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					JAN UARY 2012 VOLU M E X X XIX NO. 140

                   President’s Report
                   Craig	K.	Shikuma,

                                                                                                CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTS
                                                                                                1	 ......Golf	Shop	open	till	3pm
               Happy New Year! I hope you and yours had a merry and                             	 ......Club	House	Closed
safe Holiday Season.                                                                            2	 ......Zumba
                                                                                                7	 ......Ace	Day
                                                                                                	 ......Couples	Clinic
I	also	hope	that	each	of	you	had	a	chance	to	attend	at	least	one	function	at	the	               9	 ......Zumba
Club	during	the	Holidays.		Thanks	to	co-chairs	Laura Lau	and	Gayle Pei,	and	all	of	             10	......Dorothy	King/Codie	Cooke	Tourney
the	members	and	spouses	that	assisted	them,	the	Clubhouse	looked	fabulous	and	                        .
                                                                                                11				..Super	Senior	Ace
festive.		As	I	learned	at	Preview	Night,	decorating	the	Clubhouse	each	Holiday	season	          14	......Ace	of	Aces
                                                                                                	 		....Couples	Clinic
takes	much	more	planning	and	effort	than	many	of	us	realize.		A	sincere	mahalo	to	              16	......Zumba
Laura,	Gayle	and	all	of	you	that	helped.			I	understand	that	some	husbands	even	                18	......Hawaii	Opera	Theatre	Event
gave	up	their	regular	golf	games	to	assist.		Now	that’s	dedication	to	the	cause!                21	......Couples	Clinic
                                                                                                	 ......Super	Saturday	Play	Day
Please	contact	Laura	or	Gayle	if	you	would	like	to	help	with	next	year’s	decorations.		         23	......Zumba
                                                                                                24	......Dance	Lessons
I’m	sure	they	won’t	turn	down	your	offer!                                                       27	......Asian	Night
                                                                                                28	......Couples	Clinic
This	time	of	year	also	brings	a	little	more	rain	and	wind	to	our	course	than	other	             30	......Zumba
times.		Our	Grounds	staff	has	to	work	that	much	harder	to	keep	the	golf	course	in	              31	......Dance	Lessons
good	playing	condition.		Being	a	regular	early	Sunday	morning	golfer,	I	have	seen	
firsthand	the	extra	effort	Curtis	and	his	crew	put	in	when	we	have	a	rainy	spell.		They	
do	a	fantastic	job	of	keeping	the	course	in	playable	condition	even	during	and	after	    FEBRUARY
heavy	rains.		I	know	about	the	great	work	they	do	because	Eric Soto	and	I	have	on	       2	 ......First	Thursday	Buffet
several	occasions	played	through	some	pretty	heavy	rains!		We	really	have	a	terrific	    4	 ......Ace	Day
Superintendent	and	grounds	staff.		                                                      6	 ......Zumba	9:30am
                                                                                                7	 ......Dance	Lessons
Speaking	of	staff,	in	December	the	Club	put	on	another	festive	and	fun	Christmas	               8	 ......Super	Senior	Ace
                                                                                                11	......Tagami	&	Powell	Event
party	for	our	employees.		Attending	the	party	reminded	me	that	there	are	many	                  12	......Valentine’s	Day	Dinner	and	Dance
employees	that	we	members	rarely	have	interaction	with,	but	those	employees	are	                13	......Zumba	9:30am
critical	to	our	enjoyment	of	the	Club.		They	work	“behind	the	scenes”	with	little	public	       14	......Happy	Valentine’s	Day
                                                                                                	 ......LSGA	Sadie	Hawkins	Shotgun
acknowledgement.		These	employees	include	our	kitchen	staff,	the	maintenance	and	               	 ......Dance
laundry	staff,	and	of	course,	the	aforementioned	grounds	crew.		The	work	they	do	is	            15	......City	Lights	Night
often	hard	and	they	do	a	great	job	for	all	of	us.		The	employees	we	interact	with	also	         18	......Super	Saturday	Play	Day
do	a	great	job:		our	golf	staff,	food	and	beverage	servers,	locker	room	staff	and	our	          	 ......Mardi	Gras	Jazz	Festival
                                                                                                19	......Hit	&	Giggle
administrative	staff.			Our	Club	is	such	a	great	place	for	us	and	our	guests,	and	enjoys	       20	......Presidents	Day	Tourney
such	a	wonderful	reputation,	because	of	the	hard	work	and	dedication	of	all	our	                	 ......Zumba	9:30am
employees	and	management.		So	let’s	all	give	them	a	warm	mahalo	for	all	of	their	               21	......Dance	lessons
                                                                                                25	......Senior	Club	Championship
hard	work	this	past	year.		                                                                     26	......Senior	Club	Championship	
                                                                                                27	......Webco	Tourney	Shotgun
                                                                                                	 ......Zumba	9:30am
                                                                                                28	......Dance	Lessons

Mahalo, and see you at the Club.

