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                          HALL ON THURSDAY 16th FEBRUARY 2012.

Present:        Councillor A Lee – Chairman (and Borough)
                Councillor I Turner – Vice-Chairman
                Councillors: C Brotherton (and Borough), M Hannay (late), J Fitzgerald, L Fossitt, S
                Ransome, R Foster, S Carter, D Smith, M Brookes (County), B Rush (Borough)(late)
Also Present:   PCSO Williams, PC Head
                Mrs B Buttery – Clerk of the Council,

Public Forum
No members of the public attended.

17/12 Chairman’s Comments
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

18/12 Apologies for absence and reason given
Cllrs M Bourne and P Skinner sent their apologies which were accepted.

19/12 Receipt of declarations of interest regarding items on the agenda in accordance with the Local
Government Act 2000.
Cllr Fitzgerald declared a personal interest in item 12 on the Agenda – Town Hall.

20/12 Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
It was proposed by Cllr Ransome, seconded by Cllr Fitzgerald and agreed by the remainder that the notes
from the meeting on the 19th January 2012, previously circulated were a true account of the meeting and
should be recorded as the minutes.

21/12 Police Matters
Cllr Lee informed members that he had met Sgt Joynes replacement, Sgt Kate Odlin.
It was resolved unanimously that a letter of thanks should be sent to the Inspector at Boston to thank Sgt
Joynes for his support and efforts over the last few years.

PCSO Williams reported the following 7 crimes since the last meeting:
1 x assault – arrest made
1 x shed burglary – still under investigation
1 x damage to property – on-going investigation
1 x shed burglary – undetected
(Cllr Rush arrived)
1 x burglary of a dwelling – 1 arrest made
1 x burglary of a dwelling – on-going
1 x burglary of a factory – on-going

Cllr Turner asked the police to address the on-going issues with parking by the Kebab House.

22/12 Viewpoints on questions from members of the public
No members of the public attended

23/12 Report from the minutes of the previous meeting
a. Reported the use of the sheds/garages to the rear of Kyme Mews to BBC – on-going.
b. Flooding on junction of A52/Holme Road reported to LCC – ref 1091804
c. Subsidence on Holme Road reported to LCC – ref 1091801

d. Re additional post box in Kirton – Clerk has been in contact with Post Office and a man is going to come
   to the village to see if one is necessary. No contact received as yet, Clerk to chase
                                                                                                Action Clerk
e. Clerk has written to the Thomas Middlecott Trust to inform them that the first piece of equipment is
   due to go into the park in April.
f. Clerk has had agreement that the s106 money released to Parish Council as soon as they receive an
   invoice for the equipment going into the park.
g. Pot holes reported along Wash Road to LCC – ref 1094020 – LCC have already marked the road.
h. Debris (rubble) between 42-44 London Road on the pathway reported to LCC – ref 1094014. Resident
   also came to office to complain that the planting in the communal gardens is messy in some of the
   areas – he was advised to report this directly to the developers as this area has not been adopted by
   the Borough Council…

24/12 Correspondence received which the Council are invited to resolve on
a. Lincolnshire County Council – Emergency Road Closure – near to Kirton Medical Centre
   Received notification on 2nd Feb for closure for 2nd and 3rd Feb.
b. Local Government Boundary Commission – Electoral Review of Boston – consultation period now
   running until 9th April.
   Commission minded to reduce the Borough Councillors number to 30. Posters in village informing
c. LIVES – have recently lost the Peacock as a place to hold their meetings. Would like the Parish Council
   to consider allowing LIVES meetings to be held at the Town Hall at the Parish Council’s expense. (1
   meeting per month).
    Members resolved not to pay the hall hire, but to steer the charity in the direction of the Town Hall
   Management Committee who may help them.
                                                                                                 Action Clerk
d. Victim Support – requesting donation
   It was resolved not to give a donation at this time.
e. Four Villages Day Care – requesting donation
   Cllr Ransome as the representative for the council asked the Four Villages Committee not to approach
   the Parish Council this financial year as a donation had already been made in June/July. It was resolved
   to look at this request in June/July of 2012 and not before.
f. Quotation received from contractor for the watering of the hanging baskets/tubs in the village. It was
    resolved to accept this quotation – Cllr Ransome declared a personal interest as the contractor is
    known personally to her.

