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Wholesale Decorative Flags


Looking for decorative flags and banners? Visit, we have the massive selection of decorative flags and banners at wholesale price.

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                     Meier & Frank Merchandise Co. Inc.
                             Wholesale Decorative Flags

                                             Price $9.49

Decorative flags and banners are great for indoor/outdoor events. Celebrate any season
or festival with our adorable decorative banner and novelty flags. We have one of the
largest selections of new decorative and special occasion flags here at
Our flags are made from a special polyester fabric to ensure the high quality of products.

Meier & Frank Merchandise Co. Inc. was established in 1937 as a wholesale souvenir
company & experienced at shipping goods worldwide to the wholesale souvenir & the
wholesale distributor markets.

               For More Products & Info Visit us at:

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