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					               The Cinderella Extend

As known to all, Cinderella married the Prince and lives happily finally. However, the story didn’t come
to the end. When the old King and Queen died, the Prince became the new King and Cinderella became
the new Queen. They must lead their people a peace and happy life as what the old King and Queen did
before. As a queen, Cinderella is not lazy. To make the King felt warm in palace; Cinderella cooked meals
and baked cakes in person. Cinderella loves her servants. She always treats them with her cakes. The
delicious cakes spread over the country very soon. Wives believed that to make their husbands happy, a
delicious cake is needed. Thus, a baking wave is making throughout the country very soon. People would
love to do baking with all kinds of Cake Decorations, such as chocolate sprinkles, nonpareils, sugar
crystals, sugar shapes, and so on, as per their queen did. Everybody loves and learns Cinderella, but her
step mother doesn’t.

No matter how Cinderella kind to her, the evil minded step mother always hates everything about
Cinderella. She thought, if without Cinderella, her daughters would become the queens. She vented all
her anger on Cinderella, no matter right or wrong.

Since Cinderella makes the wave of baking cakes, the step mother had an evil plan in her mind. She
swore herself that she would never let Cinderella be happy, whenever. The step mother took a flight to
USA and learnt to make cake decorations. Her cake decorations are not from nature which is cheap and
unhealthy to human being. When she’s back from USA, her artificial sprinkles, nonpareils, sugar crystals
become famous in Cinderella’s country very soon.

In this country, no matter young and old, men and women, people like baking cakes very much. Thanks
to such people’s enthusiasm, the step mother’s business becomes bigger and bigger. Meanwhile,
people’s health becomes poorer and poorer. Everyone who loves cakes have poor appetite during this
baking wave, especially the kids and the old. Some of them even get sick.

Cinderella is so smart to find out the problem. She asked people to buy some sprinkles from her step
mother and send to lab for test. The test result scares everybody in the country. This artificial sprinkles
contains Carcinogen which will cause serious illness on human being, if eat more that it will hurt
people’s healthy, especially for children, the artificial food colors from the diets might have some
beneficial effects on their behavior. Cinderella told the King about this and asked her step mother not to
sell artificial cake decoration again. Otherwise, the King will put her into prison because of this. But the
step mother does not accept it. Because Cinderella’s kind words just hits the right nail on her neck.. The
step mother was very angry, she employed some newspaper reporters and began to spread the
disseminating information to people that “The Queen is killing baking jobs, and killing the fans of
backing decoration.” And she went on selling artificial cake decorations to people. The King cannot bear
the step mother’s selfish mind any more. To save more of his people, the King put the step mother into
prison finally. But without cake decorations, all cakes become pale. No kids like cakes from then on . At
this moment, Cinderella imported some natural sprinkles which is called Quality Sprinkles. All the colors
of the sprinkles come from natural plant Natural Sprinkles does not only make the cakes as colorful as
before, but also can not hurt people’s health. Kids like cakes again. A peace and happy country comes
back again. The King and the Queen did what they promised.

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Several materials are required for making the cakes and after that decorating them. The first and
foremost thing is to have a proper and effective recipe for making the sweet or dessert. The recipe helps
you to decide all the things you require for making it and then for the decoration purpose.

Colored sugar crystals are a great way to have fun in the kitchen. Whether you use them in the
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These websites are really a good option to consider today. You can get all kind of information and
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The most exciting part of making all these sweets or desserts at home is about decorating them in the
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Desserts are one of the most delicious and mouth-watering facet of your meal. Not only eating many
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How I Get My Wife with Sprinkles
Just as many dessert makers, I just wanted to please my dear Sherry. Sherry is one the most importance
women in my life. Besides my mother and my future daughters, I loved Sherry more than any women in
the word. My dear Sherry loves desserts very much, especially pudding, and sprinkle many kinds of
different decoration on it, vermicelli, hundreds and thousands, twinkle sprinkles, sugar shapes. When I
met her at university, I have lost my heart to her at my first sight. But for Sherry, she did not fall in love
with me until the moment I made a pudding as her birthday present--that is what Sherry told me and I
believed it. I felt lucky that I made the correct decision to make a pudding decorating with dessert
delights as Sherry birthday present. I was proud till I met Mark unexpectedly before my wedding. When
Sherry agreed to be my girlfriend, Mark walked away. For years, Mark still could not understand why
Sherry chose me. Mark is handsome, rich and smart. And I am plain. The same question bothered me
before. I thought it is time to tell him the true. When I told Mark what Sherry told me, he was
astonished and a mile on his face very soon. Mark laughed and told me that he also made a pudding for
Sherry on that birthday. In turns, I became astonished. Before that birthday, Mark and I have ever made
puddings for fun. I should have noticed that Mark would make one for Sherry. It is known to all that she
loves puddings. To be frank, it is delicious, should say much more delicious than mine. "Did Sherry lie to
you?" A voice from my heart inside asked. I separated with Mark soon and went home. When I was
home, I told Sherry about the encounter with Mark. Sherry said nothing which made me rattled. In the
coming minutes, I was so silly to ask all kinds of questions, attempting to get her real answer on this.
Sherry just smiled and brought a pudding made by her in front of me. That is a beautiful pudding as
usual. Colorful with her favorite Rainbow Sprinkles which is natural. It is my favorite. Sherry offered me a
piece of cake kindly and said, "Pudding decorations can make a pudding beautiful, but I am sensitive to
artificial pigment. I did not tell others about this before. Sherry looked at me, full of thankfulness and
love. In fact, I knew about this. That is why I made the pudding with natural Sprinkles. Many people
would like to make puddings for me as birthday present, but I could not eat them at all. When you gave
me the pudding and told me shyly that the Rainbow Sprinkles on the pudding is natural sprinkles, I was
going to cry and you also told me that natural sprinkles is gluten free, do not contain ingredients
produced from GMOs. Do not you know that you are the only boy cares me in details and I feel it?" That
is my story. I would like to tell everyone, to love someone, please give him/her healthy life. And natural
Rainbow Sprinkles can!