                                                            From the GM’s Desk
                                                            Loren	K.	Pippin,	CCM,	CCE,			
General Club Inquiries                            
	 Clubhouse:		595-6331		Fax:		595-3186
	 Reception,	ext.	100
      Office Hours:
	 	   9:00	a.m.	–	4:00	p.m.		Mon-Tues
                                         As	I	composed	my	final	article	for	OCCasions	I	was	
	 	   9:00	a.m.	–	6:00	p.m.		Wed-Sun
Comments?                                moved	to	reflect	on	my	arrival	in	Hawaii	and	Oahu	CC           in	October	of	2003.	To	this	end	I	was	able	to	retrieve	my	first	article	and	upon	re-
                                         reading	it	was	struck	by	many	aspects	that	still	ring	very	true.		I	am	certain	that	I	will	
General Manager                          never	lose	my	sense	of	wonder	at	the	unique	beauty	of	Hawaii	and	that	I	will	always	
	 Loren	K.	Pippin,	CCM,	CCE,	ext.	107    hold	great	appreciation	for	Oahu	CC	as	an	institution.	More	importantly,	I	will	always                appreciate	the	members	of	Oahu	for	the	warm	aloha	extended	to	me	and	my	wife	
                                         during	our	association	with	Oahu	Country	Club!	
Executive Assistant
	 Melissa	Roy,	ext.	102                  Herewith	a	few	random	things,	among	many,	that	will	always	be	fondly	remembered;
	                                        The	extraordinarily	blue	Pacific,	standing	in	the	Waolani	Dining	Room	and	watching	
                                         dusk	settle	over	downtown	Honolulu,	watching	the	local	weather	report	and	waiting	
	 Owen	Sekimura,	ext.	106                for	surf	information	instead	of	the	temperature,	lunch	in	the	Mauka	Grill	at	the	
	                                        “get	smart	table”,	changing	colors	as	shadows	crawl	up	the	Nuuanu	valley	in	late	
Accountant                               afternoon,	sharing	in	the	centennial	celebration,	the	banter	and	laughter	of	the	staff	
	 Teri	Hampton	ext.	105                  going	about	their	tasks	when	they	thought	I	was	not	around	but	was	actually	sitting                quietly	around	the	corner	in	the	Waolani	Lounge,	choosing	from	too	many	kinds	of	
	                                        fish,	trying	to	figure	out	exactly	how	much	wine	goes	into	a	“senior	pour”,		hearing	
Membership Director
                                         departing	guests	volunteer	that	“I	wish	I	could	be	a	member	here”,	breaking	eighty	
	 Alexis	Schroth,	ext.	169
                                         on	the	golf	course	(once,	maybe	twice	but	who’s	counting),	listening	to	Puamana
	                                        on	Sunday	evenings,	needing	an	umbrella	on	the	Mauka	side	of	the	clubhouse	and	
Catering Director                        sunscreen	on	the	Makai	side	……..!	
	 Terry	R.	Travens,	ext.	108                I	am	very	proud	to	have	had	the	opportunity	to	be	associated	with	Oahu	Country	
	                                        Club	and	play	a	small	part	in	its	history	and	tradition.	I	am	confident	that	my	
Food & Beverage Director                 experience	with	the	Club	and	its	members	has	made	me	a	better	manager,	though	
	 Niki	Doyle,	ext.	109                   more	significantly,	a	better	person.	As	the	challenges	of	the	future	are	addressed	               under	new	leadership	I	wish	the	very	best	to	the	membership	and	staff	for	the	
                                         continued	success	of	the	Club.
	 Alfred	Cabacungan,	ext.	110
                                         Aloha	and	mahalo,	
	 	                                      Loren	K.	Pippin,	CCM,	CCE	
Mauka Grille, ext.	139                   General	Manager
Head Golf Professional                                                                       Kokua Please!
	 Andrew	H.	Feldmann,	ext.	132
                                                                                            Please remember to
Golf Shop
	 Glenn	H.	Hirayama,	ext.	131
                                                                                             make reservations
	 595-3256			Fax:		595-4099                       Members	may	email		                         prior to dining at
                                              comments	and	concerns	to		                     Waolani Windows
Grounds Superintendent           
	 Curtis	H.	Kono,	ext.	125                    All	emails	will	be	routed	for		               or the Orchid Lanai                           proper	action.
Maintenance Supervisor
	 Fred	Naauao,	ext.	134                                          MISSION STATEMENT

