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					apt               inclined       prone               disposed
apt               appropriate    proper              suitable
astonish          surprise       astound             shock
chronically       constantly     persistently        continuously
daub              coat           cover               plaster
domain            area           field               sphere
domain            region         area                territory
enthusiastic      eager          ardent              zealous
extend            stretch        reach               range
extend            expand         enlarge             increase
feat              achievement    accomplishment      exploit
fulfill           satisfy        meet
fulfill           accomplish     achieve             execute
give over to      dedicate       devote              commit
heavy             burdensome
heavy             ponderous      weighty
hibernation       sleep          dormancy
intrigue          attract        fascinate           interest
intrigue          plot           conspire
luxuriant         abundant       exuberant           opulent
magnitude         extent         measure             degree
magnitude         volume         size                amplitude
maintain          affirm         contend             claim
maintain          sustain        preserve            continue
monitor           check          examine             inspect
outbreak          epidemic
outbreak          eruption       explosion           burst
periodically      at intervals   from time to time   once in a while
release           loosen         untie               unfasten
release           emit           give off            discharge
release           free           liberate            loose
rendering         performance    presentation        rendition
renowned          famous         celebrated          eminent
reproduce         copy           duplicate           imitate
reproduce         breed          multiply            spawn
rugged            uneven         rough               bumpy
self-sufficient   independent
speculative       theoretical    academic
speculative       thoughtful     reflective          meditative
stimulate         prompt         activate            spur
subordinate       inferior       subject             dependent
torrential        wild           violent
address           speech         lecture             discourse
address           residence      abode
assume            put on         pretend             affect
assume            undertake      take on
assume            think          suppose             presume
attain            reach
attain            achieve             accomplish
boast             brag                swagger
capacity          ability             flair                    talent
capacity          volume              dimensions
cede              yield               surrender                relinquish
decline           refuse              reject                   dismiss
decline           decrease            fall                     fail
desert            abandon             forsake
disassemble       break apart         dismantle                take apart
dispose           array               arrange                  order
dispose of        get rid of
erode             wear away
fairly            impartially
fairly            reasonably          moderately               tolerably
glossy            shiny               bright                   glazed
grounds           reasons             rationale                root
hallmark          feature             a distinguishing trait
ideal             perfect             model                    exemplary
ideal             abstract            theoretical              hypothetical
laborious         diligent            industrious
linger            remain              stay                     tarry
linger            lag                 procrastinate            loiter
mimic             copy                imitate                  echo
model             specimen            prototype                example
observe           watch
observe           perceive            notice
observe           conform             follow                   comply
plentiful         abundant            bountiful                rich
preoccupied       engrossed           absorbed
property          estate              havings                  possession
property          character           characteristic           quality
recurring         recurrent
rooted            ingrained           fixed                    embedded
thoroughly        completely          perfectly                utterly
a wide range of   a wide variety of
afford            provide             give                     grant
announce          proclaim            publish                  declare
chance            probability         likelihood
chance            opportunity
chart             map                 plot
engage            hire                employ
engage            promise             contract                 pledge
engage            reserve             book
esteem            respect             revere
esteem            prize               value
evidence          proof
evidence       sign
fertile        bountiful       productive      fecund
generate       produce         create
innate         inborn          natural
invaluable     precious        priceless
irreparable    irremediable    permanent       irrecoverable
maxim          saying          proverb
maxim          irrecoverable
object         goal            purpose         function
object         protest         remonstrate
outstanding    remarkable      prominent       excellent
outstanding    unpaid          owing           unsettled
patron         protector       supporter       advocate
patron         customer
predominate    outweigh        prevail         rule
premise        assumption      supposition
previous       prior           earlier         former
primitive      primeval        uncivilized     savage
primitive      rudimentary
proficiency    skill           ability         expertise
proposition    suggestion      proposal
questionable   doubtful        suspicious      dubious
rife with      full of
shield         protect         defend          safeguard
solitary       isolated        remote          secluded
stick          cling           adhere          cleave
stimulus       motivation      incentive       incitement
stir           agitate         provoke         rouse
taboo          prohibition
thrive         prosper         flourish
vagary         uncertainty     sudden desire   caprice
view           consider        deem            regard
view           outlook         opinion
wane           decrease        decline         fade
achieve        accomplish      perform         effect
anchor         hold in place   secure          fasten
attribute      ascribe         impute          refer
attribute      quality         trait           characteristic
brisk          active          vigorous        energetic
codify         classify        arrange         systematize
consummate     superb
consummate     complete
descent        falling
descent        origin          blood           lineage
disseminate    spread out      distribute      disperse
earn           acquire         attain          win
emergence      rise            appearance      advent
facilitate     make more available(easier)
fervent        passionate                ardent              earnest
fine           slight                        subtle          delicate
fine           thin
frivolous      trivial                   trifling            petty
giant          ogre
golden age     a period of great achievement
grasp          grip                      clutch              grab
grasp          catch                     understand          comprehend
haphazard      random                        casual          unplanned
incidental     accidental                    casual
incidental     minor                     secondary
initiate       start                         begin           originate
make up        invent
manifold       various                       multiple        diverse
obliterate     delete                        erase           efface
period         time                      age                 era
proceed        advance                   progress
procure        obtain                        gain            secure
professional   specialized               expert              adept
redundancy     superfluity               extra capacity
redundancy     wordiness
responsible    charged                   liable              accountable
sharp          sudden                        abrupt          rapid
sharp          keen                          pointed         shrewd
supplement     add to
supplement     extension                 estra               addition
suspend        defer                         postpone        delay
suspend        interrupt                     cease           arrest
suspend        hang                      dangle              sling
tailored       adapted                   fitted
aimlessly      without purpose           purposelessly
ally           confederate               affiliate           associate
anonymous      unnamed                   unknown             innominate
anticipate     foresee                   predict             expect
archaic        antiquated                antique
archaic        primitive                 ancient
asset          advance                   resource            benefit
behavior       conduct
ceaseless      constant                      uninterrupted   eternal
change         alter                         vary            turn
confederacy    ally                      alliance            confederation
cut            sever                     chop
disturbance    agitation                     disorder        confusion
elucidate      clarify                   clear up            enlighten
encroachment   invasion                  intrusion
entice         allure                        tempt           seduce
equivocally        ambiguously
exterminate        extirpate          annihilate                   eradicate
formerly           previously         before                       earlier
fortify            strengthen         reinforce
immunity           exemption          impunity
improve            enhance            refine                       enrich
in retrospect      looking back
lose sight of      forget
nuts and bolts     basics             practical details
permit             allow              let
radical            fundamental        basic
radical            extreme            drastic                      revolutionary
rarely             extremely seldom   infrequently
sparse             scanty             meager                       scarce
sting              smart              hurt
support            assist             back                         advocate
support            maintain           sustain                      provide for
tangible           material           concrete                     real
tolerate           endure             stand                        bear
train              aim                head
unambiguous        clear              distinct                     definite
virtually          nearly             almost
virtually          in effect          practically
wary               distrustful        cautious                     heedful
wealth             affluence          abundance                    profusion
wiggle             move up and down   move from side to side       wriggle
agile              quick              nimble                       light
ample              sizable            large                        spacious
ample              plentiful          abundant
arbitrarily        randomly
attest             confirm            support                      prove
break with         separate from      discontinue an association
brightness         radiance
conjure            implore            supplicate
conjure            recall
contrive           invent             concoct                      improvise
correspondence     communication      exchange of letters
correspondence     agreement          conformity                   harmony
durable            lasting            enduring                     constant
dwarf              pygmy
enigmatic          puzzling           mysterious                   cryptic
extinct            died out           vanished                     defunct
fabricate          make               build                        construct
flake              fragment           bit                          chip
harm               damage             mischief                     detriment
in the course of   during
in vain            unsuccessfully
inconsequential   unimportant                 insignificant        petty
innocent          sinless                         blameless        guiltless
leave             depart
liken             compare                     equate               match
literally         really                          actually
moderate          gentle                          temperate        reasonable
prolong           extend                      lengthen             protract
purify            clear                       purge                cleanse
reasonable        rational                        logical          sensible
refined           purified                        clarified        distilled
resilient         rebounding                      elastic
retain            keep                        maintain             preserve
scarce            limited                         rare             deficient
scope             extent                      range
shabby            ragged                          beggarly         poor
short-lived       lasting for only short period
solidify          unify                       consolidate
substantial       significant                 noticeable           considerable
substantial       strong                          sturdy           solid
vacant            empty                           void             unoccupied
wizened           shriveled                   withered             shrunken
zone              area                            region
abolish           annul                           nullify          revoke
adage             proverb                     saying               maxim
aesthetic         artistic
affect            influence                   act on
affect            pretend                         feign            assume
alteration        change                      modification
amenity           facility                    pleasant situation   conveinience
approximately     about                       roughly              nearly
artisan           craftsman
bear              carry                           transport        convey
bear              support                     hold                 sustain
bear              yield                           provide          produce
bountiful         plentiful                   abundant             ample
constituent       component                   elemental
dispute           argue                           debate
dispute           argument                    disagreement         debate
faculty           ability                         capacity         aptitude
field             area
guiltless         sinless                         blameless        innocent
influx            arrival                     inrush               inflow
inundate          flood                       deluge               swamp
lexicon           vocabulary
lure              attract                     draw                 seduce
mixture           combination                 compound             blend
mount             ascend                          climb            scale
mount           increase           multiply         grow
mundane         ordinary           routine          commonplace
nearly          almost             approximately    virtually
outstrip        surpass            transcend        exceed
pertinent       relevant           germane          applicable
preclude        prevent            rule out         forestall
refrain         pause              stop             cease
roughly         approximately      nearly
semblance       appearance
semblance       analogy            similarity       likeness
sophisticated   complex            complicated
stage           level              phase            step
thick           dense              compact
thus            consequently       therefore        accordingly
tiny            little             minuscule        minute
verge           brink              threshold
abort           quit               call off
acquire         obtain             earn             gain
affection       likin              attachment       fondness
agree           assent             accede           consent
alert           attentive          vigilant         wakeful
alert           warn               alarm            forewarn
allure          appeal             attract          invite
amplify         enlarge            expand           magnify
arid            dry                barren           waterless
ascribe         attribute          impute           refer
barge           a large low boat
compensate      atone              recompense
compensate      offset             counterbalance
configure       shape              form             mold
drastic         extreme            desperate        radical
embarrass       abash              discountenance
focus           concentrate        center           zoom in
function        purpose            role             use
function        act                work             operate
gathering       assembly           convocation
gathering       amassing           collection
haul            pull               tug              drag
immediate       nearest            close            next
increase        augment            enlarge          escalate
loom            emerge             appear           take shape
overtax         burden heavily
paradox         contradiction
pervasive       widespread         prevalent
pleasing        attractive         agreeable
primary         fundamental        elementary       basic
proper          suitable           appropriate      adapted
recur          return                 reappear
save for       except for
serve          suit                   function (as)    suffice
simulate       pretend                feign
simulate       imitate                copy
speck          particle               atom             bit
speck          spot                   splotch          stain
strive         try                    endeavor         struggle
suppose        assume                 presume
surprise       amaze                  astound          startle
treat          handle                 deal with        manage
undertake      assume
undertake      attempt                set about
variant        variation              modification
abandon        give up                desert           relinquish
antidote       remedy
at hand        available              accessible       handy
bear in mind   remember               keep in mind
boost          increase               raise            amplify
conspicuous    noticeable             obvious          prominent
critical       dangerous
critical       important              crucial          essential
discriminate   distinguish            discern
dorsal         relating to the back   on the back of
eliminate      remove                 get rid of       discard
fuse           melt                   dissolve
hinterland     bush                   boondocks
in earnest     serious
laden          burdend                loaded           weighed down
lumber         board                  timber           wood
mirror         reflect                echo
mutual         joint                  common
mutual         reciprocal
obtainable     available              accessible       attainable
patch          mend                   repair           fix
patch          area                   part             section
protest        remonstrate            complain         object
recall         remember               recollect
reflection     indication             expression       manifestation
regain         restore                recover          retrieve
reinforce      strengthen             fortify
relevant       applicable             pertinent        germane
reminisce      remember               recollect        recall
route          path                   course           road
secrete        produce                discharge
semiarid       rather dry
soothe         allay                  mitigate         relieve
stay            remain                reside              sojourn
surplus         extra                 redundance          excess
toothhed        uneven                jagged              ragged
transform       convert               change              alter
unbalanced      asymmetric            lopsided            unequal
uniformly       consistently          regularly           evenly
utilitarian     practical             pragmatic           functional
variety         diversity             multiplicity
variety         type                  species             sort
wonderful       marvelous             remarkable          awesome
advantage       benefit               profit              gain
arise from      emerge from           originate from
barrier         bar                   obstacle            obstruction
betray          be disloyal to        be a traitor to
bind            tie                   fasten
blur            make vague            obscure             cloud
circumvent      bypass                detour              go around
clumsy          awkward               unskillful          maladroit
commence        begin                 start               originate
conduct         behavior              demeanor            bearing
conduct         transmit              administer          convey
conserve        keep                  protect             preserve
contradiction   paradox               inconsistency
culminate       result                end
delineate       trace                 outline             describe
donation        contribution          gift                offering
embark on       start                 commence            begin
foundation      basis                 underpinning        base
fundamental     basic                 essential           primary
handful         few                   smattering
height          peak                  apex                crest
identical       same                  indistinguishable   alike
impediment      obstacle              barrier             difficulty
justify         prove                 confirm             verify
lament          grieve                regret              deplore
microorganism   microbe               bacterium
origin          beginning             source
peculiarity     feature               characteristic      quality
physical        material              substantial
physical        bodily                corporeal
predict         foretell              prophesy            foresee
progress        strides               improvement         advance
scoop           gather up
score           gain                  win
score           musical composition   musical note
scrap           fracture              piece               portion
singularly      particularly          especially
skilled        skillful                 expert                   adept
stem from      arise from               originate from           derive from
subsidize      assist                   encourage                finance
unanimity      total agreement          accord
account        description              narrative                explanation
alloy          mix                      blend                    fuse
barely         scarcely                 hardly
carry on       continue
cohesion       bond                     adhesion
coincide       exist at the same time   occur at the same time
coincide       agree                    concur
colossal       enormous                 monstrous                gigantic
considerable   large                    big                      sizable
considerable   significant              substantial              meaningful
converge       meet                     come together            merge
conviction     strong belief            strong opinion           faith
covet          desire                   long for                 aspire to
defect         shortcoming              blemish                  flaw
defection      apostasy
dull           boring                   prosaic                  uninteresting
endeavor       strive                   struggle                 attempt
flock          group                    herd                     bevy
grant          bestow                   confer                   award
hustle         push                     shove
hustle         rush                     hurry                    hasten
intermediat    between extremes         mean                     median
intolerant     bigoted                  illiberal
kind           benign                   humane                   compassionate
kind           type                     sort                     variety
limit          bound                    boundary
limit          restrict                 confine
margin         border                   edge                     rim
militia        military                 army
moreover       in addition              additionally             as well
necessary      required                 indispensable            essential
obstruct       block                    bar                      hinder
on the spot    instantly                immediately
partial        biased                   prejudiced               unfair
partial        incomplete               fractional
placid         calm                     serene                   tranquil
porosity       space                    pore
porosity       porousness
reform         amend                    improve                  ameliorate
rigid          strict                   severe                   rigorous
rigid          stiff                    hard                     inflexible
scarcity       strict                   severe                   rigorous
adaptable      flexible                 adjustable               malleable
adhesion         getting together        sticking together
blame            incriminate             reproach            censure
chaotic          disorganized            disordered          anarchic
comprehend       grasp                   perceive            aprehend
decided          resolute                determined
decided          obvious                 definite
displace         supplant                replace
enclose          surround                circle              encompass
entail           involve                 require
excel            be superior to          surpass             outdo
expend           use                     spend
facility         aptitude                skill               ability
genre            sort                    kind                type
illustrate       represent               picture
infrastructure   foundation              base                basis
inhibit          ban                     prohibit            forbid
inhibit          hinder                  limit
involve          include                 entail
lease            rent                    hire                charter
likewise         also                    as well
likewise         similarly
limited          narrow                  confined            restricted
lodge in         embed                   implant
mingle           unite                   mix                 blend
obligation       requirement             duty                responsibility
oblige           require                 compel              force
offer            present                 proffer             tender
on occasion      occasionally            periodically
pare             peel                    skin
pare             reduce                  whittle             trim
predominately    primarily               predominantly       chiefly
preordained      determined beforehand   predestined
render           provide                 give                afford
render           make
render           represent
renown           fame                    repute              distinction
repel            drive away              repulse             parry
sanitation       health                  hygiene
scorching        exceedingly hot         boiling             broiling
secluded         remote                  isolated            solitary
spare            save                    economize
spare            give                    afford              allow
stimulating      restorative             refreshing          inspiring
typify           represent               embody              symbolize
wholesale        extensive               indiscriminate
admire           esteem                  respect
adroit           skillful                dexterous           proficient
ambivalent      unsure                     mixed                 undecided
camouflage      hide                       disquise              conceal
composed        created                    written               formed
composed        calm                       tranquil
conceal         hide                        cover                obscure
deliberate      careful                     thoughtful           cautious
deliberate      intentional                designed              planned
exhilarate      excite                     thrill                elate
exposure        disclosure                 revelation            uncovering
glow            shine                       radiate              beam
hiatus          break                       interruption         gap
incinerate      burn
ineffectively   without any result         inefficiently         unproductively
inert           motionless                 inactive              stationary
luster          sheen                       brightness           brilliance
massive         huge                       colossal              enormous
occupy          engross                    engage                absorb
precede         come before                antecede              forerun
prove           verify                      substantiate         confirm
purchase        buy                         procure
restrict        limit                       confine              restrain
rupture         breach
rupture         break apart                burst                 split
scrutiny        examination                 investigation        inspection
seductive       tempting                   enticing
seep            go through slowly          pass through slowly   permeate
segment         portion                    division              section
shatter         break                      pulverize             smash
shock           jolt                        startle              stun
significant     important                  essential             considerable
slab            single piece of material
slaughter       massacre                    butcher              kill
strife          conflict                    struggle             fight
style           mode                       manner                technique
sustained       continued                  constant              prolonged
temperance      moderation                 continence            self-discipline
tremendous      huge                       great                 gigantic
vivid           graphic                    pictorial
vivid           bright                     brilliant
wedge           cram                       squeeze               crowd
actually        in fact                    as a matter of fact   iliterally
adorn           decorate                    beautify             ornament
calculate       figure                     determine
claim           call for                   declare               demand
commemorate     celebrate
conformity      agreement                  accordance
copious         plentiful                  ample                 bountiful
desire           covet                long for
desire           seek                 request
diligently       assiduously          carefully     earnestly
enthrall         fascinate            captivate     enchant
feast            celebration          festival      fiesta
feast            eat                  gorge         indulge
gather           collect              aggregate     assemble
gauge            measure              calculate     appraise
glue             stick                fix           cement
grand            imposing             stately       august
hearten          encourage            inspire       cheer
hub              center
hybrid           combination          cross         mixture
impetus          stimulus
improvise        extemporize          ad-lib
incised          carved
inherent in      characteristic of    built in
irresistible     attractive           fascinating
irresistible     overwhelming
juvenile         children's           puerile       young
main             chief                prime         principal
negligence       carelessness
outweigh         preponderate         outbalance    override
pigment          color                dye           tincture
plausible        believable           credible      likely
prudent          cautious             discreet      careful
revise           modify               correct       alter
skillful         deft                 skilled       adept
spirit           mind
tenet            principle            doctrine      dogma
transformation   change               conversion    metamorphosis
traverse         cross                go across     pass
unbearably       extremely
variable         unstable             changeable    inconstant
while            during the time
while            whereas
while            as long as
while            although
affluent         wealthy              plentiful     opulent
aggravate        worsen               exacerbate
cling to         hold tightly         stick to      adhere to
craft            skillfully produce   fabricate     make
crest            acme                 peak          apex
critic           reviewer             judge
cross-hatching   shade
decimate         eliminate            wipe out      extinguish
disciple         pupil                student       scholar
disclose        reveal                    divulge          unveil
disposition     temperament              temper            nature
dissimilar      different                heterogeneous     unlike
dominant        supreme                   prevailing       ruling
effect          result                   consequence
effect          influence                impact
enhance         improve                  enrich            intensify
enunciate       articulate               phonate           pronounce
eradicate       root up                   extirpate        eliminate
harsh           severe                    rigorous         inclement
heritage        tradition                inheritance       legacy
inappropriate   improper                 unsuitable
insolent        impudent                  impertinent      rude
jeopardy        danger                   venture           peril
luxury          extravagance             frill
manipulate      operate                  control           handle
mock            ridicule                 make fun of       deride
precious        valuable                  dear             priceless
regard          attention                notice
regard          affection                respect
return          recur                    revert            come back
set             situate                  place             put
spacious        roomy                    ample             capacious
spectator       viewer                   observer
strict          rigid                     rigorous         stringent
swift           quick                    speedy            fleet
synchronize     occur at the same time
throughout      in every part of         in all parts of
undermine       attenuate                weaken
upset           disturb                   distress         perturb
upset           capsize                   overthrow        overturn
virtuous        righteous                 good             chaste
withdraw        retire                    retreat
worship         venerate                  revere           respect
wrangle         argue                    debate
wrangle         quarrel                  bicker
alternative     choice                    option           substitute
alternative     substitutive
analogous       comparable               similar           parallel
annually        yearly                   per annum
awkward         clumsy                    unskillful
capability      flair                    talent            ability
cleanse         purify                   clean
collide         hit each other           smash             clash
congested       overcrowded              crowded
contemporary    coexisting               simultaneous
contemporary    current                  modern
cover         include                   contain        encompass
deceitful     misleading                dishonest      deceptive
exception     exclusion
feature       characteristic
fractious     irritable                 petulant       tetchy
incorporate   combine                   include        integrate
intimate      close                     familiar
invariably    without exception
inveigle      entice                    lure           coax
lead          clue                      hint           indication
lead          cause
loop          knot
lucid         clear                     obvious        distinct
master        learn thoroughly          pick up        grasp
option        choice                    selection
paradoxical   seemingly contradictory
plumage       feather
prevent       preclude                  avoid          impede
profuse       abundant                  plentiful      copious
revolve       rotate                    circulate      circle
scale         climb                     mount          ascend
scale         extent
scant         minimize                  reduce         decrease
sensational   exciting                  stimulating
shallow       not deep                  shoal
sort          classify                  class          assort
sort          type                      kind
stylus        pen                       pencil
typically     usually                   normally       ordinarily
vary          differ                    change         alter
voracious     insatiable                greedy         gluttonous
absolute      unqualified               complete       utter
adapted       modified                  altered
chamber       compartment
compact       compress
compact       dense                     thick          compressed
complacency   satisfaction
compulsory    obligatory                forced         necessary
concomitant   concurrent                simultaneous   synchronous
condense      concentrate               compress
conform       comply                    follow
consistent    compatible                harmonious     coherent
constrain     bind                      inhibit        restrain
contagious    infectious                communicable
counterpart   complement                equvalent      parallel
debris        dregs                     wreckage       remains
decisive      definite                  definitive     conclusive
disdain         despise             scorn
element         component           part             feature
erratic         irregular           inconsistent
exhaust         use up              deplete          run out of
exhaust         tire                weary            fatigue
expand          increase            bloat            swell
flattering      complimentary
full-blown      complete            matured
henceforth      from now on         forward
inadvertently   unintentionally     accidentally
intricate       complex             complicated      elaborate
mammoth         huge                gigantic         colossal
merely          simply              just             purely
ordinary        unexceptional       mundane          routine
plain           clear               distinct         obvious
plain           unadorned           undecorated      simple
popular         widespread          common           current
reconcile       conciliate          settle           resolve
reexamine       review              reassess
requirement     stipluation         condition        provision
revolutionize   completely change
rival           competitor          antagonist       opponent
rival           compete with
shovel          excavate            dig              scoop
succint         concise             brief            terse
tie             relationship        bond             connection
ability         faculty             capacity         competence
accessible      available           obtainable       reachable
accord          agree               assent
accord          grant               give             bestow
appear          seem                look
be rooted in    be based on         originate from
bog             marsh               swamp            fen
collaborate     effort together     cooperate
crucidle        container
curb            control             repress          surppress
cycle           sequence
deem            consider            believe          regard
devout          pious               reverent         religious
disperse        spread out          scatter          disseminate
economical      saving              thrifty          frugal
eventually      in time             finally          ultimately
faint           indistinct          dim              feeble
financial       monetary            pecuniary
frighten        scare               terrify          alarm
geognosy        geology
give way to     retreat             withdraw
immense           enormous            huge              tremendous
impact            influence           effect
in keeping with   in agreement with   consistent with   in conformity with
ingenuity         creativeness        inventiveness
job               project             assignment        task
lethargic         sluggish            drowsy            listless
meager            scarce              scanty            deficient
parody            lampoon             mockery           spoof
refuge            shelter             sanctuary
rural             country             rustic            pastoral
scrub             scour               rub
secure            acquire             obtain            procure
secure            safe
skepticism        doubt               suspicion         uncertainty
so far            until now           up to present
spark             bring about         trigger           stimulate
speculation       conjecture          supposition       surmise
terrain           land                territory         area
tumult            chaos               disturbance       turbulence
unlimted          infinite            limitless         boundless
vagarious         changeable          whimsical         capricious
volume            book                tome
advent            arrival             appearance
article           item                object            thing
assembly          congress            legislature       parliament
associated        connected           correlated        linked
aware             conscious
bank              edge                brink             margin
by and large      on the whole
challenge         difficulty          problem
challenge         defy
compress          compact             condense          contract
consort           associate           fraternize
construe          interpret
correct           remedy              amend             rectify
curious           inquisitive         nosy              inquiring
deadly            fatal               lethal            mortal
defeated          conquered
deplete           exhaust             empty             use up
edge              periphery           border            margin
elude             avoid               dodge             evade
endow             dower               endue
exceedingly       extremely           excessively       surpassingly
far-reaching      broad               extensive         widespread
fluster           confuse             addle             befuddle
guess             conjecture          suppose           fancy
importance        significance        consequence       moment
interfere      disrupt            intervene       intrude
irksome        tedious            boring
last           final              ultimate        conclusive
last           continue           persist
manage         control            conduct         direct
mastery        expertise
monopolize     dominate           occupy
overcome       defeat             conquer
ratify         endorse            confirm         sanction
replica        copy               duplicate       reproduction
shift          switch             change
shift          move               transfer
stride         progress
subject to     susceptible to
successive     consecutive        sequential      serial
transition     change             alteration      shift
undertaking    enterprise         project         task
accurate       precise            true            exact
advisor        consultant
antagonize     counteract
architecture   structure          framework
assure         convince           persuade        satisfy
bond           tie                connection      link
brave          courageous         gallant         dauntless
complement     supplement
comprise       consist of         be made up of
counter to     in opposition to
crucial        essential          important       acute
daring         bold               courageous      brave
devise         create             design          contrive
duplicate      copy               imitate         reproduce
dwindle        decrease           diminish
embody         contain
embody         incarnate          exemplify       represent
etch           cut                carve           engrave
flash          flame              flare           glare
imaginable     conceivable        thinkable       supposable
infectious     contagious         communicable
innumerable    countless          numberless      numerous
invariable     constant           consistent      unchanging
meditate       think deeply       ponder          contemplate
opposite       counter
opposite       contrast
outdo          surpass            excel           exceed
outline        summary
outline        contour            silhouette
parallel       corresponding      comparable      analogous
parallel          match               compare         eqate
preeminent        outstanding         foremost        distinguished
reassuring        encouraging         refreshing      revitalizing
regulate          control             adjust
respectful        courteous           polite          well-mannered
shrink            shrivel             decrease        diminish
skill             expertise           know-how        craft
steadily          constantly          continueously
struggle          contend             fight           battle
subsequence       next in a series    succession      sequel
ware              product
warrant           justify             deserve         merit
yet               nevertheless        lowever
abundance         large number        profusion       plenty
adaptability      ability to change   changeability   flexibility
assigned          specified           designated      appointed
be at odds with   disagree with
