red snow in tibet by adolzeon


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									                      Red snow in Himalayas

People choose to have Tibet travel attracted by the beautiful scenery and unique culture there.
They travel to Everest Base Camp to view the highest mountain in the world. As we all know, the
color of snow is pure, but once when the Chinese climbers arrived the Himalayas, they found that
there is some rose color snow in the ice world with the elevation of 5000 meters. So, how was it
formed? Why it could be seen only in Himalayas? And how did scientists give explanation?

The mystery rose snow seems pretty fantastic. The discoverer described that on the roof of the
world Himalayas climbers always see this kind of rose-clouds-like snow appeared. It looks as
gorgeous as rose and as well as the bloody red silk which becomes the unique mystery
phenomenon only in Tibet.

So how was it formed and found? Well, According to the scientists analysis, the rose snow on
Himalaya mountains consists of Chlamydomonas nivalis, stream Chlorella and snow
Ankistrodesmus. Algae is lower plant that has pigment can carry out of photosynthesis. Based on

the different proportion of their containing pigment, they will show different color. These snow

algae contain special pigment called blood-red pigment. When the snow-white mountains covered
by these snow algae in the sunshine, the snowy Himalayas looks as red as the sunglow but more
bright and colorful.

As for its discovery, it would like to thank the scientists team. Once they were doing
investigation in Himalayas. When Sundowners they just went down the mountain from the
elevation of more than 5000 meters, they looked up the mountain in their back, found that the
color of main peak had turned fire-red like a rose clothe covered the snowy mountains. From then
on the legend of mystery rose-red snow spread out very soon in the world.

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