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SLR Digital Cameras


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									                      Canon Compact Digital Camera or Digital SLR?

 If you're in the market for a camera, the only thing you might be thinking is that you want the best
Nikon cameras or there is no way you ever want to purchase a refurbished Canon camera.
Instead of concerning yourself with having the best and most stylish camera, you need to consider
your needs and learn about what some of those tech specs actually mean. Just because you can
afford to buy Nikon cameras that cost $600, doesn't mean it's the right camera for you.

The big question is whether to get a compact camera, also known as a point and shoot, or a digital
SLR camera. Sometimes people might be tempted to go with the digital SLR simply because they
feel the need to own the best of the best or because they want that high quality. However, when
they finally purchase it, they have no idea how to tap into the full potential of the camera. If you're
looking for something that is easy to use, a point and shoot is probably the camera for you.
Although your pictures may not look as good as a professional's, there are so many compact
cameras available that can live up to high standards.

Compact digital cameras are perfect for vacations, family functions, and any get-together with
friends. They are sleek and convenient to carry. You can find ones for under a hundred dollars, but
if you're concerned about quality and features, you can find ones for a few hundred dollars. The
more expensive ones are still good for amateur photographers. Canon and Nikon compact digital
cameras are two of the top brands, so definitely place them high up on your consideration list.

What about digital SLR cameras? Who needs those? Well, obviously professionals are going to
use them, but photography enthusiasts are going to want them too. If you're not a professional,
you should really enjoy photography or being willing to learn about it. There's no point in spending
all that money if you don't even know about shutter speed or ISO. A digital SLR will be a great
investment though and will last for years, as long as you take care of it. The camera will offer
excellent quality and with the purchase of interchangeable lenses, you can take a wide variety of

For those interested in a digital DSLR, you need to consider lenses, image stabilization, exposure,
and shutter speed. Before you set your heart on that new Nikon camera, how many lenses are
available for that model? Will it automatically compensate for lack of light? Find out about these
main features first before you worry about all those nice little "extras" like in-camera editing. Most
digital SLRs today also have the capability of recording in HD so you can eliminate the need for
carrying a video recorder. If you want the professional camera without such a high cost, many
stores sell refurbished Nikon cameras or Canon cameras. With a little bit of research and thought,
you can find the best camera to suit your needs.


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