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									                                                             JOB SHADOWING


          OCCUPATION                       HOST           BUSINESS/COMPANY                  WORK        EXT   HOME/CELL

Account Specialist            Chuck O'Neill       DP&L                                     331-4310

Accountant                    John Guehl          Roth & Company CPA                       836-9984

Accountant                    Emily Kemp          Centric Consulting                       836-6463

Accountant                    Debbie Szelestey    Burchill Leasing                         224-3033            836-9118

Actress                       Melissa D'Amico     Human Race Theatre                       228-3630

Administrative Assistant      Kamilah Lee         Central State                            376-6167            608-6401

Administrative Assistant      Shirley Cobb        Judge Walter Rice                        512-1502

Agent                         Caroline Rose       All About Insurance                      832-2821

Air Force ROTC                Msgt Definbaugh     MVCTC                                    854-6248

Architect                     Dan McNulty         APP Architecture                         836-8898

Architect                     Jonathan Gish       Brown & Bills Architects                 832-1150

Architect                     Donald Kiley        K & A Architecture                       294-3650

Architect                     Chloe Guernsey      Pinnacle Architects                      222-1117

Athletic Director/Principal   Ms Spiller          Northmont High School                    832-6013

Auditor                       Karl Keith          Montgomery Co Auditor                    225-5589

Aviation Maintenance          Mr. Borradaite      MVCTC                                    854-6503

Bailiff                       Larry Flowers       Dayton Municipal Court                   333-4480            270-2252

Bailiff                       Ryan Colvin         Montgomery County Common Pleas           496-7955

Bailiff                       Chuck Taylor        Dayton Municipal Court                   333-4354            524-6231

Basketball Coach              Jeff Price          Sinclair Community College               512-2861

Building Engineer             Ed Zimmerman        Dayton Art Institute                     223-5277            836-3807

Business Analyst              Vania Ewing         Tyler Technologies                       276-5261            836-5058

Business Opportunity          Henry Caswell       Wise Choice British Foods, Gifts & Candies 236-8154          233-7079

Business Owner                Donald Frye         Fryes Soccier Shoppe                     832-2230            572-9448
Business Owner              Becki Burchett       Ms. Becki's Learning House         280-3252           280-3252

Cake Tech Manager           Mark Shrewsbury      Ele'Cake Company                   384-2253

CAN/HHA                     Lisa Johnson         Alternate Solutions                                   520-1676

Caregiver                   Cheryl Ingram        Self Employed                                         832-3446

Carpenter/Remodeler         Thomas Hemmelgarn    Hemmelgarn Remodeling              397-4977           529-4440

Case Management             Keith Hogan          East End Community Service         259-1898

Child Care Director         Karen Beaty          The Point E.C.C.                   454-9355

Choir Director              Yolanda Hunter       Omega Baptist Church               222-3447

Clerk                       Bunnetta Madison     Postal Service                     228-1054

Closing Officer             Nancy Orf            Sterling Title & Associates LLC    432-9701

Closing Officer             Tammy Boysen         Fidelity Commonwealth Land Title   228-0315

Computer System Administratoronathan Smith       Wright State University            775-4964

Computer Systems Engineer   Kevin Lance          USAF (WPAFB) DEAMS Mgt Office      257-7336           669-2570

Cook/Cashier                Violet Smith         Northridge High School             275-7469   2009

Cosmetologist               Bobbie Jean          Bobbie Jeans Salon & Tanning       278-7163           837-0836

Cosmetologist               Bonnie Ketron        Square One Salon                   433-4900           602-3921

Cosmetologist               Jennifer Hickey      Serenity by Michell Day                               608-7836

Cosmetologist               Heather Gillespie    Arti'Beauty Spa                    294-5890           216-8826

Counselor                   Husani Bagamba       ISUS Technolgoy                    223-2323    210    454-2055

Dancing Teacher             Jennifer Krauskopf   Margaret Leiber School of Dance    833-5184           898-6018

Dental Auxilary             Kandace Clay         Richard Bohme DDS                  275-8521

Detective                   Det Garrison         Clayton Police Dept                836-3500