A View From The Top                                 Report	Of	Committee	Chairmen

Golf Committee                             “infrastructure”	including	deteriorating	     see the New Year in. A pessimist stays
by	Gary	Kong		                             plumbing	lines,	aging	electrical	wiring,	     up to make sure the old year leaves.                       replacing	the	entire	upstairs	kitchen	
                                           and	the	locker	rooms.			The	more	
Happy	New	Year.		This	greeting	brings	     visual	aspects	of	the	renovation	were	        Grounds Committee
the	promise	of	a	new	beginning	to	do	                                                    by	Peter	Olson		
                                           in	the	catering	banquet	rooms	and	
things	bigger	and	better.		We	have	grown	 the	new	Waolani	Windows	dining	      
a	little	older	and	wiser	so	this	could	be	 room.		Thank	you	to	all	of	you	who	           The	Board	of	Directors	has	approved	
the	year	we	have	been	waiting	for.		No	    have	been	patronizing	the	Windows	            the	selection	of	Robert	Trent	Jones	II,	
more	shots	coming	up	short	on	the	12th	 dining	room	and	taking	advantage	of	
                                                                                         LLC	to	undertake	the	preparation	of	
hole	or	settling	above	the	hole	on	the	    the	new	banquet	facilities.			As	with	        concept	plans	and	drawings	for	the	
13th	green.                                any	renovation,	we’re	still	putting	the	      No.	8	green	complex	improvement	
                                           final	touches	to	a	few	items	on	the	          project.		In	connection	with	this	work,	
The	first	Saturday	of	January	2012	is	Ace	 “punchlist”.		Our	Food	and	Beverage	
Day,	the	next	Saturday	is	Ace	of	Aces	and	 department	continues	to	field	comments	       ControlPoint	Surveying	will	complete	a	
the	following	week	Super	Saturday.		All	                                                 detailed	topographic	survey	of	the	area	
                                           and	suggestions	from	all	of	you	on	the	       surrounding	the	No.	8	green.		Curtis
tournaments	providing	points	toward	the	 menu	and	service	in	order	to	make	
2012	Players	Championship.		A	reminder	 adjustments	to	enhance	your	dining	and	          Kono	and	his	hard-working	grounds	staff	
that	the	third	Saturday	of	every	month	is	 catering	experience.		I	also	want	to	thank	   will	also	be	clearing	some	of	the	bamboo	
Super	Saturday	with	tournaments	such	                                                    and	unwanted	vegetation	to	the	right	and	
                                           the	members	of	my	House	Committee.			         behind	No.	8	green,	so	that	RTJ	has	a	
as	Best	Ball	of	Two,	High	School	Pride	    We	have	a	fairly	large	committee	this	
Day	and	a	Goodwill	Tournament.                                                           clearer	picture	of	what	kind	of	area	there	
                                           year	since	we’re	coming	out	of	our	           might	be	to	work	with.		You	can	expect	
A	reminder	that	when	you	participate	in	   renovation	with	a	new	chef,	new	food	         to	notice	a	lot	activity	in	the	area	of	No.	
2-man	tournaments	determine	which	         and	beverage	manager,	and	a	new	              8	green	over	the	course	of	the	next	few	
player	is	your	partner	before	you	tee	off	 general	manager.	I	would	like	to	make	        months.
and	not	after.		Golf	is	a	game	of	honor	   sure	that	these	volunteer	members	
and	we	trust	that	players	are	doing	this.	 are	fully	recognized	for	the	time	and	        Work	is	also	under	way	for	the	greens	
                                           commitment	they	put	in	on	behalf	of	          nursery	for	the	No.	8	green	improvement	
Also,	congratulations	to	Rodney            the	membership.		Ron Hirano,	Vice	            project.		You	have	probably	already	
Bridgers the	2011	Player	of	the	Year.		    Chair	and	Chair	of	the	Food	&	Beverage	       noticed	this	work	going	on	up	on	the	hill	
He	is	an	18	handicapper	that	participated	 Subcommittee,		Denis Isono,	Chair	            to	the	right	of	the	No.	17	green.		Curtis	
in	a	lot	of	OCC	tournaments	including	     of	the	Facilities	Subcommittee,		Phil         and	his	staff	will	be	planting	miniverde	
the	Manoa	Cup.		He	did	not	make	the	       Wood,	Chair	of	the	Communications	            grass	there	to	grow	as	a	nursery	for	the	
cut	for	match	play	in	the	Manoa	Cup	but	 Subcommittee,		Mark James,	Chair	of	            No.	8	green.		Once	the	new	No.	8	green	
gained	valuable	points	to	win	the	2011	    the	Art	Committee,	 Scotty Anderson,	         has	been	shaped	we	will	be	ready	to	
POTY	by	a	single	point,	simply	amazing.    Chair	of	the	Structures	Committee,	           immediately	go	in	and	sod	the	green.
                                           Marilyn Pappas,		LSGA	Liaison,	Lauren
Golf	is	a	game	of	skill	but	you	also	need	 Wright	and	Dennis Pang,	Co-chairs	            The	Board	also	approved	the	hiring	of	
luck	and	that	is	why	I	enjoy	this	game	so	 of	the	Social	Committee,	Chris Byrer,	        RTJ	to	come	up	with	a	comprehensive	
much	!                                     Chair	of	the	Wine	Committee,	Chris            tree	management	plan	for	OCC.		Trees	
                                           Lau,	Immediate	Past	Chair	of	the	House	       are	a	very	important	part	of	most	golf	
Good	Luck	Everyone,	remember	you	          Committee,		and	our	members	at	large,		       courses,	and	we	have	many	beautiful	
need	to	enter	in	order	to	win.             James Beaumont,	Ed Pei,	Irving                trees	at	OCC.		Truth	be	told,	however,	
                                           Hirata,	Adam Dornbush,	Marcus                 we	have	some	trees	that	are	poorly	
House Committee                            Boland,	Jan Higa,	Byron Biff Graper,	         positioned	–	I’m	sure	we	all	have	our	
by	Norman	Noguchi			                       Rick Wall, Larry Taff,	Larry Stults,	         favorites	for	this	category	–	others	that                    Gary Oda,	Paul Bellanca.			These	             are	probably	not	well	suited	for	our	
                                           members	are	here	representing	all	            golf	course,	and	some	that	have	simply	
Happy	New	Year!                            of	you	therefore,	if	you	see	them	in	         become	a	maintenance	headache	for	
                                           the	hallways	or	in	the	locker	rooms,	         Curtis	and	his	staff.		A	comprehensive	
Good	bye	2011	and	it’s	been	quite	a	       please	be	sure	to	thank	them	but	more	        tree	management	plan	prepared	by	an	
year.		Starting	with	the	renovation	of	    importantly,	please	be	sure	to	give	them	     experienced	golf	course	design	firm	
the	clubhouse,	we	want	to	thank	the	       any	feedback	you	have	on	operations	or	       such	as	RTJ	will	allow	us	to	step	back	
entire	membership	for	your	patience	       food	&	beverage.		Your	comments	help	         and	examine	what	trees	we	may	want	to	
and	understanding.		The	renovation	        all	of	us	make	our	club	a	better	place.			    consider	removing	at	some	point	in	the	
was	finally	completed	this	year	and	the	                                                 future,	and	where	we	might	even	want	
much	needed	upgrade	to	the	clubs	          An optimist stays up until midnight to        to	add	new	trees.		3980

