Halloween Safety

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					                            Halloween Safety

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is fast approaching. Here are some ideas
to stay safe during this celebration!

      Choose a costume appropriate for the weather.
      Costumes should not constrict the legs.
      Consider makeup instead of a costume that covers the face.
      Choose shoes that fit even if they don’t match your costume.
      Only carry flexible (plastic or other soft materials) props. If you trip, they won’t hurt
      Wear light or reflective materials.

Trick or Treating:
      Eat a good dinner before going trick or treating. This will deter snacking.
      Only go to houses that are lit.
      Only go to areas you are familiar with.
      Carry a flashlight.
      Carry a cell phone or other means of communication
      Stay on sidewalks – there are many tripping hazards in yards.
      Cross streets at marked crossings; if there are no marked crossings close by, cross at
      Obey traffic signals.
      Stay together.
      Walk, don’t run.
      Avoid areas of heavy or fast moving traffic.
                                 Stay away from strange pets.
                                 Parents of younger children should accompany the
                                     children for trick or treating.
                                 Older children should carry a watch and check in with
                                     parents regularly.
                                 Consider attending a party instead of trick-or-treating.
                                 Trick-or-treating activities should be concluded by 10
                  When you get home:
                         Have parents inspect all candy – anything suspicious should be
                          thrown out.
                         Limit candy and sweets consumption.
                         Young children should not view scary movies.

Your Home:
     Keep your yard free of tripping hazards (decorations, ladders, hoses, wires, extension
     Avoid candles – consider small battery powered lights instead.
     Keep pets away from trick-or-treaters. Pets may spook and bite someone.
     Consider handing out non-food items (such as pencils, erasers, drinking cups, or other
      small items)
     Avoid scaring small children.
                          Keep the front area of the house well lit.
                          Direct trick-or-treaters to the area you want
                              them to greet you using decorations and/or
                          If you don’t want trick-or-treaters to stop, turn
                              off front lights.
                          Report damage to property as soon as it is

                    Be safe and have a fun Halloween!

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