – 10); girls‟ 1st soccer (7
It was another good win to the soccer girls this week with a 4
                                                                        goals – 0); boys‟ 1st table tennis (15 matches – 1); girls‟ 1st tennis
goal victory. Gabriella Fox was consistent throughout the game,
                                                                        (8 sets – 4); girls‟ 2nd volleyball (3 sets – 1); mixed touch footy
Sarah Gonsalves scored a nice individual goal and Sheani Rifat
                                                                        1st (3 goal draw); boys‟ softball 2nd (19 runs – 12); girls‟ 2nd
played a good defensive game.
                                                                        softball (23 runs – 14); boys‟ 2nd table tennis (9 matches – 6)
After a narrow loss in the previous week, the table tennis team
                                                                                                          Nikki Little and Janene Lokaj
had a comfortable win this week by ten matches. It was a
                                                                                                                         Heads of Sport
fantastic effort by all of the players who remained focused
throughout the afternoon.

Wasim Ibrahim was courageous in goals during the hockey
game. Jason Pham was fantastic in defence and the team did
very well despite being overpowered by the opposition team.                      ACS SPORTS INFORMATION LINE
The cricket team had an impressive win by 81 runs this week.                                 For information
Lachlan Sneddon and Scott Sidley got the team off to a great
start posting a 70 run partnership that was only broken by the
                                                                                   regarding departure and return times
forced retirement of Lachlan at 40 not out. Alex Hussey scored                      of the ACS teams during the week,
a quick 37 not out. This was followed up by a solid bowling                   call the College‟s Sports Information Line on
performance especially by Tylar Vujanic, Simon Di Cicco, Pumal
Alahakoon and Jayden Ristevski. This bowling effort plus three                                      9331 5980.
run outs allowed Overnewton to cruise home for the win.