curiously         surprisingly
dense             thick               heavy
deploy            set up              distribute      position
discreet          judicious           prudent         sensible
entire            whole               complete        total
evident           obvious             apparent        manifest
exinguish         abolish             destroy
extensive         wide                far-reaching    broad
extinguish        put out             quench
feeble            weak                delicate        fragile
flavor            savor               taste           relish
flavor            nature              character
fragmentary       incomplete          partial         fractional
in charge of      responsible for
minor             less important      secondary       subordinate
parcel out        administer          deal out        distribute
perceive          see                 discern         notice
piece             fragment            shard           segment
piece             join                combine         unite
pledge            promise             oath            vow
portray           depict              picture         describe
project           plan                scheme
project           protrude            extend          jut
region            area                domain          tract
safe              secure              protected
search            comb                scour           seek
seethe            boil                fume            rage
shortcoming       disadvantage        defect          failing
special           express             particular      especial
survey            examine             inspect         scrutinize
temperament         disposition      temper           nature
tool                implement        instrument       utensil
uninitiated         inexperienced    unfamiliar
vanish              disappear        fade
vile                wicked
worldly             mundane          earthly         secular
wreck               destroy          devastate        ruin
accustomed          used to          customary       habitual
allege              assert           claim            affirm
at the expense of   at the cost of
breed               raise            rear             nurture
chisel              carve            engrave
conclusive          definite         decisive
costly              expensive        high-priced
crack down          enforce laws
degree              measure          extent          scale
delicate            dainty           exquisite       fine
devote              dedicate         commit
die                 decease          perish           pass away
distribute          parcel out       allot           apportion
emergency           crisis           exigency
fatal               deadly           mortal           lethal
guilty              criminal         culpable
hazard              danger           peril            jeopardy
in any case         regardless
incite              provoke          inflame         spur
moist               damp             humid            wet
ornament            decorate         adorn            embellish
peripheral          outer            exterior        external
precipitous         sudden           hasty           rash
primarily           originally       at first
primarily           mostly           mainly          chiefly
primeval            ancient          primitive       pristine
raw                 unprocessed      crude           rude
reject              renounce         refuse          decline
replenish           restore          renew           refill
rot                 decay            corrupt          degenerate
ruin                devastate        destroy         wreck
runoff              overflow         overspill
shorten             abbreviate       abridge          lessen
spoil               mar              hurt            damage
standard            criterion        gauge
standard            unexceptional    usual           average
stipulation         requirement      qualification   proviso
strikingly          remarkably
subtract            deduct           discount
thaw                defrost
unpin             to remove a pin or pinned object from
akin to           similar to
appealing         describe                   attactive       charming
approach          method                     way
approach          move toward                come toward     reach
argue             dispute                    debate          claim
assert            claim                      declare         maintain
brace             support                    buttress        reinforce
catastrophic      disastrous                 tragic
clarify           elucidate                  clear up
constantly        continually                continuously    always
deception         fraud                      cheating        trickery
distinct          definite                   apparent        clear
distinct           separate                  different       discrete
edition           version                    volume
elaborate          detailed                  intricate       complicated
flaw               defect                    blemish         fault
flood             inundate                   deluge          overflow
floods of         great number of
habitat           home                       dwelling        living quarter
hint              indication                 implication
intensify         strengthen                 reinforce       deepen
intentional        deliberate                designed        planned
kin               relative
make one's way    travel                     journey         trek
measure           gauge                      calculate       estimate
minute            tiny                       diminutive
minute            detailed                   precise
notwithstanding    despite                   in spite of     nevertheless
profound           deep                      abysmal
protect            shield                    defend          guard
receive           obtain                     accept          acquire
relevance         germaneness                pertinence
reliance           dependence
represent         stand for
represent          depict                    portray         express
require            demand                    entail          call for
resemble          be similar to              be like         take after
resolve            determine                 decide
resolve            find a solution for       solve
retard             delay
roster            list                       register        rota
scenic            beautiful                  picturesque
absurd             illogical                 irrational      unreasonable
absurd            preposterous               ridiculous      foolish
activity          liveliness                 sprightliness   vivacity
assort             categorize                classify        codify
beam             ray              shine               gleam
break            rest             pause               respite
break             shatter         destroy             batter
bromide          dull remark      commonplace         cliché
common            shared          joint
consciously       intentionally
context           setting
damage            harm            impairment          detriment
detach            separate        disconnect          disengage
dormant           inactive        latent              stagnant
environment       setting         ecology
essential         vital           prerequisite        fundamental
heighten          increase
hinder           stunt            hamper              interfere with
impose           force            pressure            enforce
ingenious         inventive       creative            innovative
insignificant    trivial          slight              trifling
keen              sharp           bright              intelligent
lodge             quarter         house
lodge             shelter         harbor              house
power            strong effect    strength
prominent        conspicuous      remarkable          outstanding
provided         if               in condition that
put together     combine          connect
reflect           meditate        think               consider
reflect          demonstrate      display             show
relinquish       give up          surrender           abandon
representative    typical         characteristic      exemplary
scan             examine          scrutinize          investigate
sever             cut             separate            divide
shortly          soon             presently           before long
showcase         display          exhibit
succession       series           sequence
summit            peak            acme                zenith
token            symbol           mark                sign
transmit         communicate      send                convey
useful            profitable      advantageous        serviceable
vestige          remnant          trace               shadow
aim               attempt         aspire              point
aim              goal             objective           target
allocate         distribute       allot
allocate         designate        earmark
attributed to    explained by
authenticate     verify           substantiate        prove
confuse           disturb         disconcert          confound
debate            discussion      argument            controversy
detractor        critic
disguise         conceal                    hide                 camouflage
dissent          differ                     disagree
distinguish      differentiate              tell apart           separate
draw             attract                    haul                  pull
drawback         disadbantage               defect                shortcoming
dye              pigment                    stain
emit             give off                   exhale                release
expose           exhibit                    subject              uncover
flawless         perfect                    impeccable           faultless
frustrate        disappoint                 thwart
full             thorough                   minute                detailed
full             complete                   whole                 perfect
indicate         suggest                    imply                signal
initially        at first                   originally           primarily
innovative       original                   inventive            creative
landslide        rockfall                   landslip
malady           disease                    ailment               illness
minimize         underestimate
minimize         decrease                   reduce                discount
order            direction                  mandate               command
order            peace
prohibit         forbid                     proscribe
reduce           diminish                   decrease             curtail
reveal           show                       unveil                uncover
shed light on    clarify                    elucidate
sink             descend                    drop to the bottom   submerge
size             dimensions                 proportions          volume
slope            declivity                  inclination          slant
subside          abate                      die down
take place       occur                      happen               befall
though           although
though           however                    nevertheless         still
underground      secret                     clandestine          covert
antipathy        dislike                    disgust               hatred
applicable       capable of being applied   appropriate
blot out         cover                      hide                 screen
bold             brave                      daring                courageous
boom             flourish                   thrive                prosper
characteristic   distinctive                special               peculiar
characteristic   feature                    element              trait
clear            lucid                      apparent             obvious
coarse           rough                      crude                vulgar
concentrate      focus
concentrate      center                     cluster
contemplate      consider                   ponder               brood
cripple          maim                       disable               ruin
demanding        difficult                  exacting
deviate         diverge            wander         stray
discover        ascertain          determine      find out
discrete        distinct
encompass       include            embrace        contain
entertain       divert             amuse          please
far-sighted     wise               judicious
fluctuate       change             vary           vacillate
halt            stop               cease          stand still
incessantly     constantly         continuously
leading         dominant           chief          foremost
modify          change             alter          adapt
mutation        change             alteration     modification
obelisk         obelus             stone pillar
pastime         entertainment      diversion      recreation
rather than     instead of
receptacle      container          vessel         reservoir
rely            depend
remote          secluded           distant        removed
rotten          decayed            decomposed     corrupt
rove            roam               wander
shoddy          inferior           poor           base
shred           tear apart         cut            tatter
span            extend across      cover          cross
span            duration           period         length
stun            amaze              astound        daze
tranquil        peaceful           calm           placid
assistance      aid                help           support
avoid           eschew             shun           prevent
best-suited     most appropriate
bridle          harness            halter
classify        categorize         arrange        assort
collectively    together           unitedly
comparable      similar            like           analogous
cultivator      farmer             grower
defferentiate   distinguish
designated      specified          assigned       appointed
detrimental     harmful            damaging       prejudicial
display         show               exhibit
emissary        messenger          carrier        agent
enact           pass               adopt          make into law
evenly          equally            uniformly
expedience      advantage          convenience
genuinely       actually           truly          really
immediately     straight away      instantly      directly
important       significant        critical       consequential
in progress     unfinished         ongoing
inconceivable   unimaginable       unthinkable
it followd that~   it was logical that~
keep in touch      communicate
massacre           slaughter              annihilation   murder
mean               contemptible           despicable     ignoble
mean               signify                imply          express
mute               quiet                  silent         dumb
participate        share                  partake
pit                hole                   cavity
pit                set into opposition
raise              boost                  lift           elevate
rare               scarce                 unusual        infrequent
respectively       particularly           individually
seemingly          apparently
sporadically       occasionally           at intervals   infrequently
stringent          strict                 austere        tight
superficial        external               outward
timid              shy
transport          carry                  convey         transfer
unavoidable        inevitable             inescapable    ineluctable
uniform            consistent             even           invariable
unsubstantial      unreal                 dreamlike      ethereal
aptly              appropriately          suitably       relevantly
attract            appeal                 draw           charm
beverage           drink
blunt              dull                   obtuse
breakthrough       advance                progress
bustling           busy                   active         energetic
control            manage                 dominate       govern
controversy        dispute                debate         disagreement
dichotomy          division
enthusiasm         eagerness              zeal           passion
episode            event                  occurrence     incident
equivalent         equal                  even           commensurate
evoke              draw                   arouse         elicit
exotic             unusual                strange        weird
flair              talent                 aptitude       knack
flight             escape                 breakout       getaway
formidable         dreadful               threatening    fearful
frugal             economical             thrifty
fuel               encourage              stimulate
game               wild animals
hand in hand       together
intermittent       sporadic               periodic       occasional
intersect          cross                  intercross
make sense         be logical
movement           drive                  crusade
pass through       penetrate
precise        accurate                    exact                definite
publish        declare                     announce             proclaim
readily        willingly                   without reluctance
readily        easily                      effortlessly
record         document                    evidence
relieve        reduce                      ease                 alleviate
settle down    calm down                   pacify
shun           elude                       avoid                evade
spectacular    splendid                    impressive           sensational
steady         stable                      solid                firm
store          reserve                     keep                 save
stupid         fatuous                     dull                 silly
success        achievement                 accomplishment       triumph
tend           look after                  care for             foster
wattle         stick
wrath          anger                       fury                 resentment
acid           biting                      acrid
amass          accumulate                  collect              gather
cause          trigger                     result in            bring about
certain        specific                    definite
component      element                     ingredient           constituent
conditional    dependent                   contingent
confront       face                        affront              encounter
consequence    ramification                result               effect
crack          break                       snap                 slit
crude          rough                       raw                  unrefined
drought                                   aridity
               a prolonged lack of moisture
effort         attempt                     endeavor             exertion
emerge         appear                      loom                 spring up
endurance      durability                  lastingness
endurance      stamina                     patience
euphoria       extreme happiness           ecstacy              rapture
exacerbate     intensify                   worsen               aggravate
explain        account for                 elucidate            explicate
finish         complete                    terminate            end
hollow         empty
lash           tie                         bind
leisurely      relaxed                     slow                 easy
manageable     controllable                affordable
note           eminence                    repute               celebrity
periphery      edge                        border               fringe
practical      pragmatic                   effective            practicable
prerequisite   necessary condition         qualification        requirement
relatively     comparatively               by comparison
rudimentary    basic                       primitive            undeveloped
selected       chosen
shed           radiate
shed           discard          cast off        molt
spotty         intermittent     uneven          irregular
spread         extend           stretch         reach
staunch        strong           firm            faithful
stress         emphasis         accent
stress         emphasize
stunted        hindered
trespass       invade           encroach        infringe
trumpet        proclaim         announce        broadcast
via            by way of        by              through
accumulate     collect          compile         build up
antithesis     opposite         contrary        converse
astute         clever           shrewd          canny
be up to       rest with
being          creature
bring about    cause            produce         make happen
cache          hidden place
celebratory    congratulatory   honoring
close          careful          minute          rigorous
close          restrict         shut
cognitive      mental           thinking        perceiving
create         invent           devise          produce
destroy        ruin             demolish        smash
diminutive     small
endangered     jeopardized      imperiled
fonder         fail
formative      shaping          developmental
glean          gather           collect         reap
govern         dominate         rule            reign
govern         regulate         monitor         control
indigenous     native           aboriginal      inherited
intergrate     unify            synthesize      consolidate
interval       space            distance        period
largely        generally        mostly
magnificent    gorgeous         beautiful       splendid
overshadow     dim              outshine        eclipse
particular     specialized      specific        special
ramification   consequence      effect          result
rather         somewhat         fairly
realm          area             sphere          field
rivalry        competition      contention      contest
silent         speechless       dumb            mute
situate        place            locate
sphere         area             field
stelthily      silently         sneakily        secretly
superb         outstanding      excellent       magnificent
swell          enlarge          expand          grow larger
tender          soft            delicate             mild
tender          money           payment
velocity        speed           rapidity             celerity
wild            unruly          uncontrollable       frantic
wild            uncultivated    untamed              undomesticated
accompany       escort          companion            attend
adverse         negative        not favorable        opposed
appeal          entreaty        request              petition
appeal          attraction      charm                fascination
arouse          stimulate       awaken               provoke
boundary        dividing line   border               limit
bury            cover           hide                 conceal
collective      accumulated     assembled
confine         limit           cramp                restrict
cumbersome      burdensome      awkward              bulky
dispensable     unnecessary     needless             nonessential
distribution    dispersion      apportionment        allocation
eat             consume         devour               ingest
entirely        wholly          totally              thoroughly
equal           equivalent      tantamount
evaluate        judge           assess               gauge
false           erroneous       wrong                incorrect
focal point     central area    focus
gallant         brave           valiant              daring
hence           consequently    therefore            thus
integral        essential       crucial              indispensible
launch          begin           initiate             commence
lay down        establish       ordain
magnify         amplify         intensify            enlarge
match           equal           peer                 mate
more and less   fairly          approximately        roughly
nature          tendency        characteristic       attribute
operative       effective       efficient            effectual
pragmatic       practical
proliferate     multiply        increase in number
proven          established     verified
provoke         incite          irritate             vex
register        sign up         enroll
register        list            catalogue
respectable     estimable       honorable            reputable
rig             equip           furnish
sterile         barren          unproductive         fruitless
sufficient      enough          adequate             ample
transparent     clear           obvious              lucid
uneasy          apprehensive    unstable             disturbed
unpretentious   simple          humble               plain
appreciably     significantly   noticeably           considerably
assess                    evaluate            estimate              judge
banish                    expel               exile                 deport
choice                    option              alternative
comparatively             relatively
consume                   expend              use up                exhaust
excavate                  dig out             unearth               disinter
exclude                   expel               leave out
exert                     apply               exercise              employ
extraordinary             exceptional         unusual               remarkable
forage                    search              rummage               hunt
fragile                   easily broken       breakable
fragile                   delicate            weak
have nothing to do with   be not related to
interpret                 construe            explain               explicate
lavish                    expend              waste                 squander
lavish                    deluxe              luxurious             splendid
lucrative                 gainful             profitable            advantageous
mainly                    generally           largely               chiefly
manifest                  obvious             definite              clear
manifest                  demonstrate         evidence              reveal
material                  physical            bodily                corporeal
meticulously              carefully
moral                     ethical             righteous             virtuous
nervous                   on edge             excitable             uneasy
obstinate                 unyielding          stubborn              determined
overstate                 exaggerate          play up
pack together             cluster             group                 gather
perform                   carry out           execute               accomplish
perishable                spoilable           likely to decay       likely to spoil
pound                     beat                thrash                batter
prolific                  productive          fertile               fruitful
proof                     evidence            testimony
serene                    calm                peaceful              tranquil
spawn                     create              give rise to          produce
substitute                exchange            replace
substitute                alternative
surpass                   exceed              outrun                excel
survival                  existence
ubiquitous                omnipresent         existing everywhere
undergo                   remove              eliminate
worn-out                  exhausted
adhere                    stick               cleave                cling
assertion                 strong statement    declaration
barren                    sterile             lifeless              infertile
budding                   emerging            nascent               not yet fully developed
central                   essential           principal             main
comprehensible            understandable      knowable              apprehensible
concern         interest          regard           care
configuration   arrangement       conformation
deserved        due               earned
detect          find              discover         recognize
diffuse         spread            distribute
exaggerate      enlarge           overstate        embroider
fetter          hamper            shackle          manacle
float           stay on the top
frequent        regular           common           customary
groundless      unfounded         baseless         bottomless
hindrance       deterrent         obstacle         barrier
maneuver        scheme            plot             design
maneuver        move
mar             spoil             mangle           ruin
mighty          powerful          potent           strong
opaque          obscure           unclear          vague
opaque          impenetrable      cloudy           filmy
originate       be grown          spring           emanate
pace            walk              step
pace            step              gait
pace            speed             bat              velocity
perceptibly     noticeably        appreciably      sensibly
promising       likely            encouraging      hopeful
punctuality     promptness        promptitude
rotate          turn              spin             wheel
scatter         disperse          widely spread    dissipate
site            place             location         position
soak            drench            saturate         steep
subsist         survive           endure           exist
supremacy       predominance      primacy          sovereignty
trigger         activate          cause            generate
tumultuous      wild              riotous          boisterous
tumultuous      chaotic           anarchic
veritable       genuine           authentic        believable
waste           squander          dissipate        lavish
weaken          lessen            decrease         undermine
accretion       accumulation
agriculture     farming
attach          stick             fasten           affix
counter         oppose            retort
crop up         appear            arise            come out
dimly           faintly
distract        divert            sidetrack
drain           remove water      draw off         empty
emergent        emerging          nascent
excessive       extreme           undue            exorbitant
exploit         feat              accomplishment
exploit              use
extract              derive                    draw               extort
fierce               furious                   vicious            aggressive
fiery                passionate                fervent            impetuous
first and foremost   above all                 primarily          to begin with
fluctuation          variance                  variation
gradually            little by little          slowly             steadily
languid              listless                  faint              feeble
lengthen             prolong                   extend             stretch
location             site                      position           place
mandatory            required                  compulsory         obligatory
narrate              recount                   describe           relate
noxious              harmful                   noisome
once                 when
pierce               puncture                  perforate          penetrate
positive             affirmative               helpful
positive             sure                      certain
pretend              feign                     affect             assume
range                spectrum                  extent             scope
range                vary                      go                 run
rudimentary          basic                     element            essential
signify              denote                    express            indicate
simultaneously       concurrently              at the same time
symmetrical          proportionally balanced   commensurable
testify              provide evidence          prove
vast                 immense                   huge               enormous
visionary            fanciful                  imaginary          illusory
vogue                mode                      fashion            style
weariness            fatigue
a great deal of      a lot of
accelerate           speed up                  expedite           hasten
adjust               fit                       adapt              suit
alleviate            relieve                   ease               lessen
aromatic             fragrant
celebrated           renowned                  famous             well-known
certainly            surely                    assuredly
characterize         distinguish
compliment           commendation              honor              tribute
decrease             diminish                  minimize           dwindle
definite             decisive                  unambiguous        unequivocal
dictate              require                   prescribe          determine
distinction          difference                divergence
embed                fix                       fasten             root
escape               flee                      evade              avoid
escape               flight                    freedom
essentially          basically                 primarily          originally
forge                create                    make               fabricate
forge                      drive             advance
identity                   similitude        uniformity
illuminate                 clarify           elucidate
illuminate                 light up          brighten
in a short space of time   very quickly
inconstant                 volatile          unstable        fickle
initial                    original          first           beginning
lay off                    fire              discharge       dismiss
motif                      design            device          pattern
motif                      theme             subject         topic
patience                   endurance         fortitude       perseverance
perilous                   dangerous         hazardous       risky
personnel                  staff             employees       work force
ready                      organized         prepared        arranged
refuse                     reject            decline         deny
refuse                     garbage           waste           rubbish
revival                    restoration       renewal         resurgence
sorrow                     distress          anguish         grief
spend                      expend            squander        waste
spot                       see               detect          find
steadfast                  unwavering        firm            resolute
tension                    pressure          strain
ultimate                   final             supreme         utmost
with respect to            in reference to   in terms of     with regard to
anger                      provoke           aggravate       enrage
auxiliary                  subsidiary        subordinate     additional
bizarre                    odd               erratic         strange
broaden                    enlarge           expand          develop
check                      stop
check                      monitor           examine         inspect
cite                       mention           refer to        specify
consensus                  agreement         unanimity
cope with                  deal with
ebb                        reflux
ebb                        subside           abate           recede
elementary                 rudimentary       basic           fundamental
fashion                    shape             create          make
fashion                    style             vogue           mode
fashion                    fit               adjust          suit
finance                    pay for
force                      strength          power           might
legendary                  mythological      fabulous        mythical
markedly                   significantly     noticeably      substantially
obvious                    apparent           conspicuous    clear
output                     production
overwhelmingly             primarily         predominantly
pension                    subsidy           allowance
pioneer       first develop        start              introduce
potent        powerful             mighty             influential
probe         search               examine            explore
probe         exploration          inquiry            quest
quaint        bizarre              odd                weird
react         respond              answer             reply
reap          harvest              gather
reap          obtain
spectrum      range                extent             scope
stock         reserve              inventory          hoard
strain        stretch              tighten
strain        tension
stroke        hit                  striking           blow
sturdy        strong               robust             stalwart
tactics       strategy             maneuver
tapered       narrow               tapering
upsurge       increase             rise
utility       practicality         usefulness
whereas       while                on the contrary
widespread    prevalent            broadly accepted   sweeping
accomplish    achive               work out           execute
accordingly   for that reason      consequently
alarm         fear                 fright             terror
alarm         upset                surprise           startle
apparatus     device               equipment
backbone      foundation           spine
backbone      spine
bode          foretell             presage
cargo         load                 freight            shipment
composition   make-up              formation          organization
conduit       pipe                 channel
consider      contemplate          muse
consider      deem
dual          double
encroach      invade               trespass           intrude
ensue         follow               result             succeed
equip         furnish              provide
establish     organize             constitute         set up
exorbitant    expensive            excessive          extravagant
explicit      clear                ubvious            unambiguous
frantic       hectic               desperate          frenzied
hectic        full of excitement   feverish           fervid
inaugurate    begin                commence           install
incise        carve                cut                engrave
jubilant      exulting             joyful
mode          form                 fashion            method
ominous       foreboding           threatening        doomful
own               acknowledge      admit             allow
perpetual         constant         ceaseless         enduring
praiseworthy      admirable        commendable       laudable
progressive       advanced         liberal
provide           supply           afford            furnish
provision         supply           food
puzzle over       wonder about
ruinous           destructive      catastrophic
solicitation      invitation       entreaty          request
solicitude        concern          anxiety           care
stray             wander           deviate           straggle
troublesome       onerous          difficult         annoying
unqualified       complete         absolute          utter
weak              infirm           fragile           frail
witness           observe          watch             notice
witness           testimony        evidence
abhor             loathe           hate              detest
ambition          goal             desire
bulk              great quantity
bulk              desire
charitable        broad-minded     tolerant          benign
conclusively      decisively       definitely        absolutely
confer            give             bestow            grant
deny              negate           gainsay           contradict
echo              repeat           reiterate         parrot
echo              reflect          morror
echo              resonate         resound
eeire             strange          mysterious        weird
emulate           imitate          copy              follow
forestall         prevent          hinder
generally         largely          chiefly           mainly
glance            glimpse          a brief look      a cursory look
implement         tool             appliance         device
in terms of       with regard to   with respect to   in relation to
inveigh against   rail             object            criticize strongly
look              gaze             glance            watch
monetary          financial        pecuniary         capical
motion            movement         move              gesture
obtain            gain             earn              achieve
outspoken         frank            open              candid
pant              gasp
pant              trouser
patchy            irregular        uneven            erratic
precipitation     acceleration     haste             impetuosity
promote           advance          further           encourage
purified          cleansed         refined           clarified
recreational      as a hobby
recruit       obtain                        enlist
seize         grip                          take                  clasp
structure     system                        frame                 organization
structure     arrange in definite pattern
surreal       having a strange dream-like quality
synthesis     unit                          union                 combination
textile       cloth                         fabric
thereby       by that means                 as a result of that
title         ownership
transcend     go beyond
twig          branch                        stick                 offshoot
vulnebrale    easily damaged                susceptible           weak
wholly        completely                    fully                 in every respect
abrupt        sharp                         sudden                hasty
adequate      sufficient                    satisfactory
advocate      urge                          support
advocate      proponent                     supporter             upholder
appendix      supplement                    adjunct
appropriate   suitable                      proper                applicable
assumption    supposition
bestow        give                          grant                 confer
boldly        bravely                       daringly              courageously
choicest      best                          matchless
classic       typical                       exemplary             model
constitute    make up                       comprise              compose
deposit       lay                           place
deposit       save                          store
dogma         belief                        credo                 creed
employ        use                           utilize               exploit
endorse       sign                          subscribe
endorse       support                       back                  approve
exponential   explosive                     incremental
foremost      most respected                preeminent            supreme
fragrance     scent
furthermore   moreover                      in addition
genetic       hereditary                    inborn                inheritable
imposing      impressive                    grand                 magnificent
luxurious     sumptuous                     rich                  posh
matter        substance                     material              stuff
matter        issue
nurture       raise                         rear                  nurse
offset        balance                       counterbalance        counteract
partially     incompletely                  fractionally
presumable    probable                      likely                possible
principle     original method               precept               standard
purveyor      supplier
replace       supersede                     supplant              substitute
routine       ordinary                  normal                habitual
scold         reprove                   reproach              reprimand
sequence      string                    series                succession
sequence      order
startle       astonish                  surprise              frighten
typical       common                    ordinary              usual
unshakable    firm                      steadfast             fixed
yield         cede                      surrender             submit
yield         produce                   generate              cause
additive      cumulative
additive      substance added in small amounts to another
antiseptic    clean                     sterile               sanitary
assemble      gather                    gather together       bring together
asymmetric    unequal                   lopsided              ill-proportioned
attire        clothing
avid          greedy                    avaricious            covetous
avid          eager                     enthusiastic
basic         essential
bound         limit                     precinct              boundary
cluster       group                     gather                assemble
complex       group of buildings
complex       elaborate                 involved              complicated
contrary      opposite                  converse
customary     typical                   habitual              traditional
dangle        hang
devour        eat                       gulp                  guzzle
encapsulate   state briefly             condense              summarize
faction       side                      coalition             group
fragment      piece                     particle              part
ignite        set on fire               kindle                inflame
impound       contain                   confine               hold
innocuous     harmless
link          connect                   relate                associate
link          bond                      connection            tie
murmur        grumble                   mumble                mutter
persistent    continuous                constant              incessant
prospect      possibility               chance                outlook
random        without planning          unpredictable         unsystematic
realize       be aware of               conceive              understand
reside in     live in                   dwell
robust        strong                    vigorous              stalwart
satisfy       please                    meet                  gratify
simple        unsophisticated           naïve                 unaffected
stamina       endurance                 perseverance          vitality
staple        basic                     principal
staple        basic item                necessary commodity
terminate     stop                      finish                end
treasure        value               prize           cherish
unequal         unfair              asymmetric      uneven
venture         dare                chance          risk
ache            hurt                pain
advantageous    profitable          gainful         beneficial
altitude        elevation           height
antiquity       ancient times
assist          help                aid
brilliance      radiance            luminosity      brightness
celestial       heavenly
cleave          split               dissect
cleave          rip
cleave          adhere              stick           cohere
density         concentration
