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WSJSnts_longest_output by gegeshandong


									1    a base of 1981                                       was calculated at
1    The index                                            uses a base of
2    most serious studies                                 suggest they only play the music that
2    usual , few favorable reviews                        were heard for that
3    Lawrence Insurance                                   underwrites mostly
4    The board                                            expanded to
5    the market 's strong reaction to Wall Street         reflects
5    Some dealers                                         said that
7    NBC                                                  broadcast throughout
7    NBC                                                  did not go off the air until
8    they                                                 say
8    the outlook for 1990                                 is nearly as
9    Mark                                                 said
9    Mark                                                 are convertible before
9    C$ 12.50                                             can be redeemed at
10   Interspec Inc.                                       reported a net loss of
11   virtually impossible                                 even transfer
13   American Express                                     has been signing up
14                                                        acquired most of
     Mr. Hollander 's High Technology Holding Co. of Stamford
15   Vermont American common                              closed at
17   the company 's earnings for the quarter              led
18   the recent `` education summit                       was like most
19   The companies                                        had a minimum five-cent change in
19   The companies                                        are followed by at
20   The stake                                            was acquired by
21   Someone                                              has regrettably chosen to selectively summarize
22   The new services                                     allow
23   James L. Pate                                        was named a director of
24   The announcement                                     follows
25   a senior vice president                              was elected president of
26                                                     73 is
27   employees at those locations                         will be reorganized into
28   The group 's Mark Cahoon                             says its efforts begun in
28   The group 's Mark Cahoon                             have led to
29   the Underwood family                                 controls
29   wines                                                said it will merge with
30   Ford                                                 said owners should return the cars to
31   Loral                                                closed at
32   a Los Angeles production company                     has fallen on
32   Arthur Price                                         abruptly quit as
33   a full membership on the exchange                    is
34   a bid                                                said
34   A.P. Green                                           told
34   it                                                   is n't for
34   East Rock Partners                                   has indicated it might make a bid for
35   Your hypothetical investor                           is simply being compensated for
36   MCA                                                  said revenue rose
37   the provision                                         initially drafted by
37   the greater question                                  is whether
37   strong ties                                           is able to insert
37   Mr. Inouye                                            has strong ties to
38   higher                                                were broadly lower in
38   a second day                                          closed higher in
38   prices                                                surged for
39   Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev                 told
39   they                                                  had made
40   it                                                    could mount
40   Drexel                                                has made it
41   the results                                           was an adjustment to
41   the Dallas-based company 's tax rate                  reduced net income by about
42   his fiancee pregnant before he                        could marry
42   Angelo                                                summarily condemns
42   Angelo                                                hears that
43   the prime contractor                                  also supports
43   The contract                                          provides additional equipment for
44                                                         Space grow
     total appropriations for the National Aeronautics and would Administration
44   The estimated $ 1.8 billion for the space station     would be
45   The nation 's largest software company                earned
46   Singer Bette Midler                                   won
48   McCormick Capital Inc.                                was 0.628394 on
48   McCormick Capital Inc.                                said
49   General Electric Co.                                  recently sold off
50   Mr. Steinhardt                                        was engaged in a duel with
51   The council                                           unanimously opposed the idea of
51   the idea of AGIP                                      swiftly appealed to
52   Federal Paper Board Co.                               said it completed
52   it                                                    previously announced purchase of
53   Rhone-Poulenc S.A.                                    said it completed the purchase of
54   shareholder Max Grill of New York                     charged
55   the senior vice president of Gulf Power               died in the plane crash in
55   Witnesses                                             have said the grand jury has asked numerous questions abou
56   LOTUS DEVELOPMENT Corp. 's net income                 rose
57   Social Security benefits                              will rise
58   Dominion Textile Inc. holders                         adopted
59   efforts                                               strip
59   the Appropriations Committee leadership               turned back
59   efforts                                               first added by
60   Mr. Vaux                                              is part of a strategy to strengthen
60   Mr. Vaux                                              said
62   sophistication                                        has
64   The July delivery                                     rose
64   other contract months                                 showed
65   Old Stone 's construction lending portfolio           includes about
66   Moody 's                                              said it expects
 66   it                                                    continues to suffer from
 67   Florio Fiorini                                        said the investors would pay only a symbolic one
 68   The transactions                                      are
 69   The company                                           is
 71   Calgon Carbon Corp.                                   said it will build
 72   The machinists                                        criticized
 72   The machinists                                        received in
 73   he                                                    thinks
 73   he                                                    will report actual losses through
 74   CMS ENERGY Corp.                                      said management would recommend to
 74   its common stock dividend                             be reinstated at
 75   chemicals sales                                       were slightly down because of lower prices for
 76   application guidelines                                sell
 76   Explonaft                                             will develop
 77   Net proceeds from the offering                        are expected to be close to
 78   The Canadian Pulp and Paper Association               said
