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Lakeview Donors


									    2004 Lakeview Center Foundation                                                                                                          Lenetha House                     John Morgen                      Sandy Sansing Automotive          United Methodist Women
                                                                                                                                             Harry Huelsbeck                   Wendy Moseley                    Santa Rosa Corrections                Foundation
                                                                                                                                             Paula Humbert                     Wright Moulton                        Institution                  Fred Vallianos
                                                                        Lakeview Foundation gratefully recognizes the following              Hurlburt Field 16th               Becky Mullen                     SEDNET Santa Rosa School          VFW 4407 Ladies Auxiliary
                                                                                                                                                 Helicopter Squadron           Gary Murphy                           District                     Wachovia Bank
                                                                        donors who contributed to the Campaign for Lakeview,                 Gordon and Mary Hurst             Museum of Naval Aviation         Taris Savell                      Lucie Wade
                                                                        or made donations to support Lakeview Endowment,                     Michael Idoni                     Marilyn Muzzy                    Susan Scallan                     H.E. “Ed” Wadley
                                                                        the FamilesFirst Network (FFN) Fund, underwrite                      Regina Ingram                     NAMI Pensacola                   Janice Schindler                  Peter Waite
                                                                                                                                             International Paper Corporation   Melissa Nelson                   Russ Schreiner                    Hunter Walker
                                                                        special programs, or assist needy clients served by                  Tasa Isaak                        Will Nelson                      Ashley Schubert                   Patricia Walker
                                                                        Lakeview Center.                                                     Christine Isham                   NEW of Crestview                 Elvira K. Schukat                 Roger Wallace
                                                                                                                                             Sharon James                      William Newman                   Sears Pensacola                   WalMart Foundation
                                                                                                                                             Huntley Johnson                   Robert Newton                    Wilma Shortall                    WalMart Mobile Highway Store
                                                                                                                                             Diane Jones                       Niceville Assembly of God        Becky Siegel                      Christina Walther
                                                                                                                                             Spencer Jones                     Niceville Family Dental Clinic   Meilssa Silhan                    Walton Angel Tree Foundation
                                                                                                                                             Dale Jordan                       Noonan Charitable Trust          Simon Cordova Mall                Dick Warfield
                                                                                                                                             Junior Women’s League             Northwestern Partners Ltd.       Dixie Lee Slack                   Janet Watson
                                                                                                                                                 Ft. Walton Beach              Haley Odom                       B. Faith Smith                    WEAR-TV 3
    ABATE Pensacola                  Jack Brown                          Melissa Crawford                 Christie Forney                    Junior League of Pensacola        Old Navy Store Cordova Mall      Craig Smith                       Westside Woman Store
    ACTS Ministry of Navarre         Jayne Brown                         George Crisco                    Alesia Fox                         Lisa Marie Kassinger              Trish Olesky                     Dr. Susan Seabury Smith           Sandra Whitaker
    Cynthia Adams                    Inex Bulloch                        Polly Crongeyer                  Mr.& Mrs. R.J. Franz               Amelia Kazakos                    Opportunity Medical Inc.         Dr. Venkata Sompalli              Rueben White
    Jacqueline Adamson               Bonnie Butcher                      Blair Crooke                     Mary Ann Frazone                   Joe Kennedy                       Opus South Construction          Bob Spellman                      Deborah Whiting
    Rev. Gena Adams-Riley            Jerry Butterworth                   Crowne Plaza Hotel               Friary Alumni Reunion              Danny Kepner                      Ounce of Prevention Fund         Val Sprinkle                      Linda Wiggins
    Mark Alberda                     Joyce Cage                          Cub Scout Pack 675               Ft. Walton Beach Board of          Ted Kirchharr                     Pace Rotary Club                 St. Ann Catholic Church           Edna Williams
    Albertsons Pensacola             Calvary Church                      Vincent Currie Jr.                   Realtors                       Kiwanas Club Ft. Walton Beach     Paul Parks                       St. Christopher’s Episcopal       Irvin Williams
    Elena Aldridge                   Claude and Joanne Canal             Shaun Dahle                      Gannett Foundation                 Vicki Knickelbine                 Ann Parson                            Church                       Lourdes Williams
    Fredericka Allen                 Romesh Canekeratne                  Marvin Dailey                    Jan Gaston                         Catherine Knight                  Jamie and Laurie Patrick         St. Jude Church Guild Niceville   Tammi Williams
    Bill Amendolare                  Ron Cardwell                        Karen Darnell                    Kathy Gaston                       Margaret Knowles                  Tish Pennewill                   St. Monica’s Episcopal Church     Sandra Wilson
    AmSouth Bank                     Joe Carloni                         Janet Davis                      Wilson Gilliat                     Pam Kolek                         Pensacola Assn of Realtors       Ossie Stallworth Henderson        Mac Wilson
    AmStaff Human Resources          Beth Carmichael                     Larry Davis                      Rich and Linda Gilmartin           Allen Lambert, CPA                Pensacola Museum of Art          Lynn Stalnaker                    Kathy Winters
