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					The July 2011 Survey for the Regeneration of Wokingham Town Centre Comments

Q5 What single thing do you think the development should do to improve the town centre?

Market Town
    remove 1960’s buildings, rebuild more in character with market town
    create buildings in tune with existing buildings -old market town style architecture
    maintain Market Town feel
    buildings in Peach Street, Peach Street and corner of Rose Street need re-furbishing
    compliment whats here, don’t create fake historic building styles, make a statement that 
Wokingham is looking towards the future
    Keep market town feel, retain historic buildings
    stop trying to be like Bracknell and Reading
    Demolish the ugly buildings which have already destroyed the character of the town, and replace
them with quality architecture which will enhance it. Stop any further destruction of our built
    Modernise but keep the market town feel.
    improve existing buildings to keep market town feel.
    glass, concrete and weird shapes
    less concrete blocks/roads more market town character
    improve the shop appearances in traditional style
  Rose Street should not be spoiled by modern housing, and it’s a conservation area
    old and new architecture in proposals do not mix, so the old will be spoiled, and new look out of
    aim to tidy up town now, keep traditional market town feel.
    bring vision to reality without losing market town feeling
    proposed buildings on Elms Field looks like Reading Prison
    Knock down buildings on either side of the Bull & Bush
    make use of what we have and maintain it
    make sure architecture can withstand test of time, preserve for the future, keep market town
feel, and be ‘classy’
    quality low rise buildings that do not overwhelm the community feel of the town
    architecture to be in keeping with Rose Street and Market Square
    restore market town feel with pedestrianisation.

    recreate the historic look of Peach Street with small shops and visually independent buildings
    keep the look of the old market town, but with modern services
    present a respectful modern slant on town feel
    knock down boarded up buildings, and build new ones in place
    no glass or modern ‘monstrosities’ that would ruin the character of the town - too much
    remove buildings opposite town hall
    smarten up existing buildings, provide a heritage centre/museum
    tidy up of Peach Street facade
    maintain the old architecture and blend with the new
    make the town more modern, improve 60’s buildings
    redevelop Peach Street first
    bring Wokingham up to date while maintaining it’s charm and uniqueness

Traffic & Parking
  improve traffic situation
  Improve traffic flow.
  reduce traffic.
  free parking
  improve parking
  remove through traffic
  improve the congestion
  provide enough parking space in town centre
  Traffic needs to be routed around the town, too much traffic passing through!
  control heavy traffic
  divert the through traffic
  There has to be a solution to the traffic problems before any re-development.
  Tidy up Rose Street car park area.
  keep Rose Street car park.
  remove traffic but increase cycle lanes
  take lorries out of though routes - they cause large delays in the town already
  multi story car park at Shute End is no good for elderly and disabled
  sort out traffic properly taking full account of new out of town developments
  encourage people into town centre - ensure easy parking
  remove A329 from shopping area
  traffic volume is worrying
  build a pedestrian bridge/ flyover instead of level crossing - it would ease congestion
  take out traffic or substantially reduce it
  remove traffic from Peach Street
  free flow of traffic
  proper traffic management
  parking places near methodist church
  clear road markings
  keep traffic away from denmark street
  ease the traffic on Peach Street

Open Space/Elm’s Field
    Do not loose open space at Elms Field - it is an irreplaceable asset
    retain open and green spaces
    more greenery areas
    don’t build on green space
    more sit down areas and ‘eateries’
    more green/gardens/kid’s play areas
    improve leisure facilities at Elms Field eg tennis courts, mini golf, music
    no road through Elms Field, keep as much of it as possible
    extend the amount of green space providing more trees and areas for outdoor activities,
especially for the elderly