desperate       hopeless            critical
desperate       as a last resort
encourage       cheer up            hearten         motivate
encumber        burden              weight          tax
encumber        hinder              obstruct        impede
enrich          enhance             improve         better
fade            wane                wither          vanish
flee            escape              evade           avoid
follow suit     do the same thing
gigantic        huge                immense         colossal
hygiene         cleanliness         sanitation
impressive      striking            moving          stirring
instantaneous   immediate           prompt          swift
lusty           vigorous            strong          robust
mankind         human
maturity        adulthood           manhood         majority
mere            insignificant
modest          humble              unpretending
modest          small
modest          decent              proper
persist         endure              continue        remain
pile            heap                stack           accumulation
pile            put together        collect
pile            heap
pristine        unspoiled           innocent        natural
proficient      expert              skilled         adept
sacred          divine              holy
scruple         hesitation          uneasiness      qualms
scrupulous      careful             painstaking     meticulous
scrupulous      honest
strike          hit                 bombard         assault
strike          walkout             work stoppage
unravel         explain             solve           figure out
vulgar          coarse                 mean           rude
account for    explain                 justify        give a reason
account for    make up                 comprise
adjourn         suspend                postpone       delay
adopt          take up                 choose         follow
adore           worship                esteem         revere
artificial      synthetic
attend          wait on                serve
band           group                   party          troop
besides        in addition             as well        moreover
circumstance   condition               situation
crawl          creep                   wriggle        inch
demolish       destroy                 wreck
endure         survive                 suffer         tolerate
enormous        immense                vast           huge
fashionable    popular                 up-to-date     trendy
formulate      state                   express
hang            dangle                 suspend
immobility     absence of motion
inflate         bloat                  expand         swell
interrupt       hinder                 stunt          punctuate
manipulation   deliberate alteration
marvelous       wonderful              astonishing    amazing
nevertheless   still                   yet            nonetheless
operate         run                    function       work
outlive         survive                outlast
practicable     feasible               possible       workable
resist          withstand              confront
risky          dangerous               hazardous      perilous
saved          redeemed                rescued
severe         harsh                   extreme        rigorous
severe         difficult               effortful      tough
spontaneous     voluntary              uncompelled    willing
stagger         astonish               confuse        overwhelm
stagger         totter                 falter         waver
thriller       suspenseful thing
toil           work hard               labor          strive
touch off      start                   arouse         provoke
utterly         completely
vacuum         vacancy                 emptiness      void
valid           just                   sound          cogent
withhold       reserve
withhold       hold back               restrain
wonder          awe                    astonishment   marvel
advance         improve                evolve         develop
brittle         breakable
careful        cautious                discreet       precautious
convert               transform               change
core                  center                   heart
countervail           oppose                  counterbalance      offset
curative              healing
disintegrate          fall apart              crumble             break down
divest                deprive                 strip
drive                 propel                  force               impel
drive                 campaign                push                action
entangle              complicate               involve
evolve                develop                 progress            improve
extant                existing                living              remaining
hamper                prevent                 impede              hinder
hide                  fur                     skin
hide                  camouflage              disguise            cloak
immoral               improper                corrupt             sinful
incipient             initial                 beginning           commencing
isolate               separate                segregate
joint                 combine                 connect
kindle                ignite                   fire               inflame
landscape             scenery                 outlook             scene
migrate               travel                  move around         immigrate
milestone             important event         significant event
novel                 new                     innovative          fresh
novel                 unusal                  rare                strange
out of the question   impossible
phenomenal            extraordinary           exceptional         remarkable
plunge                drop                     dip                thrust
presently             immediately              directly           soon
reckless              responsive              impressionable
sensitive             responsive              impressionable
serious               solemn                  important           momentous
simultaneous          concurrent               concomitant        synchronous
soar                  tower                    rise               ascend
soar                  increase dramatically   shoot up
subservient           secondary               subordinate
subterranean          underground             underneath
unlawful              illegal                 illicit             illegitimate
a host of             a number of             a multitude of
absorb                take in                  imbibe             soak up
accuse                indict                   impeach            blame
apathetic             indifferent              unconcerned        uninterested
array                 arrange                 display             exhibit
continual             incessant                ceaseless
design                intend                   plan               project
discard               throw away              abandon             dispose of
elapse                pass                    go by
furnish               provide                  supply             replenish
futile            useless                    ineffective       vain
guard             protect                   defend             sheld
locomotion        movement                  motion
metamorphose      change                    transform          convert
misconception     false belief              misunderstanding   fallacy
multiplicity      pluarlity                 plenty
multiplicity      variety                   diversity
native            innate                    inborn             inherent
native            indigenous
needless to say   obviously                 of course          undoubtedly
passive           inactive                   inert
predicate         base                      establish          found
predicate         affirm                    assert             declare
presence          existence                 being
progressively     increasingly
pungent           sharp                     piquant            tart
recover           retrieve                  bring back         regain
regardless of     in spite of
remainder         residue                   remnant            rest
reputation        fame                      renown
shelter           protect                    shield            harbor
spur              stimulus                   incitement        incentive
spur              stimulate
suggest           implicate                 point to           indicate
surge             increase                  rise
terminal          final                     rise
transverse        cross                     crosswise
underscore        reinforce                 emphasize          accentuate
upbraid           scold                     berate             rebuke
vagabond          wandering                  nomadic           vagrant
vague             uncertain                 imprecise          obscure
veracious         honest                    truthful           accurate
vital             essential                  important         indispensable
withstand         resist                    endure
abound            overflow                  fill with          teem
abstract          theoretical               notional
affliction        woe                       distress           sorrow
attachment        emotional connection
beckon            invite                    call               summon
complicate        make difficult            entangle           involve
consecutive       successive                sequential
consist of        be made up of
coordination      the harmonious functioning of parts
crowd             throng                     multitude         group
doctrine          principle                  tenet             dogma
drastically       strikingly                severely           extremely
elegant           sophisticated              delicate          polished
entity            object                     thing                        individual
era               epoch                       period                       age
established       certain                    definite
facet             aspect
flourish          thrive                      prosper                     blossom
hue               tint                        color                        shade
impair            damage                     injure                       deteriorate
inevitably        without exception          unavoidably                  necessarily
infinite          unlimited                  limitless                    immeasurable
inflame           anger                      arouse
influential       important                  powerful                     potent
jeopardize        threaten                    endanger
marvel            wonder
monotonous        tedious                    doring                        dull
notable           remarkable                 important                    outstanding
novelty           originality                freshness                    newness
oath              promise                    vow                          pledge
on the contrary   conversely
photosynthesis    the production of special sugarlike substances that keep plants alive
remedy            cure                        treatment
speculate about   hypothesize
strictly          tightly                     severely
strictly          only
strictly          precisely
trend             tendency                    direction                    inclination
unencumbered by   free of
unwonted          unusal                     unordinary                   extraordinary
vexing            difficult                  annoying                     irritating
votary            devote                     admirer                      faithful follower
alight            land                       come down                    settle
alternate         rotate                     interchange
contain           involve                    comprise                     hold
deter             preclude                    prevent                      inhibit
examine           inspect                     probe                       scrutinize
fast              quick                       swift                        rapid
gist              core                       kernel                       essence
gleaming          shining                    luminous                     brilliant
guarantee         insure                      warrant
hobby             pastime                    diversion                    avocation
in proximity to   close to                   adjacent to                  near
inaccessible      unobtainable
inaccessible      unreachable
inadequate        insufficient               deficient
inborn            innate                      native                       natural
inclination       preference                  tendency                     trend
insight           understanding              perception
intent            purpose                    intention                    design
intertwine     understanding         perception
join           connect               link             unite
join           meet
meddlesome     meddling              interfering      intrusive
multiply       increase              expand           augment
myriad         innumerable           numerous         countless
naive          ingenuous             simple           unaffected
outrage        anger                 ingenuous        simple
particularly   especially            uniquely         specially
principal      central               major            main
propel         push                  force out        drive
rigorous       precise
rigorous       severe                demanding        harsh
savor          flavor                taste
scramble       mix up                jumble           muddle
seldom         infrequently          rarely           hardly
simulated      artificial            imitated
slight         small                 minor            trivial
sporadic       infrequent            occasional       irregular
standstill     complete stop         halt
systematic     methodical            organized
through        by                    by means of
versatile      flexible              adaptable        all-around
voluble        talkative             loquacious       fluent
amiable        friendly              amicable         genial
arduous        strenuous
arduous        difficult             laborious
ascend         climb                 mount            go up
atmosphere     air                   ambiance         aura
awe            amazement             surprise         wonder
completely     totally               perfectly        entirely
cram           jam                   stuff
dilemma        difficult situation   predicament      strait
discharge      release               set free         liberate
discharge      release
enlist         join in               enroll
enterprise     undertaking
escalate       increase              intensify        mount
estimate       assess                evaluate         judge
green hand     untrained worker
inclined       apt                   liable           prone
inclined       slanted               tilted
incoherent     disorderd             unintelligible
innovate       begin                 create           pioneer
lading         cargo                 load             freight
original       imaginative           creative         inventive
original       initial               primary          early
outrageous      shocking             offensive      intolerable
picture         represent            portray        depict
preliminary     initial              introductory   preparatory
preoccupation   fascination          absorption     obsession
preserve        protect              save           maintain
radiant         bright               vivid          brilliant
research        investigate          study          examine
reverence       worship              veneration     homage
reverse         invert
right           correct              proper         appropriate
satire          irony                sarcasm
segregate       seclude              separate       dissociate
stable          unchangeable         invariable     constant
strong          robust               mighty
tease           irritate             bother         annoy
tempting        inviting             attractive     appealing
type            kind                 sort
underlying      fundamental          basic          elementary
vein            blood vessel
absolutely      totally              utterly        completely
caption         title                heading
categorize      arrange in classes   classify       group
complicated     complex              intricate
conflicting     opposing             contrary       clashing
gratify         please               satisfy        appease
in operation    being used
instrument      apparatus            appliance      tool
instrument      means                mechanism
intrude         trespass             encroach       violate
key             tone
key             essential            important      central
legacy          tradition            inheritance    heritage
manufacture     make                 build          construct
memorable       notable              remarkable     noteworthy
narrow          taper
narrow          limit
occasion        event                affair
occasional      infrequent           irregular      sporadic
oversee         supervise            manage         control
oversight       mistake              blunder        slip
peaceful        serene               tranquil       placid
peak            summit               maximum        pinnacle
perforate       pierce               punch          puncture
postulate       propose              claim          necessitate
quit            give up              stop
quit            resign               retire
reinforcement   support
remnant         trace                        remain         relics
remove          withdraw                     extract        eliminate
role            function                     duty           capacity
shudder         tremor                       shiver         quiver
spread out      extend                       broaden        stretch
strip           remove                       divest         deprive
tactile         tangible                     touchable
tendency        trend                        inclination    proneness
underpinning    foundation                   basis
unencumbered    free
version         translation
version         variant                      form
well-suited     adequate                     appropriate
whole           entire                       total          full
wit             humor
absolve         pardon                       forgive        exculpate
ambling         leisurely                    slow           easy
barter          trade                        exchange       swap
bombard         strike                       assault        assail
breeding        reproduction                 upbringing
bulky           large                        hulking        immense
depict          represent                    portray        picture
diminish        lessen                       decrease       reduce
duration        length                       term           span
emphasize       stress                       make much of   highlight
exalted         superior                     high           praised
favor           kindness                     good-will
favor           approval                     blessing       approbation
fervor          zeal                         passion        ardor
foliage         leaves
foster          rear                         breed          nourish
free            liberate                     deliver        emancipate
further         additional                   extra          more
guide           direct                       lead           show
inaction        lack of action or activity
incursion       invasion                     raid           foray
indispensable   essential                    necessary      requisite
inimical        unfriendly                   hostile        antagonistic
intervention    influence                    interference
merge           combine                      unite          blend
pattern         design                       figure
permanent       lasting                      constant       everlasting
point           issue
praise          acclaim                      hail           laud
precarious      delicate                     touchy
precarious      uncertain                    unstable
prototype       model
rapidly         quickly                 fast
refine          improve                 polish
rent            lease                   let
source          origin                  derivation
sparsely        lightly                 meagerly
standpoint      perspective             point of view
stint           limit
subsequently    later                   successively              afterward
terrestrial     earthly                 worldly
unbridled       unrestrained            unrestricted              uncontrolled
acclaim         praise                  acclamation               applause
acclaim         hail                    praise                    commend
active          lively                  brisk                     energetic
administer      give                    deal
administer      manage                  conduct                   execute
avail           be of use               serve
blossom         flourish                bloom                     thrive
cast            project                 throw                     hurl
charge          impose responsibility
chiefly         mainly
coherent        logical                 consistent
count           matter                  weigh                     signify
discernible     noticeable              detectable                observable
distinguished   marked                  prominent                 eminent
federate        unite                   amagamate                 consolidate
frame           make                    shape                     mold
huge            massive                 mammoth                   gigantic
inevitable      certain                 unavoidable               inescapable
inspire         motivate                fire the imagination of
intention       willingness             aim                       design
livelihood      occupation              job                       living
make            create                  constitute                form
mark            note                    notice                    eminence
mark            label
mechanism       device                  instrument                tool
mechanism       means                   method                    technique
move            touch                   affect                    excite
move            pass                    transfer                  shift
oppress         maltreat                persecute
pronounced      marked                  significant               noticeable
reward          recompense              prize                     compensation
ripe            mature                  mellow                    developed
roam            wander                  ramble                    rove
sheen           luster                  brightness
situation       condition               position                  status
slender         thin                    slim
slender         weak                    fragile                   delicate
speed               go rapidly           hasten            race
sustenane           fare                 food              nourishment
understand          comprehend           grasp             make head or tail of
unparalleled        unique               matchless         unequaled
veneration          admiration           adoration         reverence
attempt             try                  seek
beneath             below
cohere              adhere               stick             cling
collect             build up             accumulate        gather
count for nothing   be unimportant
creative            inventive            imaginative
disinterested       impartial            unbiased          fair
disitinguishable    differentiated
erudite             logical              learned           educated
exceptionally       unusually            extraordinarily   abnormally
final               terminal             ultimate          conclusive
for the sake of     for the purpose of
impartial           disinterested        unbiased          unprejudiced
impervious          resistant            impenetrable
impolite            uncivil              rude              discourteous
indifference        unconcern            apathy            inattention
induce              persuade             instigate         urge
inhabitant          citizen              resident          dweller
jolt                shock                impact
luminous            bright               glowing           shining
negligible          insignificant        trivial           trifle
obscure             uncertain            dim               faint
omnipresent         ubiquitous
overpower           overwhelm            subdue            vanquish
peculiar            strange              distinct          unusual
prohibitively       extremely            exorbitantly
prophetic           predictive
proprietor          owner                landlord
protrude            stick out            extend            stretch out
proximity           nearness             closeness
reliable            trustworthy          dependable        credible
resort to           turn to
seek                try out              strive            attempt
seek                look for             search for        pursue
statue              figure
straight away       immediately          right away
string              series               chain
tangled             twisted together
telling             helpful              effective         valid
track               follow               chase             trace
track               observe
traditional         usual                customary         conventional
underneath         below               beneath
abide              inhabit             reside              remain
accomplished       skilled             proficient
apprehend          understand          grasp              comprehend
average            mean                median
blend              compound            fuse               combine
block              obstacle            barrier             blockade
block              prevent             hinder
compel             oblige              force               coerce
constraint         limitation          hindrance          confinement
couple             pair                brace              duo
disorder           chaos               disorganization    mess
encounter          meet                face
erroneous          incorrect           mistaken            false
expertise          art                 craft              skill
fame               renown              reputation          eminence
found              create              set up             establish
imitate            simulate            mimic              copy
in opposition to   counter to          con
incredulous        skeptical           doubtful            dubious
means              method              way                process
medium             means               instrument
misleading         deceptive           deluding           confusing
onset              beginning           opening            outbreak
overwhelm          overpower           crush
phenomenon         occurrence          appearance
pinnacle           the highest point   top                peak
pinpoint           precise
pliable            smoothly shaped     easy to shape      easily shaped
rear               raise               nurture             nurse
repair             mend                amend               fix
residue            remain              remnant            remainder
scanty             short               scarce             sparse
sense              meaning             signification       denotation
shard              fragment            piece
substrate          substratum          underlying layer
subtle             hardly perceived    imperceptible      elusive
suitable           appropriate         proper             fit
tedious            tiresome            irksome            wearisome
toxic              poisonous           noxious            toxicant
ultimately         eventually          in the end         finally
universally        everywhere          generally          invariably
usual              typical             common             accustomed
adjacent           nearby              adjoining          neighboring
alter              modify              change              metamorphose
bare               uncovered           exposed            naked
burden             load
burden            tax                        charge          load
clout             influence                  pull            power
commodity         goods                      product         merchandise
constellation     collection
constellation     arrangement
daunt             intimidate                 discourage      dishearten
delight           please                     gratify         amuse
deluxe            luxurious                  lavish          opulent
depressed         downcast                   melancholy      gloomy
depressed         concave                    low             sunken
endless           limitless                  incessant       perpetual
especially        notably                    specifically    particulary
forbid            ban                        inhibit         prohibit
great             outstanding                distinguished   magnificent
hold              include                    contain         accommodate
impression        influence                  impact          effect
impression        image                      idea            feeling
in time           eventually
in time           early
inherent          innate                     built-in        congenital
instant           moment
nocturnal         active at night
overall           general                    total           comprehensive
process           method                     procedure       system
reach             area                       expanse         stretch
reciprocal        mutual
remarkable        incredible                 significant     noteworthy
routinely         commonly                   generally       habitually
sizable           large
still             nevertheless
still             calm                       motionless      stationary
subdued           reduced
touching          moving
transfer          move                       remove          relocate
trivial           frivolous                  unimportant     insignificant
unintentionally   accidentally               casually        unconsciously
variation         variance                   fluctuation     change
vociferous        noisy
acquisition       purchase                   acquirement     attainment
ancestor          predecessor                antecedent      forefather
capricious        unpredictable              fickle
collaboration     cooperation                teamwork        alliance
colonize          inhabit                    settle
combine           incorporate                mix             unite
complete          entire                     total           whole
consequently      as a result                hence           thus
continuity        uninterrupted connection   flow            succession
disadvantage            drawback                   handicap        flaw
dissemination           spread                     distribution    circulation
documented              recorded
excite                  stimulate                  encourage       instigate
extent                  scope                      stretch         range
from time to time       now and then
fusion                  union
hunt                    scour                      seek
illicit                 unlawful                   illegitimate    illegal
improper                unfit                      inappropriate
incessant               continuous                 unceasing       everlasting
infrequent              occasional
infrequent              rare
inhospitable            unfavorable                unfriendly      desolate
intact                  undamaged                  unaffected      complete
override                cancel                     annul           nullify
pore                    stare                      gaze
profusion               abundance                  wealth
proponent               advocate                   supporter       partisan
prospective             future                     soon-to-be      likely
pure                    clear                      clean           spotless
rough                   uneven                     rugged          bumpy
stand for               symbolize                  represent
stationary              unmoving                   motionless      immobile
submarine               underwater
submerge                plunge                     inundate        immerse
surmise                 speculate                  guess           suppose
suspect                 believe                    consider        suppose
sustainable             endurable                  bearable
unequaled               matchless                  unparalleled    peerless
unsurpassed             superior                   superlative
unwittingly             unintendedly
urge                    compulsion                 impulse         drive
with little regard to   with little attention to
abandonment             desertion                  forsakenness
abuse                   misuse                     ill-use
abuse                   maltreat                   mistreat
accommodate             provide for
accommodate             adjust to                  adapt           suit
accommodate             lodge                      make room for   hold
affront                 offend                     insult          abuse
aggressive              offensive                  militant
aggressive              forceful                   pushing
as well as              in addition to             also
cardinal                fundamental                primary         principal
cautious                careful                    prudent         discreet
celebrate               commemorate                observe
continuous      uninterrupted connection      unceasing      consecutive
derive          obtain                        draw
derive          originate                     trace
despite         notwithstanding
dim             obscure                       faint          weak
disgusting      offensive                     sickening      nauseating
exposition      exhibition                    display        presentation
extraneous      unneeded                      unnecessary    irrelevant
feed            nourish
feed            graze
happen          occur                         befall
impartially     fairly                        without bias
indeed          in truth                      in fact        surely
innovation      novelty                       new idea
jeer            scoff                         mock           scorn
noticed         observed
nourish         feed                          nurture        breed
outcome         result                        consequence    end
paramount       supreme                       sovereign      chief
ponder          think of                      weigh          muse
prepare         ready                         prime          arrange
procurement     obtaining
produce         yield                         generate       procreate
propose         suggest                       offer          proffer
prosperous      thriving                      successful     flourishing
purpose         goal                          aim            end
scent           fragrance                     perfume        odor
spring up       suddenly arise                emerge
stubborn        obstinate                     dogged         rigid
subsistence     survival                      existence      living
territorial     of or relating to territory
threatening     intimidating                  menacing       aggressive
ancient         prehistoric                   antique        old
annihilate      remove                        abolish        exterminate
antagonist      opponent                      adversary      enemy
arrange         order                         array
clutch          grasp                         grab           grip
contour         outline
contradictory   opposite                      paradoxical    contrary
converse        opposite                      reverse
dependent       reliant                       relying on
depose          oust
distress        pain                          agony          anguish
diverge         separate                      deviate
diversity       variety
divert          redirect                      reroute        avert
enable          permit                        allow          facilitate
equilibrium     balance             evenness       stability
exclusively     only                entirely       solely
ferry           transfer            carry          convey
hole            pit                 pore            opening
in fact         actually            precisely      really
legitimate      lawful              legal          licit
neat            orderly             trim            tidy
notion          opinion             view
notion          concept             general idea
perennial       persistent          constant       continual
persecute       oppress             harass          molest
portion         part                segment         fragment
prestige        status              influence      distinction
prized          outstanding         prominent      valued
result          sequence            product        outcome
rich            fertile             abundant       affluent
series          series              string         succession
sole            only                single          solitary
stingy          parsimonious        miserly         mean
surmount        overcome            conquer
trade           barter              exchange       swap
unchanged       even
underway        continuing          in progress    already commenced
uneven          rough               rugged         bumpy
uninterested    indifferent         unconcerned
wary            method              means
apply           use                 employ          utilize
appreciate      recognize           value          esteem
available       accessible          obtainable     usable
capitalize on   take advantage of
consumption     use                 waste
detract         reduce              diminish       lessen
dimension       size
erect           build               construct      set up
erect           upright             vertical       perpendicular
exceptional     abnormal            unusual        extraordinary
express         communicate         represent      disclose
expressly       definitely          clearly
fit             adjust              customize      modify
habitual        customary           regular         usual
harness         utilize
implausible     unbelievable        improbable
institute       establish           start
juncture        connection          junction
long            desire              crave          yearn
mysterious      puzzling            mystic         inscrutable
obsolete        out of date         outdated
obsolete        unused            out of use
omit            exclude
owing to        because of
point out       indicate          show
prevail         triumph           dominate              master
recede          withdraw          retreat
reluctant       unwilling         disinclined           loath
scour           rub               polish                scrub
scour           search            hunt                  seek
signal          indicate          beckon                sign
silhouette      outline
slightly        somewhat          a little
stretch         extend            lengthen
stretch         area              reach                 expanse
surrounding     environment       condition             situation
susceptible     prone             vulnerable            liable
tout            praise            hype                  ballyhoo
trifling        trivial           unimportant           petty
turbulence      agitation         tumult                commotion
unsuitable      unfit             improper              unseemly
void            useless           ineffectual           vain
wielding        using             exerting              exercising
apparent        clear             obvious               evident
apparent        seeming           likely                probable
appreciable     noticeable        detectable
ardent          enthusiastic      passionate            fervent
authentic       genuine                         TRUE    real
authorize       empower           accredit              commission
broad appeal    wide popularity
capture         seize             catch                 snare
channel         direct            guide                 convey
cherish         value             prize                 treasure
comprehensive   complete          extensive             far-reaching
convince        persuade          assure                induce
crust           exterior          surface               outer layer
execute         perform           achieve               transact
expect          predict           anticipate            await
figure          amount            number
fragrant        aromatic          perfumed              savory
gainful         profitable        paying                lucrative
gap             opening           hole                  break
given           particular        specified
incisive        penetrating       biting                acute
irreversible    permanent         irrevocable
locale          place
ooze            seep              pass through slowly
penetrate       go through        pierce                enter
pervade        spread                permeate       penetrate
phase          period                stage          step
pinion         feather               plumage
pitiful        pitiable              pathetic       piteous
predicament    difficult situation   dilemma        plight
sanction       approval              permission     ratification
snatch         seize                 grab           clutch
subjective     personal              individual
sweat          perspiration
therefore      consequently          accordingly    hence
trap           pitfall               snare          lure
tricky         cunning               sly            astute
tricky         difficult             complicated    problematic
unique         particular            distinct       original
unrestricted   unlimited             unbridled
vice           wickedness            evil
win            obtain                gain           procure
abundant       plentiful             ample          bountiful
acute          keen                  sharp          poignant
acute          severe                critical       dire
admit          let in                accept         receive
affiliation    association           relationship   connection
arrangement    configuration         structure
assault        attack                aggress        assail
bias           prejudice
civil          polite                courteous      civilized
coalesce       combine               unite          amalgamate
coat           cover                 apply          smear
congenial      favorable             pleasant       affable
contaminate    pollute               stain          corrupt
course         progression           process
debatable      questionable          arguable       disputable
determine      calculate             figure
determine      decide                resolve        settle
devoid         free from             empty          destitute
domestic       home                  family         household
dominated      governed              controlled     directed
exercise       practice              use
exhibit        display               set forth      show
extol          applaud               laud           exalt
feasible       possible              viable         workable
flexible       pliable               adjustable     adaptable
global         worldwide             universal      ecumenical
heed           attention             notice         caution
heed           listen to             consider       pay attention to
inquiry        scrutiny              examination    investigation
issue          matter                point          question
potential       prospective        possible         latent
potentially     possibly
prone           tending            susceptible      inclined
share           portion            part             allotment
status          standing           prestige         position
strength        force              power            might
tempt           attract            decoy            lure
urgent          pressing           imperative       exigent
utilize         employ             make use of
vaguely         unclearly          ambiguously      indefinitely
vigorous        strong             energetic        tough
vow             pledge             promise
a great deal    a lot              in abundance
added           extra              additional       supplemental
albeit          although           even though      notwithstanding
allow           enable             permit           let
antecedent      predecessor        ancestor
apart from      except for
application     use                employment       appliance
augment         add                increase
avenue          means              channel
cease           stop               halt             terminate
clean           unstained          clear            pure
clean           hygienic           antiseptic
cumulate        build up           accumulate       amass
demise          end                fall             death
detest          strongly dislike   hate             abominate
dilute          reduce             thin             weaken
disrupt         interrupt          interfere with   upset
diverse         dissimilar         varied           various
drill           practice           exercise
ease            alleviate          releve           mitigate
empty           vacant             hollow           void
engaged         busy               occupied
engrossed       absorbed           occupied         preoccupied
even            flat               level            horizontal
even            unchanging         constant
exceed          go beyond          surpass          have a greater number than
extreme         intense            excessive        ultimate
exude           release            emit             give off
imprecise       inexact            inaccurate       loose
inauspicious    unfavorable        ominous
mask            disguise           camouflage       pretend
merit           value              worth            excellence
perspective     view               prospect         vista
predominantly   primarily          mainly           predominately
prey            victim
recast    transform
skip      spring      jump        leap
submit    yield       surrender   obey
sustain   maintain    continue
sustain   support     bear        uphold
trace     imprint     vestige     mark
urban     civic       municipal
                          ~하는 경향이 있는
startle        daze       놀라게 하다.
