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Information Guide

Information Guide
       Welcome to Oxford Aviation Academy
       (OAA) Stockholm-Arlanda
       Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality of training and the highest standards of service
       during your stay in Stockholm.

       The Stockholm-Arlanda
       Training Centre                                        Oxford Aviation Academy
                                                              SE-195 87 Stockholm, Sweden
       The Stockholm training facility is located at          Visiting address: Kabinvägen 5,
       Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, only a few minutes from     190 60 Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
       the terminal buildings.
                                                              Inside the main entrance you will find the Service
       The training centre houses 12 Full Flight Simulators   Centre, open 24 hours a day. Here you will receive
       for the aircraft types A320, A330/340, B737NG/CL,      directions and all the information you need.
       B767, DHC8-Q400, F-50, MD-80, Saab 340, Saab
       2000 and helicopter Bell 212/412, as well as pilot     Service Centre
       Flight Training Devices, Emergency/Fire Fighting
       mockups, door trainers, slides and other cabin crew    Phone: +46 8 797 17 63
       training equipment. There is also a large number of    Fax: +46 8 797 42 44
       CBT terminals and fully equipped classrooms for        E-mail:
       advanced pilot and cabin crew training.      

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Planning Department
Your sales contact can provide you with a separate
list of each planning function with detailed contact
information, staff and phone numbers.

For our customers, the following direct email
addresses are available for bookings:

                                                       Training Services
                                                       You will find the Training Services department on the
                                                       third floor.

                                                       Customer Coordinator
                                                       The Customer Coordinator is dedicated to help you
                                                       with all training-related matters.
                                                       Our main goals are to:
                                                       • Be the principal point of contact for the customer
                                                       • Ensure effective communication between customer
                                                         and executive departments
                                                       • Assist the customer in all the different stages of
                                                       Phone: +46 70 997 4691

                                                       Food and Beverages
                                                       Our popular inhouse Restaurant Academian offers a
                                                       variety of hot and cold meals, snacks and ice cream
                                                       Mon–Fri 0800-1700.
                                                       Discounted meals and breakfast is also offered at the
                                                       nearby hotel Radisson Blu Arlandia.

                                                                                             | 3
       In the training centre there are also vending machines         Lockers
       with a variety of light meals, sandwiches, salads,             We offer our airline customers a locker to stow away
       snacks and soft drinks. Coffee machines are free to            training materials in. If you are interested, please
       use. If you bring your own food there are microwave            contact our Service Centre. Please note that Oxford
       ovens at your disposal.                                        Aviation Academy is not responsible for any missing
                                                                      belongings, personal or company-related.

       Emergency and Evacuation
                                                                      Meeting Lounge
       An evacuation chart is posted on each floor of the
       building. Each poster is clearly marked with the               You can take a break from your training in the Meeting
       assembly point you should go to in case of fire.               Lounge on the 3rd floor, where you can have a cup of
                                                                      coffee or tea or buy soft drinks and snacks.

       Laundry Facilities
       You will find washing machines, a tumble dryer and
       ironing facilities situated in the basement of our             On the 3rd floor you will find an Internet station with
       facility. Washing powder is available at our                   Internet access free of charge, PC’s and plug-ins for
       Service Centre.                                                your own laptop.
                                                                      Our Service Centre can assist you to send a fax.
                                                                      Mail can be left at the Service Centre.
       Leisure Facilities
       There is a fitness room and sauna located in the
       basement of our facility. Adjacent to the Service              Photocopies
       Centre is a billiard room. You can play table tennis,          Our Service Centre can assist students with
       floor ball or play tennis on our own tennis court.             photocopying for a small charge.
       Rackets can be borrowed from the Service Centre.

                                                     Radisson BLU
                                                     Arlandia Hotel

         Arlanda Airport - Oxford Aviation Academy

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Simulator Approvals
FSTD Qualification Certificates are available on the
                                                         Hotel Accommodation
Oxford Aviation Academy website,             Oxford Aviation Academy can assist in arranging
                                                         hotel accommodation at discounted prices.
VAT Refunds
Oxford Aviation Academy can assist in claiming the       For reservation, please contact us at:
refund of Swedish VAT at no cost.                        Email:
                                                         Phone: +46 8 797 1763
Please contact Finance & Control,
phone: +46 8 797 1415, fax: +46 8 797 4569,              Please note that the Service Centre can only assist
E-mail:                          with hotel reservations in connection with training at
                                                         Oxford Aviation Academy.
Visa Application – Invitation letter.
Cecilia Hoffborn, phone +46 8 797 2728,
fax +46 8 797 4243,
E-mail:                         We offer you a modern and comfortable
                                                         accommodation at competitive prices at our own
                                                         Hotel Nightstop ideally located just in front of our
Location                                                 training centre. Our product focuses on efficient,
                                                         practical and casual service. All our 58 rooms are
The Stockholm training facility is located at            fully equipped with air conditioning, internet access,
Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, only a few minutes from       refrigerator, comfortable beds, bathroom with bathtub
the terminal buildings, 42 km north of Stockholm         and cable television with both domestic and foreign
City.                                                    programmes.