  The area needs family orientated spaces. Ideas from Bluewater shopping centre can be adopted
such as outdoor activities, cinema, etc. create outdoor terraces for restaurants and bars
  improve town centre park - a nice park with modern equipment and a nice cafe.
  retain or improve an open space environment for people to meet and relax.
  Develop Elms Field
  music in Elms Field
  preserve green entrance from Finchampstead road
  skatepark for young teens at Elms Field
  public free tennis courts
  abandon proposal, and keep green spaces with more trees
  multi purpose open space for all to relax during the day/evening
  maintain Elms Field which belongs to the people of Wokingham not the council
  improve green spaces
  plazas/courtyard style/outdoor entertainment will encourage people to visit
  preserve existing mature trees

  too many empty retail units - fill them before redeveloping
  specialist shops providing a more diverse shopping experience not necessarily the same shops
found everywhere else, from hardware to leisure
  no more supermarkets
  upgrade appearance of shops.

  focus on Peach Street, re-do existing shops, increase efforts to find tenants for empty retail units
  no more cafes or restaurants
  attract a department store instead of a supermarket
  be different from Reading and Bracknell, no chain shops of superstores, cater for all ages -
remember there is an aging population
  more and better quality retail.
  reduce business rates or rents to encourage business
  encourage independent retailers and local producers to keep market town feel
  a good mix of restaurants/cafes
  more entertainment, e.g. cinemas
  provide low cost premises for independent small retailers.
  Ensure that the re-development encourages more people to shop in Wokingham
  Bring in the bigger stores to the area.
  bring shopping areas together, not spread out, such as in the proposals
  concentrate on Peach Street retail area - regenerate
  market place should remain as heart of town
  maintain existing retail area
  no shopping centre
  cheap leases and rent charges for small retailers
  improve appearance of shops backing onto Rose Street car park
  improve security after shopping hours
  protect small shops who are not part of big franchises
  make M&S a department store where the food store is in the proposals
  bring in significant destination shops to make overall offering an effective place to shop
  re design current market stalls to attract a wider variety of retailers
  refurbish existing shops fronts and flats above
  create a large shopping mall
  create open spaced shopping
  no more estate agents or banks
  encourage private shops

  improve pedestrian areas
  pedestrian areas on Peach Street and Denmark Street
  improve pedestrian access to shops in convivial atmosphere.
  more pedestrian crossings and speed restrictions

  The pedestrian access and movement of people around the town should be the priority.
  Dangerous pedestrian situation at the narrowest part of Denmark Street.
  attend to very bad paving in all main pathways, provide a good pathway along left side of Cricket
Ground Road
  pedestrianise the high street from the ship to the tudor house surgery
  make more pedestrian areas
  improve circulation and access
  no pedestrianisation

 install public toilet and disabled facilities
 Listen to people of Wokingham
 keep the Redan pub
 keep the town centre as the focus of the town
 Do not crowd or box in the methodist church
 make it appeal to all ages
 need more places for younger people
 need more flats for children in care
 more new housing
 less housing
 listen to what the residents of Wokingham actually want
 too many new houses proposed
 make the town centre wheelchair friendly
 perhaps a bandstand?
 add more cycle lanes
 remove the level crossing at railway station
 have a bridge over the railway line
 health centre and surgery
Centre Comments







The July 2011 Survey for the Regeneration of Wokingham Town Centre Comments 2

Q12 Do you have any other comments?

    No need for another supermarket
    a department store would be much more appropriate than a supermarket
    there are enough coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants
    encourage independent specialist retailers to encourage market town feel
    too much retail space
    needs better variety of shops
small units to pay much lower rent so they can survive and compete as individuals.
An area needs to be provided for all the deliveries currently made into businesses. More retail
outlets and businesses in town will mean more deliveries without adequate parking being made
available for this purpose. I currently run a retail business in 31-35 Denmark Street and the
disruption which will be caused by this development is of concern on several counts, the increase
in amount and size of traffic passing my shop, the increase in general noise level as building takes
place, and potentially the decline of business as the development is in progress, perhaps a
decrease in business rates will prove necessary?
    The residents want shops that can’t be found in Reading or other big shopping areas, not chain 
    Make Wokingham individual from Reading and other nearby shopping areas. Allow the
    Local Wokingham card to offer discounts
    If the rents are too high, units will be vacant too long. There needs to be incentive to rent in
town centre.
    The food store will not be used
    a larger M&S rather than a new supermarket at Elms Field
     new shopping areas should connect better with existing shopping areas.
    disappointed that the ‘mainstream food store’ will apparently attract people to town, since 
there are already several large food stores.
    would be better to concentrate on filling already empty shops
    perhaps a farmers market every weekend rather than month?
    food store should not back onto waterloo road
  affordable retail outlets, Market areas to encourage local produce to be sold and available

  mix of shops, independent retailers, different shops from places like Bracknell and Reading.
  no big stores
  the amount of retail and housing planned for `peach Place is far too dense and would spoil the
character of Wokingham