READ WHISPERS ONLINE AT:                                                           Page 6
Mrs Nikki Little, Head of Sport KC                                  HOUSE SWIMMING CARNIVALS                                  The Keilor Senior School, Taylors Lakes Campus Years 5 – 9 and
                                                                    Keilor Campus Years 5 – 8 Swimming Carnivals were undertaken
Ms Janene Lokaj, Head of Sport TLC                                  during the past two weeks. Students from all four schools wore                                  their House colours with pride to compete in a combination of
                                                                    swimming and novelty events. House points were awarded for
4, 5 & 6 DISTRICT SWIMMING CARNIVAL                                 participation in all events. The finals section of the program
Overnewton College hosted the 2011 Sydenham District                brought great excitement from spectators as did the freestyle
Swimming Carnival on Wednesday 2nd March at the St Albans           relays and highly popular staff versus student race. The staff team
Leisure Centre. Nine schools competed for the District Shield       from Taylors Lakes Campus was too strong for the student
and an opportunity for individuals and relay teams to progress to   competitors with Mr Thornton overtaking Mason Morello (Year
the Division and Regional Championships on the 22nd March.          9) on the final lap to claim victory. Both Middle School carnivals
Keilor and Taylors Lakes Campuses competed against each other       were plagued with un-seasonally cold weather but both managed
in the competition; although, all students were encouraging and     to get through the majority of the programs to ascertain the
supportive of one another. Overnewton Taylors Lakes Campus          carnival champions.
won the overall championship, with Keilor Campus 50 points
behind in 2nd place. Mary Mc Killop Primary School finished in      Results from the Taylors Lakes Campus event showed Curie
3rd.                                                                House winning the combined swimming carnival by 116 points.
                                                                    The results are as follows:
Due to the size and strength of the Sydenham District, the two      Results: Taylors Lakes Campus
fastest swimmers in each event will progress to the next round of            1st Curie – 1355
competition. Congratulations to the representatives from Taylors             2nd Edison – 1241
Lakes Campus:                                                                3rd Pasteur – 1160
Emma Pollard                                                                 4th Newton – 1121
            John Santi
            Rixon Wong                                              For the „Activate‟ Shield presented at the end of the year at each
            Noah Krznaric                                           of the school‟s final assemblies the results are as follows:
            Elise Moon                                                        Year 9                        Middle School
            Jessica Farrugia                                                  1st Newton – 281              1st Curie – 1112
            Ivan Mandic                                                       2nd Edison – 275              2nd Edison – 966
            Olivia Winton                                                     3rd Pasteur – 271             3rd Pasteur – 889
            Aydin Kasif                                                       4th Curie – 243               4th Newton - 840
            Matthew Fissichia
            Lachlan Kanellos                                        At the Keilor Campus event, Newton confidently took first place.
            Gemma Reinmuth                                          The results are as follows:
            Kayla Nguyen                                            Results: Keilor Campus Middle School
            Ebonee Mountjoy                                                  1st: 1790
            Lachlan McKillop                                                 2nd: 1627
            Nicholas Georgopoulos                                            3rd: 1556
            Mallory Vandeloo                                                 4th: 1505
            Aleesha Samuel
            Marina Djordjevich                                      Congratulations to the following students who were awarded the
            Madeline Cram                                           Swimming Champions medal for their individual performances:
            Ryan McKillop                                           Taylors Lakes Campus
            Matthew Decleva                                                  Year 5 female: Jessica Farrugia (C)
            Steven Cuce                                                      Year 5 male: John Santi (P)
            Jake Wijnen                                                      Year 6 females: Elise Moon (E)
                                                                             Year 6 male: Rixon Wong (P)
Congratulations to the representatives from the Keilor Campus:               Year 7 female: Steliani Constas (C)
           Alexander Cesarios                                                Year 7 male: James Koroneos (N)
           Julia Goetz                                                       Year 8 female: Kara VanderBurgt (C)
           Keeley Di Martino                                                 Year 8 male: Jonah Krznaric (E)
           Jeremy Su                                                         Year 9 female: Jackie Santi (P)
           Benjamin Cantarella                                               Year 9 male: Mason Morello (N)
           James Konjarski
                                                                    Keilor Campus
           Rose Hong
                                                                             Year 5 female: Keeley Di Martino (C)
           Jack Alemis
                                                                             Year 5 male: Naoki Woolcock (C)
           Julia Esposito
                                                                             Year 6 female: Julia Goetz (P)
           Jasmin Rifat
                                                                             Year 6 male: Jack Alemis (N)
           Cindy Tran
                                                                             Year 7 female: Mei Mong (N)
           Sean Lim
                                                                             Year 7 male: Jun Osumi (N)
           Nicholas Koroneos
                                                                             Year 8 female: Kate Sidley (N)
           Simon Borzillo
                                                                             Year 8 male: Jaden Ng (E)
We know that all representatives Images have been removed to
                                     meet privacy needsIt has been fantastic to see that House points have been evenly
will proudly represent the
                                                       shared throughout the swimming carnivals with a different House
College at the event at the Oak
                                                       being named champion at each of the carnivals (Pasteur – Senior
Park Pool. We wish everyone
                                                       School), (Curie – TLC and Canowindra) and (Newton KC Middle
the best of luck.
                                                       School). We look forward to more closely fought encounters
                                                       during Cross County and Athletics.
READ WHISPERS ONLINE AT:                                     Page 7
       JUNIOR SPORTS PROGRAM                                                            FUNDRAISING

