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                                                                                                                                          w -                                 The Altamont Enterprise —Thunday,   January 29,1998

             Jail and probation in rape case
                   ALBANY — A Guilderland ed giiilty^to third^degree rape,
               man'will go to jail after plead- .admitting tfeat he had sex* With
              ing guilty/to rape earlier tliis* a I4^year-0ld girl at h'is apaft-
              month.                          - «               - men't on July P / 1 9 9 7 :                              > Guilderland , %                .said Beri'yann and Crystal M. ^ on Jan. 26 for petit larceny". She *
                    Thomas Hirsch, 125, of Carp-                    '«. According to Guilderland Po-             , Peter G. .Edmunds, 17V of 16 Gibson,-21, of Albany, used allegedly.stole $52 worth of mer-
                                                                                                                                                             stolen credit, cards to purchase chandise from Lord & Taylor'in
              enter Village Apartments, was lice/ who arrested HirScli on Poplar Drive, Delansbh, a n d
                                                                                                            ' Sh'ahn E. Stallworth', 17,; 0 f 6 merchandise in Colonie Center ^Crossgates Mall.
              sentenced on J a n . 8, by Albany Sept. 14 after' a two-month iri-
                                                                                                               East Mount Drive, Slingerlandsrf and Crossgates Mall. Berryann..
              County Court J u d g e Thomas V^siiig4;t?ion t h e girl was t h e were 'arrested by Guilderland ,was sent to Albany C o u ^ y Jail                                                           Rita Bengen, 26, of Sanders
              Breslin, to 60 days in jail and "ni^ee. of i p r s c h ' s riOommate, Police Oh J a n . 20 for fourth-de^ on S^O^O bail, and additional; •Drive, Schenectady, was ar2"*'
              five years probation. -                              a n d t h e ^ 4 i a d sex while t h e gree criminal possession of ^                                     a r e ^ pending, • police irested by S'tate Police in ;Guii-
              ' Hirsch h a d previously plead- roohiiMate was a t work. 0 '                                 ' • weapon and disorderly conduct.                                                         derlandion,$kii. 2\ for petit lar-
                                                                                                               PbTicie' said they were involved in                                                     ceny' $h'®' allegedly stole $32
             Shot at cop triggers arrest                                                                       a figlit iat McDonald's oh Route               ' J » h n ' H . Evans, 39, of 50
                                                                                                               20 whichinvolvedbaseball biats. Hudson Ave', Albany^ was" ar- in Crossgates Malll
                                                                                                                                                                                                      worth of clothing from Filerie ? s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       •I* •!» "P •ft T
                         B]y A n d r e w Schotz               ^ spent about two hours outside Noel J. Kiliniski, age not. avail- rested by Guilderland Police on
                                                                                            1                                                                                                              Jeffrey M. Jackson, 32, of
                   GUILDERLAND — A woman t h e house trying to get t h e able, of 292^ Qid; S^a>e Road, J a n . 21 for third-degree bur-
              shot a t a* police car last week, woman - ^ Kerry 'j&artus, 59, of (Mllderlahdi, and Williatti Dd glary, fifth-degree criminal pos-                                                      South'Pearl Street, Albany, was
              startling t h e officer instead 3069 furbeck Road —- to conie Hausler, 18, of 34(5 Helderberg session of stolen property, Tand                                                           arrested by Gtiiilderland Police
              and bringing more t h a n a„ •^out.                                                              Trail, East Berne,, w e r e also petit larceny. He allegedly stole on Jan.' 21 for/ petit larceny. He
             dozen officers and a police heli-                        When s h e finally /did,; s h e charged with disorderly con- merchandise from JG Penney allegedly stole a sweater a t •                                                      •
             copter to h e r .home' to arrest was arrested and cftalged "with                                                                                and Things Remembered in
             her, police said.                          ^         second--de:griee reckless endan"                               ••!* »K *i? J *i
                                                                                                                                                             Crossgaltes -Mall Police said
                  The woman reportedly said geriaent, a misdemeanor.                                               Arnrik S M Gil, 49 v of 672 Salvia Evans had been banned from                           Anthony J. Hulett, 40, of ,201
             she didn't know it was an offi-                          Romano said that; more seri- Lane, Guilderland^ was a r - Crossgates for two years i n Myrtle .Avje|4,,. Albany,' was ar-
             cer she had tried to scare.                          ous charges were not: filed be- rested by Guilderiand Police on October 1996.                                                       restedfey(JrUilderland Police on
                  Officer David Romano of cause Kurtus claimed t h a t she J a n . 25 for felony EWI. He drove                                                                                        Jan. 21 for petit larceny. He al-
             Guilderland Police said he was didn't know it was a police car                                    recklessly in the pa.rking lot of                 Aaron W. Han din, 24, of legedly stqle 'merchandise from
             sitting alone in his police car she fed shot a t .and that s h e the Hannaford supernlarket be- South Mien Street, Albany, /was Macy's in brossgates Mali j
             on J a n . 21 on Furbeck Road, didn't know police were outside fgre passing out with the: vehicle arrested by Guilderland Police                                                                          ****
             across from Darwhit Farms. It f her house during the standoff.                                    running^ police said. .Officers, on Jan> i 5 for third-degree                               James L. Porter, 16, of Glo-
             was after dark and the interior I "She wanted to scare who- had to break a window to get in- criminal trespass. He was a t
                                                                 f                                                                                                                                    versville, and Julius W. San-
             light was bn in his car, which ever was out there," Romano side, police said. H i s blood Crossgates Mall, from which he ders, 17,. of Brooklyn, were ar-
              was running.                                        said, adding, "She did."                     alcohol content was reoprted to had been;banned for one year on rested by Guilderland Police on'
                   Suddenly, h e heard a gun-                                                                  be .30;, or three times the state Feb. 3./I997, police said.                           Jan. 25 for fifth-degree criminal
              shot, he said. He put his car in                                                                 minimum for intoxication.;                                                             possession of stolen property.
