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									                                  July, 2009                                                                                                                                      1

                                               JC&A, Spagnolo Gisness and AHA Engineers Win for PUMA HQ


                                  Award Winners 2009
Copyright Peter Vanderwarker

                                                     Payette Wins Three Awards for Gary C Comer Building
                                                                                                           Interior view of CBT’s “Best of show” award winning Analysis Group office
   Warren Patterson Photography


                 (Above) Margulies
                 Perruzzi Archi-
                 tects' work for
                 Nuvera Fuel Cells                                                                                                    CDM receives ACECMA’s Grand Conceptor award
                 receives Interior                                                                                                        for Marina Barrage and Reservoir Singapore
                 Design Award                                                                Inside this Issue:
                 (Right) BSA 2009                                                            LKCo. Helping to Bring New Life to Boston Conservatory
                 Sustainable                                                                 Jewett to Renovate Elementary School - CMK Architects
                 Design Awards
                 Winner New
                                                                                             Delta Design & Construction Awarded Aquitaine
                 England Bio-                                                                Wheelock Renovations with LKCo and Architect DiMella Shaffer
                 labs by TRO                                                                 Suffolk Tops Off Carpenters HQs with ADD Inc
                 Jung|Brannen                                                                New Champions at Marriott Copley, Gensler Architect, Structure Tone GC
                                                                                             Kagan Designs Crossroads Salce Construction GC
                                                                                             Acella Breaks Ground at Student Ctr. Siemasko + Verbridge Architects
                                                                                             Municipalities Explore Wind Energy by Rob Howe
                                                                                             Wowing the Awards Jury by Michael Reilly
                                                                                                                                                               July 2009
                                                                                        Plus Healthcare and Educational Facilities News, People, Calendar and More...
2                                                                                                                                                                           July, 2009

                             American Plumbing & Heating Corporation
                         American Plumbing & Heating Corporation
                   is honored to perform the Plumbing and Fire Protection
                     is honored to complete the Plumbing and Fire Protection work
                          work at another signature project in Cambridge.
                                               at another signature project in Boston.

                                Rendering courtesy of Bruner/Cott and Moore Ruble Yudell.

                    American Plumbing & Heating is proud to be part of the Walsh Brothers’ TEAM at
                           American Plumbing & Heating isDorms to be part of
                                       the new Northeastern University
                                   Walsh Brothers’ TEAM at MIT Sloan Building E62.
Northeastern University Parcel 18 West, located at 1153-1159 Tremont Street is the latest addition to the Huskies Campus. The project was designed by Kyu Sung Woo
Architects, Engineered by R. W. Sullivan and built by Walsh Brothers. This project consists of four buildings including a twenty-two story, nineteen story and nine story
                      The project was designed by Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners of
Dormitory Style Residences as well as a five story Administration Building. The four buildings surround a beautifully landscaped courtyard.
This impressive project includes:
                    Santa Monica, California and Bruner/Cott Associates of Cambridge. This latest
      • 6 miles of sanitary waste and storm piping                    • ¼ mile of natural gas piping               • 15 miles of fire protection piping
                       addition to the impressive MIT campus is being built by Walsh Brothers.
      • 11 miles of water piping                                      • Over 1800 plumbing fixtures                • 5700 fire sprinkler heads

                                                                                                                 1000 Cordwainer Drive, Norwell, MA 02061
                                                                                                                  Phone 781-347-9200 • Fax 781-347-9250
        Featuring inhouse fabrication for plumbing and fire protection in our new corporate HQ.
       Featuring inhouse fabrication for plumbing and fire protection in our new corporate HQ.
     Biotech           •    Hospitals            •   Student Housing                     •   Hotels          •    Retail        •   Sports & Entertainment
                                               Mechanical Contractors Registration No. 8028
July, 2009                                                                                                                         3

                                                                 Pizzotti Brothers Inc.
                                                               Celebrating       years of 50
                                                             award winning union masonry.

             One Charles Street

                                                                                         Recently completed projects:
                                                                                         One Charles Street
                                                                                         One Western Avenue
                                                                                         Tufts University-
                                                                                            Sophia Gordon Dormitories
                                                                                            New Music Building
                                                                                         Peabody Essex Museum Expansion
                                                                                         Boston College Yawkey Athletic Center
                                                                                         Harvard University Northwest Labs

                                                                                         Current projects:
                                                                                         Community of Jesus Bell Tower
                                                                                         The Clarendon
                                                                                         Harvard Arboretum Research Building
                                                                                         Milton Academy Science Center
                                                                                         Holy Cross College Science Building

        Pizzotti Brothers, Inc. | 617-389-7877 | 617-389-7868 | 15 Garden Street | Everett, MA 02149 }

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                              When evaluating a mechanical contractor,
                              don’t overlook a critical spec:
                            E X P E R I E N C E.
                             All mechanical contractors say they can    You’ll find that our work meets the
                             do the job. But at NB Kenney we’ve         most rigorous standards of excel-
                             proven ourselves for more than thirty      lence. If you want uncompromising
                             years. From hospitals, laboratories and    quality, meticulous attention to de-
                             schools, to government buildings, mu-      tail, and the know-how to get it done
                             nicipal buildings and housing projects     right, depend on our experience for
                             we can handle the most challenging and     your next project.
                             complex systems. We invite you to re-
                             view our success stories and see that we
                             know how to get a project done on time
                             and on budget.

                      NB KENNEY
                                         Mechanical Contractors

                                       NB KENNEY COMPANY INC.
                                                   Mechanical Contractors
                                           68 Barnum Rd. Devens, MA 01434-3508
                                             P. 978.849.5200 - F. 978.849.5299
July, 2009                                                                                                                                    5

                                                                Fire Protection Specialists

     “Your Stone Solution Choice”

                                                     INDUSTRIAL • INSTITUTIONAL • RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL

                                                                                    (508) 753-0015
                                                                              22 Canterbury Street
                                                                             Worcester, MA 01610

                                                           24 Hour Emergency Service 1-800-422-4971
                   Great In Counters
          5 Enterprise Lane • Smithfield, RI 02917
        Phone: 401 233 0666 • Fax: 401 233 0669                   We Install Peace of Mind

                                                          SINCE 1996, Contracting Specialists Incorporated has
                                                          steadily emerged as a leader in specialty construction, pro-
                                                          viding clients throughout the north- and southeast U.S.
                                                          with proven and innovative solutions for their concrete
                                                          repair, masonry restoration and waterproofing challenges.

                                                      CSI SERVICES:                 STRUCTURE T YPES & INDUSTRIES:
                                                       Air Barriers                   Building Facades            Health Care Facilities
                                                       Caulking & Sealants            Bridges, Piers              Parking Decks, Garages
                                                       Chemical / Epoxy Grouting      Dams, Spillways             Stadiums
                                                       Concrete Restoration           Educational Facilities      Tank Linings
                                                       Deck Coating Systems           Government Facilities       Water Treatment Plants
                                                       Expansion Joint Systems
                                                       Exterior Wall Coatings
                                                       Masonry Restoration
                                                       Marine Repair
                                                       Site Development
                                                        & Excavation
                                                       Structural Stabilization
                                                        & Strengthening
                                                       Waterproo ng Systems

                                                        BOSTON       FT. LAUDERDALE             PORTLAND              WASHINGTON, DC
                                                      508.222.2377       954.786.3223             207.523.3431             888.931.0125


6                                                                                                                                                                             July, 2009

                                                                                                                     good Scout Award
                                                                                                      Bedford, Nh – The winner of this year’s good Scout Award was Tim long of merid-
                                                                                                ian construction, who helped raise money and support for the Boy Scouts of America.
                                                                                                      Among those who spoke, scouting was described as a great place for kids, and a
                                                                                                great way to build character in a child by letting them have fun and be part of a group
                                                                                                without the normal classroom. Tim long addressed the crowd by thanking many of those
                                                                                                who came, most especially the contractors who supported the event. “Despite the econo-
                                                                                                my,” Tim said, “I’m just proud of the fact so many of you came through.”
                                                                                                      overall, the event raised $19,000 for the Boy Scouts of America, and it gave a few
                                                                                                people a nice opportunity to feel good about helping the kids.

    John fish chairs centennial Event                                                                 Union And management work Together
                                                                                                      Boston, mA - The United Union          decision despite the trend of increases to
       Boston, mA - John fish, Suffolk                former Sec-
                                                                                                of Roofers, waterproofers & Allied           health insurance and pension fund con-
construction company’s cEo, served as           retary of State
                                                                                                workers local 33, Boston announced           tributions.” The union and management
chairman for the centennial celebration of      colin l. powell
                                                                                                a one year extension of their collective     will also absorb increased costs to their
the greater Boston chamber of commerce          spoke at the event,
                                                                                                bargaining agreement.                        training fund to insure apprentices and
recently.                                       and several area
                                                                                                      The contract is with contractor        journeymen are the best trained qualified
       more than 1,500 business and civic       business and civic
                                                                                                members of the Boston Roofing Con-           workers in the industry.
leaders from virtually every industry in the    leaders received
                                                                                                tractors Association, an affiliated group           Thomas J gunning, executive di-
region turned out for the event at the Bos-     honors,     includ-
                                                                                                of the Building Trades Employers Asso-       rector of the Boston Roofing Contractors
ton convention & Exhibition center, mak-        ing Boston mayor
                                                                                                ciation.                                     Association, applauded the actions of the
ing it one of the largest business gatherings   Thomas menino           Fish
                                                                                                      United Union of Roofers, water-        union and agreed that cities, towns, mu-
of the century in greater Boston.               and philanthropist
                                                                                                proofers & Allied workers, local 33          nicipalities and the private sector are all
       The event marked the 100th Annual        Jack connors, both
                                                                                                Business manager, paul Bickford said,        struggling with the sluggish economy, so
meeting and Dinner of the greater Boston        of whom received the chamber’s presti-
                                                                                                “our membership recognized the seri-         the industry’s consensus to hold the line
chamber.                                        gious centennial Award.
                                                                                                ousness of these economic times and          for a year makes economic sense and

            prengaman Vp of RI Board
                                                                                                agreed that a one year wage freeze was       will keep our contractors competitive.
                                                                                                the appropriate thing to do. we made the

       providence RI – David R.                              planned, and managed large-
prengaman, AIA, lEED Ap was
recently elected as the new vice
                                                             scale office, healthcare, com-
                                                             mercial, residential, and insti-      The phccA Awards Scholarships
chairman of the Rhode Island                                 tutional projects.                       Boston, mA - The plumbing heating              “we put a great value on supporting
Board of Examination and Reg-                                      prengaman        recently    cooling contractors Association (phccA)       the families who work for our union con-
istration of Architects.                                     completed the US green             of greater Boston awarded 32 college stu-     tractors,” said hugh Kelleher, the execu-
       prengaman is a principal at                           Building Council’s certifica-      dents with scholarship awards.                tive director of the contractors’ association.
Vision 3 Architects.                                         tion requirements to become              These annual awards are presented       “we are very proud that this year we were
       During his 23 years in prac-                          a lEED Accredited profes-          to children of families who work for union    able to give over $28,000 to deserving stu-
tice, prengaman has designed,               Prengaman        sional.                            plumbing and heating companies in the         dents from our employees’ families.”
                                                                                                greater Boston area.

                                                                                                               Find Your
                                                 efficient                                                  Solution in Steel
                                                                                                        The next time you are looking for a steel fabricator,
                                                                                                                  choose a member of SFNE, the
                                                Choose precast concrete from Precast
                                                Specialties Corp. when you need to                              Steel Fabricators of New England.
                                                decrease the amount of time required
                                                for installation and increase the energy
                                                efficiency of your building. You can cut
                                                heating and cooling costs by up to
                                                25% with precast concrete.

                                                Build smart when you choose easy-
                                                to-install and energy efficient precast
                                                concrete for your next project because
                                                now, more than ever, it is of the utmost                                             Find a Member of the
                                                importance to design, plan and build                                           Steel Fabricators of New England
                                                                                                                                           online at
                                                with an eye toward the future.

                                                Call us today at 781-878-7220 x216 to
                                                schedule an appointment.

                                                                                                             Join us for SFNE’s Fourth Annual Golf Classic.
                                                                                                                Mark Your Calendar for September 15th.
                     Precast Specialties Corp.
                                                         Precast Specialties Corp.                     Download an invitation and registration form at
                                                                                                                 For more information call 603-766-7363.
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                7

St. clair and Sawyer UlI Vice chairs                                                                                    JcA Donates 1,000 Items
      Boston, mA -                                                      development, plan-                Quincy, mA - J. calnan & Asso-
Jones lang laSalle                                                      ning, design and           ciates, Inc. (JcA) recently held a food
managing Director                                                       construction proj-         drive to benefit the South Shore Pantry
Daniel St. clair and                                                    ect    management          Shelf with the hope to contribute 250 to
colliers meredith                                                       experience, he has         300 items to the cause. As the deadline
& grew Assistant                                                        distinguished him-         drew closer, the generous spirit of the
Vice president Jes-                                                     self as a key player       JcA employees kicked into high gear,
sica Sawyer have                                                        in reshaping Bos-          boosting the total to over 1,000 goods,
been named vice                                                         ton’s built environ-       far exceeding everyone’s expectations.
chairs of the Ur-           St. Clair                   Sawyer          ment.                             “As an organization we are
ban land Institute                                                             Sawyer is an        thrilled with overwhelming results of
                                                                                                   this drive, and proud to have a culture
(UlI) Boston District council.                  assistant vice president of Development &
                                                                                                   that includes a focus on giving back to
      UlI Boston, a 1,200 member profes-        Advisory Services at colliers meredith &
                                                                                                   the community,” said Jay calnan, pres-
sional organization, provides leadership in     grew. She is responsible for a variety of
                                                                                                   ident of JcA. “In these tough economic
the responsible use of land and in creating     consulting and advisory assignments for            times especially, local charities such as l-r: Megan Kukal, Tom Ames, Elizabeth Sithi-
and sustaining thriving communities.            corporations, institutions and non-profits                                                           vong, Jeff Ames, Elizabeth Sithivong, Jeff Cameron, Garrett Zetocha, Rick Borden, Sharie
                                                                                                   this one need the support of local busi-Right: Megan Kukal, TomCameron, Garrett Zetocha, Rick Bor- Beagle, Joe
      St. clair is a managing director in       including religious and educational orga-
                                                                                                                                      From Left to

                                                                                                   nesses. The success of this past food             den, Sharie Beagle, Joe Simon, Denisse Ocasio,
                                                                                                                                      Simon, Denisse Ocasio, Scott Trull, Mike Ausevich, Tony Parillo, Mike Gregaiery

Jones lang laSalle’s Investment Devel-          nizations.                                                                                                         Trull,                   Ausevich,
                                                                                                   drive is a true testament to the givingShoreScottshelf providesMike households that are Tony Parillo, Mike times. Each
opment group. with more than 19 years of
                                                                                                                                      About The South Shore Pantry Shelf

                                                                                                   nature of the JcA family.”                                                                 Gregaiery
                                                                                                                                      The South         Pantry                    food for                         struggling to during these economic
                                                                                                                                      weekday morning men, women and children stand in line waiting for the Pantry Shelf to open; more than 40
                                                                                                                                                     households are served each day. Clients include South Shore residents who because of financial hardship need

    Environmental Grants to Municipalities and Non-profit Organizations
                                                                                                                                                     assistance with food. Many are on fixed incomes due to age or disability, while others are unemployed or Transitional
                                                                                                                                                     Assistance recipients. Some come on a one time emergency basis, others on a more regular basis. They reside in one
                                                                                                                                                     of the ten South Shore communities served by the Pantry Shelf: Braintree, Cohasset, Hingham, Holbrook, Hull, Milton,
                                                                                                                                                     Quincy, Randolph, Scituate and Weymouth.

                                                                                                                                                     About J. Calnan & Associates, Inc.
        Boston, mA - In keeping with its        by the legislature, mET is governed by a                  * To operate the large whale Dis- J. Calnanto Associates, Inc. (JC&A), is one ofconstruction projects. JC&A providesmanagement
                                                                                                                                     Founded in 1996,
                                                                                                                                                        how & improve water qualityEngland’senhance
                                                                                                                                     firms specializing in pre-construction services and challenging
                                                                                                                                                                                                            and leading construction world-class
 goals to protect and conserve natural re-      nine-member board of trustees, appointed         entanglement program aimed at protecting high-profile clients in the opportunities and Network (NESN), Reebok International, The
                                                                                                                                     services to select
                                                                                                                                                                                                          on the North
                                                                                                                                                        recreational including New England Sports life science markets. JC&A’s reputation has
                                                                                                                                     earned assignments from select clients,
                                                                                                                                                                                corporate, private school

 sources across the commonwealth, the pat-      by the EEA Secretary. The winning grant                                              gear or Nashua River.
                                                                                                 whales that get caught in fishing TJX Companies, Inc., PUMA, iRobot, Liberty Mutual, The MathWorks, General Electric,for its Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.
                                                                                                                                     Among recent awards, JCA has received a Boston Business Journal Citizenship award
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              philanthropic efforts two
 rick Administration announced $581,749         proposals range from $6,515 to $50,000.          debris.                                                           Greater Boston
                                                                                                                                     years in a row, Boston SF recognized JC&A as “Construction Firm of the Year,” and the Ohio Casualty Group
                                                                                                                                     presented JC&A with the Platinum Safety Award for an outstanding safety record for the second time in two years.

 in grants from the massachusetts Environ-             Statewide                                       Wellfleet – Massachusetts Audubon can be found canton – Neponset River watershed
                                                                                                                                     More information              at

 mental Trust (mET) for projects to protect            Belmont – massachusetts Associa-          Society: $22,000                                       Association: $21,625###
 and restore forests, watersheds, and beaches   tion of conservation: $30,000                          * To develop an artificial oyster reef                      * To track the presence of optical
 from Wellfleet to Greenfield. The grants are          * To expand training for conserva-        in Wellfleet.                                          brighteners, which are found in common
 made possible by the purchase of specialty     tion commissioners.                                    Central                                          laundry and cleaning products, to identify
 environmental license plates, fees for which          Norwell – North and South Rivers                petersham – harvard University, sources of water pollution in the Neponset
 fund the mET.                                  watershed Association: $25,750                   harvard forest: $25,000                                River
        “we’re pleased to award these grants           * To establish an inter-regional, long-         * To research innovative forest con-                        Newton – Silent Spring Institute:
 in recognition of the work these groups and    term program to monitor water temperature        servation financing methods.                           $45,000
 municipalities do as stewards of the com-      and water level in anadromous fish runs in             fitchburg – Nashua River watershed                          * To test public water supply wells
 monwealth’s environmental resources,”          massachusetts Bay.                               Association: $19,540                                   on cape cod to establish current levels of
 Energy and Environmental Affairs Secre-               Cape and Islands                                * To engage and educate residents contamination by emerging contaminants
 tary Ian Bowles said.                                 provincetown – provincetown cen-          from the cleghorn neighborhood, students,                                Continued on page 21
        Established in 1988 as a state trust    ter for coastal Studies: $50,000                 and other interested stakeholders about
                                                                Safety Fall Arrest Roof Anchors

         Safety is our middle name

              Safety Fall Arrest Systems
                      Window Washing
                     Pressure Washing
          Metal Cleaning and Restoration


   General Safety Services Corp
   69 Milton Street • Dedham, MA 02026                                                           •           Ph: 781.381.2835                                              •              Fax: 781.381.2951
8                                                                                                                                                                                     July, 2009

                                                         High-Profile: Facilities Development News

    Innovative Solutions
    For Your Space Needs

                                                                                                 At NAIOP Breakfast, “Using Social Media in Commercial Real Estate”, l-r: Julie Hall,
                                                                                                  V.P., Schneider Associates; David Begelfer, executive director NAIOP Mass. Chapter;
                                                                                                 Diana Chaban Griffith, director of marketing & Communications NAIOP, and Phil Pen-
                                                                                                                           nellatore, V.P., Schneider Associates

                                                                                                                    Social media Be Real!
                       As an international company with
                       a strong local presence, Williams
                       Scotsman understands your needs
                                                                                                                by Michael Barnes,                          • Businesses need to be familiar with
                       and delivers the right product                                                   publisher, High-Profile Monthly              and conversant in this new language
                       quickly and efficiently. Our more                                                 It is an exciting time for those of us             • Social media and networks are here
                       than 100 branch locations in North                                        who rely on networking and media to drive           to stay and are changing the way we com-
                       America and Spain and a fleet                                                                   business development ef-      municate, consume media and learn about
                       of over 121,000 mobile office and                                                               forts. Now that we can        topics
                       storage units guarantee it. Our                                                                 surf confidently from Web            • Social media should not drive your
                       storage containers can house                                                                    site to web site to learn     marketing strategies, but should merely be
                       excess inventory, seasonal over-                                                                more about our prospec-       another marketing channel
                       stock or store merchandise. Mobile                                                              tive clients and partners,           Specifically addressing the social
                       offices can be utilized for on
                                                                                                                       the new social networks–      media question head on, “Is there a mea-
                                                                                                        Barnes         linkedIn,       facebook,     surable RoI on social media?” The answer
                       site construction offices or sales
                                                                                                                       Twitter     and     others;   is, “yes.” communications is changing
                       offices. Williams Scotsman products
                                                                                                 are becoming useful networking tools                from a B to B model to B to E (Business
                       give you an immediate and secure
                                                                                                 reaching a growing number of business ex-           to Everyone) and the social networks are
                       presence. In addition, we also provide                                    ecutives.                                           here to stay.
                       delivery, installation, refurbishment                                             Dave Jones, account exec at high-                  • LinkedIn has over 41 million mem-
                       and other services. When your                                             Profile Monthly, and I had the good for-            bers in over 200 countries
                       need for space seems unlimited, so       800. 782.1500                    tune of attending NAIop’s initial “Build-                  • Facebook has more than 200 mil-
                       do our solutions.
                                                                w w w. w i l l s c o t . c o m   ing Blocks” program, the first in a series of       lion active users
                                                                                                 skill-based workshops. Speaking on “Using                  • More than two-thirds of Facebook
                                                                                                 Social media in the commercial Real Es-             users have graduated college
                                                                                                 tate Industry,” were noted public relations                • The fastest growing demographic is
                                                                                                 and marketing gurus Julie hall and phil             age 35 years and older
                                                                                                 pennellatore from Schneider Associates.                    • Twitter’s US traffic growth reached
                                                                                                         hall and pennellatore made it clear         17 million visitors in April and 24 million
                                                                                                 that the way we communicate has changed.            visitors worldwide
                                                                                                 And the change is here to stay. A compari-                 • The top demographic on Twitter is
                                                                                                 son of what were our communications tools           45-54 year olds
                                                                                                 when High-Profile Monthly came out with                    High-Profile Monthly will be add-
                                                                                                 its first issues a little over a decade ago and     ing its news and announcements to these
                                                                                                 those we are beginning to use now quickly           social networks on our corporate accounts
                                                                                                 show the difference.                                starting in September. our redesigned web
                                                                                                         hall and pennellatore offered these         site now joins the 95% of the top 100 U.S.
                                                                                                 tips for how to listen, messaging protocol          newspapers that have report blogs. we now
                                                                                                 and how to engage summarizing with these            post news almost daily.
                                                                                                 points:                                                    hiproVideo now posts interviews on
                                                                                                         • The media environment has drasti-         our site and YouTube where 100 million
                                                                                                 cally transformed and the way we use me-            videos are viewed every day.
                                                                                                 dia to manage and change public percep-                    my avatar hipro Noel on Second
                                                                                                 tions has changed with it                           life recently constructed a large cylindri-
                                                                                                         • This has tremendous impact on all         cal High-Profile logo above High-Profile’s
                                                                                                 industries and businesses                           online commercial gallery.
                                                                                                                                                                              The June cover and
                                                                                                                                                                        web site are on proud
                                                                                                                                                                        display, but it is still too
                                                                                                                                                                        early for a grand open-
                                                                                                                                                                        ing on this tech savvy
                                                                                                                                                                        social network. we’ll let
                                                                                                                                                                        you know when that hap-
                                                                                                                                                                              for more about
                                                                                                                                                                        NAIop’s           Building
                                                                                                                                                                        Blocks Series and other
                                                                                                                                                                        programs visit www.
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                             9

                                                        High-Profile: Facilities Development News
                                                           New champions to Debut at marriott copley
                                                       project Team colliers meredith & grew, gensler, Structure Tone
                                                    Boston, mA - marriott International,
                                              Inc. is launching the re-invention of its
                                              popular champions restaurant brand at the
                                              Boston marriott copley place this summer.
 Chuck Monahan, financial secretary;          The sleek, modern restaurant features the
 William Cormay, 66-year pin recipi-          largest hD projection screen in Boston (at
 ent; and Michael Monahan, business           12 x 24 feet), over 40 flat panel televisions
              manager                         and a technologically advanced sound sys-
                                              tem for a superior viewing experience. To-

                                              gether with an all-American grill menu, 36
                                              beers on tap, and numerous cocktail offer-

                                              ings, champions promises to become one
                                              of Boston’s newest entertainment and din-

        Boston, ma - The IBEw local
 103 held its pin night June 2, 2009 to
 recognize the years of service of its                                                                                Rendering of new Champions restaurant
 members.                                                                                     ing destination.                               smaller or larger groups. In addition, two
        John p. Dumas, president of                                                                  Designed by the global architectural    versatile private dining rooms seat 60 each,
 IBEw local 103; chuck monahan,                                                               firm, Gensler, Champions takes advantage       and feature fully customizable audio/visual
 financial secretary, IBEW Local                                                              of a new location on the hotel’s second        options. In addition, there is one semi-pri-
 103; and michael p. monahan, busi-                                                           floor, at the crossroads of Copley Place and   vate room for up to 20 guests.
 ness manager of IBEw local 103,                                                              the Shops at the prudential center. The res-         “champions is going to be a great
 presented 293 members with pins                                                              taurant’s open, circular design is reminis-    addition to the neighborhood and the city,”
 ranging from 20 years of service to            Red Sox Hall of Famer Fred Lynn joins         cent of the European piazza – the outdoor      said Boston marriott copley place general
 66 years of service to the IBEw.               Marriott Boston Copley Place General          gathering place where people eat, drink,       manager David giblin. “It’s got so much
        A pin is given starting at 20          Manager Dave Giblin to sign an original        play games, read the paper and watch           to offer, and we expect it will attract a di-
 years and then every five years up           poster featuring the 1978 Red Sox All Star      sporting events. project manager was col-      verse group – from sports fans, to the after
 until 50 years of service and then ev-       Game nominees. Lynn was part of the ’78         liers meredith & grew and Structure Tone       work cocktail crowd, to foodies looking
 ery year after 50 years.                     All Star team, and his signed poster will be    acted as construction company.                 for a great, casual meal. we aim to make
                                               auctioned off at the grand opening of the             champions has 95 seats in the bar       champions a real gathering place, and we
                                              new Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant           area and 160 seats in the restaurant, with     look forward to introducing it to our guests,
                                              when it opens this summer at the Marriott.      a variety of options for guests gathering in   neighbors and friends this summer.”