BASKETBALL RESULTS                                                  Making Connections with other parents!
Under 10 Boys Team                                                  My children and I were out shopping the other day and my
What a great game. The boys really stepped up to the mark this      daughter spotted another child from her class. She was wearing
week. Great team work.                                              the Overnewton uniform but it wasn‟t a child or a parent I was
Overnewton – 28      Aberfeldie - 14                                familiar with. So I introduced myself and I found out that she is
                                                                    a new parent at the school having come from ICA College. We
Under 10 Girls Team                                                 have so many new families this year and welcome them to our
As our first season comes to an end, our girls have shown vast      community.
improvement, great perseverance and an amazing attitude. They
should all be very proud of the way they have represented           I really connect with Overnewton‟s theme for this year,
Overnewton College.                                                 „Making Connections‟, as it isn‟t just about the children
Overnewton, 4 - Keilor Village1, 35                                 connecting with one another, their teachers or their learning, it is
                                                                    also about the parents and friends connecting with other parents,
Under 12 Boys 1 Team                                                friends and staff at Overnewton. In this year, with so many new
The scores were very close for the majority of the match.           families, the Parents & Friends social events are just the right
However, the boys lost momentum in the last five minutes and St     environment to do this.
Christophers scored some quick shots to win the game. The boys
strong position on the ladder will get them into the preliminary    For the last few years we have had a dinner dance and a trivia
finals in two weeks time. Good luck boys!!                          night as an opportunity to get together, we wanted the
Final scores: Overnewton 12 – St Christophers, 16                   opportunity to introduce less formal functions where we can all
                                                                    get together. So this year we will have three social functions;
Under 12 Boys 2 Team
It was another great effort by the boys on Saturday. They got off       April Fools Cocktail Party – 1st April 2011
to a good start but the Condors were able to make better use of         High tea at Overnewton Castle – June 2011
the ball for a win.                                                     Sportsmans (and Womens) Night – September 2011
Final scores: Overnewton 2, 8 – Condors 16.
                                                                    A flyer for the Cocktail Party is included in this edition of
Under 12 Girls Team                                                 Whispers and posters will be on display around the school
WOW, the girls had an awesome game this week against 3rd placed     shortly. So, organise your baby sitters and get your friends
Avondale Raiders. The girls were on “Fire” from the first whistle   together. Don‟t miss this party. We are kick starting the year in
to the last. Every single player contributed to dominate the game   style.
and each pass was carefully thought out. Well done girls on what                                                   Pauline Hobbs
was probably the most rewarding win of the season.                                                 Co-ordinator Fundraising Social
Final Score: Overnewton, 30 - Avondale Raiders 20

Under 16 Girls Team
This was the final game of the season and the girls played the                  Whispers Distribution via email
team who were second on the ladder. Overnewton‟s defense and
court skills were excellent, unfortunately we could not get the      Requests to receive Whisper via email are being updated
score on the board.                                                  regularly and will be implemented weekly. Other lists will be
Final score Overnewton 11 - Bears 42                                 updated at the commencement of Term 2, 2011.
                                                                     This may mean that you will receive both an email & paper
                                                                     copy until that date.
             Taylors Lakes Junior School
                                                                     Visit our Website and record your email address to receive a
            Parent Support Team Meeting                              colour version of Whispers weekly, via email
        Our next Parent Support Team meeting will be
                on Friday 25th March, 2011                             
    at 9am in The Meeting Room (opposite the canteen).                           email_registration_form.php
EVERYONE WELCOME - come along for morning tea and
help us plan exciting activities for the junior students, please
                                                                       Save Paper -     Please consider the environment
join us (young children welcome).

Hours will contribute to the Family Contribution Scheme. If
you cannot attend meetings due to other commitments, feel free         IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OVERNEWTON
to call Fiona to see how you can contribute to our Parent                         FAMILIES
Support Team .

If you have any queries please call:
Fiona Zacharias       0411 141 280                                  Parents who have a child attending Overnewton College and are
Maria Winton           0414 900 018                                 interested in obtaining a position in Prep 2012 for other siblings
Parent Support Team                                                 in their family should contact the Registrar, Diane King on
Junior School-Taylors Lakes Campus                                  9334 0141 and request an application form as soon as possible.

READ WHISPERS ONLINE AT:                                                     Page 8
                              CLASSROOM ASSISTANCE
Classroom Assistance positions for both Keilor and Taylors Lakes Campuses will be advertised through the Whispers on a weekly
basis. Most positions require a regular weekly commitment for the whole year, although in specific cases you may be able to alternate
with another parent or join a roster. You are invited to apply for any position, even if your child is at another campus or different year
level. Please note that the person you will be telephoning is a parent fulfilling their Family Contribution Scheme commitment, so please
do not phone before 7.15am or after 9.00pm. Younger siblings or sick children cannot accompany parents whilst on duty. A blue
Classroom Assistance folder is kept at the Front Office at each campus to record your hours.

Recording Hours
A reminder to parents that it is your responsibility to record your own hours for classroom assistance and excursions in the folder at
the front office labelled Classroom Assistance. Please ensure you write legibly and include details of your child, including the surname
if you have a different name to your child, and your home telephone number. These hours are collated at the end of each term.

Working with Children Check
It is a Victorian Government requirement that all adults working with children have a current Working with Children Check. Please
ensure you have your card number or Post Office Receipt number when you phone to register your name.