Market Town
    The design could be more in keeping with the character of the town.
    The plans do not respect the historic and architectural heritage of Wokingham
    Don’t try to create another Reading, keep the market town feel.
    replace 60’s buildings along Peach Street to Rose Street with new buildings in keeping with the 
market town feel
    traditional architecture should be used on Peach Street Facade in keeping with market town
feel, more contemporary architecture should be used in area behind Peach Street and at Elms
    housing proposed is far to dense for character of Wokingham, needs t retain it’s unique 
    consider new ground breaking architectural designs
    the scheme is not in keeping with market town feel. architecture needs to maintain and enhance
traditional market town character
    The design does not capture the essence of the present town centre - it feels too space age with
too much glass.
    I don’t trust you to do the right thing by our market town.

  the scheme could ruin Wokingham - bland metal frames, sheet glass and cement render.
  keep traditional architecture, and apply to new areas
  new station to be built in a similar architectural style as previous victorian style.

    improve aspect of the ‘southern gateway’ to blend with existing building features of the town
    retain heritage of the town e.g. Rose street (consider traffic possibilities), architecture should be
sympathetic with existing style - in particular Peach Place
    no adequate provisions have been made for new retail
    Bradbury Centre in Peach Place is a dominant feature with pleasant architecture, however, will
be obscured by proposed retail and leisure facilities. also, important fire door in Bradbury centre
will have limited space due to proximity of one of the retail units
    visually prominent anchor retail and proposed hotel are not in keeping with this market town
    new houses at Rose Street should be 2 story and in keeping with style of existing houses on
    brick buildings should be retained to keep market town character,
    ensure the building is appropriate and in market town character, no glass or metal, do not
include housing in peach street
    The shop fronts of Peach Street down to Rose Street are not good - need re-design
    all development should be max 2 stories high, keep in market town character
    designs for Rose Street and Broad Street are too modern,
    get rid of wall above Boots, knock down this area and rebuild with traditional buildings
    proposals are too modern and will date very quickly
    keep a mix of old and new buildings
    use traditional building materials
    modern elements don’t blend with existing buildings

Open Space/Elms Field
    leave Elms Park alone- locations don’t have to be filled to be appreciated
    No building on Elms Field
    Elms Field should be kept green, and not reduced in size
    Consider creating water feature at Elms Field.
    more children’s play areas
    Elms Field must be enhanced not reduced
    leave plenty of green space and leave play area
    no wide open spaces which serve no purpose
    keep green spaces
    do not reduce green space - not enough for festivals, or events
    expressed dislike towards the urban park - Elms park should be kept, improved.
    no road cutting through Elms Field
    Elms Field is the ‘gateway’ from the south - a supermarket loading bay is not appealing.  
    a wider pavement linking Elms Field to the town hall area would unify the two spaces
    roads and development on Elms Field will make it noisy and dangerous
    totally opposed to the food store and hotel on Elms Field
    disappointed at loss of green space in Elms Field and the cricket club which are valuable
    unique design for open space- sculpture, landscaping, maze
    elms field - needs something to attract people
    retain lots of trees and bushes
    don’t need a hotel on Elms Field
    maintain current green space
    If Elms Field is built on, there would be a lack of places for young adults to socialise.

Traffic & Parking
    Sort the traffic issues
    need more car parks
    free parking during the week
     leave car parks at the paddocks and Rose street, as they are needed
    no multi story car park
    supermarket and hotel will make traffic worse
    Many will find walking from the gateway car parks difficult, especially older people. Where will
be the new disabled parking places?
    more housing and flats will increase already gridlocked traffic
    get rid of train level crossing - won’t cope with additional traffic

  With a one way system in place in Wokingham, this will lead to heavy congested periods.
  The town centre should not be destroyed by more cars
  maybe close Denmark Street to traffic for outdoor events.
  proposed road between Shute road and a listed wall is a possible rat run?
  The width of Wellington Road needs to be doubled in order to take the current traffic. broad
pavements and cycle lanes should be added to both sides of the road.
  If Shute End, Elms Field, and Rose Street car parks gone, where can people park? Not keen on
underground lifts.