   Boston Plasterers’&
   Boston Plasterers’ & Cement Masons Local 534 serving: MA, NH, ME & VT,
                                                       serving: MA, NH, ME & VT,
      America’s Oldest Building and Construction Trades International Since
 America’s Oldest Building and Construction Trades International UnionUnion 1864
             Our trained and skilled craftsmen are just a phone call away.
                                        Since 1864
             Our trained responsible, highly qualified a phone call away.
      We offer reliable, and skilled craftsmen are justand competent personnel,
   We certified apprenticeship and training program. competent personnel, state
  state offer reliable, responsible, highly qualified andOSHAcertified membership.
                     We are committed to quality OSHA certified
  certified apprenticeship and training program.and performance.membership. We
                                                 and performance.
  Sub Contractors are committed to qualityPlasterers:
 Sub Contractors
   A1 Concrete Cutting                         Veneer Plaster
 A1 Concrete Cutting
   Angelini Plastering                         Venetian Polished Plaster
 Angelini Ornamental Inc.                      Veneer Plaster
   Austin Plastering                           Three coat conventional Plaster
 Austin Ornamental Inc.                        Venetian Polished Plaster
   Back Bay Concrete                           Ornamental Plaster
 Back Bay Concrete
   Bidgood Assoc.                              Three coat conventional Plaster
                                               Historical Restoration & Preservation
 Bidgood Alloc.
   Cape Cod Plastering                         Ornamental Plaster
 Cape Cod Plastering
   Cavalieri Const.                            Historical Restoration &
                                               Portland Cement (Stucco)Preservation
 Cavalieri Const.                              E.I.F.S.
   Century Drywall
 Century Drywall                               Fireproofing
   Components Spray Fireproofing
 Components Spray Fireproofing                 Portland Cement (Stucco)
 DD & M Concrete
    & M Concrete                               Cement Masons:
   East Coast Fireproofing
 East Coast Fireproofing                       Flatwork Masons:
   F.C.F. Concrete Floors
 F.C.F. Concrete Floors                        Sidewalks
 GH. Carr & Son EIFS
    & G Plaster &                              Pool Decks
   Island Lath &
 H. Carr & Son Plaster                         Decorative Concrete Overlays
                                               Pool Decks
   J.R.J. Construction
 Island Lath & Plaster                         Stamped Concrete
 J.R.J. Construction Son
   John L. Ciman &                             Decorative Concrete Overlays
                                               Concrete Repair & Restoration
 John L. Ciman & Son
   J.L. Marshall                               Stamped Concrete
                                               Epoxy, Seamless and Composition
 J.L. Marshall
   M.L. McDonald Co.                           Concrete Repair & more*
                                               Flooring *and muchRestoration
 M.L. McDonald Co.
   Mass Acoustics Inc.                         Epoxy, Seamless and Composition
   Mecca Bros. Corp.
 Mailoux Const.Construction                    Flooring *and much more*
   New Const. Corp.
 Mecca England Decks
 New England Decks Systems
   New England Finish                               More Information Please Call
                                               ForFor More Information Please Call
 Polcari Plasterworks, Inc.
   Ricmor Construction, Inc.                  Peter Stracuzzi, Jr. Industry Analyst
                                                  Peter Stracuzzi, Jr. Industry Analyst
 Ricmor Construction, Inc.
   S & F Concrete
   & F Concrete
 S Stafford Construction                  Office: 617-825-5200 • Cell: 617-750-0896
                                              Office: 617-825-5200 • Cell: 617-750-0896
 Stafford Construction                            Website:
   Summit Building Systems
10                                                                                                                                                                         July, 2009

                                                       High-Profile: Facilities Development News
Delta Awarded Aquitaine Restaurant
                                                                                                           Environments at work FACILITIES D
               Niemitz Design group Architect                                                                                            Pr
                                                                                                          launches New Division
       Dedham, mA - Delta
Design & construction has
been awarded a new restau-
rant project by The Aquitaine
                                                                                                       New UMass Student Apartme        Manche
                                                                                                       Boston, mA - Environments at of green building has led his drive                  architec
group, a Boston-based res-                                                                      Work, New England’s Haworth office to increase the wide-scale adoption
                                                                                                                                                       Designed by ARC, Buil             `Woodl
taurant group. This project                                                                     furniture dealer, has launched a new of sustainable construction practices               Woodla
                                                                                            Amherst, MA - ARC/Architectural               along with glass bay windows help to dif-
is located at legacy place, a                                                                   division, Integrated Interiors the
                                                                                            Resources Cambridge announced at work, throughout the A/E/c industry. existing
                                                                                                                                          ferentiate the new buildings from
675,000sf, open air retail envi-                                                                                                                 “This new division responds to
                                                                                                to provide architectural interiors prod- building s on campus.
                                                                                                                                                                                         of 487 c
                                                                                            dedication of four new residence halls                                                       which
ronment at the intersection of                                                                                   moveable walls, raised a needEach unit includes four bedrooms
                                                                                                ucts includingrm for the University
                                                                                            designed by the fi                                     in the marketplace for a com-          neighbo
Route 1 and Route 128/I95 in                                                                    flooring, and modular pow-
                                                                                            of Massachusetts in Amherst. Dimeo                        plete, integrated solution
                                                                                                                                          with cable and Ethernet connections, two            Wa
Dedham. legacy place will be                                                                                     design-build
                                                                                                er; as well asof Providence, R.I. was
                                                                                            Construction Co.                                          for modular architectural
                                                                                                                                          full baths, a common living room/kitchen       MAis th
open to the public in August.      Exterior rendering for Aquitaine’s Legacy Place               construction services the
                                                                                            the construction manager forfor $93                       products,” said Ken pat-
                                                                                                                                          area, a pantry, floor-to-ceiling windows,       which
       The project team for this                                                                mission critical or data cen-
                                                                                            million project.                                          rick, chief
                                                                                                                                          and air-conditioning. executive of-            of 75 s
4,300sf restaurant build-out                 ing, llc as the mechanical engineer.                   environments.
                                                                                                ter UMass officials held a dedication                  ficer of Environments
                                                                                                                                                 “Seeing this building open isatthe      Cottage
will be Niemitz Design group, Inc. as the          Delta will complete this project in an              offering      in-house
                                                                                            ceremony in August for the opening of                     work. “Integrated Interiors
                                                                                                                                          realization of much hard work and creativ-     consist
architect; Souza, True & partners, Inc. as 11-week schedule, with a start date of June      the contracting services, this the North
                                                                                                 864-bed project known as                             at of a great project team that
                                                                                                                                          ity on behalf work will be the region’s        Woodla
the structural engineer; and cSI Engineer- 8.                                                   new division
                                                                                            Residential Area. provides cli-                           only source for the pro-
                                                                                                                                          included our staff, Dimeo Construction         town h
                                                                                                    ARC a single source for
                                                                                                ents withcompleted the design of the                  curement and installation          will tota

     clD Acquires True Engineering                                                              the procurement and residence halls
                                                                                            four new apartment-styleinstal-
                                                                                                lation of architectural interi-
                                                                                            in September of 2005 and construction     Atwood          of these products through a
                                                                                                                                                      single manufacturer – ha-
      manchester,         Nh-                                with Tom to establish a            ors in June 2005. Totaling 325,000 sf,
                                                                                            started products. Industry veter-                         worth.”
clD consulting Engineers,                                    new home for his compa-        the five-story buildings were designed to                                                     will be i
                                                                                                an David Atwood, general manager of              “There is a significant and grow-
Inc. announced the acquisi-                                  ny’s history and product,”
                                                                                                                                                                                         in a ma
                                                                                                Integrated Interiors at work, who has ing demand for the sustainable and
                                                                                            relate to the earlier residence halls that
tion of the intellectual prop-                               said Ken Rhodes, p.E., Sr.     incorporate brick exteriors, pitched roofs                                                   Woodla
                                                                                                                                                                                        allow th
                                                                                                a long history of collaboration with adaptable benefits provided by move-                     Th
erty and information assets                                  vice-president of clD.         and dormers. A brick banding pattern
                                                                                                Environments at work and its clients, able walls and raised flooring,” said At-
                                                                                                                                                                                        with oth
of True Engineering, Inc. of                                        clD will welcome            will lead the new division.               wood, “As a division of Environments
                                                                                                                                                                                        the coun
Bedford.                                                     two of True’s staff, Brian                Atwood has more than 20 years at work, Integrated InteriorsLounge
                                                                                                                                                UMass Amherst Student at work
                                                                                                                                                                                         to are o
                                                                                                                                                                                        ings a 60
      In over a decade of                                    pratt, p.E., lSIT, and Dan         of experience in construction manage- will be able to provide customers with             the gia
existence, Tom True, p.E., CLD Consulting Engineers, linzell, lSIT, to clD’s                                                              and UMass personnel,” said Mark Dolny         to encou
                                                                                                                                          of ARC. modular together, we exceeded
                                                                                                ment, sales, and marketing. he has a tailored“Working solution either as a               Manche
founder, and the True En- Inc. principals Chris Bean, Manchester office. They
                                                                                                managed regional and national inte- stand-alone project or integrated with               benefits
gineering, Inc. staff have                                   will continue to work on                                                     the University’s goal of providing a com-     The com
                                 Paul Konieczka and Ken                                         rior construction design-build projects their furniture needs.”who want the con-         easy acc
                                                                                                                                                                                        to encou
served numerous clients and              Rhodes              their current assignments,                                                   munity for students
                                                                                                and fit-outs. His belief in the benefits venience of on-campus housing with the          dining
                                                                                                                                                                                        mural tea
projects with survey, design                                 consistent with the goal of                                                                                                      Th
and permitting in Northern New England.     seamless client service.
                                                                                                                                          advantages of a more autonomous living               Th
                                                                                                                                                                                         serve a
       “we are very excited to have worked                                                           UMass Amherst Lobby                  situation. These residences represent a new   on-cam

                                                                       A                              �������������

               Document Management Technology
                    Web-based project portals
                        • Personalized & password protected
                        • 24/7 access
                    Scanning & archiving                                                            �����������������������������
                    Print tracking software
                    Bid management software

                Traditional Printing Services
                    Color & black & white printing & copying
                    Binding                                                                                            ����������������������
                    Lamination                                                                                           �����������������
                    Digital imaging

                                                                                                                    ��ILL WOODSIDE
                   33-41 Farnsworth Street Boston, MA 02210
  Boston        New York        Princeton        Philadelphia        Washington, DC
July, 2009                                                                         11
                            April, 2009 April, 2009 April, 2009

             FABRICATORS & INSTALLERS OF:                                                De

              Structural Steel   Bar Joist      Metal Deck                               fou
                 Misc., Ornamental & Architectural Metals                                is

               “Rebuilding the American Economy...
                  ...One Steel Beam at a Time!”
                20 Turcotte Memorial Drive - P.O. Box 706
                             Rowley, MA 01969
                    T: 978-948-8000 - F: 978-948-8650
12                                                                                                                                                                            July, 2009

                                                          High-Profile: Facilities Development News
     Exterior Designs to Reno credit U                                                            Stantec gets Rehabilitation project
- Exterior Designs, Inc.
                                                                                                            hatch mott macDonald and Brown
was selected to renovate
the exterior of the granite
                                                                                                           and caldwell mwRA Subconsultants
                                                                                                         Boston, MA - Engineering firm        the tunnel project a high priority based
State credit Union located
                                                                                                  Stantec has been chosen to design the       on its critical service to as many as
at 1415 Elm Street, man-
                                                                                                  rehabilitation of a major sewer tunnel      125,000 homes and businesses. Stan-
chester.                                                                                          running beneath a densely populated         tec will be examining the conditions of
       JBR construction of                                                                        section of Boston. The firm will be re-     the tunnel and exploring the viability of
Amherst and individuals at                                                                        designing the west Roxbury Tunnel,          several rehabilitation or realignment op-
granite State credit Union                                                                        a 12,500-foot-long, 84-inch-diameter        tions.
made the decision to use                                                                          rock tunnel that has become severely               Stantec will also manage the traf-
Exterior Designs, Inc. for                                                                        corroded over time. with depths of up       fic control, permitting, surveying, haz-
this elaborate renovation.                                                                        to 220 feet and limited points of access,   ardous materials handling, and other
                              Rendering of the front exterior renovations of the Granite
       The project entails                                                                        the project requires carefully planned      services related to the design and con-
                                                 State Credit Union
demolition of the existing                                                                        logistics and marks the largest and most    struction of the new or rehabilitated
cladding (by others), fur-                          The new facelift has a smooth flow.           complex linear infrastructure rehabilita-   tunnel. The Massachusetts offices of
ring/sheathing of existing walls, framing/ The two new cladding materials are very                tion project ever awarded to the firm.      hatch mott macDonald and Brown and
sheathing new parapets and pilasters, and complementary to each other. This blend of                     The massachusetts water Re-          caldwell are also key subconsultants on
the installation of new Stucco (STo/EIfS) materials and design fit well with the North            sources Authority (mwRA) has given          the engineering team.
and Thin Brick.                              end of manchester.

                                                                                                            TFMoran Opens New Office
               Brookstone completes                                                                    claremont, Nh - Tfmoran Inc.

               Air Nat’l guard Reno
                                                                                                celebrated the opening of its new Up-
                                                                                                per Valley office recently with a ribbon
                                                                                                cutting ceremony. Executive councilor
       manchester, Nh - Brookstone              other section completely removed and
                                                                                                Raymond Burton and Tfm principals
 Builders, Inc., construction managers          replaced with a blended rubber-sheet,
                                                                                                Robert and Anne cruess looked on as
 and general contractors headquartered          Ethylene propylene Diene monomer                the ribbon was cut by city manager
 in manchesterrecently announced that           (E.p.D.m.) roof, which provides strong          guy Santagate and michael Satzow,
 they have completed a maintenance and          resistance to weathering, ozone and UV          vice chairman, claremont Develop-
 renovation project for the Nh Air Na-          exposure. It is highly recommended for          ment Authority.                          Ribbon cutting ceremony (l-r): Executive Coun-
 tional guard in Newington.                     applications where the elastomer will                 The office is in the heart of the cilor Raymond Burton, Anne and Robert Cruess
       The scope-of-work involved the           have excessive exposure to the environ-         city’s historic district at 46 opera (TFMoran), Michael Satzow (CDA vice chair-
 restoration of a hangar at the pease Air       ment. New insulated doors were also             house Square in the farwell Block.           man) and City Manager Guy Santagate
 National guard Base. portions of the           installed throughout the hangar                 TFM’s engineering firm is headquar-
 structure’s roof were updated, and an-                                                         tered in Bedford and has been actively        initiatives throughout New hampshire for
                                                                                                involved in land planning and development over 40 years.

            Commercial • Institutional • Fine Residential • Irrigation • Stonewalls, Walkways, Terraces

                                                                          Current Landscaping Projects Include:

                                                                           40 Sylvan Road - John Moriarty and Associates
                                                                            175 Wyman Street - Columbia Construction
                                                                        225 Franklin St - Shawmut Design and Construction
                                                                       St. Elizabeths Hospital - Walsh Brothers Construction
                         175 Wyman Street                                                                                                 Large Caliper Tree Transplanting
                                                                     One Broadway Renovations - Walsh Brothers Construction
                                                                      One Boston Place Plaza Renovations - Trinity Builders
                                                                            MIT Media Lab Expansion - Bond Brothers
                                                                      McCormack Building Greenroof - Suffolk Construction
                                                                               Franklin Hill Housing - CWC Builders
                                                                       Museum of Fine Arts - John Moriarty and Associates
                                                                                   Harvard Law School - Skanska
                                                                         Lahey Clinic North - Walsh Brothers Construction
                                                                      Mass Biologic Expansion - William A. Berry & Son, Inc.
                                                                    Eaton Vance Roof Garden - Shawmut Design + Construction
                                                                         Gillette Integration - Walsh Brothers Construction
                                                                     Arnold Arboretum Weld Hill - Lee Kennedy Construction
                                                                             Fan Pier Building F - Turner Construction
                                                                           New England Aquarium - Turner Construction
                                                                                303 Third Street - Bovis Lend Lease
                                                                                 Internap - Richard White and Sons
                                                                            Two Financial Center - Suffolk Construction
                        The Natick Collection                                                                                             Trinity College Longwalk Pavers

     Telephone: 617-254-1700 • Fax: 617-254-0234 • 17 Electric Avenue, Boston, MA 02135 •
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                              13
                                                         High-Profile: Facilities Development News
                                                                                                  climate Design Returns to
                                                                                                      local ownership
                                                                                                      methuen, mA - merrimack Valley          look forward to re-
                                                                                                corp., a 22-year-old heating and cool-        storing old fashioned,
                                                                                                ing company based in methuen, recently        community-oriented               Thomas
                                                                                                purchased climate Design Systems and is       values complemented
                                                                                                returning the company to its original com-    by today’s cutting
                                                                                                munity roots. To accommodate new cus-         edge technology.”
                                                                                                tomers, John p. Dresser of west Newbury             merrimack Val-
  Mathew Chetnick, Associate Director of Residence Life, Salem State; Janet Crisos,
                                                                                                was named chief financial officer.            ley and climate De-
 Mass. State College Building Authority; Kathy Neville, Director of Residence Life, Sa-
                                                                                                      for more than 50 years climate De-      sign Systems now
lem State; Tony DiNuzzo, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Salem State; Ed Hodges,
                                                                                                sign Systems was a haverhill-based, fam-      maintain 75 employ-
DiMella Shaffer; Richard Walsh, President and CEO Walsh Brothers; Patricia Maguire              ily-owned company. In 1996 Service Ex-        ees and a fleet of 50
 Meservey, President, Salem State; Jim Stoll, Associate VP and Dean of Students, Salem          perts Inc. of Richardson, Texas purchased     service vehicles. Strict        Dresser
            State; Scott Plante, DiMella Shaffer; and Ed Adelman, MSCBA                         the company.                                  requirements for qual-

       ground Broken on hall at SSc
                                                                                                      merrimack Valley corp’s founder         ity and overall capabilities are required as a
                                                                                                leonard J. “Buddy” Thomas, Jr. says, “I       recognized lenox dealer.

walsh Brothers cm/Designed by Dimella Schaeffer                                                   JCA to Renovate High-Rise Office
                                                                                                   Symmes maini & mcKee and cresa partners
       Salem, mA - A groundbreaking cer-        structure is approximately 162,637sf.
emony was held recently marking the be-                The building will include common
ginning of construction of a state-of-the-art   lounge spaces, a fitness room, a laundry               hartford, cT. - J. calnan & Associ-    welcoming lobby area with a custom de-
New Residence hall and Dining facility          room, a game room, a kitchen servery area,      ates a New England construction manage-       signed, high-end reception desk.
located on Salem State’s central campus.        conference rooms, and faculty apartments.       ment firm of Quincy, Mass., was recently            The team also will upgrade the cur-
       patricia meservey, ph.D., president            The residence hall will be con-           awarded the construction contract for         rent hVAc system and existing restrooms
of Salem State college (SSc), alongside         structed to specifically house sophomore        hinckley, Allen & Snyder, llc located in      as well as complete an additional private
state legislators, collegiate partners, sup-    students using a collaborative pod design.      downtown hartford. The project team con-      ADA compliant bathroom.
porters, community members, the mass.           The design will afford sophomores a more        sisting of Jc&A, Symmes maini & mcKee                 Because the floors are occupied,
State college Building Authority (mSc-          independent living situation while simulta-     and cresa partners will completely reno-      daily construction occurrences, includ-
BA) and construction manager walsh              neously being part of a small neighborhood      vate the 18th floor of a 23-story high-rise   ing use of the freight elevator, are strictly
Brothers, hosted the event.                     of other students.                              building.                                     monitored and very limited. Therefore,
       The new residence hall project will            The project requires working within               The 23,100sf project includes the     all material deliveries and most construc-
                                                                                                renovation of 41 offices with high-end        tion activity require prior approval from
be designed by Dimella Schaeffer and will       the confines of the adjacent occupied cam-
                                                                                                finishes including stone tops and walnut      the management company. There has to be
be comprised of a 523-bed new residence         pus buildings, dorms and businesses.
                                                                                                wood; five conference rooms with state-of-    constant communication and coordination
hall that includes a new 384-seat dining fa-          The schedule will be fast track as the
                                                                                                the-art equipment including cutting-edge      between the building owner and the man-
cility complete with all necessary support      additional beds are required in time for aca-   audio/visual Systems with motorized over-     agement company for any and all construc-
functions. The five-story steel and masonry     demic year 2010.                                head projection screens as well as a new      tion activity.

     Uncertain times, present
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     Systems from Trumbull-Nelson. Get more than you thought
     you could afford.                                                                                     Scaffold
      Butler Building Systems
                                                                                                    Erection & Dismantling
       from Trumbull-Nelson
                                                                                                      Services a t M a r r
           Quicker Timeline
           Superior Quality                                                                              engineering . design
                 Flexible                                                                              erection and dismantling
                                                                                                      sectional frame . systems scaffold
          Unparalleled Value
                                                                                                    t u b e a n d c l a m p . scaffold enclosures
           Affordably Green
                                                                                                           rolling towers . debris chutes
                                                                                                             mast climbing work platforms

                           603-643-3658 •
                                                                                                                  w w w. m a r r s c a ff o l d i n g . c o m

14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               July, 2009

                                                                                                                           High-Profile: Facilities Development News
                                                                                                                                                                             Kagan Designs crossroads
                                                                                                                                                                                         Salce construction gc
                                                                                                                                                                        New haven, cT - Kagan Architecture       to access. located in the central core areas
                                                                                                                                                                 announced funding has been granted by the       of the building will be the dining hall, exer-
                                                                                                                                                                 State of connecticut for the “crossroads”       cise area and meditation rooms. Each pro-
                                                                                                                                                                 project located in New haven, conn.             gram has its own counseling offices, group
                                                                                                                                                                        Crossroads Inc. is a non-profit Resi-    rooms, laundry rooms and a staffed aid
                                                                                                                                                                 dential substance abuse program for men         station provided on each level for conve-
                                                                                                                                                                 and women. The Kagan team, which is             nience. The building materials selected for
                                                                                                                                                                 headed by Rosemary Benivegna, AIA, de-          this project include wood-framed construc-
                                                                                                                                                                 signed this 26,000sf facility. This program     tion with clapboard and brick siding.
                                                                                           Brightview Concord River Sr. Living Community                         will accommodate both single women and                 A head Start compliant day care

                              Brightview framing completed
                                                                                                                                                                 women with children. It is unique in that it    component was designed for infants, tod-
                                                                                                                                                                 is one of the only facilities in the country    dlers and pre-school children, with its own
                                                                                                                                                                 where women can come with up to three           supervised entrance and outdoor play area
                                                                                           pro con Architect and cm                                              children. most programs only allow one          for the times of the day, when mothers are
       Billerica, mA – The framing has been                                                                       is scheduled to begin by the end of June,      child.                                          undergoing counseling and therapy.
completed for Brightview concord River,                                                                           and the site work and utilities are nearing           The confined site area helped estab-            construction will begin in the next
a new 67,400sf assisted living community                                                                          completion. The project is on target for the   lish that the best design solution was a two-   couple of months. Salce construction, of
located at 199 concord Road in Billerica.                                                                         mid-November 2009 completion.                  story facility, with a central common sup-      Stratford has been hired as the general con-
       Brightview concord River will offer                                                                               Brightview concord River will have      port facility for both the men and women        tractor.
personalized residential care services for                                                                        61 apartments for assisted living and 23
seniors and will include assisted living and                                                                      apartments in a secure neighborhood for
memory care. The $11.5 million design-                                                                            Alzheimer’s and dementia care. The apart-
build project is being developed by Shelter                                                                       ments, which are all under one roof, will
Development of Baltimore, md. and will                                                                            range in size from 300 to 950sf and offer
be operated by Brightview Senior living.                                                                          the residents a variety of floor plans and
       pro con Inc. of manchester, N.h. is                                                                        service options.
the architect and construction manager for                                                                               Design plans call for the commu-
the concord River property, which will be                                                                         nity to have two dining rooms, two living
the company’s second Brightvie-construct-                                                                         rooms, a large multi-purpose/activity room,
ed community in Massachusetts. The first                                                                          a café/bar, a beauty/barber salon, and sev-
Brightview-constructed community was a                                                                            eral other amenity spaces.
$20 million Independent living commu-                                                                                    once open the community will offer
nity located in Danvers.                                                                                          more than 100 full- and part-time employ-
       The metal framing and the roof                                                                             ment opportunities.
have been completed, the interior dry wall
                                                                                                                                                                                              Aerial view of the “Crossroads”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Recent / Current Projects
                                                                                                                                                                                                               • Salem Court House, Salem, MA - 1400 T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   • Brewer School, Brewer, ME - 1000 T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  • Camp Fogarty, Greenwich, RI – 900 T
                                                                                                                                                                                                 • Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH – 327 T
   Structural Steel & Miscelaneous Metals

                                                                                                                                                                                                              • Toyota Tufankjian, Braintree, MA – 750 T

                                                                                                                                                                                                             • Hingham Shipyard, Hingham, MA – 614 T
                                                                                                                             We Bring Steel to Life!                                               • 13 Walgreens throughout New England Area - 650 T
                                                                                                                                                                                                       • 8 Shaws throughout New England Area – 1500 T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            • Multiple BJ’s, Lowes, CVS

                                                                                                           9200, 22nd Avenue, Saint-Georges, QC G5Y7R6 | T.: 418.228.8295 | F.: 418.228.8298
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                    15

                                                         High-Profile: Facilities Development News
                 NAIop Donates $99K
          Stow, mA - members and
guests of NAIop massachusetts, the
commercial Real Estate Development
Association, came together to raise
more than $99,000 at the 21st Annual
NAIop charitable golf Tournament,
to prevent homelessness benefiting
heading home, Inc. The tournament
brought more than 350 commercial
real estate professionals out for a day
of golf, networking, and fundraising. Heading Home staff members Tom Lorello (back
The money raised this year brings the row, left) and Terri Hootstein (far right) joined
chapter’s total donations over the past members of their staff and other volunteers to
two decades to more than $1.3 million, raise $99,000 at the 21st Annual NAIOP Golf
making NAIop the largest single con-                                                                      New England Regional Council of Carpenters new headquarters.
                                                              Tournament.                                                    Rendering courtesy of ADD Inc.
tributor to heading home.
         “we recognize these are chal-            tion Award in 2007 for his dedication. “The
lenging times for everyone, but none more need is greater than ever before, and we                Suffolk Tops off carpenters hQs
so than for the many families and individu- are honored to support their innovative and
als served by heading home,” said NAIop successful housing first approach to end-
                                                                                                                   project Architect ADD Inc
cEo David Begelfer, who has led the chap- ing homelessness among area families and                   Boston, mA - Suffolk construction an apprentice training/trade school that will
ter’s long-standing commitment to head- individuals.”                                         company, Inc. held an informal topping off train 2,000 students per year.
ing home, receiving its Special Apprecia-                                                     ceremony for the New England Regional                 “Today’s topping off of steel erection
                                                                                              council of carpenters new headquarters by Capco Steel marks a significant mile-
       Diorio Awarded lEED Ap                                                                 in Dorchester, mass. Joining Suffolk were stone in the successful completion of this
                                                                                              representatives from the New England Re- project,” stated chris Kaufmann, Suffolk’s
           wilmington, mA - channel Building company, a
    design-build private sector commercial construction com-                                  gional council of carpenters, ADD Inc., project executive. “our entire project team
    pany, announced that Jerry Diorio, Director of operations                                 RDK Engineers, goldstein-milano Struc- has been working diligently keeping this
    was recently certified by the U.S. Green Building Council                                 tural Engineering, the carpenters Joint Ap- project on schedule, and we look forward
    as a leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Ac-                                    prenticeship Training committee and trade to our next critical milestone—exterior fa-
    credited professional.                                                                    workers.                                       çade closure and dry-in of the building.”
           Diorio has been a professional in the construction                                        Suffolk has partnered with ADD Inc.            The New England Regional council
    industry for over 25 years and has consistently supported                                 to convert a highly visible, abandoned two- of carpenters has been looking for a site to
    the mission of the U.S. green Building council (USgBc)                                    story industrial building adjacent to Inter- accommodate a new headquarters facility
    to promote buildings that are environmentally responsi-                                   state 93 to a three-story office building and for the past decade. Suffolk and its project
    ble, efficient and healthy places to live and work.                                       training facility. The completed 75,000sf team are on schedule to deliver the new fa-
                                                                                              building will include union offices, a bank, cility in January 2010.
                                                                                              an eye care center for union members, and

                                                                 IT’S HERE - the next wave of large
                                                                 format single footprint systems
                                                                            Simple, green, durable, all-in-one printer
                                                                          Printing, copying and scanning just got easier for everyone. The next wave of all-in-one
                                                                          monochrome large format plotters starts with the Océ PlotWave® 300 system. It cuts
                                                                          energy usage in half, fits in small spaces and turns out page after page of documents -
                                                                          without missing a beat. And with the design, construction, and reliability you’ve come
                                                                          to expect from Océ.
                                                                           • Cut energy usage in half with Oce’s Eco-friendly Radiant Fusing technology
                                                                           • High resolution 600x1200 dpi monochrome printing, color scanning
                                                                           • Up to 23 linear ft./min. (copying) and 38 linear ft./min. (monochrome scanning)
                                                                           • Convenient USB flash drive printing and scanning capability
                                                                           • Neat document delivery and stacking with air separation
                                                                           • Included Adobe Postscript® allows for bulk submission of PDF files
                                                                           • Instant on-no warm up
                                                                           • Add toner while printing, no messy cartridges

                                                                           $15,500.00* PlotWave 300 Dual roll plot/copy/color scanning
                                                                           and Adobe Postscript                                     * With trade-in of an eligible wide format printer or
                                                                                                                                    copier. Pricing excludes tax shipping and installation.
                                                                                                                                    Introductory promotion expires July 31, 2009

       exclusively from    MAKEPEACE                                                                                                   (617) 782-3800
      125 Guest Street, Brighton, MA 02135                                                                            

16                                                                                                                                                                                                                  July, 2009

                                                                                     The Next generation of Solar products:
                                                                                             concentrated Solar Energy for Building hVAc
                                                            by David Howell, COO,             somewhat better paybacks but rarely

                                                              Practical Solar Inc.            provide more than 10% of total build-
                                                           acility managers and building      ing energy needs. Average efficiency is
                                                           owners interested in solar en-     in the range of 40%. losses are directly
                                                           ergy have long faced a dilemma.    proportionate to the size of the collec-
                                                   while everyone likes the idea of solar     tor area. So increasing output means the
                                                   energy, the reality is that traditional    collection area must increase, and loss-
                                                   solar products cost far too much given     es increase proportionately. Efficiency
 High-Profile: Green Facilities Development News

                                                   the limited amounts of energy they pro-    drops off radically in cold weather. No
                                                   duce. This has been true both for prod-    wonder solar products are almost never
                                                   ucts used to generate electricity (pho-    used for building heating.
                                                   tovoltaic, aka “pV”) and solar thermal            concentrating solar technol-
                                                   products, such as flat plate and evacu-    ogy offers exciting new possibilities
                                                   ated tube collectors.                      for hVAc systems in buildings. An
                                                          The payback cycle for pV in-        array of small-scale heliostats (sun-
                                                   stallations typically exceeds 30 years.    tracking mirrors) can reflect sunlight
                                                   Some highly publicized photovoltaic        to a single receiver (or “collector”) to
                                                   (pV) installations have payback cycles     achieve concentrations of greater than
                                                   exceeding 100 years. Thermal flat plate    100 suns. Such a collector may be as
                                                   and evacuated tube systems provide         small as 3’ x 3’ square. To add more en-
                                                                                              ergy, one just adds more heliostats. The
                                                                                              collector does not need to increase in
                                                                                              size as more heliostats are added. con-
                                                                                              centrating solar collectors can achieve                               Heliostats with CSP receiver
                                                                                              efficiencies greater than 90%. The ef-
                                                                                              ficiency is virtually unaffected by cold   are installed at the same location. Small     sachusetts at a price one tenth that of its
                                                                                              weather, thus the collector functions      heliostats with reflectors from 8 ft2 –       nearest competitor. The practical Solar
                                                                                              well on any sunny day, even in sub-        50 ft2 have been used for high-end            heliostat is user programmable, and re-
                                                                                              zero temperatures.                         natural lighting applications (e.g. the       quires no special training to install or
                                                                                                       large-scale heliostats used in    genzyme building in Boston; Battery           operate.
                                                                                              utility-scale electrical power genera-     park in New York city). Such systems                 Each practical Solar heliostat
                                                                                              tion (“power Tower Systems”) are un-       are generally priced over $1000 / ft2 of      carries 8 ft2 of mirrors. 100 heliostats
                                                                                              suitable for hVAc due to their massive     mirror and require factory personnel          therefore reflect 800 square feet of sun-
                                                                                              size (individual heliostats may be 35’ x   for installation and maintenance, ren-        light on the collector. A water/gycol
                                                                                              35’ or larger). The cost per square foot   dering them too expensive for hVAc            solution circulated through the collec-
                                                                                              of reflector is very high unless large     applications. however, in february of         tor is heated to 200°f. It is pumped in
                                                                                              numbers of these giants (e.g. hundreds)    2009 a small heliostat was introduced
                                                        Commercial Buildling Rooftop                                                     by practical Solar, Inc. of Boston, mas-              Continued on Next Page

                                                                                                                                                                             Look Who’s Gone Green!
                                                                                                                                                                      * Harvard University Cambridge MA
                                                                                                                                                                      * Nichols College Dudley MA
                                                                                                                                                                      * Saltwater Institute Kennebunk ME
                                                                                                                                                                      * Belmont Senior Center MA
                                                                                                                                                                      * Saco Transportation Center Saco ME
                                                                                                                                     For More Information Visit:      * Oceanic Institute Scituate MA
                                                                                                                                     * Berkshire Hills School
                                                                                                                                          1-800-339-9051                Great Barrington MA
                                                                                                                                   “Tapping the Earths’ Energy” * Battered Women's Shelter
                                                                                                                                         sowmba certified WBE           Boston MA
                                                                                                                                                                      * Wayside Farms-55+ community E.Bridgewater MA

                                                                                                                                                                                                           85 Eastern Ave.
                                                                                                   HVAC Duct Design
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Gloucester, MA 01930
                                                                                                  Fabrication Drawings
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Contact Keith Roberts at
                                                                                                  Mechanical Piping                                                                 
                                                                                                 Design & Coordination                                                                                 T: 1-888-98-SPRAY
                                                                                                                                                                                                        C: 1-978-290-8819
                                                                                                   Plumbing Piping                                                                  
                                                                                                 Design & Coordination

                                                                                                    Asbuilt Drawings


                                                                                                 1502 Providence Hwy.
                                                                                                       Suite 12
                                                                                                  Norwood, MA 02062
                                                                                                     781-551-8111                        Agricultural Based Spray Foam Insulation
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                            17

                                                        High-Profile: Green Facilities Development News
          cannistraro New lEED Aps                                                                   • Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal • Wind
      four members of the J.c. cannistra-             michael p. cannistraro, p.E., Joe mi-       • Geothermal Heat Pumps • Energy Efficiency
ro team recently became lEED Accredited         erzejewski, paul Battaglia, and Kourtney
professionals. congratulations to:              Thomas.                                         “Working in the property management business for over 22 years, I would have to say
                                                                                                that this project was by far the smoothest and most well run of the many that I have been
                                                                                                involved with. Nexamp can be very proud of their employees and of a job well done.”
                                                                                                 – Gary Spence, Arlington Center Garage and Service Corp (105 kW solar project customer).