                     KEILOR CAMPUS                                                       TAYLORS LAKES CAMPUS
If you have any concerns regarding the Classroom Assistance               If you have any concerns regarding the Classroom Assistance
program at Keilor Campus please contact Jennie McCullagh,                 Program at Taylors Lakes Campus please contact Denise
Resource Officer on 9334 0086.                                            O‟Keefe, Resource Officer on 9334 0245.
Parent Co-ordinators                                                      Parent Co-ordinators
Wendy Weeks – Years Prep, 1 & 2              9331 7750                   Melissa Lo-Iudice       – Years Prep-2  0425 757 838                                          
Nadine Azzi      – Years 3 – 12 & ACS        9336 0071                   Michelle Schembri – Year 3 - 8          0414 907 337                                             
Mimma Beazley – Library & Art                9390 7516                   Michelle Digby       – Canowindra       9449-0529                                  

Prep Activity Maths                                                       Junior School Classroom Assistance
Parents are required to assist with Prep L and Prep C on                  Parent help is required in the following Junior School classes:
Tuesdays from 2.00pm – 3.20pm and Prep P and Prep S on                    1T      Wk 1&2       Wednesday,        9am – 10.45am
Wednesdays 2.00pm – 3.20pm                                                1E      Wk 1&2       Friday            9am – 10.30am
                                        Wendy Weeks 9331 7750             2L      Wk 1&2       Monday            9am – 10.45am
                                                                           Melissa Lo-Iudice 0425 757 838
Year 1 Classroom                                                                                     
Parent help is required in 1TK for general assistance on                  4NJ Wk 1             Mon                        11.10am – 12.50am
Wednesdays 9.00am – 10.00am.                                              4NJ Wk 1&2           Tues                        1.40pm – 3.20pm
                                        Wendy Weeks 9331 7750             4NJ Wk 1             Wed, Thurs & Fri            9.00am – 10.45am
                                          4NJ Wk 2             Thurs & Fri                11.10am – 12.50pm
Numeracy Stocktake                                                        4NJ Wk 2             Mon, Wed & Thurs            9.00am – 10.45am
Parent help is required to do a stocktake of numeracy equipment           4A      Wk 1         Mon, Tues& Fri              9.00am – 1.40am
in the Keilor Junior School. Hours and days are flexible and can          4A      Wk 2         Tues, Wed & Fri             9.00am – 10.45am
be done over one or two days.                                                                             Michelle Schembri 0414 907 337
                                        Wendy Weeks 9331 7750                                           
                                          Prep Information Technology
ACS Swimming Carnival                                                     Parent help is needed to assist with the Prep Information
Parent help, including First Aid trained parents, are required to         Technology classes which are held in the Computer Lab. Times
assist with the ACS Swimming Carnival on Monday 21st March                and days are:
at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre from 10.30am –                     Prep B Wednesday 2.30-pm – 3.20pm
5.00pm.                                                                                                    Melissa Lo-Iudice 0425 757 838
                                          Nadine Azzi 9336 0071                                      
                                             Junior School Art
Cross Country Training                                                    Parent help is needed to assist with the following Junior School
Parent help is required to run with student athletes at training          Art classes.
sessions at Brimbank Park from 7.00am - 8.00am on Thursday                PME         Wk 1 Tuesday               12pm – 1.00pm
March 17th, 24th, 31st, Thursday April 7th and Thursday May                           Wk2 Tuesday                11.00am – 1.00pm
5th, 12th & 19th.                                                         1T          Wk 1 Tuesday               9.45am – 10.45am
                                          Nadine Azzi 9336 0071           1E          Wk 2 Tuesday               11.00am – 12.00pm
                                             1G          Wk 2 Tuesday               1.30pm – 2.30pm
Cross Country Trials                                                      2L          Wk 1 Wednesday             11.00am – 1.00pm
Parent help is required at Cross Country trials on the following                      Wk 2 Wednesday             11.00am – 12.00pm
dates:                                                                    2R          Wk 2 Wednesday             9.00am – 10.00am
Brimbank Park, Keilor on Friday 11th March from 4.00pm –                                                   Melissa Lo-Iudice 0425 757 838

                                                 (Continued on page 10)                                                   (Continued on page 10)

