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					                 TAMAMBO A LA CARTE MENU
Seafood starter sampler                                                                    650/-
A sampler consisting of cold and hot selection of calamari, sashimi, oysters
Mambrui, and prawns piri-piri.

Crispy fried prawns                                                                        940/-
Queen prawns dipped in tempura batter and served with sweet chilli and tartare sauces

Smoked salmon                                                                              740/-
Served with a horseradish dill sauce

Kenya’s finest oysters                                                   ½ platter         620/-
Mambrui – gratinated with coconut, soy sauce, lime, ginger and breadcrumbs. Full           960/-
You can of course order your oyster’s plain on ice. half or full platter

Manyanga style sashimi                                                                     580/-
Thin slices of fresh tuna seared with a hot drizzle of olive
and sesame oils and delicately flavoured with a hint of soya, ginger and garlic

Calamari                                                                                   480/-
Crispy fried rings of tender calamari fritto served with tartare sauce
or try the wizards calamari – baby calamari with their tentacles grilled with garlic,
lime and olive oil.

Quails Maridadi                                                                          580/-
Marinated and delicately steamed boneless quail, crunchy spaghetti greens, poached quail
egg and complementing honey mustard foam.

Whistling wings or ribs                                                                     620/-
Finger friendly spicy chicken wings or pork ribs infused with a subtle touch of garlic, ginger
and chilli and complemented with a barbecue sauce.

Fresh farm house duck pâté                                                                 470/-
A smooth duck and chicken liver pâté, marbled with pot roasted duck leg flakes set on
a toasted brioche and brightened with a tropical fruit salsa.

Kachos - Kenya’s own version of nachos                                                     390/-
Freshly fried cassava, arrowroot and potato crisps with melted cheese, guacamole,
tomato salsa, chillies, sour cream and coriander.
Prawn, tomato and basil bruschetta                                                         480/-
Prawn, tomato dice, garlic and fresh basil dressed with olive oil and served on toasted baguette


Grilled vegetable salad with prawns                                                       660/-
Layers of lettuce chiffonade, grilled baby vegetables, avocado mousse, grilled
prawns and pine nuts drizzled with red capsicum oil and herb vinaigrette

Caesar salad                                                                              460/-
Crisp romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, focaccia croutons and Parmesan shavings.
(You can add grilled chicken or bacon, prawns or salmon

Roasted beetroot, caramelized oranges and Camembert salad                                 795/-
A healthy and perfect combination of glazed beetroot, orange segments and
warm mature camembert, set around fresh and crisp salad leaves.

Chicken Cobb salad                                                                        520/-
Fresh iceberg lettuce, boiled egg, crispy bacon, chicken flakes, avocado,
tomato wedges and blue cheese, served with a choice of balsamic, Thousand
Island or honey and mustard dressing.

Butternut pumpkin and coconut soup                                                      450/-
Delightful homemade soup with a hint of tamarind juice, ginger and fresh coriander (dhania).

French onion soup                                                                         450/-
The classic soup served with a large cheese crouton.

Fresh cream of tomato soup                                                                450/-
Freshly made from plum red tomatoes and served with croutons and Jersey cream.

Mee goreng (fried noodles)                                                                780/-
A Far East specialty of egg noodles, julienne of vegetables, Chinese
cabbage, beef and chicken flakes, oyster sauce, soya and a dash of sesame oil.

Norwegian fresh salmon                                                                    1290/-
Either pan fried, grilled or poached served with lemon butter sauce,
or glazed with a soy/ginger finish.
Fillet of tilapia or sea fish                                                            990/-
Either pan fried, grilled or poached with lemon butter sauce.

Tamambo fish fillet                                                           Local      1090/-
Baked tilapia, sea fish or salmon, lightly dusted with fresh herbs and        Salmon     1290/-
set on a bowl of saffron infused oat meal.

Black and white peppered tuna                                                            990/-
Sesame and black pepper coated tuna, stir fried vegetables, celery purée and
wasabi mash potatoes.

Special queen prawns                                                                     1660/-
On or off the shell, served with coconut rice

Grilled or crispy fried prawns
Tiwi: sautéed in butter with garlic and lime juice
Piri-piri: grilled with garlic butter, chilli, paprika, lime and coriander.

Grilled lemon chicken                                                                    960/-
Succulently grilled breast set on sautéed spinach and served with lemon and chive sauce.

Spring chicken                                                                           960/-
Finger licking spring chicken plain roasted or with garlic, ginger, chilli and spices.

Chicken Kiev                                                                             980/-
Chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter, coated with bread crumbs and deep fried.

Chapa kazi choma sampler                                                                 1090/-
Chicken, tender beef, whistling wing, pork ribs and lamb chops attractively presented
and complimented with kachumbari and gravy.

Tamambo burger                                                                           580/-
Grilled to order on a homemade sesame seed bun, with lettuce, tomatoes and onions.
Toppings: melted cheese, cheese and beacon, or fully loaded.