                                                                                                     Nexamp is New England’s
                                                                                                   leading turnkey clean energy
    Cannistraro            Mierzejewski               Battaglia                Thomas
                                                                                                        solutions integrator.
                                                                                                   Nexamp designs, builds and
  Two New lEED Aps at harriman                                                                    operates clean energy projects
                                                                                                    from solar to geothermal for
        Auburn, maine – harriman,
 a fulAuburn, maine – harriman, a                                                                     developers, businesses,
 full-service architecture and engi-                                                             organizations, and governments.
 neering firm, announced that Penny                                                               We make clean energy simple
 S. myrick and David w. Story have                                                                 and profitable for our clients.
 received their leadership in Energy
 & Environmental Design (lEED)
        The harriman staff currently
 includes 19 lEED Accredited pro-                Myrick                    Story
 fessionals, including both licensed
 architects and engineers.

                     higgins Expands                                                            Contact us for a clean energy assessment of your project or building
                                                                                                         Nexamp, Inc., 21 High Street, Suite 209, North Andover, MA

                  in green Development                                                          p. (978) 688-2700, ext. 707 • e. • w.

      Stoughton, mA - garrett Vandette,         type of work that EmcoR does everyday,
an Assistant project manager with J.c. hig-     the company is working to further expand
gins corp., has received accreditation from     its role and expertise in the area of envi-
the U.S. green Building council (USgBc)         ronmental stewardship, as well as its client
as a lEED professional.                         service offerings in the area of high perfor-
       Vandette’s accreditation is part of a    mance and sustainable design facilities.
company-wide EmcoR program whereby                     J.c. higgins corp is a subsidiary of
all key personnel, coast-to-coast are be-       EmcoR group, Inc. a fortune 500® lead-
coming accredited under the guidelines of       er in mechanical and electrical construc-
USgBc’s lEED program. with 75% of               tion, energy infrastructure, and facilities
the LEED certification points related to the    services for a diverse range of businesses.

 The Next generation of Solar products
     Continued from Previous Page
 a closed loop to a well-insulated ther-       water-fired chiller which takes hot water
 mal reservoir, either underground or in       (up to 203°f) to produce chilled water
 the basement of the building, then back       at 45°f. The heliostats in fact produce
 to the collector. The hydronic (or base-      most thermal energy in the summer                    Manufacturer and Supplier of Commercial
 board) hot water heating system calls         months and especially in the middle of
 hot water from the reservoir on demand,       the day when air conditioning needs are                Casegoods and Residential Cabinets
 just as it would from a boiler. The res-      at their peak. The confluence of these
 ervoir stores heat so that it may be used     events produces strong efficiencies for
 at night and during periods of limited        the overall system.                                           Dedicated Commercial Sales Division
 sunlight. A small boiler may used as a               Use of heliostats in all four seasons
 back-up energy source for the reservoir,      of the year is important to achieving sol-
 operating mostly during extended peri-        id paybacks for the system. A payback                                       Factory Showroom
 ods of cloudy weather.                        of better than 10 years is achievable
         The thermal reservoir also pro-       today, even though small-scale concen-                        Green and Leed Compliant Cabinets
 vides energy for potable hot water and        trating solar is a fairly new technology.
 for absorption chillers used to cool the      The inherent limitations of one-sun solar
 building in warm weather. Absorption          thermal technologies render them unus-            Imperia Custom Cabinetry                            343 Manley Street
 chillers paradoxically use heat input to      able for hVAc systems. concentrating
                                                                                                 Phone: (508) 894-3000                     West Bridgewater, MA 02379
 produce chilled water for space cooling.      sunlight is the key to making solar cost-
 An example is the Yazaki single-effect        effective.                                        Fax: (508) 894-2915              
                                                                                                     Visit Our New Web Site
18                                                                                                                                                                     July, 2009

                                                    High-Profile: Green Facilities Development News

 19 CBT Employees LEED Certified                                                                       green Roundtable Events
        Boston, mA - cBT recently an-              Participating firms commit to the               7/23/2009 4- 5pm                   program. Intended for individuals with
nounced the leadership in Energy and En- following steps in recognition of the AIA                 • Location: NEXUS, 38 Chauncy limited or no prior knowledge of green
vironmental Design (lEED) accreditation 2030 commitment:                                    St., 7th floor, Boston                    building.
of 19 staff members and a pledge to partici-         within two months of the commit-              cost: free and open to the public         what is lEED? how are build-
pate in the AIA 2030 commitment.              ment date, establish a team or leader to             who Should come: Anyone in- ings certified? How do I become a
       In the last three months, 19 cBT guide the development and implementation            terested in becoming involved in the lEED Ap? what does the future of the
employees have become lEED Accred- of the firm’s plan.                                      USgBc mA membership                                    lEED Rating System look
ited professionals, including:
Aristotle Bakalos, John Bedell,
                                                               within six months of
                                                        signing the commitment, the
                                                                                            forum event programming,
                                                                                            membership          campaign,
                                                                                                                                   Mark            like? what is lEED 2009
                                                                                                                                                   and how does that change
Andres Bernal, Robert Brown,                            firm will implement a minimum       newsletter development and             Your            project certification and the
henry celli, Stephanie gold-                            of four operational action items    pR/outreach.
                                                                                                   The communications
                                                                                                                               Calendar            lEED Ap program?
                                                                                                                                                          All are welcome to
berg, Emil gosselin, Karen                              from the list provided. These ac-
greene, Irene huang, Angela                             tions will be undertaken while      committee is working hard                              bring a brown bag lunch to
Johnson, weiyu lai, Jennifer                            the long-term sustainability plan   this year to launch a mem-                             this monthly session where
miller, chad morig, Kate Nea-                           is in development.                  ber campaign, coordinate                               we address these questions
ton, Kim Ressler, Ellen perko,                                 within one year of sign-     and promote networking and                             and other questions you
                                                                                            educational events and create partner have about the lEED Rating System for
Shana Shevitz, guy Sturgis,                             ing the commitment, the firm
                                          Brown                                             relationships with other green building green buildings. This is a particularly
and matthew Stymiest.                                   will develop a sustainability ac-
                                                                                            organizations. please join us to learn good event for anyone at the first stages
       Robert A. Brown, AIA,                            tion plan that will demonstrate
                                                                                            more!                                     of considering becoming a lEED Ap.
IIDA, lEED Ap, principal of cBT and re- success toward the AIA’s 2030 goals.
                                                                                                   for more Information:                     If you can’t attend this month, the
cently lEED accredited said, “with over            make the sustainability action plan                                                Brown Bag lunch & lEED happens the
40 lEED Ap’s on staff, cBT is deeply and annual progress reports available pub-                    contact Jim Newman - jim@ first Tuesday of every month.
committed to sustainable design, and we licly by providing them to the AIA for post-                               for more Information: RSVp by
will continue to encourage and support our ing on the website and subsequent dissemi-                                                 8/2 to with
staff in enhancing the green building prac- nation.                                                 8/4/2009 12:30 - 1:30 pm          “lunch and lEED” in the subject line.
tices of the firm.”                                David hancock, AIA, lEED Ap,                    location: NEXUS, 38 chauncy               contact Aaron Desatnik, Events &
        In addition, cBT has pledged par- principal of cBT said, “The challenge to          St., 7th floor, Boston, mA 02111          marketing coordinator, with questions
ticipation in the AIA 2030 commitment create carbon-neutral buildings is a sub-                    cost: free and open to the public  at
– a voluntary program through which AIA stantial one, but it’s a challenge that is very            who Should come: Anyone in-
member firms and other entities in the built much in line with cBT’s commitment to          terested in learning about or using the          *Learn more about The Green
environment make a pledge to develop creating sustainable environments. we ap-              lEED Rating System, anyone studying Roundtable events online at
multi-year action plans and implement preciate the AIA’s leadership on this issue           to become a lEED Accredited profes-
steps to advance AIA’s goal of creating car- and are pleased to be in the vanguard with     sional (lEED Ap). This is a level 100
bon neutral buildings by the year 2030.       them.”

       For more information call Debbie Blackington 781-294-4530
       or Anastasia Barnes 617-696-1216
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                                19

                                                        High-Profile: Green Facilities Development News
                                                 municipalities Explore wind Energy
       Below are excerpts from an article        screening (public projects only); 2) grant          rity for the cREB is set by the US Treasury                      Several municipalities in massachu-
by Rob Howe, President, Sustainnovation          support for in-depth technical and econom-          on a monthly basis. The wind project also                setts are taking advantage of the benefits of
Consulting, Inc. a division of Meridian As-      ic feasibility analysis; and 3) grants for de-      creates Renewable Energy credits (REcs)                  state and federal programs and have turned

sociates                                         sign and construction support.                      which can be sold on the open market be-                 to meridian Associates for assistance with
         oston, mA - many municipali-                    Under these programs, wind projects         coming a new source of revenue.                          their wind projects.
         ties are now actively exploring         with a faceplate value of 100Kw to 599                     A wind project can be a complex ef-                       meridian is a Beverly based multi-
         wind energy systems to hedge            Kw are eligible to receive                                      fort. As a first step to assessing           disciplinary consulting firm offering ser-
against escalating utility costs and fluctu-     $30,000 for a basic feasibility                                 the feasibility of a wind turbine            vices in renewable energy, sustainability
ating fossil fuel prices while at the same       study and up to $50,000 for a                                   generator (wTg), a municipal-                and public infrastructure. meridian is ex-
time reducing their carbon emissions and         study that includes a meteoro-                                  ity may consider a preliminary               perienced in managing wind projects from
positioning themselves as environmental          logical (met) tower. for those                                  appraisal to determine whether               the initial planning stages including the
stewards. wind power provides a clean            projects in excess of 600Kw,                                    the project has potential merit.             preparation of grant applications through
source of energy that reduces greenhouse         $65,000 in eligible funding is                                  Topographical and wind re-                   study, design and construction.
gas emissions generated by traditional en-       available for a basic feasibil-                                 source data combined with a                          The town of hamilton has joined
ergy power plants, protects natural areas        ity study and up to $85,000                                     financial analysis of existing               forces with the US Air force to share the
from mining and oil drilling, reduces water      for a study that includes a met                                 and future energy costs can be               output produced through a wind turbine
pollution and does not disturb farming or        tower. for design and con-                                      used to generate a preliminary               to be located on USAf land on Sagamore
forestry operations.                             struction, public entities are                                  “desktop” evaluation to reveal               hill.
       The massachusetts Technology col-         eligible for a zero cost share                                  if potential sites are viable can-                   The city of Beverly, in an effort to
laborative (mTc) Renewable Energy Trust          incurred below the maximum                                      didates for a wTg and deserv-                power its “green” high school, has con-
offers an array of programs that address         funding level. funds for sys-                                   ing of an in-depth study to more             cluded nine months of wind data collection
energy use at public facilities, as well as      tems starting at 100Kw, up                                      conclusively assess technical                after having secured $40,000 in mTc grant
a program that helps communities explore         to and beyond 600Kw, range                                      and economic feasibility.                    funding for a feasibility study.
the possibility of installing wind turbines      from $225,000 to $600,000.                                             wTg feasibility can only                      The town of Ipswich Utilities De-
on public land. The commonwealth wind                     At the federal level,                                  be determined after site-specific            partment is driving development of a
Incentive program (commwind) provides            the clean Renewable Energy                                      data collection and analysis,                wind project in collaboration with Ipswich
rebate, grant, and loan funding for the in-      Bonds (cREBs) program cre-                                      studies of past electric consump-            School Department which secured and
stallation of wind projects in massachu-         ates attractive financing op-                                   tion, energy and construction                contributed $1.6m in 0% interest clean
setts.                                           tions for wind projects for both borrowers          costs, and financial incentives. Variables               Renewable Energy Bonds. wind data col-
        funding is available for public facil-   and lenders. A qualified buyer is given ac-         include: measured wind resource quality                  lection was conducted by Umass.
ities that are customers of investor-owned       cess to 0% interest bonds (a formal con-            and regularity, land topography and sur-                         meridian Associates has conducted
electric distribution utilities or municipal     tract to repay borrowed money at 0% inter-          rounding land use, site-access issues, capi-             a fatal flaws analysis, feasibility study, bat
light plant Departments that pay into the        est for a fixed period) for projects that both      tal cost for construction, electric consump-             and avian study, and secured permitting
Renewable Energy Trust. commwind                 generate electricity and are created from           tion and savings from on-site electrical                 through the zoning board, conservation
provides financial and technical support         clean or renewable sources. The lender              generation, state and federal grant funding              commission and fAA. The project is in
to wind projects through the different de-       will receive a tax credit from the federal          incentives, the local, state and federal regu-           its final design phase and construction will
velopment stages. The three stages of sup-       government instead of an interest check             latory framework, and local disposition to-              start in the fall.
port include: 1) services for high level site    from the borrower. The maximum matu-                wards wTgs.

           CONTACT: Bob Mansour, Forming Manager @ 617.269.7200

                                       Marr Scaffolding Company
                                       One D Street South B o s t o n , M A 0 2 1 2 7                                             w w w. m a r r s c a f f o l d i n g . c o m
                                       Boston: 617.269.7200              B r a n c h O f f i c e s : S p r i n g f i e l d M A 4 1 3 . 7 3 9 . 2 1 2 1 / Pr o v i d e n c e R I 4 0 1 . 4 6 7 . 3 1 1 0

20                                                                                                                                                                 July, 2009

                                                   High-Profile: Green Facilities Development News
              NESEA’s Zero Net Energy Building winner                                                                                    Another leed Ap
       charlotte, VT - The                                                                                                                  for Delta
$10,000 Zero Net Energy                                                                                                                   medford,
Building Award was presented                                                                                                       mA - Delta Design
to David pill and hillary ma-                                                                                                      & construction an-
haram of charlotte, VT, during                                                                                                     nounced that Bren-
the Northeast Sustainable En-                                                                                                      da hart-flynn, Esti-
ergy Association’s (NESEA)                                                                                                         mator, has recently
Building Energy conference                                                                                                         become lEED Ac-
and Trade Show in march at the                                                                                                     credited. She has
Boston Seaport world Trade                                                                                                         been with Delta
center. The winning building                                                                                                       since 2006 and is       Hart-Flynn
is the home of pill and maha-                                                                                                      the second person
                                                                                                                                   in the company to become accredited.
ram; which they designed. It
was built from September 2006
to August 2007. Their 2,800sf,
single family residence, that
                                                                                                                                      martin Earns lEED
houses a family of four, actual-                                                                                                        Accreditation
ly exported 16kwh of electric-                                                                                                            Stoughton, mA - Jonathan martin, an
ity into the grid from January                                                                                                     Assistant project manager with J.c. hig-
                                                                                                                                   gins corp.; a subsidiary of EmcoR group,
                                                                                                                                   Inc; has received accreditation from the
                                                                                                                                   U.S. green Building council (USgBc) as
                                                                                                                                   a leadership in Energy and Environmental
                                                            Above left: Exterior view of zero net energy building, right: Inside   Design (lEED®) professional.
                                                                                    view...dining area                                    martin’s accreditation is part of a
                                                                                                                                   company-wide EmcoR program whereby
                                                            2008    to   January    produced 6,286 kwh over the course of          all key personnel, coast-to-coast are be-
                                                            2009.                   the year. The house features super insu-       coming accredited under the guidelines of
                                                                  The     energy    lated passive solar design, thermal bridge     USgBc’s lEED program. with 75% of
                                                            consultant was An-      mitigation, an air sealed envelope, high       the LEED certification points related to the
                                                            drew Shapiro of         efficiency windows, and a ground source        type of work that EmcoR does everyday,
                                                            Energy Balance. A       heat pump, as well as lighting and appli-      the company is working to further expand
                                                            Bergey 10kw wind        ances with the highest efficiency ratings      its role and expertise in the area of envi-
                                                            turbine generates en-   and a polished concrete slab for thermal       ronmental stewardship, as well as its client
                                                            ergy on site; which     mass with hydronic tubing.                     service offerings in the area of high perfor-
                                                                                                                                   mance and sustainable design facilities.
                     Inside area

                                                                     August 2009
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                                                                                                                                               Green News section!

                                                                                         Focus:   On Site
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        John W.
 Featuring: The

 McCormack Building
 The largest federal historic renovation project
 in the country aiming for a LEED Gold Certi-
 fication, encompassing more than 607,000 sf
 of floor space, including the entrance, lobby,
 courtrooms and libraries and a green roof that
 is the first of its kind in New England.

 This feature is based on the High-Profile
 interview with:
 John F. Buckley, GSA Senior Project
 Manager, Michael Santos, GSA Contracting                                                                                                    Above: Jeff and Anastasia are
 Officer, Paul Pressman, Goody Clancy Ar-                                                                                                    guided by John Buckley GSA
 chitects Project Manager, Seth C. Berkow-                                                                                                   Sr. Project Manager through
 itz, Goody Clancy Architects; Bud Grove,                                                                                                    this impressive project for
 Suffolk Construction (GC), and Alleyn Alie,                                                                                       
 Tishman Construction (CM)
                                                                                                                                             Left: The John W. McCormack
         If you have an interest in advertising                                                                                              Building, Downtown Boston.
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            Deadline July 20.
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                         21

                                                          High-Profile: Facilities Development News
 Environmental grants                          watershed.
                                                      plymouth – Town of plymouth:
        Continued from page 7                  $30,000
                                                      * To implement a water qual-
 such as endocrine disrupting compounds        ity monitoring program in 16 ponds and
 and pharmaceuticals.                          streams in plymouth.
        Metro West                                    westport – westport River water-
        franklin and Bellingham – charles      shed Alliance: $10,000
 River watershed Association: $50,000                 * To expand water quality monitor-
        * To develop a web site for phos-      ing in the westport River watershed.           Principals and management team are, from left to right: Randy Lilly, executive VP and
 phorus trading to meet forthcoming water             West                                     treasurer; Gina Iannetti, project assistant; Rich McNamara, senior project manager;
 quality regulatory program requirements              Belchertown and palmer – pioneer         Alice Watson, controller; Siggy Pfendler, project manager; Rick Pulsifer, superinten-
 from the massachusetts Department of          Valley planning commission: $25,000            dent; Bruce Gordon, president; Ray McDonald, foreman; Jim Kolb, VP and principal-
 Environmental protection and the EpA.                * To study whether the Upper                                                    in-charge.
                                               Bondsville Dam on the Swift River should

                                                                                                   columbia SomA Beam Signing
        concord – organization for the Ass-
 abet River Inc.: $6,515                       be removed or retained .
        * To assess stream continuity for             cheshire – Town of cheshire:
 fish habitat in the Nashoba/Fort Pond         $26,000
                                                      * To restore habitat in Thunder               marlborough, mA - columbia con-        during the winter months, which would not
 Brook sub-basin of the Assabet and con-                                                     struction company and Special olym-           have been possible otherwise.
 cord River watershed.                         Brook through removal a dam and re-
        North gloucester – whale center of     placement of an undersized culvert.           pics massachusetts (SomA) held a Beam                Using the Reward Icfs also allowed
 New England: $20,000                                 Greenfield – American Rivers:          Signing ceremony at the construction site     for an energy-efficient, environmentally-
        * To launch a new curriculum that      $50,000                                       of SomA’s new 25,000sf Yawkey Sports          friendly, sustainable, and quiet gymna-
 uses marine mammal standing response                 * To conduct engineering and per-
                                                                                             Training center. Special olympics athletes    sium. The insulated concrete will reduce
 programs as a vehicle for teaching science    mitting for dam removal and fish passage
                                               projects on the green River.                  and others celebrated by signing a ceremo-    operating costs by reducing heating and
 and math principles in grades five through
                                                      Greenfield – Franklin Regional         nial beam that will be placed permanently     cooling costs. produced from recycled ma-
        lowell – merrimack River water-        council of governments: $30,000               in the lobby of their new building.           terials, Reward’s Icfs begin their life as
 shed council Inc.: $35,000                           * To create a eb-based database for           The team also includes Digiorgio       an environmentally friendly product.
        * To conduct water quality moni-       tracking septic system and private well       Associates Inc., project architect; B.R.T.           The new facility will be the site of
 toring in the merrimack River.                locations and use, and private well water
                                               quality.                                      management and consulting, owner’s rep-       a medical education program for treat-
        Salem – Salem Sound coastwatch:                                                      resentative; Vanasse hangen Brustlin, civ-    ing patients with intellectual disabilities,
 $18,500                                              Pittsfield – Berkshire Environmen-
        * To develop and implement a citi-     tal Action Team: $21,819                      il engineer; and engineers Design group,      through a partnership that Special olym-
 zen adopt-a-beach program for beaches                * To gather data and create a geo-     structural Engineer. construction is sched-   pics massachusetts has formed with the
 along Salem Sound.                            graphic information system and maps to        uled to be complete in the fall of 2009.      University of massachusetts medical
        South                                  inform local and regional planners about
                                                                                                    The gymnasium, where the ceremo-       School. The training partnership addresses
        Kingston – Jones River watershed       culverts and bridges in need of upgrading
                                               to improve hydrologic and wildlife pas-       ny took place, was built using an insulated   a long-standing, and recently documented,
 Association Inc.: $20,000
                                               sage.                                         concrete form technology (Icfs) to con-       problem facing people with intellectual
        * To support Year 2 of a restoration
 and education program in the Jones River                                                    struct a Reward wall System. This method      disabilities — poor access to medical care
                                                                                             enabled the team to build the concrete gym    and poor quality medical care.

                                                          Your Single-Source for...Excavation • Site Work
                                                      Landfill Closures • Soil Remediation • Utility Construction

       Harvard First Science, Boston

                                                                    35 Electric Ave., Brighton, MA 02135 • P.O.Box 35215 • Brighton, MA 02135
                                                                    Phone: 617-254-7550 • Fax: 617-254-0238 • Estimating Fax: 617-783-2072
       Museum of Fine Arts - Boston
                                                                                                   Current Projects Include:
                                                        Bovis Lend Lease – AstraZeneca, Waltham                     Suffolk Construction – Long Island Day Camp, Boston
                                                        City of Attleboro – Pond Street Landfill, Attleboro         Turner Construction – Harborview, Boston
                                                        Columbia Construction Co. – 16 Miner Street, Boston         Turner Construction – Harvard Life Science, Boston
                                                        John Moriarty & Associates – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston    Turner Construction – Mass General Hospital, Boston
                                                        LNR/Tishman Construction – Shea Memorial Drive,             Turner Construction – RISD Memorial Hall, Providence RI
                                                            South Weymouth Naval Air Station                        Walsh Brothers – Johnson and Wales, Providence RI
                                                        Shawmut Construction – Apple Computer                       Walsh Brothers – Lahey Clinic, Peabody
          Astra Zeneca - Waltham
                                                        Shawmut Construction – Malkin Center, Cam bridge            Walsh Brothers – Newport Grand Casino, Newport, RI
                                                        Skanska USA Building – Harvard Law School Enabling,         Walsh Brothers – North Shore Medical Center, Danvers
                                                           Cambridge                                                Walsh Brothers – St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Brighton
                                                        Suffolk Construction – Cambridge Residence, Cambridge       Walsh Brothers – Woman & Infant Hospital, Providence, RI

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                                                                       next project - call The Welch Corp. at 617-254-7550
   Harvard Allston First Science Center

                                                this signature building located in
                                                the heart of Portland. Practices
                                                include Internal Medicine,
          22                                    OB/Gyn, Pediatrics, Ambulatory                                                                                                                                           July, 2009

                                                                                                                                                                                      R. f. walsh
                                                Surgery, Phlebotomy and
                                                Imaging. Providers are grouped
                                                                               New InterMed Medical Offices
                                                by “pods” and share clinical staff
                                                and resources, increasing provider
                     portland, mE - harriman, with
                                                                                                Designed by harriman                                                               completes med ctr
                                                                                                                                                                                          Boston,        mA
              offices in New Hampshire and Maine,
        Patient privacythe new 65,000sf medical                                                                                                                                    –The william f. con-
              designed was addressed                                                                                                                                               nell Emergency De-
              the design of recessed
        with offices of InterMed, the largest pri-
        monitors physician’s practice in the state.                                                                                                                                partment at St. Eliza-
              vate at the check-in desks,
            High-Profile: Healthcare Facilities Development News

                                                                                                                                                                                   beth’s medical center
        allowing patients to view and
              fifty physicians are consolidated into                                                                                                                               held its official dedi-
              this signature building
        verify private information. located in the
                                                                                                                                                                                   cation ceremony re-
              heart of portland.                                                                                                                                                   cently.
                     The shell was done by
        Exam rooms were designed to be piz-                                                                                                                                               project manage-
              zagalli, flexibile. A
        universal andand the InterMed fit-up was                                                                                                                                   ment firm RF Walsh
              done by was used, as
        standard sizewright Ryan. well as                                                                                                                                          was responsible for
                     practices future internal medi-
        a typical layout, for includeuses                                                                                                                                          the planning, ap-
        and to allow physicians and ambulatory
              cine, oB/gyn, pediatrics,                                                                                                                                            provals, design and Exterior view of the
        clinical staff to work efficiently imaging.
              surgery, phlebotomy and in                                                                                                                                           master budget for the William F. Connell Pa-
              providers are grouped by “pods” and
        different locations. Exam rooms                                                                                                                                            project, and the firm vilion at St. Elizabeth’s
R I M A N share clinical staff and resources, in-                                                                                                                                                                 Medical Center.
        were also designed for modular                                                                                                                                             was recently honored
              creasing provider efficiency.                                                                                                                                        along with other criti-
                     patient privacy was addressed                                                                                                                                 cal partners, donors and dignitaries during the
              with the design of recessed moni-                                                                                                                                    dedication ceremony.
              tors at the provide desks, allowing
        Interior finishescheck-in a
                                                                                                                                                                                          “This facility is a great asset to St. Eliza-
        welcoming environment. Signage private
              patients to view and verify                                                                                                                                          beth’s, its patients and the entire community,”
        and use of color and texture
              information.                                                                                                New InterMed Medical Offices.                            said Jack hobbs, president and cEo of Rf
                     Exam rooms mix designed to
        assist in way-finding. A wereof                                                                                                                                            walsh. “we’re proud to have been a part of the
                                                                                                size was used, as well as a typical      physicians and clinical staff to work
        both be universal and flexibile. A standard
               patient care rooms and                                                                                                                                              project.”
                                                                                                layout, for future uses and to allow     efficiently in different locations.
                                                areas, as well as physician’s
                                                                                                                                         Exam rooms were also designed for                The new three-story 50,000sf william
                                                offices, are located on the                                                              modular furniture.                        connell Emergency Department facility will
                                                building perimeter, allowing a                                                                  Interior finishes provide a wel-   provide patients with abbreviated wait times,
t private                                       shared experience of daylighting                                                                                                   easy accessibility, an environment of privacy
                                                                                                                                         coming environment. Signage and
n the state,                                    and access to the spectacular                                                                                                      and care, and state-of-the art equipment and
                                                                                                                                         use of color and texture assist in
sicians into                                    views.                                                                                                                             technology – including a 256-slice cT scanner
                                                                                                                                         way-finding. A mix of both patient
ng located in                                                                                                                                                                      – the first of its kind in a Boston emergency de-
                                                                                                                                         care rooms and areas, as well as phy-
d. Practices 65,000-sq.-ft.                                                                                                                                                        partment.
                                                                                                                                         sicians’ offices, are located on the
dicine,                                                                                                                                                                                   In addition to managing the planning,
                                                                                                                                         building perimeter, allowing a shared
  Ambulatory                                                                                                                                                                       budget and design, Rf walsh provided full-
                                                                                                                                         experience of daylighting and access
y and                                                                                                                                                                              time construction site management on the $30
                                                                                                                                         to the spectacular views.
 re grouped                                                                                                                                                                        million addition to the Allston-Brighton urban
  clinical staff
                                                                      Interior view of the new Intermed office building
asing provider

  k-in desks,
                                                                   Adding value without adding cost.
 view and
mation.                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Hanover Theatre
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Worcester, MA

 esigned to be
le. A                                                                                                                                                            Our 30 years of experience have empowered
 ed, as well as                                                                                                                                                  us with the knowledge to provide quality
future uses
ans and                                                                                                                                                          electrical contracting efficiently and without
k efficiently in
Exam rooms
                                                                                                                                                                 compromise. Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc.
 or modular                                                                                                                                                      is an industry leader in providing thoughtful
                                                                                                                                                                 and economical solutions to your projects
 vide a                                                                                                                                                          regardless of the scope.
ment. Signage
d texture
   A mix of
oms and                                                                                                                                                          Corporate Headquarters:
sician’s                                                                                                                                                         116 Hopping Brook Road
on the                                                                                                                                                           Holliston, MA 01746
  llowing a                                                                                                                                                      (508) 429-8830
f daylighting
 ectacular                                                                                                                                                       Regional Offices:
                                                                                                                                                                 Raleigh, NC
                                                                                                                                                                 Duluth, GA
                                      Central Heating Plant                                                                                                      Pelham, AL
                                      University of Massachusetts
                                      Amherst, MA                                                                                                                MA Lic A8999
                                      Photo Credit: David Ryan Photography

July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                      23

                                               High-Profile: Healthcare Facilities Development News
        pediatric Dentistry completed
                        warrenstreet Architects
       concord, Nh - warrenstreet Ar-
chitects announced the completion of
the new concord pediatric Dentistry
office located off of Rt. 93’s exit 16 in
the foundry Business center. This is
no ordinary dentist office. The vibrant
colors, frosted glass and inviting envi-
ronment will make any child think twice
about the perils of going to the dentist.                                                  View of one of the private birthing suites. The spacious rooms allow families a more
       Interior designer Nancy wheeler                                                                      home-like experience. Kevin Harkins Photography