              drive a n d t u r n e d i t around,              Towa eon*! actions                                                                            .-: Yakor Rikelman,. 36, of 318 They were stopped oh Route 20
              ready to drive down Furbeck                              Among t h e actions before                       ert K. Carman, 24, of Northern Blvd., Albany, was at the Crossgates Mall entrance
              Road. j;                                             Judge. Steven Simon in Guild- ] Downing Square, Guilderland, arrested by Guilderland Police                                         for possessing stolen property
               ' But as his headlights h i t the erland Town Court -on J a n . '22: was arrested by Guilderland; on Jaii. 26 fbr petit larceny. from Taco Bell, police said. They
              house across from him; he saw . — Paul R. Schupp, 26,: of 10 , Police on J a n . 7& for DWi: He^ Rikelman allegedly stole $389 were'both wanted by the state
              st woman                                   a ri- •Seeley Drive,, Guilderland, was stopped for speeding on worth of 'merchandise froin Division For Youth, police said.
              fle, he said, pointing i t a t his pleaded guilty to driving while Route 20 at Arlene Avenu/e.                                                Nobbdy B e a t s I" t h e Wi'z in
              car.                                                 ability impaired. Me was • fined                                                         Crossgates, Mall.'              .              Approximately $1,500 w'orth of
                   "After about nine years [as a $300 plus a $25 surcharge and                                     Cheryl A. Collins, 22, of                                      $: % % >^           bad checks were reportedly writ-
              police officer], it was . probably his license, was suspended. A Orlando, Fla.^ was arrested by                                                   D'amien J . Rodulfo, 19; of ten on J a n ; 24 usirig a check-
              •the.' scafedest I've ever, been," condition of discharge is that Guilderland Police on Jan.. 25 Shokan (Ulster Co.), was ar- book^ lost at Crossgates Mall, ac-
             •Romano said-                        -V' .' •        he attend a drinking' and driv-' for DWI. She was stopped on rested by Guiiderland Police on                                        cording, to Guilderland Police.
                   Romano drove away a n d                        ing program.                                 Hawthorne Drive for speeding. 'Jan. 22 for .petit larceny. He al- An Ashford Drive resident lost
              called; for help from other offi-                       Schupp was arrested for driv-                                                         legedly stole a digital camera the checkbook between Dec. 19
              cers., About 15 officers total, ing -while intoxicated on Dec.                                       Anthony Vy. .Hqisington, 24, of worth $300 from Nobody .Beats and Jan. 20, police said.
              Guilderland and State Police, 20, 1997.                                       '•.'*.             Dalton, Mass., was arrested by the Wiz in Crossgates Mall. .                                         Altamont
              w e r e ' soon a t t h e scene, be                      — Gregory D, Tufoe, 47, of Guilderland Police on J a n . 25                                                                        • James P. Orsini,, 47, of 1536
              said. A State Police helicopter 6043 Johnston" Road, Slinger- for DWI. He was stopped on                                                          Wilfred O. FelieianoJ 18, of To'wnship Road, Altamont, Was
              also heard t h e qall a n d r e - lands^, pleaded guilty to driving Route' 20 for failure to keep Selkirk, was arresteil by State arrested by Guilderland Police
              sponded.                                            while" ability' impaired. He was right.                                                   Police in Guilderland on Jan: 24 on J a n . 25 for petit larceny. He
                   Romano s a i d t h a t police fined $300 plus a $25 surcharge                                                 i | : ;•;:$:;$:
                                                                                                                                                            for petit larceny and fifth-degree allegedly 'stole six New York
                                                                  and his license was .suspended.                  Martin 4 Quinn, .42, of 647 criminal possession of stolen S t a t e L o t t e r y 'ticket^ from
                                                                  A condition of discharge is t h a t ' New Scotland Ave., Albany, was property. He allegedly stole $187 Ketch'um's.