                                              (Net Ace)	
                                              {Ali Sekban	–	January	Champion},	
                                              {Allan Yasue	–	February	Champion},	
                                              {Sandy Gomes	–	March	Champion},	
                 Fore                         {Tom Lum	–	April	Champion},	
                                              {David Dunham	–	May	Champion},	
               Warnings                       {Jim McWhinnie	–	June	Champion},	
                                              {Blair Borthwick	–	July	Champion},	
by	Andrew	Feldmann
                                              {Rodney Bridgers	–	August	Champion},	
                                              {Bill Balfour	–	September	Champion},	
January 2012
                                              {Ivan Ishii	–	October	Champion},	
Aloha	Members	and	Happy	New	Year’s!	
                                              {Mario Yim	–	November	Champion},	
With	a	fresh	new	year	in	front	of	us	it	is	
                                              Makoto Obara	–	December	Champion}.
time	to	make	improvements	in	our	golf	                                                             Rodney	Bridges	and	Gary	Kong
                                              (Gross Ace)	{Steve Wilhite	–	January	
games.	With	that	in	mind	all	members	
                                              Champion},	{Eric Sonnenberg
should	be	aware	that	we	will	be	                                                          like	the	PGA	Tours	Fed	Ex	Cup	where	
                                              –	February	Champion},	{Larry
conducting	free	clinics	for	couples	each	                                                 members	accumulated	points	throughout	
                                              Stubblefield	–	March	Champion},	
Saturday	in	January	from	4-5PM.	We	will	                                                  the	year.	Points	were	awarded	based	on	
                                              {Gary Kong	–	April	Champion},	{Peter
be	covering	the	fundamentals	of	putting,	                                                 participation	and	finish.	The	final	event	
                                              Olson	–	May	Champion},	{Chris Byrer	
chipping,	pitching,	sand	play	and	the	full	                                               saw	the	top	twenty	point	accumulators	
                                              –	June	Champion},	{Jeff Weinstein	
swing.	                                                                                   square	off	to	determine	the	champion.	
                                              –	July	Champion},	{Gerald Wilson	-	
For	those	of	you	who	have	not	noticed	                                                    Congratulations	Rod!
                                              August	Champion},	{Randy Brandt	
we	now	have	an	automated	water	and	                                                       “2011	Final	Points”
                                              –	September	Champion},	{Jim Iams	
ice	machine	located	on	the	golf	shop	                                                     1st	Rodney	Bridgers	76	Points
                                              –	October	Champion},	{Brandan Kop	
lanai	for	your	convenience.	                                                              2nd	Gary	Kong	–	75	Points
                                              –	November	Champion},	{Marc Rosen	
                                              –	December	Champion}.	                      t	3rd	Mo	Gaborno	–	64	Points
December Ace Winners                                                                      t	3rd	Sandy	Gomes	–	64	Points
Men’s Ace                                                                                 5th	Ron	Wall	–	61	Points
                                              Ladies Ace
	                                                                                         6th	Peter	Burns	–	55	Points
                                              Georgia Voulomanos	fired	a	two	
Marc Rosen	fired	a	three	over	par	gross	
                                              under	par	net	score	of	71	to	capture	the	
score	of	74	to	take	the	“December	Gross	                                                  Glenn’s Merchandise Corner
                                              “Ladies	December	Ace”.	Joyce Work	
Ace”.	                                                                                    Happy	New	Year!		I	hope	everyone	
                                              fired	a	gross	score	of	89	and	took	just	
                                              27	putts	to	take	the	low	gross	honors	      had	a	great	holiday	season.		Did	you	
                                              and	putting	honors	for	the	day.             see	our	new	sports	bottle?		It’s	called	
                                              Congratulations	Georgia	&	Joyce!            Hydro	Flask.		They	are	made	from	18/8	
                                                                                          stainless	steel	and	feature	double-wall	
                                              “Hole-In-Ones”                              vacuum	insulation	that	ensures	the	
                                              Danford Oshima	“Aced”	the	135-yard	         temperature	of	the	liquid	inside	never	
                                              sixteenth	hole	using	a	seven	iron	on	       mingles	with	the	temperature	of	the	
                                              November	30th.	This	was	Danford’s	          environment	outside.		Your	hots	will	stay	
                                              second	career	hole	in	one.                  hot	for	12	hours,	and	your	colds	will	stay	
                                              Congratulations	Danford!                    cold	for	24	hours.		What	separates	Hydro	
                                                                                          Flask	from	the	rest?		They	are	logoed	
       Marc	Rosen	December	Gross	Ace
                                              Rodney Bridgers Captures Inagural           with	our	OCC	logo,	sweat	free,	not	hot	
Makoto Obara,	Ed Honda	&	Art                                                              to	the	touch,	durable	nontoxic	powder	
                                              OCC Players Championship					
Roeca	shot	six	under	par	net	65’s	to	tie	                                                 coating,	and	lifetime	warranty.		We	have	
                                              Rodney Bridgers	fired	a	one	over	
for	the	“December	Net	Ace”.	The	play-off	                                                 them	in	18	oz.,	24	oz.,	and	a	40	oz.	
                                              par	net	score	of	72	in	the	“Players	
saw	Makoto Obara	emerge	victorious	                                                       mugs	to	choose	from.		
                                              Championship”	to	take	the	2011	title	
firing	a	net	69	in	the	play-off.                                                          As	always,	if	there	is	a	particular	style	or	
                                              by	one	point	over	Gary Kong.	Rodney	
Marc & Makato	grabbed	the	final	two	                                                      color	you	are	looking	for,	let	me	know	
                                              tied	Sandy Gomes	for	the	low	score	of	
available	spots	for	the	“2011	Ace	of	                                                     and	I	will	try	and	locate	it	for	you.		I	have	
                                              the	day	and	accumulated	20	points	with	
Aces”.	Congratulations	Marc &	Makota!	        his	second	place	finish.	Gary	Kong	fired	   many	catalogs	to	help	you	find	what	you	
                                              a	net	75	and	accumulated	just	seven	        are	looking	for.		
Ace of Aces                                   points	in	the	final	event,	which	gave	
The	field	is	set	is	now	set.	                 Rodney	the	2011	title.	Gary	Kong	had	a	     Couples Clinics
Marc	&	Makota	have	now	qualified	for	         five	point	lead	over	Mo Gaborno	and	        Each	Saturday	from	4-5PM	during	the	
the	prestigious	“Ace	of	Aces”	scheduled	      a	thirteen	point	lead	over	Rod	Bridgers	    month	of	January	we	will	be	conducting	
for	Saturday,	January	14th,	2012.	Also	       going	into	the	final	event.	The	“OCC	       free	instructional	clinics	for	couples.	
qualifying	for	the	“Ace	of	Aces”	             Players	Championship”	is	formatted	         These	clinics	will	be	geared	to	every	