READ WHISPERS ONLINE AT:                                                         Page 9
(Continued from page 9)                                              (Continued from page 9)
Maribyrnong River, Maribyrnong on Saturday 9th April from            3M           Wk 1 Wednesday            1.30pm – 2.30pm
8.00am – 10.00am                                                     3AC          Wk 1 Tuesday              11.00am – 1.00pm
Brimbank Park, Keilor on Wednesday 11th May from 2.00pm –                         Wk 2 Tuesday              11.00am – 12.00pm
4.00pm                                                               4NW          Wk 1 Wednesday            11.00am – 1.00pm
                                         Nadine Azzi 9336 0071                    Wk 2 Wednesday            11.00am – 12.00pm
                                                                        Michelle Schembri 0414 907 337
Art Classroom Help                                                                                   
Parent help is required to assist teachers with setting up,          Year 5 and Year 6 Design and Technology
preparation, supervision and cleaning in Art classes.                Parent help is required to assist with the following Year 5 and 6
Prep L        Fridays       9.45am – 11.25 am Weeks 1 & 2            Design and Technology classes.
Prep P        Tuesdays      10.20am – 11.10am Week 1                 Year 5 Wk 1 & 2 Thursday               9.45am – 10.45am
              Tuesdays      11.35am – 1.15pm Week 2                  Year 5 Wk 1 & 2 Friday                 11.00am – 12.00pm
Prep S        Tuesdays      11.15am – 1.15pm Week 1                  Year 6 Wk 1 Thursday                   11.00am – 1.00pm
              Tuesdays      10.20am – 11.10am Week 2                                                 Michelle Schembri 0414 907 337
1R            Thursdays     11.15am – 12.50pm Weeks 1 & 2                                          
2B            Thursdays     1.50pm – 3.20pm Weeks 1 & 2              Year 4 Assistance
2F            Mondays       11.25am – 1.00pm Weeks 1 & 2             Parent help is required to assist the Year 4 teachers with setting
2M            Mondays       9.45am – 11.20am Weeks 1                 up the Year 4 computer pod. This can be done at any
3C            Wednesdays 8.55am – 10.30am Weeks 1 & 2                convenient time.
3P            Thursdays     11.00am – 1.00pm Weeks 1 & 2                                             Michelle Schembri 0414 907 337
                                    Mimma Beazley 9390 7516                                        
                             Choir Assistance - URGENT
Sewing                                                               A parent is needed to assist with supervision at Choir on
Parent help is needed to machine sew two pieces of felt that         Mondays from 3.30pm – 4.30pm. Parents do not need to be
have been pre cut for Easter puppets. Finished product is            able to sing.
required in two weeks.                                                                               Melissa Lo-Iudice 0425 757 838
                                    Mimma Beazley 9390 7516                                     
                             ACS Swimming Carnival
                                                                     Parent help is required to assist with the ACS Swimming
                                                                     Carnival being held at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre on
                                                                     Monday 21st March from 10.30am – 5.00pm.
                                                                                                     Michelle Schembri 0414 907 337
                                                                     ACS Cross Country Squad Training
PARENTS AFTERNOON TEA WITH THE PRINCIPAL                             Parent help is required to assist with the ACS cross country
Mr Laussen will again be holding informal opportunities for          training held at Brimbank Park on Thursday mornings from
parents to meet with him over a cup of tea. Please feel free to      7.00am – 8.00am. Parents are needed to run with the children
call in should you wish to have a chat, ask a question, or share a   on the cross country course. Training commences on Thursday
good news story about your child.                                    3rd March and concludes Thursday 26th May.
                                                                                                     Michelle Schembri 0414 907 337
TERM 1, 2011
     Keilor Campus             Taylors Lakes Campus                                     Working Bee
    Principal’s Office             Meeting Room
                  Time: 2:30 - 3:30pm
                                                                                   Taylors Lakes Campus
    Wednesday W:2                   Tuesday W:1                                 Saturday 12th March
           23-March                          15-March                 The next Working Bee will be held on Saturday 12th March
                                                                      2011. Please note that the working bee commences at
            06-April                         29-March                 8:30am and not before. Hours will only be credited after
                                                                      8:30am. The day will finish at 4.30 pm. Please stay as long as
                                                                      possible so that the tasks organised for the day can be
                                                                      completed.     The day will cover
                                                                      projects and general clean up. Please
                                                                      bring along your own gloves and any
                                                                      gardening tools you may require,
MOTHERS DAY GIFT SHOP                                                 including lawn mowers. Lunch: $4.00
                                                                      Please note that children are not
Mother‟s Day is in May. It is time to start to
                                                                      permitted to attend working bees.
register your gifts or any enquiries regarding how to
donate to the Mother‟s Day gift shop, please contact:
                                                                      Co-ordinators:                    Taylors Lakes Campus:
                                                                      Sando Temelkovski                     0412 046 811
    Cathy Pino, Co-ordinator (Keilor Campus) 0408 673 433             John Zitta                            0439 113 248
                 Hours for the Family Contribution Scheme will be         (Working Bee dates are also listed on the College website,
                 allocated accordingly.                         Community/;Parents and
                                                                            Friends/Family Contribution/Working Bee Dates )