                                                                                              SNhmc opens New Birth place
designed this 11,400sf space that will
serve five dentists and seven hygienists.
She also coordinated the furniture and
Ansell Adams wall hangings.                                                                             Designed by lavallee Brensinger
        The waiting room, aside from
the sunk-in play area with TV for the                                                          manchester, Nh - patients are wel-       down the hall.
kids seems like any other, but beyond                                                    comed to Southern New hampshire medi-                 “our team worked closely with the
the glass wall, which is etched with an                                                  cal center’s new 22,000sf Birth place, a       Southern New hampshire medical cen-
entire forest of trees. There are a num-                                                 state-of-the-art facility dedicated to fam-    ter staff to design a facility that is both
                                                                                         ily-centered care. Designed by lavallee        comfortable for patients and operation-
                                                                                         Brensinger Architects, the new addition fo-    ally efficient for caregivers,” said Barry
                                                                                         cuses on a comforting patient environment      Brensinger, principal-in-charge at lavallee
                                                         Toothpaste trail hallway
                                                                                         and efficient delivery of healthcare servic-   Brensinger Architects. “The new, spacious
                                                      ber of back lighted walls and      es. The Birth place is part of the Southern    rooms filled with amenities allow families
                                                      bright colors everywhere.          New hampshire medical center’s family          a more home-like experience, while care-
                                                              Each hygiene room is       center that includes the Newborn Intensive     givers enjoy a pleasant and more functional
                                                      color coordinated, and the kids    care Unit, the pediatrics Unit and child-      work environment.”
                                                      are encouraged to find their       birth Education programs.                             The addition creates an easy access
                                                      way by following the tooth-              The new secure area includes spa-        entrance for mothers-to-be. The entire
                                                      paste trail that is cut into the   cious private birthing suites where patients   three-story project is 46,000sf and houses
                                                      flooring. Curved walls, bright     can labor, deliver and recover in a single     expanded laboratory service on the ground
                                                      colors and an inviting atmo-       room. A private couch for dad or a guest,      floor, the new Birth Place, and future medi-
                                                      sphere make the dentist a fun      a large private bathroom with a whirlpool      cal space on the top floor. Ground was bro-
                                                      place for kids.                    tub and room service meals are provided.       ken on this $12 million project in Novem-
        The interior rooms will serve five dentists                                      In addition, patients can relax knowing the    ber 2007.
                  and seven hygienists.                                                  Newborn Intensive care Unit is only steps

24                                                                                                                                                                                                                     July, 2009

                                                                  Delta Tops off montessori
                                                                                   Seitz Architects
                                                                    littleton, mA – A top-
                                                             ping-off ceremony commemo-
                                                             rated placement of the final
                                                             steel beam on the new Expres-
     High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

                                                             sive Arts center and gymna-
                                                             sium at oak meadow montes-                                                  The Riverview team held its official groundbreaking ceremony for the new student ctr.
                                                             sori School. construction of the
                                                             7,000sf combined arts and cul-                                                   groundbreaking for Student ctr
                                                             tural center began in march and
                                                             is expected to be open for the                                                Acella cm - Siemasko + Verbridge Architects
                                                             students’ return in September.                                                    East Sandwich, mA. - Riverview           also house the admissions office and will
                                                                    prior to the topping off                                            School held its official groundbreaking cer-    become the welcome center for all visitors
                                                             ceremony, students and faculty                                             emony June 12 to celebrate the beginning        to campus. construction is scheduled to
                                                             of oak meadow had the oppor-                                               of construction for their new Student cen-      begin immediately, and is scheduled to be
                                                             tunity to sign the beam. “All of                                           ter. Acella construction has been handling      open for the start of the 2010 school year.
                                                             our students were thrilled to see                                          preconstruction on the 20,000 sf center,              “Acella construction is proud to be
                                                             the beam that they had signed                                              located in East Sandwich. The new Student       associated with this tremendous project.
                                                             being hoisted into place in the                                            center, which will be pursuing lEED certi-      our team has worked hard throughout
                                                             roof structure of our new Athlet-                                          fication, will replace the existing signature   the preconstruction phase of this project,
                                                             ics and performing Arts center.                                            building, Janse hall. The Student center        and we’re looking forward to providing
                                                             At a time when many schools                                                will include a modern 325-seat auditorium       an exceptional building for the Riverview
                                                             are being forced to cut funding                                            that is large enough to house the entire        family,” said David Dirubbo, president of
                                                             for the arts and athletics, we are                                         Riverview community in one sitting. It will     Acella construction. Siemasko + Verbridge
                                                             proud that oak meadow is in-                                               also include an outdoor amphitheater, a li-     of Beverly is providing architectural, inte-
                                                             vesting in the performing arts,    Jeff Nelson, facilities manager, Oak    brary/media center, classrooms and studios      rior and landscape design services for Riv-
                                                             visual arts, and athletics pro- Meadow; Paul Fantoni, superintendent,      for creative arts, and a much needed com-       erview School’s new Student center.
                                                             grams for our students,” stated Delta Design & Construction, Inc.; and     mons for social gathering. The center will

                                                                                                                                             Erland plans fay School phase 2
                                                             Dave Stettler, head of School. Derek Pelletier. president, Delta Design.

                                                                New charter School Breaks ground                                                 Southborough,      mA –
                                                                   Boston, mA - mayor Thomas m. menino joined the Boston Re-            Erland construction recently
                                                             naissance charter public School (BRcpS) to break ground on its new         completed the first phase of Fay
                                                             $40 million school building in hyde park. BRcpS will restore two           School’s master plan for construc-
                                                             industrial buildings, a former mill and warehouse, at 1415 hyde park       tion on their campus in Southbor-
                                                             Avenue.                                                                    ough.
                                                                                                                                               Started in spring of 2008,
                                                                                                                                        this phase included construction

                                                              linbeck completes Tufts                                                   of a new wastewater treatment
                                                                                                                                        plant, a maintenance building, a

                                                             Expansion and Renovation
                                                                                                                                        new ceremonial entrance to the
                                                                                                                                        campus, and two village-style
                                                                                                                                        faculty/student dormitories. In
                                                             Designed by william Rawn Assoc.                                            early spring of 2009, Erland be-
                                                                                                                                        gan phase 2, which includes
       waltham, mA - lin-
                                                                                                                                        renovating the existing wellness
beck announced the comple-
                                                                                                                                        center and constructing a new
tion of a major renovation
                                                                                                                                        primary school building.
and expansion of Tufts Uni-
                                                                                                                                               phase 1 – which teamed
versity’s packard hall. The
                                                                                                                                        Erland with architecture firm S/L/
stately building served as
                                                                                                                                        A/m collaborative and owner’s
a backdrop for Tufts’ com-
                                                                                                                                        representative pinck & co. – was
mencement activities on may
                                                                                                                                        completed in less than one year.
17. packard hall is a historic
                                                                                                                                        The new 2,000sf wastewater
structure, built in 1856, which
                                                                                                                                        treatment plant treats effluent wa-
has served the university as a
                                                                                                                                        ter to a very high degree so it can
dormitory, dining hall, library,
                                                                                                                                        be reclaimed and used for the toi-
an office building and even an
                                                                                                                                        let system in the new village-style
animal barn. The newly reno-                                                                                                                                                               Fay School common area
                                                                                                                                        dormitories. The residences, one
vated building will house the
                                                                                                                                        for boys and the other for girls,
university’s political Science       Tufts University’s Packard Hall. Photography by                                                                                                    mark a significant change for Fay School,
                                                                                                                                        each accommodate 16 students
Department.                              William Rawn Associates, Architects, Inc.                                                                                                      as they offer pre-K and Kindergarten
                                                                                                                                        in eight double occupancy rooms, three
       Doug Johnston, project                                                                                                                                                           classes for the first time. The new primary
                                                                                                                                        faculty apartments, and a large common
principal, of william Rawn Associates, Ar- complex knitting of old and new a seam-                                                                                                      school building will apply for lEED certi-
                                                                                                                                        room. The dorms were designed and built
chitects, Inc. said, “we are very proud to less success”                                                                                                                                fication. For the second part of the project,
                                                      The project involved the reconfigu-                                               to LEED Silver specifications with green
have worked so collaboratively with Tufts                                                                                                                                               Erland will build a new wellness center
                                               ration of all architectural spaces in the                                                elements including the use of recycled or
University and linbeck on this project.                                                                                                                                                 into the first floor of the existing Stew-
                                                                                                                                        rapidly renewable materials, such as bam-
There was a common sense of purpose be- 10,800sf building and installation of new                                                                                                       ard Dormitory. The students residing in
                                                                                                                                        boo for flooring, and LED downlights, a
tween the client, the design team, and the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire                                                                                                   the Steward Dorm have been moved into
                                                                                                                                        high-efficiency lighting alternative.
construction team such that we each truly protection systems. An addition to pack-                                                                                                      the dorms completed in phase 1. The new
                                                                                                                                               phase 2 will encompass two more
understood the importance of this historic ard hall provides elevator service, an ad-                                                                                                   8,500sf wellness center will have upgrad-
                                                                                                                                        projects. The new 35,000sf primary school
piece of the Tufts campus to the Univer- ditional egress stair for the building, and                                                                                                    ed patient rooms, classrooms, and a faculty
                                                                                                                                        building – scheduled to open in the fall of
sity’s future as well as its past. linbeck’s connects through a link to the building on                                                                                                 apartment; a new elevator and clock tower
                                                                                                                                        2010 – will serve pre-kindergarten, kinder-
experienced and dedicated team made a each of its four floors.                                                                                                                          will also be added.
                                                                                                                                        garten, and grades one and two. This will
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                             25

                                                High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News
   Tishman cm for UmmS Data ctr.                                                                            BwK cm for hS cafeteria
       Boston, mA - Tishman construction                Tcc-mA provided comprehensive                       gray Architects for Bishop fenwick
corporation of massachusetts (Tcc–mA)           planning and pre-construction services
                                                                                                        peabody,        mA
is serving as construction manager to the       leading up to the start of construction.
                                                                                                 - BwK construction
worcester city campus corporation for the              “we chose Tishman because of their
                                                                                                 served as the construc-
building of a new data center and support-      significant expertise in the planning and        tion manager for the
ing infrastructure to serve the University of   building of mission critical facilities as       Bishop fenwick high
massachusetts medical School (UmmS).            well as their understanding of current best      School cafeteria renova-
The new data center will provide scalable,      practices and ideas for more environmen-         tion, which was a fast
secure, and redundant storage capabilities      tally and sustainable mission critical facili-   track, design-build reno-
for UmmS’s current and future critical          ties,” said paul hanbury, p.E., sr. mechani-     vation of the existing
data requirements.                              cal project manager at UmmS.                     cafeteria, kitchen, serv-
                                                                                                 ing and deli areas.

                Rashi School Dedicated                                                                  The existing me-
                                                                                                 chanical systems were

                             hmfh Architects                                                     removed and replaced
                                                                                                 with      high-efficiency
       Dedham, mA - The Rashi School, a         in energy use, acoustic levels, indoor air       units that meet all appli-               Bishop Fenwick High School cafeteria
Jewish day school for grades K-8, relocat-      quality, thermal comfort, water efficiency,      cable codes. BwK con-
ing to the site of NewBridge on the charles,    and storm water management.                      struction worked closely                        and the library. The new addition will
held a cornerstone dedication ceremony on              The innovative curriculum at Rashi        with gray Architects and Bishop fenwick contain an administrative suite and six K1
June 8 at the site of the new school in Ded-    blends general studies, Jewish studies           administration to ensure that the project classrooms.
ham. The ceremony featured the setting          and the Hebrew language in a first-of-its        stayed under budget and was completed on              The new facility will allow Boston
of two building cornerstones marking the        kind campus shared with a new senior             time such that the school was fully func- Renaissance to enhance the programs and
building’s completion.                          living community. Technologically rich           tional prior to the return of the students.     services it offers students, including 3.5
       The new 82,000sf school, designed        classrooms and science labs will support                Approximately 97,000sf of educa- acres of outdoor play facilities, recess areas
by hmfh Architects, Inc., is located on         learning, and students will also enjoy a         tional, assembly and administrative space and kinder-play facilities, adequate gymna-
hebrew Seniorlife’s 166-acre campus on          10,000-volume library, art studios and ded-      will be created in the existing buildings sium space, and a multimedia center.
the charles River and is designed to take       icated music rooms.                              and a new almost 16,000sf addition will               BRcpS expects to complete the new
advantage of its bucolic, riverfront site.             The program also calls for a gym-         be built to connect the buildings. The mill school in time for the September 2010
        The high performance building will      nasium, playgrounds, sports fields, flexible     building that fronts hyde park Avenue will school opening. The construction phase
                                                                                                 form the focal point of the new school, and is expected to produce 270 jobs. once the
be LEED-certified.                              rooms for extracurricular programs, and a
                                                                                                 house most of the classrooms. The ware- school is operational, 150 people will be
       The school will perform in the top       modern kitchen. construction began last
                                                                                                 house building will house the school’s employed.
10% of buildings in the US and significant-     winter and the school is expected to be
                                                                                                 large public assembly spaces such as the
ly above standard building code regulations     ready for the 2010-2011 academic year.
                                                                                                 gymnasium, cafeteria, music classrooms,

                                                                                                           SPECIALIZING IN:
                                                                      Exterior and Interior Landscape, Planning, Development,
                                                                 Transitional and Long-Term Management Throughout New England


       • Planning, Budgeting and
         Pre-construction cooperation

       • Strategic and Creative value
         engineering                                                                                                                               Intercontinental Hotel, Boston, MA

       • Vigilant Budget Management

       • Critical Paths and Turn-over dates

       • Project close-out details

       • Ongoing transitional client support.
                                                                                            Avalon Rooftop Terrace                                    Private Estate, Wellesley, MA

   100 Revolutionary Drive                                      Jon Ciffolillo, VP Business Development
                                                                                                                                                                P.O. Box 260
   East Taunton, MA 02718                                        ph. (508) 977-9100 fax (508) 884-2431
                                                                                                                                                         Worcester, MA 01613
26                                                                                                                                                                                  July, 2009

                                                                                                                                                                     High-Profile Feature:
                                            lee Kennedy co. helping to Bring New life to The
                                                                                       Team approach essential to success of new construction and reno

        ee Kennedy co. is well underway on                                                                                                                   site, material deliveries are precisely sched-
        construction of The Boston conser-                                                                                                                   uled and immediately off-loaded to ensure no
        vatory’s long-awaited expansion and                                                                                                                  traffic back up on the street.
renovation project in downtown Boston. with                                                                                                                          The coordination efforts required to
interior demolition of the existing building                                                                                                                 marry the updated existing building and the
nearly complete and foundation piles for the                                                                                                                 new structure is another challenging aspect of
new building in place, the site is beginning                                                                                                                 work, according to lee Kennedy co. Superin-
to take shape for steel erection in September.                                                                                                               tendent Bill Traill. “coordination is extreme-
The project will top off in December and the                                                                                                                 ly important, particularly floor heights,” he
conservatory is slated to occupy the new fa-                                                                                                                 said. To ensure the buildings “match up” the
cility in August 2010.                                                                                                                                       contractor’s team has applied its trademark
       The construction team’s strong momen-                                                                                                                 detailed approach to field layout and manage-
tum is an exciting progression for the project,                                                                                                              ment, taking measurements throughout the
which had been in preconstruction for over                                                                                                                   space to confirm floor heights, building an-
a year and a half prior to breaking ground in                                                                                                                gles and other important elements to ensure
may. lee Kennedy co.’s team worked closely                                                                                                                   all systems can seamlessly tie together.
with New York city-based handel Architects,                                                                                                                          with heavy construction still ahead,
owner’s representative KVAssociates and the
conservatory throughout preconstruction to
lay the groundwork for this complex project.
        The $19 million project is the first in
over 50 years for this prestigious performing
arts institute. New construction consists of a
four-story, 32,000sf facility to house dance                    Rendering of lobby section                       ity in planning the work and
studios and an orchestra rehearsal hall. The                                                                     continue to be closely moni-
existing three-story building next door is be-                 “No project will be more transformative           tored as heavy construction
ing renovated to upgrade the 300-seat theater           or more exciting than this one. we’re a small            activities increase. lee Ken-
with state-of-the-art audio/ visual, lighting,          project with big aspirations,” said Richard              nedy co.’s team established
dimming and rigging systems and back-of-                ortner, president of The Boston conserva-                specific site logistics and
house functions. Additional renovations in-             tory, at the building’s groundbreaking.                  safety plans to ensure mini-
clude replacing the existing roof truss system           Logistics & Coordination Key to Success                 mal disruption to students,
with structural steel and installing all new                   located on narrow hemenway Street in              residents and pedestrians
mEp and hVAc systems.                                   downtown Boston, logistics were a top prior-             in the heavy traffic area. To
                                                                                                                 accommodate the restricted      Rendering of Boston Conservatory Hemenway project

                                            Lee Kennedy Co Inc
                                            Building Partnerships

                                                                                                                                             is proud to be part of t
                                                                                                                           Lee Kennedy Co, Inc
                                                                                                                           on the Wheelock Col
                                                                                                                              Riverway House a
                                                                                                                          Boston Conservatory P
 The Boston Conservatory Hemenway Project                                  Wheelock College Riverway House
 Rendering courtesy of Handel Architects                                Renderings courtesy of DiMella Shaffer

                        Your Partner in Enhancing Campus Life
                                                                                                                                         109 Smith Place Cambridge, MA 02138 617.66

              122 Quincy Shore Drive | Quincy, MA 02171 | 617.825.6930 |                                         HVAC • Plumbing • Refrigeration • Fire Prot
           July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                         27

     Boston Conservatory
e Boston conservatory
 ovation project
 -    there are a number of milestones yet to come             The conservatory project is another
 o    on the hemenway project. however, with the        high-profile addition to Lee Kennedy Co.’s
      entire team’s cooperative approach and com-       portfolio of academic construction, joining
 o    mitment to a high quality project, there’s no     other projects currently underway at Boston
      doubt that students, faculty and visitors alike
      will soon be enjoying a state-of-the-art teach-
      ing and performance venue.
                                                        college, wheelock college, wellesley col-
                                                        lege, harvard University and mIT.                is proud to be the
 -                                                                                                          structural steel supplier
 e                      The Boston Conservatory Project Team                                          for the Boston Conservatory Project
 k                            owners Rep - KVAssociates
 -                           Architect - Handel Architects
 e                    general contractor - Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.
                          Structural Steel - Beauce Atlas, Inc.
                              Earthwork - James W. Flett
 ,             Doors, frames & hardware - O’Connor Door Corporation
                     Underpinning - Terra Drilling Company, Inc.
                          hVAc - Thomas G. Gallagher, Inc.

            Boston conservatory project Related News:
              A video of the recent ground breaking can be found on the Boston conservatory
       website at:
               Boston, mA - Krokidas & Bluestein llp announced that Attorney Kathryn murphy
       recently represented The Boston conservatory as real estate counsel in connection with
       The Conservatory’s financing of major renovations and an addition to its theater build-
       ing. Attorney murphy worked with tax counsel and bond counsel from Edwards Angell
       palmer Dodge llp, and counsel for wainwright Bank & Trust company, U.S. Bancorp            
       community Development corporation (cDc) and three community development enti-
       ties to close on a tax exempt bond issue and New Markets Tax Credit financing.


                                                                                                       Geotechnical DesiGn & construction specialists

                                                                                                       MICROPILES ~ ANCHORS ~ GROUTING ~ SOIL NAIL WALLS
 the                                                                                                  SOIL MIXING ~ DIAPHRAGM WALLS ~ VIBRO TECHNOLOGIES

c team
                                                                                                       “Proud to be part of
 llege                                                                                                         the
                                                                                                      Lee Kennedy Team at
and                                                                                                            the
                                                                                                      Boston Conservatory”
                                                                                                       New England District Office
                                                                                                       582 Main St., Hudson, MA 01749
                                                                                                                                                      Terra Drilling specializes in the
 61.7000                                                                                               978-568-0351 Fax: 978-562-4847
                                                                                                                                                      design and installation of drilled
                                                                                                                                                     micropiles, tiebacks, rock anchors,
                                                                                                                 a division of                     earth support systems with pre-drilled
                                                                                                                                                   soldier piles and lagging, soil nailing,
 tection • Installation • Service • Maintenance                                                                                                         underpinning, and grouting.

            28                                                                                                                                                                                                July, 2009

                                                                   wowing the Awards Jury                                                                                     ADD Inc wins
                                                                                                                                                                               IIDA Awards
                                        by Michael J. Reilly,                        tion: “why should others care about         ing your big idea message. Use active

                                      Reilly Communications                          this?” Start the whole process off by       verbs. Edit, rewrite and polish until
                                       veryone loves to win. when it answering the question. Quiz your                           the piece comes to life.                     Boston, mA -ADD Inc., a nationally
                                       comes to award competitions, client about the value…the real val-                                5. make it User friendly: pay      recognized architecture and design firm,
                                       winning boosts team                                         ue… your project or team      close attention to how easy it is for     received two top awards at the Third An-
                            morale, impresses the client,                                          delivered. Identify and       any reviewer to quickly find and align    nual International Interior Design Associa-
                            and separates your firm from                                           quantify all measurable       your responses to award selection cri-    tion (IIDA) New England’s Interior Design
                            the competition.                                                       benefits: to the communi-     teria. Draft a simulated score sheet      Awards held at the museum of fine Arts in
 nthly                                        Archived us that
                                     Research tells on                        ty, to the environment, to    based on the criteria in the call for     Boston recently. The firm secured the high-
 file: C.E.Floyd Builds Brookhaven by the
                            buyers are influenced                                                  the profession. You need      entries. leave plenty of white space,     est recognitions possible in the Residential
                            third-party endorsement of                                             to make sure your entry       use inviting and uncluttered design,      Design categories. The IIDA New England
                                                                                                                                                                           Awards celebrate interior design and honor
ven at Lexington, Designed by DiMella Shaffer
                            awards. Think JD powers                                                is memorable, so think        and introduce bright graphic elements
                                                                                                                                                                           excellence in teamwork.
                            and malcolm Baldridge. for                                             big! Include clear success    as a navigation device.
ruction Corporation Provides Sitefirms,
                            professional service
                                                               Work                                metrics.                             6. get a Second opinion: Be-
                                                                                                                                                                                  IIDA New England awarded ADD Inc
                                                                                Reilly                                                                                     with the top honor in the Best multi-Unit
             High-Profile: Awards

                            winning positions the com-                                                     3. Invest in great    fore shipping your entry out, enlist an
                                                                                                                                                                           category for its distinctive design of Arch-
                            pany as an innovator, prob-                                            photography: we live in       objective and trusted reviewer to test    stone North point in cambridge. ADD Inc
                            lem solver and expert.                                   a visual age, and all of us are now         how effective and readable the whole      worked with contractor Suffolk construc-
                                     But first you have to win.                      visual experts. great photography           entry is. make changes based on this      tion, mEp/fp engineer cosentini Associ-
                                     Based on my experience gained is the most important factor in win-                          feedback.                                 ates, Inc., acoustical engineer cavanaugh
                            as an awards judge, and on lessons ning awards. Award competitions ex-                                      we all enter to win, but often     Tocci Associates, Inc., lighting consultant
                            learned by submitting winning en- ist to provide compelling content for                              the slight difference between win-        lAm partners and furniture dealer cre-
                            tries on behalf of clients, here are six a magazine, or to enliven an annual                         ning and losing is one additional idea    ative Office Pavillion to design the 23-story
                            actions you can take to impress the meeting. Images help tell the story to                           or enhancement. wow the jury with         multi-family urban apartment building that
                            jury and separate your entry from the the jury and to subsequent audiences,                          your big idea, take no shortcuts, and     includes high-end amenities rarely offered
                            competition:                                             especially for complex architecture,        get ready to win.                         in cambridge apartment living.
                                     1. Reach out to Insiders: Talk- engineering and construction out-                                  Michael J. Reilly is president            In addition, ADD Inc earned the top
                                                                                                                                                                           distinction for the Best private Residence
                             Care Retirement jurors and past winners
okhaven at Lexington, a Lifeing with past Community                                  comes.                                      of Reilly Communications, a Boston-
                            will give you valuable insights. $350,000 by choosing Energize the ‘Voice’ of the
                                                                         look                4. the utilized                     based marketing and public relations      design for a penthouse loft in Boston’s Back
o soupy and soft to measuring seven yards long). The boulders over
                            them up, and then askwith method. forMasterson Corporation pro- text is written like
                                                              past jurors J.         Entry: most award                           firm. He is immediate past president      Bay. collaborating with interior designer
 Adding to the soil were put in a stone crusher and mixed
  debris field was equal parts soupy soil and on soil, then the vided site work. a history book. Traditional, but of-
                            their advice dry what makes the dif-                                                                 of the Massachusetts Building Con-        miechi peng Design Studio, contractor
                    mixture was returned to the site. C.E. Floyd         Later in the project ledge was dis-                                                               walsh Brothers, custom kitchen designer-
                            ference between from the covered where ten fatal. Every entry reads the same
 ny decided to ex- Company also sought advicewinning and losing, the pool building was to be                                     gress, past national and chapter
 he boulders (some geotechnical engineermistakes you should avoid.
                                                                                                                                                                           mercedes farrando, formerly of Arclinea
                                                                                     –with no distinct
                            and what but was able to save located, necessitating blasting directly out-voice. Energize the       president of SMPS, and a contribut-
                                                                   side of residents’ apartment. Instead of                                                                Boston, custom woodworker, curry wood-
 Team                                                                                package by out of
                            Ask the sponsoring association if youmoving these peopleusing lively, first-person
                                                                   temporarily                                                   ing editor to the journal Marketer. He    working and furniture dealer montage,
 n at Lexington             can review past winning entries.                          blasting from clients, team members,
                                                                   their apartments, quotes was scheduled                        can be reached at 617.464.1717 or         ADD Inc designed this elegant loft featuring
 Shaffer                                                             To rock- end users, etc.these
                                     2. find the Big Idea:twice a day for three weeks. During Com-
                                                                   times Brookhaven and C.E. Floyd
                                                                                                        frame the message by         a two-story dining room, dramatic industrial
ager/GC: CE Floyd                                                  pany entry        providing some background research
                            et past the competition, your worked together to ensure the effected                                                                           windows and 12-foot ceilings.
 son Construction                                                  residents were data. Excerpt a news article support-
                            needs to answer one tough ques- out of their units and that
                                                                all three floors of the hallways looking onto

                                                                                                                                        pUmA hQ wins IIDA Award
                                                                                                                                   Jc&A, Spagnolo gisness and AhA Engineers
                                      MJM                           MASONRY, INC.
                                                                     Masonry, Inc.
                                                                    MASONRY CONTRACTORS
                                                                                                                                       Quincy, mA -The In-
                                                                                                                                ternational Interior Design
                                                                                                                                Association named J. cal-
                                                                                                                                nan & Associates, Spagnolo
                                           We remain committed to the traditional                                               gisness & Associates, AhA
                                            values of client satisfaction, quality,                                             Engineers and the rest of the
                                          on-time completion and excellent service.                                             puma NA headquarters proj-
                                        We remain committed to the                                                              ect team winners in the large
                                                                                                                                project category of “Best
                                         traditional values of client                                                           project over 80,000sf.”
                                        satisfaction, quality, on-time                                                                 The new award-win- The signature PUMA Red, quirky PUMA icons as well as
                                                                                                                                ning building houses the US       the PUMA Cat are featured throughout the building.
                                          completion and excellent                                                              operations for sales, mar-                    dising meetings as well as brand events,
                                                                                                                                                          keting,     retail, and four café areas and a food prep facility.
                                                   service.                                                                                               product      mer- A modern 1,500sf gymnasium including
                                                                                                                                                          chandising, cus- locker rooms and showers was built exclu-
                                                                                                                                                          tomer service, sively for the employees, to encourage a
                                           65 Forest Street , Arlington, MA 02476                                                                         operations and healthy and active lifestyle.
                                                                                                                                                          finance. Measur-          multiple product displays were de-
                                                                                                                                                          ing 129,000sf on signed to showcase pUmA’s footwear, ap-
                                              Phone: 781-862-1170                                                             19 acres, pUmA parel and accessories, including a catwalk
                                               Fax: 781-674-0249                                                               North America in the front lobby as well as a gallery display
                                                                                                                                                          is a two-story of historical pUmA products. The signature
                                                                                                                                                          building hold- pUmA Red, quirky pUmA icons as well as
                                                                                                                                                          ing 140 offices the pUmA cat are featured throughout the
                                                             Emerson Hospital
                                                                                                                                                          and 20 meeting building. Interior highlights include a visu-
                                                                                                                                Multiple product displays spaces, includ- ally striking 60 foot long skylight as well
                     65 Forest St.,Arlington, MA 02476
                                                                                                                                  were designed to show- ing a Brand as a lobby boasting an open atrium with 23
                     781-862-1170                                                                     case PUMA’s footwear, center for sales foot high ceilings and glass rails.
                     Fax: 781-674-0249                                                                apparel and accessories. and merchan-

July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                      29

