Summer-2013-PROVISIONAL-GCE-Timetable by dandanhuanghuang


									                                                   Summer 2013 - PROVISIONAL GCE Timetable
                Please note that this timetable is PROVISIONAL and made available for planning and

                               The exact module dates and time have yet to be confirmed and are liabl

Date of Exam              Start Time     Board        Unit Code

Week 1

Monday 13 May              9.00am         AQA          RSS01
                           9.00am         AQA          RSS10
                           9.00am         OCR           G353
                           9.00am         AQA          ECON1

                           1.00 pm        OCR           4758
                           1.00 pm        OCR           4751
                           1.00 pm        AQA          HART1

Tuesday 14 May             9.00am         AQA          PROD1
                           9.00am         AQA          GERM1
                           9.00am         AQA           HIS1L

                           1.00 pm        AQA          GEOG1

Wednesday 15 May           1.00 pm       Edexcel       6IN02

Thursday 16 May            9.00am        WJEC          139101

                           1.00 pm       Edexcel       6MT02

Friday 17 May              9.00am         AQA         COMM1
                           9.00am         OCR          4752
                           9.00am         OCR          4755
                           9.00am         AQA         GOVP1

                           1.00 pm       Edexcel       6ET01
                           1.00 pm        AQA          ECON2

Week 2

Monday 20 May              9.00am         OCR           F501
                           9.00am        Edexcel       6RU02
                           9.00am         OCR           F731
                   1.00 pm    AQA      PHYB1
                   1.00 pm    AQA      BUSS1

Tuesday 21 May     9.00am     AQA      FREN1
                   9.00am     AQA      GEOG2

                   1.00 pm   WJEC      112201
                   1.00 pm   OCR        F211

Wednesday 22 May   9.00am     AQA      HART2
                   9.00am     AQA      PSYA1

                   1.00 pm    AQA      HIS2Q

Thursday 23 May    9.00am     OCR       F321
                   9.00am     AQA      GOVP2
                   9.00am     AQA      SPAN1
                   9.00am     OCR       G041

                   1.00 pm    OCR       F502
                   1.00 pm    OCR       F732

Friday 24 May      9.00am     OCR      G241
                   9.00am     OCR      4766
                   9.00am    Edexcel   6EL01

Week 3

Monday 3 June      9.00am     AQA      HIS3M
                   9.00am     OCR       F212

                   1.00 pm   Edexcel   6EL03

Tuesday 4 June     9.00am     AQA      SPAN3
                   9.00am     AQA      BUSS2
                   9.00am     AQA      GOV3A
                   9.00am     AQA      PROD3

                   1.00 pm    OCR       F322
                   1.00 pm    AQA      ECON3

Wednesday 5 June   9.00am     AQA      PHYB2

                   1.00 pm    AQA       HART3
                   1.00 pm    AQA      COMM3
                   1.00 pm    AQA       PSYA2
Thursday 6 June     9.00am     AQA      RST3B
                    9.00am     OCR      4771
                    9.00am     OCR      4767
                    9.00am     OCR      G242

                    1.00 pm   Edexcel   6ET03

Friday 7 June       9.00am     OCR       F504
                    9.00am     AQA      GERM3
                    9.00am     OCR       F734

                    1.00 pm    AQA      GEOG3

Week 4

Monday 10 June      9.00am     OCR       4762
                    9.00am     OCR       4761
                    9.00am     AQA      GOV4A

                    1.00 pm    AQA      PSYA3

Tuesday 11 June     9.00am     OCR       F215
                    9.00am     AQA      ECON4

Wednesday 12 June   9.00am     OCR      F503
                    9.00am     OCR      F733

                    1.00 pm    AQA      BUSS3
                    1.00 pm    OCR       F325

Thursday 13 June    9.00am     OCR      4754
                    9.00am     OCR      4757

                    1.00 pm    AQA      PHYB4

Friday 14 June      9.00am     AQA      HART4
                    9.00am     AQA      GEO4B
                    9.00am     AQA      FREN3

                    1.00 pm    AQA      RST4B

Week 5

Monday 17 June      9.00am    Edexcel   6RU04
                    9.00am     AQA      PSYA4

                    1.00 pm    OCR      F214
Tuesday 18 June     9.00am    WJEC   112401
                    9.00am    OCR     4753
                    9.00am    OCR     4756

Wednesday 19 June   9.00am    OCR    F324
                    9.00am    OCR    G356

Thursday 20 June    9.00am    AQA    PHYB5
                    9.00am    AQA    BUSS4

                    1.00 pm   WJEC   139301
mer 2013 - PROVISIONAL GCE Timetable
VISIONAL and made available for planning and information purposes only.

and time have yet to be confirmed and are liable to change.