READ WHISPERS ONLINE AT:                                                     Page 10
                   SAVE THE DATE!
                 Keilor Campus Prep students                                                  COLLEGE
                         are hosting a                                                      UNIFORM SHOP
                   “Grandparent’s Day”

                                                                        The College Shop is open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
                                                                        every week during term. Please note: the College Shop is not
                                                                        open during school holidays unless advertised in Whispers.

                                                                        OPENING HOURS
                                                                        Tuesday   8.15am - 4.30pm
                                                                        Wednesday 8.30am - 4.30pm
                                                                        Thursday  8.15am - 4.30pm
                    Wednesday 23rd March
                          9am-11am                                      SATURDAY TRADING FOR 2011
  The Preps will send out invitations via their College diaries!        Term 1
                                                                        2nd April           9 – 1pm
                                                                        Term 2
                  Keilor Junior School                                  30th April          9 – 1pm
                 “Super Dooper Friday”                                  25th June           9 – 1pm
                      March 18th                                        Term 3
                                                                        30th July           9 – 1pm
The Keilor Campus Junior School are holding a                           6th August          9 – 3pm       Blazer Fittings Only
 “ZOOPER DOOPER” day on Friday March 18th at                            17th September      9 – 1pm
lunchtime at the junior playground.
                                                                        Term 4
                                                                        15th October        9 – 1pm
If you wish your child to have a Zooper Dooper, please provide
                                                                        3rd December        9 – 1pm
them with 50c to purchase at lunch time on Friday 18th March.
                                                                        Rugby Tops
[If you wish your child to have a Lemonade icy-pole ($1) due to         It has been brought to our attention that the buttons used on
allergies]                                                              the new Rugby Tops are from a faulty batch. The manufacturer
                                                                        has advised that they will change the buttons on Rugby Tops
 2011 Keilor Campus Junior School Parent Support Team                   that were purchased up to the 3rd of March. We recommend
                                                                        that you continue to use this garment until the last week in
                                                                        term 1 and drop this item to the Uniform Shop (fully labelled
                                                                        with your details) before Thursday 7th April. The buttons will
              ACCOMPANIST                                               be changed over the school break, ready for collection first day
Needed – Parent/s to be a piano accompanist                             back to school 2nd Term, Wednesday 27th April.
to our Junior School and Middle School Choirs.
                                                                        SECOND HAND SALES
                                                                        Please note when purchasing second hand uniforms, they must be
Parents must be available for weekly rehearsals                         paid for by Cash Only. Choose well as there is no exchange on
at the times listed below, as well as                                   second hand items. If you are wishing to drop off items for sale in
performances listed on the College calendar. We would prefer            the second hand section, these items must be handed to Miranda
the same person for the entire year, however by semester may be         Turner. At no time are they to be left at reception or the front
available by negotiation:                                               door of the College Shop. All items must be clearly marked with
    Junior School Choir – Monday, 3.30pm – 4.30pm                       name, address and telephone number, otherwise goods will not be
    Middle School Choir – Wednesday, 3.30pm – 4.30pm                    accepted. Blazers MUST be dry-cleaned with the dry cleaning tag
                                                                        displayed and all other items washed. We do not accept hats or any
If you are interested, please email Tania              Riotto      at   items of clothing with holes or stains of any kind (such as paint).                                     We will hold items for sale for a period of 12 months only. At the
                                                                        end of that 12 month period, if they have not been sold, we ask
                                                                        that you collect your items from the College Shop. If not collected,
                                                                        your items of clothing are then donated to the orphanage in