                                                                        High-Profile: Awards
IIDA N.E. Interior Design winners                                                     margulies perruzzi wins IIDA Award
                                                                                             Boston, mA - margulies perru-
         oston, mA - Several New Eng-              Office Environments Of NE          zzi Architects announced that its work
         land design firms were recog-             Bovis lend lease consultants       on the corporate headquarters for Nu-
         nized this week in 11 categories          New England laboratory             vera fuel cells was honored with an
for outstanding Interior Design and ex-            Tmp consulting Engineers           Interior Design Award in the Office
cellence in teamwork.                        Residential - Private                    category (50,000-80,000sf) from the
       over 250 designers, architects,             360 Newbury St. private Res.       International Interior Design Associa-
brokers, contractors and vendors cel-              ADD Inc                            tion (IIDA) of New England. The Third
ebrated the event at Boston’s mfA.                 meichi peng Design Studio          Annual Awards program celebrates
       professional designers throughout           walsh Brothers                     outstanding interior design and honors
New England were invited to nominate               mercedes ferrando                  excellence in teamwork.
their work and the project partners that           curry woodworking                          Nuvera fuel cells is creating the
helped make it a reality. The program              montage                            world’s energy source for the future. Large windows looking into the manufactur-
aimed at celebrating the interior design     Residential - Multi Unit                 The development of its new corporate ing area allows clients to see the space without
profession and honoring teamwork.                  Archstone North point              headquarters in Billerica was part of a       interrupting manufacturing processes.
       All projects were displayed                 ADD Inc.                           strategy to increase collaboration and
                                                                                      productivity, as well as address a grow-       top plane is exposed ceiling, ductwork and
throughout the evening and the winners             Suffolk construction
                                                                                      ing need for additional lab space.             cabling.
were announced live at the event.                  cosentini Associates
                                                                                              The installation of a three-planed            Erland construction was the general
       projects were judged outside of             cavanaugh Tocci Associates, Inc.
New England by members of the mid-                 lAm partners Inc.                  ceiling eliminated the feeling of empty contractor for this project; RDK Engineers
                                                                                      space, while also assisting in creating the provided the mechanical, electrical and
Atlantic chapter of IIDA. IIDA New                 Creative Office Pavilion
                                                                                      traffic path. The lowest plane is pendant plumbing (MEP) engineering; and the fire
England Board members presented the          Office Under 20,000sf
                                                                                      lighting, the next level is an aluminum grid, code specialist was Rolf Jensen Associ-
awards. Two student scholarships were              Analysis group
                                                                                      designed to “lower” the ceiling height. The ates.
also presented.                                    cBT Architects
       IIDA has 29 chapters and 10 fo-
rums around the world committed to en-
                                                   Office Resources
                                                   front Studio                          IIDA Awards cBT ‘Best in Show’
hancing the quality of life through excel-         hlB                                        Boston, mA - cBT took                             and splashes of vibrant col-
lence in interior design and advancing             Avteg consulting Engineers         home top honors in the New                                ors are integrated to achieve
interior design through knowledge.           Office 20,000sf– 50,000sf                England chapter of the Inter-                             the high-intensity energy
Congratulations 2009 Winners!                      monitor-Doblin                     national Interior Design Asso-                            of New York. lighting was
Education                                          Sasaki Associates, Inc.            ciation’s (IIDA) third annual                             used to strengthen the per-
       morgan State University                     Turner construction                Interior Design Awards for its                            ception of natural light and
       Sasaki Associates                           cosentini Associates               design of Analysis group’s                                expansiveness of space. Il-
       Design collective, Inc.                     Thornton Tomasetti                 New York City office located                              luminated ceiling panels in
       henry Adams, Inc.                           The code group                     in the heart of Rockefeller                               lounge and pantry, and indi-
       hope furrer Associates, Inc.                Office Environments                center. The project received                              rect cove light in offices cre-
       hess construction co.                 Office 50,000sf– 80,000sf                first place in the under 20,000sf                         ates softness and warmness
       Honorable Mention                           Nuvera fuel cells corporate hQ     office category, as well as the                           in the space.
       Johnson & wales University                  margulies perruzzi Architects      “Best in Show Award” from all Interior view of award-              The design team
       Student Service center                      Nuvera fuel cells                  10 categories.                    winning Analysis Group   worked to ensure that en-
       ARc/Architectural        Resources          Erland construction                          As part of Analysis             office.          vironmental considerations
      cambridge haworth                            RDK Engineers                      group’s program requirements,                              and energy efficiency were
       Creative Office Environments                Rolf Jensen & Associates, Inc.     the New York office features 100% private integrated into the design and construction
       walsh Brothers                        OFFICE over 80,000sf                     offices for individual workspace, along by including energy saving measures such
       Tmp consulting Engineers                    puma North America                 with conference rooms, informal meeting as motion sensors and daylighting. The
       Roll Barresi & Associates                   Spagnolo gisness & Assoc.          areas, lounge, pantry, production and mail space features a demountable office front
Healthcare                                         J.calnan Associates                rooms.                                        system, which allows the wall system to
       mainegeneral health                         Heathrow Office                             Unique and custom materials were be removed and reused in another location,
       harold Alfond ctr for cancer care           Office Resources                   incorporated into the design, and artwork and the carpet contains recycled content.
       TRo Jung|Brannen                            Boston light Source
       SmRT, Inc.
       h.p. cummings construction
                                                   AhA consulting Engineers
                                             Best in Show                                  Duffy gets IIDA Best Retail project Award
       Honorable Mention                           Analysis group                            Boston, mA - Duffy Design group
       concord hospital New pediatric              cBT Architects                     was recently presented with the Interna-
       Unit                                        Office Resources                   tional Interior Design Association’s (IIDA)
       lavalee Brensinger Architects               front Studio                       2009 New England Interior Design Award
       Yeaton Associates                           hlB                                for Best Retail project. Duffy Design
       c & m Engineering                           Avteg consulting Engineers         group’s award winning entry was D Scale,
       Bruss construction                    Student - Undergraduate                  a modern furnishings and accessories store
Hostpitality/Retail                                fp3 lofts                          owned by Dennis Duffy.
       D ScAlE furnishings Store                   megan Dobstaff                            The building, which had once been
       Duffy Design group                          wentworth                          used for manufacturing, had great expo-
       gTI properties                              Honorable Mention                  sure to the street. The upper level, three
       Trickett woodworks                          Bluth & Associates: Attorney at    feet above street level, would still have13       The interior of D Scale was designed to
       Sergio wandembruck                          law                                foot ceiling heights. The lower level, be-          convey a sense of luxe modernism.
       Emporio Beraldin                            olena Ivanina                      low grade would still have exposure to the
Research                                           wentworth                          street from the existing building openings.      sense of luxe modernism. Thirty-inch-wide
       genzyme corporation, Science          Student-Graduate                                 In order to maximize this and to high-   horizontal bands of masonite projected off
       center.                                     New generation genealogy           light the industrial “bones” of the space, the   of the interior walls, finished in a sensuous
       ARc/Architectural Resources                 library                            upper floor plate was pulled away from the       graphic presence. Other finishes utilized,
       cambridge                                   connie fong                        exterior wall, allowing more natural light       such as the leather and steel clad columns
       Steelcase Design partnership                                                   to penetrate to the lower level. In contrast     and the warm grey ash, provide a synergis-
                                                                                      with the raw steel columns and granite fa-       tic contrast to the raw, industrial elements
                                                                                      çade, the interior was designed to convey a      of the base building.
30                                                                                                                                                                              July, 2009

                                                                            High-Profile: Awards
            2009 ABc massachusetts                                                                     ABc conn. Award celebration
              STEp Award winners                                                                           The 2009 cT ABc STEp Award                harrington Engineering, Inc.
STEP Platinum Award                            Dellbrook construction llc                           winners, cEc Instructor Recognition              hop River concrete, Inc.
    Bowdoin construction corporation           Electrical Dynamics, Inc.                            and Apprenticeship program grads                 KBE Building corporation
    J. m. coull, Inc.                          c. E. floyd company, Inc.                            were honored recently at a celebration              (formerly Konover const.)
    cutler Associates, Inc.                    forish construction company, Inc.                    held in Middlefield, Conn.                       laRosa Building group, llc
    DEcco, Inc.                                hall Sheet metal works, Inc.                                 following is a list of those who         Notch mechanical constructors
    Delta Roofing, A Tecta America             lake hVAc, Inc.                                      were recognized :                                United Steel, Inc.
       company                                 S. E. luttazi & Sons, Inc.                                  Completion of Apprenticeship              2009 STEP Gold Awards
    Electronic Environments corp.              maguire company, Inc.                                Training                                         All State construction, Inc.
    Elm Electrical, Inc.                       medford wellington Service                                  peter Thibodeau, D-2 hVAc Ap-             Bestech, Inc. of connecticut
    Erland construction, Inc.                     company, Inc.                                     prentice – EmcoR Services/New Eng-               c & h Electric, Inc.
    Interstate Electrical Services, Inc.       NorthStar construction Services                      land mechanical                                  c.E. floyd company, Inc.
    Kaplan corporation                            corp.                                                    Daniel Santana, Sm-2 Sheet met-           Do-All Drywall, Inc.
    methuen construction co., Inc.             parris and Associates                                al Apprentice – EmcoR Services/New               Electrical contractors, Inc.
    miano construction corporation             pilgrim Interiors, Inc.                              England mechanical                               Enterprise Builders, Inc.
    The middlesex corporation                  piping Systems, Inc.                                        gregg waag, S-2 hVAc Appren-              gar-San corporation
    mJm masonry, Inc.                          premier fence, llc                                   tice - modern mechanical                         hawley construction corp.
    m.J. moran, Inc.                           Rivers Electrical corporation                               chris mancini, Sm-2 Sheet met-            Joseph gnazzo company, Inc.
    North Shore mechanical                     R & R window contractors, Inc.                       al Apprentice – EmcoR Services/New               Kronenberger & Sons
       contractors, Inc.                       Schernecker property Services, Inc.
                                                                                                    England mechanical                                  Restoration, Inc.
    Notch mechanical constructors              Tocci Building Systems
                                                                                                           Kyle Kling, carpentry Appren-             macri Associates, Inc.
    piquette & howard Electrical               c. white marine, Inc.
                                                                                                    tice - Kling Brothers Builders                   midstate Site Development, llc
       Services, Inc.                      STEP Silver Award
                                                                                                           Tiffany Taylor, carpentry Ap-             Network Interiors, Inc.
    Reilly Electrical contractors Inc.         T. ford company, Inc.
                                                                                                    prentice – Kronenberger & Sons Res-              Nosal Builders, Inc.
    RElco                                      glynn Electric, Inc.
                                                                                                    toration                                         pDS Engineering &
    Ryan construction, Inc.                    w. T. Kenney company, Inc.
                                                                                                           marlon walker, carpentry Ap-                 construction, Inc.
    Sagamore plumbing & heating, Inc.          Northland Residential construction
                                                                                                    prentice – Network Interiors                     petra construction corporation
    Tocco Building Systems                     RAlco Electric, Inc.
STEP Gold Award                                Tenant Systems, Inc.                                        Instructor of the Year                    pilgrim Interiors, Inc.
    A & m construction company, Inc.           williams Building company, Inc.                             Edward J. lafrance, Jr. construc-         Sarazin general contractors, Inc.
    A & M Roofing Services, Inc.               STEp Bronze Award                                    tion Education center Safety Instructor          Shepard Steel co., Inc.
    R & R Battista Services, Inc.              Breen & Sullivan mechanical                                 2009 STEp Awards                          2009 STEp Silver Awards
    callahan, Inc.                                Services, Inc.                                           STEp is a National ABc ac-                castle concrete corporation
                                                                                                    creditation method to rate Safety and            clay furniture Industries, Inc.
                                                                                                    Training programs. There are four des-           cpE Electric, llc
                                                                                                    ignations (Bronze, Silver, gold, and             Eastern mechanical
                                                                                                    platinum) that are in varying degrees all           Services, Inc.
                                                                                                    challenging to achieve. members who              ElK Sheetmetal, llc
                                                                                                    have achieved any STEP certification             Kobyluck construction co.
                                                                                                    have demonstrated dedication to keep-            main Enterprises, Inc
                                                                                                    ing their workforce safe.                        modern mechanical
                                                                                                           2009 STEP Platinum Awards                    Systems, Inc.
                                                                                                           The Butler company                        Viking construction, Inc.
                                                                                                           cianbro corporation
                                                                                                           EmcoR Services New England

                                                                                                                       KBE Recognized
                                                                                                                     for Safety Excellence
                                              Latitude 43 Restaurant and Bar, Gloucester, Mass.         for the seventh consecutive year,       occupational Safety and health Adminis-
                                                                                                  KBE Building corporation (KBE) – former-      tration (oShA) to participate in a two-year
                                                                                                  ly Konover construction corporation – has     Safety Training Alliance. Subsequently,
                                                                                                  been recognized for excellence in safety by   KBE signed a separate oShA partnership
                                                                                                  the connecticut chapter of the Associated     agreement. The partnering agreement per-
                                                                                                  Builders and contractors (ABc). KBE has       tains specifically to KBE’s work on the Ho-
                                                                                                  received the Safety, Training and Evalua-     tel Sierra, a four story, and 84,000-s/f hotel
                                                                                                  tion process (STEp) platinum level Safety     on Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton, conn.
                                                                                                  Award, the highest-level safety awards giv-          Through the Alliance program,
                                                                                                  en by ABc. The award recognizes organi-       oShA works with KBE and other groups
                                               Bedford, Massachusetts                             zations exhibiting an allegiance to keeping   committed to safety and health, to leverage
                                               781.271.9006                                       their workforce highly trained and signifi-   resources and expertise to develop compli-
                                               Middletown, Connecticut                            cantly educated in the day-to-day process     ance assistance tools and resources to help
                                               860.635.7111                                       of safety guidelines.                         prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities in
                                                                                KBE was honored in early 2008 by an     the workplace.
                                                                                                  invitation from the Department of labor’s
July, 2009                                                                                31

      KBE Building
      Committed to Improving Worksite Safety Through
      Education, Training, and Industry Partnerships

         1.800.798.9909 • Connecticut – Maryland •

32                                                                                                                                                                          July, 2009

                                                                            High-Profile: Awards
                                AcEc/mA 2009 Engineering Excellence Awards
       waltham, mA - The American coun-
cil of Engineering companies of massachu-
setts (AcEc/mA) presented Engineering
Excellence Awards to several massachu-
setts companies for their outstanding en-
gineering projects in the commonwealth
over the last two years.
       The 2009 award winners were:
       Grand Conceptor:
       cDm for marina Barrage and Res-
ervoir Singapore. Singapore’s new marina
Barrage creates a multi-purpose urban res-
ervoir that protects against flooding, boosts
water supply, and enhances the nation’s                                                                                                      Gold winner was BSC Group for the Mas-
downtown area. Undertaken by Singa-             The Grand Conceptor was awarded to CDM, Marina Barrage and Reservoir Singapore                sachusetts Chapter 91 Mapping Project
                                                pore’s public Utilities Board (pUB), with      for heath hill Section 52 phase 2
                                                cambridge, mass. based cDm as its main         Rehabilitation project. The heath
                                                consultant.                                    hill Section 52 phase 2 project con-
                                                       The Singapore marina Barrage and        sisted of rehabilitating two miles of
                                                Reservoir project won a National honor         an 80-year-old, 54-inch diameter
                                                Award in the American council of Engi-         steel water main in Brookline and
                                                neering companies (AcEc) 2009 Engi-            Boston for mwRA.
                                                neering Excellence Awards competition in              Silver
                                                washington, Dc in April 2009.                         Stantec consulting Services,
                                                       Gold Awards:                            Inc. for the Runway 33l Engi-
                                                       BSc group for massachusetts chap-       neered materials Arresting System
                                                ter 91 mapping project. The mass. chapter      project. Stantec provided design
                                                91 mapping project, completed by BSc           and construction phase services for
                                                group for the commonwealth, represents         installation of an Engineered ma-
                                                an ambitious and innovative effort to map      terials Arresting System (EmAS)
Gold was won by Green International Af-         the presumptive lines of state tidelands ju-   at the end of Runway 33 left, the
                                                                                                                                       Silver went to Stantec Consulting Services for
   filiates, Inc. for Heath Hill Section        risdiction.                                    longest of six runways at logan In-
                                                                                                                                       Runway 33L Engineered Materials Arresting
 52 Phase 2 Water Main Rehabilitation                  Green International Affiliates, Inc.    ternational Airport.
                                                                                                                                       System - Phase 1 Logan International Airport

                                                                                                       2009 AcEc/cT Engineering
                                                                                                       Excellence Awards Recipients
                                                                                                     2009 Grand Award:
                                                                                                     palmer Dam Rehabilitation
                                                              project - Engineer: Tighe & Bond,
                                                                                                     Engineering        Excellence
                                                                                               Awards went to:

         Document, Print, and                                                                        Bridgeport Superior court &
                                                                                               center for Juvenile matters - Engi-
                                                                                               neer: BVh Integrated Services, Inc.;
       Information Management                                                                        hartford hospital helipad
                                                                                               - Engineer: george Torello Engi-
                                                                                               neers, Inc.;
                                         • On-Site Services                                          westport water pollution con-
                                           - Managed plotters/printers for                     trol facility Upgrade - Engineer:
                                             your office with online tracking                  Stearns & wheler, llc;               Bridgeport Superior Court & Center for Juvenile
                                             and reporting                                           Running Repair Shop - Engi-                        Matters
                                                                                               neer: STV Incorporated;
                                         • Digital Printing Services                                                                                   Merit Award recipients were
                                           - Online file submission                                                                                    Inspection of connecticut Bridg-
                                                                                                                                                 es and overhead Sign Supports - Engi-
                                           - Plan printing to marketing
                                                                                                                                                 neer: hAKS;
                                             collateral                                                                                                Blue Back Square - Engineer:
                                                                                                                                                 langan Engineering & Environmental
                                                                                                                                                       casper Street Site Remediation -
                                                                                                                                                 Engineer: malcolm pirnie, Inc.;
                                                                                                                                                       Yankee gas lNg facility - En-
        Service Centers in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Orlando & Las Vegas                                                                      gineer: SEA consultants, Inc.
                  On-Site Services Nationwide I 800-448-6002                                           Blue Back Square Streetscape

                                                • Online Project Document Software
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                        33

                                                                           High-Profile: Awards
                                                                                                       BSA 2009 K-12 Educational
                  BSA 2009 Sustainable                                                                  facilities Design Awards
                    Design Awards                                                                   Boston, mA- chan Krieger Sienie-
                                                                                             wicz’s park School and maryann Thomp-
                                                                                                                                                   that received Design Citations:
                                                                                                                                                          • The New Science Center in North
         Boston, mA – The Boston chil-        lumbia University by payette (Boston)          son Architects with Ingrid Strong’s chil-             Andover, mass. for The Brooks School,
  dren’s museum by cambridge Seven                   Axinn center at Starr library           dren’s School received honor Awards for               designed by Architerra, received a citation
  Associates and the world headquar-          for middlebury college (Vt.) by cBT            Design Excellence in this year’s K-12 Edu-            for Sustainable Design. The independent
  ters for the International fund for Ani-    (Boston)                                       cational facilities Design Awards program             science school for grades 9-12 integrates
  mal welfare by designlAB architects                In addition, seven projects were        held by the Boston Society of Architects              sustainable design in a way that truly cre-
  received honor Awards for Design            recognized with citations in the 2009          (BSA) and the AIA New York chapter.                   ates a learning environment. An intensive
  Excellence in the Boston Society of         program:                                              The following de-                                                 green roof is integral to
  Architects’ 2009 Sustainable Design                A Post Office Square office ren-        signs received Honor                                                     the biology curriculum,
  Awards program.                             ovation for leggat mccall properties           Awards for Design Excel-                                                 retains stormwater and
         Now in its eighth year, this bien-   (Boston) by Audrey o’hagan Archi-              lence:                                                                   provides a habitat for
  nial design awards program is co-spon-      tects (Newton, mass.) received a cita-                • The Children’s                                                  wildlife. The science
  sored by the AIA New York chapter           tion for low-waste flexibility in a mod-       School in Stamford, conn. is a one-room               atrium features a real-time digital display
  and the US Environmental protection         ern office space.                              schoolhouse for a pK-3 montessori pro-                of energy use, providing continuous feed-
  Agency.                                            The west Basin house (Santa fe,         gram that offers exterior views from nearly           back on conservation efforts. The site plan
         The expansion of The Boston          N.m.) for fred and JJ milder by Signer         every spot inside, with daylight dappling             highlights conservation by preserving the
  children’s museum’s visitor services        harris Architects (Boston) with wood-          the floor in two-thirds of the space. De-             oldest oak tree in North Andover, while
  and extensive gallery renovation “has       metalconcrete Architecture received a          signed by maryann Thompson Architects                 a new wet/dry rainwater garden creates a
  created a wonderful place to educate        citation for off-grid housing.                 in collaboration with Ingrid Strong, the              memorable courtyard setting for an out-
  children about sustainability hand-                greenpix (Beijing, china) for           school features roof planes that subtly tilt          door classroom.
  in-hand with the other educational          Jingya corp. by Simone giostra and             against one another, breaking up the visual                  • Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype
  programs,” wrote the jury. “The land-       partners (Brooklyn, N.Y.) received             landscape with shafts of daylight and creat-          designed Spruce Street Nursery School, a
  scaping and building are carefully inte-    a citation for innovative use of solar         ing smaller areas that are a perfect scale for        private nursery school in a 37-story resi-
  grated to offer exceptional storm-water     technology.                                    children of this size.                                dential tower in Boston. The design, which
  management and protection of the ad-               Jamaica plain cohousing (Ja-                   • Chan Krieger Sieniewicz designed             received a citation for a Transformation of
  jacent fort point channel.”                 maica plain, mass.) for Jamaica plain          an addition and renovation for The park               Tenant Space into Early childhood Space,
         The remediation and reconstruc-             cohousing members by Kraus-             School in Brookline, mass. By placing a               opens up classrooms from closed boxes
  tion of a brownfield site provided a        fitch Architects (Amherst, mass.) and          new wing of classrooms around the blank               into exploratory space. A large concrete
  new home for the International fund         Domenech hicks & Krockmalnic Ar-               north façade of the gym, the architects suc-          support column was transformed into a
  for Animal welfare’s nearly 200 em-         chitects (Boston) received a citation          ceeded in placing the library at the center           “tree” for storage and displaying children’s
  ployees on cape cod. The project            for social sustainability.                     of the school. Quirky touches include a               artwork. A computer den was created in a
  “brilliantly addresses sustainability is-          cellophane house (New York)             small kidney-shaped stage in the library for          niche between two other structural walls
  sues from a number of angles, includ-       for museum of modern Art exhibit by            browsing, reading and performances and                and multiple play areas are visible from all
  ing land protection, water management       KieranTimberlake received a citation           playfully arranged window patterns that               of the classrooms.
  and siting,” wrote the jury.                for reusability of materials and com-          create child-scale window seats and display                  • Centerbrook Architects and Plan-
         four projects won Design Awards      ponents.                                       shelving. The design creates a fourth wall,           ners employ glass walls in their design of
  in the 2009 program. They were:                    Davis Student Village for col-          transforming an existing courtyard into an            the Esther Eastman music center for The
         New England Biolabs (Ipswich,        lege of the Atlantic (Bar harbor, me.)         outdoor classroom.                                    hotchkiss School in lakeville, conn.,
  mass.) for New England Biolabsby            by coldham & hartman Architects                       The following design received                  which highlight the stunning panoramic
  TRo Jung|Brannen (Boston)                   (Amherst, mass.) received a citation           Awards for Design Excellence:                         views of nearby lakes and hills as well as
         garthwaite center for Science        for student housing.                                  • The scarcity of buildable sites in           contribute to the center’s acoustical quali-
  and Art (weston, mass.) for The cam-               Southworks lakeside chicago             Revere required that the recreational fields          ties. The design was awarded a citation for
  bridge School of weston by Architerra       Development (chicago) by Sasaki As-            next to the high school be used for the con-          Innovative Interior Design.
  (Boston)                                    sociates (watertown, mass.) received           struction of Rumney marsh Academy, but                       • The six individual “schools within
         gary c. comer geochemistry           a citation for urban design and master-        Drummey Rosane Anderson’s design takes                a school” at lawrence high School are
  Building at the lamont-Doherty Earth        planning.                                      that into account. This smart-growth devel-           linked together via a central curvilinear
  observatory (palisades, N.Y.) for co-                                                      opment uses a compact footprint, reconfig-            spine that acts as a thoroughfare to all ar-
                                                                                             ures the athletic fields and adds a lighted           eas of the school—strengthening a sense of

   BSA Award to TRo Jung|Brannen
                                                                                             synthetic turf field to mitigate the loss of          community. Designed by flansburgh Asso-
                                                                                             one field from the athletic program.                  ciates, this building received a citation for
                                                                                                    The following designs are some                 campus planning.
       Boston, mA – TRo Jung|Brannen, agement plan for the development was an
an international architecture, interior de- integral part of the LEED certification pro-                                          COBB HILL CONSTRUCTION 
sign and engineering                                               cess. The storm water
firm, has been honored                                             management design
                                 “We are thrilled that our instituted several best
with a Sustainability                                                                                                                                 OPENING NEW  
Design Award by the work for New England Biolabs management practices
Boston Society of Ar- has been recognized as an in- including a wet pond,                                                                               DOORS... 
chitects (BSA) for the spiring example of corporate water quality swales
firm’s work on New sustainability by our peers.”                   and subsurface infil-                                                      C O N S T R U C T I O N   M A N A G E M E N T  
England Biolabs.                                                   tration facilities, all                                                    G E N E R A L   C O N T R A C T I N G  
       meridian Asso-
                                       –Robert Hoye, CEO of which blended into                                                                R E S I D E N T I A L ‐ C O M M E R C I A L  
ciates, Inc. of Beverly                TRO Jung|Brannen the natural landscape                                                                 D E S I G N   B U I L D  
was the lead consultant                                            and preserved the                                                          H I S T O R I C A L   R E S T O R A T I O N  
and civil engineer responsible for securing character of the site.
regulatory permits. In conjunction with            “we are thrilled that our work for
the team of lEED Accredited profession- New England Biolabs has been recognized
als, the design of the site was developed in as an inspiring example of corporate sus-                           Providing Construction Excellence Since 1986
harmony with existing environmental fea- tainability by our peers,” said Robert hoye,                    206 North State Street, Concord, NH 03301  |  603.224.8373  | 
tures. The site design and storm water man- cEo of TRo Jung|Brannen
34                                                                                                                                                                                                                      July, 2009

                                                                           High-Profile: Awards
         Agc Unveils Award winners
       Boston, mA - Agc of mA
announced the winners of the in-
                                                                                                middletown h.S. wins cBc Award
                                                                                                       middletown, cT - The middle-                                   the largest construction project in the
augural Agc Industry Technol-                                                                   town high School and Vocational Ag-                                   city of middletown’s history.
ogy Awards. This juried awards                                                                  ricultural center project received the                                      The cBc Awards Banquet was
program recognizes firms for the                                                                first place award for New construc-                                   held on June 9, 2009 at the Bond Ball-
innovative ways they are using                                                                  tion above $10 million in the 2009                                    room in hartford where the project team
technology to increase competi-                                                                 connecticut Building congress (cBc)                                   was recognized for the successful col-
tiveness and create a better work-                                                              project Team Awards competition. The                                  laboration. The award submission was
ing environment for employees in                                                                three-story, 282,000sf facility is built                              prepared by gilbane Building company,
the construction community.                                                                     to support 1,400 students and features                                the project’s construction manager. pro-
       The leadership in Technol-                                                               a 700-seat auditorium, 1,400-seat gym-                                gram management services were pro-
ogy Award went to Tocci Build-                                                                  nasium, auxiliary gym, natatorium, and                                vided by Ray Kinghorn of ARcADIS
ing companies. Tocci was one of Bob Petrucelli, president & CEO, AGC; Joe Stella,               a 26,000sf vocational and agriculture                                 (formerly pinnacleone).
the first construction companies in president, P.J. Stella Construction; and Joe Ferolito,      center. The new high school represents
the northeast to fully adopt BIm                 Tocci Building Companies.
(Building Information modeling).

                                                                                               Diggs pm for Award-winning SmSA
                                              a leader in extracting the power of BIm to
        The firm has developed the region’s
                                              ignite the birth of virtual design and con-
most savvy BIm experts and has become
                                                      struction (VDc).
                                                             The Innovation in Technology            Designed by DuBose - o&g Industries cm
                                                      Award went to william A. Berry &
                                                                                                      hartford, cT - Sport and med-
                                                      Son, Inc., who created a mobile ac-
                                                                                               ical Sciences Academy (SmSA) was
                                                      cess technology system for safety as
                                                                                               recently recognized by the cBc,
                                                      a way to ensure safe jobsites. The
                                                                                               an organization founded in 1952
                                                      system records, tracks and analyzes
                                                                                               that consists of prominent leaders
                                                      safety data on-site, ensuring that in-
                                                                                               in the construction industry. mem-
                                                      spections are thorough, fast and con-
                                                                                               bers gather each year to recognize
                                                      ducted in a consistent manner by all
                                                                                               project teams that exemplify close
                                                      teams on all jobs.
                                                                                               collaboration in various categories.
                                                             Agc congratulates these two
                                                                                               This year, SMSA won first place
                                                      major construction firms for their
                                                                                               in the category of New K-12 con-
   Adam Omansky, Vela Systems; Neil Slyva, Wil- forward-thinking approach to solv-             struction.
   liam A. Berry & Son, Inc.; and Paul MacClel- ing issues faced in building the facili-              Eduardo genao, former prin-
                 land, Vela Systems.                 ties we all use today.
                                                                                               cipal of SmSA who presided over           Exterior view of the award-winning Sport and

        SmpS Boston Annual Awards
                                                                                               the school during the program-                      Medical Sciences Academy
                                                                                               ming, design and early construc-
                                                                                               tion phases of the project, accepted            tion served as program manager.
      Boston, mA - The Society for mar-        market and Best green practices, VhB for
                                                                                               the award on behalf of the hartford public            Today, the school houses 553 stu-
keting professional Services (SmpS) Bos-       public Relations/outreach, Tsoi/Kobus &
                                                                                               Schools.                                        dents (target to be reached shortly – 725
ton held its annual awards gala on June 3      Associates for holiday piece and Special
                                                                                                      on August of 2008, thanks to the students) from grades 7 through 12 in a
at the Seaport hotel in Boston. A newly-       Event, and walsh Brothers for website.
                                                                                               hard work of all the team members, the 158,000sf building that includes nine labs,
minted awards program, the Recogniz-                    Individual accomplishments for
                                                                                               school opened on time and under budget. a field house, a gymnasium with a climb-
ing outstanding communications (Roc)           outstanding contributions to the marketing
                                                                                               The state of the art facility was designed by ing wall, two fitness rooms, a library media
Awards, recognized the very best of the        and communications profession were also
                                                                                               DuBose Associates, o&g Industries man- center, and a television studio. The total
industry in several categories.                recognized. Karen Euler of carol R. John-
                                                                                               aged the construction, and Diggs construc- project cost is $71.9 million.
       first place honors went to Design &     son Associates was awarded the Emerging
company for Best corporate Identity and        marketing professional of the Year and mi-
Best website, VhB for Best Target market       chael Sears of RDK Engineers was given
piece and Best Special Event, Shawmut          the New member of the Year.
Design and construction for Best public               washington University took the top
Relations/outreach, payette for Best green     honors of client of the Year, with honorable
practices and Rhino public Relations for       mention going to ADD, Inc. client of the
Best holiday piece.                            Year is given to a company that exemplifies
       In addition, honorable mention went     significant contributions to both their built
to the following firms: Lee Kennedy Co.        environment and their community.
for corporate Identity, cDm for Target                                                                                                               Award-winning team

        We don’t just build green, sustainable, and LEED                                         Next-generation equipment, backed
        Certified Buildings for our clients - we decided to                                      by three generations of service.                                                                                       80
                design and build one for ourselves.