Magic Moment for A Mother
Baking cake is very common in West Europe and North America. Almost every housewife knows how to
bake a cake. And most of them are enthusiastic about cake decoration. As per a recent
investigation, twinkle sprinkles is the one of most popular choice in the baking ingredients. The tiny
rainbow sprinkles ingredients extract from natural plants. They look as bright as green plants, and
attract lots of eyes. The most important point is, they are healthy, just as we eat organic vegetable every
day, without any anxious. There’s a saying, the Rainbow Sprinkles is a kind of magic from nature. But it
can only be used by the mother who makes cakes.

I still remember the cake time in my family when I was young. I have one sister and one brother. My
mother always got angry as we were naughty, always yelling and crying in the house, running from the
garden into the house with no shoes, rolling over on the floor and then jump into the sofa, struggling for
toys and then throw away, and so on. However, we will become quiet when my mother put a cake in
front of us. We like dessert, especially cake with tiny and colorful decorations. They look like the debris
of rainbow, scattering around the surface of the cake, some are red, some are green, some are purple,
some are orange, some are yellow, some are white, some are pink, and some are brown. My mother
told us that they called Rainbow Sprinkles which can only be eaten by well behaved child. If someone
behaved rude, these sprinkles will become poison and make him lose his teeth.

As usual, the one with the most rainbow sprinkles of a cake will become the most popular piece. If you
are the only child in the family, congratulations, you can get the best piece of the cake for sure. If not, I
need to tell you a bad news that you will have to fight for it with other brothers or sisters, just as what
we did before. You must be well behaved. Because we were told, the one behaved rude would have no
cake to eat at all, and the one well behaved will have the priority to choose the cake first. So we became
quiet and even obedient suddenly. It’s ridiculous that my mother would ask us to do all kinds of
housework together, like sweeping, cleaning, washing, and so on. My mother would praised the best
one and let him/her to choose what he/she wants first. Of course almost each time I am the winner can
get my best favorite chocolate sprinkles.

Many years later, my mother taught my sister and me how to make a cake. She emphasized the
importance of the sprinkles because her kids grow up to be strong with these nature sprinkles. And it
was her most happy moment when all the kids obeyed her instruction to make the house clean and tidy,
and then the whole family sat aside the table and enjoyed her cakes with smile. I suddenly find the
magic of Rainbow Sprinkles. Do you?

Make All Your Sweets Look Attractive and
Mouthwatering with All Kinds of Sprinkles
People love making cakes, desserts or sweets at home. Making these sweets at home gives immense
satisfaction and pleasure to some people. Especially people and kids who love sweets are fond of
making them too. At the time of birthdays, festivals or any happy moment’s people try to surprise their
loved     ones   with    different   kinds     of     sweets    or  desserts   they     can     make.

It is also true that while experimenting making different sweets or desserts it is necessary to have all the
materials that are required to make the sweet and in the end decorating it with different types
of sprinkles or icing. If you go to market to purchase all the materials that are important for the making
of the cake then you will have to go to different stores to buy all the products, which will take a lot of
your time and effort. It is likely to be possible that you may not get all the stuff that is required, which
can                   spoil               the                fun                 of                 making.

Therefore, here is the solution to your problem. Online services today offer you different types of
sprinkles and other stuff that is required to decorate your sweet and make it perfectly. You can find
different types of jimmies online that you can use to decorate on your pies, cakes and other sweets.
They come in various shapes, sizes and colors, which give an attractive and delectable look to your
dessert. You can get all the varieties online and without making much effort.

You can have natural hundreds and thousands or sprinkles over your sweet or dessert according to your
wishes. Kids love to have them on their cupcakes, puddings or cakes. You can order the sprinkles in any
amount you want and keep them in store for making your favorite desserts repeatedly.

You will get wide variety of sprinkles and new products, rainbow sprinkles are very famous now days.
Not only sprinkles you can find other products as well that are used to make these desserts. Moreover,
you can find recipes of different desserts and sweets that you can enjoy making. These recipes will help
you to make interesting and delicious sweets that you love eating. Therefore, these services are, like one
stop shopping store for their customers or clients who love making and eating desserts. With these
services, you can get all the materials that you require for making the sweets. Therefore, if you are
planning to make a sweet then these sprinkles and online services will be the best for you to experiment
with your favorite dessert and surprise your loved ones with all your love and delicious deserts.

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