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Health & Safety System of Works


									JBC July 2006
JBC November 2006
JBC January 2007
JBC March 2007
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JBC August 2007

                     Health & Safety System of Works

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                       Health and Safety       Flammable Liquids            Risk Assessments

Section Objectives /   Policy
                                               Hazardous Substances         Roof Work
   1    Policy         Abrasive Wheels
                                               Hostile Environments         Safety Representatives & Safety Committees
                       Access & Egress
                                               Hours of Work                Smoking
                       Accident & Near- Miss
                                               Induction of New Employees   Statutory Inspections
                       Alcohol & Drugs
                                               Insurance                    Stress
                                               Lead                         Temperature
                                               Legionellosis                Temporary & Casual Staff
                       Childcare & Work
                                               Lift Trucks                  Use of Hand Tools
                       Company Vehicles
                                               Lift Hoists                  Use of Ladders
                       Compressed Gas
                       Cylinders               Lighting                     Ventilation

                       Confined Spaces         Machinery Safety             Visitors

                       Construction Work       Maintenance of Plant &       Warehouse Safety
                       Contractors                                          Washroom & Toilet Facilities
                                               Manual Handling
                       Cutting, Gouging &                                   Waste Disposal
                       Welding                 Night Work & Shift Work
                                                                            Window Cleaning
                       Disabled Persons        Noise Control
                       Display Screen          Outdoor and Peripatetic
                       Equipment               Workers                      Work Related Upper Limb Disorder

                       Electricity at Work     Permits to Work              Working Alone

                       Emergency Procedures    Personal Hygiene             Working At Height

                       Equal Opportunity       Personal Protective          Working Space
                       Fire Prevention                                      Working Time
                                               Personal Safety
                       Fire Procedures                                      Young Persons
                                               Pressure Systems
                       First Aid
Section Site Organisation   Responsibility Flow Chart

   2                        Company profile

                            Site safety checklist
Section Identified Works

Section Standard            Equal Opportunities Policy

   4    Procedures          Policy Index

                            F10 construction works (CDM)     Accident report form – F2508
Section Notifications
                                                             Accident (Disease) report form
   5                                                         F2508a
                            Site Inspection Template
Section Safety                                                                                Risk assessment
        Documentation       DDA Assessment
                            Mobile Phone Risk Assessment                                      COSHH

                            Training/Induction Information Document                           Portable electrical equipment

                            VDU Risk Assessment                                               CDM information

                            Noise template                                                    Site specific sample risk

                            Managing Health & Safety                                          Working at heights risk

Section Telephone           John Bedford Clark CV                              Health & Safety Executive Regional Offices

   7    Numbers and

                            Appointed person
Section First Aid
   8    Arrangements
                            Accident Book

Section Temporary Site
   9    Works
Section Site                  Site Method statement

  10    establishment,        Climbstone Installation
          Safety Planning
          and Welfare         Skate Installation

Section Protective            PPE risk assessments
  11    clothing

                              Contractor Appraisal Form                  Risk assessment example 1
Section Contractor pre-       Generic Health & Safety Plan               Risk assessment example 2
        let and               General Information for H&S Plan           CDM information
  12                          Health & Safety Construction Plan
          contractor safety
                              Ellesmere Appraisal
                              Kirklyn Appraisal
                              Contractor’s plant     Fork Truck Risk 1
Section Plant                 Fork Truck License     Fork Truck Risk 2
                                                     Fork Truck Check

Section Noise
          COSHH               COSHH risk assessments
                              RTC assessments
                              Abacus assessments

                              Stobielast assessments
          Manual Handling
Section                       Manual Handling Risk Assessments
                              Office Fire risk assessment
Section Emergency / Fire
        Procedures            Fire Log 1 & 2
                              Service sheets 1 & 2
Section Site Safety         Office Safety Checklist
  18    Checklists
                            Site Safety Checklist

Section Site Induction      Construction site induction and visitor information
  19    and site security

                            VDU Assessments                 PAT Certificate
Section   Signatures
                            Site Checklist – Ashington      Electrical equipment
                            Site Checklist New Biggin       Training records

                            Office Checklist               Fork Truck Checklist 1 & 2
                            API 2007                  ISO 9001 certificate DCM Surfacing Test        ISO 14001 certificate
Section Other
        Information         British Safety Council    Construction Line        Island Leisure Test   RPII 2007
                            SAPCA 2007                Certificate of           CHAS Compliance       EXOR Certificate
                                                      Incorporation                                  2007
                            Chain Certification                                JBC Training
                                                                               Certificate           Pan European FSC

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