  A main consideration should be the number of crossings that are used by pedestrians and the
points these are sited at. This has a significant impact on the traffic flow through the town itself.
  car parking and congestion are not addressed by this scheme. Elms Road should be a through
road to ease congestion round the railway station.
  roads need more space because of traffic
  make roads smaller to get rid of traffic
    control traffic through tow centre (20mph limit?), ban HGV’s during hours of 8AM - 7PM
    no need for underground car park, scheme will cause more traffic chaos
    give thought to how development will impact already inadequate road network

  plans do not improve either the through routes or centre control system, plus additional control
over feed in roads that does away with the stop start motion through the actual centre is vital

    publish traffic management strategy relative to the regeneration areas and adjacent areas.
    build the new station under a road bridge
    concerned about increase in housing and decrease in parking spaces
    Ensure time is allocated for deliveries
    multi-story car park at Shute End too far away from Centre
    idea of a supermarket and hotel is ‘ludicrous’, these areas are already destined to become a 
traffic bottleneck
    little consideration has been given to traffic which is already congested
    Relocating Elms Road will not decrease congestion
    the needs of The Bradbury Community Centre (labelled church on plans) are completely ignored.
over 60 non-church organisations use the centre, provision for parking is needed for disabled,
elderly, mothers and children.
    traffic management is key to success of redevelopment, both traffic flow and parking, restricted
traffic in Denmark Street
    Nothing has been done about traffic and congestion in Peach Street, which will inevitably
increase with the development
    make proper plans for traffic - if traffic gets worse, no one will want to come - a bridge over the
railway next to bounty alley?
    take into consideration extra traffic, and where it will go
    reduced car parking for Peach Street area will make the shops in this area suffer - has
underground parking in Rose Street been investigated?
    traffic in near by roads will need to be addressed specifically Langborough road
    make station road one way traffic
    access road from A329 into town will not cope with the volume of traffic being created by

    road looks tight by council office and decked car park adjacent to may need to be reconfigured
    development will cause much more traffic
    Concerned about Shute end car park
    extension of Elms Road coming out onto Shute End would be extremely hazardous,
    development will increase congestion
    need more car parks in centre of town, deliveries go behind shops not blocking Peach Street,
road planned to come out by Shute End is not good
    clear up look of approach roads, signage
    don’t do it now, save money and improve infrastructure
    level crossing a big problem, will not be solved by a link road
    traffic flow needs to be considered when redeveloping the station
    if the supermarket and hotel stay, a through road through elms Field will be hazardous to the
elderly and children who use Elms Field, (consider traffic possibilities)
  improve pedestrian crossings in the town
  and build a new library with safe and sensible (flat) access for children, elderly and disabled and
opening onto the park. Use current library as hotel.
  improve safe pedestrian links, improved transport, public toilet facilities, venue for culture and
arts, save redan pub,
  pedestrianisation of Broad Street, Peach Street and Denmark Street
  improve all pedestrian routes to all schools
  pedestrian centre - centre needs to be by-passed

 We do not need a hotel.
 We need more public toilet facilities

  We need provisions for arts and culture, museums, theaters, and entertainment, e.g. Cinemas
  The Redan should be kept
  The WBC must listen to what the residents want!
  Peach Street should get priority for redevelopment
  stop building new estates
    lack of cost effective public transport - better bus service from Finchampstead to Wokingham,
from North Woodley to Wokingham, Wokingham to Spencers Wood
    the morals of the developers are in doubt
    no place for a hotel in centre - should be on outskirts
    more places around the town centre to sit and relax
    the proposals only think of short term, not long term well being of residents.
    We need bungalows/ residential homes for the aging population.
    Do we really need a ‘town square’, and will it compensate for the loss of the car park at Rose 