    Anonymous Donors (many)          Pam Carr                            Society of the Debutante         Al Godwin                          Paula Lamont                      Pensacola News Journal           Julia Stancel                     Robert Wood
    Marie Anthony                    Bobbye Carroll                           Charity Cotillion           Edgar Gonzales                     H. Britt Landrum, Jr.             Pensacola Professional           Kim Stanford                      Trisha Woodburn
    Sybil Anthony                    Laura Carroll                       Michael DeMarko                  Dennis Goodspeed                   Landrum Companies                     Baseball (Pelicans)          Sandi Starr                       Mike Woods
    Argonaut Insurance Co.           Century Correctional Institution    Skip Dennis                      Marvic Goodspeed                   Sandra D.Lee                      Ellen Peppler                    State Farm Insurance Co.          William Worlds
    Pearl Ash                        Marvin Chaffin                      Ed Desteli                       Jerry Gouveia                      Frances Lee                       Pete Moore Automotive            State Farm Insurance Agents       Dr. P.C. Wu
    AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals      CHELCO (Choctawhachee               Patricia Dirksen                 Grand Lagoon FCE                   Sue Leffeu                        Marie Peterson                   Lloyd Steele                      Adrian Wyer
    Jeanine Atherton                     Electric Co-op)                 Jill Doles                       Don Gregory                        Don Lehman                        Janet Phillips                   Edna Lee Stevenson                Ronald Yeakle
    Cherie Autrey                    Dr. Annie Cherian                   Marie Donaldson                  Gulf Power Company                 Jim Lent                          Rhonda Pippin                    Suburban West Pensacola           J.T. Young
    Braden Kirk Ball                 Pamela Chesser                      Downtown Pensacola Rotary Club   Charles Gund                       Levin & Papantonio Family         Linda Pitts                           Rotary Club                  Johnnie Zimmerman
    Regina Baniakas                  Chik-fil-A #310 Jonathan Hollis     Doreen Drimmie                   Charlie Hass                           Foundation                    Martha Place                     Victoria Sulzbach
    Bank of the South                Choctaw High School FCA             DUI Program Staff                John Harris                        Williams and Shirley Linne        Laura Plowman                    Al Swann
    Baptist Health Care Foundation   Christ Church Episopal Church       Carol Duke                       Steve Harrod                       Susan Littlefield                 Rusty Pope                       Jill Swilley
    Jane Barber                          ECW                             Denise Dukes                     Joan Hartley                       R.F.and Shirley Litzinger         Melba K. Powell                  Switzer Brothers Charitable
    David Barnes                     Christ Episcopal Church             Michael Durhan                   Sherry Harnett                     Jim Lockhart                      Press Ganey Associates                Foundation
    Dr. Robin Barnett                Carol Clark                         Dr. Morris L. Eaddy              Pam Hatt                           Frank Edward Logan                Rosetta Quarles                  Bronwyn Taylor
    Baroco Foundation                David Clark                         Lamoyne Edwards                  Penny Havrilla                     Adela Fernandez Lubkowitz         Randy Wise Construction Co.      Jim Taylor
    David Barrera                    Lori Clause                         Eglin AFB Co. Officer Corps      Joyce Hemingway                    Peggy Luna                        Clint Rayner                     Gordy Terrell
    Sheila Baxley                    Steven Clay                         Eglin Angel Tree Project         Ken Henninger                      Tessie Maddox                     Red Lobster Restaurant           The Power Brokers
    Beach Ball Realty                Bill Cleary                         Gail Elenz                       Carol Henry and Paul Humbert       Dr. William Marchi                Reliable Land Title Co.          The ZOO Gulf Breeze
    Martha Bell                      BJ Clem                             Capt. Ed Ellis USNR              Doug and Sharon Herrick            Rev. David McDowell-Fleming       Kathleen Richardson              Julie Thomas
    Gary L. Bembry                   Claude and Diane Cocchiarella       Emerald Coast Association        Hess Financial & Realty Services   D.W. McMillan Foundation          Scott Smith                      Greg Threadgill
    Gill Bennett                     Julie Coffin                             of Realtors                 Mike Hill                          D.W. McMillan Trust               Richardson Agency -              Paula Threat
    Ann G. Bernard                   Gail Combs                          Emerald Coast Motorcycle         Terrie Hillis                      Jean McPhee                           Century 21                   Judith M. Todd
    Dr. John Bilbrey                 Communities Caring at Christmas          Club Toy Run                Dr. Andrew Hintonton               Carrie McWhorter                  Vivian Lee Riley                 American Legion Post 75
    Pamela Bilbrey                   Consolidated Labor Council          EscaRosa Bar Assn. Young         Christy Hobbs                      Melba B. Meyer Charitable Trust   Ann Riley                             Toys for Kids Run
    Rose Black                       Nelda Coolbaugh                          Lawyers                     Paula Hoffman                      Diana Melton                      Risk Transfer Holding Co.        Toys for Tots Ft. Walton Beach
    Gail Blackwelder                 Copeland’s Restaurant               Wayne Etheridge                  Holiday Inn Sunset Grill           Connie Miller                     Susan Rivazfar                   John Trawick
    Ray Blake                        Copy Products Inc.                  FCE Benefits Corp.               Holley Assembly of God             Ron Mitchell                      Marie Robinson                   Henry Trimble
    Linda Blocker                    Vivian Coulter                      FEMA                             Jonathan Hollis                    Johnny Molloy                     Debbie Roper-Smith               Keith Tucker
    Lisa Bloodworth                  Connie P. Cox                       Logan Fink                       Ed Holt                            Calvin Moore                      Linda Roush-Roeben               Tumulo Seafood House
    Fred Bond                        Loyd Cox                            B. Grace Fitch                   Home Builders Association          Susan Moore                       Lydia Rush                       David Turnage Jr.
    Curtis Bourn                     Reita Coxon-Woods                   Five Flags Sertoma                   of West Florida                Mack Moore                        Jean Russell                     Twin Cities Hospital
    Nelson Bradshaw                  CPFD Staff                          Florida Fidelis Nu of            Horizon Food Sales                 Tammy Moore                       Ferd Salomon                     UCP Pensacola Staff
    Sheryl Brough                    JJ Crater                                Alpha Delta Kappa           Katheen Horton-Brown               Daniel and Florence Morgen        Sam’s Club Foundation            Niki Underwood
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