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					                                        Beech-300 KING AIR AIRCRAFT
                                       Interior Enhancement Refurbishment

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Aviation System Standards (AVN) is conducting a Market
Survey/Request for Qualifications to identify potential sources that can perform Interior refurbishment of FAA
Beech-300 King Air Aircraft. The acquisition strategy has not been defined at this time. However, the FAA has
determined that the service provider must have and validate the qualifications listed below: Sources that are
interested in receiving the solicitation must validate their qualifications by submitting the documentation
described below:

1.        A Copy of the Air Agency Certificate and Operations Specifications showing that the facility or
facilities being considered for refurbishment currently has the appropriate Federal Aviation Administration
(FAR) Part 145 ratings for Beech Interior Refurbishment.
             Repair Station Certification Operations Specification must specifically list the Hawker Beechcraft
                Be-300 aircraft \
             State the Repair Station specified on the Operations Specifications is authorized to perform
                maintenance and /or alterations on aircraft.
2.     Documentation identifying proof of runway length (minimum acceptable length is 5,000 feet).
             The documents, data, or specifications that fully demonstrate that the offeror’s proposed facilities
                  meet the minimum 5,000 foot runway to take off and land the FAA's King Airs safely
3.     Validation of the current FAA Aviation System Standards FAR PART 145 AUDIT.
             A copy of the latest FAA Audit and Audit findings (including supplemental reviews must be

4.    A document summarizing experience for three (3) prior contract/requirements in the past 3 years.
          Experience must represent similar complexity of work requiring aircraft interior design
            modification and installation that required completion and Certification for the Hawker
            Beechcraft Be-300 and
          Experience must represent similar type of aircraft by weight class and engine type (same or larger).
               Contract Number and Customer Name
               Program Manager and current phone and email address
               Aircraft type, number of aircraft, and work accomplished
               Service Rendered, Induction date, completion date and dollar value
               Contract Specialist name, and contact information

Note: Offeror is responsible to verify that reference call numbers and/or email addresses are correct and current.

FAA Interior Refurbishment Scope of Work:

Performance will require the service provider to accomplish the design, modification, installation, testing, and
certification on FAA’s Beech King Air (Be-300) aircraft interior enhancements as prescribed by FAA work
statement. The Beech 300 Interior Enhancement will consist of the Interior Enhancement to Pilot, Co-Pilot, and
three (3) Passenger Cabin (Mission Specialist, Mission Observer and Lavatory seat), and interior of the aircraft.

The work will be tasked by coordination with the service provider, approved by the FAA and ordered upon
occurrence. The work statement will identify the basis for government acceptance of the tasks delivered. The
Contractor’s focal point shall be the assigned program manager the FAA’s focal point is the Contracting Officer,
or representative as authorized in writing by the Contracting Officer.
The following deliverables will be required:

       Program Management, Material Scheduling/ordering, Reporting and design/program review.
       Prototype Interior Enhancement for Beech 300
       Interior Enhancement for 17 Beech 300 aircraft.
       Proof of Insurance
       Travel

The Contractor shall accomplish the design, modification, installation, testing, and certification for FAA’s
Beech King Air (Be-300) aircraft interior enhancements by technical specification to be issued with the SIR.
The Contractor will be required to have insurance for potential damage to FAA Aircraft in their possessions.
The Contactor shall provide proof of insurance for this government furnished property in the amount of
$3,200,000 per aircraft when tasked.

The FAA may require the Contractor PM or designated representatives to travel for TIMs. The contract may
travel to the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) for Program Management Reviews or Technical
Interchange meeting. The cost of this travel will be limited in accordance with the contract.

The project will require the Service provider to access an airport facility with an acceptable runway length to
operate FAA Flight Inspection Aircraft that will be furnished by the FAA for the Interior Refurbishment
Service. The FAA determined the minimum runway length using the following criteria:

     aircraft flight manual for FAR 135 60% Factored Landing Field Length.
     Using our aircraft weight of 13,000 pounds, and computed accelerate-stop distance is 5,000 feet.

The project will require the Service provider to carry an Insurance policy to cover the value of the FAA aircraft
inducted for the Interior Refurbishment Service. All responses to the SIR will be required to provide proof of
insurance that states the following: “ if awarded a contract, the offeror’s insurance company will issue to the
offeror a rider for Property Damage in the amount of $3,200,000 of coverage for the FAA’s Be-300 when in
their possession”

A response to this market survey is not a promise for future business with the FAA. Any proprietary
information submitted will be protected if appropriately marked. The FAA requires that all submittals,
including attachments, be submitted (one response per company) are to be provided on company letterhead
(hard copy) Microsoft word (11 type font or greater acceptable), and in CD format. Submit to

Federal Aviation Administration
Office of Acquisition Services
Attn: Katie Budd
Contracting Officer, AMQ-310
P.O. Box 25082 (ZIP-73125)
6500 S. MacArthur Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73169
This announcement is not a Screening Information Request (SIR) or a Request for Proposal (RFP). Responses to
this market survey will be used to develop the Acquisition Strategy. Responses must be received no later than
4:00 P.M, local time, August 3, 2009. Market survey responses received after the time and date specified may
be determined to be late and will not be considered. Only offers that provide information packages
demonstrating their site, facility meeting the minimum site condition, with the required certifications and
information will be considered for the source list.

The SIR and applicable FAA Work Specifications will be issued not later than August 17, 2009 and posted on
the FAA Contracting Opportunities Home Page found at Please note that documents
downloaded from sites other than the FAA’s Contracting Opportunities Homepage may not be the latest
documents, all FAA SIR amendment(s) will also be shown on this site as Amendment when required. Vendors
must follow this site daily to determine if additional SIR amendments have been issued. The qualifications will
remain the same for the SIR.

All interested parties are advised that the FAA will not pay for any information or any administrative costs
incurred that are associated with any response received from industry in response to this Market Survey/Request
for Information. Therefore, any costs associated with the Market Survey/Request for Information submissions
will be solely at the interested party’s expense.

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