                                                                                                 Play spaces have changed a lot over the years. The service,          With one of the widest arrays of equipment options,
                                                                                                 quality and value that made O’Brien New England’s leading            as well as aquatic splashpads and shock-absorbing
                                                                                                 source for the latest playground equipment hasn’t. After 80          surfacing and perimeter edging, we have everything
                                                                                                 years, we’re still family-owned and operated, and remain             to make your project safer, easier to maintain and

                       North Branch Construction, Inc.                                           dedicated to helping you create the best-designed,
                                                                                                 imaginative and attractive play spaces anywhere.
                                                                                                                                                                      more fun-packed than ever.

                             (603) 224-3233 . FAX (603) 225-7165
                                                                                                                                                                      Contact us today for complete details about our
                                                                                                                                                                      family of products and services.
                                                                                                 93 West Street • P.O. Box 650 • Medfield, Massachusetts 02052-0650
                                                                    508-359-4200 • 800-835-0056 • Fax: 508-359-2817                                      Elements For a Great Outdoors.™
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                        35

                                                                          High-Profile: Awards
                         IfmA Boston winners of 2009 Awards of Excellence
       Boston, mA - The Boston chapter                                                                                                           resentative of an associate mem-
of the International facilities manage-                                                                                                          ber company in recognition of
ment Association (IFMA), a non-profit as-                                                                                                        voluntary contributions to IfmA
sociation dedicated to serving the facility                                                                                                      Boston.
management profession, announced the                                                                                                                   • Distinguished End User:
winners of the 2009 Awards of Excellence.                                                                                                        John Shenette, Smith college
michael Reilly, fSmpS, of Reilly com-                                                                                                                  The Distinguished End
munications emceed the event.                                                                                                                    User Award is presented to a pro-
       • You Make it Happen Award: IFMA                                                                                                          fessional member of the Boston
Boston career preservation Task force                                                                                                            chapter who has provided sus-
       lori Stewart coletti (Elaine con-         Sean Murphy, John Fortin      John Shennette                                                    tained, outstanding leadership to
                                                                                                    SheilaSheridan           Sean Murphy
struction), Joe flynn, AIA (margulies                                                                                                            the chapter.
perruzzi Architects), and Jessie wigfall                                                                                                               • Education & Professional
(liberty mutual) serve as the chairs of the     (Aerotek), carlos lopez, Karen osborn                                                            Development Award: mark Nel-
career preservation Task force. members         Shanley, Joanne Katz (partners healthcare)                                              son, DcAm
include Jordan Rolfing (Mayflower Mov-          and Susan Shelby, cpSm (Rhino pR).                                                            The Education and professional De-
ers), Leah Gilchrist (Office Solutions),              The You make it happen Award IfmA chapter that goes above and beyond velopment Award is presented to a Boston
Sheila gilberti (Aeorotek), Nick mandonas       is given in recognition of service to the expectations, and makes a substantial im- chapter IfmA member demonstrating ex-
                                                                                            pact on the membership and success of the ceptional support of professional develop-
                                                                                            organization.                               ment in their organization and/or facility

           cBc 2009 Award winners                                                                 • President’s Award: Sean Murphy, management community.
                                                                                            liberty mutual                                    • Facilities Management Achieve-
        New Construction                      tries                                               The president’s Award is given to a ment Awards for Best practices
        First Place                                  Designers: JcJ Architecture and        chapter member for his or her leadership          These awards are presented to the
        middletown high School& Vo-           friar Associates                              and example to our industry as a whole.     individual or team whose facility manage-
  cational Agricultural center                       c.J. lawler Associates                       • Lifetime Achievement Award: ment program, project, system, innovation,
        owner: middletown public                     constructor: gilbane Building          Sheila Sheridan                             or idea has had a substantial, positive effect
  Schools                                     company                                             The lifetime Achievement award is on the success of their organization.
        program manager: ARcADIS                     K-12 School                            given in recognition of consistent achieve-       • Sustainability Practices: Sasaki
  (formerly pinnacleone)                             First Place                            ment and service over the course of one’s         • Small Project (<50,000 s.f.): Leg-
        Designer: Decarlo & Doll, Inc.               Sport and medical Sciences             career.                                     gat mccall properties
        constructor: gilbane Building         Academy                                             • Exemplary Service Provider Award:         • Large Project (>50,000 s.f.): IFAW
        Award of Merit                               owner: city of hartford                John fortin, Bond Brothers                  (nominated by Design lab Architects)
        Yale University - Kroon                      program manager: Diggs con-                  This award is presented to the rep-
  hallSchool of forestry & Environ-           struction
  mental Studies                                     Designer: Du Bose Associates,
        owner: Yale University                Inc. Architects
        Designer: centerbrook Archi-                 constructor: o&g Industries,
  tects and hopkins Architects (lon-          Inc.
  don)                                               Award of Merit
        constructor: Turner construc-                christopher columbus family
  tion company                                Academy
        Special Category                             owner: city of New haven,
        middletown–Norwalk Transmis-          connecticut
  sion                                               owners Representative: gilbane
        middletown to Norwalk, conn.          Building company
  (18 Towns)                                         Designer: Svigal + partners,
        owner: Northeast Utilities Ser-       llp
  vice company                                       constructor: A. prete construc-
        Designer: Burns mcDonnell             tion co., Inc.
  Engineering company, Inc.                          Small Projects
        constructor: Burns mcDonnell                 First Place
  Engineering company, Inc.                          Saint Thomas more chapel
        Major Renovation/Expansion                   owner: Saint Thomas more
        First Place                           corporation
        Yale University Art & Architec-              Designer: Knight Architecture
  ture, paul Rudolph hall, loria center       llc
  for the history of Art                             constructor: petra construction
        owner:Yale University                 corporation
        Designer: gwathmey Siegel &                  Award of Merit
  Associates Architects                              Southern connecticut State Uni-
        constructor: Turner construc-         versity: connecticut hall Dining fa-
  tion company                                cility
        Award of Merit                               owners: Southern connecticut
        waterbury high Schools: crosby        State University compass / chartwells
  high School,Kennedy high School,            (Ryebrook, N.Y.)
  wilby high School                                  Designers: VisionBuilders &
        owner:        waterbury public        Design and The winthrop group
  Schools of waterbury, cT                           constructor: laRosa Building
        program manager: o&g Indus-           group, llc.

36                                                                                                                                                                       July, 2009

                                                                         High-Profile: Awards
                                     AIA New hampshire 2009 Awards program
                                                                            25-Year Award

        he 25-year award was established             general contractors: milestone En-     to remain open for shows during construc-            Jurors for the 25-year award:
        to mark the 25th Anniversary of the   gineering and construction; photographer:     tion.                                                Bruce coldham AIA, coldman and
        AIANh Design Awards program           Justin Van Soest                                     Merit Award for Unbuilt Architec-      hartman Architects, Amherst, mass.; mar-
and recognizes architectural design of en-           The Tilton School’s goal was to cre-   ture                                          tha montgomery AIA, montgomery Ark.,
during significance on a project that has     ate a building that would transform the way          The old man of the mountain legacy     williamstown, mass.; Stephen Schreiber
stood the test of time for 25 to 35 years.    the school thought about itself.              memorial; francis D. Treves AIA, francis      fAIA, professor and the program Direc-
The project had to be located in New                 currier museum of Art expansion,       D. Treves Architect llc, princeton, N.J.      tor in Architecture + Design, University of
hampshire, completed between 1974 and         manchester, N.h.; Ann Beha Architects,               The concept for this entry is a re-    massachusetts at Amherst
1984, and designed by an architect licensed   Boston, mass.                                 placement of The old man of the moun-                Jurors for the 2009 AIANH Excel-
in New hampshire at the time of comple-              contracter: harvey construction        tain, the famous icon of the State of New     lence in Architecture Awards Program:
tion.Awarded to:                              corp. of Nh; landscape Architects: Rich-      hampshire that collapsed may 3, 2003.                grace N. chiang AIA, principal,
       The conservation center, Society       ard Burck Associates                                 People’s Choice for Residential        holt Architects, pc, Ithaca, N.Y.; Anton
for the protection of New hampshire for-             This project encompasses two city             Zahr home, holderness, N.h.;           christiansen AIA, lEED Ap, principal as-
ests, concord, N.h. ; designed by c. Stuart   blocks and doubles the amount of space for    Samyn-D’Elia Architects pA                    sociate, holt Architects, pc, Ithaca, N.Y.;
white, Jr., AIA, Banwell white and Arnold     exhibits, programs, and visitors services,           People’s Choice for Commercial         Andrew magré, Associate University Ar-
(now Banwell Architects)                      while maintaining the museum’s appeal-               currier museum Expansion, man-         chitect, cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
       The new headquarters for the forest    ing, intimate scale.                          chester, Nh ; Ann Beha Architects
Society were designed in 1979 and occu-              Merit Awards

                                                                                                         AIA conn. 2009 Business
pied in November 1980.                               The Dublin lake club: Addition,
       AIANH 2009 Excellence in Archi-        Renovations, Restoration, Dublin, N.h.;
tecture Awards                                Richard m. monahon, Jr. AIA Architects,
       Honor Awards
       lakeside library, Squam lake, N.h.;
                                                     construction manager: hutter con-                       Awards winners
Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Inc.
, Boston, mA.
                                                     members wanted this 1902 lakeside
                                                                                                     AIA cT Business Architecture Awards
       contractor: garret B. Rowe; photog-    clubhouse to appear unchanged, but im-               This statewide award, presented in
rapher: greg premru                           prove accessibility and performance..         association with Business New haven,
       This is a small structure serving             The music hall, portsmouth, N.h.;      honors architects for solving business
many purposes: guest house, library, tennis   TmS Architects, portsmouth.                   problems for connecticut clients, there-
viewing pavilion, and boat house.                    general contractors: DeStefano and     by demonstrating the power of archi-
       Tilton Academic Building, Tilton       Associates                                    tecture to shape business performance,
                                                                                            to improve peoples’ lives and provide a
School, Tilton, N.h.; Scott Simons Archi-            Built in 1878, The music hall was in
                                                                                            value added service to clients in a busi-
tects of portland, maine                      need of major restoration, and also needed
                                                                                            ness setting that far exceeds the costs of
                                                                                            that service. projects may include non-
                                                                                            profit businesses. The award acknowl-
                                                                                            edges architects and their clients whose
                                                                                            projects enhance the built environment
                                                                                            and achieve business goals
                                                                                                   Jurors: Angela cahill, AIA,
                                                                                            Schoenhardt Architects, Tariffville,
                                                                                            connecticut; Richard connell AIA, The
                                                                                            S/l/A/m collaborative, glastonbury;
                                                                                            Joe Rubertone, Director of facilities,
                                                                                                   Quinnipiace University, hamden. The renovation of the Interstate + Lakeland
                                                                                                   Under 50 employees                    Lumber’s original 1922 millwork shop was
                                                                                                   laura Turlington, AIA of pirie designed to create a space that both celebrated
                                                                                            Turlington Architects, New haven,             the company’s rich history and displayed
                                                                                            conn.                                          products like pieces of art. Photo credit:
                                                                                                   Barbara Shulman-Kirwin, BSK                   Phillip Ennis Photography
                                                                                            Design/croma gallery, guilford
                                                                                                                                                             Over 50 employees
                                                                                                                                                             Jon halper, AIA of halper
                                                                                                                                                       owens Architects llc, green-
                                                                                                                                                       wich, conn.
                                                                                                                                                             The Interstate Design
                                                                                                                                                       center (Interstate and lakeland
                                                                                                                                                       lumber), greenwich, connecti-
         Receives ABC NH/VT Safety Awards                                                                                                              cut
   Hudson, NH – NorthPoint CM, LLC proudly announces taking 2nd place in the                                                                                 Honorable Mention Un-
   2009 Associated Builders and Contractors Safety Award program; SIC Code 15 /                                                                        der 50 employees
   Under 50,000 Man-Hour category. In addition to this Safety Award we receive                                                                               craig Saunders, AIA and
   a Certificate of Recognition for “Zero Lost Time”. We believe that workplace                                                                        harvey leibin, AIA of Du Bose
   safety is achieved through planning, proper training and worksite awareness. All                                                                    Associates. Inc, Architects,
   NorthPoint projects are completed using first-rate construction practices to                                                                        hartford, conn.
                                                                                                                                                             connecticut center for
   ensure safe construction environments.                                                                                                                                Advanced Technology, Inc.
   94 River Road, Hudson, NH 03051 / 603.546.2000                                               The new use for this adaptive re-use project is a      (ccAT), East hartford, con-
                                                                                              working artist’s studio and retail space. Photo credit necticut
                                                                                                  Woodruff/Brown Architectural Photography
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                  37

                                                                             High-Profile: Awards
    fresh pond Reservation Awarded
       The Boston Society of landscape
Architects awarded the fresh pond Reser-
vation Northeast Sector an honor Award in
its annual awards program this year.
       carol R. Johnson Associates, Inc.’s                                                          IBEW Business Agent Marty Aikens; Gompers Good Scout Award winner Senator
restoration of 25 acres of the 100-year-old                                                       Michael Morrissey; Secretary/Treasurer/Business Agent Boston Building Trades James
reservation surrounding cambridge’s wa-                                                             Coyle; President. Mass. AFL-CIO Robert Haynes; Secretary of Labor & Workforce
ter supply was a bold first step by the city                                                        Development Suzanne M. Bump; Executive Director of Building Trades Employers’
in returning the Reservation to a vibrant,                                                        Association; Good Scout Award winner James Wool; Good Scout Award winner Kevin
healthy ecosystem.                                                                                                Gill; George Meany Award winner Ronald Hansen, Jr.
       The Reservation is a much loved
space for the urban community of cam-
                                                 Fresh Pond Reservation Northeast Sector
                                                                                                        minuteman Awards for Service to Scouting
bridge, yet the public’s intensive use had       into the site.                                          Dorchester, mA - on June 12, 2009 spirit of the Boy Scouts.
taken a great toll. The project area included            The understatement and simplicity of     at the International Brotherhood of Elec-           Senator michael morrissey received
sites that had been severely compacted           the Northeast Sector landscape belies the        trical workers (IBEw) headquarters in the gompers good Scout Award. Samuel
from their use as a construction laydown         innovation and complexity underlying this        Dorchester, union members were honored Gompers was a key figure in American la-
area and a public works yard, and from           landscape restoration. The comprehensive         for their service to Scouting at the annual bor history. gompers founded the Ameri-
intensive off-trail recreational use by visi-    steps undertaken to restore the site – the       labor Breakfast.                              can federation of labor (Afl) and served
tors.                                            inventory of over 1000 trees, the removal               Ronald hansen, Jr., a sheet metal as the Afl’s president.
       much of the natural area had seen         of invasive species, the stabilization and       worker, was honored with the george mea-            This year’s featured speaker was Boy
extensive deterioration from invasive plant      protection of slopes using onsite materials,     ny Award. Introduced in 1974, The george Scout peter Anzalone of Troop 546, Stone-
species that had reduced biodiversity and        the transformation of a former construction      meany Award recognizes union members ham. Anzalone is a life Scout who is be-
eliminated wildlife habitat in the Reserva-      staging area into a four-acre natural storm-     for their service to youth and underscores ginning his path to Eagle.
tion. Steep slopes leading down to the Res-      water treatment wetland, the amendment of        the important role union mem-
ervoir had been trampled and the fragile         5,000 cy of existing soils, and the planting     bers play in the community.
topsoil layer washed into the water during       of thousands of plants – are so interwoven              The good Scout Award
heavy rains, compromising the city’s water       with the site that their impact is not appar-    was presented to two outstand-
supply.                                          ent.                                             ing union members for excep-
       Recognizing the need to protect wa-               As one walks through the project, it     tional community service and
ter quality as well as provide for public use,   becomes necessary to be reminded that one        leadership. Kevin gill, presi-
the design team located the more intensely       is in the city, as the surrounding landscape’s   dent of mccusker-gill, Inc.,
used facilities outside the watershed of the     accommodation of public use is nestled           and James wool, business man- Scout volunteer and Co-Chair of the Labor Breakfast
Reservoir and sited the sensitive wetland,       within a rich and varied landscape that pro-     ager of Sheet metal workers Mike Berry, Good Scout Award winner James Wool,
wet meadow, a four-acre upland meadow,           tects the water quality of the Reservoir and     local 17, received “The Ideal        Business Agent IBEW Local 103 and Co-Chair of
and a two-acre butterfly meadow further          creates abundant wildlife habitat.               Scout” award statues by Robert Labor Breakfast Marty Aikens; Gompers Good Scout

              SlAm wins AIA Awards
                                                                                                  Tait mcKenzie, symbolizing the          Award winner Senator Michael Morrissey.

      glastonbury, cT - The S/l/                                                                                       tti
                                                                                                                   uide es
A/m collaborative, a 180-mem-                                                                                 ra G
                                                                                                          Sand hic Servi
ber architecture firm with offices                                                                         Grap
in Atlanta, Boston, and connecti-
                                                                                                                                               Sandra Guidetti
cut, has been recognized for two                                                                                                               Graphic Services
school projects by the 2009 Edu-                                                                                                        Over 20 Years in the Graphic Design
cational facility Design Awards                                                                                                                and Printing Industry
program sponsored by the AIA
committee on Architecture for
Education.                                                                                                                       Services:
      At the national AIA an-
nual meeting held recently in
San francisco, Avon old farms Avon Old Farms Beatson Performing Arts Center                                                                                 Magazines
Beatson performing Arts center photo courtesy of the SLAM Collaborative (Tim Seay                                                                       Newspaper Layout
(Avon cT) and the Samuel Staples
                                                    AOF photography)                                Graph a Guidetti
                                                                                                         ic Ser
Elementary School (Easton cT)
were awarded citations of merit              dents that blends modern teaching philoso-                                                                     Ad Design
from a field of more than 100 entries to the phies with a contextual design appropriate                                                                      Posters
national design award program.               in a town whose character is still inspired
       completed in 2006, the The Samuel by agrarian buildings.                                     Sandra Guidetti

                                                     The Beatson performing Arts cen-                                                                         Flyers
                                                                                                    Graphic Services
Staples School replaced an overcrowd-
ed, outdated elementary school with a        ter provides an auditorium that comfort-                                                                        Mailers

121,000sf, pre K-5 school for 800+ stu- ably accommodates the entire Avon old                                                                               Postcards
                                                    farms School community of 400                                                                        Business Cards
                                                    students, plus 85 faculty and staff,                                                                Restaurant Menus
                                                    for all school gatherings. It is the                                                                      Logos
                                                    performance venue for the School’s                                                                        Signs
                                                    chorale and jazz bands (as well as its
                                                    dramatic productions) with a retract-
                                                    able concert shell, and provides ex-
                                                    panded instructional space with large
                                                    rehearsal rooms, a variety of practice
              Samuel Staples School                 rooms and a technology-rich record-                                                       508-989-1103
                                                                                                                                           76 South Meadow Road ~ Plymouth, MA
   Photo courtesy of The SLAM Collaborative (      ing studio and radio station.
          Woodruff Brown Photography)

38                                                                                                                                                                                                                          July, 2009

                                                                                                           High-Profile: Awards
                                     gilbane wins Two cBc Awards                                                                                                             Starnet Award winners
                                                                                                                                                             Darien, cT – Starnet worldwide
      glastonbury, cT –The connecticut                                                                                                             commercial flooring partnership recently
Building congress recently honored gil-                                                                                                            announced winners of the 2009 Starnet
bane Building company’s glastonbury                                                                                                                Design Awards competition at their annual
office with two Project Team awards. Gil-                                                                                                          meeting held in palm Desert, california.
bane’s project teams at middletown high                                                                                                            Business Interiors floor covering (BIfc),
School & Vocational Agricultural center                                                                                                            headquartered in woburn, mass. was hon-
and waterbury high Schools.                                                                                                                        ored with one of the seven awards given.
      The middletown high School &                                                                                                                           As the winner of the Small corpo-
     Confidence Builders
Vocational Agricultural center project re-
ceived top honors with a first place Award               Middletown High School. Photography by Frank Giuliani
                                                                                                                                                   rate category, BIfc completed the project
                                                                                                                                                   for Anika Therapeutics, Bedford, mA with
in the New construction category. The
    Fire protection systems are the lifeline of every successful construction project. Since 1882, M.J. Daly                                       design assistance from michele R. Brooks
    has led the industry with the and city enrollment. The three-story structure that define what of waterbury.
waterbury high Schools Renovationsinstallation of complex fire protection systemscated across the city reliability In total, & Team with olson lewis Dioli & Doktor
    means. Our was honored with an houses teaching classrooms, laboratories, the project included 25,336sf of new con- Architects & planners.
Additions projectpre-fabrication capabilities ensure fast-track scheduling of applications for a variety of
Award of meritcommercial, Renovations collegiate-style lecture hall, media center, government clients. Forrenovations.
    blue-chip in the major pharmaceutical, healthcare, higher education and struction and 17,700sf in over                                                  BIfc was formally presented their
                                            evolved and a community-based health
/ Expansion decades, our experience has cafeteria, along with the latest technological advances in life safety included a award along with design team representa-
    twelve category.                                                                          crosby high School
      gilbane provided construction to continue other highlights include of excellence.
    systems. Today our passion isman- center. our 127 year tradition a 700-seat 17,336sf second-story addition that housed tives from olson lewis Dioli & Doktor
ager as agent services for the middletown auditorium, 1,400-seat gymnasium, aux- a new library, media center, and TV Studio, Architects & planners, Anika Therapeutics
high School and Vocational Agricultural iliary gym, natatorium, related athletic/ with an open courtyard below.                                    and vendor partner representatives from
center project. The new 282,000sf facil- physical education locker room facilities,           Kennedy high School included a Armstrong, Atlas carpet, Johnsonite, man-
ity will support an expanded 1400-student administration offices, a 26,000sf voca- 6,430sf stand alone library/media center nington and lees/mowhawk.
                                                             • Unmatched Experience with located in an
                                                           tional and agriculture additionMore Than enclosed courtyard.

                                                                                                                                                                              USgBc’s greenbuild
                                                               1,000,000 Sprinkler The Installed included the
                                                           center supporting sur- Headsproject alsoSince 1978 renovation of
                                                           rounding communities, the former library/media center into gen-
                                                           greenhouses, shop areas, eral classrooms. Dramatically
                                                             • State-of-the-Art Fabrication Tools to
                                                           and animal labs. Site and Ensure Quality

                                                                                              wilby high School included an
                                                                                                3/17/09   11:38:03 AM
                                                                                                                                                                                conf. and Expo
                                                               Accelerate Schedules                                                                          washington, Dc – The U.S.
                                                           amenities included the 8,000sf one-story addition to house six
                                                                                                                                                     green Building council (USgBc) an-
                                                             • Full Range of re-cre- science classrooms and
                                                           development and New Construction, Retrofit, additional general
                                                                                                                                                     nounced that it has been awarded the
                                                           ation of wetlands, and classrooms. for Wet,
                                                              Testing and Maintenance Services                                                       ImEX green meetings Award in rec-
                                                           numerous athletic fields           Together the design and construction
                                                               Dry, Pre-Action and Deluge Systems, Fire Pumps,                                       ognition of the 2008 greenbuild Inter-
                                                           and amenities.            teams successfully increased the school’s
                                                               Backflow Preventers and Double Check Valves                                            national conference and Expo, which
                                                                  At the waterbury capacity to promote a positive learning en-
                                                                                                                                                     took place in Boston. This is the third
                                                           high Schools project, vironment through new library and media       Confidence Builders
                                                             • 24 Hour On-Call Licensed Fitters                                                      time that the USgBc has accepted this
                                                                                                      brand new lifeline of classrooms.
                                                           gilbane provided con- centers, andsystems are thescience every successful construction project. Since 1882, M.J. Daly
                                                                                      Fire protection                                                honor for demonstrating an unwavering
                                                             • Experience and Prompt Service Youhas setinstallation of complex for dedication to minimizing the show’s
                                                                                      has end result
                                                                                                           Can a high
                                                           struction management Theled the industry with theRely Onstandard fire protection systems that define what reliability
                                                           at risk services for ad- school construction jobs in the city of higher education and government clients. For over
                                                                                      means. Our pre-fabrication capabilities ensure fast-track scheduling of applications for a variety of
                                                                                      blue-chip commercial, pharmaceutical, healthcare,              impact on the environment.
                                                           ditions and renovations terbury.
                                                                                      twelve decades, our experience has evolved along with the latest technological advances in life safety

                Crosby High School, Waterbury              to three high schools lo-  systems. Today our passion is to continue our 127 year tradition of excellence.


                                                                                                                                                                   • Unmatched Experience with More Than
                                                         110 Mattatuck Heights Road, Waterbury, CT, 06705 Tel (203) 753-5131 | 1,000,000 Sprinkler Heads Installed Since 1978

                                                                                                                                   New England’s Premier Reprographer
                                                                                                   Design                                                          • State-of-the-Art Fabrication Tools to Dramatically

                                                                                                                                                        Reprographic Services • Document Management
                                                                                                                                                                     Accelerate Schedules and Ensure Quality

                                                                                                   Construct                                                • Large/Small Format Printing & Copying
                                                               CMY                                                                                             • Full Range of New Construction, Retrofit,
                                                                                                                                                                Testing and Maintenance Services for Wet,
                                                                                                                                                                 Dry, Pre-Action and Deluge Systems, Fire & Electronic
                                                                                                                                                         • Black & White/Color • ScanningPumps,

                                                                                                                                                                  Large/Small and Double Check Valves
                                                                                                                                                        Media •Backflow Preventers Format Scanning Archival of
                                                                                                                                                               • 24 Hour On-Call Licensed Fitters File Conversion
                                                                                                                                                            Drawings/Specifications •
                                                                                                                                                                   • Facilities Management Services
                                                                                                                                                               • Experience and Prompt Service You Can Rely On

     Confidence Builders                                                                                                                      110 Mattatuck Heights Road, Waterbury, CT, 06705 Tel (203) 753-5131 |

     Fire protection systems are the lifeline of every successful construction project. Since 1882, M.J. Daly
     has led the industry with the installation of complex fire protection systems that define what reliability
     means. Our pre-fabrication capabilities ensure fast-track scheduling of applications for a variety of
     blue-chip commercial, pharmaceutical, healthcare, higher education and government clients. For over
     twelve decades, our experience has evolved along with the latest technological advances in life safety
     systems. Today our passion is to continue our 127 year tradition of excellence.

                                                                                                                                 Place an extension of Advantage in your office.
                                                           • Unmatched Experience with More Than                                           We provide both large and
                                                                                                                                 small format equipment with tracking software
                                                             1,000,000 Sprinkler Heads Installed Since 1978

                                                           • State-of-the-Art Fabrication Tools to Dramatically
                                                             Accelerate Schedules and Ensure Quality
                                                                                                                                     in your office for your immediate use.
                                                           • Full Range of New Construction, Retrofit,
                                                            Testing and Maintenance Services for Wet,
                                                             Dry, Pre-Action and Deluge Systems, Fire Pumps,
                                                             Backflow Preventers and Double Check Valves

                                                           • 24 Hour On-Call Licensed Fitters

                                                           • Experience and Prompt Service You Can Rely On

                                     110 Mattatuck Heights Road, Waterbury, CT, 06705 Tel (203) 753-5131 |       100 South Street, Boston, MA 02118 • 617-482-1662
July, 2009                                                                                                              39

                           Bond Problems?
                      Let us improve upon your current program.
                                                We can help!

                • Problem Obtaining Bonds? • Slow Service? • Uncompetitive Terms?
                                  • Bid Bonds • Performance & Payment Bonds
                          • Subdivision and Completion Bonds • License & Permit Bonds

           Oscar B. Johnson, Executive Vice President • Mark D. Leskanic, Vice President

                                          Eastern States Insurance
                              Insurance     Bonds    Employee Benefits         Risk Management

            50 Prospect Street | Waltham, Massachusetts 02453 | (781) 642-9000 | (781) 647-3670 fax |

  ESI fullpagead.indd 1
                                                                                                           6/1/09 8:46:07 AM
40                                                                                                                                                                           July, 2009

                                                                           High-Profile: Awards
                                                                                                   Shawna Bartkus Receives Award
                                                                                                      New haven, connecticut - Shawna         take on both endeavors and within her first
                                                                                               Bartkus, marketing manager for Dewber-         year of participation, the 2007/2008 sea-
                                                                                               ry’s New Haven office, was recently named      son, wTS connecticut Valley awarded its
                                                                                               member of the year by the connecticut Val-     first scholarship.
                                                                                               ley chapter of the women’s Transportation             This year, the chapter awarded two
                                                                                               Seminar (wTS), an international organiza-      scholarships; all recipients are pursuing ca-
                                                                                               tion dedicated to the advancement of wom-      reers in transportation.
                                                                                               en in transportation.                                 Bartkus also developed and imple-
                                                                                                      Bartkus was recognized for her lead-    mented the wTS connecticut Valley chap-
                  Award winning project team for Lofts at Lower Mills                          ership on two of the chapter’s strategic       ter mentor program for professional wom-

                  winn project Awarded
                                                                                               goals: to create a scholarship program and     en looking to further their careers within
                                                                                               a mentoring program. She volunteered to        the transportation industry.