level	of	player.		During	these	clinic’s	we	
                                                                                             Up Coming Events & Play Day Formats
will	be	focusing	on	the	fundamentals	of	            $MONEY$ LEADERS
putting,	chipping,	pitching,	sand	play,	the	    THROUGH NOVEMBER 30TH 2011
full	swing	&	the	rules	of	golf.		Gordon                                                  	   January	1st	–	Happy	New	Year!	Golf		
Tsujimura,	Steve Mullen	&	I	will	be	                                                     	   	 Shop	Closes	at	3PM.
                                                	GABORNO,	MO		 	          $452.13        	   January	2nd	–	Holiday	Observed,		
instructing	these	clinics.		The	following	is	
the	schedule	of	instruction.                    	STENGLE,	BOB			          $440.12        	   	 7AM	tee	times.
January	7th	–	Putting.                          	BRIDGERS,	ROD		          $363.72        	   January	3rd	–	Most	Net	Birdies
January	14th	–	Chipping,	Pitching	&		           	KONG,	GARY		 	           $348.75        	   January	4th	–	Point	Par
Sand	Play.                                      	IAMS,	JIM		   	          $299.00        	   January	5th	–	Skins
January	21st	–	Chipping,	Pitching	&	                                                     	   January	6th	–	Best	17
                                                	STONE,	WARREN		          $290.61
Sand	Play.                                                                               	   January	7th	–	Ace	Day,	Couples	Clinic		
                                                	SONNENBERG,	ERIC		       $281.00        	   	 4-5PM.
January	28th	-	The	full	swing	&	rules.
                                                	HOERNIG,	BRYAN		         $251.70        	   January	8th	–	Best	17
President’s Day Tournament                      	WILMOTH,	JACK		          $234.23        	   January	10th	–	LSGA	Codie	Cooke/	
The	Annual	Presidents	Day	Tournament	           	RICHARDSON,	KEN	         $233.85        	   	 Dorthy	King,	8AM	shotgun.
will	be	played	Monday,	February	20th	           	KOKAMI,	MIWAO		          $227.77        	   January	10th	-	Skins
with	a	7:45AM	shotgun	start.	The	format	                                                 	   January	11th	–	Super	Senior	Ace,	
                                                	CUTTING,	DON			          $223.52
for	this	event	will	be	a	four-person	                                                    	   Match	–vs-	Par
                                                	BERRIS,	MIKE	 	          $215.60        	   January	12th	-	Stableford
team	with	two	net	best	balls.	Teams	will	
be	made	by	a	blind	draw.	Additionally	          	KOBAYASHI,	PAUL		        $202.33        	   January	13th	–	Most	Net	Birdies
there	will	be	closest	to	the	pins	on	all	       	ANDREWS,	JOHN		          $198.76        	   January	14th	–	Ace	of	Aces,	Couples		
par	three’s	and	pari-mutuel	wagering.	          	WALL,	RON		   	          $195.35        	   Clinic	4-5PM.	Point	Par.
The	entry	fee	for	this	event	will	be	$40	       	CHANG,	CLIFFORD		        $193.00        	   January	15th	-	Skins
per	player	that	includes	prizes	and	a	full	                                              	   January	16th	–	Martin	Luther	King	Day,		
                                                	WILSON,	GERALD		         $192.80
breakfast.	To	sign	up	call	or	stop	by	the	                                               	   7am	tee	times
                                                	BALFOUR,	WILLIAM		       $188.00        	   January	17th	–	Match	–vs-	Par
golf	shop.
                                                	BUKES,	BUTCH			          $184.10        	   January	18th	–	Best	17
Senior Club Championship                        	UHR,	ED		     	          $175.98        	   January	19th	–	Most	Net	Birdies
The	2012	Senior	Club	Championship	                                                       	   January	20th	-	Skins
is	scheduled	for	Saturday,	February	                                                     	   January	21st	–	Couples	Clinic	4-5PM.		
25th	&	26th.	The	format	for	this	year’s	                                                 	   	 Super	Saturday	Play	Day
event	is	going	to	be	36-Holes	Stroke	             UNCLAIMED – FOUND ITEMS                	   January	22nd	–	Best	17
Play	with	Gross	&	Net	Scoring.	The	                                 	                    	   January	24th	–	Point	Par
member	with	the	low	36-hole	gross	                     October Lost & Found              	   January	25th	–	Most	Net	Birdies
score	will	be	crowned	the	Senior	Club	                     Sunglasses	(pink)		           	   January	26th	–	Match	–vs-	Par
Champion.	All	play	will	be	off	of	the	                       Bag	of	clothes	             	   January	27th	–	Point	Par
white	tees.	All	male	members	who	are	                          Lunch	Bag                 	   January	28th	-	Couples	Clinic	4-5PM.		
55	years	old	by	February	25th,	2012	                                	                    	   	 Stableford.
are	eligible	to	participate.	The	entry	fee	           November Lost & Found              	   January	29th	-	Skins
is	$15	per	player	&	the	entry	deadline	                      Black	Sweater	              	   January	31st	–	Best	17
is	Tuesday,	February	20th.	Tee	Times	                         Set	of	Keys	               	   February	4th	–	Ace	Day
will	be	scheduled	on	Saturday,	February	                      Beige	Shaw	                	   February	8th	–	Super	Senior	Ace
25th	starting	at	11AM	off	of	#10	Tee	&	                    Black	Ball	Earrings		         	   February	14th	–	LSGA	Sadie	Hawkins		
Sunday,	February	26th	at	8:30AM	off	of	                 (looks	like	Black	Pearls)		      	   	 (7:45am	shotgun)
#1	Tee.	On	Sunday	Players	Will	Be	Re-                Airplane	adaptar	for	head	set	      	   February	18th	–	Super	Saturday	Play		
Paired	By	their	1st	Round	Gross	Score.	                             	                    	   	 Day
An	awards	ceremony	will	take	place	at	          Please	contact	the	office	at	595-6331	   	   February	19th	–	Hit	&	Giggle
the	conclusion	of	the	championship.	               to	describe	and	claim	your	item.      	   February	20th	–	President’s	Day			
Jim Iams	is	the	defending	champion,	                                                     	   	 Tourney	8AM	shotgun)
capturing	last	year’s	event	with	a	two	                                                  	   February	25	&	26	–	Senior	Club			
round	score	of	146	(72-74).			2944                                                       	   	 Championship	