Quesadillas                                                                              890/-
Chicken or beef, topped with cheese, tomato, onions.
Vegetarian, stuffed with mixed vegetables, black beans and melted cheese.
Served with guacamole, sour cream and salsa.

Fajitas: chicken, beef, vegetarian                                                       970/-
Your choice served on a sizzling platter with sautéed sweet pepper and onions,
flour tortillas and condiments.
Rolled pork fillet and apricots                                                               780/-
Stuffed with spinach and apricot, served with bacon mash potato and fruity pot gravy.

A selection of the best beef available in Kenya, char-grilled to perfection
and served with a selection of outstanding sauces.
                                                                                       Steak sizes

                                                                    200g                      300g

Sirloin steak                                                        830 /-                  1,070-
Otherwise known as entrecote, is from the middle
of the loin and is very tasty and juicy

Fillet steak                                                         830/-                  1070/-
most tender of all the steaks

Tournedos of beef fillet with mushroom glaze                         930/-                  1,130/-
Fillet, infused with orange peel and soy, roasted to
your specification, served with glazed mushroom caramel

Rib-eye steak                                                     830/-                    1070/-
known as the prime rib. It is carved from the rib and hence the name “Rib Eye”

T-bone steak - 500g                                                                           1,290/-
One side of the “T” is the sirloin and the other side the fillet.
For those who want it all.

Choice of steak sauces: -

       Red wine
          Creamy mushroom
          Madagascar green

Swahili kuku au samaki wa kupaka                                                              980/-
hicken or fish fillet marinated in Asian spices, chilli, tamarind juice, garlic, ginger,
turmeric, then grilled and served with a delicious blend of fresh coconut cream, tomato and
and accompanied with a raita salad.

Egyptian succulent quails                                                                 990/-
Finger licking whole grilled meaty quails or Uganda style, boneless, marinated quails served
with sweet potato and matoke mash and wild berry gravy.

Zanzibari samaki wa nazi                                                                 1,180/-
explosion of coastal flavours; coconut cream, ukwaju (tamarind), dhania (coriander),
garlic, ginger, tomato and a touch of chilli tops out the fresh fillet of sea fish.

Molo spicy lamb chops                                                                    1030/-
Try our version of spicy chops, escorted by ugali and spinach marble cake and a
tomato kachumbari salad.

Moroccan lamb tajine                                                                     990/-
The chunks of boneless lamb are slowly and gently simmered in a clay
casserole pot with a honey and spice flavoured broth until very tender.

Madagascar green peppercorn duckling                                                     1060-
Crispy pan-seared breast of farm reared duckling, flambéed with
Brandy and finished with a creamy green pepper corn sauce.

       You can enjoy your Journey through Africa with a choice of rice, couscous,
                    ugali marble cake, garlic mash or local greens.


Tamambo sampler                                                                          480/-
A taste of the best Tamambo desserts and classics!

Molten chocolate cake                                                                    460/-

Only for serious chocolate lovers...served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
(please allow 10 - 15 min).

White chocolate molten torte                                                             490/-
A delicate and delicious soft centered baked torte, topped with a quenelle
of fresh tree tomato sorbet. (allow 10 - 15 minutes).
Tamambo brownie                                                                        420/-

Chewy chocolate brownie (a chocolate cookie) with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Amarula crème brulée                                                                   390/-

The classic crème brulée with a hint of Amarula and a caramelized sugar crust.

Homemade Ice Creams or Sorbets                                                         410/-

Please inquire about today’s flavors.

Lemon cheese cake                                                                      420/-

A luscious creamy cheese cake served with a medley of fruit coulis.

Eskimo pie                                                                             400/-

A meringue shell filled with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, dressed with

whipped cream, chocolate sauce and caramelized nuts. An old time classic.

Minted orange and grapefruit carnival                                                  450/-

Light and refreshing slices of juicy orange and grapefruit, macerated in orange

liquor, topped with a scoop of citrus sorbet and spiked with a shot of dark rum.

Warm fruity chocolate soup                                                             400/-

A fresh unique and smooth fusion of milk chocolate, strawberries,

aniseed liquor and a scoop of lime sorbet.
                         Coffees and After-Dinner Drinks

Dormans finest coffee or Kenya highland tea or herbal tea

Espresso or macchiato                                                                   190/-

Cappuccino                                                                              190/-

Mochacino or caramelcino                                                                190/-
with chocolate (or caramel) steamed milk

In the clouds – coffee, Amarula, whipped cream                                          365/-

Kahawa sawa – coffee, Kenya Gold, whipped cream                                         400/-

Irish coffee – coffee, whiskey, whipped cream                                           500/-

Mudslide – Amarula, vodka and Kenya Gold blended                                        465/-
with vanilla ice cream...yum!

         All prices are exclusive of 16% vat, 2% training levy and 10% service charge

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