  we do not need more flats, but rather houses, as there are many existing flats that are empty.
  When will the Town Regeneration start?
  The tall hotel ruins the approach from the south as it will dominate that view. All deciduous
mature trees should be kept and and the hotel prevents this. currently the trees here are a
wonderful gateway.
  The focus should be on Town Hall,
  youth club
  no support for scheme at all expressed
  an attractive hotel needed in town centre (site of old council building?)
  housing needs to be low rise 1 or 2 stories. bad when proposed houses back into existing
  far to much going on, ignoring views of the residents
  area behind telephone exchange needs improving,
  not all key stakeholders have been consulted
  More Council accommodation for people with families on low income
  plenty of rubbish bins,
  Need a medical centre
  an area for youths to congregate at during evenings, more nightlife activities for young adults
too many new houses proposed
  need more brick and period features integrated into the design, much of the design looks like
Bracknell which is currently scheduled for demolition.
  plans should concentrate on Peach Street and Milwards side of the Market place. majority of
people wish for this,
  complete opposition expressed towards regeneration, no adequate provisions have been made
housing areas
  during the recession, is it really wise to be spending this much?
  the location of the new retail/leisure centre obscures the Bradbury Centre - the open space of
the plaza would be better suited to the site if the new retail/leisure centre
  Council has problem with maintenance of public buildings and areas
   if supermarket goes ahead, loading bays and deliveries should be well screened from Wellington
  The open space in Peach Place needs to be bigger if possible
  hotel as gateway, needs to look visually appealing
  not impressed
  water feature is not pretty, a simple fountain would do?
  now is a bad time to develop town - start with Rose Street area and see what happens
  back of food store and servicing fronts onto road and is a gateway entrance - need to resolve
this, could swimming/ bowling be incorporated into the scheme rather than being cut off by the
  confine project to refurbishment of Peach street/ Market Square only,
  space for performing arts and entertainment, more affordable housing for key workers with
young families
  improve layout of railway station
  no 3 story housing
  development and regeneration is unnecessary and will ruin Wokingham
  a well designed central recreational space could support a range of markets, festivals and
community events
  commitment to complete Peach place is vital
e Comments 2










The July 2011 Survey for the Regeneration of Wokingham Town Centre

                                 Yes                          358
                                 No                           66
                                 Don't Know                    28
                                              Only if it doesn’t destroy the 
                                 Why?         market town feel
                                              Yes, but not to the extent
Q1 Do you support the concept                 currently proposed
of Town Centre regeneration?                  Not as proposed                     8
                                              Waste of money, could be spent
                                              on something better                 3

                                              Scheme is being forcibly
                                              Only if proposals reflect the
                                              views of the residents

                                 Yes                         220
                                 No                          136
                                 Don't Know                 80
                                              The design destroys market
                                 Why?         town feel

                                              There are existing pleasant
                                              retail areas which need
                                              maintaining, not building more
                                              There is no need for another
                                              food store
                                              It will look like another
                                              There is no need for a hotel        2
  Q2 Do you think that the                    The new retail parks are on
proposals will create pleasant                                                    2
                                              open spaces, which is bad
     new retail areas?                        There is a lack of access           1
                                              Now is the time of cut backs        1
                                              The reduction of green space is
                                              not warranted
                                              The proposals are too big of an
                                              extent, loss of open areas, car     1
                                              There is a lack of parking          1
                                              Elms Field look is poor, retail
                                              anchor looks ‘hideous’ - clashes 
                                              with other buildings, no glass
                                                   The old buildings should be
                                                   preserved (The Redan), Elms        1
                                                   Field should be left green

                                  More than 3
                                  times per                      221
Q3 How often do you shop in       week
 Wokingham Town Centre?           Once a week                    166
                                  Less than once
                                  a week