                                                                                           the	team	of	Kathleen Sattler,	Berit
                LSGA Golf                                                                  Costas,	Barbara Gilbert	and	Susie
                Shorts                                                                     Kuehner.		Joyce Kimura,	Janet
                	by	Margie	Kiessling                                                       Bukes,	Susan Kuioka	and	Ella Isono	
                                                                                           sang	“Jingle	Bells”.		It	was	a	very	festive	
                                                                                           The	Turkey	Shoot	was	postponed	a	week	
                                                                                           due	to	very	inclement	weather.		The	
                                                                                           winner	in	Flight	1	was	Hyon Weber,	
                                                                                           Flight	2,	Royce Sonnenberg,	Flight	3,	
                                                            Flight	B	Winners               Georgia Vouloumanos	and	Flight	4,	
                                                                                           Alyce Craft.		The	ladies	were	generous	
                                               Weber	and	Cal Smith.	B	Flight	winners	
                                                                                           with	their	contributions	of	food	supplies	
                                               were	Yoko Kimura,	Dawn Moroye,	
                                                                                           for	the	Food	Bank.
                                               Joy Lamb	and	Alyce Craft.
                                                                                           The	Saturday	Ace	for	October	was	Mae
                                               The	luncheon	was	a	great	success	
                                                                                           Rosen.		The	November	Ace	was	Bobby
                                               with	our	own	Santa	Josh Chin	who	
                Xmas	2010	Chairs                                                           Cosco.		Congratulations	ladies	and	
                                               passed	out	the	awards.		Also,	the	ladies	
Our	beautiful	Christmas	decorations	are	                                                   Happy	New	Year	to	all.						3415
                                               loved	posing	for	pictures	with	Santa!		A	
but	a	memory,	but	they	lit	up	up	our	club	 rendition	of	“Santa	Baby”	was	sung	by	
wonderfully	this	past	season.		Thank	you	
again	to	chairs	Laura Lau	and	Gayle                                                          Have you spotted your 4-digit
Pai,	who	made	it	possible	with	the	aid	of	                                                   account number in this issue of
all	of	our	Santa’s	elves!	
                           Our	December	                                                     If	so,	you	have	won	a	complete	dinner	
                           Ace	was	                                                          for	two	at	the	Club	on	any	regular	
                           Georgia                                                           dining	evening!		Please	call	595-6331	
                                                                                             to	claim	your	special	prize.		This	free	
                                                                                             dinner	is	redeemable	only	during	the	
                           who	shot	a	net	                                                   month	your	number	appears.
                           71.		She	says	
                           that	she	has	                       Santa	Baby
                           been	doing	a	lot	
                           of	practicing	(let	
                           that	be	a	lesson,	
                           ladies!)	and	it	
   Georgia	Vouloumanos     really	is	paying	
                           off.			She	also	
has	a	new	putter	which	she	obviously	
put	to	good	use!		Low	gross	winner	was	
Joyce Work	with	an	89	and	she	also	
took	only	27	putts!		Congratulations	to	
both	of	you.
The	weather	was	beautiful	for	our	
Christmas	Tournament,	ably	run	by	Carol
Fujie	with	help	from	her	committee.		
The	winners	of	A	Flight	were	the	team	of	
Terry Kakazu,	Barbara North,	Hyon

                                                                City Lights
                                                                        Wednesday, February 15th
                                                      City lights evenings will begin again in February!
              Flight	A	winners

       Wine Committee                                                                             Board Of Directors
               By	ChrisByrer
                      Member Rules &                                            2011-2012
So	what	did	you	have	to	drink	during	
                                                 72.0 Mailing List                                 Craig	K.	Shikuma,	President
this	holiday	season?		A	little	Eggnog	or	
                                                                                               Rodney	M.	Harano,	1st	Vice	President
some	mulled	wine?		Hopefully	you	had	
                                                                                                  Vince	Goo,	2nd	Vice	President
a	chance	to	drink	some	Bubbly	or	even	
                                                 The Club’s mailing list shall not be                Brandan	Kop,	Secretary
some	dessert	wines	like	Port	that	go	so	
                                                 used for any commercial purpose.                     Ann	L.	Wills,	Treasurer
well	during	the	Holidays.	So	now	what?		
                                                 Charitable and other solicitation
Is	there	a	special	type	of	wine	that	goes	
                                                 of the membership may only be                             DIRECTORS
well	with	the	beginning	of	the	year	while	
                                                 made by specific Board authority;                       Peter	W.	Burns
we’re	waiting	for	the	Rose’s	or	other	
                                                 such solicitation must be under                           Gary	E.	Oda
lighter	wines	during	summer?
                                                 the Club’s control. The mailing list                    Lawrence	J.	Taff
				My	personal	answer	is	anything	will	         should never be released to a non-                       Philip	R.	Wood
do.		After	all,	wine,	particularly	red	wine,	    member.
is	supposed	to	be	good	for	your	heart	                                                                    EX-OFFICIO
right?		I’m	sticking	to	that.		How	about	as	                                                               Bob	Brant
part	of	your	New	Year’s	Resolution,	for	                                                                 Gary	S.M.	Kong
the	month	of	January	you	try	out	wines	                                                                Norman	M.	Noguchi
from	a	different	region	than	you	normally	                                                               Peter	W.	Olson
drink	from.		How	about	trying	different	
wines	from	Spain	or	Portugal?		Maybe	                                                                       ADVISORS
instead	of	Chardonnay	from	Napa,	you	                                                            Arthur	J.	Costas,	Senior	Advisor
try	a	nice	White	Burgundy?		Instead	of	                                                         Corey	Correa,	Intermediate	Advisor
Pinot	Noir	from	Oregon,	Red	Burgundy	
(no	I	don’t	favor	Burgundy,	just	giving	                                                          COMMITTEE	CHAIRPERSONS
examples)?		How	about	wines	from	                                                                         Marc	James,	Art	
South	America	or	Chile?		                                                                          Bob	Brant,	Budget	&	Finance
                                                 Membership Count (1/01/12)                                                     	
                                                                                                Ralph	Kiessling,	Employee	Benefits
One	of	two	things	will	most	likely	be	the	          (#’s	subject	to	change	after	meeting):                Gary	Kong,	Golf
result:	You’ll	either	find	something	new	                                                             Peter	Olson,	Grounds
to	share	with	your	friends,	or	you’ll	learn	    Regular	                                 461         Norman	Noguchi,	House
what	characteristics	really	make	you	like	      Social	                                  142              Ella	Isono,	LSGA
what	you	like.		“So	what?”	you	ask.		Well,	     Intermediate	                             47    Kenneth	Pai,	Long	Range	Planning
let’s	say	you	normally	drink	Napa	Cabs	(I	      Junior	Legacy	Program	                    27      Rodney	Harano,	Membership
know	I	really	enjoy	them).		If	you	were	        Super	Senior	                             75           Lauren	Wright,	Social
to	drink	a	Cab	from	Chile,	you’d	notice	a	      All	other	(including	non-residents)	     214        Scotty	Anderson,	Structures
very	distinct	earthiness	to	it	on	top	of	the	   TOTAL	NUMBERS:	                          966             Chris	Byrer,	Wine
normal	vanilla,	dark	cherries	and	deep	
tannins	you’d	expect	from	a	Cab.		Maybe	
you’ll	like	that	or	maybe	you	won’t.	Now	
you’ll	know.		

Whatever	you	decide	to	do,	share	it	with	
someone	you	appreciate,	share	it	often,	
and	make	sure	you	drink	responsibly!
                                                          Thursday Night Buffet
“Life is good, wine makes it better!”