Director                    Cindi Stevens        Target Dayton Ministries           223-3783           902-3849

Director Govt Sales         David Kohr           Lexis Nexis                        865-6800   56402

Director Music & Media      John Garretta        Stillwater Church                  414-0392

Director of Finance         Kevin Schwertzer     City of Clayton                    836-3500           832-2638

Drafter                     Jeannie Peyton       APP Architecture                   836-8898
Education Director    Jean Copas           Sunwatch Indian Village            268-8199   106

Engineer              Matt Haupt           Phoenix Creative Group             286-5595

Factory Worker        Steve Kirk           Salains Ind                        866-0886          603-7465

Field Serv Engineer   Dan Tilton           Sterling PCU                       623-6585

Finance Associate     Jennifer Clericu     Miami Valley Child Development     226-5664   304    286-5417

Finance Director      Barbara Johnson      Municipal Government               962-4377          833-2068

Firefighter/EMT       Bradley Herr         Brookville Fire Dept               833-2345

Flight Instructor     Teresa Engle         WPAFB Aero Club                    257-7714         513-289-4038

Flight Instructor     Maj Massa            178th Fighter Wing                 327-2201

General Manager       John Snelling        Planet Ford                        432-3673

General Manager       Joanne Beineke       Bullen Ultrasonics                 472-2115

Gymnastics Coach      Shannon Kincaid      Gymnastics for the Future          836-0670

Hairstylist           Chandra Haworth      The Mantra                         832-4277

Hairstylist           Kenya Finley         Creative Imagines                  454-1200          771-0072

Hairstylist           Heather Linder       Parkside Salon                     836-0028          832-8771

Hairstylist           Stacy Serena         Mantra Salon                       836-4277

Home Health Aide      Regina Thomas        Wellcard                           830-4611          540-1079

Inspector             KaJuana Brookshire   Measurement Specialties            427-1231          266-2862

Internal Medicine     Dr. Butt             Good Samaritan Outpatient Center   276-8323

Judge                 Judge Gorman         Montgomery County Common Pleas     225-5729          832-2115

Judge                 Judge Kuntz          Juvenile Court                     225-4124

Lanscape Architect    Brent Ogburn         Grunder Landscaping Company        847-8000

Lawyer                Mike Deffet          Montgomery Co Public Defender      496-7476          395-1857

Lead Tech             Marsha Meadows       CVS Pharmacy                       277-2024          416-9602

Leasing Agent         Tara Hardin          Brockfield North Apartments        890-7323          732-4643

Legal Assistant       Becky Brock          Ronemus & Heath Co LPA             325-2492

License Examiner      Jackie Luebbers      Ohio State Highway Patrol          532-3667          836-9695
LSW, Manager                 Lisha Grant        Choices Inc.                   264-0084   114    608-7465

Machinist                    Darryl Hartley     Copper & Brass Sales                             884-7349

Manager                      Bob Daugherty      Brd House                      832-7771

Manager                      Clint Gibson       Precision Tune                 771-0140

Manicurist                   Adrianna Hubbard   Tips-N-Toes                    836-2425

Marketing                    Aaron Klamber      WXEG/Clear Channel             224-1137

Media Communication          Dean Neitman       Info Scitex Corp               429-9008   216    832-4776

Medical Assistance/Office Mgr Angela Pickens    Advanced Family Practice       890-8580          838-3152

Medical Billing              Victoria Harris    PER                                              665-0892

Minister                     Terry Townsend     Northridge Church of Christ    274-6801          387-6415

Nail Technician              Michelle Vaughn    Ayonda's Oasis Beauty Salon    279-9337          270-8390

Naturalist                   Tom Hissong        Aullwoood Audubon Center       890-7360          898-0515

Nurse                        Diane Josslyn      Grandview Hospital             723-4080          689-9552

Nurse                        Jill Cyester       Sterling House of Englewood    832-8500          789-3207

Nurse (RN)                   Annette Glass      Good Samaritan Hospital        279-5728          898-4761

Nurse (RN)                   Alicia Wright      Arbors at Dayton               496-6200          677-8217