                                                                        EXCHANGE & REFUNDS
As part of the “Conditions of Entry” to Overnewton Anglican             While we are happy to exchange, you will need to keep your receipt
Community College, signed by all families upon confirmation of          to do so. All exchanges and refunds will only be accepted in the
                                                                        term of purchase.
enrolment “One full term‟s written notice is required to
withdraw a student from the College. If one full term‟s                 If you have any queries, please do not hesitate contact Miranda
notice is not given to the College, one full term‟s fees will           Turner on 9334 0112.
be charged.”                                                                                                           Miranda Turner
                                                                                                                 College Uniform Shop
If you have a child who will not be completing the 2011                                                        Direct to Shop 9334 0112
academic year or not returning to Overnewton in 20122 please
ensure that you notify the Registrar, Mrs Diane King in writing.

READ WHISPERS ONLINE AT:                                                         Page 12
                                                                             JUNIOR SCHOOL SPORTS PROGRAM (JSP)
          New Basketball Team Wanted                                                     PRESENTS:
Is your child interested in playing basketball for                                  THE O.A.C.C GLEE CLUB
Overnewton Anglican Community College. If they
are, here is the perfect chance to get them started.                   Does your child enjoy watching Glee, music video clips & music
                                                                       based television programs??
The Keilor Basketball Association has a new season starting in
Term 2 and the Junior Sports Committee would like to get more          The NEW O.A.C.C Glee Club may just be the thing to do in
Overnewton teams in the Under 10 & Under 12 age group.                 2011!

If your child is 7 to 10 years of age, is able to commit to training   Students will learn the basic fundamentals of safe vocal
once a week (most likely at the school), and is able to play on        practices, self-esteem and confidence building activities as well
Saturday mornings, then send me an email or give me a call to          as a variety of entertaining song and movement routines, based
get more information.                                                  loosely on the television series “GLEE”.
Dom Facchino Mob: 0408 348 912, email:                                 About the teacher:                                                  Joanne Paladino- Scalise (BA DipEd) is a well respected vocal
                                                                       coach and performing arts teacher, she has taught at a variety of
Please note if we receive too many applicants, preference will be
                                                                       primary and secondary schools across Melbourne. Joanne was
given to those that register first.
                                                                       also one of the directors of the highly successful performing arts
                                                                       studio “Paladino D.M.D”.
                                                  Dom Facchino
                                         Junior Sports Committee
                                                                       Joanne is very excited to share her knowledge and love of
                                                                       performing arts with the students at Overnewton Junior School.
                                                                       This is NOT JUST FOR GIRLS!!!! Boys are encouraged to get

                                                                       Please note if we receive too many applicants preference will be
                                                                       given to those that register first. Parent help may be required
                                                                       depending on student numbers
          Overnewton Anglican Community College
                Junior Sport Program (JSP)
                                                                         Available for students in Years 1 – 4 only!
                             SOCCER                                      When: Every Monday 3.30pm-4.30pm. During Term 2
                                                                         Cost:    $70 for 8 week program
                            Term 2 & 3                                   Where: Keilor Campus
                                                                         Contact: Vicky on email:
                   Attention: Boys & Girls in Years 1 to 4.             

The Junior Sports Program is pleased to advise that the soccer           *All participants receive a welcome bag
program is back at Overnewton for 2011. Martin Colak, is again
co-ordinating the program for another year.

Venue:         Keilor Campus
Time:          11.00am – 12:15
Day:           Saturday
Duration:      Term 2 & 3 approximately 16 weeks
                                                                               A VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE
               (starting the 7th of May)                                                         regarding the
Cost:          $90 (participants will receive 1 pair of soccer
               socks, shin pads, and a ball)                             WORKING WITH CHILDREN CHECK
                                                                       All parent volunteers must now have completed the Working With
Numbers are strictly limited .                                         Children Check (WWC Check). The WWC Check is required before
                                                                       any parent at Overnewton College is able to participate and fulfil their
              Register by Friday 23rd of March 2011                    18 Hour Family Contribution commitment and co-ordinators cannot
        To register your child‟s interest or to help out, email        allocate parents to a roster unless they have completed this
          Tony Poalozza on:                     check. Please note that there will be some minor exceptions to this e.g.
                                                                       parents working at Saturday Working Bees.
              PARENT ASSISTANCE REQUIRED                               The WWC Check is free for volunteers and will provide an ongoing
The program requires parents to actively assist and will               monitoring of those who hold a WWC Check Card. Cards will be valid
only go ahead if there are parents able to help.                       for a period of five years after which time you will need to reapply.
Participating parents can contribute their time to the
                                                                       Application forms are available at both Keilor and Taylors Lakes
Family Contribution Scheme. Note: Parents will need to                 reception and also at Australia Post participating outlet (those that
have a current Working With Children Check                             accept passport applications)