habitually                만성적으로
slather                   흠뻑 칠하다
                          분야, 영역
                          지역, 영토
passionate                열성적인
prolong        lengthen   확장하다, 늘리다
                          헌신하다, 바치다
                          음모를 꾸미다
                          무성한, 풍부한
keep                      지속하다
                          (전염병 등의)만연, 창궐
infrequently              때때로
                          (묶인 것을)풀다
exude                     뿜다, 방출하다
                          연주, 공연
prominent                 유명한
                          자급자족하는, 제힘으로 살아가는
inspire                   자극하다, 격려하다
secondary                 종속적인
                          라고 생각하다, 추측하다
                   양도하다, 포기하다
weaken             하락하다, 쇠퇴하다
                   배치하다, 배열하다
                   침식하다, 부식되다
pretty             꽤
lustrous           빛나는, 광택이 나는
basis              근거, 이유
                   이상적인, 완벽한
drag       delay   꾸물거리다, 질질끌다
pattern            견본
asset              자산
feature            특성
                   뿌리깊은, 정착한
entirely           철저히, 완전히
                   (지도 등을) 작성하다
                   중하게 여기다
fruitful             비옥한
                     매우 귀중한
                     돌이킬 수 없는
                     행동 원칙
eminent              뛰어난
remaining            미결제의
dominate             우세하다
preceding            이전의
mastery              능숙함
                     가득찬, 수없이 많은
guard                보호하다
lonely               외딴, 고독한
hold                 달라붙다, 고수하다
                     자극, 격려
spur        excite   자극하다
whim                 예측 불허의 변화
                     견해, 의견
                     감소하다, 쇠퇴하다
                     ~의 탓으로 돌리다
property             특성
lively               활기 있는
                     (체계적으로) 정리하다
                     혈통, 기원
scatter              퍼뜨리다
                               (일을)용이하게 하다
                               미세한, 섬세한
unimportant                    사소한
                               황금시대, 전성기
seize                          붙잡다
apprehend                      이해하다,파악하다
chance                         되는 대로의, 우연의
                               중요하지 않은
commence        inaugurate     시작하다
                               창작하다, 창안하다
eradicate       wipe out       제거하다
epoch                          시대
acquire                        얻다
answerable                     책임이 있는
                               날카로운, 예리한
procrastinate                  연기하다
stop                           중지하다
                               ~와 동맹하다, 연합하다
forecast                       예견하다
                               이점, 장점
convert         metamorphose   변화시키다
                               연합, 동맹
                               동요, 혼란
shed light on                  명료하게 하다
once                        이전에
better         ameliorate   개선하다
                            되돌아보면, 회상하면
                            드물게, 좀처럼 ~않는
limited                     빈약한, 부족한
                            얼얼하다, 쓰리다
take care of                부양하다
substantial                 실질적인
                            ~로 향하게 하다
alert                       조심(경계)하는
                            이리저리 흔들다
vast           capacious    넓은
                            관계를 끊다
                            불러내다, 상기시키다
                            (편지로 하는) 통신
perplxing                   알기 어려운
concoct                     만들어내다
trifling                 하찮은, 사소한
parallel                 비유하다
mild                     온화한
                         정화하다, 깨끗이 하다
                         이치에 맞는
insufficient             부족한
                         속담, 금언
                         ~에 영향을 미치다
                         ~인 체하다
                         편의 시설
                         (무게를) 지탱하다, 견디다
                         산출하다, 생기게 하다
prolific       liberal   풍부한
                         구성하는, 구성 요소의
controversy              논쟁
submerge                 물에 잠기게 하다
allure         decoy     유혹하다
composite                혼합(물)
rise                증가하다
excel               능가하다, 뛰어나다
                    관련된, 적절한
obviate             그만두게 하다, 막다
                    삼가다, 중단하다
resemblance         유사함
                    경계, 찰나
produce             얻다
love                애정
wary                경계하는
                    (마음을) 끌다, 유혹하다
                    ~의 탓으로 돌리다
                    ~의 형체로 만들다
                    과격한, 극단적인
                    무안케 하다
                    기능, 역할
go            run   기능하다
heave               끌어당기다
                    어렴풋이 나타나다
                    지나치게 과세하다
                    마음에 드는, 기분 좋은
fitting             적당한
                       ~을 제외하고
answer                 소용이 되다, 도움이 되다
grain                  소량
blot            soil   얼룩
astonish               놀라게 하다
                       다루다, 대하다
                       (책임,역할을) 맡다
forsake                그만두다, 버리다
                       사용 가능한
indispensable          중요한
                       녹다, 녹이다
                       배후지, 오지
                       (짐을) 실은
                       판재, 재목
                       손에 넣을 수 있는
                       작은 부분, 지역
                       ~을 되찾다
                       관련된, 적절한
look back              추억하다
direction              길
                       진정시키다, 완화하다
excessive quantity           나머지, 잔여
                             균형을 잃은
                             ~에서 기인하다
barricade                    장애물, 장벽
                             흐리게 하다
manner                       행동
carry                        (빛, 열등을) 전도하다
save                         보존하다
                             ~로 끝나다
                             윤곽을 그리다
                             기부(금), 기증(물)
ground                       기초
elementary                   근본적인
                             소량, 소수
zenith                       정상, 절정
equal                        동일한
obstruction                  장애
                             (정당성을) 증명하다
bemoan               mourn   슬퍼하다, 애도하다
                             발생, 근원
development                  발전
                             긁어 모으다
                             악보, 악곡
proficient            숙련된
                      ~에서 유래하다
support      back     후원하다
                      (만장) 일치
compound              혼합하다
                      ~을 계속하다
                      결합, 유대감
                      동시에 일어나다
                      의견이 일치하다
tremendous            거대한
                      한데 모이다
envy         crave    갈망하다
fault                 결점
                      변절, 탈당
tiresome     tiring   지루한
                      노력하다, 애쓰다
                      무리, 떼
halfway               중간의
                      옹졸한, 편협한
                      유형, 종류
                      경계, 한계
verge                 가장자리
besides               게다가
vital                 필수적인
impede                막다, 방해하다
untroubled            평온한
                      개정하다, 개선하다
                      단단한, 뻣뻣한
                      부족, 결핍
                      융통성 있는, 적응성 있는
             달라붙음, 부착
condemn      비난하다
             ~을 수반하다
transcend    능가하다, 빼어나다
             (시간, 노력 등을) 쓰다, 들이다
             재능, 소질
style        유형
groundwork   기반, 하부구조
             ~을 수반하다
             박다, 꽂아 넣다
             섞이다, 혼합되다
impel        강요하다
             제공하다, 제안하다
             껍질을 벗기다
impart       주다
             ~가 되게 하다
             ~을 표현하다
reputation   명성
             몹시 뜨거운(더운)
             주다. (시간을) 할애하다
             활기(자극)을 주는
             대표하다, 특징을 나타내다
                        불확실한, 상반된 감정이 공존하는
                        감추다, 위장하다
mask          bury      숨기다
voluntary               의도적인
                        들뜨게 하다
unveiling               폭로, 발각
                        중단, 단절
                        자동력이 없는, 움직일 수 없는
radiance                광채
bulky         large     거대한, 막대한
                        (주의,마음을) 끌다, 사로잡다
                        앞서다, 우선하다
                        얻다, 획득하다
                        불화, 파열
tear                    찢다, 파열시키다
part                    부분
crash                   박살 내다
                        충격을 주다, 놀라게 하다
substantial   serious   중요한
steady                  지속적인
                        자제, 절제
colossal                엄청난
                        억지로 밀어넣다
                        추정하다, 어림잡다
request                 요구하다
industriously            열심히
mesmerize                매혹하다
                         배불리 먹다
                         평가하다, 판단하다
paste                    접착시키다
                         잡종, 혼합물
                         (연주,연설등을) 즉흥적으로 하다
                         저항할 수 없는
                         부주의, 태만
prevail over             ~보다 뛰어나다
probable                 그럴듯한
wary                     조심성 있는, 신중한
edit                     수정하다
dexterous       adroit   숙련된
fickle                   변하기 쉬운
                         ~와는 반대로
                         ~하는 한
                         ~할 지라도
abundant                 부유한, 풍족한
                         달라붙다, 고수하다
                         솜씨있게 만들다
top             crown    정상
eradicate                많은 사람을 죽이다
                        (사실 등을) 밝히다
spirit                  성질, 기질
prevalent               우세한
upgrade                 향상시키다, 개선하다
                        분명하게 발음하다
remove                  근절하다
ruthless                가혹한
                        전통, 유산
rude        audacious   무례한
risk        hazard      위험
maneuver                조종하다, 다루다
jeer                    조롱하다
                        호감, 존경
lay         locate      ~을 놓다
extensive               넓은
rapid                   빠른
                        동시에 일어나다
                        ~의 도처에
                        당황하게 하다
                        뒤엎다, 정복하다
                        덕 있는
                        대용이 되는
aptitude                재능
                        깨끗이 하다
bump                    충돌하다
fretful             성미가 까다로운
                    예외없이, 반드시
                    꾀다, 유혹하다
                    명료한, 명쾌한
avert       deter   ~을 방해하다, 막다
lavish              풍부한
turn                회전하다
                    정도, 단계
                    세상을 들끓게 하는
transform           변하다
                    만족할 줄 모르는, 탐욕적인
                    조밀한, 밀집한
compelled           강제적인
                    동시에 일어나는
                    순응하다, 따르다
                    모순이 없는, 일관된
                    전염성 있는
                    (동등한 자격의) 대응물
constituent   ingredient        구성요소
                                불규칙적인, 변덕스러운
expend        consume           다 써버리다
                                지치게 하다
enlarge       extend            확장하다
                                앞으로, 차후
                                뜻하지 않게, 우연히
large                           거대한
common                          보통의, 평범한
                                꾸밈없는, 간소한
general                         대중적인
                                화해시키다, 조정하다
                                조건, 조항
                                ~에 혁명을 일으키다
                                (삽으로) 파다
                                이용 가능한, 접근하기 쉬운
                                주다, 수여하다
                                ~인 듯하다, ~인 것 같이 보인다
                                ~에 근거를 두다, ~에서 유래하다
                                도가니, 용광로
restrain                        제한(억제)하다
                                ~라고 여기다
dissipate                       흩어지게 하다
in due time   in the long run   결국
                                두렵게 하다
                                물러가다, 양보하다
                         거대한, 막대한
                         ~와 일치하여
                         독창성, 창의력
undertaking              일, 직무
slow                     무기력한
takeoff       travesty   풍자적 변형
                         피난처, 은신처
                         북북 문지르다
get                      확보하다
                         혼란, 소란
endless                  무한한
arbitrary                변덕스러운
                         (개개의) 물품
                         ~을 알고있는
shore                    물가, 기슭
                         전반적으로, 대체로
squeeze                  압축하다
                         고치다, 바로잡다
                         호기심이 강한
boundary      rim        가장자리
                         지나칠 정도로
meddle                  방해하다, 간섭하다
administer              관리하다
                        전문 기술, 숙달
                        이기다, 정복하다
validate                승인하다
                        진보, 발전
                        (영향을) 받기 쉬운
                        사업, 과제
correct                 정확한
                        유대, 결속
                        보충, 보완
                        ~와 정반대로
deciding     decisive   중대한
invent                  고안하다
                        줄다, 감소시키다
                        ~을 포함하다
                        식각하다, 새기다
                        상상할 수 있는
reflect                 숙고하다
                        (성질,의미등이) 정반대의
outmatch                ~을 능가하다
                        ~와 유사한
                             ~에 필적하다
                             용기를 북돋는
civil                        공손한
technique                    기술
                             이어서 일어나는 것
                             그럼에도 불구하고
bounty                       풍부함
                             적응성, 융통성
                             ~와 불화하다
arrange                      (전략적으로) 배치하다
regardful                    분별력 있는
plain        clear           분명한
commodious                   넓은
                             (불을) 끄다
frail        unsubstantial   연약한
                             맛, 풍미
                             ~에 책임이 있는
                             중요치 않은
divide                       분할(분배)하다
apprehend    recognize       알아차리다
shred        scrap           조각
                             잇다, 접합하다
swear                        맹세
represent                    묘사하다
expanse                      지역
explore                      탐색하다, 조사하다
                             (화가 나서) 속이 끓다
specific                     특별한
view                         조사하다
make-up             성질
shatter             파괴하다
wont                익숙한
declare             주장하다, 우기다
                    ~의 비용(대가)으로
nourish             기르다
                    ~을 엄히 단속하다
                    정도, 단계
divide              분배하다
                    위기, 위급
                    여하간에, 여하튼
                    본래, 처음에
uncooked            가공하지 않은
deny                거절하다
                    범람, 넘쳐흐름
curtail    reduce   줄이다
impair     harm     망치다, 손상시키다
mean                보통의
                             핀을 빼다
                             ~와 유사한, ~에 가까운
winsome                      매력적인
                             접근법, 방법
discuss                      논쟁하다
                             받치다, 보강하다
                             비참한, 비극적인
                             명료하게 하다
perpetually                  지속적으로
                             속임수, 사기
                             (간행물) 판
complex                      복잡한, 정교한
failing        shortcoming   결점
                             다수의, 쇄도하는
purposeful                   고의적인
                             ~에도 불구하고
harbor                       보호하다
get                          받다, 얻다
                             적절, 타당성
                             묘사하다, 표현하다
enjoin                       요구하다
                             풍경이 아름다운
inconsistent                 불합리한
stupid                       어리석은
separate       sort          분류하다
glitter         radiate    빛나다
                           (짧은) 휴식
                           진부한 말(생각)
injury                     손상, 손해
inert                      활동하지 않는
indispensable              필수적인
impede                     방해하다
clever          original   독창적인
negligible                 사소한
                           피난처를 제공하다
                           영향력, 힘
ponder                     심사숙고하다
                           반영하다, 나타내다
resign                     포기하다, 버리다
part            cleave     절단하다, 분리하다
apex            pinnacle   정상
                           상징, 표시
                           유익한, 도움이 되는
intend                     목표하다
                           ~에서 기인한, ~로 설명되는
                           입증하다, 증명하다
dispute                    논쟁
                           험담하는 사람
cloak                        속이다, 감추다
                             의견을 달리하다
tug                drag      끌다
fault                        결점
                             염료, 물감
shed               radiate   발산하다
reveal                       드러내다
                             넌지시 비추다
in the beginning             처음에
ingenious                    기발한, 혁신적인
                             과소 평가하다
                             질서, 조화
lessen                       감소시키다
expose             divulge   드러내다
                             ~을 명백히 하다
magnitude                    크기
                             ~이지만, 비록~일지라도
yet                          그러나
                             적용 가능한, 적절한
veil                         가리다
valiant                      대담한
quality                      특성
                             거친, 천한
dwell on                     심사숙고하다
injure             impair    손상시키다
                             힘든, 큰 노력을 요하는
                       확인하다, 찾아내다
                       즐겁게 하다
sway                   변동하다
primary                우세한, 주된
vary                   변경하다
                       변이, 변화
                       방첨탑, 오벨리스크
holder                 그릇, 용기
                       외딴, 멀리 떨어진
                       썩은, 부패한
                       조악한, 질이 떨어지는
                       (갈기갈기) 찢다
                       ~에 걸치다, 이르다
astonish     stupefy   놀라게하다
serene       restful   평온한, 차분한
evade        escape    ~을 피하다
                       가장 적절한
uniform                유사한
                       해로운, 불리한
legislate              제정하다
                       고르게, 일관되게
promptly               즉시, 당장
remarkable             중요한
                       진행 중인
                       상상도 못할
                              그 결과로서 ~가 되었다
                              연락을 유지하다
speechless                    무언의
                              함께 하다
                              ~와 대항시키다
hoist                         올리다
extraordinary   exceptional   드문
                              때때로, 간헐적으로
bear                          운송하다
unchangeable                  일관성있는
allure                        (마음을)끌다
                              약진, 큰 발전
rule                          지배하다
argument                      논쟁
                              양분, 이분
fervor          ardor         열정
happening                     하나의 사건
educe                         일깨우다, 자아내다
odd                           기묘한, 못 보던
                              재주, 재능
frightful                     무서운
                              지지하다, 자극하다
                              협력하여, 동반하여
                              교차하다, 가로지르다
                              이치에 맞다
strict        correct   정확한
assuage                 경감하다
escape                  피하다
                        멋진, 장엄한
fixed                   안정된
                        따로 떼어두다, 비축하다
senseless               어리석은
                        성공, 달성
                        가는 막대기
indignation             분노
produce       elicit    야기시키다, 초래하다
                        조건부의, ~여하에 달린
meet                    직면하다
aftermath     outcome   결과
split                   쪼개다, 깨뜨리다
                        천연[있는]그대로의, 가공하지 않은
striving                노력
come out                나타나다
                        더욱 심하게 하다
clarify                 설명하다
conclude                끝내다
                        묶다, 매다
unhurried               느긋한
                        관리할 수 있는, 감당할 수 있는
margin        verge     주변부
useful                  실용적인
elementary              기본적인, 기초적인
                        (빛등을) 비추다
                        고르지 않은
                        퍼지다, ~에 이르다
stalwart     loyal      확고한, 충실한
                        (성장이) 멎은
intrude                 침해하다
declare                 공표하다
                        ~을 경유하여
pile up      amass      모으다
sharp                   기민한
                        ~에 달려있다
                        축하의, 축하하는
                        정신적인, 인식의
maim         spoil      파괴하다, 망치다
                        멸종 위기에 처한, 위험에 처한
                        형성되는, 발달의
                        (시간,거리의) 간격
                        굉장히 멋진
                        가리다, 어둡게 하다
individual   especial   특별한
                        약간, 다소
domain       province   범위, 영역
taciturn                말이 없는
                        은밀히, 몰래
                        뛰어난, 훌륭한
increase                (크기,수량등) 증가하다
pace          속도, 신속함
violent       난폭한
              탄원, 청원
incite        자극하다, 유발시키다
veil          가리다
              집합된, 축적된
clumsy        성가신, 다루기 힘든
              없어도 되는
allotment     분배
take in       먹다
utterly       완전히
appraise      평가하다
valorous      용감한
              (규칙,원칙) 정하다
increase      확대하다, 증대하다
              어느 정도, 다소
character     특징, 성향
enrage        자극하다, 화나게 하다
              장비를 갖추다
limpid        명백한
ill at ease   불안한
              뚜렷하게, 상당히
appraise       평가하다
oust           추방하다
               선택권, 대안
               비교적, 꽤
quarry         발굴하다
wield          (힘) 발휘하다
uncommon       비범한
               깨지기 쉬운
               ~와 관계가 없다
elucidate      설명하다, 해석하다
fruitful       이익이 되는
primarily      주로
evident        명백한
show           증명하다
tangible       물질적인
headstrong     완고한
achieve        수행하다
               상하기 쉬운
strike         마구 치다
               결실이 많은, 다작의
undisturbed    고요한
generate       야기하다
beat           능가하다
               어디에나 존재하는
               (고통, 어려운 일을) 겪다
               ~에 달라붙다, 고수하다
               주장, 단언
unproductive   불모의
chief          주요한
               알기 쉬운
attention                관심
                         배치, 배열
                         당연히 받아야 할
sense         spot       발견하다, 인지하다
hyperbolize              과장하다
restrain                 구속하다, 제한하다
recurrent                빈번한
                         근거 없는
impediment               방해, 장애물
                         계획, 책략
damage                   망쳐 놓다
forceful                 강력한
initiate                 일어나다, 생기다
                         알아차릴 정도로
                         시간 엄수
swivel                   회전하다
spread out               퍼뜨리다
                         장소, 위치
wet                      적시다
                         우월, 우위
start         initiate   일으키다
impair                   약화시키다
                         대항하다, 반박하다
emerge                   나타나다
                         산만하게 하다
                         떠오르는, 신흥의
extravagant              지나친
ferocious       사나운
                무엇보다도 먼저
progressively   점차적으로
weak            기운없는
protract        연장하다
                장소, 위치
requisite       필수의
tell            이야기하다
compass         범위
fluctuate       변화하다
                기초, 기본
mean            표명하다, 나타내다
                균형이 잡힌, 대칭적인
                증명하다, 입증하다
large           거대한
quicken         촉진시키다
                맞추다, 조절하다
abate           완화하다
distinguished   유명한
                특징 지우다
                칭찬, 경의
abate           줄이다
fixed           명확한
                고정시키다, 새겨넣다
by nature       본래, 본질적으로
fashion         만들다
                         ~로 나아가다
                         명확히 하다
                         밝게 하다
                         단시간에, 빨리
variable                 변하기 쉬운
inceptive                처음의
tolerance                인내
precarious               위험한
set                      준비된
trash                    쓰레기
rebirth                  재생, 부활
sadness      woe         슬픔
consume                  소비하다
locate       recognize   발견하다
resolved     decided     확고한
                         긴장, 팽팽함
                         ~에 대하여
                         화나게 하다
exotic       irregular   기괴한
                         ~에 잘 대처하다
                         간만, 썰물
retire                   쇠퇴하다, 약하게하다
primary                  기초적인
fabricate                만들다
fad                      유행
adapt                    맞추다
                         자금을 조달하다
energy                   힘
manifest                 명백한
initiate                    개척하다
investigate                 정밀조사하다
extraordinary   eccentric   기이한
store                       비축물
                            팽팽함, 긴장
beat                        일격
muscular        stout       튼튼한
                            전술, 책략
                            ~에 반하여
                            널리퍼진, 광범위한
put through                 성취하다
dismay          horror      공포, 놀람
                            놀라게 하다
                            징조가 되다
burden                      화물
                            구성물, 조직
                            도관, 선
                            깊이 생각하다
                            뒤따라 일어나다
                            갖추어 주다
institute       found       설립하다
immoderate                  과도한
definite                    명백한
                            매우 흥분한
                            환희에 찬
style                       양식, 형태
praisable             칭찬할만한
                      쩔쩔매다, 이리저리 생각하다
                      권유, 간청
worry                 근심, 염려
swerve                벗어나다, 이탈하다
burdensome            힘든(성가신)
thorough              절대적인
delicate     feeble   약한
generous              관대한
                      결정적으로, 확실히
copy                  반복하다
unearthly             기묘한
mimic                 모방하다
                      미리 막다, 미리 손쓰다
mostly                대부분, 주로
                      ~에 관하여
                      통렬히 비판하다
view                  보다
                      움직임, 동작
acquire               얻다
                      숨을 헐떡이다
                      고르지 않은
                      촉진, 성급함
distilled             정화된
                      오락의, 휴양의
                    얻다, 모집하다
grasp        grab   움켜잡다
mixture             통합체, 통합
                    그것에 의하여
spring              가지
                    (영향을) 받기 쉬운
thoroughly          완전히
hurried             급한, 갑작스러운
                    주장하다, 지지하다
                    부록, 첨가물
award               주다, 수여하다
                    엄선된, 가장 좋은
standard            전형적인, 대표적인
                    신념, 신조
advocate            보증하다, 지지하다
                    강한 인상을 주는, 웅장한
                    원칙, 규범
                       보통의, 일상적인
rebuke                 꾸짖다
astound                깜짝 놀라게 하다
normal                 일반적인
unwavering             흔들리지 않는, 확고한
give in                내주다, 굴복하다
                       산출하다, 야기하다
                       청결한, 위생적인
collect                모으다
                       균형을 잃은
                       열심인, 열렬한
border                 경계
compound               복잡한
                       반대의, 반대되는
accustomed             관례적인, 습관적인
                       게걸스레 먹다
                       요약하다, 집약하다
ring         party     파벌
portion                조각, 부분
fire                   불을 붙이다
                       유대, 결합
                       투덜거리다, 중얼거리다
perpetual              지속하는
                       가망성, 전망
grasp                  알다, 이해하다
sturdy                 튼튼한, 강한
satiate      suffice   만족시키다
artless                순진한
                       지구력, 체력
                       기본적인, 주요한
                       중요 상품
conclude               끝나다
               소중히 하다
unbalanced     불공평한, 균형을 잃은
helpful        이로운, 유익한
               (쪼개어) 나누다
cling          고수하다, 결합하다
               농도, 밀도
prompt         격려하다
oppress        (의무,짐등을) 지우다
hamper         저해하다
upgrade        (질,가치등을) 높이다
wilt           약해지다, 사라지다
               피하다, 도망하다
grand          거대한
               인상적인, 감동적인
split-second   즉각적인
hearty         건장한, 원기왕성한
               단지, 대수롭지 않은
               많지 않은
last           지속되다
               오염되지 않은
adroit         숙련된, 능숙한
               망설임, 양심의 가책
               세심한, 꼼꼼한
               양심적인, 정직한
attack         치다, 공격하다
               해명하다, 풀다
base                     저속한
                         ~의 이유를 밝히다, 설명하다
defer                    연기하다
                         ~을 채택하다, 차용하다
                         숭배하다, 존경하다
                         인위적인, 인조의
                         돌보다, 시중들다
squad                    집단, 무리
persevere                견디다
tremendous   gigantic    거대한
                         (명확히, 체계적으로) 말하다
                         부동 상태
intermit                 가로막다, 중단시키다
                         조작, 속임수
miraculous               경이로운, 놀랄만한
                         그럼에도 불구하고
                         살아남다, ~보다 더 오래 살다
                         실행 가능한
                         구원된, 구제된
strict       unsparing   극심한, 가차없는
                         어려운, 까다로운
                         비틀거리다, 동요하다
                         스릴을 주는것
                         힘들게 일하다
                         진공, 공허
logical                  타당한
                         경이로움, 놀라운 일
progress                 진보하다
                         부서지기 쉬운
                         주의 깊은
             붕괴되다, 분해되다
compel       억지로 ~하게 하다
             뒤얽히게 하다
             서서히 발전하다
surviving    현존하는
restrict     방해하다
             (짐승의) 가죽
mask         숨기다, 감추다
             접합하다, 연결하다
             불을 붙이다
             풍경, 전망
emigrate     이동하다, 이주하다
             획기적인 사건
modern       새로운
             신기한, 진기한
unusual      놀랄만한
             떨어뜨리다, 던져넣다
shortly      곧
             무모한, 부주의한
             민감하게 반응하는
             심각한, 중대한
             동시에 일어나는
mount        높이 솟다
             부차적인, 종속적인
             많은 수의
charge       고발하다, 비난하다
             배열하다, 진열하다
             뜻을 품다, 계획하다
cast aside   버리다
                         운동, 이동
                         (~으로) 변형, 변화하다
                         잘못된 생각, 오해
                         말할 필요도 없이
                         수동적인, 활기없는
                         기초를 두다
                         신랄한, 자극적인
reclaim                  되찾다, 회복시키다
                         ~에 개의치 않고
guard        safeguard   보호하다, 숨겨주다
hint         intimate    암시하다
underline                강조하다
indistinct               모호한
swarm with               풍부하다, 가득차다
                         추상적인, 이론적인
anquish                  고뇌, 고통
                         복잡하게 하다
                         ~로 구성되다
mass         host        군중, 무리
                         원칙, 교리, 주의
graceful                 우아한, 세련된
                     개체, 실체
time                 시대
                     빛깔, 색
                     손상시키다, 약하게 하다
boundless            무한한, 끝없는
                     노하게 하다, 자극하다
                     영향력있는, 유력한
unvaried             단조로운
noteworthy           주목할만한
uniqueness           참신함, 진기함
                     추측하다, 가정하다
                     ~에 의해 방해받지 않는
                     보통이 아닌, 드문
                     성가신, 짜증나는
                     번갈아 일어나다
avert                막다, 방해하다
investigate          정밀 조사하다
fleet                빠른
                     반짝이는, 빛나는
in the vicinity of   ~에 가까운
                     얻기 어려운
                     접근하기 어려운
                     성향, 경향
                     통찰력, 직관
combine                   연결하다, 결합하다
officious                 간섭하는
many                      무수한
                          꾸밈없는, 순진한
unaffected                화나게 하다
primal         prime      주요한
impel                     추진하다, 밀어내다
                          혹독한, 엄격한
tangle                    뒤섞다
scarcely                  거의~않다
                          모조의, 가짜의
trifling                  사소한
intermittent              산발적인
                          ~에 의하여
many-sided                다방면의
                          입심좋은, 유창한
cordial                   상냥한
                          공기, 분위기
utterly                   완전히
                          (군인,환자등을) 해방시키다
                          (모험적인) 사업
rise                      차츰 확대되다, 오르다
value          appraise   평가하다
                          미숙한 사람
disposed                  ~의 경향이 있는
                          경사진, 기울어진
opening                   처음의
                           지나친, 엄청난
                           서두의, 예비의
                           몰두, 강박관념
conserve       keep        보호하다, 보존하다
beaming        glowing     빛나는
scrutinize                 조사하다
respect        awe         존경
                           옳은, 적절한
disunite                   떼어놓다, 분리하다
steady         steadfast   안정된
appetizing                 매력적인, 유혹하는
                           근원적인, 기저의
class                      분류하다
                           실시중의, 효력을 가지는
device                     기구, 도구
                           수단, 방법
                           필수적인, 중요한
mass-produce               (대규모로) 제조하다
                           기억할만한, 인상적인
                           행사, 사건
error                      실수
quiet          calm        평온한
height         apex        정점, 절정
hole                       구멍을 내다
call for                   요구하다
                           보강, 지원군
                         잔재, 자취
                         끌어내다, 제거하다
                         역할, 기능
shake                    떨림, 전율
                         넓히다, 전개하다
                         촉각으로 알수있는
bent                     경향, 성향
                         기초, 기반
                         이형, 판
                         전체의, 완전한
let off                  사면하다, 용서하다
                         교환하다, 교역하다
gross        massive     거대한
render       interpret   묘사하다
abate        shrink      줄다
enthusiasm               열정
raise                    기르다
release                  해방시키다
                         그이상의, 여분의
conduct      escort      안내하다
                         활동하지 않음
opposed                  적대하는
                         간섭, 개입
                         도안, 무늬
perpetual                불변의, 영구적인
admire                   칭송하다
                         다루기 어려운
                         원형, 모델
                         다듬어 좋게 하다
                         근원, 출처
                         지상의, 속세의
                         억제되지 않은
commendation             갈채, 절찬
applaud                  격찬하다, 환호하다
supervise                관리하다, 집행하다
                         도움이 되다
pitch                    던지다
                         책임을 지우다
                         논리적인, 일관성있는
perceivable              인식할 수 있는
renowned                 두드러진
produce                  만들다
colossal                 거대한
fixed                    불가피한
intent         purpose   의향, 의도
                         직업, 생계
compose                  만들다, 구성하다
                         유명, 명성
apparatus                도구
impress                  감동시키다
                         나아가다, 이동하다
distinct                 명백한, 뚜렷한
redress                  보답, 보상
                         무르익은, 성숙한
stroll         stray     배회하다
                         상태, 처지
                             급속하게 진행하다, 서두르다
                             음식, 양식
peerless        unrivaled    비길데 없는
                             ~할 가치가 없는
pile up                      모으다, 쌓다
                             중요하지 않다
just                         공정한
knowledgeable                학식있는
                             마지막의, 궁극적인
                             ~를 위하여
objective                    공정한, 공평한
coarse                       무례한
prompt                       설득하여 ~하게하다
tenant                       주민
                             빛을 내는, 반짝이는
unimportant                  하찮은
unclear         indistinct   애매한
                             어디에나 존재하는
subjugate                    압도하다
unique          eccentric    색다른, 독특한
                             믿을 수 있는
essay                        노력하다, 시도하다
                             찾다, 추구하다
                             일련, 연속
useful                       효과적인
                             ~을 쫓아가다
                             진로를 관찰하다
                             통상적인, 전통의
                         ~의 아래에
                         살다, 머물다
                         중수, 평균(치)
mingle                   섞다
                         막다, 방해하다
constrain                강요하다
restriction              제한, 제약
confusion                무질서
mastery                  전문 기술
celebrity      honor     명성
reproduce      mock      흉내내다, 모방하다
                         ~에 반대하여
                         의심 많은
                         사건, 현상
                         휘기 쉬운, 유연한
remodel                  고치다
dreg                     잔여
meager                   부족한
significance             의미
                         하층, 기저
                         알아채기 어려운, 미묘한
monotonous               지루한
venomous                 유독한
after all      at last   궁극적으로, 마침내
                         도처에, 널리
familiar                 흔한, 보통의
vary                     변환하다
nude                     노출된, 벌거벗은
                         짐, 부담
                          (짐, 부담을) 지우다
                          권력, 영향력
ware                      상품
                          (유사 성질의) 모임, 집합체
charm                     기쁘게 하다
rich                      호화로운
                          움푹 들어간, 내려앉은
ceaseless                 끝없는
restrain                  금하다
                          영향, 효과
sense                     인상
natural       intrinsic   선천적인
                          포괄적인, 전체의
                          구역, 범위
                          놀라운, 상당한
                          그럼에도 불구하고
                          정지한, 조용한
                          가라앉은, 약해진
trifling                  사소한
alteration                변화
procurement               획득
forebear                  조상, 선조
association               협동
                          살다, 정주하다
join                      통합하다, 결합시키다
perfect                   전체의, 완전한
therefore                 그러므로, 따라서
defect                        결점
diffusion                     보급, 전파
arouse                        자극하다, 고무하다
space                         범위
                              때때로, 이따금
                              뒤지다, 찾다
uninterrupted                 끊임없는
                              비우호적인, 황폐한
uninjured                     손상되지 않은
                              무효로 하다
adherent        disciple      지지자
immaculate                    흠없는, 결백한
irregular                     울퉁불퉁한
                              ~를 나타내다
submerse                      물에 담그다, 물속에 넣다
conjecture      hypothesize   추측하다
guess                         생각하다, 추측하다
                              견딜 수 있는, 고갈되지 않는
                              비길데 없는
                              무의식 중에
                              ~를 거의 고려하지 않고
fit                           맞추다, 적응시키다
contain                       수용하다
                              또한, ~뿐만 아니라
essential                     기본적인
wary                          신중한, 조심스러운
                            끌어내다, 얻다
                            유래를 찾다
                            ~에도 불구하고
displeasing                 정말 싫은, 지긋지긋한
                            전시, 진열
unrelated                   부차적인, 관계없는
                            기르다, 부양하다
                            먹이를 먹다
really                      정말로
                            새로이 채택(도입)한 것
ridicule       sneer        조롱하다
                            주목 받는
                            기르다, 키우다
conclusion                  결과
principal                   최고의, 주요한
                            심사 숙고하다
                            획득, 확보
                            생기게 하다
function       object       목적
                            향기, 냄새
                            갑자기 나타나다
persistent     headstrong   완고한, 완강한
aged                        고대의, 옛날의
eradicate                   전멸시키다
foe                         반대자, 적
seize          snatch       꽉 붙잡다
inconsistent                모순된
anxiety        torment      고통
deflect        switch       전환하다
                            ~을 가능케 하다
symmetry                     평형
totally                      오로지
transport                    수송하다
cavity         hollow        구멍
valid                        합법적인
                             정돈된, 단정한
long-lasting                 장기간 계속되는
torment                      박해하다, 괴롭히다
section                      부분
                             지위, 명성
                             높이 평가받는
effect         consequence   결과
ample                        비옥한, 풍부한
                             일련, 연속
                             진행 중인
                             사용할 수 있는, 이용할 수 있는
                             (좋은 기회,사실)을 이용하다
                             소비, 소모
                             (가치,명성 등을) 줄이다
                             직립한, 수직의
reveal                       표명하다, 나타내다
                             명백히, 확실히
shape                        적응시키다, 맞추다
accustomed                   습관적인, 평소의
                             믿기지 않는, 그럴듯 하지 않은
                             수립하다, 설립하다
pine                         바라다
                             불가사의한, 신비한
                             시대에 뒤진
                        가리키다, 지시하다
overcome                이기다, 압도하다
averse                  꺼리는
scrape                  문질러 닦다
                        탐색하다, 찾아다니다
gesture                 신호하다, 신호로 알리다
                        윤곽을 그리다
                        약간, 조금
extent                  범위, 널리 퍼진 지역
atmosphere              주변 환경
subject to              (영향을) 받기 쉬운, 감염되기 쉬운
                        크게 선전하다
turmoil                 동요, 혼란
inappropriate           부적당한
                        (권력 등을)행사하는
conspicuous     plain   명백한
                        외견상, 그럴듯한
                        눈에 띄는
intense                 열정적인
bona fide               진짜의
enable                  권위를 부여하다
                        폭넓은 인기
                        붙잡다, 포획하다
                        (의도하는 방향으로) 돌리다
esteem                  소중히 여기다
                        확신시키다, 설득하다
                        표면, 외피
reckon on               기대(예상)하다
                        수치, 합계
                        벌이가 되는
                        틈, 구멍
sharp                   예리한, 신랄한
                        되돌릴 수 없는
                        (물,공기 등이) 새다
permeate                관통하다, 스며들다
                            널리 퍼지다, ~에 스며들다
                            시기, 단계
                            허가, 승인
thus          thence        그 결과
bait                        함정, 덫
wily                        교활한
                            어려운, 까다로운
                            유일한, 독특한
                            제한이 없는
earn          acquire       얻다
penetrating                 예리한
                            심한, 심각한
                            ~을 들이다
alliance                    결연, 제휴
                            예의 바른
fuse          merge         합체하다, 연합하다
spread                      입히다, 칠하다
aggreeable    friendly      친절한, 호의적인
                            진행, 진전
                            논쟁의 여지가 있는
                            (관찰,조사등으로) 확인, 단정하다
judge                       결정을 내리다
void                        ~가 없는
                            실행하다, 행사하다
present       demonstrate   보여주다, 나타내다
commend                     칭찬하다
practicable                 실행할 수 있는
plastic                     융통성 있는, 유연한
research                    조사
dormant                가능성있는, 잠재적인
disposed               ~하는 경향이 있는
rank                   지위
induce        allure   유혹하다, (마음을) 끌다
strudy                 힘찬, 강력한
                       많음, 많이
                       여분의, 추가의
                       ~을 제외하고
                       살균의, 위생적인
collect                쌓아 올리다, 모으다
decease                멸망, 서거
abhor                  혐오하다
                       묽게 하다, 약화시키다
                       중단시키다, 혼란시키다
manifold               다양한
                       연습, 훈련
unoccupied    blank    텅빈
plane                  평평한
unresonable            극심한, 극단적인
cover                  가장하다, 감추다
                       가치, 장점
       고쳐 만들다
       깡충 뛰다
sign   자취, 흔적
apt               inclined, prone                  ~하는 경향이 있는
apt               appropriate, proper              적당한
astonish          surprise, astound                놀라게 하다.