25/12 Matters for the attention of Lincolnshire County Council
 a. Holme Ward issues
    - The Church Group at Kirton Holme/Cllr Bush/Cllr Lee have decided that the Jubilee beacon is not
       suited to the site they are developing opposite the church as the beacon is too large. However,
       they are looking at other suitable sites within the village.
    - Cllr Smith raised the concern about the A52/B1192 junction. He said that there are regularly near
       misses at this junction and would like for it to be reassessed with the Highways/Road Safety
       Partnership – Clerk to write to Road Safety Partnership and Lincolnshire County Council Highways
       and request a site visit to discuss this site further. Copy letter to Cllr Skinner/Rush and Smith.
                                                                                                   Action Clerk
    - Cllr Rush passed on thanks from Frampton Parish Council for the support re: Leighton Bungalows
       speed into/from Wyberton/Kirton
 b. Other matters for the County Councillors

     -  Cllr Brookes gave members a run through with regards to issues raised by the Local Government
        Boundary Commission.
    - Kyme Mews issues (double yellow lines) – this is to be discussed at the planning and regulation
        committee next month.
    - Cllr Turner asked whether residents near to the site should have received individual notification
        regarding the plans – Cllr Brookes will enquire as he was not sure.
    - The previously proposed Waste Transfer Station is to be sited at Slippery Gowt and a planning
        application will be made shortly.
    - The tyre recycling planning application was not made by Fossit and Thorne – it is thought that they
        are waiting to see what the outcome is from the appeal made for the site at Sutterton.
    - The money pledged from Cllrs Big Society Fund has been received from Cllr Brookes – publicity will
 c. Trees off Wash Road – discuss whether to approach the County Council and ask to plant trees on area
    purchased by LCC but not used.
    It was resolved unanimously to let the resident who is approaching the County Council continue and
    then see what the outcome is before following up by the Parish Council.

26/12 Planning applications:
B/12/0045 – Conservation Area Consent for the demolition of a builders storage shed at land to the east of
7 Willington Road, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS
B/12/0038 – Application to fell an Ash tree (T6) protected by Kirton Tree Preservation Order No 12 (2007)
at Kirton House, London Road, Kirton - NO OBJECTIONS
B/12/0025 – Application under S73 for the variation of condition 2 attached to planning permission ref:
B/09/0119 to change the hours of opening to Mon – Thurs 5 pm – 11 pm, Fri & Sat 5 pm – 12.30 and Sun 5
pm – 11 pm at Curry King, 4 Station Road, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS
B/12/0036 – Construction of a single storey side extension and re-siting of existing detached garage at The
Cottage, Skeldyke Road, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS

27/12 Accounts for payment
It was proposed by Cllr Smith, seconded by Cllr Rylott and agreed unanimously by the remainder that the
accounts as per payment sheet dated February 11/12 should be paid.

28/12 Town Hall
It was requested that the CCTV for the building be discussed at the next meeting.

29/12 Cemetery
All of the Christmas wreaths have been collected up and removed from the Cemetery.
Cllr Lee thanked Cllrs Turner, Brotherton and Foster for their parts in this.

30/12 Reports for Various Bodies
Cllr Fitzgerald reported that the light to the side of the Town Hall (nearest the Fire Station) was still out. Cllr
Hannay will deal.
                                                                                              Action Cllr Hannay
Cllr Ransome has been at various meetings in her representative role. At the after school club there are
reports of dwindling numbers and concerns about their rent situation – the afterschool manager is
concerned that the club may have to close. A Business Manager is being sought at the school to take on
more of the admin role.

A request had been made to the Clerk for a grit bin on the corner as you approach Marketstead Estate. It
was resolved that the Clerk to write and request from Highways.
                                                                                           Action Clerk
31/12 Parish matters
a. Recreation Project

      - The first play equipment will be going into the Park the week beginning 2nd April 2012.
      - The soil/contaminated area is still an on-going issue.
b.   Inspection Rota
     Cllr Hannay is continuing with this at this time.
c.   Pensioners Xmas Dinner
     Cllr Ransome is in talks with Boston College and this is on-going.
d.   Training for Councillors – see training schedule from LALC enclosed with minutes/agenda etc.
     LALC are keen to introduce mandatory training for all councillors. To this end a schedule of training
     dates for 2012 was given to all councillors – to book through the Clerk.
e.   Last Night of The Proms
     George Brown has retired from Kirton Brass Band and so a new organiser is needed for this event. It
     was resolved unanimously that the Parish Council will now take over the organisation for the Last Night
     of the Proms. Cllrs Lee/Turner/Smith/Brotherton/Fossitt and Ransome will all form a committee. Clerk
     to write to Mr Brown and wish he and his wife well in their retirement and to thank them both for all
     their hard work and efforts over the years with this event.
                                                                                                Action Clerk
f.   Jubilee beacon
     Site in Kirton Holme not suitable due to size of beacon – Cllrs Rush/Rylott and Smith are investigating
     new sites within the village.
g.   Kirton Holme – Jubilee bench
     Cllr Lee proposed a Jubilee bench for the area instead, but members resolved to wait until the
     committee/group approaches the Parish Council before offering one.
h.   Emergency Planning
     This is on-going with Algarkirk and Sutterton.

32/12 Date & time of the next Parish Council Meeting
The next Parish Council Meeting will be held 15th March 2012 at 7.15 pm in the Upsall Rooms, Kirton Town
Hall with the public forum at 7.00 pm. There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman thanked
those in attendance and declared the meeting closed at 8.50 pm.

Dated :                                                                 Chairman:


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