 The Rules Corner   Marc	Rosen
                                                          required)	have	the	player	“immediately”	       A. As A played from the wrong
                                                          replay	the	shot	from	the	proper	teeing	        teeing ground and B did not require
                                                          ground,	after	canceling	the	prior	stroke.		    him to cancel the stroke and play a
                    Rules Corner                          In	stroke	play,	the	player	incurs	a	penalty	   ball from within the correct teeing
                    The Teeing Ground                     of	two	strokes	and	is	required	to	replay	      ground, A’s ball has been put into
                                                          the	shot	from	within	the	teeing	ground.		      and counts.
                                                          The	shot	played	from	outside	the	teeing	
                    Occasionally,	a	player	will	tee	                                                     Therefore A must drop a ball, under
                                                          ground	and	all	subsequent	shots	do	not	
                    it	up	either	on	the	wrong	tee	                                                       penalty of one stroke, as nearly as
                                                          count	in	his	score.		If	the	player	plays	a	
                    (eg,	white	instead	of	blue)	or	in	                                                   possible at the spot from which the
                                                          shot	from	the	next	tee	without	correcting	
                    outside	the	tee	markers.		What	                                                      original ball was played, i.e., on the
                                                          the	mistake,	he	shall	be	disqualified.
                    happens	then?		.                                                                     wrong teeing ground. He could not
                                                          Playing	from	the	wrong	teeing	ground	          tee the ball because the original
 First,	let’s	define	what	the	teeing	
                                                          is	considered	playing	from	outside	            ball was not played from the teeing
 ground	is.	The	teeing	ground	is	the	
                                                          the	teeing	ground	and	the	above	Rule	          ground of the hole being played
 starting	place	for	the	hole	to	be	played.	
 It	is	a	rectangular	area	two	club-lengths	                                                              Remember,	please	feel	free	to	
 in	depth,	the	front	and	the	sides	of	                    The	following	is	one	of	my	favorite	           contact	me	if	you	have	questions	
 which	are	defined	by	the	outside	limits	                 Decisions:                                     about	this	article	or	any	Rules	issue	
 of	two	tee-markers.	A	ball	is	outside	                                                                  (
 the	teeing	ground	when	all	of	it	lies	                   11-5/3		Ball	Played	Out	of	Bounds	from	
 outside	the	teeing	ground.                               Wrong	Teeing	Ground	Not	Recalled	

 What	happens	if	a	player	plays	from	                     Q. A played B in a match. A drove
 outside	the	teeing	ground?		In	match	                    out of bounds from the wrong teeing
 play,	there	is	no	penalty	but	the	                       ground. B did not recall the stroke.
 opponent	may	(although	it	is	not	                        What is the ruling?

Happenings                                                Stengle	was	my	Grounds	Chair	in	
                                                          2003-2004	had	the	foresight	and	arm	             The Warmest of Welcomes
on the Course                                             twisting	capability	to	help	get	approved	
by	Curtis	Kono                                                                           To our
                                                          a	$120,000/year	capital	project	called	               NEW MEMBERS
A	little	over	half	way	thru	December	the	                 “Course	Improvement”	which	continued	                  Effective	December	1,	2011
rainfall	totaled	over	13	inches	including	                for	5	consecutive	years.		The	Grounds	
6.7	on	12/12.		Despite	the	excessive	                     Dept	was	allowed	to	hire	two	extra	
rainfall	our	course	was	in	okay	shape	                    employees	which	increased	our	staff	to	                   Intermediate
(relatively)	compared	to	what	it	was	                     25	and	sufficient	funds	were	available	for	                James Paul Hayes
like	when	I	first	started	working	here	                   M	&	S	to	help	tackle	various	projects	with	
15	years	ago.		Back	then	with	just	one	                   in-house	staffing…MAHALO	Bob!	
week	of	continuous	rainfall	would		cause	
                                                          Our	main	priority	for	January	will	
many	more	unplayable	conditions.		After	
                                                          continue	to	be	prepping	and	planting	                        Erik Boerstler
years	of	investing	in	numerous	drainage	
                                                          the	nursery	greens	at	#5	&	#17.		The	                        Spouse: Kulia
projects,	new	concrete	cart	paths,	deep-
                                                          excessive	rains	in	December	set	us	back	
tine	greens	aeration,	some	bunker	
                                                          a	little.	3224
improvements,	tee	leveling,	aggressive	                                                                      Current	Membership	Directory	is
tree	pruning,	recontouring	areas	on	every	                                                                   available	on	the	Club’s	website	at
hole	and	countless	other	projects	have	                                                               
all	made	a	positive	impact	on	improved	
playing	conditions	and	aesthetics	we	
enjoy	today.	

Many	of	these	improvements	were	                                 FOOD & BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT MISSION STATEMENT
made	possible	thru	the	continued	                                 We	shall	provide	food,	beverage,	service,	and	atmosphere,	instilling		
support	of	our	BOD,	membership	and	                                   in	the	member	desire	to	return,	and	in	guests	to	belong.
of	one	member	in	particular.		Bob	

This month, the lovely Lauren Wright, Social Chair was kind enough to tell us a bit more about herself and
the great events she has planned with the Social Committee in 2012. If you know someone or would like to
be in the spotlight yourself, please email Membership Director Alexis Schroth at

Name:	Lauren Wright                        For	the	families:	Cook & Giggle	–	Kids	
                                           cooking	class	on	June	24th
Year	Joined:	1984
                                           For	our	sports	fans:	Local Grindz	
Member	Type:	Social                        Tailgate Cook-off	on	September	8th
What is one of your favorite things        For	our	creative	members:	Lei Day
about the club?		I	love	the	beautiful	     Contest	on	April	28th
views	surrounding	our	club.
                                           Honoring	our	Military	–	Veterans Day/
What is one of your funniest OCC           Military Night	on	November	10th
memories?	Seeing	the	ladies	playing	
golf	in	their	shower	caps                  As	you	can	see	our	committee	has	come	
                                           up	with	many	fun	events	for	the	coming	
What is your favorite Club event?	         year.	We	have	also	partnered	with	the	
I	have	so	many,	it’s	hard	to	choose!		     other	committees	(wine,	golf	and	art)	
All	the	Christmas	holiday	events	          to	create	fun,	exciting	and	special	social	
and	our	recent	Club	House	Grand	           events	for	all	our	members	and	their	         When not at OCC, you’ll most likely
Opening	was	so	fun.	We	are	going	to	       families.			In	addition,	we	plan	to	have	     find me… Traveling,	spending	time	with	
recreate	it	again	on	July	21st	and	host	   babysitting	service	so	parents	can	have	a	    my	family	and	friends,	exercising	and	
“An Evening of Elegance”	for	the	          date	night	and	not	have	to	worry	about	       watching	the	Food	Network,	researching	
members                                    getting	a	babysitter.	                        Hawaiian	history,	dining	at	fun	restaurants	
The 2012 Club Calendars have just                                                        and	sampling	delicious	wines!		I	also	
                                           Favorite Item to order on the Menu:	I	
arrived, as Social Chair, can you                                                        work	at	Hawaiian	Golf	Properties	and	am	
                                           love	all	the	salads,	especially	the	turkey	
tell us about a few new events we                                                        the	Executive	Assistant	to	the	CEO,	COO	
                                           cob	and	the	shrimp,	blue	cheese	and	
have to look forward to? 		                                                              and	President,	and	Director	of	Member	
                                           pear	salads