chronically       constantly,persistently          만성적으로
daub              coat,cover                       흠뻑 칠하다
domain            area, field                      분야, 영역
domain            region, area                     지역, 영토
enthusiastic      eager,ardent                     열성적인
extend            stretch,reach                    (어떤거리까지)걸쳐있다
extend            expand, enlarge                  확장하다, 늘리다
feat              achievement, accomplishment      업적
fulfill           satisfy,meet                     만족시키다.
fulfill           accomplish,achieve               성취하다
give over to      dedicate,devote                  헌신하다, 바치다
heavy             burdensome,                      고된
heavy             ponderous,weighty                무거운
hibernation       sleep,dormancy                   동면
intrigue          attract,fascinate                (주의,관심을)끌다
intrigue          plot, conspire                   음모를 꾸미다
luxuriant         abundant,exuberant               무성한, 풍부한
magnitude         extent,measure                   정도
magnitude         volume, size                     크기
maintain          affirm, contend                  주장하다
maintain          sustain, preserve                지속하다
monitor           check,examine                    조사하다
outbreak          epidemic,                        (전염병 등의)만연, 창궐
outbreak          eruption, explosion              폭발
periodically      at intervals,from time to time   때때로
release           loosen, untie                    (묶인 것을)풀다
release           emit,give off                    뿜다, 방출하다
release           free, liberate                   해방시키다
rendering         performance,presentation         연주, 공연
renowned          famous,celebrated                유명한
reproduce         copy, duplicate                  복제하다
reproduce         breed,multiply                   번식하다
rugged            uneven,rough                     울퉁불퉁한
self-sufficient   independent,                     자급자족하는, 제힘으로 살아가는
speculative       theoretical,academic             이론적인
speculative       thoughtful, reflective           사색적인
stimulate         prompt, activate                 자극하다, 격려하다
subordinate       inferior, subject                종속적인
torrential        wild, violent                    격렬한
address           speech, lecture                  강연
address           residence, abode                 주소
assume            put on,pretend                   ~인척하다
assume            undertake,take on                맡다
assume            think,suppose                    라고 생각하다, 추측하다
attain            reach,                            도달하다
attain            achieve,accomplish                얻다
boast             brag, swagger                     자랑하다
capacity          ability,flair                     능력
capacity          volume, dimensions                용적
cede              yield,surrender                   양도하다, 포기하다
decline           refuse, reject                    거절하다
decline           decrease,fall                     하락하다, 쇠퇴하다
desert            abandon, forsake                  버리다
disassemble       break apart,dismantle             분해하다
dispose           array,arrange                     배치하다, 배열하다
dispose of        get rid of,                       처리하다
erode             wear away,                        침식하다, 부식되다
fairly            impartially,                      공정하게
fairly            reasonably,moderately             꽤
glossy            shiny,bright                      빛나는, 광택이 나는
grounds           reasons,rationale                 근거, 이유
hallmark          feature, a distinguishing trait   특징
ideal             perfect, model                    이상적인, 완벽한
ideal             abstract, theoretical             관념적인
laborious         diligent, industrious             근면한
linger            remain, stay                      남다
linger            lag, procrastinate                꾸물거리다, 질질끌다
mimic             copy,imitate                      모방하다
model             specimen,prototype                견본
observe           watch,                            관찰하다
observe           perceive,notice                   알아채다
observe           conform,follow                    준수하다
plentiful         abundant,bountiful                풍부한
preoccupied       engrossed, absorbed               몰두한
property          estate,havings                    자산
property          character,characteristic          특성
recurring         recurrent,                        되풀이되는
rooted            ingrained,fixed                   뿌리깊은, 정착한
thoroughly        completely,perfectly              철저히, 완전히
a wide range of   a wide variety of,                다양한
afford            provide, give                     주다
announce          proclaim, publish                 공포하다
chance            probability, likelihood           가능성
chance            opportunity,                      기회
chart             map,plot                          (지도 등을) 작성하다
engage            hire, employ                      고용하다
engage            promise, contract                 약속하다
engage            reserve, book                     예약하다
esteem            respect,revere                    존경하다
esteem            prize,value                       중하게 여기다
evidence          proof,                            증거
evidence       sign,                       징후
fertile        bountiful,productive        비옥한
generate       produce,create              발생시키다
innate         inborn, natural             타고난
invaluable     precious,priceless          매우 귀중한
irreparable    irremediable,permanent      돌이킬 수 없는
maxim          saying,proverb              격언
maxim          irrecoverable,              행동 원칙
object         goal,purpose                목적
object         protest, remonstrate        항의하다
outstanding    remarkable, prominent       뛰어난
outstanding    unpaid,owing                미결제의
patron         protector, supporter        후원자
patron         customer,                   고객
predominate    outweigh, prevail           우세하다
premise        assumption,supposition      전제
previous       prior, earlier              이전의
primitive      primeval, uncivilized       원시적인
primitive      rudimentary,                기본적인
proficiency    skill,ability               능숙함
proposition    suggestion, proposal        제안
questionable   doubtful,suspicious         의심스러운
rife with      full of,                    가득찬, 수없이 많은
shield         protect, defend             보호하다
solitary       isolated,remote             외딴, 고독한
stick          cling,adhere                달라붙다, 고수하다
stimulus       motivation,incentive        자극, 격려
stir           agitate,provoke             자극하다
taboo          prohibition,                금기
thrive         prosper, flourish           번성하다
vagary         uncertainty,sudden desire   예측 불허의 변화
view           consider,deem               간주하다
view           outlook,opinion             견해, 의견
wane           decrease,decline            감소하다, 쇠퇴하다
achieve        accomplish,perform          성취하다
anchor         hold in place, secure       고정시키다
attribute      ascribe, impute             ~의 탓으로 돌리다
attribute      quality,trait               특성
brisk          active,vigorous             활기 있는
codify         classify,arrange            (체계적으로) 정리하다
consummate     superb,                     뛰어난
consummate     complete,                   완전한
descent        falling,                    하강
descent        origin,blood                혈통, 기원
disseminate    spread out,distribute       퍼뜨리다
earn           acquire, attain             획득하다
emergence      rise,appearance             출현,부상
facilitate     make more available(easier),     (일을)용이하게 하다
fervent        passionate,ardent                열정적인
fine           slight, subtle                   미세한, 섬세한
fine           thin,                            가느다란
frivolous      trivial,trifling                 사소한
giant          ogre,                            거인
golden age     a period of great achievement,   황금시대, 전성기
grasp          grip,clutch                      붙잡다
grasp          catch,understand                 이해하다,파악하다
haphazard      random, casual                   되는 대로의, 우연의
incidental     accidental, casual               우연한
incidental     minor,secondary                  중요하지 않은
initiate       start, begin                     시작하다
make up        invent,                          창작하다, 창안하다
manifold       various, multiple                가지각색의
obliterate     delete, erase                    제거하다
period         time,age                         시대
proceed        advance,progress                 나아가다
procure        obtain, gain                     얻다
professional   specialized,expert               전문적인
redundancy     superfluity,extra capacity       여분
redundancy     wordiness,                       장황
responsible    charged,liable                   책임이 있는
sharp          sudden, abrupt                   급격한
sharp          keen, pointed                    날카로운, 예리한
supplement     add to,                          보충하다
supplement     extension,estra                  추가,부가
suspend        defer, postpone                  연기하다
suspend        interrupt, cease                 중지하다
suspend        hang,dangle                      매달다
tailored       adapted,fitted                   맞추어진
aimlessly      without purpose,purposelessly    목적없이
ally           confederate,affiliate            ~와 동맹하다, 연합하다
anonymous      unnamed,unknown                  익명의
anticipate     foresee,predict                  예견하다
archaic        antiquated,antique               구식의
archaic        primitive,ancient                원시적인
asset          advance,resource                 이점, 장점
behavior       conduct,                         행동
ceaseless      constant, uninterrupted          끊임없는
change         alter, vary                      변화시키다
confederacy    ally,alliance                    연합, 동맹
cut            sever,chop                       절단하다
disturbance    agitation, disorder              동요, 혼란
elucidate      clarify,clear up                 명료하게 하다
encroachment   invasion,intrusion               침범
entice         allure, tempt                    유혹하다
equivocally        ambiguously,                        애매하게
exterminate        extirpate, annihilate               근절하다
formerly           previously,before                   이전에
fortify            strengthen,reinforce                강화하다
immunity           exemption,impunity                  면제
improve            enhance, refine                     개선하다
in retrospect      looking back,                       되돌아보면, 회상하면
lose sight of      forget,                             잊다
nuts and bolts     basics,practical details            기본
permit             allow,let                           허락하다
radical            fundamental, basic                  근본적인
radical            extreme, drastic                    급진적인
rarely             extremely seldom,infrequently       드물게, 좀처럼 ~않는
sparse             scanty, meager                      빈약한, 부족한
sting              smart,hurt                          얼얼하다, 쓰리다
support            assist, back                        지지하다
support            maintain,sustain                    부양하다
tangible           material,concrete                   실질적인
tolerate           endure, stand                       견디다
train              aim, head                           ~로 향하게 하다
unambiguous        clear, distinct                     명확한
virtually          nearly,almost                       거의
virtually          in effect, practically              사실상
wary               distrustful,cautious                조심(경계)하는
wealth             affluence,abundance                 풍부함
wiggle             move up and down                    이리저리 흔들다
agile              quick,nimble                        민첩한
ample              sizable,large                       넓은
ample              plentiful,abundant                  충분한
arbitrarily        randomly,                           임의로
attest             confirm,support                     입증하다
break with         separate from                       관계를 끊다
brightness         radiance,                           빛
conjure            implore,supplicate                  간청하다
conjure            recall,                             불러내다, 상기시키다
contrive           invent,concoct                      고안해내다
correspondence     communication,exchange of letters   (편지로 하는) 통신
correspondence     agreement,conformity                일치
durable            lasting, enduring                   지속되는
dwarf              pygmy,                              난쟁이
enigmatic          puzzling,mysterious                 알기 어려운
extinct            died out,vanished                   멸종된
fabricate          make, build                         만들어내다
flake              fragment,bit                        파편
harm               damage, mischief                    손해
in the course of   during,                             ~동안에
in vain            unsuccessfully,                     헛되이
inconsequential   unimportant,insignificant        하찮은, 사소한
innocent          sinless, blameless               결백한
leave             depart,                          떠나다
liken             compare,equate                   비유하다
literally         really, actually                 실제로
moderate          gentle, temperate                온화한
prolong           extend,lengthen                  연장하다
purify            clear,purge                      정화하다, 깨끗이 하다
reasonable        rational, logical                이치에 맞는
refined           purified, clarified              정제된
resilient         rebounding, elastic              탄력있는
retain            keep,maintain                    유지(보유)하다
scarce            limited, rare                    부족한
scope             extent,range                     범위
shabby            ragged, beggarly                 초라한
short-lived       lasting for only short period,   단기간의
solidify          unify,consolidate                결속시키다
substantial       significant,noticeable           상당한
substantial       strong, sturdy                   튼튼한
vacant            empty, void                      텅빈
wizened           shriveled,withered               시든,주름진
zone              area, region                     지역
abolish           annul, nullify                   폐지하다
adage             proverb,saying                   속담, 금언
aesthetic         artistic,                        미적인
affect            influence,act on                 ~에 영향을 미치다
affect            pretend, feign                   ~인 체하다
alteration        change,modification              변경
amenity           facility,pleasant situation      편의 시설
approximately     about,roughly                    대략
artisan           craftsman,                       숙련공
bear              carry, transport                 운반하다
bear              support,hold                     (무게를) 지탱하다, 견디다
bear              yield, provide                   산출하다, 생기게 하다
bountiful         plentiful,abundant               풍부한
constituent       component,elemental              구성하는, 구성 요소의
dispute           argue, debate                    논쟁하다
dispute           argument,disagreement            논쟁
faculty           ability, capacity                능력
field             area,                            분야
guiltless         sinless, blameless               결백한
influx            arrival,inrush                   유입
inundate          flood,deluge                     물에 잠기게 하다
lexicon           vocabulary,                      어휘
lure              attract,draw                     유혹하다
mixture           combination,compound             혼합(물)
mount             ascend, climb                    오르다
mount           increase,multiply         증가하다
mundane         ordinary,routine          평범한
nearly          almost,approximately      거의
outstrip        surpass,transcend         능가하다, 뛰어나다
pertinent       relevant, germane         관련된, 적절한
preclude        prevent,rule out          그만두게 하다, 막다
refrain         pause,stop                삼가다, 중단하다
roughly         approximately, nearly     대략
semblance       appearance,               외관
semblance       analogy, similarity       유사함
sophisticated   complex, complicated      복잡한
stage           level, phase              단계
thick           dense,compact             빽빽한
thus            consequently,therefore    따라서
tiny            little, minuscule         작은
verge           brink,threshold           경계, 찰나
abort           quit,call off             중단하다
acquire         obtain,earn               얻다
affection       likin,attachment          애정
agree           assent, accede            동의하다
alert           attentive, vigilant       경계하는
alert           warn,alarm                경고하다
allure          appeal,attract            (마음을) 끌다, 유혹하다
amplify         enlarge, expand           늘리다
arid            dry,barren                메마른
ascribe         attribute, impute         ~의 탓으로 돌리다
barge           a large low boat,         배
compensate      atone,recompense          보상하다
compensate      offset,counterbalance     상쇄하다
configure       shape,form                ~의 형체로 만들다
drastic         extreme,desperate         과격한, 극단적인
embarrass       abash,discountenance      무안케 하다
focus           concentrate,center        집중하다
function        purpose,role              기능, 역할
function        act,work                  기능하다
gathering       assembly, convocation     모임
gathering       amassing,collection       수집
haul            pull,tug                  끌어당기다
immediate       nearest,close             인접한
increase        augment, enlarge          확대하다
loom            emerge, appear            어렴풋이 나타나다
overtax         burden heavily,           지나치게 과세하다
paradox         contradiction,            모순
pervasive       widespread,prevalent      퍼지는
pleasing        attractive, agreeable     마음에 드는, 기분 좋은
primary         fundamental, elementary   근본적인
proper          suitable,appropriate      적당한
recur          return,reappear                       재발하다
save for       except for,                           ~을 제외하고
serve          suit,function (as)                    소용이 되다, 도움이 되다
simulate       pretend,feign                         가장하다
simulate       imitate,copy                          흉내내다
speck          particle,atom                         소량
speck          spot,splotch                          얼룩
strive         try, endeavor                         노력하다
suppose        assume, presume                       가정하다
surprise       amaze, astound                        놀라게 하다
treat          handle, deal with                     다루다, 대하다
undertake      assume,                               (책임,역할을) 맡다
undertake      attempt,set about                     착수하다
variant        variation,modification                변형
abandon        give up,desert                        그만두다, 버리다
antidote       remedy,                               치료법
at hand        available,accessible                  사용 가능한
bear in mind   remember,keep in mind                 명심하다
boost          increase,raise                        증대시키다
conspicuous    noticeable, obvious                   뚜렷한
critical       dangerous,                            위험한
critical       important,crucial                     중요한
discriminate   distinguish,discern                   식별하다
dorsal         relating to the back,on the back of   등(부분)의
eliminate      remove,get rid of                     제거하다
fuse           melt, dissolve                        녹다, 녹이다
hinterland     bush,boondocks                        배후지, 오지
in earnest     serious,                              진지한
laden          burdend,loaded                        (짐을) 실은
lumber         board,timber                          판재, 재목
mirror         reflect,echo                          반영하다
mutual         joint,common                          공동의
mutual         reciprocal,                           상호간의
obtainable     available,accessible                  손에 넣을 수 있는
patch          mend, repair                          수선하다
patch          area,part                             작은 부분, 지역
protest        remonstrate, complain                 항의하다
recall         remember,recollect                    회상하다
reflection     indication,expression                 반영
regain         restore,recover                       ~을 되찾다
reinforce      strengthen,fortify                    강화하다
relevant       applicable,pertinent                  관련된, 적절한
reminisce      remember,recollect                    추억하다
route          path,course                           길
secrete        produce, discharge                    분비하다
semiarid       rather dry,                           반건조한
soothe         allay,mitigate                        진정시키다, 완화하다
stay            remain, reside                     머무르다
surplus         extra,redundance                   나머지, 잔여
toothhed        uneven,jagged                      들쑥날쑥한
transform       convert,change                     변형시키다
unbalanced      asymmetric,lopsided                균형을 잃은
uniformly       consistently,regularly             균일하게
utilitarian     practical,pragmatic                실용적인
variety         diversity,multiplicity             다양성
variety         type, species                      종류
wonderful       marvelous, remarkable              놀라운
advantage       benefit, profit                    이익
arise from      emerge from,originate from         ~에서 기인하다
barrier         bar,obstacle                       장애물, 장벽
betray          be disloyal to, be a traitor to    배신하다
bind            tie, fasten                        묶다
blur            make vague,obscure                 흐리게 하다
circumvent      bypass,detour                      우회하다
clumsy          awkward, unskillful                서투른
commence        begin, start                       시작하다
conduct         behavior, demeanor                 행동
conduct         transmit,administer                (빛, 열등을) 전도하다
conserve        keep,protect                       보존하다
contradiction   paradox,inconsistency              모순
culminate       result,end                         ~로 끝나다
delineate       trace,outline                      윤곽을 그리다
donation        contribution,gift                  기부(금), 기증(물)
embark on       start,commence                     시작하다
foundation      basis,underpinning                 기초
fundamental     basic, essential                   근본적인
handful         few,smattering                     소량, 소수
height          peak,apex                          정상, 절정
identical       same,indistinguishable             동일한
impediment      obstacle,barrier                   장애
justify         prove, confirm                     (정당성을) 증명하다
lament          grieve,regret                      슬퍼하다, 애도하다
microorganism   microbe, bacterium                 미생물
origin          beginning, source                  발생, 근원
peculiarity     feature,characteristic             특성
physical        material,substantial               물질의
physical        bodily,corporeal                   육체의
predict         foretell, prophesy                 예측하다
progress        strides, improvement               발전
scoop           gather up,                         긁어 모으다
score           gain, win                          얻다
score           musical composition,musical note   악보, 악곡
scrap           fracture,piece                     파편
singularly      particularly,especially            각별히
skilled        skillful, expert               숙련된
stem from      arise from,originate from      ~에서 유래하다
subsidize      assist,encourage               후원하다
unanimity      total agreement,accord         (만장) 일치
account        description,narrative          기술
alloy          mix,blend                      혼합하다
barely         scarcely,hardly                거의~않다
carry on       continue,                      ~을 계속하다
cohesion       bond, adhesion                 결합, 유대감
coincide                                      동시에 일어나다
coincide       agree, concur                  의견이 일치하다
colossal       enormous,monstrous             거대한
considerable   large,big                      상당한
considerable   significant, substantial       중요한
converge       meet,come together             한데 모이다
conviction     strong belief,strong opinion   신념
covet          desire,long for                갈망하다
defect         shortcoming, blemish           결점
defection      apostasy,                      변절, 탈당
dull           boring,prosaic                 지루한
endeavor       strive,struggle                노력하다, 애쓰다
flock          group,herd                     무리, 떼
grant          bestow, confer                 주다
hustle         push,shove                     밀다
hustle         rush,hurry                     서두르다
intermediat    between extremes,mean          중간의
intolerant     bigoted,illiberal              옹졸한, 편협한
kind           benign, humane                 친절한
kind           type,sort                      유형, 종류
limit          bound, boundary                경계, 한계
limit          restrict,confine               제한하다
margin         border, edge                   가장자리
militia        military,army                  시민군
moreover       in addition,additionally       게다가
necessary      required, indispensable        필수적인
obstruct       block, bar                     막다, 방해하다
on the spot    instantly,immediately          즉시
partial        biased, prejudiced             편파적인
partial        incomplete,fractional          부분적인
placid         calm,serene                    평온한
porosity       space,pore                     구멍
porosity       porousness,                    다공성
reform         amend, improve                 개정하다, 개선하다
rigid          strict, severe                 엄격한
rigid          stiff, hard                    단단한, 뻣뻣한
scarcity       strict,severe                  부족, 결핍
adaptable      flexible,adjustable            융통성 있는, 적응성 있는
adhesion         getting together,sticking together   달라붙음, 부착
blame            incriminate, reproach                비난하다
chaotic          disorganized,disordered              무질서한
comprehend       grasp, perceive                      이해하다
decided          resolute, determined                 단호한
decided          obvious,definite                     분명한
displace         supplant, replace                    대체하다
enclose          surround, circle                     에워싸다
entail           involve,require                      ~을 수반하다
excel            be superior to,surpass               능가하다, 빼어나다
expend           use,spend                            (시간, 노력 등을) 쓰다, 들이다
facility         aptitude,skill                       재능, 소질
genre            sort,kind                            유형
illustrate       represent,picture                    묘사하다
infrastructure   foundation,base                      기반, 하부구조
inhibit          ban,prohibit                         금지하다
inhibit          hinder,limit                         억제하다
involve          include, entail                      ~을 수반하다
lease            rent, hire                           임차하다
likewise         also,as well                         또한
likewise         similarly,                           마찬가지로
limited          narrow,confined                      제한된
lodge in         embed,implant                        박다, 꽂아 넣다
mingle           unite, mix                           섞이다, 혼합되다
obligation       requirement, duty                    의무
oblige           require,compel                       강요하다
offer            present, proffer                     제공하다, 제안하다
on occasion      occasionally,periodically            가끔
pare             peel,skin                            껍질을 벗기다
pare             reduce,whittle                       삭감하다
predominately    primarily,predominantly              주로
preordained      determined beforehand,predestined    예정된
render           provide, give                        주다
render           make,                                ~가 되게 하다
render           represent,                           ~을 표현하다
renown           fame, repute                         명성
repel            drive away, repulse                  물리치다
sanitation       health,hygiene                       공중위생
scorching        exceedingly hot,boiling              몹시 뜨거운(더운)
secluded         remote,isolated                      외딴
spare            save, economize                      절약하다
spare            give,afford                          주다. (시간을) 할애하다
stimulating      restorative, refreshing              활기(자극)을 주는
typify           represent, embody                    대표하다, 특징을 나타내다
wholesale        extensive, indiscriminate            대규모의
admire           esteem,respect                       존경하다
adroit           skillful,dexterous                   능숙한
ambivalent      unsure,mixed                            불확실한, 상반된 감정이 공존하는
camouflage      hide,disquise                           감추다, 위장하다
composed        created,written                         작성된
composed        calm,tranquil                           차분한
conceal         hide, cover                             숨기다
deliberate      careful, thoughtful                     신중한
deliberate      intentional,designed                    의도적인
exhilarate      excite,thrill                           들뜨게 하다
exposure        disclosure,revelation                   폭로, 발각
glow            shine, radiate                          빛나다
hiatus          break, interruption                     중단, 단절
incinerate      burn,                                   태우다
ineffectively   without any result,inefficiently        비효과적으로
inert           motionless,inactive                     자동력이 없는, 움직일 수 없는
luster          sheen, brightness                       광채
massive         huge,colossal                           거대한, 막대한
occupy          engross,engage                          (주의,마음을) 끌다, 사로잡다
precede         come before,antecede                    앞서다, 우선하다
prove           verify, substantiate                    입증하다
purchase        buy, procure                            얻다, 획득하다
restrict        limit, confine                          제한하다
rupture         breach,                                 불화, 파열
rupture         break apart,burst                       찢다, 파열시키다
scrutiny        examination, investigation              정밀조사
seductive       tempting,enticing                       유혹적인
seep            go through slowly,pass through slowly   스며들다
segment         portion,division                        부분
shatter         break,pulverize                         박살 내다
shock           jolt, startle                           충격을 주다, 놀라게 하다
significant     important,essential                     중요한
slab            single piece of material,               조각
slaughter       massacre, butcher                       학살하다
strife          conflict, struggle                      싸움
style           mode,manner                             방식
sustained       continued,constant                      지속적인
temperance      moderation,continence                   자제, 절제
tremendous      huge,great                              엄청난
vivid           graphic,pictorial                       생생한
vivid           bright,brilliant                        선명한
wedge           cram,squeeze                            억지로 밀어넣다
actually        in fact,as a matter of fact             실제로
adorn           decorate, beautify                      장식하다
calculate       figure,determine                        추정하다, 어림잡다
claim           call for,declare                        요구하다
commemorate     celebrate,                              기념하다
conformity      agreement,accordance                    일치
copious         plentiful,ample                         풍부한
desire           covet,long for                 열망하다
desire           seek,request                   요구하다
diligently       assiduously,carefully          열심히
enthrall         fascinate,captivate            매혹하다
feast            celebration,festival           축제
feast            eat,gorge                      배불리 먹다
gather           collect, aggregate             모으다
gauge            measure,calculate              평가하다, 판단하다
glue             stick,fix                      접착시키다
grand            imposing, stately              웅장한
hearten          encourage, inspire             격려하다
hub              center,                        중심
hybrid           combination,cross              잡종, 혼합물
impetus          stimulus,                      자극
improvise        extemporize,ad-lib             (연주,연설등을) 즉흥적으로 하다
incised          carved,                        새겨진
inherent in      characteristic of ,built in    내재된
irresistible     attractive,fascinating         매혹적인
irresistible     overwhelming,                  저항할 수 없는
juvenile         children's,puerile             어린
main             chief, prime                   주요한
negligence       carelessness,                  부주의, 태만
outweigh         preponderate,outbalance        ~보다 뛰어나다
pigment          color,dye                      색소
plausible        believable,credible            그럴듯한
prudent          cautious, discreet             조심성 있는, 신중한
revise           modify,correct                 수정하다
skillful         deft,skilled                   숙련된
spirit           mind,                          정신
tenet            principle,doctrine             원칙
transformation   change,conversion              변화
traverse         cross,go across                가로지르다
unbearably       extremely,                     극도로
variable         unstable, changeable           변하기 쉬운
while            during the time,               ~동안에
while            whereas,                       ~와는 반대로
while            as long as,                    ~하는 한
while            although,                      ~할 지라도
affluent         wealthy,plentiful              부유한, 풍족한
aggravate        worsen,exacerbate              악화시키다
cling to         hold tightly,stick to          달라붙다, 고수하다
craft            skillfully produce,fabricate   솜씨있게 만들다
crest            acme,peak                      정상
critic           reviewer, judge                비평가
cross-hatching   shade,                         음영
decimate         eliminate,wipe out             많은 사람을 죽이다
disciple         pupil, student                 제자
disclose        reveal, divulge                    (사실 등을) 밝히다
disposition     temperament,temper                 성질, 기질
dissimilar      different,heterogeneous            다른
dominant        supreme, prevailing                우세한
effect          result,consequence                 결과
effect          influence,impact                   영향
enhance         improve,enrich                     향상시키다, 개선하다
enunciate       articulate,phonate                 분명하게 발음하다
eradicate       root up, extirpate                 근절하다
harsh           severe, rigorous                   가혹한
heritage        tradition,inheritance              전통, 유산
inappropriate   improper,unsuitable                부적당한
insolent        impudent, impertinent              무례한
jeopardy        danger,venture                     위험
luxury          extravagance,frill                 사치
manipulate      operate,control                    조종하다, 다루다
mock            ridicule,make fun of               조롱하다
precious        valuable, dear                     귀중한
regard          attention,notice                   관심
regard          affection,respect                  호감, 존경
return          recur,revert                       되돌아가다