If there are coaches of any other sports who would like to             Please do not hesitate to contact me on 9334 0140 if you have any
be part of the program, we would like to hear from to you!             questions or alternatively you can contact the WWC Check
                                                                       Information Line on 1300 652 870.
Regards                                                                Shirley Seit, Head of Community Development.
Junior Sports Committee                                                9334 0140 /

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Support the Overnewton Community and always consult the                         MIDDLE SCHOOL
Parents and Friends Business and Services Directory!
                                                                             PARENT SUPPORT TEAM
„TurnKey Conntections‟, optical fibre cable installation
specialists offer a broad range of products and services. Contact           TAYLORS LAKES CAMPUS
9449 1201 or see the inside cover of t he Parents & Friends
Services Directory for further information.
This Parents & Friends Services Directory
is now available on line - Check it out by
visiting, click on
the photo of Our Community and select the
P&F Directory. You can then download this
directory or view other publications.                                         Time: 7.30 pm
For an additional paper copy please contact                                   Date: Thursday 10th March 2011
Janine Hilton 9334 0104.                                                      Place: De Caprio‟s - Water Gardens

                                                                              Hours for meeting will be allocated toward the
                                                                                      Family Contribution Scheme.
                                                                                     Hanni Mobile: 0400 240 873
Do you run your own business?
Here is an opportunity to promote your business or service.
Why not advertise for FREE in this year‟s Parents & Friends
Service Directory.

Over 4000 directories are distributed and also available for all           STUDENT BANKING - KEILOR CAMPUS
to use on the College website.                                                 CO-ORDINATOR REQUIRED
Current advertisers, please let me know if you wish to have         The student banking program is looking for a co-ordinator to
your advertisement repeated in this year‟s edition.                 run the program in 2011.

New families are welcome. Listings close 18th March, 2011.          Duties will include collecting student bank books and
For further information or an application form                      administration each Thursday morning between 9am & 11am at
Please call Janine Hilton 9334 0104 or email                        the Keilor Campus. This position requires a 12 month
                                                                    commitment. All hours will be credited to the Family
                                                                    Contribution Scheme.

                                                                    If you are interested in this position, please contact
                                                                    Rosanna Huggett on 9390 3494.

                        (Keilor Campus)
Are you able to help us by doing Yard Duty every week or on a
causal basis???
                                                                                             YARD DUTY
Yard Duty is a great way to contribute to the Family
Contribution Scheme as you get to see your child and their                           Taylors Lakes Campus
friends in the play ground. You can also bring your younger
                                                                    Are you a new parent or an existing parent wanting to
children with you, while you complete your hours!
                                                                    complete your hours whilst watching your child have fun in the
The roster is currently being drawn up for Yard Duty (Term 1)       playground? If so, I would love to have you join us on the yard
at the Keilor Campus.                                               duty roster.

Those who are currently on the roster must also contact me if       There are still vacancies for Term 1 and both permanent and
they wish to continue Yard Duty in 2011.                            casual positions are available. You are also welcome to bring
                                                                    younger children with you to complete your hours.
Hours are as follows:
       Lunchtime                  1.00pm to 2.15pm                  Yard Duty hours are as follows:
       Before School              8.30am to 9.00am
       After School               3.20pm to 3.50pm                      Before School          8.30am – 9.00am
                                                                        Lunchtime              12.50pm – 2.05pm
Casual hours are also welcome.
                                                                    Please contact Andrea Barrow, Yard Duty Co-ordinator,
Please contact Mary Tsavdaridis on 0417 144 443 or
                                                                    Taylors Lakes Campus on 0411 065 585 or by email: to register. I look forward to
                                                           discuss your availability.
having you on our team.

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