Arriving at Arlanda Airport
Between the Airport terminals and Oxford Aviation
Academy there is a free-of-charge shuttle bus (No. 14)
leaving every 15 minutes in both directions. It takes
only 3-4 minutes to the Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel
and the OAA Training Centre.

Arriving at Skavsta Airport
Skavsta (NYO) airport, located 80 minutes by bus
south of Stockholm, caters to a number of low cost
airlines. From Skavsta there are airport buses to
central Stockholm, where you change bus and take
the Arlanda Airport bus (45 minutes) to Arlanda
For tickets, timetables etc. see

Arriving by car
From Stockholm, motorway E4: Exit Arlanda, at
roundabout turn to Norrtälje/Almunge and turn right
at Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel.
From Uppsala, motorway E4: Exit Arlanda, second
roundabout turn to Norrtälje/Almunge and turn right
at Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel.

                                                                                                | 5
       You will also find gym facilities and sauna on site. The   In Stockholm the average temperature is:
       Coor restaurant Academian offers Health-conscious          JAN -2,8º (+27,0 F)
       meals. During your stay we provide convenient              JUL +17,2º (+63,0 F)
       laundry possibilities.
       Nightstop will satisfy the fundamental needs of all
       travellers. Our aim is to always deliver service with
       a warm and friendly attitude. Check-in is at the
       Customer Service Centre who also assists with all
       customer related issues.

       Other Hotels in the area
       Oxford Aviation Academy has discounted rates in
       place with most hotels in the area. Our Service
       Centre staff are happy to discuss requirements; any
       reservations need to be made in advance to qualify for
       room rates and other benefits.
       For a detailed hotel list and prices, please contact
       Customer Services.

       Rental cars
       You can book a rental car from Hertz through the
       Oxford Aviation Service Centre at a very competitive
       price. Several car models in various price ranges
       are available. Reservation shall be made via Oxford
       Aviation Academy, Service Centre.
       Direct payment to Hertz by the customer.
                                                                  Money and Credit Cards
       We will do our best to accommodate your requests,          The Swedish currency is krona, SEK. Each krona is
       but to increase your chances of obtaining the car of       divided into 100 öre. Most international credit cards
       your choice, please place your order with us well in       are accepted in Sweden. For exchange there are
       advance of arrival.                                        several banks and exchange companies at Arlanda
       The distance in time by car to Stockholm is about 30       Airport.
       minutes, Uppsala 30 minutes, Märsta 10 minutes,
       the Eurostop Shopping Mall and the Quality Hotel 5
       minutes, Sky City 3 minutes and Sigtuna 20 minutes.        Driver’s Licence
                                                                  It is recommended that you bring an
                                                                  international driver’s licence. If you plan to drive,
                                                                  you must refrain from drinking alcohol. Keep your
       Nice to know, Sweden                                       consumption down, even the night before. Driving
                                                                  while under the influence of alcohol is a serious
                                                                  offence in Sweden, and the permissible amount of
       Temperature                                                alcohol in the blood is extremely low.
       Your clothing requirements will depend on the season.
       In wintertime (Nov-Mar) warm clothing and boots
       or heavy shoes is a must. There are many delightful        Telephone
       days in the spring, but it can also be rainy and windy.    The country code for Sweden is +46.
       Summer temperatures are normally comfortable and
       the humidity low. Early autumn is pleasant but the
       nights are usually chilly.

6 |
The voltage in Sweden is 220V.
Sweden has a Value Added Tax (VAT), which is
included in the price of all items and services.
However, tourists are refunded the tax before leaving
the country. When you buy something in a Tax Free
store, ask for a receipt, which enables you to reclaim
the VAT in cash when leaving the country. There are
“VAT-counters” at Arlanda Airport.

 Tip is included in the price you pay in restaurants and
for taxi. However, it is usual to add an extra tip of
about 10% if you are satisfied with the service.

Medical Care
Medical costs in Sweden can be expensive unless
you have health insurance coverage. No vaccinations
are required to enter Sweden. Pharmacies are called
“Apotek”. The nearest pharmacy is located at the
airport in Sky City. The Service Centre will assist if you
need information about 24 hour dental or medical
services and pharmacies.