 78   The Canadian Pulp and Paper Association               produced
 79   I                                                     do n't have to listen to what
 80   , formerly                                            was elected to the new position of
 81   Mr. Gras                                              said he expects
 82   He                                                    told
 82   it                                                    disrupt
 82   it                                                    would immediately destroy
 82   We                                                    do not share
 83   Funds                                                 will be used to repay
 84   Cie . de Navigation Mixte Chairman Marc Fournier      said his board unanimously rejected as too
 86   Mr. Bailey                                            said he expects to name
 87   Harken                                                owns about
 87   Harken                                                has said it is particularly interested in
 87   it                                                    would fill a gap in
 88   he                                                    take
 89   Coca-Cola Enterprises                                 blamed
 89   its soft-drink prices                                 were about
 90   The shipments                                         went mostly to
 91   They                                                  merely collect
 91   developers                                            help keep them in
 92   Fannie Mae                                            makes a secondary market in
 93   He                                                    succeeds
 93                                                      42 will remain
 94   computer maker                                        scrambled to set up
 95   The company                                           said it will use the proceeds of
 96   SFE Technologies                                      reported a net loss of
 98   Each note                                             is being offered at
 99   The chemical segment                                  had
 99   the sale of ammonia and urea businesses               was offset by
100   New York-based Hallwood Group Inc.                    would replace
101   workers                                               would receive
102   he                                                    is prohibited by
103   investors                                             have had the wind at
104   the mining company                                    posted
105   Better Book                                           made
105   The settlement                                        stems from
106   the number of jobless                                 rose
107   it                                                    are grateful for
107   it                                                    appears that
107   I                                                     do n't know what it means over
107   it                                                    has risen over
109   Passive Components                                    makes
110   Mr. Russell                                           co-founded
110   the company                                           recently underwent
110   Mo.-based local business publications concern         said he would have
111   the stock                                             dropped nearly
111   this month                                            announced lower-than-forecast sales of
112   those sales                                           were early in
113   CAE                                                   said
113                                                         is
      the fixed price for the first of the AH-64 Apache combat mission simulators
114   the purchase                                          reduced
114   the purchase                                          threatened
114   the carrier 's ability                                put
114   The bill                                              would require the agency to block
115   Colgate toothpaste                                    jumped more than
115                                                         include such
      Colgate 's U.S. household products and personal care businesses well-known brands as
116   Ms. Haag                                              plays
117   Sony Columbia Acquisition Corp.                       will formally take ownership of
118                                                     62% approve of
118                                                     76% have a favorable opinion of
119   Officials of PS of New Hampshire                      could n't be reached for
120   she                                                   spent
120   Three months after she                                arrived in
120   she                                                   did n't have for
121   Imasco                                                is
122   The ministers                                         ordered a study on
122   Soviet conventional weapons                           are reduced in
123   Completion of the project                             is expected by
124   These                                                 are the raw materials used in making
125   An AT&T representative                                will make a full line of
125   An AT&T representative                                said that
126   He                                                    met
126   Mr. Allday                                            was a lawyer for
126   the president                                         was a young oil man in
127   operating profit                                      declined
128   It                                                    is a distinction that
129   Gallitzin                                             was named a director of
130   American Pioneer                                      reported a loss of
131   Crawford                                              evaluates
131   Crawford                                              manages
131   health care plans                                     is involved in
132   He                                                    will succeed
133   Five million shares                                   will be offered in
133   3.4 million additional shares                         will be offered in
134   Giovanni Agnelli & Co.                                will control
134   a result of the transaction                           is expected to be approved at
135   He                                                    once described himself as
136   Cordis                                                agreed to plead guilty to
137   Italy 's unemployment rate                            rose to
137                                                11.90% was up from
138   ShareData                                             has about 4.1 million
139   The total                                             marks
140   She                                                   has also served on
141   Revenue                                               dropped
142   Cordis                                                sold
143   Knight-Ridder                                         closed at
144   Mr. Miller                                            said the company is no longer looking for
145   Net                                                   was up
146   Navigation Mixte                                      is to resume
146   sources                                               said he will be urging
146   Navigation Mixte                                      is being traded in
147   some observers                                        estimate the real income could be as much as
147   the pachinko industry                                 is regularly at the top of
148   Denis C. Smith                                        was named to the new post of
149   The issue 's smooth absorption                        would overwhelm
149   The issue 's smooth absorption                        eased fears that
151   The Office of Thrift Supervision                      banned
152   the computer industry                                 started
152   full operation                                        relies on
153   the agency                                            pleaded innocent to