Nursing                      Vivian Killion     Stillwater Center              890-0646   2265   836-1601

Occupational Therapist       Margie Benge       Triangle Therapy Services      456-6505

Ortho Tech                   Chelsea Pitstick   Stephen P Burke Orthodontics   236-2500

Orthodontic Asst             Penny Chandler     King Orthodontics                                832-2589

Orthodontic Asst             Missy Nickels      Pond Ortho                     890-7470

Orthodontist                 Dr. Burke          Stephen P Burke Orthodontics   236-2500

Pharmacist                   David Baker        Kroger Pharmacy                832-4080

Photographer                 Katie Elms         Easterling Studios             222-8410          478-1907

Phyiscal Therapist           Carol Fisher       Kettering Sports Center        395-3941

Physical Therapy             Amy Sudimack       Kettering Sports Medicine      832-8982

Physician                    Dr. Sabbagh        Good Samaritan Hospital        279-6251   3330
Physician                  Michael Avery         Good Samaritan IM Clinic    276-8323

Physician                  Barbara Akoto         Barbara Akoto MD Inc.       274-1501

Pilot                      Capt Scott DeBoer     WPAFB 89th A/S              257-4979

Pilot                      Capt DeBoer           89th A/S (WPAFB)            257-4979

Podiatrist                 Dr. Guaha             Community Foot Care         322-7607             313-9888

Police Officer             Travis Shoemaker      Englewood Police Dept       836-2678

Police Officer             Nic Garrison          Dayton Police Dept          333-8950

Police Officer             Heidi McCready        Englewood Police Dept       836-2678

Police Officer             Kerry Smoot           Englewood Police Dept       836-2678

Police Officer             Chris Smith           Dayton Police Dept          333-8982

Police Officer             Brad Lambert          Kettering Police Dept       296-2555

Police Officer             Jennifer Chiles       Vandalia Police Dept        898-5868

Police Officer             Brian Carr            Englewood Police Dept       836-1194

Police Officer             Officer Garlitz       Englewood Police Dept       836-2678

Police Sergeant            Sgt Priest            Airport Police K-9          454-6536             554-0148

Polie Sergent              Sgt Lang              Englewood Police Dept       836-1194

Procurement Supply Spec    Jerome Shepherd       American Honda Motor Co     479-4461             454-1711

Producer/Director          Fred Beottger         Blue Dog Productsion        220-9225            513-218-9922

Project Engineer           Roger Merrill         Corrotec Inc.               325-3585      19

Project Manager            Roosevelt Quick       NCR                                              836-8790

Public Affairs Officer     Maj. Cynthia Harris   WPAFB Airlift Wing          257-5784             671-0481

Recover Agent              Nick Frazire          A.R.S.                     513-884-9798

Rehab Director             Sherri Daily          Maria Joseph                278-2692      299    454-9938

Remodeling & Fabrication   Joe Kunk              Creative Countertops        238-3766

Retail Store Manager       Laura Bergman         Once Upon a Child           427-2744             286-8774

Revenue Officer            Cathy Stose           US Treasury Dept - IRS      610-2168             836-9202

Route Driver               Phil Riesenberg       Cintas Corp                 890-8585
Sales                     Tom Jewitt           Entertainment Publications      219-5290   771-3618

Sales Rep                 Jeff Roberts         Metro Fire Protection           233-1333   901-1585

Secretary                 Shirley Strickland   Knostman Law Office             278-0651

Secretary                 Pamela Brown         Professional Innovations Inc.   461-6811   454-0428

Security Guard            Ernie Stone          CTC                             854-8073   884-5434

Speech Pathologist        Kathleen Oakes       PACE - MRDD                     258-1446   910-7324

Sterile Processing Tech   Lashondala Smith     Grandview Hospital              723-4246   529-7595

Store Manager             Rodney Barker        ALDI                            848-4963   836-7402

Street Maintenance        Blake Groh           City of Union                   681-1358

Studio Manager            Melinda Woodgeasel   Expression Studios              836-3288

Stylist                   Megan Snorf          The Mantra                      836-4277   901-9428