Other Organisations and Services                             Stockholm
Serious emergencies    112
Stockholm Info Service +46 8 508 285 08                      Public Transportation
Taxi 020               +46 20 20 20 20                       The Shuttle Bus leaves Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel
Telephone information +46 8 118 118 (domestic)               for the airport every 15 minutes. An Airport-City
Email information www.eniro                        Bus leaves the airport every 10 minutes for the City
                                                             Terminal in downtown Stockholm. It takes around 40
Embassies                                                    minutes.
Embassy of USA             +46 8 783 53 00                   The Arlanda Express Train, to and from Stockholm City,
Embassy of China           +46 8 579 364 37                  takes only 20 minutes and leaves every 15 minutes.
Embassy of Colombia        +46 8 21 43 20
Embassy of France          +46 8 459 53 00                   There are also Commuter Trains from Märsta station
Embassy of Italy           +46 8 545 671 00                  to/from Stockholm City. Stockholm has a fairly
Embassy of Japan           +46 8 579 353 00                  extensive subway system justly described as “the
Embassy of Spain           +46 8 667 94 30                   longest art gallery in the world”. About half of the 99
Embassy of India           +46 8 10 70 08                    stations are embellished with artwork ranging from
Embassy of Kenya           +46 8 21 83 00                    sculptures and paintings to mosaics, wall relief and
                                                             engravings. To find a subway station, look for a white
Additional embassies and information can be found            sign showing a blue “T”.
on the website

                                                                                                     | 7
       Many buses are available in the Stockholm area. A
       subway ticket entitles you to travel on the “SL” buses
       and vice versa if you board within one hour from the
                                                                  A nice city to visit nearby Oxford Aviation Academy
       start of your journey. Be sure to keep your ticket until
                                                                  is Sigtuna – Sweden’s first town. It was founded more
       you have left the station. You may be asked to show it
                                                                  than a thousand years ago and still holds a lot of the
       again, and if you don’t have it, you may have to pay a
                                                                  old structure from the past. Local buses leave for
       fee. Tickets for subway and buses must be purchased
                                                                  Sigtuna from Arlanda Airport. For info on how to get
       in advance at stores called “Pressbyrån” (several
                                                                  there and what to see please visit the official Sigtuna
       located at the airport), commuter train stations or
                                                                  website; or visit the Arlanda
       at the Central Station in Stockholm City. There are
                                                                  Visitor Center located in the arrival hall at terminal 5.
       different alternatives of tickets so please ask when
       you purchase the ticket. The phone number to “SL” is
       +46 8 600 1000.
       The Stockholm Card                                         The closest town to Oxford Aviation Academy is
       A popular and comfortable way to see the main sights       Märsta, located only minutes by car from OAA. Here
       is to buy “The Stockholm Card”. The card is sold at        you can find a variety of shops and restaurants. There
       the Arlanda Visitor Center located in the arrival hall     are local buses to Märsta leaving from Arlanda Airport.
       at terminal 5, the Sweden House in Kungsträdgården,        For more information about Märsta and how to get
       at the Central Station in Stockholm City and at some       there visit the Arlanda Visitor Center located in the
       tourist offices.                                           arrival hall at terminal 5. A map over Sigtuna and
                                                                  Märsta can be found in the Service Centre.
       Maps and Other Information
       At the Service Centre you can get Stockholm maps
       and the leaflet “Stockholm this week”. For more
       information about Stockholm and its surroundings
       please contact customer coordinator +46 8 7974691,
       the Arlanda Visitor Center located in the arrival hall
       at terminal 5 or visit the official Stockholm websites: or

       “The big city with the small-town charm”. The
       university city of Uppsala is located north of Arlanda
       International Airport. With the commuter train
       that departs every 30 minutes you will be there in
       20 minutes. With 180,000 inhabitants, Uppsala is
       Sweden’s fourth largest city. Uppsala has retained its
       small-town charm while offering a big city’s selection
       of shops, restaurants and things-to-do. Uppsala
       also offers unique cultural treasures and an exciting
       history. At the Service Centre you can get Uppsala
       maps. Fore more information about Uppsala please
       contact customer coordinator Håkan Lindström +46
       8 797 4691, the Arlanda Visitor Center located in the
                                                                                      We look forward to meeting you
       arrival hall at terminal 5 or visit the official Uppsala
       tourist website:

                                                                                                              Upd Jan 2012

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Customer Survey
Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality of training and the highest standards of service during
your stay.

Your input, ratings and comments, are very important to us. This information will help us identify key
business areas in which we can better meet your needs. We are interested in your opinion on how we can
improve our services to you. OAA would like to thank you for taking the time to complete this customer
survey form before leaving our training centre. Please hand it over to our staff in the reception.














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Copenhagen   Hong Kong         London LGW&LHR,   Oslo     Stockholm
Denmark      China             Manchester,       Norway   Sweden
                               United Kingdom

                     Oxford Aviation Academy

                          Arlanda Airport

                        SE-195 87 Stockholm
                       Phone +46 8 797 1763



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