                                  Fashion                          177
                                  Food                              32
                                  Restaurants                       30
                                  Specialist                       296
                                  More diverse                     114
                                  Culture                          148
                                  Leisure                           151
                                  Other            public toilet facilities           16
                                                   music stores                        9
                                                   a mix of independent shops          8
                                                   entertainment, attraction for
                                                   younger people
                                                   game shop, technology/ IT retail
                                                   department store                   4
                                                   children’s, clothing, equipment 
                                                   free easy parking                  3
                                                   diverse range of
                                                   benches                            2
                                                   up-market clothes shops, public
                                                   toilet facilities                  1
Q4 What is presently lacking in
 Wokingham Town Centre?                            museum                             1
                                                   cheap meeting rooms for U3A
                                                   and other organisations
                                                   pleasant environment               1
                                                   culture & arts, more diverse
                                                   charity shops                      1
                                                   low cost premises for small
                                                   hotel                              1
                                                   distinctive features such as
                                                   fountains, sculptures
                                                  too many empty shops             1
                                                  community building for
                                                  exhibitions, educational         1
                                                  facilities, etc
                                                  council housing                  1
                                                  book shop                        1
                                                  sport shops                      1
                                                  proper shopping area             1
                                                  health centre                    1
                                                  pedestrian areas and crossings

                                 Small                           228
                                 Independant                     229
                                 High Street                      131
                                                  butchers, greengrocers
                                 Other            (specialist shops) etc
                                                  department store                 6
                                                  better mix of bars and
                                                  restaurants like Nando’s
                                                  we have enough                   3
Q6 What type of retail would                      arts and crafts shops            2
you like to see within the new                    No seasonal shops e.g
        development?                                                               1
                                                  locally owned small shops        1
                                                  sport shops                      1
                                                  music stores                     1
                                                  larger M&S                       1
                                                  mix of cultural stores           1
                                                  make the market a much bigger
                                                  offices                          1
                                                  local traders                    1

                                 Mainly 1-2 bed

Q7 What type of housing would Mainly 2-3 bed                168
you like to see within the town
             centre?            Mainly larger                53
                                Affordable                   177
                                Other         no new houses                        44
                                              no housing at Elms Field              1

                                 Everyday                       35
                                 Several times                  83
                                 Once a week                    111
                                  Once or twice
                                  a month
                                  Less than once
                                  a month                        70

                                  Never                              65
                                  Other            to leave open space and Elms
                                                   Field alone
                                                   toilet facilities                  6
                                                   sports pitch                       3
                                                   a cafe near the park               3
 Q8 How often do you use the                       maintenance of existing
existing open space in the town                    buildings
            centre?                                wildlife habitats                  2
                                                   less traffic noise                 1

                                                   reduction of hedgerow adjacent
                                                   to wellington road and leave it
                                                   untouched - no further building.
                                                   outside cafe                       1

                                                   in the plans, the water feature
                                                   could be the cause of accidents
                                                   and water wastage.
                                                   youth clubs                        1
                                                   more pedestrian only areas         1
                                                   less development                   1
                                                   skate park                         1
                                                   flower beds                        1

                                 Yes                              218
                                 No                               163
Q10 The suggested architecture Don't Know                          43
of the new scheme is a blend of                    not in keeping with the market
  traditional, in the use of the Why?              town feel
 materials, and modern, in the                     modern areas do not blend          33
  architectural detail. Do you                     keep Rose Street type
    think this is appropriate?                     architecture
                                                   maintenance of existing
                                                   buildings, not new

                               Train                              14
                               Bus                                33
 Q11 How do you usually travel
                               Car                               251
       into Wokingham?
                               Cycle                              51
                               Walk                              286
Letters Regarding the Regeneration Program For Wokingham Town Centre

             Point 1                            Point 2                              Point 3
They run the May Fayre, which      The purpose of the May Fayre is They are concerned that the plan
last year raised £25,000 to be     to draw people and buisnesses would not allow sufficient space
spent for the benefit of the       into the town centre.           for the event to take place in the
local community.                                                   town centre.