         Unit Title                                                 Level   Exam Length

         Religious Studies Unit A                                   GCE       1h 15m
         Religious Studies Unit K                                   GCE       1h 15m
         Music: Introduction to Historical Study in Music           GCE       1h 45m
         Economics 1                                                GCE       1h 15m

         Mathematics: Differential Equations (DE1)                  GCE       1h 30m
         Mathematics: Core 1                                        GCE       1h 30m
         History of Art 1                                           GCE        1h

         Design and Technology: Product Design(3-D Design) 1        GCE        2h
         German 1                                                   GCE        2h
         History Unit 1L                                            GCE       1h 15m

         Geography 1                                                GCE        2h

         Italian 2: Understanding And Written Response In Italian   GCE       2h 30m

         World Development WD1                                      GCE        2h

         Music Technology 2: Listening And Analysing                GCE       1h 45m

         Communication and Culture 1                                GCE       1h 45m
         Mathematics: Core 2                                        GCE       1h 30m
         Mathematics: Further Pure (FP2)                            GCE       1h 30m
         Government and Politics 1                                  GCE       1h 30m

         English Lit 1: Explorations In Prose & Poetry              GCE       2h 15m
         Economics 2                                                GCE       1h 15m

         Critical Thinking: Introduction to Critical Thinking       GCE       1h 30m
         Russian: List, Reading & Writing                           GCE       2h 30m
         General Studies: The Cultural and Social Domains           GCE       2h 00m
Physics B 1                                              GCE   1h 15m
Business Studies 1                                       GCE   1h 15m

French 1                                                 GCE    2h
Geography 2                                              GCE    1h

Drama And Theatre Studies DA2                            GCE    2h
Biology:Cells Exchange and Transport                     GCE   1h 00m

History of Art 2                                         GCE   1h 30m
Psychology A 1                                           GCE   1h 30m

History Unit 2Q                                          GCE   1h 30m

Chemistry: Atoms Bonds and Groups                        GCE   1h 00m
Government and Politics 2                                GCE   1h 30m
Spanish 1                                                GCE    2h
Applied ICT: How organisations use ICT                   GCE   1h 30m

Critical Thinking: Assessing and Developing Argument     GCE   1h 30m
General Studies: The Scientific Domain                   GCE   1h 00m

Statistics: Unit 1                                       GCE   1h 30m
Mathematics: Statistics (S1)                             GCE   1h 30m
English Lang/Lit: Exploring Voices In Speech & Writing   GCE   2h 15m

History Unit 3M                                          GCE   1h 30m
Biology: Molecules Biodiversity Food and Health          GCE   1h 45m

English Lang/Lit : Varieties In Lang. And Lit.           GCE   2h 45m

Spanish 3                                                GCE   2h 30m
Business Studies 2                                       GCE   1h 30m
Government and Politics 3A                               GCE   1h 30m
D&T: Product Design(3-D Design) 3                        GCE    2h

Chemistry: Chains Energy and Resources                   GCE   1h 45m
Economics 3                                              GCE    2h

Physics B 2                                              GCE   1h 15m

History of Art 3                                         GCE   1h 30m
Communication and Culture 3                              GCE    2h
Psychology A 2                                           GCE   1h 30m
Religious Studies Unit 3B                                  GCE   1h 30m
Mathematics: Decision (D1)                                 GCE   1h 30m
Mathematics: Statistics (S2)                               GCE   1h 30m
Unit 2                                                     GCE   1h 30m

English Lit 3: Interpretations Of Prose & Poetry           GCE   2h 45m

Critical Thinking :Critical Reasoning                      GCE   1h 30m
German 3                                                   GCE   2h 30m
General Studies: Making Connections                        GCE   1h 30m

Geography 3                                                GCE   2h 30m

Mathematics: Mechanics (M2)                                GCE   1h 30m
Mathematics: Mechanics (M1)                                GCE   1h 30m
Government and Politics 4A                                 GCE   1h 30m

Psychology A 3                                             GCE   1h 30m

Biology: Control Genomes and Environment                   GCE   2h 00m
Economics 4                                                GCE    2h

Critical Thinking: Ethical Reasoning and Decision-making   GCE   1h 30m
General Studies: Applying Synoptic Skills                  GCE   1h 30m

Business Studies 3                                         GCE   1h 45m
Chemistry: Equilibria Energetics and Elements              GCE   2h 00m

Mathematics: Core 4                                        GCE   2h 30m
Mathematics: Further Pure (FP3)                            GCE   1h 30m

Physics B 4                                                GCE   1h 45m

History of Art 4                                           GCE   1h 30m
Geography 4B                                               GCE   1h 30m
French 3                                                   GCE   2h 30m

Religious Studies Unit 4B                                  GCE   1h 30m

Russian: Understanding & Written Response                  GCE   2h 30m
Psychology A 4                                             GCE    2h

Biology: Communication Homeostasis and Energy              GCE   1h 15m
Drama And Theatre Studies DA4                       GCE   2h 30m
Mathematics: Core 3                                 GCE   1h 30m
Mathematics: Further Pure (FP2)                     GCE   1h 30m

Chemistry: Rings Polymers and Analysis              GCE   1h 15m
Music: Historical and Analytical Studies in Music   GCE   1h 45m

Physics B 5                                         GCE   1h 45m
Business Studies 4                                  GCE   1h 45m

World Development WD3                               GCE    3h

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