                                      Tagami & Powell	
                             February 11th
            An Art, Wine & Social Event not to miss, featuring
      Artists Hiroshi Tagami & Michael Powell, recently referred to
               as “Hawaii’s most remarkable artistic duo”!

                                                                      Dance Lessons

                                                                      BallRoom Dance Lessons
                                                                       Sign up now for Ballroom Dance lessons
                                                                            with Mike & Cece SIX SESSIONS on
                                                                         Tuesday nights beginning January 24th

                                                                      on the OCC Main Dining Room dance floor.
                                                                        Intermediate Class: 6:00pm to 7:10pm
                                                                          Beginner’s Class: 7:20pm to 8:30pm
                                                                     There is a fee for the entire six week session
                                                                which will be divided equally among all participants;
                                                                        it is not pro-rated on a per lesson basis.
   Every Monday at 9:30 a.m.                                  There is no rebate if members cannot attend a given lesson.

             on the
 Nu‘uanu Ball room Dance Floor!
           Only $10.00 per Class

Please call the front desk at 595-6331 or email Melissa Roy         Please call the front desk at 595-6331 or email
  to sign up                      Melissa Roy to sign up

         Mardi Gras                                             HAWAII OPERA
         Jazz Festival                                            THEATRE
               February 18th
  The Social Committee is bringing
   you a night of fabulous Jazz in
     celebration of Mardi Gras!                                   $80 with wine and $60 without wine

         Asian Night
                                                              Start the evening off with Hummus, Crudites,
     The Social Committee’s                                   Spanikopita and Griller Kafta. Then indulge
       First Event of 2012!                                   in a classic Greek Salad, followed by Grilled
                                                              Lamb Chops and Rosemary Skewered Shrimp.
           January 27th                                       Finish the evening off with Almond Cake and
                                                              Greek Yogurt Honey Ice Cream. All dishes will
                                                              be appropriately paired with Wines.
                                                                                                                                   Oahu Country Club
                                                                January 2011                                                          OCCasions

     Sunday                 Monday                   Tuesday            Wednesday                  Thursday                            Friday                     Saturday

1                     2                         3                      4                       5                               6                             7
                            Hot sandwich                                                                                                                            Ala Carte
Happy New Year!            Buffet in Mauka          Lunch Service in           Ala Carte               Ala Carte                       Ala Carte                    Dinner in
                                                     Orchid Lanai/         Lunch & Dinner in       Lunch & Dinner in               Lunch & Dinner in             Waolani Windows
      Club House          Grille/Orchid Lanai         Mauka Grille         Waolani Windows         Waolani Windows                 Waolani Windows
       is closed.

8                     9                         10                     11                      12                              13                            14
       Ala Carte            Hot sandwich            Lunch Service in           Ala Carte               Ala Carte                       Ala Carte                    Ala Carte
       Dinner in           Buffet in Mauka           Orchid Lanai/         Lunch & Dinner in       Lunch & Dinner in               Lunch & Dinner in                Dinner in
    Waolani Windows       Grille/Orchid Lanai         Mauka Grille         Waolani Windows         Waolani Windows                 Waolani Windows               Waolani Windows

15                    16                        17                     18                      19                              20                            21
       Ala Carte            Hot sandwich            Lunch Service in           Ala Carte               Ala Carte                       Ala Carte                    Ala Carte
       Dinner in           Buffet in Mauka           Orchid Lanai/         Lunch & Dinner in       Lunch & Dinner in               Lunch & Dinner in                Dinner in
    Waolani Windows       Grille/Orchid Lanai         Mauka Grille         Waolani Windows         Waolani Windows                 Waolani Windows               Waolani Windows
       Puamana                                                         Hawaii Opera Theatre

22                    23                        24                     25                      26                              27                            28
       Ala Carte            Hot sandwich            Lunch Service in           Ala Carte               Ala Carte                       Ala Carte                    Ala Carte
       Dinner in           Buffet in Mauka           Orchid Lanai/         Lunch & Dinner in       Lunch & Dinner in               Lunch & Dinner in                Dinner in
    Waolani Windows       Grille/Orchid Lanai         Mauka Grille         Waolani Windows         Waolani Windows                 Waolani Windows               Waolani Windows
       Puamana                                                                                                                       Asian Night

29                    30                        31                                             	     Hours of Operation:
       Ala Carte            Hot sandwich            Lunch Service in                           	               Breakfast:	   	 auka/Makai/Lanai:		Saturday	&	Sunday	6:00am	–	11:30am
       Dinner in           Buffet in Mauka           Orchid Lanai/                             	                  Lunch:	    W
                                                                                                                             	 aolani	Windows:		Wednesday	–	Friday	11:30am	–	2:00pm
    Waolani Windows       Grille/Orchid Lanai         Mauka Grille                             	              Luncheon:	     	 auka/Makai/Lanai:		Monday	–	Sunday	11:00am	–	2:00pm
                                                                                               	                 Dinner:	    	 aolani	Windows:		Wednesday	–	Sunday	6:00pm	–	8:00pm
       Entertains                                                                              	          Dinner/Pupus:	     M
                                                                                                                             	 auka/Lanai:		Wednesday	–	Sunday	2:00pm	–	8:00pm

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