The new ‘Public Square’ does     The commercial development of          The Bradbury Centre is
not embrace the Bradbury         Rose street side of the square         established as a landmark building
Centre to be a focal point - The blocks the line of sight between       in the town centre. This version
square is offset and oblique to  Bush Walk and the entrance to          shows a building close to the
the main entrance.               Bradbury Centre as agreed with         south of the Bradbury Centre,
                                 the Wokingham District Council.        which will encroach on light and
                                 The traffic flow from Rose Street      windows, and detract from the
                                 into Peach Place in front of the       setting of the building contrary to
                                 Bradbury Centre - it is essential      the established planning policy
                                 that this is designed to minimise      previously agreed with the
                                 conflict between pedestrains,          Wokingham District Council.
                                 some with limited mobility, and
                                 traffic. It is also required to have
                                 adequate space adjacent to the
                                 carriageway to prevent damage
                                 to buildings.
The amount of housing             The reduced amount of greem           How will the Station Link Road
proposed is unacceptable - how space at Elms Field is also              proposal improve the situation
will the housing increase affect unacceptable - if the town grows       regarding the Railway Level
the already stretched traffic    by 25+%, surely more green             Crossing? The development of
situation?                       space should be provided? Also         The Cricket Club will reduce the
                                 a ‘resounding’ no to the               amount of Community Parking.
                                 proposed inclusion of a                What alternative parking is being
                                 supermarket at Elms Field.             proposed?

A town centre manager should       The integration of the existing      The paths from Elms Field to
be appointed now to help town      retail centre with the new Elms      Denmark Street and to Wellington
centre through current difficult   Field site would be enhanced by      Road require improvement and
trading conditions, and should     the closure of Denmark Street to     upgrading.
encourage existing traders to      traffic during the weekend
adapt to new trading patterns.     trading hours. Also, activities at
                                   Elms Field should be limited in
                                   favour of activities around the
                                   market place.
It would be better to reduce the   The Elms Field development        Concerned about the morals and
project to independent             should take into account the      objectives of the developers via
components in manageable           effects of the changes around     the creation of Wokingham
stages that can be modified in     the station, especially traffic   Enterprises Limited.
light of experience - complete     flows.
Peach Place and review the
effects before making changes
to Elms Field.

Feels, that the supermarket        To encourage more people to
proposed would be                  enter the current Market area,
unnecessary. It would not be       local producers should be
possible to encourage new,         encouraged to bring their
small buisnesses in the town       produce to the Market.
centre, when a supermarket in
close proximity would pose as
massive competition.

Displeasure at inadequate
publicity for exhibition for the
regeneration of Wokingham
Town Centre.
Concern for the removal of long
term parking with the
redevelopment of The
Paddocks and Rose Street car
parks - restriction of parking
would affect both retail and
commercial buildings alike.

More provision to enable al        The atmosphere of a ‘village 
fresco drinking and dining -       green’ would be degraded by a 
most ideal location for such       supermarket.
venues being the east side of
Elm’s Field.

There is no need for a           The traffic plans, along with the
supermarket - how would other proposed extra 190 homes, will
retailers be encouraged into the only make the traffic worse.

Concern for the increase in
traffic generated from the
A mini-roundabout should be           There needs to be a pedestrian      Denmark Road between
introduced at the end of              crossing on Wellington Road.        Langborough Road and
Wellington Road.                                                          Wellington Road needs to be
                                                                          widened in preparation for the
                                                                          increase in traffic.

More traffic measures need to
be taken in response to the
increase in traffic, and growth
of the town.

The proposals do not follow           Objected to the loss of amenity INFORMATION REMOVED DUE TO
the Wokingham Town Centre             space - the 3 to 4 storey       DATA PROTECTION
Masterplan Supplementary              proposed town houses have
Planning Guidance adopted             moved 16m closer than the 30 m
previously.                           indicated on the adopted
                                      masterplan (in relation to 9
                                      Albert Road).

Wellington Road needs to be           Traffic planning needs to           Further consultations of parking
wider, otherwise the road will        condsider one way road              stratergies - clarification for
be unappealing, and the               systems, closure of roads, free     parking proposals at Peach Place,
pedestrian access from the            flow at all junctions, removal of   easily accessible parking should be
town centre will be dangerous.        parking in third lanes to assist    provided at all town gateways and
                                      traffic flow, ‘must turn’ lanes     low cost residential permits
                                      and islands, and removal of         should be introduced
                                      traffic lights.