       Dorhester, mA- Boston preservation
Alliance, a non profit organization that pro-
                                                construction, Inc.; The Architectural Team;
                                                and Epsilon Associates.
                                                                                                 payette wins Three Design Awards
tects and improves the quality of Boston’s            The lofts at lower mills are part of            Boston, mA - payette, an architec-
distinct architectural heritage recently pre-   the nationally known walter Baker & com-       tural design firm specializing in complex
sented winn Development companies with          pany chocolate factory complex located         buildings for medical and scientific re-
the prestigious 2009 preservation Award         in the Dorchester/milton lower mills In-       search, academic teaching, and healthcare,
for Adaptive Use of a historic Industrial       dustrial District. winn recently converted     announced three notable design awards for
Space for their historic preservation efforts   two of the historic mill buildings, which      its design of the gary c. comer geochem-
at Dorchester’s Baker Square.                   had suffered from years of neglect, into 60    istry Building at columbia University’s
       The development team that worked         units of quality rental housing, which in-     lamont-Doherty Earth observatory in
on the project along with winn Develop-         clude eight affordable units. A third build-   palisades, NY.
ment and was recognized at the ceremony         ing will be part of the second phase of re-           The comer geochemistry Building
                                                                                                                                              Award Winning Gary C. Comer Geochem-
included Baker contractors llc; Union           development.                                   garnered an Award for Design in the 2009
                                                                                                                                                istry Building at Columbia University

       Reilly wins Bell Ringer Award
                                                                                               Sustainable Design Awards sponsored by
                                                                                               the Boston Society of Architects commit-       aspects of sustainability and, as a result,
                                                                                               tee on the Environment and the American        make a substantial impact on the environ-
       Boston, mA - Reilly communica-                                                          Institute of Architects. The biennial award
tions, a Boston-based public relations and                                                                                                    ment.
                                                                                               is co-sponsored by the U.S. Environmen-              The project was also named the 2009
marketing consulting firm, was honored                                                         tal protection Agency and the committee
with a 2009 Bell Ringer Award by the pub-                                                                                                     lab of the Year in the competitive awards
                                                                                               on the Environment of the AIA New York         program co-sponsored by R&D magazine
licity club of New England for a national                                                      chapter. Its purpose is to recognize proj-
media relations campaign produced for ar-                                                                                                     and the Scientific Equipment and Furniture
                                                                                               ects that systematically integrate several     Association (SEfA)
chitecture firm The Freelon Group.
        The Bell Ringer Awards recognize
excellence in communications and public
                                                  Lew Myers of The Freelon Group and
                                                 Mike Reilly of Reilly Communications at       hmfh wins lighting Design Award
relations work in every field and industry,       the 2009 Bellringer Awards Ceremony                 cambridge, mA - hmfh Architects         hall are integrally linked to energy per-
and across all media - print, broadcast, and                                                   announced that the firm’s extensive reno-      formance upgrades in the building,” said
online.                                         metropolitan home, Durham Sun herald,
                                                                                               vation of Town hall in Brookline was hon-      chin lin, AIA, lEED Ap of hmfh Archi-
       The winning entry showcased North        Raleigh observer, ARchITEcT magazine
                                                                                               ored by the New England Section of the         tects. “The project also included new win-
carolina-based freelon group’s nation-          and Black Enterprise magazine.
                                                                                               Illuminating Engineering Society of North      dows, upgraded mechanical, electrical and
al visibility achievements and resulting              Reilly communications’ campaign
                                                                                               America (IESNA), the recognized techni-        plumbing systems and a complete overhaul
business success. The print and broadcast       for The freelon group was honored in
                                                                                               cal authority on illumination.                 of how the public spaces are organized.
campaign included articles on freelon pub-      2008 with a first place Award for public
                                                                                                      At the Brookline Town hall, an          This award is a wonderful testament to the
lished in the New York Times, the Balti-        Relations, and a Best of Show Award, by
                                                                                               18-month long project included extensive       long-term sustainable commitment of the
more Sun, the washington post, metropo-         the Society for marketing professional Ser-
                                                                                               renovation of a seven-story, 1960’s-era of-    Brookline community. The reduction of
lis magazine, Southern living, the San          vices in the association’s national market-
                                                                                               fice building to improve both energy and       energy costs allows the Town to reinvest in
francisco chronicle, Architectural Record,      ing communication Awards competition.
                                                                                               operational efficiency. The structure’s        other critical needs areas.”
                   mooney Awarded                                                              strong grid pattern of limestone and glass
                                                                                               required careful lighting design to achieve
                                                                                                                                                     With high-efficiency fixtures selected
                                                                                                                                              individually for each space, hmfh’s light-

                for helmets to hardhats                                                        the community’s ambitious sustainability
                                                                                                                                              ing design shows that energy efficiency
                                                                                                                                              can be achieved without sacrificing good
      Boston, mA - william D. mooney,           joint     apprentice-                                 “lighting improvements in Town          design.
president of the Building Trades Training       ship training centers
Directors Association of massachusetts
was presented with a special award to rec-
                                                across the state.
                                                      Richie Eckler                                    NEwBo honors lisa wexler
ognize his sponsorship and leadership in        of helmets to hard-                                   Newton, mA – New England women
promoting the helmets to hardhats pro-          hats says, ‘william                            Business owners (NEwBo) honored lisa
gram and his role in making the program         mooney’s contin-                               wexler, president of construction manage-
successful in massachusetts.                    ued support of the                             ment firm Elaine Construction, as 2009 En-
      mooney is a former decorated marine       helmets to hardhats                            trepreneur of the Year during the organiza-
who entered the building trades 40 years        program in giving                              tion’s 2nd Annual Quest Awards ceremony.
ago after serving in Vietnam. he became an      military candidates           Mooney                  The NEwBo Entrepreneur of the
apprentice with operating Engineers local       an opportunity to                              Year award recognizes “exceptional vision
4, and then worked as an operating engi-        have a career is second to none. A wound-      and leadership in the establishment and de-
neer before becoming director of the oper-      ed warrior himself, he knows firsthand,        velopment of an owner-led business.”
ating Engineers local 4 training center. his    the dedication it takes to have a success-            “I am deeply honored to be recog-       Lisa Wexler, president of Elaine Construc-
career ultimately led him to serve as the       ful career in the trades. his leadership and   nized by New women Business owners               tion and Celia Coutre, immediate past
president of the Building Trades Training       sincere desire to participate in helmets to    with this award, and plan to share any of         president of the New England Women
Directors Association of massachusetts, an      hardhats has contributed greatly to the pro-   the spotlight with the entire Elaine organi-   Business Owners at the Quest Awards cer-
organization that represents building trades    gram’s success .”                              zation,” wexler said.                            emony. photo credit: Passaretti Photos
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                              41

                                                                           High-Profile: Awards
                     Rhino pR honored
       South hamilton, mA - Rhino pub-
lic Relations announced that it has been
honored with a Bell Ringer Award from the
publicity club of New England recogniz-
ing the firm’s successful national media
relations campaign for its client, gEI con-
                                                                                               The team from Dellbrooke Construction in Braintree, MA was once again recognized for
sultants Inc.
                                                                                                              their achievements in construction safety and education.

                                                                                                               gould S.T.E.p. winners
       celebrating its 40th anniversary this
year, The Bell Ringer Awards recognize
excellence in communications and public        l-r: Kelly Cohane, GEI Consultants, Inc.;
                                                 Susan Shelby, CPSM, Rhino PR; Chris                  Burlington, mA - The gould con-           to raise the standards of training and edu-
relations work in every field and industry,
                                               Stockwell, GEI Consultants, Inc.; Jennifer      struction Institute (gcI) recently held their    cation in the construction industry,” stated
and across all media - print, broadcast, and
                                                           Shelby, Rhino PR                    fifth annual Safety & Education Dinner           mrs. lagergren. “for a contractor, there is
online.                                                                                        meeting at the montvale plaza where they         nothing more important than jobsite safety.
        Rhino pR was recognized with a         event held on June 1, 2009 at the westin        announced the 2009 S.T.E.p. (Safety, Train-      for our employees, our clients and our in-
merit award in the “organizational Iden-       Boston waterfront.                              ing, Evaluation process) Award winners,          dustry, safety must be job number one.”
tity campaign” division during the awards                                                      graduating students, the craft champion                 By drawing attention to the impor-

 wentworth Alumni honor Shawmut                                                                for 2009, and students who have received a
                                                                                               memorial Scholasrship to further their edu-
                                                                                                                                                tance of jobsite safety, gcI seeks to make
                                                                                                                                                sure that it is something that is not taken
       Boston, mA - Shawmut Design and         year to support its growing business.           cation in the construction field.                for granted. when those companies who
construction was recently honored by                  most of these recent college hires en-          Barbara lagergren, Executive Direc-       are truly committed to ensuring a safe en-
wentworth Institute of Technology and          ter Shawmut’s construction management           tor of gcI stated that the Safety & Educa-       vironment for their workforce are recog-
the wentworth Alumni Association with          Skills Training or Estimating Development       tion Dinner meeting is their premier event       nized, other companies will follow their
                                                                                               of the year. “This is a night to recognize our   example.
their “Distinguished Employer Award” for       programs which are specifically designed
                                                                                               students and their employers who continue
2009. The award recognizes the mutually        to train and develop promising young con-
beneficial partnership enjoyed by both or-     struction professionals over three intensive
ganizations over the past decade.              years.
       Shawmut has enjoyed a fruitful,                overall, there are about 100 employ-
recruitment-based relationship with went-      ees at Shawmut who are alumni of went-
worth Institute of Technology for many         worth, including managing Director of
years. As a leading national construction      our commercial group michael Sanchez
manager and general contractor, Shawmut        who is also an active board member of the
actively recruits wentworth students each      wentworth Alumni Association.                   The instructors at the Gould Construction Institute bring a wealth of craft training and

consigli one of the ‘Best work places’                                                                                 business experience into the classroom.

      milford, mA - consigli construc-
tion co., Inc. has again been recognized
                                               term,” said matthew consigli, vice presi-
                                               dent. “from an ownership standpoint, it’s
                                                                                                North Branch honored with Awards
as one the “Best places to work” in mas-       a humbling award since our employees are               concord, Nh - North Branch con-           programs. The STEp program provides the
sachusetts by the Boston Business Journal,     evaluating their experiences at our organi-     struction, Inc. of concord received first        resources you need to measure your safety
marking the fourth consecutive year that       zation – we’re happy to see the steps we’ve     place for Safety in the SIc code 15 (50,000      program’s progress each year to determine
the company has achieved top marks from        taken to provide that experience are appre-     to 100,000 man-hours) category at the As-        how it compares to the practices of other
employees for workplace satisfaction.          ciated.”                                        sociated Builders and contractors (ABc)          ABc members.
      “Although we’re faced with a chal-              consigli has also been recognized        Nh/VT chapter’s Annual Awards and                       North Branch construction’s multi-
lenging economy, we’re confident that          with a similar award in maine from Best         Employee Recognition Night. In addition,         tiered award winning Safety program (lead
investment in our employees now will en-       companies group for the past several            North Branch was recognized for having           by Kevin Temple, Director of Safety) in-
able us accomplish our goals in the long       years.                                          zero cases in lost workdays as recorded on       cludes pre-employment, random employee

            concord hospital Awarded
                                                                                               the oShA log form 300A for 2008.                 and post accident drug and alcohol screen-
                                                                                                      North Branch also received the            ing, a Safety fine program (for both North
                                                                                               National ABc “platinum” level STEp               Branch employees as well as subcontrac-
              gilbane gc - Designed by SBRA                                                    Award. The STEp (Safety Training Evalu-          tors working on North Branch projects)
       Bedford, Nh –The Associated                                                             ation process) award program is a bench-         and a Safety Rewards Program for field
general contractors of New hamp-                                                               marking tool that helps ABc members na-          employees, just to name a few of the nine
shire recently honored gilbane’s                                                               tionwide improve their safety and training       major components of the program.
Northern New England office with
a Build New hampshire Award for
the concord hospital East & North                                                              Elaine wins family Business Award
wings project. The project received                                                                   Boston, mA - The
the Best Environmental Building                                                                Northeastern       University
project Award.                                                                                 center for family Business
       gilbane provided precon-                                                                honored Elaine construction
struction and construction man-                                                                company with a 2009 mas-
agement services for the expan- Glenn Cairns, President, AGC of NH, presented Al               sachusetts family Business
sion, designed by Shepley Bulfinch Chouinard, Project Executive at Gilbane Building            of the Year Award. The award
Richardson Abbott (SBRA). The Co., with the Best Environmental Project Award for               recognizes the wexler fam-
project doubles the capacity of New     the Concord Hospital East & North Wings.               ily’s business achievements
                                                                                                                              (l-r) Ted Clark, executive Director of Northeastern Uni-
hampshire’s busiest emergency                                                                  and leadership success across
                                                                                                                               versity’s Center for Family Business with Don Wexler,
department with construction of             and included a tight budget, no on-site            three generations at the New-
                                                                                                                                Lisa Wexler and Ken Wexler of Elaine Construction.
two additions, a six-story East wing and a parking and work adjacent to the busi-              ton-based company.
three-story North wing.                     est Emergency Department in the State of                  “we are honored to win                lisa wexler, president and third generation
       with 167,000sf of new construction New hampshire.                                       the family Business Award, and we cel- leader at Elaine. The award honors the vi-
and 30,000sf of renovations, the project         The project was the first hospital            ebrate this recognition with the extended sion shown by my grandparents leo and
added flexibility and much needed space. project in the state of New hampshire to              Elaine family, including our tremendous Elaine wexler, and subsequently by my
Construction challenges were significant, pursue LEED certification.                           staff, clients and subcontractors,” stated dad and mentor Ken wexler.”

42                                                                                                                                                                         July, 2009

                                                                          High-Profile: Awards
                      plAN Nh Awards                                                          Duff company                                          general       contractor:
                                                                                                     • Webster Place Recovery Center es- wright construction company
      manchester, Nh - plan Nh an-            people that have aged out of the foster care    tablished by the current owner on a site that         historical consultant: Nh Division
nounced the 2009 recipients of merit          system.                                         was once a farm owned by Daniel webster. of historical Resources
Awards for Excellence in planning, Design           owner: child and family Services          plans were to add a residential school and            Plan NH is a 501(c) 3 non-profit or-
and Development of the built environment.     of New hampshire                                culinary arts academy in the future. This ganization formed in 1989. Its purpose is
Awards were given to projects in N.h. that          Developer: New hampshire housing          Recovery center is the hub of the property, to contribute to the quality of life in New
have been completed since 2004.               finance Authority                               and its program takes advantage of the ag- hampshire communities by promoting ex-
      Recipients were:                              Architect: george hickey, Architect       ricultural and other physical attributes of cellence in sustainable planning, design
      • Child and Family Services of NH’s           Structural Engineer: laBombard En-        the vast acreage.                               and development of the built environment.
Transitional living program provides          gineering                                              owner: Alex Ray
housing and a support system for young              hVAc Engineer: wV Engineering                    Architect: Samyn-
                                                          general contractor: gary chi-       D’Elia Architects
                                                   coine construction corporation                    general contrac-
                                                          lEED consultant: context            tor: conniston construc-
                                                   green                                      tion Inc
                                                          lEED and Energy Star consul-               • Rehabilitation of
                                                   tant: gDS Associates                       the haverhill-Bath cov-

                                                                                                                              l-r: Gary Chicoine and Paul Bliss of Gary Chicoine
                                                          • Hanover N.H. South Block          ered Bridge, haverhill
                                                                                                                          Construction Corp; George Hickey, Architect; Mark Vin-
                                                   Development                                and Bath, Nh
                                                          The pedestrian-friendly devel-                                  cello, WV Engineering; Dennis LaBombard, LaBombard
    l-r: David Mitchell, P.E., Engineering Ven-                                                      The second-oldest
                                                                                                                            Engineering; Mary Anzmann, New Hampshire Hous-

    tures (Lebanon office); John Caulo repre-      opment has brought new opportuni-          covered bridge in the US
                                                   ties for retail and commercial ven-                                     ing; Mike Ostrowski, Child and Family Services of New
   senting Dartmouth College, Kevin Worden,                                                   was initially completed
                                                   tures, added 41 affordable housing                                     Hampshire; Bob Frasier, New Hampshire Housing; Dean
   P.E., Vice President of Engineering Ventures                                               in 1829. After 170 years
                                                                                                                          Christon, New Hampshire Housing; Bruce Bennett, GDS
  (Burlington office) and Master of Ceremonies units, and is graced with pleasing             of continuous use, it was
                                                                                                                             Associates (photo by Roger Ramirez, Chariot Photo)
  Chris Carley (CN Carley Associates). (Photo public spaces. one unique feature of            closed in 1999 to vehicu-
         by Roger Ramirez, Chariot Photo)          the project is that four architects were   lar traffic.
                                                   involved, so that there is visual diver-          The goal was to
                                                   sity of the buildings.                     rehabilitate the bridge
                                                          owner: Dartmouth college            in a historically accurate
                                                          Architects: UK Architects;          manner, while preserving
                                                   Truex cullins, Architect; william          as much of the original as
                                                   Rawn Associates Architect, Inc.; Tim       possible.                         l-r:Bill Smith, Conneston Construction, Inc.; Alex     

l-r: Glen English, Haverhill Town Manager; PM 
 Duff, Architect                                      owners: Town of          Ray, Owner; Ward D’Elia, Samyn-D’Elia Architects,
  Joe Poston of Wright Construction Company;              Landscape Architect: Office of      haverhill, New hamp-           P.A.; Mike Ritter, Samyn-D’Elia Architects, P.A.; John
Engineer Sean James of Hoyle Tanner Associates     Keith wagner, landscape Architect          shire and Town of Bath,       Knowles, Executive Director – Webster Place Recovery
and Brett Wright, owner of Wright Construction.           Engineer: Engineering Ven-          New hampshire                 Center; Chris Carley, Master of Ceremonies – Plan NH
   (photo by Roger Ramirez of Chariot Photo)       tures, Inc.                                       Engineers: hoyle,              (photo by Roger Ramirez, Chariot Photo)
                                                          general contractor: Kessel/         Tanner and Associates

                                                                                                      Commercial and Industrial Roofing Specialists
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                                                                                                  And here are a few reasons why…
                                                                                                     Choice of Roofing System
                                                                                                        •   Single Ply Systems
                                                                                                        •   Built-Up Roofing Systems
                                                                                                        •   Metal Panel Systems
                                                                                                        •   Slate and Cedar Shingles
                                                                                                        •   Custom Fabricated Copper Roofing
                                                                                                        •   Custom Copper Cornices & Gutter
                                                                                                         Choice of Roofing System
                                                                                                  •     Achieved “ Master Contractor” status from                for
                                                                                                        12 years and the “Inner Circle of Quality Award “ for the
                                                                                                        past 7 years
                                                                                                  •     Authorized and experienced in the application of
                                                                                                        Roofing Systems
                                                                                                  •     Recognized as an "Elite Partner" by            through
                                                                                                        consistent quality applications of Sarnafil Roofing Systems
                                                                                                  •     Received Gold & Platinum level "STEP Awards" (Safety
                                                                                                        Training and Evaluation Process) from the Associated
                                                                                                        Builders and Contractors, Inc. for the past 8 years

                                                                                                         Fully Equipped and Dedicated Service Department

                                                                                                  NorthStar                              Phone: 978-840-8877
                                                                                                  40 Albert Drive                        Fax:   978-840-8847
                                                                                                  Leominster, MA 01453                   Web:

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July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                            43

                                                                          High-Profile: Awards
  chinatown park gets BSlA honor
      chinatown park on Boston’s Rose        sultant for the design of the park, and the
fitzgerald Kennedy greenway recently re-     final design involved a rigorous commu-
ceived an honor Award for parks and Rec-     nity participation process to ensure the in-
reation facilities Design from The Boston    corporation of as many of the community’s
Society of landscape Architects as part of   diverse goals as possible.
its 2009 Awards program .                           At less than an acre in size, the new
      The park, designed by carol R. John-   park’s mission was to provide a setting for
son Associates, Inc. (cRJA), anchors the     the many festivals, celebrations, and daily
southern end of the Rose fitzgerald Ken-     activities of this vigorous community while
nedy greenway, and serves as the entry       also providing a respite for all users from
plaza for the chinatown neighborhood.        the traffic and congestion of the city.
      when the design of the recent cen-            The design philosophy which evolved
tral Artery-Tunnel project included the      to encompass the varied goals and in which
abandonment of the highway tunnel off-       the park elements are rooted is ‘The Bal-
ramp which had divided the chinatown         ance of memory and prophecy’, honoring
neighborhood since the 1950’s, the land      the traditional past while creating a new
was designated to provide the largest open   vision for the future through contemporary
space to date in chinatown.                  interpretations of traditional elements of        Design elements such as “squishy” floor tiles, and “stepping stones” inspire a relaxed
      cRJA was selected through a public     chinese life: village festival space, con-                                  atmosphere for young patients.

                                                                                                            lavallee Brensinger
competition process to be the prime con-     templative garden, gateways, garden walls,
                                                          stone, flowing water, and plant-
                                                          ings of Asian origin.
                                                                 Drawing on the princi-
                                                          pals of feng Shui, the cRJA                    healthcare project honored
                                                          team’s design unifies the mix              manchester, Nh – At the annual          is carried throughout the space with play-
                                                          of open active space and quiet      IIDA (International Interior Design Associ-    ful elements such as sun, sky, clouds, rivers
                                                          intimate garden, of traditional     ation) Awards Dinner, lavallee Brensinger      and trees. Unique design elements such as
                                                          garden themes and modern life       Architects received high honors with the       “squishy” floor tiles, a vibrant blue “wa-
                                                          into a whole which acknowl-         only honorable mention in the “healthcare      terfall”, and “stepping stones” inspire a
                                                          edges the community’s Asian         Design 2009” category for its outstanding      relaxed atmosphere for young patients. In
                                                          traditions but which is welcom-     work on the new concord hospital pedi-         patient rooms, colorful, custom-designed
                                                          ing for all visitors, one which     atrics Unit. The regional competition cel-     wall murals feature natural scenes such as
                                                          can adapt and evolve over time      ebrates interior design and excellence in      butterflies and sunflowers.
                                                          as the neighborhood around it       teamwork, showcasing outstanding proj-                members of the lavallee Brensinger
                                                          changes with the completion         ects throughout New England.                   design team included Steve clayman, Joan
                                                          of the central Artery. By incor-           A theme of the natural environment      Eagleson, chris Urner, Jen Veilleux.
                                                          porating very non-traditional

                                                                                                ASlA cT chapter Award winners
                                                          sculptural elements and of
                                                          plant materials such as bamboo
                                                          that are rarely used in the city,
                                                          cRJA’s design for chinatown               The connecticut chapter of the                 • Heritage Landscapes, Preservation
                                                          park expands the concepts of        American Society of landscape Architects       landscape Archeticts and planners (Nor-
                                                          the design elements that can        (cTASlA) has announced the winners             walk), honor Award in the Research cat-
                                                          be provided within a city park,     of its annual connecticut Design Awards        egory for “The New York Botanical gar-
                                                          creating a unique amenity for       competition. cTASlA conducts the con-          den cultural landscape Report: landscape
The design honored the traditional past while creating a chinatown and for the Rose           necticut Design Awards each year to recog-     history” (Bronx, N.Y.)
              new vision for the future                    Kennedy greenway.                  nize excellence in landscape architectural           • Towers|Golde LLC (New Haven),
                                                                                              design, planning and analysis, communica-      merit Award in the Design/Built work cat-
                                                                                              tion and research. To be eligible, an appli-   egory for “Fairfield University – Residen-
              clD project Recognized                                                          cant must be a licensed landscape architect
                                                                                              in the state of connecticut, and the entrant
                                                                                                                                             tial Quadrangle Revitalization” (Fairfield,
          manchester, Nh - clD consult-                                                       or project location must be based in con-            • Wesley Stout Associates (New Ca-
ing Engineers, Inc. has been recognized by                                                    necticut.                                      naan), merit Award in the Design/Built
the American Society of civil Engineers -                                                           Winners of this year’s Connecticut       work category for “Simply green” (wil-
New hampshire Section, (AScE-Nh) for                                                          Design Awards competition include:             ton, conn.)
participation in the granite Street/I-293                                                           • Richard Bergmann Architects (New             • Artemis Landscape Architects, LLC
Exit 5 Improvement project. The city of                                                       canaan), Award of Excellence in the De-        (Brookfield), Merit Award in the Design/
manchester was awarded the AScE-Nh                                                            sign/Built work category, for “A River         Built work category for “private Residence
2008 New hampshire outstanding civil                                                          Runs Through It” (Southwestern conn.)          in Litchfield Hills” (Washington, Conn.)
Engineering Achievement Award for the                                                               • Devore Associates (Fairfield),               • Artemis Landscape Architects, LLC
project, which was designed by clD.                                                           honor Award in the Design/Built works          (Brookfield), Merit Award in the Commu-
      Additionally, clD has been awarded                                                      category, for “An Estate in westchester”       nications category for “Sol Environment”
the 2009 Excellence Award from the Amer-                                                      (Bedford hills, N.Y.)                          (marketing package)
ican council of Engineering companies of                                                            • LADA, P.C. (Simsbury), Honor                 • LADA, P.C. (Simsbury), Merit
New hampshire (AcEc-Nh), also for the                                                         Award in the Design/Built work category        Award in the planning and Analysis cat-
granite Street project.                                                                       for “central connecticut State University      egory for “city of middletown farmland
      The Engineering Excellence Awards,                                                      – New pedestrian core” (New Britain,           Viability Report” (middletown, conn.)
presented annually by AcEc-Nh, rec-                                                           conn.)                                               • Tavella Design Group, LLC (Or-
ognize engineering achievements which                                                               • Didona Associates Landscape Ar-        ange), merit Award in the planning and
demonstrate the highest degree of merit        Ken Rhodes, P.E., Senior Vice President        chitects, llc (Danbury), honor Award           Analysis category for “oyster Shell park
and ingenuity.                                of CLD Consulting Engineers, Inc. is pre-       in the planning and Analysis category          master plan” (Norwalk, conn.)
      clD won in the Transportation cate-     sented the ACEC-NH Excellence Award by          for “Wooster School Beautification Plan”
gory and was the overall winner for 2009.      Mark Zydel, P.E., President of ACEC-NH         (Danbury, conn.)
44                                                                                                                                                                            July, 2009

                                                                            High-Profile: News
   grand opening of 45 province St.                                                                                Blue Back Square
Suffolk construction gc, Designed by Bruner-cott                                                    west hartford, cT - Blue
                                                                                             Back Square is an extension of the
       Boston, mA - mayor Thomas                                                             pedestrian heart of downtown west
m. menino joined to celebrate the
                                                                                             hartford. This urban mixed-use re-
grand opening of Downtown cross-
                                                                                             development is the centerpiece of
ing’s newest residential project, 45
                                                                                             two large city blocks, providing re-
province Street.
       mayor Thomas m. menino                                                                tail, office, residential and munici-
and former governor paul cel-                                                                pal space within the existing Town
lucci headlined a group of dignitar-                                                         center. The 1.2 million sf proj-
ies joining Boston Redevelopment                                                             ect included the regeneration of a
Authority Director John f. palm-                                                             brownfield site, expansion of civic
ieri, The Abbey group and Suffolk                                                            facilities and public open-space, a
construction to celebrate the grand                                                          mix of large and small format retail
                                                                                                                                                          Blue Back Square
opening of Boston’s newest luxury                                                            shops, two municipal parking ga-
condominium tower and pay tribute l-r: Bob Epstein, Chairman and CEO of The Abbey            rages, restaurants, professional and
to its historic link to the past.      Group, Mayor Tom Menino, former Governor Paul         medical offices, a health club and               lighting that mesh with the character of the
       The 32-story residential Cellucci, David Epstein, President and COO of                residential condominiums and apartments.         existing downtown. New street trees were
building contains 138 condomini- The Abbey Group and John Fish, CEO of Suffolk                      The new streetscape was designed          installed at mature sizes to give visitors the
um units along with new restaurant                        Construction                       with granite curbs, unit pavers, concrete        sense that this neighborhood has grown up
space that will add energy to the                                                            banding, decorative bollards and street          over time with the rest of the community.
burgeoning 24-hour district. The               of the city; valet parking and 24-hour con-
exterior of the building features terra cot- cierge service.
ta, a time-honored building material that            former governor paul cellucci was
dates back to the 19th century and is now on hand for the event in order to help dedi-
                                                                                                   Ribbon cutting at hampton Inn
widely used in Europe and highly regarded cate a plaque marking the historical signifi-                      pro con Inc Architect and cm
as a sustainable technologically advanced cance of the former governor’s Alley lo-                  Yonkers, NY – A ribbon cutting cer-       suites. The large scale suites have a sitting
building material.                             cation. The plaque includes the names and     emony was held recently to celebrate the         area with a pull-out sofa sleeper and a wet
       45 province is a full-service build- dates of service of every governor in the        official opening of the new Hampton Inn          bar with a refrigerator and microwave. All
ing that offers a first-of-its-kind Exhale history of the commonwealth.                      and Suites hotel, the first new hotel to be      the guest rooms offer complimentary high
spa, exclusively for residents. The com-             Suffolk construction, the general       opened in Yonkers in over 25 years.              speed internet access and wireless internet
plex includes a four season pool, spa treat- contractor on the project, has had hundreds            The 150-key hotel was developed by        access is available in the lobby. The public
ment room and fitness studio with cardio, of dedicated workers on site since break-          Schleicher and Stebbins hotels. pro con          areas of the hotel include a full service bar,
stretching and conditioning areas; a parlor ing ground in october 2006. The building
                                                                                             Inc of manchester, N.h. was the architect        breakfast area for the hotel’s complimenta-
comprised of a library and dining room was finished on schedule and to the highest
                                                                                             and construction manager for the design          ry weekday breakfast, a “Suite Shop” sell-
with a catering kitchen, a screening room; quality.
                                                                                             build hotel.                                     ing snack and sundry items, an indoor pool
a fine dining restaurant; a bistro restaurant        The project was designed by Bruner-
with an outdoor patio; a spectacular roof cott and Associates.                                      The 87,566sf, four-story hotel of-        and fitness room. The hotel also features a
terrace offering sweeping panoramic views                                                    fers king and queen rooms and 37 studio          flexible space conference room.