set             situate,place                      ~을 놓다
spacious        roomy,ample                        넓은
spectator       viewer,observer                    구경꾼
strict          rigid, rigorous                    엄격한
swift           quick,speedy                       빠른
synchronize     occur at the same time,            동시에 일어나다
throughout      in every part of,in all parts of   ~의 도처에
undermine       attenuate,weaken                   약화시키다
upset           disturb, distress                  당황하게 하다
upset           capsize, overthrow                 뒤엎다, 정복하다
virtuous        righteous, good                    덕 있는
withdraw        retire, retreat                    물러나다
worship         venerate, revere                   숭배하다
wrangle         argue,debate                       논쟁하다
wrangle         quarrel,bicker                     말다툼하다
alternative     choice, option                     대안
alternative     substitutive,                      대용이 되는
analogous       comparable,similar                 유사한
annually        yearly,per annum                   매년
awkward         clumsy, unskillful                 서투른
capability      flair,talent                       재능
cleanse         purify,clean                       깨끗이 하다
collide         hit each other,smash               충돌하다
congested       overcrowded,crowded                혼잡한
contemporary    coexisting,simultaneous            동시대의
contemporary    current,modern                     현대의
cover         include,contain            포함하다
deceitful     misleading,dishonest       허위의
exception     exclusion,                 제외
feature       characteristic,            특징
fractious     irritable,petulant         성미가 까다로운
incorporate   combine, include           통합하다
intimate      close, familiar            친숙한
invariably    without exception,         예외없이, 반드시
inveigle      entice,lure                꾀다, 유혹하다
lead          clue,hint                  단서
lead          cause,                     야기하다
loop          knot,                      묶다
lucid         clear, obvious             명료한, 명쾌한
master        learn thoroughly,pick up   정통하다
option        choice, selection          선택
paradoxical   seemingly contradictory,   역설적인
plumage       feather,                   깃털
prevent       preclude, avoid            ~을 방해하다, 막다
profuse       abundant,plentiful         풍부한
revolve       rotate, circulate          회전하다
scale         climb, mount               기어오르다
scale         extent,                    정도, 단계
scant         minimize,reduce            줄이다
sensational   exciting, stimulating      세상을 들끓게 하는
shallow       not deep,shoal             얕은
sort          classify, class            분류하다
sort          type,kind                  종류
stylus        pen,pencil                 첨필
typically     usually,normally           일반적으로
vary          differ, change             변하다
voracious     insatiable,greedy          만족할 줄 모르는, 탐욕적인
absolute      unqualified, complete      완전한
adapted       modified,altered           개조된
chamber       compartment,               (작은)방
compact       compress,                  압축하다
compact       dense,thick                조밀한, 밀집한
complacency   satisfaction,              만족
compulsory    obligatory,forced          강제적인
concomitant   concurrent, simultaneous   동시에 일어나는
condense      concentrate,compress       압축(응축)하다
conform       comply,follow              순응하다, 따르다
consistent    compatible, harmonious     모순이 없는, 일관된
constrain     bind,inhibit               억제하다
contagious    infectious, communicable   전염성 있는
counterpart   complement,equvalent       (동등한 자격의) 대응물
debris        dregs,wreckage             잔해
decisive      definite,definitive        결정적인
disdain         despise, scorn                 경멸하다
element         component, part                구성요소
erratic         irregular,inconsistent         불규칙적인, 변덕스러운
exhaust         use up,deplete                 다 써버리다
exhaust         tire,weary                     지치게 하다
expand          increase,bloat                 확장하다
flattering      complimentary,                 아부하는
full-blown      complete, matured              성숙한
henceforth      from now on,forward            앞으로, 차후
inadvertently   unintentionally,accidentally   뜻하지 않게, 우연히
intricate       complex, complicated           복잡한
mammoth         huge, gigantic                 거대한
merely          simply,just                    단지
ordinary        unexceptional,mundane          보통의, 평범한
plain           clear, distinct                분명한
plain           unadorned,undecorated          꾸밈없는, 간소한
popular         widespread, common             대중적인
reconcile       conciliate, settle             화해시키다, 조정하다
reexamine       review,reassess                재검토하다
requirement     stipluation,condition          조건, 조항
revolutionize   completely change,             ~에 혁명을 일으키다
rival           competitor, antagonist         경쟁자
rival           compete with,                  경쟁하다
shovel          excavate,dig                   (삽으로) 파다
succint         concise,brief                  간결한
tie             relationship,bond              관계
ability         faculty, capacity              능력
accessible      available,obtainable           이용 가능한, 접근하기 쉬운
accord          agree,assent                   일치하다
accord          grant,give                     주다, 수여하다
appear          seem,look                      ~인 듯하다, ~인 것 같이 보인다
be rooted in    be based on,originate from     ~에 근거를 두다, ~에서 유래하다
bog             marsh,swamp                    습지
collaborate     effort together,cooperate      협력하다
crucidle        container,                     도가니, 용광로
curb            control,repress                제한(억제)하다
cycle           sequence,                      주기
deem            consider,believe               ~라고 여기다
devout          pious,reverent                 독실한
disperse        spread out, scatter            흩어지게 하다
economical      saving, thrifty                절약하는
eventually      in time, finally               결국
faint           indistinct, dim                희미한
financial       monetary, pecuniary            재정상의
frighten        scare, terrify                 두렵게 하다
geognosy        geology,                       지잘학
give way to     retreat,withdraw               물러가다, 양보하다
immense           enormous,huge                       거대한, 막대한
impact            influence,effect                    영향
in keeping with   in agreement with,consistent with   ~와 일치하여
ingenuity         creativeness,inventiveness          독창성, 창의력
job               project,assignment                  일, 직무
lethargic         sluggish,drowsy                     무기력한
meager            scarce,scanty                       부족한
parody            lampoon,mockery                     풍자적 변형
refuge            shelter,sanctuary                   피난처, 은신처
rural             country, rustic                     시골의
scrub             scour,rub                           북북 문지르다
secure            acquire,obtain                      확보하다
secure            safe,                               안전한
skepticism        doubt,suspicion                     회의(론)
so far            until now,up to present             지금까지
spark             bring about,trigger                 야기하다
speculation       conjecture, supposition             추측
terrain           land,territory                      지역
tumult            chaos,disturbance                   혼란, 소란
unlimted          infinite,limitless                  무한한
vagarious         changeable,whimsical                변덕스러운
volume            book,tome                           책
advent            arrival,appearance                  출현
article           item,object                         (개개의) 물품
assembly          congress, legislature               의회
associated        connected, correlated               연관된
aware             conscious,                          ~을 알고있는
bank              edge,brink                          물가, 기슭
by and large      on the whole,                       전반적으로, 대체로
challenge         difficulty,problem                  난제
challenge         defy,                               도전하다
compress          compact, condense                   압축하다
consort           associate, fraternize               교제하다
construe          interpret,                          해석하다
correct           remedy, amend                       고치다, 바로잡다
curious           inquisitive,nosy                    호기심이 강한
deadly            fatal, lethal                       치명적인
defeated          conquered,                          패배한
deplete           exhaust,empty                       고갈시키다
edge              periphery, border                   가장자리
elude             avoid,dodge                         피하다
endow             dower, endue                        부여하다
exceedingly       extremely,excessively               지나칠 정도로
far-reaching      broad,extensive                     방대한
fluster           confuse,addle                       혼란시키다
guess             conjecture, suppose                 추측하다
importance        significance, consequence           중요함
interfere      disrupt, intervene          방해하다, 간섭하다
irksome        tedious,boring              지루한
last           final, ultimate             마지막의
last           continue,persist            지속하다
manage         control, conduct            관리하다
mastery        expertise,                  전문 기술, 숙달
monopolize     dominate, occupy            독점하다
overcome       defeat,conquer              이기다, 정복하다
ratify         endorse, confirm            승인하다
replica        copy,duplicate              복제
shift          switch,change               바꾸다
shift          move,transfer               옮기다
stride         progress,                   진보, 발전
subject to     susceptible to,             (영향을) 받기 쉬운
successive     consecutive,sequential      연속적인
transition     change,alteration           변화
undertaking    enterprise,project          사업, 과제
accurate       precise, true               정확한
advisor        consultant,                 고문
antagonize     counteract,                 대항하다
architecture   structure,framework         구조
assure         convince, persuade          확신시키다
bond           tie,connection              유대, 결속
brave          courageous, gallant         대담한
complement     supplement,                 보충, 보완
comprise       consist of,be made up of    구성되다
counter to     in opposition to,           ~와 정반대로
crucial        essential,important         중대한
daring         bold, courageous            용감한
devise         create,design               고안하다
duplicate      copy, imitate               복사하다
dwindle        decrease,diminish           줄다, 감소시키다
embody         contain,                    ~을 포함하다
embody         incarnate,exemplify         구현하다
etch           cut,carve                   식각하다, 새기다
flash          flame, flare                번쩍이다
imaginable     conceivable,thinkable       상상할 수 있는
infectious     contagious, communicable    전염성의
innumerable    countless, numberless       무수한
invariable     constant, consistent        불변의
meditate       think deeply,ponder         숙고하다
opposite       counter,                    (성질,의미등이) 정반대의
opposite       contrast,                   정반대
outdo          surpass,excel               ~을 능가하다
outline        summary,                    개요
outline        contour,silhouette          윤곽
parallel       corresponding, comparable   ~와 유사한
parallel          match,compare                     ~에 필적하다
preeminent        outstanding,foremost              탁월한
reassuring        encouraging,refreshing            용기를 북돋는
regulate          control, adjust                   조절하다
respectful        courteous, polite                 공손한
shrink            shrivel,decrease                  줄어들다
skill             expertise,know-how                기술
steadily          constantly,continueously          지속적으로
struggle          contend,fight                     싸우다
subsequence       next in a series,succession       이어서 일어나는 것
ware              product,                          제품
warrant           justify,deserve                   정당화하다
yet               nevertheless,lowever              그럼에도 불구하고
abundance         large number,profusion            풍부함
adaptability      ability to change,changeability   적응성, 융통성
assigned          specified,designated              정해진
be at odds with   disagree with,                    ~와 불화하다
curiously         surprisingly,                     신기하게도
dense             thick,heavy                       짙은
deploy            set up,distribute                 (전략적으로) 배치하다
discreet          judicious,prudent                 분별력 있는
entire            whole,complete                    전체의
evident           obvious,apparent                  분명한
exinguish         abolish,destroy                   소멸시키다
extensive         wide, far-reaching                넓은
extinguish        put out,quench                    (불을) 끄다
feeble            weak, delicate                    연약한
flavor            savor,taste                       맛, 풍미
flavor            nature,character                  특징
fragmentary       incomplete,partial                단편적인
in charge of      responsible for,                  ~에 책임이 있는
minor             less important, secondary         중요치 않은
parcel out        administer,deal out               분할(분배)하다
perceive          see, discern                      알아차리다
piece             fragment,shard                    조각
piece             join,combine                      잇다, 접합하다
pledge            promise,oath                      맹세
portray           depict, picture                   묘사하다
project           plan, scheme                      계획
project           protrude,extend                   돌출하다
region            area, domain                      지역
safe              secure, protected                 안전한
search            comb,scour                        탐색하다, 조사하다
seethe            boil,fume                         (화가 나서) 속이 끓다
shortcoming       disadvantage,defect               결점
special           express,particular                특별한
survey            examine, inspect                  조사하다
temperament         disposition, temper         성질
tool                implement,instrument        도구
uninitiated         inexperienced,unfamiliar    미숙한
vanish              disappear, fade             사라지다
vile                wicked,                     사악한
worldly             mundane,earthly             세속적인
wreck               destroy, devastate          파괴하다
accustomed          used to,customary           익숙한
allege              assert, claim               주장하다, 우기다
at the expense of   at the cost of,             ~의 비용(대가)으로
breed               raise, rear                 기르다
chisel              carve,engrave               조각하다
conclusive          definite,decisive           결정적인
costly              expensive,high-priced       비싼
crack down          enforce laws,               ~을 엄히 단속하다
degree              measure,extent              정도, 단계
delicate            dainty,exquisite            섬세한
devote              dedicate,commit             헌신하다
die                 decease, perish             죽다
distribute          parcel out,allot            분배하다
emergency           crisis, exigency            위기, 위급
fatal               deadly, mortal              치명적인
guilty              criminal, culpable          유죄의
hazard              danger, peril               위험
in any case         regardless,                 여하간에, 여하튼
incite              provoke,inflame             자극하다
moist               damp, humid                 축축한
ornament            decorate, adorn             장식하다
peripheral          outer,exterior              주변의
precipitous         sudden,hasty                성급한
primarily           originally,at first         본래, 처음에
primarily           mostly,mainly               주로
primeval            ancient,primitive           원시의
raw                 unprocessed,crude           가공하지 않은
reject              renounce,refuse             거절하다
replenish           restore,renew               보충하다
rot                 decay, corrupt              부패하다
ruin                devastate,destroy           파괴하다
runoff              overflow,overspill          범람, 넘쳐흐름
shorten             abbreviate, abridge         줄이다
spoil               mar,hurt                    망치다, 손상시키다
standard            criterion, gauge            기준
standard            unexceptional,usual         보통의
stipulation         requirement,qualification   조건
strikingly          remarkably,                 두드러지게
subtract            deduct, discount            빼다
thaw                defrost,                    녹다
unpin                                          핀을 빼다
akin to           similar to,                  ~와 유사한, ~에 가까운
appealing         describe,attactive           매력적인
approach          method,way                   접근법, 방법
approach          move toward,come toward      접근하다
argue             dispute,debate               논쟁하다
assert            claim,declare                주장하다
brace             support,buttress             받치다, 보강하다
catastrophic      disastrous,tragic            비참한, 비극적인
clarify           elucidate,clear up           명료하게 하다
constantly        continually,continuously     지속적으로
deception         fraud,cheating               속임수, 사기
distinct          definite,apparent            뚜렷한
distinct          separate,different           별개의
edition           version,volume               (간행물) 판
elaborate         detailed, intricate          복잡한, 정교한
flaw              defect, blemish              결점
flood             inundate, deluge             범람하다
floods of         great number of,             다수의, 쇄도하는
habitat           home,dwelling                거주지
hint              indication,implication       암시
intensify         strengthen,reinforce         강화시키다
intentional       deliberate, designed         고의적인
kin               relative,                    친척
make one's way    travel,journey               나아가다
measure           gauge,calculate              측정하다
minute            tiny,diminutive              미세한
minute            detailed,precise             정밀한
notwithstanding   despite, in spite of         ~에도 불구하고
profound          deep, abysmal                심오한
protect           shield, defend               보호하다
receive           obtain,accept                받다, 얻다
relevance         germaneness,pertinence       적절, 타당성
reliance          dependence,                  의존
represent         stand for,                   대표하다
represent         depict, portray              묘사하다, 표현하다
require           demand, entail               요구하다
resemble          be similar to,be like        닮다
resolve           determine, decide            결정하다
resolve           find a solution for, solve   해결하다
retard            delay,                       지체시키다
roster            list,register                명부
scenic            beautiful,picturesque        풍경이 아름다운
absurd            illogical, irrational        불합리한
absurd            preposterous, ridiculous     어리석은
activity          liveliness,sprightliness     활기
assort            categorize, classify         분류하다
beam             ray, shine                 빛나다
break            rest,pause                 (짧은) 휴식
break            shatter, destroy           부수다
bromide          dull remark,commonplace    진부한 말(생각)
common           shared,joint               공통의
consciously      intentionally,             의도적으로
context          setting,                   배경
damage           harm, impairment           손상, 손해
detach           separate,disconnect        분리하다
dormant          inactive, latent           활동하지 않는
environment      setting, ecology           환경
essential        vital,prerequisite         필수적인
heighten         increase,                  늘리다
hinder           stunt,hamper               방해하다
impose           force,pressure             강요하다
ingenious        inventive,creative         독창적인
insignificant    trivial,slight             사소한
keen             sharp, bright              예리한
lodge            quarter, house             숙박하다
lodge            shelter, harbor            피난처를 제공하다
power            strong effect,strength     영향력, 힘
prominent        conspicuous,remarkable     탁월한
provided         if,in condition that       만약~이라면
put together     combine,connect            결합시키다
reflect          meditate,think             심사숙고하다
reflect          demonstrate,display        반영하다, 나타내다
relinquish       give up,surrender          포기하다, 버리다
representative   typical,characteristic     전형적인
scan             examine, scrutinize        조사하다
sever            cut, separate              절단하다, 분리하다
shortly          soon,presently             곧
showcase         display,exhibit            전시하다
succession       series,sequence            연속
summit           peak, acme                 정상
token            symbol,mark                상징, 표시
transmit         communicate,send           전달하다
useful           profitable, advantageous   유익한, 도움이 되는
vestige          remnant,trace              흔적
aim              attempt,aspire             목표하다
aim              goal,objective             목적
allocate         distribute,allot           배분하다
allocate         designate,earmark          책정하다
attributed to    explained by,              ~에서 기인한, ~로 설명되는
authenticate     verify,substantiate        입증하다, 증명하다
confuse          disturb,disconcert         혼란시키다
debate           discussion, argument       논쟁
detractor        critic,                    험담하는 사람
disguise         conceal,hide                 속이다, 감추다
dissent          differ, disagree             의견을 달리하다
distinguish      differentiate,tell apart     구별하다
draw             attract, haul                끌다
drawback         disadbantage, defect         결점
dye              pigment,stain                염료, 물감
emit             give off, exhale             발산하다
expose           exhibit, subject             드러내다
flawless         perfect,impeccable           흠없는
frustrate        disappoint, thwart           좌절시키다
full             thorough, minute             상세한
full             complete, whole              완전한
indicate         suggest,imply                넌지시 비추다
initially        at first,originally          처음에
innovative       original,inventive           기발한, 혁신적인
landslide        rockfall,landslip            산사태
malady           disease, ailment             병
minimize         underestimate,               과소 평가하다
minimize         decrease,reduce              줄이다
order            direction, mandate           명령
order            peace,                       질서, 조화
prohibit         forbid,proscribe             금지하다
reduce           diminish,decrease            감소시키다
reveal           show, unveil                 드러내다
shed light on    clarify,elucidate            ~을 명백히 하다
sink             descend,drop to the bottom   가라앉다
size             dimensions, proportions      크기
slope            declivity,inclination        경사
subside          abate,die down               진정되다
take place       occur,happen                 발생하다
though           although,                    ~이지만, 비록~일지라도
though           however,nevertheless         그러나
underground      secret,clandestine           비밀의
antipathy        dislike, disgust             반감
applicable       appropriate                  적용 가능한, 적절한
blot out         cover, hide                  가리다
bold             brave, daring                대담한
boom             flourish, thrive             번성하다
characteristic   distinctive, special         독특한
characteristic   feature,element              특성
clear            lucid, apparent              명쾌한
coarse           rough,crude                  거친, 천한
concentrate      focus,                       집중시키다
concentrate      center,cluster               모으다
contemplate      consider, ponder             심사숙고하다
cripple          maim, disable                손상시키다
demanding        difficult,exacting           힘든, 큰 노력을 요하는
deviate         diverge, wander            벗어나다
discover        ascertain,determine        확인하다, 찾아내다
discrete        distinct,                  구별되는
encompass       include,embrace            포함하다
entertain       divert, amuse              즐겁게 하다
far-sighted     wise,judicious             현명한
fluctuate       change,vary                변동하다
halt            stop,cease                 멈추다
incessantly     constantly, continuously   끊임없이
leading         dominant,chief             우세한, 주된
modify          change, alter              변경하다
mutation        change,alteration          변이, 변화
obelisk         obelus,stone pillar        방첨탑, 오벨리스크
pastime         entertainment, diversion   기분전환
rather than     instead of,                ~대신에
receptacle      container,vessel           그릇, 용기
rely            depend,                    의지하다
remote          secluded,distant           외딴, 멀리 떨어진
rotten          decayed,decomposed         썩은, 부패한
rove            roam,wander                배회하다
shoddy          inferior,poor              조악한, 질이 떨어지는
shred           tear apart,cut             (갈기갈기) 찢다
span            extend across,cover        ~에 걸치다, 이르다
span            duration,period            기간
stun            amaze,astound              놀라게하다
tranquil        peaceful,calm              평온한, 차분한
assistance      aid,help                   원조
avoid           eschew,shun                ~을 피하다
best-suited     most appropriate,          가장 적절한
bridle          harness,halter             굴레
classify        categorize,arrange         분류하다
collectively    together,unitedly          공동으로
comparable      similar,like               유사한
cultivator      farmer,grower              경작자
defferentiate   distinguish,               구별하다
designated      specified,assigned         지정된
detrimental     harmful,damaging           해로운, 불리한
display         show, exhibit              보여주다
emissary        messenger,carrier          사절
enact           pass,adopt                 제정하다
evenly          equally,uniformly          고르게, 일관되게
expedience      advantage,convenience      편의
genuinely       actually,truly             정말로
immediately     straight away,instantly    즉시, 당장
important       significant,critical       중요한
in progress     unfinished,ongoing         진행 중인
inconceivable   unimaginable,unthinkable   상상도 못할
it followd that~   it was logical that~,       그 결과로서 ~가 되었다
keep in touch      communicate,                연락을 유지하다
massacre           slaughter, annihilation     대량학살
mean               contemptible,despicable     비열한
mean               signify, imply              의미하다
mute               quiet,silent                무언의
participate        share, partake              함께 하다
pit                hole, cavity                구멍
pit                set into opposition,        ~와 대항시키다
raise              boost, lift                 올리다
rare               scarce, unusual             드문
respectively       particularly,individually   각각
seemingly          apparently,                 보기에
sporadically       occasionally,at intervals   때때로, 간헐적으로
stringent          strict,austere              엄한
superficial        external, outward           외면의
timid              shy,                        소심한
transport          carry,convey                운송하다
unavoidable        inevitable,inescapable      불가피한
uniform            consistent,even             일관성있는
unsubstantial      unreal,dreamlike            비현실적인
aptly              appropriately,suitably      적절히
attract            appeal,draw                 (마음을)끌다
beverage           drink,                      음료수
blunt              dull, obtuse                무딘
breakthrough       advance,progress            약진, 큰 발전
bustling           busy,active                 부산한
control            manage, dominate            지배하다
controversy        dispute, debate             논쟁
dichotomy          division,                   양분, 이분
enthusiasm         eagerness, zeal             열정
episode            event,occurrence            하나의 사건
equivalent         equal,even                  동등한
evoke              draw,arouse                 일깨우다, 자아내다
exotic             unusual,strange             기묘한, 못 보던
flair              talent, aptitude            재주, 재능
flight             escape,breakout             탈출
formidable         dreadful, threatening       무서운
frugal             economical, thrifty         절약하는
fuel               encourage,stimulate         지지하다, 자극하다
game               wild animals,               사냥감
hand in hand       together,                   협력하여, 동반하여
intermittent       sporadic,periodic           간헐적인
intersect          cross,intercross            교차하다, 가로지르다
make sense         be logical,                 이치에 맞다
movement           drive, crusade              운동
pass through       penetrate,                  꿰뚫다
precise        accurate,exact                         정확한
publish        declare,announce                       발표하다
readily        willingly,without reluctance           기꺼이
readily        easily,effortlessly                    쉽게
record         document,evidence                      기록
relieve        reduce, ease                           경감하다
settle down    calm down,pacify                       진정시키다
shun           elude,avoid                            피하다
spectacular    splendid,impressive                    멋진, 장엄한
steady         stable,solid                           안정된
store          reserve,keep                           따로 떼어두다, 비축하다
stupid         fatuous,dull                           어리석은
success        achievement,accomplishment             성공, 달성
tend           look after,care for                    돌보다
wattle         stick,                                 가는 막대기
wrath          anger, fury                            분노
acid           biting,acrid                           신랄한
amass          accumulate, collect                    모으다
cause          trigger, result in                     야기시키다, 초래하다
certain        specific,definite                      일정한
component      element, ingredient                    성분
conditional    dependent,contingent                   조건부의, ~여하에 달린
confront       face,affront                           직면하다
consequence    ramification,result                    결과
crack          break, snap                            쪼개다, 깨뜨리다
crude          rough, raw                             천연그대로의, 가공하지 않은
drought        a prolonged lack of moisture,aridity   가뭄
effort         attempt, endeavor                      노력
emerge         appear, loom                           나타나다
endurance      durability,lastingness                 내구력
endurance      stamina,patience                       인내
euphoria       extreme happiness,ecstacy              행복감
exacerbate     intensify,worsen                       더욱 심하게 하다
explain        account for, elucidate                 설명하다
finish         complete, terminate                    끝내다
hollow         empty,                                 텅빈
lash           tie,bind                               묶다, 매다
leisurely      relaxed,slow                           느긋한
manageable     controllable,affordable                관리할 수 있는, 감당할 수 있는
note           eminence,repute                        명성
periphery      edge, border                           주변부
practical      pragmatic, effective                   실용적인
prerequisite   necessary condition,qualification      필요조건
relatively     comparatively,by comparison            비교적으로
rudimentary    basic,primitive                        기본적인, 기초적인
selected       chosen,                                선택된
shed           radiate,                               (빛등을) 비추다
shed           discard,cast off           탈피하다
spotty         intermittent,uneven        고르지 않은
spread         extend,stretch             퍼지다, ~에 이르다
staunch        strong,firm                확고한, 충실한
stress         emphasis,accent            강조
stress         emphasize,                 강조하다
stunted        hindered,                  (성장이) 멎은
trespass       invade,encroach            침해하다
trumpet        proclaim,announce          공표하다
via            by way of,by               ~을 경유하여
accumulate     collect,compile            모으다
antithesis     opposite,contrary          정반대
astute         clever,shrewd              기민한
be up to       rest with,                 ~에 달려있다
being          creature,                  생물
bring about    cause,produce              초래하다
cache          hidden place,              은닉처
celebratory    congratulatory, honoring   축하의, 축하하는
close          careful,minute             면밀한
close          restrict,shut              차단하다
cognitive      mental,thinking            정신적인, 인식의
create         invent,devise              만들어내다
destroy        ruin,demolish              파괴하다, 망치다
diminutive     small,                     작은
endangered     jeopardized,imperiled      멸종 위기에 처한, 위험에 처한
fonder         fail,                      실패하다
formative      shaping,developmental      형성되는, 발달의
glean          gather,collect             모으다
govern         dominate,rule              지배하다
govern         regulate,monitor           통제하다
indigenous     native,aboriginal          토착의
intergrate     unify,synthesize           통합하다
interval       space, distance            (시간,거리의) 간격
largely        generally,mostly           대개
magnificent    gorgeous,beautiful         굉장히 멋진
overshadow     dim,outshine               가리다, 어둡게 하다
particular     specialized,specific       특별한
ramification   consequence,effect         결과
rather         somewhat,fairly            약간, 다소
realm          area,sphere                범위, 영역
rivalry        competition,contention     경쟁
silent         speechless, dumb           말이 없는
situate        place,locate               위치시키다
sphere         area,field                 분야
stelthily      silently,sneakily          은밀히, 몰래
superb         outstanding,excellent      뛰어난, 훌륭한
swell          enlarge,expand             (크기,수량등) 증가하다
tender          soft, delicate                부드러운
tender          money,payment                 변상금
velocity        speed, rapidity               속도, 신속함
wild            unruly,uncontrollable         난폭한
wild            uncultivated,untamed          야생의
accompany       escort, companion             동반하다
adverse         negative,not favorable        적대적인
appeal          entreaty, request             탄원, 청원
appeal          attraction,charm              매력
arouse          stimulate, awaken             자극하다, 유발시키다
boundary        dividing line, border         경계(선)
bury            cover, hide                   가리다
collective      accumulated, assembled        집합된, 축적된
confine         limit,cramp                   제한하다
cumbersome      burdensome, awkward           성가신, 다루기 힘든
dispensable     unnecessary,needless          없어도 되는
distribution    dispersion,apportionment      분배
eat             consume,devour                먹다
entirely        wholly,totally                완전히
equal           equivalent, tantamount        동등한
evaluate        judge,assess                  평가하다
false           erroneous, wrong              잘못된
focal point     central area,focus            중심(지)
gallant         brave, valiant                용감한
hence           consequently,therefore        그러므로
integral        essential, crucial            필수적인
launch          begin,initiate                착수하다
lay down        establish,ordain              (규칙,원칙) 정하다
magnify         amplify, intensify            확대하다, 증대하다