153   The memo                                              attempts to remove
154   A spokeswoman for Crum & Forster                      said employees were told early
154                                                         were
      numerous staff functions for the personal insurance lines going to be centralized as
155   the man                                               credited with
155   the global market                                     hopes to guide
156   Those                                                 were the responses of people with
157   Clarcor                                               said
157   Clarcor                                               could n't agree on terms of
158   British Columbia                                      said
158   British Columbia                                      is
159   it                                                    was incorrectly indicated that
159   it                                                    had paid a fee to
160   Mr. Lawson                                            pushed interest rates up to
160   Mr. Lawson                                            tightened
161   Financial Corp.                                       also is proposing to exchange each of
162   Texas Your Investment Dartboard article                misses
163   The certificates                                       have an estimated average life of
164   the auction house                                      estimated
164   for                                                    proved profitable to
164   for                                                    was enough to ensure that
164   That total                                             was below
164   for                                                    had made with
165   the U.S.                                               can bomb
165   Tripoli                                                assassinate
166   A separate inquiry by Chemical                         cleared
166   he                                                     had been lavishly entertained by
167   She                                                    said
167   She                                                    was profitable but would n't give
168                                                          is being offered in
      $ 100 million issue of collateralized mortgage obligations
169   in accounting firm Peat Marwick Hungerfords            restructure
169   pressure                                               has called in
170   it                                                     would take
171   Intelogic                                              holds
172   The battery plant                                      makes
172   The battery plant                                      will be closed over
173   a strike of 55,000 machinists                          entered
173   Boeing                                                 has a backlog of about
173   production                                             has been slowed by
174   several times                                          have much more
175   Dr. Novello                                            would succeed
175   C. Everett Koop                                        rattled
175   she                                                    is nominated by
176   GDP                                                    is the total value of
178   Paramount                                              said
178   its fourth quarter                                     ended
178   Paramount                                              would be recorded in
179   He                                                     increases
180                                                          i
      The declaration by Economy Minister Nestor Rapanellis believed to be the first time such an action has been called
181   The company                                            said
181   The company                                            is n't expected to have any
182   the year through Oct. 21 production                    totaled
183   It                                                     's
184   Carnival                                               will likely have to pay a higher price for
185   FIRST AMERICAN FINANCIAL Corp.                         declared a special dividend of
185   the Securities and Exchange Commission                 approves this as
187   ABB                                                    said
187   ABB                                                    will be placed with
187   a group                                                has been set up for
188   sales                                                  rose
189   The metal products concern                             currently has 7.2 million
190   I                                                      read a sign in
191   The obligation                                         is totally
192   more substantial improvement                        is expected in
193   Italy 's banking system                             is about
193   the bank 's management                              has helped renew calls for
194   Seats                                               currently are quoted at
195   Mr. Allday 's appointment                           is subject to confirmation by
196   the government                                      alleged was the ``
196   organized crime                                     was one of
197   Bouygues                                            had consolidated profit of
199   the Bill of Rights                                  says
199   the people                                          suffer in
199   The people                                          suffer in
199   The people                                          are
199   the people                                          n't be a vigorous private bar to defend
199   a criminal defense attorney                         says he has turned down
199   the people                                          are all of
200   orders                                              were up
201                                                       said bank
      The Phoenix-based holding company for Arizona 's largest it added
202   it                                                  are supposed to be replaced as soon as
202   The passwords                                       are included in
203   It                                                  must be
204   He                                                  will remain
206   the Cypress structure                               was the deadliest aspect of
206   the death toll                                      might be significantly lower than
206   officials                                           were hopeful yesterday that
207   It                                                  is the presence of
207   the presence of internal and external `` enemies    justifies the need for
207   Mikhail Gorbachev 's Soviet Union                   continues to supply with
208   The university                                      would drop
208   The university                                      implied that
208   Chiron                                              are successful with
140.91 points
ever-present marching band of program traders
primary insurance
17 seats
a general uneasiness
the market 's strong reaction
the entire night
the outlook
the 15-year debentures
the company 's option
$ 2.4 million
incompetent principals
gasoline companies
its stake
Prudential-Bache Securities
actual earnings
least three analysts
a group of 10 Japanese financial institutions
portions of highly classified correspondence
U.S. Trust
this oil concern
a sharper $ 2.2 billion decline
its technology group
the Maidenform strategist
the introduction of bills
Young 's
a new corporation
hard times
A.P. Green
the partnership
the company
taking on this added risk
Mr. Gray
Mr. Inouye
a claim
the sugar industry
Milan , Paris and Brussels
Zurich , Stockholm and Amsterdam
a second day
the legislators
a good start
a significant legal battle
the Dallas-based company 's tax rate
10 cents
the young man
a 1990 purchase of 90 missiles
double last year 's level
$ 9.6 million
a $ 400,000 federal court jury verdict
its oversubscribed , $ 3-a-share tender offer
the final proration factor
its interests
the company
the previously announced purchase of Imperial Cup Corp.