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July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                45

                                           High-Profile Feature: Highland Goffe’s Falls Elementary School
       Jewett to Renovate Elementary                                                                         Selected Subs for highland goffe’s falls School
                              cmK Architects

          ancheste Nh - Jewett construc-       crete, Kingston; Amsco, Inc., londonderry;                                                                          10 North Riverdale Road
          tion co., Inc. has recently been     Blue Dot glass, llc, hooksett; Boucher                                                                                    Weare, NH 03281
          awarded a contract by the city of    Acoustic contractor, Inc., manchester;                                                                                      (603) 529-3322

manchester to perform work at the high-        Difava fire protection, Inc., Derry; Envi-
                                                                                                                                                                         26 Waterford Place
land goffe’s falls Elementary School, lo-      roVantage, Epping; granite State plumb-                 A division of                                                      Gilford, NH 03249
cated at 2021 goffe’s falls Road in man-       ing & heating, llc, weare; Interstate                                                                                        (603) 524-3333
chester.                                       Electrical Services, Bedford; Jutras Signs,
      construction will run from June          manchester; Kamco Supply, londonderry;                                         Mechanical Contracting
through mid-August. Jewett and its sub-        New England Interior Specialties, Norfolk,                              ■ Commercial                    ■ Healthcare
                                                                                                                       ■ Industrial                    ■ Institutional
contractors will meet the challenge of the     mass.; Northeast Drywall Systems, Inc.,
short timeline through the utilization of      manchester; palace construction, litch-                  HVAC/Plumbing Service & Preventive Maintenance
long workdays, afterhours work, and ex-        field; R. Fraser Co., Inc., Hudson; Salem                         ■ Plumbing             ■ Air Conditioning       ■ Heating
                                                                                                                 ■ Boilers/Chillers     ■ Data Centers           ■ Air Handlers
tended work weeks. work will include the       North concrete construction, pelham;                              ■ 24-Hour Service                               ■ PM Contracts
conversion of open concept classrooms          School furnishings, Inc., Amherst; Simp-
into individual spaces with new millwork       sons painting contractors, Derry; Skyline                               Environmentally Sound Solutions
                                                                                                                              Geothermal Heat Pump Systems
and classroom equipment.                       Roofing, Manchester; Space Design Sys-                                    High Efficiency Energy and Water Systems
      The existing hVAc system will be         tems, hooksett; Stanley Elevator compa-                             Save Natural Resources & Reduce Environmental Impact
upgraded, and new lighting, acoustical ceil-   ny, Inc., Nashua; Tri State Iron works, Inc.,                                     LEEDS Certified Personnel
ings, and fire sprinklers will be installed.   concord; and west minot millwork, Inc.,                         Committed to understanding your business…
fresh paint and two new stair towers will      west minot, me. The architect is cmK                   Granite State Plumbing & Heating is the premier designer/installer of complete
complete the renovations.                      Architects, p.A. and the engineer is foley             HVAC, plumbing, and process systems in New Hampshire. Our services can fit
                                                                                                      seamlessly into your business processes, allowing your project to be completed
      Key subcontractors working with          Buehl Roberts & Associates, Inc., both of                in a timely and productive manner. Our practices and proficiency in project
Jewett on this project include AA& D ma-       manchester.                                                  delivery ensure that our commitments to our clients are always met.
sonry, llc, manchester; American con-

      Goffe’s Falls Elementary School Project Team
            general contractor - Jewett Construction Co. Inc.
                         Architect - CMK Architects
       Structural Engineer - Foley Buhl Roberts & Associates, Inc.
          plumbing - Granite State Plumbing & Heating, LLC
          Electrical - Interstate Electrical Services Corporation                              Proudly Serving the New Hampshire Construction Community Since 1983
                        Remediation - EnviroVantage

                                                                                                                               Miscellaneous Metals
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                                                                                                                      Tri-State Iron Works, Inc.
                                                                                                            24 Industrial Park Drive, Concord, NH 03301
                                                                                                           Phone: 603/224-4642 x101 • Fax: 603/225-0182

46                                                                                                                                                    July, 2009

                                          High-Profile Feature: Riverway House at Wheelock College
                lee Kennedy co. Nears completion of wheelock Renovation
                                                           Architect Dimella Shaffer

        oston, mA - lee Kennedy co. is
        nearing completion of an extreme-
        ly fast-track $10 million residence
hall gut-rehab project at wheelock col-
lege. The contractor’s team will complete
the work in August after just six months of
construction – half the time typically esti-
mated for a project of this size and scope.
      The 32,000sf project is being com-
pleted in a design-build capacity with Bos-
ton architect Dimella Shaffer to accommo-
date the aggressive schedule and have the
building ready for students at the start of
                                                                                                             North elevation
                                                                        the fall 2009 semester. The upgraded build-    tional beds. The team has also installed all
                                                                        ing will have capacity for 128 students.       new windows and completed exterior ma-
                                                                               lee Kennedy co.’s team has com-         sonry repairs and cleaning. currently, the
                                                                        pleted full demolition and abatement of the    team is completing finishes on each floor
                                                                        interior space, performed extensive struc-     and utility work in the basement; landscap-
                                                                        tural upgrades, installed an elevator and      ing – including the creation of new walk-
                                                                        infilled existing stairwells and much of the
                                                                        rear of the building to add space for addi-            Continued on next page

                                Lobby interior rendering                                                     South elevation

                                                                               Wheelock College Riverway House Project Team
                                                                                       Architect - DiMella Shaffer Associates, Inc.
                                                                                      general contractor - Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.
                                                                                  Structural Engineer - LeMessurier Consultants, Inc.
                                                                                   geotechnical Engineer - McPhail Associates, Inc.
                                                                                     consulting Engineers - R.G. Vanderweil, LLC
                                                                                   Site Survey Engineer - Samiotes Consultants, Inc.
                                                                                        consulting / Engineer - Tetra Tech Rizzo
                                                                                            consultant - Axiom Partners, Inc.
                                                                                           IT consultant - CCR Pyramid, Inc.
                                                                                          hVAc - Thomas G. Gallagher, Inc.
                                                                                               Earthwork - James W. Flett


                                                                           Thank you Lee Kennedy for choosing Advanced Signing
                                                                                       as a valued team member for
                                                                              the Wheelock College Riverway House project.

                                                                                    visit our NEW website
                                                                                             Order your C of O signs on-line.
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                       47

                                         High-Profile Feature: Riverway House at Wheelock College
                                                                                                Architect’s perspective: Randy Kreie, AIA,
                                                                                                       principal at Dimella Shaffer

                                                                                                        any students at wheelock col-             main campus while also providing acces-
                                                                                                        lege enjoy living at the Riv-             sibility. The floor of this new entry lobby
                                                                                                        erway house because of the                was lowered to meet the sidewalks at the
                                                                                             unusual room arrangements and the char-              courtyard and the central campus circula-
                                                                                             acter of the building. our design team               tion, and an elevator was installed to pro-
                                                                                             was challenged to maintain that attraction           vide a connection to all floors from the
                                                                                             while providing an updated residence hall            new lobby. This simple solution connected
                                                                                             that solved a multitude of issues, including         the building to the campus in a straightfor-
                                                                                             campus organization and accessibility.               ward and logical way.
                                                                                                    The Riverway house was originally                     Two small additions allowed for the
                                                                                             designed as an apartment building and was            reorganization of the corridor system to
                                                                                             later modified to serve as one of the resi-          provide a simple circulation route. Each
                                                                                             dence halls on the wheelock campus, but              room is still unique, with most providing
                                                                                             featured narrow corridors with a seeming             multiple windows for light and natural
                                                                                             lack of logical arrangement. The building            ventilation. Toilet rooms were decentral-
                                                                                             faced the Riverway, turning its back on the          ized to maintain the unique character of
                                                                                             campus and the primary circulation routes            semi-private baths while simplifying the
                                                                                             from building to building. Because of the            construction. common areas are centrally
                                                                                             attachment to the former student center,             located near the entry lobby to encourage
                                Lobby interior rendering                                     the building became a barrier between the            interaction among the residents and visi-
                                                                                             Riverway and campus circulation. Addi-               tors.
     Continued from previous page             ing together on another full-scale renova-     tionally, the design of the structure, with                  Sustainability goals were apparent
                                              tion at Boston college.                        an elevated first floor, left the building in-       from the outset, beginning with the deci-
ways – is also underway.                             The wheelock college project is just    accessible for wheelchair entry and occu-            sion to retain the existing structure rather
      Situated along the city’s busy River-   the latest addition to lee Kennedy co.’s ex-   pancy. The final design solution addresses           than demolish and rebuild. Each design
way, the team implemented a strict logis-     tensive academic portfolio. The Riverway       each of these issues, creating a modern              decision was evaluated against sustainable
tics plan to ensure the safety of staff and   house joins other recent academic projects     residence hall while still allowing for              criteria in order to maximize sustainable
students, minimize construction impact on     including the hemenway project at The          unique character in each residential unit.           features while staying within the budget-
campus operations and coordinate timely       Boston conservatory, the Simmons col-                 Through some careful campus plan-             ary requirements for the project.
material deliveries on the tight site.        lege School of management & Academic           ning, it became apparent that a new entry,                   In the end, the Riverway renova-
      The Riverway house renovation                                                          located off the side courtyard and the rear          tions maintained the quirky, historic ele-
                                              Building, harvard University’s weld hill
                                                                                             of the building, could reorient the access           ments regarded in the building while im-
marks Lee Kennedy Co.’s first partnership     Research & Administration Building and
                                                                                             to the heart of the campus, providing a              proving accessibility and wayfinding for
with wheelock college and the continu-        the architecture department renovation at
                                                                                             connection between the Riverway and the              modern uses
ation of a long relationship with Dimella     mIT, among others.
Shaffer. The two firms are currently work-

                                               Selected Subcontractors for Riverway house at wheelock college
                             Interior Design / Drywall                                                Site Survey Engineer

                         AIS                                                                           Proud to be a Team Member on the

                         Allen InterIor SyStemS, Inc.
                                                                                                              Lee Kennedy Co Inc

                     Complete Drywall Contractor

                     Proud to be part of the
                       Lee Kennedy Team
                    on the Riverway Project!

               • New Construction • Interior Fit Ups
          • Insurance Work • Drywall & Metal Framing

                       d       COMMERCIAL Free E
                  sure                            stima
      Fu   lly In            Full Drywall Service       tes
                                                                                                 Samiotes Consultants, Inc.
                                                                                                 Civil Engineers, Land Surveyors & Land Use Development

                                                                                                 20 A Street
                                                                                                 Framingham, MA 01701
                                              Fax: 603-669-9072                        
                   724 East Industrial Park Drive, Manchester
48                                                                                                                                                                             July, 2009

                                                                              High-Profile: People
     Baethge Earns Two Designations                                                                          Shawmut promotes Stys
       Newington, cT - Tonya Baethge, Se-       to protect the health,                              Boston, mA - Shawmut                                gether the firm’s existing regional
nior Interior Designer with ofI in Newing-      life-safety and wel-                          Design and construction an-                               and national marketing and busi-
ton, has recently earned two major design       fare of the public by                         nounced the promotion of 16-                              ness development resources to cre-
industry designations. She recently passed      establishing     stan-                        year Shawmut veteran Brian                                ate a new corporate department.
the lEED professional Accreditation exam        dards of competence                           Stys to the newly-created                                        Based out of Shawmut’s
and is now a lEED Accredited profession-        in the practice of in-                        position of vice president of                             Boston headquarters, Stys and
al, or “lEED Ap.”                               terior design.                                marketing and business de-                                his team will have a strong focus
       Additionally, she passed the NcIDQ              Baethge has                            velopment.                                                on advancing Shawmut’s unique
Certification exam administered by the Na-      been with ofI for                                   This new national sales                             brand identity in the national hos-
tional Council for Interior Design Qualifi-     two years.                    Baethge         and marketing position—                   Stys            pitality and retail markets and in
cation (NcIDQ). The purpose of NcIDQ is                                                       Shawmut’s first chief market-                             Shawmut’s regional institutional
                                                                                              ing officer role will bring to-                           and commercial markets.
         cannon Design promotions                                                                    Tighe & Bond personnel News
        Boston, mA - cannon Design             across the globe. his portfolio includes
 announced the promotion of Elizabeth          Zhejiang University medicinal college                worcester, mA                                                     of gIS to manage,
 Spelman, lEED Ap to the position of           Affiliated No.1 Hospital, in Hangzhou,         -Tighe & Bond an-                                                       analyze, report and
 vice president. She is a project architect    china; the hereford museum in her-             nounced that Nathan-                                                    map data used for a
                                                                                              iel c. Norton, joined                                                   variety of simple and
 and designer with 14 years of experience      eford, germany; and numerous facili-
                                                                                              the firm as GIS Di-                                                     complex engineering
 managing projects and directing teams,        ties throughout Switzerland including
                                                                                              rector. his 14 year                                                     tasks.
 taking a leadership role in design, client    the University Bern Student center and
                                                                                              experience includes                                                            The company
 relations, and project management. her        Bank S+l Director’s pavilion.                  leading and manag-                                                      also announced that
 focus on healthcare includes numerous                he also has completed work at           ing the integrated use                                                  wayne harju, p.E.,
 renovation projects, master plans, and        the guggenheim museum in New York,             of gIS technology for                                                   has met the require-
 fit-outs.                                     where he was a member of the competi-          transportation, envi-          Norton                   Harju           ments to become a
        her portfolio of work includes         tion and Schematic Design teams for this       ronmental and land                                                      Certified Energy Au-
 healthcare institutions such as Brigham       ambitious expansion of the museum.             development projects.                            ditor (cEA).
 & women’s hospital, caritas Norwood                  cannon Design promoted Brian                  He is proficient with industry stan-              harju is a lead electrical engineer. he
 hospital, and Anna Jaques hospital. She       pineau to associate vice president.            dard mapping and gIS software products           joined Tighe & Bond in 1993.
 has also worked on the Zukunftszentrum               pineau, an electrical engineer, has     and provides technical direction in the use

                                                                                                   gallaher Joins Tro Jung|Brannen
 herten, a center for microbiological re-      15 years of experience in design and
 search, in germany.                           project management of educational,
        Recently, Spelman was project          commercial, and industrial construction               Boston, mA – TRo Jung|Brannen                    his primary
 manager for the interior fit-out of the       projects. he brings sound leadership           announced that Nigel gallaher, AIA has           attributes include a
 Yawkey center for outpatient care at          abilities to the team, and is aggressive in    joined the firm as principal.                    demonstrated com-
 massachusetts general hospital.               meeting project milestones and manag-                 gallaher has over 30 years of experi-     mitment to client ser-
        cannon Design also announced           ing budget constraints.                        ence in all aspects of healthcare planning       vice, and an ability
 the promotion of Beat Schenk, SIA to                 his portfolio work includes edu-        and design with special emphasis on aca-         to apply his knowl-
 the position of associate vice president.     cational institutions such as Brown Uni-       demic medical centers and children’s hos-        edge and experience
        he is a renowned young designer        versity, Boston University, Northeastern       pitals.                                          to help resolve client
 who fine-tuned his skills at firms such as    University, and princeton University                  he has a hands-on approach to cli-        challenges.
 omA, frank o. gehry and Atelier 5.            as well as public schools, banks, and          ent management and he will be actively en-              p r e v i o u s l y,
        Schenk has worked on several           historic sites such as the omni parker         gaged in serving several significant health-     gallaher was senior         Gallaher
 architectural and construction projects       house in Boston.                               care clients located throughout the New          associate at Shepley
                                                                                              England region.                                  Bulfinch for over 25 years.

                   conover Joins white                                                                              carey Joins Erland
      Auburn, mA - The R.h.                               ence in the construction industry          Burlington, mA - Erland                           care institutions, including
white construction company                                throughout New England. he          construction announced that                              Baystate health System in
has hired Scott K. conover as                             comes from ARcADIS where            Richard carey has joined the                             Springfield, Mass. and Dart-
business development manag-                               he was responsible for sales and    company as director of healthcare                        mouth-hitchcock        medical
er. he will be focusing on gen-                           business development for the        planning and services. he brings                         center in lebanon, N.h.
                                                                                              more than 25 years of experience                                carey’s perspective is
erating opportunities for R.h.                            Northeast Region. he began his
                                                                                              as a seasoned executive with ex-                         oriented to the needs of the
white’s commercial Building                               sales career with the connecti-
                                                                                              perience planning and leading                            healthcare facility’s owner
Division.                                                 cut Natural gas corporation and
                                                                                              significant capital and operational                      – with a focus on supporting
      conover brings more                                 sold to commercial establish-       improvements in healthcare.                              the goals of achieving uninter-
than 25 years of sales and                                ments and Key Accounts for over            for the last 16 years carey          Carey        rupted operations, providing
business development experi-                              20 years.                           has worked in facilities planning                        reliable budgets, and minimiz-

      cook Joins Jones lang laSalle
                                                                                              and construction for several leading health- ing oversight time.

       Boston, mA - Jones lang laSalle                prior to join-                                                        Tishman
                                                                                                            marchetto Joinshe also is
                                                                                                     New York, NY, - Tishman construc-
announced that Ellen cook has joined the        ing Jones lang
company as senior vice president on the         laSalle, cook was                             tion corporation chairman, Daniel R.             joining the newly
corporate Solutions team. She will manage       an account director                           Tishman, announced that peter marchetto          created Office of
real estate portfolio transactions worldwide    with cushman &                                joined the company as president of con-          the      chairman,
                                                                                              struction operations.                            which oversees all
for client Iron mountain Incorporated.. The     Wakefield. Prior to
                                                                                                     marchetto has more than 25 years          of the company’s
portfolio includes 65 million sf in 1,000       that she served as
                                                                                              of construction management experience            activities, with a
locations.                                      senior marketing
                                                                                              in diverse market sectors, including: high-      particular focus on
       cook brings 10 years of commercial       manager for AT&T                              rise office buildings; corporate campuses;       expanding Tish-
real estate experience, and has completed       wireless.                      Cook           interiors; education; hotels; courthouses;       man’s share of key
transactions in all major US markets as                                                       technology facilities; retail; restoration and   markets and sec-            Marchetto
well as global assignments.                                                                   many types of public buildings.                  tors.
July, 2009                                                                                                                                                                           49

                                                                           High-Profile: People
       malmrose Joins Tighe & Bond                                                                           Ten promoted at hmfh
      Westfield, MA -Tighe &                          water treatment plant residuals                cambridge, mA - hmfh                                 chitect for many independent
Bond, Inc. announced that paul                        and biosolids management and            Architects, focused on the design                           school and college and univer-
E. malmrose, p.E, has joined                          treatment.                              of innovative learning environ-                             sity projects.
Tighe & Bond as Vice presi-                                  A registered professional        ments, announced 10 staff pro-                                     millington has been with
dent. he brings 35 years of en-                       engineer in three states, he has        motions.                                                    hmfh for more than 22 years
vironmental and civil engineer-                       been involved in the planning,                 george metzger, AIA and                              and has been a project man-
ing expertise to the firm.                            design and construction of sani-        laura wernick, AIA, REfp,                                   ager on many educational proj-
      malmrose has been in-                           tary sewers, pump stations and          lEED Ap were promoted to se-                                ects including the cambridge
volved in planning and design                         storm water drainage systems.           nior principal:                                             Rindge and latin School; Ev-
of more than 30 water treatment                       paul will work out of Tighe &                  metzger, the president of           Metzger          erett high School; and chelsea
                                       Malmrose                                               hmfh Architects, who has led                                high School addition, among
plants with capacities ranging                        Bond’s middletown, connecti-
from 8.5 to 285 million gal-                          cut office.                             the firm’s practice in the design                           others.
lons per day and spanning the full range         prior to joining Tighe & Bond, paul          of schools, housing and community facili-            Valaes has been with hmfh for 20
of available treatment technologies. he was Vice president at ch2m hIll and re-               ties. A registered architect, metzger is the years. his wide range of experience in-
has also participated in planning, design- cently served as the planning and Design           past president of the Boston Society of Ar- cludes the cambridge Rindge and latin
ing and operating several municipal and manager for program management for the                chitects and recently joined the board of School; cambridge war memorial and
industrial wastewater treatment facilities, chicago Department of water manage-               directors of community Design Resource Recreation center; Brookline Town hall;
and is a nationally recognized expert on ment.                                                center (cDRc).                                 and hanover high School, among others.
                                                                                                     wernick is a registered architect,              Duffy has been a key member of

                cutler hires Stephens                                                         lEED Accredited professional, and Recog- hmfh Architects for 25 years, providing
                                                                                              nized Educational facilities planner who is leadership in construction technology. he
        worcester, mA - cutler Associates recently named                                      highly engaged in the national dialogue on oversees the design and construction pro-
 Robert Stephens as Director of Business Development,                                         architecture and education. She was named cess, manages the detailed production and
 healthcare. his appointment supports the company’s                                           the cEfpI (council for Educational facil- coordination of project documents, and
 strategic initiative to augment the services it provides to                                  ity planners International) Northeast Re- directs engineering consultants and con-
 healthcare industry clients.                                                                 gional planner of the Year in 2004.            tractors for quality assurance on building
        Stephens has more than 20 years of experience mar-                                           lori cowles, AIA, lEED Ap and design.
 keting and selling design and construction services. prior                                   philip S. (pip) lewis, AIA, lEED Ap were             lin joined hmfh in 2000 and is
 to joining cutler, he served in a similar role with the mar-                                 promoted to principal:                         currently the firm’s Director of Green Re-
 shall Erdman company a premier design-builder of medi-                                              cowles is a registered architect and sources. he has overseen lEED and mass
 cal office buildings.                                                                        lEED Accredited professional with more CHPS certification processes, secured over
                                                                                              than 15 years of professional experience. $2.5 million in “green schools” grants and

        prengaman lEED Accredited                                                             She joined hmfh Architects in 1995 and utility rebates for clients, and incorporated
                                                                                              has been project manager for many of the photovoltaics, daylight harvesting, waste-
       providence RI – David                       ence in the planning, design and           firm’s educational projects.                   water reuse, and wind power into many
R. prengaman, AIA, princi-                         management of projects for a wide                 lewis is a registered architect and notable projects.
pal of Vision 3 Architects in                      variety of building types. he is           lEED Accredited professional, who has                Tina Stanislaski, AIA, lEED Ap and
providence, RI, has success-                       the principal-in-charge of a new           been with hmfh for 27 years. he current- gabriel petino, AIA were promoted to as-
fully completed the U.S. green                     40,000sf health center for provi-          ly serves as the vice chair on the Designer sociate.
Building Council’s certifica-                      dence community health centers.            Selection Board for the massachusetts De-            Stanislaski ,has been with hmfh for
tion requirements to become                        This project is being planned to           partment of housing and community De- more than five years. She is an active mem-
a lEED® Accredited pro-                            achieve LEED Silver certification.         velopment. lewis is currently directing the ber of the Boston Society of Architects,
fessional.    his achievement                      he is also the principal-in-charge         adaptive reuse of a former factory for Bos- where she serves on the BSA Educational
brings the number of lEED                          of a new corporate campus and              ton Renaissance charter public School.         facilities committee. She is a registered
Accredited professionals on                        360,000sf corporate office which                  Deborah collins, AIA, Steven mill- architect and lEED Accredited profes-
Vision 3’s staff to 13.                            is registered with the U.S. green          ington, AIA, Vasillios Valaes, AIA, lEED sional.
       A principal of Vision 3 Architects, Building Council for LEED Silver certifi-          Ap and Arthur Duffy, AIA, and chin lin,              petino is a registered architect and
prengaman has over 23 years of experi- cation.                                                AIA, lEED Ap were promoted to senior currently serves as hmfh’s construction

             cannon Names mcDonald
                                                                                              associate.                                     Administration manager. he has been with
                                                                                                     collins is a registered architect and hmfh Architects for more than nine years
       Boston, mA - cannon Design                               skills by both academic and   a member of hmfh’s Design committee. and brings a wide range of professional
announced Debi l. mcDonald, AIA,                                professional organizations,   with more than 30 years of professional experience in the building industry to the
LEED® AP, has rejoined the firm as                              she has made a major con-     experience, She has been with hmfh for firm.
an Associate Principal in the firm’s                            tribution to many success-    more than 17 years, serving as project ar-
Boston office.                                                  ful cannon Design projects
       mcDonald is an award-win-                                including recent work on
ning architect who has focused her                              campuses at mass. Institute                                           Subscribe Now!
career in the development of facili-                            of Technology, Northeast-
ties for higher education. Recog-                               ern University and Tufts                                              complete this form and fax it to
nized for her planning and design           McDonald            University.

             Small Achieves lEED Ap
                                                                                                                                      Subscriptions, 781-293-5821
       woburn, mA - landmark Structures       of building green,”                                 Company ____________________________________
corporation announced that michael Small      said Small, pointing
of Brentwood, Nh has achieved designa-        to site sustainabil-                                Address_____________________________________
tion as a leadership in Energy and Envi-      ity, water efficiency,                              ___________________________________________
ronmental Design lEED Accredited pro-         energy     efficiency,
fessional.                                    materials content,                                  City,State & zip_______________________________
      Small is Senior project manager at      indoor environmen-
landmark Structures.                          tal quality and inno-                                 $58 individual subscription for one year
      “having the designation as a lEED®      vative design as core                                 $125 corporate subscription (three individuals) for one year
Accredited professional is a great asset      elements of lEED
                                                                                                       To order your subscription using Visa, Master Card,
when working with an architect or build-      standard green build-
ing owner with interest in or knowledge       ings.
                                                                                                  Discover or American Express call 781-294-4530, 8 am - 5 pm.

50                                                                                                                                                                                                                    July, 2009

                                                                             High-Profile: Calendar
                                                                   ASm                                                                                               September 18, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                     SteelDay will be an interactive day
                                                         western massachusetts Seminar
                                                                                                                                                              with the structural steel industry. Activi-
                                                         how to Negotiate construction                                                                        ties are planned to occur on three distinct
NAIop mass. Bus Tour                               Subcontracts, part 3
                                                         Speaker: Atty. carolyn francis-                  IfmA conference
                                                                                                                                                                     1. Direct, face-to-face interaction
       Office, Biotech and Mixed-Use, De-
                                                                                                                                                                     2. on-line interaction
velopments and Redevelopments –
       Are the markets on a Road to Recov-
                                                   co of corwin & corwin llp
                                                         wednesday, october 21, 2009
                                                                                                             & Expo                                                  3. Nationwide marketing campaign.
                                                                                                           oct 7-9, 2009                                             The theme of SteelDay is interact.
ery?                                                     2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.                                                                                we want to involve and educate as many
                                                                                                           orange county convention ctr.
       learn more on the 2009 NAIop mas-                 holiday Inn, holyoke, mA                                                                             people as possible and to do that we’ll be
                                                                                                           orlando, fl
sachusetts Bus Tour, a fast-paced, half-day                                                                                                                   focusing on creating as many opportunities
                                                         for more information http://                      get Ready for IfmA’s world work-
tour of the area’s most dynamic markets                                                                                                                       as we can for true interaction. The message
                                                                    place 2009 conference & Expo.
from woburn to weston. held october 7,                                                                                                                        we’ll be providing during our interactions
                                                                                                           In a year when everyone is concen-
the tour will offer in-depth, expert insight                                                                                                                  will be focused on the sustainable and envi-
                                                                                                    trating on less, IfmA’s world workplace is
and analysis on existing and proposed de-
velopment projects, as well as the latest             NomA conference                               bringing you more!
                                                                                                           Register on line at
                                                                                                                                                              ronmental features and benefits of structural
                                                                                                                                                              steel, and how to take advantage of them.
sales, lease, and development activity in the       Save october 7 through 9 for the Na-                                                                             for more information: http://www.
                                              tional organization of minority Architects  
north/west Route 128/Interstate 95 market.                                                                                                          
       more inormation: http://www.naiop- (NomA)’s 38th annual international con-                                        ference and exposition at Boston marriott
                                              copley      place.
                                                                                                                                              IfmA gala
                                                                                                              oct 6...orlando, fl
                                              This year’s theme
                                                                                                              The ‘Rock the foundation’ concept had its beginnings with the 2007 and
      AIA workshops                           is    “Re-Invent,
                                              Rebuild,       Re-
                                                                                                       2008 IfmA foundation gala auctions at world workplace where fm industry lead-
                                                                                                                                                       Rock the Foundation and be a Sponsor for the
         massachusetts architects need                                                                                                          2009 IFMA provide a and Recognition Reception high
                                                                                                       ers were offered as speakers. The plan was to Foundation Galaseries of ‘low cost, at WWP
                                              connect: Innova-
  to finish their 2008-09 credits by Au-                                                                                                               for the IfmA foundation’s opportunities
                                                                                                       value’ industry presentations to raise fundsHelp support scholarships, educational and research education,
                                              tion can happen
  gust 31, 2009. AIA members need to                                                                   research and scholarships.
                                              Through       Tur-
                                                                                                                                                         for the advancement of facility management worldwide.
  complete their 2008 credits by Sep-                                                                         The IfmA foundation board
                                              bulent Times.”
  tember 30, 2009. REgISTER Now.                                                                       has endorsed ‘Rock the foundation’
                                              BosNomA, the
         The Boston Society of Archi-                                                                  as the theme for the gala event at
                                              Boston chapter
  tects hosts workshops, which are                                                                     world workplace ‘09 in orlando on
                                              of NomA, will offer many opportunities
  held at The Architects Building (52                                                                  october 6 ...’Rock the foundation’
                                              for participation and sponsorship in the
  Broad Street, Boston); find out more                                                                 2010 will be an auction item ... so save
                                              coming months. for more information on
  at                                                                     your pennies, tell your friends and
                                              the conference or BosNomA, contact An-
         with questions, contact John                                                                  bid to be one of the cities included in
                                              dre Vega AIA, NomA at andre@concord-
  chase at or                                                                    the 2010 tour. for more information
                                     or Edward (Tony) Ransom
  617-951-1433 x242.                                                                         
                                              AIA, lEED Ap, NomA at parkourvision@
                                                                                                                                       World Workplace 2009|IFMA Foundation Gala and Recognition Reception
                                                                                                                                                                       Tuesday October 6, 2009   |6:00pm - 10:00pm
                                                                                                                                                                       B.B. Kings|9101 International Dr|Orlando, FL

                                                                                                                                                                       For more information please contact Will Rub,
                                                                                                                                                                 IFMA Foundation Executive Director:

                                                                                                                                                                                                       VIP Sponsor:
     Introducing PCINE’s

     Paperless E-nitiative

      The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Northeast is a chapter of the national Precast/Prestressed
      Concrete Institute. PCINE serves clients in MA, RI, CT, ME, NH, VT and NY. Our goal is to educate design
      and construction industry professionals on how to save money and enhance quality by specifying precast
      concrete building systems.
      In an effort to streamline and improve communications, reduce costs and our environmental impact,
      we are going paperless.
      We are proactively working towards discontinuing our regular print newsletters and other mailings, while
      simultaneously increasing the quality, quantity and accessibility of the information, education and training
      resources we provide to the design and construction community on our web site:
            AIA Box Lunch Seminars             Project Case Studies                Industry News
            Webinars & Online Education        Owner’s Corner Interviews           Design Resources
            Precast Plant Tours                Precast Project Virtual Tours
      We invite you to visit our web site and sign-up for periodic e-mail
      communications, announcements, news items and enhanced industry
      content of interest to you. The process is quick and easy — please go
      to and sign-up today, or call us at 888-700-5670.
July, 2009                                                                         51

             Looking for technical expertise on a challenging project?

               When you work with M.J. Flaherty, the sky’s the limit.

                          M.J. Flaherty Co.
                          One Gateway Center, Newton, MA 02458
                          Tel: 617-969-1492 • Fax: 617-964-0176

52                                                                                                                                                                                               July, 2009

                                           BUILD SAFER

                                                         The numbers prove iT!

       39%                                                          90%                                                          18%                                             38%
          lower                                                     lower oSHA                                                          lower                                        lower
     inCiDenCe rATe2                                               CiTATion rATe3                                                        eMr4                                      DArT rATe5
for fewer worker injuries and                                 for fewer project delays and                                    for savings in workers’                        for higher employee productiv-
       higher morale                                               out-of-pocket costs                                       compensation premiums                             ity and more time on the job

    Member firms of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) that participate in the Safety Training Evaluation Process
    (STEP) program are among the safest construction companies in the nation. Make STEP part of your company’s strategy
    to improve safety and productivity.
 Figures based on 2007 STEP data compared to 2007 Bureau of Labor Statistics industry averages. 2Incidence Rate represents the number of OSHA recordable incidents per
100 employees per year. 3OSHA Citation Rate represents the number of citations per federal OSHA construction project. 4Experience Modification Rate (EMR) (MOD Factor)
measures a company’s safety performance against similar businesses over the past three years and is one of the factors used to determine workers’ compensation rates.
 DART Rate represents the number of OSHA recordable incidents that involve “Days Away, Restrictions and Transfers” per 100 employees per year.

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