match           equal,peer                    필적하다
more and less   fairly,approximately          어느 정도, 다소
nature          tendency, characteristic      특징, 성향
operative       effective, efficient          효과적인
pragmatic       practical,                    실용적인
proliferate     multiply,increase in number   증식하다
proven          established, verified         증명된
provoke         incite, irritate              자극하다, 화나게 하다
register        sign up, enroll               등록(기록)하다
register        list, catalogue               목록
respectable     estimable, honorable          존경할만한
rig             equip, furnish                장비를 갖추다
sterile         barren, unproductive          불모의
sufficient      enough, adequate              충분한
transparent     clear,obvious                 명백한
uneasy          apprehensive,unstable         불안한
unpretentious   simple,humble                 수수한
appreciably     significantly,noticeably      뚜렷하게, 상당히
assess                    evaluate, estimate             평가하다
banish                    expel, exile                   추방하다
choice                    option,alternative             선택권, 대안
comparatively             relatively,                    비교적, 꽤
consume                   expend,use up                  소비하다
excavate                  dig out,unearth                발굴하다
exclude                   expel,leave out                배제하다
exert                     apply,exercise                 (힘) 발휘하다
extraordinary             exceptional,unusual            비범한
forage                    search,rummage                 찾아다니다
fragile                   easily broken,breakable        깨지기 쉬운
fragile                   delicate,weak                  연약한
have nothing to do with   be not related to,             ~와 관계가 없다
interpret                 construe, explain              설명하다, 해석하다
lavish                    expend, waste                  낭비하다
lavish                    deluxe,luxurious               사치스런
lucrative                 gainful,profitable             이익이 되는
mainly                    generally,largely              주로
manifest                  obvious,definite               명백한
manifest                  demonstrate,evidence           증명하다
material                  physical,bodily                물질적인
meticulously              carefully,                     주의깊게
moral                     ethical, righteous             도덕적인
nervous                   on edge,excitable              신경질적인
obstinate                 unyielding,stubborn            완고한
overstate                 exaggerate,play up             과장하다
pack together             cluster,group                  모이다
perform                   carry out,execute              수행하다
perishable                spoilable,likely to decay      상하기 쉬운
pound                     beat,thrash                    마구 치다
prolific                  productive, fertile            결실이 많은, 다작의
proof                     evidence, testimony            증거
serene                    calm, peaceful                 고요한
spawn                     create,give rise to            야기하다
substitute                exchange, replace              대체하다
substitute                alternative,                   대안
surpass                   exceed,outrun                  능가하다
survival                  existence,                     생존
ubiquitous                omnipresent                    어디에나 존재하는
undergo                   remove,eliminate               (고통, 어려운 일을) 겪다
worn-out                  exhausted,                     지친
adhere                    stick, cleave                  ~에 달라붙다, 고수하다
assertion                 strong statement,declaration   주장, 단언
barren                    sterile, lifeless              불모의
budding                   emerging,nascent               신진의
central                   essential,principal            주요한
comprehensible            understandable, knowable       알기 쉬운
concern         interest,regard            관심
configuration   arrangement,conformation   배치, 배열
deserved        due,earned                 당연히 받아야 할
detect          find,discover              발견하다, 인지하다
diffuse         spread, distribute         퍼뜨리다
exaggerate      enlarge,overstate          과장하다
fetter          hamper,shackle             구속하다, 제한하다
float           stay on the top,           뜨다
frequent        regular,common             빈번한
groundless      unfounded,baseless         근거 없는
hindrance       deterrent,obstacle         방해, 장애물
maneuver        scheme,plot                계획, 책략
maneuver        move,                      움직이다
mar             spoil,mangle               망쳐 놓다
mighty          powerful,potent            강력한
opaque          obscure,unclear            불명료한
opaque          impenetrable,cloudy        불투명한
originate       be grown, spring           일어나다, 생기다
pace            walk, step                 걷다
pace            step, gait                 걸음걸이
pace            speed,bat                  속력
perceptibly     noticeably,appreciably     알아차릴 정도로
promising       likely,encouraging         유망한
punctuality     promptness,promptitude     시간 엄수
rotate          turn, spin                 회전하다
scatter         disperse, widely spread    퍼뜨리다
site            place,location             장소, 위치
soak            drench,saturate            적시다
subsist         survive,endure             존속하다
supremacy       predominance,primacy       우월, 우위
trigger         activate, cause            일으키다
tumultuous      wild,riotous               떠들썩한
tumultuous      chaotic,anarchic           무질서한
veritable       genuine,authentic          실제의
waste           squander,dissipate         낭비하다
weaken          lessen,decrease            약화시키다
accretion       accumulation,              축적(물)
agriculture     farming,                   농업
attach          stick, fasten              붙이다
counter         oppose,retort              대항하다, 반박하다
crop up         appear,arise               나타나다
dimly           faintly,                   희미하게
distract        divert,sidetrack           산만하게 하다
drain           remove water,draw off      배수하다
emergent        emerging,nascent           떠오르는, 신흥의
excessive       extreme,undue              지나친
exploit         feat, accomplishment       위업
exploit              use,                      이용하다
extract              derive,draw               이끌어내다
fierce               furious, vicious          사나운
fiery                passionate,fervent        불같은
first and foremost   above all,primarily       무엇보다도 먼저
fluctuation          variance,variation        변동
gradually            little by little,slowly   점차적으로
languid              listless, faint           기운없는
lengthen             prolong, extend           연장하다
location             site,position             장소, 위치
mandatory            required,compulsory       필수의
narrate              recount,describe          이야기하다
noxious              harmful,noisome           유해한
once                 when,                     일단~하면
pierce               puncture,perforate        관통하다
positive             affirmative,helpful       긍정적인
positive             sure,certain              확신하는
pretend              feign, affect             -인체하다
range                spectrum,extent           범위
range                vary,go                   변화하다
rudimentary          basic,element             기초, 기본
signify              denote,express            표명하다, 나타내다
simultaneously       concurrently              동시에
symmetrical          commensurable             균형이 잡힌, 대칭적인
testify              provide evidence,prove    증명하다, 입증하다
vast                 immense, huge             거대한
visionary            fanciful, imaginary       환상의
vogue                mode, fashion             유행
weariness            fatigue,                  피로
a great deal of      a lot of,                 다량의
accelerate           speed up, expedite        촉진시키다
adjust               fit, adapt                맞추다, 조절하다
alleviate            relieve,ease              완화하다
aromatic             fragrant,                 향기로운
celebrated           renowned, famous          유명한
certainly            surely,assuredly          확실히
characterize         distinguish,              특징 지우다
compliment           commendation,honor        칭찬, 경의
decrease             diminish,minimize         줄이다
definite             decisive, unambiguous     명확한
dictate              require, prescribe        지시(강요)하다
distinction          difference,divergence     차이
embed                fix, fasten               고정시키다, 새겨넣다
escape               flee, evade               피하다
escape               flight,freedom            도피
essentially          basically,primarily       본래, 본질적으로
forge                create, make              만들다
forge                      drive,advance                 ~로 나아가다
identity                   similitude,uniformity         동일성
illuminate                 clarify,elucidate             명확히 하다
illuminate                 light up,brighten             밝게 하다
in a short space of time   very quickly,                 단시간에, 빨리
inconstant                 volatile,unstable             변하기 쉬운
initial                    original,first                처음의
lay off                    fire, discharge               해고하다
motif                      design, device                문양
motif                      theme, subject                주제
patience                   endurance, fortitude          인내
perilous                   dangerous,hazardous           위험한
personnel                  staff,employees               직원
ready                      organized,prepared            준비된
refuse                     reject,decline                거절하다
refuse                     garbage,waste                 쓰레기
revival                    restoration,renewal           재생, 부활
sorrow                     distress, anguish             슬픔
spend                      expend, squander              소비하다
spot                       see, detect                   발견하다
steadfast                  unwavering,firm               확고한
tension                    pressure,strain               긴장, 팽팽함
ultimate                   final, supreme                궁극적인
with respect to            in reference to,in terms of   ~에 대하여
anger                      provoke,aggravate             화나게 하다
auxiliary                  subsidiary, subordinate       보조적인
bizarre                    odd,erratic                   기괴한
broaden                    enlarge,expand                확장하다
check                      stop,                         막다
check                      monitor,examine               조사하다
cite                       mention,refer to              언급하다
consensus                  agreement,unanimity           협의
cope with                  deal with,                    ~에 잘 대처하다
ebb                        reflux,                       간만, 썰물
ebb                        subside, abate                쇠퇴하다, 약하게하다
elementary                 rudimentary, basic            기초적인
fashion                    shape,create                  만들다
fashion                    style, vogue                  유행
fashion                    fit, adjust                   맞추다
finance                    pay for,                      자금을 조달하다
force                      strength, power               힘
legendary                  mythological, fabulous        전설적인
markedly                   significantly,noticeably      현저하게
obvious                    apparent, conspicuous         명백한
output                     production,                   결과물
overwhelmingly             primarily,predominantly       압도적으로
pension                    subsidy,allowance             연금
pioneer       first develop,start            개척하다
potent        powerful, mighty               강력한
probe         search,examine                 정밀조사하다
probe         exploration,inquiry            조사
quaint        bizarre,odd                    기이한
react         respond,answer                 반응하다
reap          harvest, gather                수확하다
reap          obtain,                        획득하다
spectrum      range,extent                   범위
stock         reserve,inventory              비축물
strain        stretch,tighten                잡아당기다
strain        tension,                       팽팽함, 긴장
stroke        hit,striking                   일격
sturdy        strong, robust                 튼튼한
tactics       strategy,maneuver              전술, 책략
tapered       narrow,tapering                좁아진
upsurge       increase,rise                  급증
utility       practicality,usefulness        실용성
whereas       while,on the contrary          ~에 반하여
widespread    prevalent, broadly accepted    널리퍼진, 광범위한
accomplish    achive,work out                성취하다
accordingly   for that reason,consequently   따라서
alarm         fear,fright                    공포, 놀람
alarm         upset,surprise                 놀라게 하다
apparatus     device,equipment               기구
backbone      foundation, spine              중추
backbone      spine,                         척추
bode          foretell, presage              징조가 되다
cargo         load,freight                   화물
composition   make-up,formation              구성물, 조직
conduit       pipe,channel                   도관, 선
consider      contemplate,muse               깊이 생각하다
consider      deem,                          간주하다
dual          double,                        이중의
encroach      invade,trespass                침입하다
ensue         follow,result                  뒤따라 일어나다
equip         furnish, provide               갖추어 주다
establish     organize, constitute           설립하다
exorbitant    expensive, excessive           과도한
explicit      clear,ubvious                  명백한
frantic       hectic,desperate               미친(광란의)
hectic        full of excitement, feverish   매우 흥분한
inaugurate    begin,commence                 개시하다
incise        carve,cut                      새기다
jubilant      exulting, joyful               환희에 찬
mode          form,fashion                   양식, 형태
ominous       foreboding, threatening        불길한
own               acknowledge,admit                인정하다
perpetual         constant,ceaseless               끊임없는
praiseworthy      admirable,commendable            칭찬할만한
progressive       advanced,liberal                 진보적인
provide           supply, afford                   제공하다
provision         supply,food                      식량
puzzle over       wonder about,                    쩔쩔매다, 이리저리 생각하다
ruinous           destructive,catastrophic         파괴적인
solicitation      invitation,entreaty              권유, 간청
solicitude        concern,anxiety                  근심, 염려
stray             wander,deviate                   벗어나다, 이탈하다
troublesome       onerous, difficult               힘든(성가신)
unqualified       complete,absolute                절대적인
weak              infirm, fragile                  약한
witness           observe,watch                    목격하다
witness           testimony,evidence               증거
abhor             loathe, hate                     혐오하다
ambition          goal, desire                     야망
bulk              great quantity,                  거대함
bulk              desire,                          대부분
charitable        broad-minded,tolerant            관대한
conclusively      decisively,definitely            결정적으로, 확실히
confer            give,bestow                      수여하다
deny              negate, gainsay                  부인하다
echo              repeat,reiterate                 반복하다
echo              reflect,morror                   반영하다
echo              resonate,resound                 반향하다
eeire             strange,mysterious               기묘한
emulate           imitate,copy                     모방하다
forestall         prevent,hinder                   미리 막다, 미리 손쓰다
generally         largely,chiefly                  대부분, 주로
glance            glimpse,a brief look             흘끗봄
implement         tool,appliance                   도구
in terms of       with regard to,with respect to   ~에 관하여
inveigh against   rail,object                      통렬히 비판하다
look              gaze,glance                      보다
monetary          financial,pecuniary              재정상의
motion            movement, move                   움직임, 동작
obtain            gain, earn                       얻다
outspoken         frank, open                      솔직한
pant              gasp,                            숨을 헐떡이다
pant              trouser,                         바지
patchy            irregular,uneven                 고르지 않은
precipitation     acceleration, haste              촉진, 성급함
promote           advance,further                  촉진하다
purified          cleansed,refined                 정화된
recreational      as a hobby,                      오락의, 휴양의
recruit       obtain,enlist                         얻다, 모집하다
seize         grip,take                             움켜잡다
structure     system,frame                          구조
structure     arrange in definite pattern,          조직화하다
surreal       having a strange dream-like quality   초현실적인
synthesis     unit,union                            통합체, 통합
textile       cloth,fabric                          직물
thereby       by that means,as a result of that     그것에 의하여
title         ownership,                            권리
transcend     go beyond,                            초월하다
twig          branch,stick                          가지
vulnebrale    easily damaged,susceptible            (영향을) 받기 쉬운
wholly        completely,fully                      완전히
abrupt        sharp, sudden                         급한, 갑작스러운
adequate      sufficient,satisfactory               충분한
advocate      urge,support                          주장하다, 지지하다
advocate      proponent,supporter                   지지자
appendix      supplement, adjunct                   부록, 첨가물
appropriate   suitable, proper                      적절한
assumption    supposition,                          가정
bestow        give,grant                            주다, 수여하다
boldly        bravely,daringly                      용감하게
choicest      best,matchless                        엄선된, 가장 좋은
classic       typical,exemplary                     전형적인, 대표적인
constitute    make up,comprise                      구성하다
deposit       lay,place                             두다
deposit       save,store                            비축하다
dogma         belief,credo                          신념, 신조
employ        use, utilize                          이용하다
endorse       sign,subscribe                        배서(서명)하다
endorse       support,back                          보증하다, 지지하다
exponential   explosive,incremental                 급격한
foremost      most respected,preeminent             으뜸가는
fragrance     scent,                                향기
furthermore   moreover,in addition                  더욱이
genetic       hereditary,inborn                     유전(학)적인
imposing      impressive,grand                      강한 인상을 주는, 웅장한
luxurious     sumptuous, rich                       사치스러운
matter        substance, material                   물질
matter        issue,                                논점
nurture       raise, rear                           양육하다
offset        balance,counterbalance                상쇄하다
partially     incompletely,fractionally             부분적으로
presumable    probable,likely                       있음직한
principle     original method,precept               원칙, 규범
purveyor      supplier,                             공급업자
replace       supersede, supplant                   대체하다
routine       ordinary,normal                  보통의, 일상적인
scold         reprove, reproach                꾸짖다
sequence      string,series                    연속
sequence      order,                           순서
startle       astonish, surprise               깜짝 놀라게 하다
typical       common,ordinary                  일반적인
unshakable    firm,steadfast                   흔들리지 않는, 확고한
yield         cede,surrender                   내주다, 굴복하다
yield         produce,generate                 산출하다, 야기하다
additive      cumulative,                      부가적인
additive                                       첨가제
antiseptic    clean,sterile                    청결한, 위생적인
assemble      gather,gather together           모으다
asymmetric    unequal,lopsided                 균형을 잃은
attire        clothing,                        의상
avid          greedy, avaricious               탐욕스러운
avid          eager,enthusiastic               열심인, 열렬한
basic         essential,                       기본
bound         limit, precinct                  경계
cluster       group, gather                    모이다
complex       group of buildings,              복합건물군
complex       elaborate,involved               복잡한
contrary      opposite,converse                반대의, 반대되는
customary     typical,habitual                 관례적인, 습관적인
dangle        hang,                            매달리다
devour        eat,gulp                         게걸스레 먹다
encapsulate   state briefly,condense           요약하다, 집약하다
faction       side,coalition                   파벌
fragment      piece,particle                   조각, 부분
ignite        set on fire,kindle               불을 붙이다
impound       contain,confine                  가두다
innocuous     harmless,                        해가없는
link          connect,relate                   관련짓다
link          bond, connection                 유대, 결합
murmur        grumble, mumble                  투덜거리다, 중얼거리다
persistent    continuous,constant              지속하는
prospect      possibility, chance              가망성, 전망
random        without planning,unpredictable   마구잡이의
realize       be aware of,conceive             알다, 이해하다
reside in     live in,dwell                    거주하다
robust        strong, vigorous                 튼튼한, 강한
satisfy       please,meet                      만족시키다
simple        unsophisticated,naïve            순진한
stamina       endurance,perseverance           지구력, 체력
staple        basic,principal                  기본적인, 주요한
staple        basic item,necessary commodity   중요 상품
terminate     stop, finish                     끝나다
treasure        value,prize              소중히 하다
unequal         unfair,asymmetric        불공평한, 균형을 잃은
venture         dare,chance              과감히~하다
ache            hurt, pain               아프다
advantageous    profitable,gainful       이로운, 유익한
altitude        elevation,height         고도
antiquity       ancient times,           고대
assist          help,aid                 돕다
brilliance      radiance,luminosity      광채
celestial       heavenly,                하늘의
cleave          split,dissect            (쪼개어) 나누다
cleave          rip,                     찢다
cleave          adhere,stick             고수하다, 결합하다
density         concentration,           농도, 밀도
desperate       hopeless,critical        절망적인
desperate       as a last resort,        필사적인
encourage       cheer up,hearten         격려하다
encumber        burden,weight            (의무,짐등을) 지우다
encumber        hinder,obstruct          저해하다
enrich          enhance,improve          (질,가치등을) 높이다
fade            wane, wither             약해지다, 사라지다
flee            escape,evade             피하다, 도망하다
follow suit     do the same thing,       따라하다
gigantic        huge,immense             거대한
hygiene         cleanliness,sanitation   위생
impressive      striking,moving          인상적인, 감동적인
instantaneous   immediate,prompt         즉각적인
lusty           vigorous, strong         건장한, 원기왕성한
mankind         human,                   인류
maturity        adulthood,manhood        성숙(기)
mere            insignificant,           단지, 대수롭지 않은
modest          humble,unpretending      겸손한
modest          small,                   많지 않은
modest          decent,proper            예의바른
persist         endure,continue          지속되다
pile            heap,stack               더미
pile            put together,collect     모으다
pile            heap,                    쌓다
pristine        unspoiled,innocent       오염되지 않은
proficient      expert,skilled           숙련된, 능숙한
sacred          divine, holy             신성한
scruple         hesitation, uneasiness   망설임, 양심의 가책
scrupulous      careful, painstaking     세심한, 꼼꼼한
scrupulous      honest,                  양심적인, 정직한
strike          hit,bombard              치다, 공격하다
strike          walkout,work stoppage    파업
unravel         explain,solve            해명하다, 풀다
vulgar         coarse, mean             저속한
account for    explain,justify          ~의 이유를 밝히다, 설명하다
account for    make up,comprise         차지하다
adjourn        suspend, postpone        연기하다
adopt          take up,choose           ~을 채택하다, 차용하다
adore          worship, esteem          숭배하다, 존경하다
artificial     synthetic,               인위적인, 인조의
attend         wait on, serve           돌보다, 시중들다
band           group,party              집단, 무리
besides        in addition,as well      게다가
circumstance   condition,situation      상황
crawl          creep,wriggle            기어가다
demolish       destroy,wreck            파괴하다
endure         survive,suffer           견디다
enormous       immense, vast            거대한
fashionable    popular,up-to-date       유행하는
formulate      state,express            (명확히, 체계적으로) 말하다
hang           dangle, suspend          매달리다
immobility     absence of motion,       부동 상태
inflate        bloat, expand            팽창하다
interrupt      hinder, stunt            가로막다, 중단시키다
manipulation   deliberate alteration,   조작, 속임수
marvelous      wonderful, astonishing   경이로운, 놀랄만한
nevertheless   still,yet                그럼에도 불구하고
operate        run,function             작동하다
outlive        survive, outlast         살아남다, ~보다 더 오래 살다
practicable    feasible, possible       실행 가능한
resist         withstand, confront      저항하다
risky          dangerous,hazardous      위험한
saved          redeemed,rescued         구원된, 구제된
severe         harsh,extreme            극심한, 가차없는
severe         difficult,effortful      어려운, 까다로운
spontaneous    voluntary, uncompelled   자발적인
stagger        astonish, confuse        당황시키다
stagger        totter, falter           비틀거리다, 동요하다
thriller       suspenseful thing,       스릴을 주는것
toil           work hard, labor         힘들게 일하다
touch off      start,arouse             야기하다
utterly        completely,              완전히
vacuum         vacancy,emptiness        진공, 공허
valid          just, sound              타당한
withhold       reserve,                 보류하다
withhold       hold back,restrain       억제하다
wonder         awe, astonishment        경이로움, 놀라운 일
advance        improve,evolve           진보하다
brittle        breakable,               부서지기 쉬운
careful        cautious,discreet        주의 깊은
convert               transform,change                    바꾸다
core                  center, heart                       핵심
countervail           oppose,counterbalance               상쇄시키다
curative              healing,                            치유하는
disintegrate          fall apart,crumble                  붕괴되다, 분해되다
divest                deprive,strip                       박탈하다
drive                 propel,force                        억지로 ~하게 하다
drive                 campaign,push                       운동
entangle              complicate, involve                 뒤얽히게 하다
evolve                develop,progress                    서서히 발전하다
extant                existing,living                     현존하는
hamper                prevent,impede                      방해하다
hide                  fur,skin                            (짐승의) 가죽
hide                  camouflage,disguise                 숨기다, 감추다
immoral               improper,corrupt                    부도덕한
incipient             initial,beginning                   초기의
isolate               separate,segregate                  격리시키다
joint                 combine,connect                     접합하다, 연결하다
kindle                ignite, fire                        불을 붙이다
landscape             scenery,outlook                     풍경, 전망
migrate               travel,move around                  이동하다, 이주하다
milestone             important event,significant event   획기적인 사건
novel                 new,innovative                      새로운
novel                 unusal,rare                         신기한, 진기한
out of the question   impossible,                         불가능한
phenomenal            extraordinary,exceptional           놀랄만한
plunge                drop, dip                           떨어뜨리다, 던져넣다
presently             immediately, directly               곧
reckless              responsive,impressionable           무모한, 부주의한
sensitive             responsive,impressionable           민감하게 반응하는
serious               solemn,important                    심각한, 중대한
simultaneous          concurrent, concomitant             동시에 일어나는
soar                  tower, rise                         높이 솟다
soar                  increase dramatically,shoot up      급상승하다
subservient           secondary,subordinate               부차적인, 종속적인
subterranean          underground,underneath              지하의
unlawful              illegal,illicit                     불법적인
a host of             a number of,a multitude of          많은 수의
absorb                take in, imbibe                     흡수하다
accuse                indict, impeach                     고발하다, 비난하다
apathetic             indifferent, unconcerned            무관심한
array                 arrange,display                     배열하다, 진열하다
continual             incessant, ceaseless                끊임없는
design                intend, plan                        뜻을 품다, 계획하다
discard               throw away,abandon                  버리다
elapse                pass,go by                          경과하다
furnish               provide, supply                     공급하다
futile            useless, ineffective                  쓸모없는
guard             protect,defend                        지키다
locomotion        movement,motion                       운동, 이동
metamorphose      change,transform                      (~으로) 변형, 변화하다
misconception     false belief,misunderstanding         잘못된 생각, 오해
multiplicity      pluarlity,plenty                      다수
multiplicity      variety,diversity                     다양성
native            innate,inborn                         선천적인
native            indigenous,                           토착의
needless to say   obviously,of course                   말할 필요도 없이
passive           inactive, inert                       수동적인, 활기없는
predicate         base,establish                        기초를 두다
predicate         affirm,assert                         단언하다
presence          existence,being                       존재
progressively     increasingly,                         점차적으로
pungent           sharp,piquant                         신랄한, 자극적인
recover           retrieve,bring back                   되찾다, 회복시키다
regardless of     in spite of,                          ~에 개의치 않고
remainder         residue,remnant                       나머지
reputation        fame,renown                           명성
shelter           protect, shield                       보호하다, 숨겨주다
spur              stimulus, incitement                  자극
spur              stimulate,                            자극하다
suggest           implicate,point to                    암시하다
surge             increase,rise                         증가하다
terminal          final,rise                            최종의
transverse        cross,crosswise                       가로지르는
underscore        reinforce,emphasize                   강조하다
upbraid           scold,berate                          꾸짖다
vagabond          wandering, nomadic                    방랑하는
vague             uncertain,imprecise                   모호한
veracious         honest,truthful                       진실한
vital             essential, important                  필수적인
withstand         resist,endure                         저항하다
abound            overflow,fill with                    풍부하다, 가득차다
abstract          theoretical,notional                  추상적인, 이론적인
affliction        woe,distress                          고뇌, 고통
attachment        emotional connection,                 애착
beckon            invite,call                           호출하다
complicate        make difficult,entangle               복잡하게 하다
consecutive       successive,sequential                 연속적인
consist of        be made up of,                        ~로 구성되다
coordination      the harmonious functioning of parts   공동작용
crowd             throng, multitude                     군중, 무리
doctrine          principle, tenet                      원칙, 교리, 주의
drastically       strikingly,severely                   극심하게
elegant           sophisticated, delicate               우아한, 세련된
entity            object,thing                    개체, 실체
era               epoch, period                   시대
established       certain,definite                확정된
facet             aspect,                         양상
flourish          thrive, prosper                 번성하다
hue               tint, color                     빛깔, 색
impair            damage,injure                   손상시키다, 약하게 하다
inevitably        without exception,unavoidably   불가피하게
infinite          unlimited,limitless             무한한, 끝없는
inflame           anger,arouse                    노하게 하다, 자극하다
influential       important,powerful              영향력있는, 유력한
jeopardize        threaten, endanger              위태롭게하다
marvel            wonder,                         경이로움
monotonous        tedious,doring                  단조로운
notable           remarkable,important            주목할만한
novelty           originality,freshness           참신함, 진기함
oath              promise,vow                     맹세
on the contrary   conversely,                     반대로
photosynthesis                                    광합성
remedy            cure, treatment                 치료법
speculate about   hypothesize,                    추측하다, 가정하다
strictly          tightly, severely               엄격하게
strictly          only,                           순전히
strictly          precisely,                      엄밀히
trend             tendency, direction             경향
unencumbered by   free of,                        ~에 의해 방해받지 않는
unwonted          unusal,unordinary               보통이 아닌, 드문
vexing            difficult,annoying              성가신, 짜증나는
votary            devote,admirer                  신봉자
alight            land,come down                  내리다
alternate         rotate,interchange              번갈아 일어나다
contain           involve,comprise                포함(수용)하다
deter             preclude, prevent               막다, 방해하다
examine           inspect, probe                  정밀 조사하다
fast              quick, swift                    빠른
gist              core,kernel                     핵심
gleaming          shining,luminous                반짝이는, 빛나는
guarantee         insure, warrant                 보증하다
hobby             pastime,diversion               취미
in proximity to   close to,adjacent to            ~에 가까운
inaccessible      unobtainable,                   얻기 어려운
inaccessible      unreachable,                    접근하기 어려운
inadequate        insufficient,deficient          불충분한
inborn            innate, native                  선천적인
inclination       preference, tendency            성향, 경향
insight           understanding,perception        통찰력, 직관
intent            purpose,intention               의도
intertwine     understanding,perception          뒤엉키다
join           connect,link                      연결하다, 결합하다
join           meet,                             합류하다
meddlesome     meddling,interfering              간섭하는