Stylist/Owner             Ayonda Hayden        Ayonda's Oasis Beauty Salon     279-9337   608-6367

Supervisor                Steve Whitesell      Sibco Building Products         224-1036   832-3019

Supervisor                Shawn Bibby          FAA                             454-7320

Supervisor                April Turner         Payless Distribution            770-2582   602-0686

Surgical Technologist     Beverly Baldwin      Greater Dayton Surgery Center   535-2200   424-6523

Teacher                   Mrs. Adams           Englewood Hills Elementary      832-5950

Teacher                   Mrs. Moore           Northwood Elementary            832-6240

Teacher                   Mr. Hannahon         Union Elementary                832-6700

Teacher                   Mrs. Eby             Northmoor Elementary            832-6825

Teacher                   Mrs. Reinhardt       Englewood Hills Elementary      832-5987

Teacher                   Mrs. Dafler          Englewood Elementary            832-3838

Teacher                   Ms Wahl              O R Edgington                   832-6750

Teacher                   Ms Ferguson          Northwood Elementary            832-6255

Teacher                   Ms White             Northmoor Elementary            832-6809

Teacher                   Ms McGraw            Union Elementary                832-6738

Teacher                   Ms Snavely           Northwood Elementary            832-6240
Teacher               Mrs. Monnin       Northwood Elementary               832-6240

Teacher               Mrs. McCarroll    Englewood Elementary               832-5918

Teacher               Mrs. Stout        Tipp City Excempted Schools                             506-8011

Teacher               Mr. Frantz        Englewood Hills Elementary         832-5963

Teacher               Mrs. Richwine     Union Elementary                   832-6700

Teacher               Mrs. Mihojevich   Salem Christian Academy            836-9910

Teacher               Mrs. Chen         Sinclair Community College         512-2234

Teacher - Tech Ed     Mr. Poor          Beavercreek Schools                429-7567      2688

Teacher (PE)          Mrs. Bibler       Northwood Elementary               832-6270

Tennis Professional   Brian Dean        Schroeder Tennis Center            669-5552

TV Anchor             Nathan Baker      ABC 22 & Fox 45                    262-1422             671-1446

Vet Tech              Sarah Cooper      Old Troy Pike Veterinary Clinic    236-4207

Veterinary            Dr. Betts         Dixie Vet Clinic                   890-6341

Veterinary            Dr. Starr         Northmont Animal Clinic            836-4432

Veterinary            Dr. Dicke         Northmont Animal Clinic            836-4432

Veterinary            Dr. Hapner        Northridge Animal Clinic           277-9344

Veterinary            Dr. Hall          Shiloh Animal Hospital             278-3484

Veterinary            Dr. Anstadt       Upper Heights Vet Clinic           233-0789

Veterinary            Dr. Stull         Trotwood Vet Clinci                837-7796

Videographer          Kris Sproles      WDTN/TV2                           293-5121

Volleyball Coach      Reed Sunahara     University of Cincinnati          513-556-2877

VP                    Joe Seyfferle     Joe's Cycle Shop                   278-8081

Youth Pastor          Pastor Nagle      Christian Life Center              898-8811

Sonography            Bruce Stone       Premier Heart                      832-2425

Speech Pathologist    Jean Zigler       Milton Union Schools               884-7910

Auto Technician       Kenton Blessing   Champion Auto Service              228-3057             681-4904

CPA/Accounting        Mark Smith        Kentner Sellers                    898-1376             454-1592
Instructor/Criminal Justice   Jason Carlton     ITT Technical Institute                      684-0871

Realtor                       Stuart Hunter     The Realty Group          371-5418           832-0081

IT Database/Sys Adm           David Henry       A O Smith Company         667-2431   2471    604-9951

Meteorologist                 Jamie Simpson     WHIO-TV                   259-2256

Engineer                      Dan Crouse        Honda Transmitions Mfg    843-5555   61846   552-9461

Dog Groomer                   Britney Welch     TLDC Pet Salon            832-9605           564-0349

Archery Tech                  Michael Hartley   Gander Mountain           344-7521           667-5835

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