Imperial Cup Corp. , a closely held maker of paper cups
the specialty chemicals operation of RTZ Corp.
Jacob F. `` Jake '' Horton
a shareholder-rights plan
the proposed restrictions
Sen. Warren Rudman
Labatt 's balance sheet
the share issue
its limits
its daily permissible limit of 0.50 cent
near-limit advances
$ 250 million
Valley National
the high cost
an independent refined-petroleum-products pipeline
a $ 40 million plant
the terms Mr. Wolf and management
the buy-out
several steelmakers
the third quarter of 1990
its board today
a `` modest level
vinyl chloride monomer
high-quality mineral oils
application guidelines
$ 200 million
Canadian mills
532,000 metric tons of market pulp
vice president
a definitive agreement
the Congress of People 's Deputies
all the processes
the social situation
this approach
existing short-term debt
low the $ 1.77 billion bid
a new group president
800 retail gas stations
Tesoro 's refinery
its business
your name and address
the lower volume
food-service distributors
campaign contributions
home loans
Paul J. Montle
a special phone line
the offering
a $ 6 million gain
a $ 6 million charge
a 3 % wage boost
takeover regulations
their backs
a 40 % drop
the $ 10 or so that gold
gold producers
the long run
the past week or so
capacitors and filters
the Kansas City
an ownership change
a five-year consulting agreement
Easy Eggs
the field 's history
the fixed price
C$ 19 million
the carrier 's ability
the airline
the acquisition of 15 % or more of an airline 's stock
Colgate toothpaste
the movie studio
her husband 's performance
a hat
a tobacco , retailing , restaurant and financial services concern
the strategic role of nuclear arms
the East bloc
answering machines
the Guadalajara factory
Mr. Bush
an oil firm
this bank-holding company
$ 7.3 million
health care plans
medical and disability aspects of worker 's compensation injuries
claims adjustments
Arthur E. Himebaugh
the U.S.
concurrent international offerings
79.18 % of IFI 's ordinary shares
a shareholders meeting
a `` Berkeley Hippie
felony and misdemeanor charges
12 % of the labor force
common shares
the sixth consecutive monthly decline
several task forces
its pacemaker operations
an equity investor
his allies
20 trillion yen
annual lists
vice president of world-wide advanced materials operations
B.J. Garman
full operation
12 human readers
the charges
the tourist board
this week
a cost-cutting move
transforming Applied Power Inc.
a similar turnaround
the two companies
a definitive agreement
the 8.1 % loan
the union
former House Speaker Jim Wright
monetary policy
its 130,000 outstanding shares of cumulative convertible preferred series A stock
the target
1.8 years
the collection
the auction house
an unprecedented financial arrangement Sotheby 's
the $ 140 million
the Dorrance family
'' Colonel Gadhafi
Mr. Edelson of allegations
a New York money broker
Wheeler Group
four classes
the resorts and media company
accounting firm Peat Marwick Hungerfords
27.5 % of Datapoint 's common shares
rechargeable nickel cadmium and carbon zinc products
the next year or so
its 22nd day today
$ 80 billion
a strike of 55,000 machinists
C. Everett Koop
liberals and conservatives
President Bush
a nation 's output of goods and services
the gain
its fourth quarter
the board
an Argentine official of such stature
the restructuring
12,573,758 tons
one share of Class B common stock
the effective date of the registration statement
a significant portion of the order
Dutch subcontractors
this purpose
common shares
the usual pronunciation of the name
the next couple of quarters
the Senate
numerous defendants
519 million francs
Gerald Lefcourt
the long run
the short run
the Bill of Rights
a number of cases
the people
a nominal 5 %
$ 121 million
the system
the system software
a local custom
the quake
the 250
the death toll
internal and external `` enemies
a large , active army
its opposition
their lower bid

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