multiply       increase,expand                   증가하다
myriad         innumerable,numerous              무수한
naive          ingenuous, simple                 꾸밈없는, 순진한
outrage        anger,ingenuous                   화나게 하다
particularly   especially,uniquely               특히
principal      central,major                     주요한
propel         push,force out                    추진하다, 밀어내다
rigorous       precise,                          정밀한
rigorous       severe, demanding                 혹독한, 엄격한
savor          flavor, taste                     맛
scramble       mix up,jumble                     뒤섞다
seldom         infrequently,rarely               거의~않다
simulated      artificial,imitated               모조의, 가짜의
slight         small,minor                       사소한
sporadic       infrequent,occasional             산발적인
standstill     complete stop,halt                정지
systematic     methodical,organized              조직적인
through        by,by means of                    ~에 의하여
versatile      flexible,adaptable                다방면의
voluble        talkative,loquacious              입심좋은, 유창한
amiable        friendly,amicable                 상냥한
arduous        strenuous,                        분투적인
arduous        difficult,laborious               힘드는
ascend         climb,mount                       올라가다
atmosphere     air,ambiance                      공기, 분위기
awe            amazement, surprise               경외심
completely     totally,perfectly                 완전히
cram           jam, stuff                        (쑤셔)넣다
dilemma        difficult situation,predicament   곤경
discharge      release,set free                  (군인,환자등을) 해방시키다
discharge      release,                          방출하다
enlist         join in,enroll                    입대하다
enterprise     undertaking,                      (모험적인) 사업
escalate       increase,intensify                차츰 확대되다, 오르다
estimate       assess,evaluate                   평가하다
green hand     untrained worker,                 미숙한 사람
inclined       apt,liable                        ~의 경향이 있는
inclined       slanted,tilted                    경사진, 기울어진
incoherent     disorderd,unintelligible          두서없는
innovate       begin,create                      시작하다
lading         cargo,load                        화물
original       imaginative,creative              독창적인
original       initial,primary                   처음의
outrageous      shocking,offensive             지나친, 엄청난
picture         represent, portray             묘사하다
preliminary     initial, introductory          서두의, 예비의
preoccupation   fascination,absorption         몰두, 강박관념
preserve        protect,save                   보호하다, 보존하다
radiant         bright, vivid                  빛나는
research        investigate, study             조사하다
reverence       worship, veneration            존경
reverse         invert,                        뒤집다
right           correct, proper                옳은, 적절한
satire          irony, sarcasm                 풍자
segregate       seclude,separate               떼어놓다, 분리하다
stable          unchangeable,invariable        안정된
strong          robust, mighty                 강한
tease           irritate, bother               괴롭히다
tempting        inviting, attractive           매력적인, 유혹하는
type            kind,sort                      유형
underlying      fundamental,basic              근원적인, 기저의
vein            blood vessel,                  정맥
absolutely      totally,utterly                전적으로
caption         title, heading                 표제
categorize      arrange in classes, classify   분류하다
complicated     complex,intricate              복잡한
conflicting     opposing,contrary              상반(상충)되는
gratify         please, satisfy                만족시키다
in operation    being used,                    실시중의, 효력을 가지는
instrument      apparatus,appliance            기구, 도구
instrument      means,mechanism                수단, 방법
intrude         trespass, encroach             침범하다
key             tone,                          어조
key             essential,important            필수적인, 중요한
legacy          tradition, inheritance         유산
manufacture     make,build                     (대규모로) 제조하다
memorable       notable,remarkable             기억할만한, 인상적인
narrow          taper,                         좁아지다
narrow          limit,                         한정하다
occasion        event,affair                   행사, 사건
occasional      infrequent,irregular           가끔의
oversee         supervise,manage               감독하다
oversight       mistake, blunder               실수
peaceful        serene, tranquil               평온한
peak            summit, maximum                정점, 절정
perforate       pierce,punch                   구멍을 내다
postulate       propose,claim                  요구하다
quit            give up, stop                  그만두다
quit            resign,retire                  사직하다
reinforcement   support,                       보강, 지원군
remnant         trace,remain                  잔재, 자취
remove          withdraw,extract              끌어내다, 제거하다
role            function,duty                 역할, 기능
shudder         tremor,shiver                 떨림, 전율
spread out      extend,broaden                넓히다, 전개하다
strip           remove,divest                 제거하다
tactile         tangible,touchable            촉각으로 알수있는
tendency        trend, inclination            경향, 성향
underpinning    foundation,basis              기초, 기반
unencumbered    free,                         방해없는
version         translation,                  번역
version         variant,form                  이형, 판
well-suited     adequate,appropriate          적절한
whole           entire,total                  전체의, 완전한
wit             humor,                        재치
absolve         pardon,forgive                사면하다, 용서하다
ambling         leisurely,slow                느긋한
barter          trade, exchange               교환하다, 교역하다
bombard         strike,assault                공격하다
breeding        reproduction,upbringing       번식
bulky           large,hulking                 거대한
depict          represent, portray            묘사하다
diminish        lessen,decrease               줄다
duration        length, term                  지속기간
emphasize       stress,make much of           강조하다
exalted         superior,high                 고귀한
favor           kindness, good-will           호의
favor           approval,blessing             찬성
fervor          zeal, passion                 열정
foliage         leaves,                       잎
foster          rear,breed                    기르다
free            liberate,deliver              해방시키다
further         additional,extra              그이상의, 여분의
guide           direct,lead                   안내하다
inaction        lack of action or activity,   활동하지 않음
incursion       invasion,raid                 침입
indispensable   essential, necessary          필수적인
inimical        unfriendly,hostile            적대하는
intervention    influence,interference        간섭, 개입
merge           combine,unite                 결합(융합)하다
pattern         design,figure                 도안, 무늬
permanent       lasting, constant             불변의, 영구적인
point           issue,                        요점
praise          acclaim,hail                  칭송하다
precarious      delicate,touchy               다루기 어려운
precarious      uncertain,unstable            불확실한
prototype       model,                        원형, 모델
rapidly         quickly, fast                      급속히
refine          improve,polish                     다듬어 좋게 하다
rent            lease, let                         임대하다
source          origin,derivation                  근원, 출처
sparsely        lightly, meagerly                  희박하게
standpoint      perspective,point of view          관점
stint           limit,                             절약하다
subsequently    later,successively                 이후에
terrestrial     earthly, worldly                   지상의, 속세의
unbridled       unrestrained,unrestricted          억제되지 않은
acclaim         praise,acclamation                 갈채, 절찬
acclaim         hail,praise                        격찬하다, 환호하다
active          lively, brisk                      활기찬
administer      give,deal                          가하다
administer      manage, conduct                    관리하다, 집행하다
avail           be of use, serve                   도움이 되다
blossom         flourish,bloom                     번영하다
cast            project, throw                     던지다
charge          impose responsibility,             책임을 지우다
chiefly         mainly,                            주로
coherent        logical, consistent                논리적인, 일관성있는
count           matter, weigh                      중요하다
discernible     noticeable, detectable             인식할 수 있는
distinguished   marked,prominent                   두드러진
federate        unite,amagamate                    연합하다
frame           make, shape                        만들다
huge            massive, mammoth                   거대한
inevitable      certain,unavoidable                불가피한
inspire         motivate,fire the imagination of   고무하다
intention       willingness,aim                    의향, 의도
livelihood      occupation,job                     직업, 생계
make            create, constitute                 만들다, 구성하다
mark            note, notice                       유명, 명성
mark            label,                             표시하다
mechanism       device,instrument                  도구
mechanism       means,method                       방법
move            touch,affect                       감동시키다
move            pass,transfer                      나아가다, 이동하다
oppress         maltreat, persecute                억압하다
pronounced      marked,significant                 명백한, 뚜렷한
reward          recompense, prize                  보답, 보상
ripe            mature, mellow                     무르익은, 성숙한
roam            wander,ramble                      배회하다
sheen           luster, brightness                 광채
situation       condition, position                상태, 처지
slender         thin,slim                          날씬한
slender         weak,fragile                       연약한
speed               go rapidly,hasten           급속하게 진행하다, 서두르다
sustenane           fare,food                   음식, 양식
understand          comprehend,grasp            이해하다
unparalleled        unique,matchless            비길데 없는
veneration          admiration,adoration        존경
attempt             try, seek                   시도하다
beneath             below,                      ~할 가치가 없는
cohere              adhere, stick               고수하다
collect             build up,accumulate         모으다, 쌓다
count for nothing   be unimportant,             중요하지 않다
creative            inventive,imaginative       창조적인
disinterested       impartial, unbiased         공정한
disitinguishable    differentiated,             구별되는
erudite             logical,learned             학식있는
exceptionally       unusually,extraordinarily   유난히
final               terminal,ultimate           마지막의, 궁극적인
for the sake of     for the purpose of,         ~를 위하여
impartial           disinterested, unbiased     공정한, 공평한
impervious          resistant,impenetrable      불침투성의
impolite            uncivil, rude               무례한
indifference        unconcern, apathy           무관심
induce              persuade, instigate         설득하여 ~하게하다
inhabitant          citizen,resident            주민
jolt                shock, impact               충격
luminous            bright,glowing              빛을 내는, 반짝이는
negligible          insignificant, trivial      하찮은
obscure             uncertain,dim               애매한
omnipresent         ubiquitous,                 어디에나 존재하는
overpower           overwhelm, subdue           압도하다
peculiar            strange,distinct            색다른, 독특한
prohibitively       extremely,exorbitantly      엄청나게
prophetic           predictive,                 예언적인
proprietor          owner,landlord              소유주
protrude            stick out,extend            튀어나오다
proximity           nearness,closeness          근접
reliable            trustworthy, dependable     믿을 수 있는
resort to           turn to,                    의지하다
seek                try out,strive              노력하다, 시도하다
seek                look for,search for         찾다, 추구하다
statue              figure,                     조각상
straight away       immediately,right away      즉시
string              series,chain                일련, 연속
tangled             twisted together,           뒤엉킨
telling             helpful,effective           효과적인
track               follow,chase                ~을 쫓아가다
track               observe,                    진로를 관찰하다
traditional         usual,customary             통상적인, 전통의
underneath         below,beneath                    ~의 아래에
abide              inhabit, reside                  살다, 머물다
accomplished       skilled, proficient              숙련된
apprehend          understand,grasp                 이해하다
average            mean, median                     중수, 평균(치)
blend              compound,fuse                    섞다
block              obstacle, barrier                장애물
block              prevent,hinder                   막다, 방해하다
compel             oblige, force                    강요하다
constraint         limitation,hindrance             제한, 제약
couple             pair,brace                       한쌍
disorder           chaos,disorganization            무질서
encounter          meet, face                       마주치다
erroneous          incorrect, mistaken              잘못된
expertise          art,craft                        전문 기술
fame               renown, reputation               명성
found              create,set up                    창설하다
imitate            simulate,mimic                   흉내내다, 모방하다
in opposition to   counter to,con                   ~에 반대하여
incredulous        skeptical, doubtful              의심 많은
means              method, way                      방법
medium             means, instrument                매개
misleading         deceptive,deluding               현혹시키는
onset              beginning,opening                시작
overwhelm          overpower, crush                 압도하다
phenomenon         occurrence, appearance           사건, 현상
pinnacle           the highest point,top            정상
pinpoint           precise,                         정확한
pliable            smoothly shaped,easy to shape    휘기 쉬운, 유연한
rear               raise, nurture                   기르다
repair             mend, amend                      고치다
residue            remain,remnant                   잔여
scanty             short,scarce                     부족한
sense              meaning, signification           의미
shard              fragment,piece                   파편
substrate          substratum,underlying layer      하층, 기저
subtle             hardly perceived,imperceptible   알아채기 어려운, 미묘한
suitable           appropriate,proper               적절한
tedious            tiresome,irksome                 지루한
toxic              poisonous,noxious                유독한
ultimately         eventually,in the end            궁극적으로, 마침내
universally        everywhere,generally             도처에, 널리
usual              typical,common                   흔한, 보통의
adjacent           nearby, adjoining                인접한
alter              modify, change                   변환하다
bare               uncovered,exposed                노출된, 벌거벗은
burden             load,                            짐, 부담
burden            tax,charge                      (짐, 부담을) 지우다
clout             influence,pull                  권력, 영향력
commodity         goods,product                   상품
constellation     collection,                     (유사 성질의) 모임, 집합체
constellation     arrangement,                    배열
daunt             intimidate,discourage           위압하다
delight           please,gratify                  기쁘게 하다
deluxe            luxurious,lavish                호화로운
depressed         downcast,melancholy             우울한
depressed         concave,low                     움푹 들어간, 내려앉은
endless           limitless, incessant            끝없는
especially        notably, specifically           특히
forbid            ban, inhibit                    금하다
great             outstanding,distinguished       뛰어난
hold              include, contain                수용하다
impression        influence,impact                영향, 효과
impression        image,idea                      인상
in time           eventually,                     결국
in time           early,                          일찍
inherent          innate, built-in                선천적인
instant           moment,                         순간
nocturnal         active at night,                야행성의
overall           general,total                   포괄적인, 전체의
process           method,procedure                공정
reach             area,expanse                    구역, 범위
reciprocal        mutual,                         상호적인
remarkable        incredible,significant          놀라운, 상당한
routinely         commonly,generally              일상적으로
sizable           large,                          꽤큰
still             nevertheless,                   그럼에도 불구하고
still             calm, motionless                정지한, 조용한
subdued           reduced,                        가라앉은, 약해진
touching          moving,                         감동적인
transfer          move, remove                    이동하다
trivial           frivolous,unimportant           사소한
unintentionally   accidentally,casually           무심코
variation         variance,fluctuation            변화
vociferous        noisy,                          시끄러운
acquisition       purchase,acquirement            획득
ancestor          predecessor,antecedent          조상, 선조
capricious        unpredictable,fickle            변덕스러운
collaboration     cooperation,teamwork            협동
colonize          inhabit,settle                  살다, 정주하다
combine           incorporate,mix                 통합하다, 결합시키다
complete          entire,total                    전체의, 완전한
consequently      as a result,hence               그러므로, 따라서
continuity        uninterrupted connection,flow   연속성
disadvantage            drawback,handicap           결점
dissemination           spread,distribution         보급, 전파
documented              recorded,                   기록된
excite                  stimulate, encourage        자극하다, 고무하다
extent                  scope,stretch               범위
from time to time       now and then,               때때로, 이따금
fusion                  union,                      통합
hunt                    scour,seek                  뒤지다, 찾다
illicit                 unlawful, illegitimate      불법적인
improper                unfit, inappropriate        부적당한
incessant               continuous,unceasing        끊임없는
infrequent              occasional,                 가끔의
infrequent              rare,                       진기한
inhospitable            unfavorable,unfriendly      비우호적인, 황폐한
intact                  undamaged,unaffected        손상되지 않은
override                cancel,annul                무효로 하다
pore                    stare,gaze                  응시하다
profusion               abundance,wealth            풍부
proponent               advocate, supporter         지지자
prospective             future,soon-to-be           장래의
pure                    clear,clean                 흠없는, 결백한
rough                   uneven, rugged              울퉁불퉁한
stand for               symbolize,represent         ~를 나타내다
stationary              unmoving,motionless         정지한
submarine               underwater,                 해저의
submerge                plunge,inundate             물에 담그다, 물속에 넣다
surmise                 speculate,guess             추측하다
suspect                 believe,consider            생각하다, 추측하다
sustainable             endurable,bearable          견딜 수 있는, 고갈되지 않는
unequaled               matchless, unparalleled     무적의
unsurpassed             superior,superlative        비길데 없는
unwittingly             unintendedly,               무의식 중에
urge                    compulsion,impulse          충동
with little regard to   with little attention to,   ~를 거의 고려하지 않고
abandonment             desertion,forsakenness      유기
abuse                   misuse, ill-use             오용하다
abuse                   maltreat,mistreat           학대하다
accommodate             provide for,                공급하다
accommodate             adjust to,adapt             맞추다, 적응시키다
accommodate             lodge,make room for         수용하다
affront                 offend, insult              모욕하다
aggressive              offensive,militant          공격적인
aggressive              forceful,pushing            적극적인
as well as              in addition to,also         또한, ~뿐만 아니라
cardinal                fundamental,primary         기본적인
cautious                careful,prudent             신중한, 조심스러운
celebrate               commemorate, observe        축하하다
continuous      uninterrupted connection,unceasing   연속적인
derive          obtain,draw                          끌어내다, 얻다
derive          originate,trace                      유래를 찾다
despite         notwithstanding,                     ~에도 불구하고
dim             obscure, faint                       희미한
disgusting      offensive, sickening                 정말 싫은, 지긋지긋한
exposition      exhibition,display                   전시, 진열
extraneous      unneeded,unnecessary                 부차적인, 관계없는
feed            nourish,                             기르다, 부양하다
feed            graze,                               먹이를 먹다
happen          occur, befall                        발생하다
impartially     fairly,without bias                  공명정대하게
indeed          in truth,in fact                     정말로
innovation      novelty, new idea                    새로이 채택(도입)한 것
jeer            scoff, mock                          조롱하다
noticed         observed,                            주목 받는
nourish         feed, nurture                        기르다, 키우다
outcome         result,consequence                   결과
paramount       supreme,sovereign                    최고의, 주요한
ponder          think of,weigh                       심사 숙고하다
prepare         ready,prime                          준비하다
procurement     obtaining,                           획득, 확보
produce         yield,generate                       생기게 하다
propose         suggest,offer                        제안하다
prosperous      thriving, successful                 번영하는
purpose         goal,aim                             목적
scent           fragrance,perfume                    향기, 냄새
spring up       suddenly arise,emerge                갑자기 나타나다
stubborn        obstinate, dogged                    완고한, 완강한
subsistence     survival,existence                   생존
territorial     of or relating to territory,         영토의
threatening     intimidating,menacing                위협적인
ancient         prehistoric,antique                  고대의, 옛날의
annihilate      remove, abolish                      전멸시키다
antagonist      opponent,adversary                   반대자, 적
arrange         order, array                         배열하다
clutch          grasp,grab                           꽉 붙잡다
contour         outline,                             윤곽
contradictory   opposite,paradoxical                 모순된
converse        opposite, reverse                    반대의
dependent       reliant,relying on                   의존하는
depose          oust,                                쫓아내다
distress        pain, agony                          고통
diverge         separate,deviate                     갈라지다
diversity       variety,                             다양함
divert          redirect,reroute                     전환하다
enable          permit,allow                         ~을 가능케 하다
equilibrium     balance,evenness          평형
exclusively     only,entirely             오로지
ferry           transfer,carry            수송하다
hole            pit, pore                 구멍
in fact         actually,precisely        사실상
legitimate      lawful,legal              합법적인
neat            orderly, trim             정돈된, 단정한
notion          opinion, view             의견
notion          concept,general idea      개념
perennial       persistent,constant       장기간 계속되는
persecute       oppress, harass           박해하다, 괴롭히다
portion         part, segment             부분
prestige        status,influence          지위, 명성
prized          outstanding,prominent     높이 평가받는
result          sequence,product          결과
rich            fertile,abundant          비옥한, 풍부한
series          series,string             일련, 연속
sole            only, single              유일한
stingy          parsimonious, miserly     인색한
surmount        overcome, conquer         극복하다
trade           barter,exchange           교역하다
unchanged       even,                     불변의
underway        continuing,in progress    진행 중인
uneven          rough,rugged              울퉁불퉁한
uninterested    indifferent,unconcerned   무관심한
wary            method,means              방법
apply           use, employ               사용(적용)하다
appreciate      recognize,value           (진가를)인정하다
available       accessible,obtainable     사용할 수 있는, 이용할 수 있는
capitalize on   take advantage of,        (좋은 기회,사실)을 이용하다
consumption     use, waste                소비, 소모
detract         reduce,diminish           (가치,명성 등을) 줄이다
dimension       size,                     크기
erect           build,construct           세우다
erect           upright,vertical          직립한, 수직의
exceptional     abnormal,unusual          예외적인
express         communicate,represent     표명하다, 나타내다
expressly       definitely,clearly        명백히, 확실히
fit             adjust,customize          적응시키다, 맞추다
habitual        customary, regular        습관적인, 평소의
harness         utilize,                  이용하다
implausible     unbelievable,improbable   믿기지 않는, 그럴듯 하지 않은
institute       establish,start           수립하다, 설립하다
juncture        connection,junction       연결
long            desire,crave              바라다
mysterious      puzzling,mystic           불가사의한, 신비한
obsolete        out of date,outdated      시대에 뒤진
obsolete        unused,out of use          안쓰이는
omit            exclude,                   제외하다
owing to        because of,                ~때문에
point out       indicate,show              가리키다, 지시하다
prevail         triumph,dominate           이기다, 압도하다
recede          withdraw, retreat          물러나다
reluctant       unwilling, disinclined     꺼리는
scour           rub,polish                 문질러 닦다
scour           search,hunt                탐색하다, 찾아다니다
signal          indicate,beckon            신호하다, 신호로 알리다
silhouette      outline,                   윤곽을 그리다
slightly        somewhat,a little          약간, 조금
stretch         extend,lengthen            늘리다
stretch         area,reach                 범위, 널리 퍼진 지역
surrounding     environment,condition      주변 환경
susceptible     prone,vulnerable           (영향을) 받기 쉬운, 감염되기 쉬운
tout            praise,hype                크게 선전하다
trifling        trivial, unimportant       하찮은
turbulence      agitation,tumult           동요, 혼란
unsuitable      unfit,improper             부적당한
void            useless, ineffectual       쓸모없는
wielding        using, exerting            (권력 등을)행사하는
apparent        clear,obvious              명백한
apparent        seeming,likely             외견상, 그럴듯한
appreciable     noticeable,detectable      눈에 띄는
ardent          enthusiastic, passionate   열정적인
authentic       genuine,TRUE               진짜의
authorize       empower,accredit           권위를 부여하다
broad appeal    wide popularity,           폭넓은 인기
capture         seize, catch               붙잡다, 포획하다
channel         direct,guide               (의도하는 방향으로) 돌리다
cherish         value,prize                소중히 여기다
comprehensive   complete,extensive         포괄적인
convince        persuade, assure           확신시키다, 설득하다
crust           exterior,surface           표면, 외피
execute         perform, achieve           수행하다
expect          predict,anticipate         기대(예상)하다
figure          amount,number              수치, 합계
fragrant        aromatic,perfumed          향기로운
gainful         profitable, paying         벌이가 되는
gap             opening,hole               틈, 구멍
given           particular, specified      정해진
incisive        penetrating, biting        예리한, 신랄한
irreversible    permanent, irrevocable     되돌릴 수 없는
locale          place,                     장소
ooze            seep,pass through slowly   (물,공기 등이) 새다
penetrate       go through, pierce         관통하다, 스며들다
pervade        spread, permeate              널리 퍼지다, ~에 스며들다
phase          period, stage                 시기, 단계
pinion         feather,plumage               깃털
pitiful        pitiable, pathetic            불쌍한
predicament    difficult situation,dilemma   곤경
sanction       approval, permission          허가, 승인
snatch         seize,grab                    붙잡다
subjective     personal, individual          개인적인
sweat          perspiration,                 땀
therefore      consequently,accordingly      그 결과
trap           pitfall, snare                함정, 덫
tricky         cunning,sly                   교활한
tricky         difficult,complicated         어려운, 까다로운
unique         particular,distinct           유일한, 독특한
unrestricted   unlimited,unbridled           제한이 없는
vice           wickedness, evil              악
win            obtain,gain                   얻다
abundant       plentiful, ample              풍부한
acute          keen, sharp                   예리한
acute          severe, critical              심한, 심각한
admit          let in,accept                 ~을 들이다
affiliation    association,relationship      결연, 제휴
arrangement    configuration,structure       배열
assault        attack,aggress                공격하다
bias           prejudice,                    편견
civil          polite, courteous             예의 바른
coalesce       combine,unite                 합체하다, 연합하다
coat           cover,apply                   입히다, 칠하다
congenial      favorable,pleasant            친절한, 호의적인
contaminate    pollute, stain                오염시키다
course         progression,process           진행, 진전
debatable      questionable,arguable         논쟁의 여지가 있는
determine      calculate,figure              (관찰,조사등으로) 확인, 단정하다
determine      decide,resolve                결정을 내리다
devoid         free from,empty               ~가 없는
domestic       home,family                   가정의
dominated      governed,controlled           지배되는
exercise       practice, use                 실행하다, 행사하다
exhibit        display,set forth             보여주다, 나타내다
extol          applaud,laud                  칭찬하다
feasible       possible,viable               실행할 수 있는
flexible       pliable,adjustable            융통성 있는, 유연한
global         worldwide,universal           세계적인
heed           attention,notice              주의
heed           listen to,consider            주의하다
inquiry        scrutiny, examination         조사
issue          matter, point                 논점
potential       prospective,possible       가능성있는, 잠재적인
potentially     possibly,                  아마도
prone           tending,susceptible        ~하는 경향이 있는
share           portion, part              몫
status          standing,prestige          지위
strength        force, power               힘
tempt           attract, decoy             유혹하다, (마음을) 끌다
urgent          pressing, imperative       긴급한
utilize         employ,make use of         이용하다
vaguely         unclearly,ambiguously      불분명하게
vigorous        strong,energetic           힘찬, 강력한
vow             pledge, promise            서약
a great deal    a lot,in abundance         많음, 많이
added           extra,additional           여분의, 추가의
albeit          although,even though       비록~이지만
allow           enable, permit             허용하다
antecedent      predecessor,ancestor       선조
apart from      except for,                ~을 제외하고
application     use,employment             이용
augment         add,increase               증가시키다
avenue          means,channel              수단
cease           stop,halt                  중지하다
clean           unstained, clear           깨끗한
clean           hygienic,antiseptic        살균의, 위생적인
cumulate        build up,accumulate        쌓아 올리다, 모으다
demise          end ,fall                  멸망, 서거
detest          strongly dislike,hate      혐오하다
dilute          reduce,thin                묽게 하다, 약화시키다
disrupt         interrupt,interfere with   중단시키다, 혼란시키다
diverse         dissimilar,varied          다양한
drill           practice,exercise          연습, 훈련
ease            alleviate,releve           완화시키다
empty           vacant, hollow             텅빈
engaged         busy,occupied              바쁜
engrossed       absorbed,occupied          몰두한
even            flat,level                 평평한
even            unchanging, constant       한결같은
exceed          go beyond,surpass          능가하다
extreme         intense,excessive          극심한, 극단적인
exude           release,emit               방출하다
imprecise       inexact,inaccurate         부정확한
inauspicious    unfavorable,ominous        불길한
mask            disguise,camouflage        가장하다, 감추다
merit           value, worth               가치, 장점
perspective     view, prospect             전망
predominantly   primarily,mainly           주로
prey            victim,                    희생자
recast    transform,          고쳐 만들다
skip      spring, jump        깡충 뛰다
submit    yield, surrender    복종(굴복)하다
sustain   maintain,continue   유지(지속)하다
sustain   support,bear        지탱하다
trace     imprint,vestige     자취, 흔적
urban     civic,municipal     도시의
inhibit         금지, 억제하다
inhabit         거주하다
sustain         지탱하다                  유지, 지속하다
suspend         미루다, 보류하다             매달(리)다, 중지하다
ponder          숙고하다
fonder          좋아서, 애정있는             분별없는, 맹신적인
tolerate        견디다
torrential      격렬한
intolerant      편협한, 옹졸한
secluded        외딴
seductive       facinate              유혹, 매혹적인
enthrall        inveigle, captivate   유혹하다
stride          진보, 발전
strife          투쟁, 싸움
strive          노력하다, 애쓰다             싸우다
subject to      susceptible to        영향을 받기쉬운
comprise        구성되다
compromise      타협하다
advert          간단히 언급하다
absurd          불합리한, 어리석은
abrupt          급한, 갑작스러운
relinquish      포기하다, 버리다
exinguish       소멸시키다
extinguish      불을끄다
distinguish     구별하다
seethe          (화가나서)속이 끓다
soothe          (기분)가라앉히다             진정시키다
attributed to   ~에서 기인한
attribute to    ~탓으로 돌리다
master          정통하다
mastery         전문기술, 숙달
erratic         vagarious             변덕스러운
shed light on   명백히하다
evoke           일깨우다, 자아내다
provoke         ~을 화나게 하다             자극,선동하다
scarce          부족한, 적은
sparse          희박한, 부족한
redundancy      여분, 장황
reluctant       피하다, 꺼려하다
fabricate       만들어내다
delicate        섬세한, 미세한
dorsal          등부분의
dosage          복용량
unanimity       만장일치
anonymity       익명, 무명
sporadically    간헐적인, 때때로
spontaneosely   자발적으로
simultaneously concurrently    동시에 일어나는
instantaneously 즉시의, 동시적인
faculty          능력
facility         편의시설
preoccupied      몰두한
predominate      우세하다
contrive         고안해내다
thrive           번성하다
culminate        ~로 끝나다
cultivate        경작, 재배하다      양성하다
contemplate      숙고하다
contemporary 동시대의
little by little 점차적으로
                 무엇보다도 먼저
first and foremost
more and less 어느정도, 다소
account for      설명하다          차지하다
allow for        허용하다          고려하다
maneuver         계획, 책략
manipulate       조작, 속임수
distract         산만하게하다
extract          이끌어내다, 추출하다
explicit         명백한
exploit          employ        이용하다
deploy           arrange       배치하다
wholly           utterly       완전히
subside          가라앉다
subsidize        보조금을 지급하다     매수하다