The department store at Elms          The architecture needs to           The area of the southern gateway
Field - the preferred retail mix is   represent the traditional market    needs redesigning - consider
60% of space given to non-food        town feel that the residents        relocating the hotel, car park
items. Concern expressed over         expect. Public toilet facilities    access, and HGV movements. a
the removal of the focus of           must be provided - residents        logical location for the hotel is
retail away from the area             consider the current provision of   close to the station. Would a joint
around the market.                    facilities inadequate.              venture with Cantley Lodge meet
                                                                          the towns needs more accurately,
                                                                          and also preserve the south
                                                                          gateway’s green aspect?
Residents need a simple           The footfall needs measuring        Could the location of the Fire
statement specifying the          now and during the                  Station on the possible southern
precise amount of green space     development in Wokingham and        inner distribution road be cause
remaining after the               other towns to measure the          for regret later? The Core Strategy
developments. Public areas that   increase in the market share. The   Inspector states ‘The existing level 
can be converted for use of       estimates of the development        crossing by the station is an
open air stages, and improved     costs need to be published.         acknowledged constraint.’ Could a 
pedestrian access to the          What is the maximum cash            south western relief road along
Howard Palmer Gardens.            demands from the Wokingham          Smith’s Walk be considered? 
                                  Borough Council, and when?          Restrict access times of the HGV,s
                                                                      in the future?

Expressed displeasure with the Would renewing Peach Place             The public do not want a
publicity of the exhibition.   and carefully redeveloping             foodstore or a hotel at Elms Field,
                               Peach Street and Denmark               as there is no demand, and they
                               Street be a more judicious choice      would not fulfill the brief of an
                               than removing the open space           ‘attractive Southern Gateway’ that 
                               enjoyed by the local community?        the Council aims for. The shop
                                                                      front must conform to the market
                                                                      town traditions.

Tell the local community how     The housing proposal at Elms         Public concern at the possibility of
failure as well as success would Field is disproportionate to the     the new Elms Field Road posing
be managed.                      balance of space allocation, at      danger to the pedestrians,
                                 the expense of open areas            especially those in nearby

Try to retain as much open        The lack of parking sites is
space as possible - apply the     disproportionate to the large
Government’s Planning Policy      growth of housing and the
Guidance Note 17 to Elms Field.   intention that the regeneration
                                  will increase the number of
                                  people using the town.
Post-It Notes on the Regeneration of Wokingham Town Centre

  Keep traditional market town feel - no modern buildings.
  No need for another supermarket.
  Keep Elms Field green - no building on Elms Field.
  Improve the traffic and parking situation.
  No more chain shops and food stores- more individual shops and businesses.
  More facilities for children.
  More open spaces.
  Save the redan pub.
  Cycle paths.
  Make Wokingham different from Reading and Bracknell.
  More public toilet facilities.
  Modern health care GP building essential.

  Take this opportunity to remove the concrete building above the shops opposite the town hall.
  keep trees on Elms Field Park.
  No more housing.
  Green space in the middle of the town for all to use.
  M&S move to new supermarket location to provide a decent sized department store ad a high
quality supermarket.
  Public Transport?
  Facilities for 16-25 year olds- not pubs!
  Parking and changing facilities for disabled?
  No hotel.
  Music venue, theatre, leisure facilities.
  No more coffee shops.
  More bed linen shops.
  Get rid of large lorries and constant traffic.
  Resident parking in Milton Road.
  Bus lanes to rail station.
  Elms Field green space lacks colour and interest. Rose Street corner build is worse than the
original brick building.
  Be careful of over-development.
  Keep Hatch School.
  Improve the high street.
  Need a proper car park at Rose Street - Waitrose and M&S car parks are both private and should
not be claimed as general car parks.
  Pedestrian entrance at the centre of town.
  A water park.
  CCTV in the green area fir safety.
  Night clubs for 30-40 year olds.
  John Lewis preferable as anchor rather than supermarket.
  No modernisation.
  Move the train station.
  Fire station = unattractive.
 Another supermarket is good.
 Low rise traditional housing.

  The Bradbury Centre appears to be completely obscured by 2 storey buildings. Where is the open
space directly in front of the entrance which is where we where assured would remain last year?