                                                                  he attend a drinking and driv-                arrested by the Albany County worth of clothing from Filene's.                                    Nevv Scotland
                                                                  ing program.                                  Sheriffs Department on J a n . 26 in Crossgates Mall. Police said'                        Michael J . Sim, 31,'of 150
                                                                  . Tuttle was arrested for driv- for DWI."He was stopped on he also possessed stolen prop- Osborne Road, Albany, ,'was ar-
                                                                  ing wbile intoxicated and, fail-              Route 20 in front of the Ramada erty! from Lord & Taylor.                             rested by t h e Albany iCounty
                                                                  ure to stop a t a stop sign on                Inn for failure to keep right.                                                        Sheriffs Department on Jan. .24
                                                                  Dec, 13, 1997.                                                                                Toby E. Plesser, 44>, of Lou- for. DWI a n d fourth-degree
                                                           •       •       !   ,   .   •   .   ;      i   -   •
                                                                                                                   Gregory J. Brisk, 21, ^of 126 do nville, was arrested by Guil- c r i m i n a l p o s s e s s i o n of a
                                                                                                                       •   •   -   - .

                                                                                                                Manchester Road., Schenectady, derland Police on J a n . 25 for Weapon. He was found i n his
l'':7 •
                                                                   Vohmteefs needed                             was arrested by t h e Albany petit larceny. Plesser allegedly vehicle on Westoyer Road, police
   f ,
                                                                        The Albany County Rape Cri- County.. Sheriffs Department on stole $108. worth of merchandise said. D u r i n g a n inventory
                                                                    sis Center is seeking adult vol-            Jan. 22 for DWI and driving from Lord & Taylor in Cross- search of t h e vehicle, officers
                                                                    unteers interested in1 staffing/ w i t h o u t a license. He w a sgates Mall.                                                     found a-butterfly knife in the
                                                                    its.24-hour emergency hotline.             . stopped on Fuller Road for fail-                                                     glove compartment, police said.
                                                                        Volunteer court advocates are            ure to keep right.                          • Courtney L. Pinel, 18, and                           Westerio
                                                                   ajso needed to accompany vic-                                                             Christy May Wolf, 17, both of                Matthew Deleskiewicz, 17, of
                                                                   tims of violent crime to area                  _ Robert S. 'Bray, ,51, of 4004 Ballston Spa, were arrested by Route 351, Rensselaerville, was
                                                                   courts.                  . J                  Luigi Court,. Guilderland, was Guilderland Police on J a n . 21 arrested by S t a t e Police i n
                                iisiifanee                             For further information, or to
                                                                   receive a n application for either
                                                                                                                 arrested by the Albany County for petit larceny. Pinel allegedly Westerio on J a n . 21 for third-
                                                                                                                 Sheriff s Department on Jan. 27 stole ,$83 worth of clothing from' degree burglary. H e allegedly
                                                                  .position, call t h e center at 447-           for DWI. He was stopped on JO Penney in Crossgates                                   broke into a seasonal residence
                                                                   7100 weekdays between 8:30                   Route 20 by Crossgates Mall for while Wolf allegedly stole                            on Route 405 in November and,
                                                                   a.m, and 4:30 p.m.                            crossing over dotted lines. .              worth of merchandise from the with pome ffiends, had a party
                                                                                                                                                            same store.                               inside. Vanessa Mauriello, 17,
                                                                                                                   Brian E. Linsley, 21, of 108                                                       Of Route 8 1 , Greehvile, was
                                                                    Heavy duty Mercury Thermopane               Willow St., Guilderland, was . David Escobar,/ 18, of M W c h a r g e d . ' w i t h /burglary l a s t .
                                                                                                                 arrested by Guilderland Police hattan, a University at.Albany moneth, and other arrests a r e
                                                                      SECURITY REPLACEMENT                       on Jan. 22 for driving while abil- student, was arrested by State expected.                           ^ ^ '
                                                                                                   *;&!X%H      ity impaired due to drugs (mari- Police in Guilderland on Jan. 24                         A burglary to a seasonal
                                                                            Professionally Installed           .juana). He was stopped on for petit larceny. He allegedly home, on Route 4 0 5 w a s
                                                                                                                 Turnpike Drive for'inadequate stole a pair of jeans worth'$68 . investigated by State Police in\
                                                                                    ea.                 ea.      exhaust. ,                      , ,   • • 'from Filene's in Crossgates ' Westerio. on J a n ; 19. A screen-
                    Pitor Stephens                                               for 5 or more. ?s                                                           Mall. • ' '

                                                                        .,' - Ellis great price? for
                                                                                                                                                                                                      on the front door was cut to get
                    |789VyesternAv^.,                                                                           .. Isaac A. Sunkes, 16, of ^T71                                                      •in, • police said. ' N u m e r o u s
                                                                         do-it-yoursetfers & cdnfractors.        Kings Road, Schenectady, was . Deora M. Gilooly, 18, of Wy- / hunting items were reported
|M'                 (518)456-8643
                                                                                   Duel I Remodeling             arrested by Guilderland Police nantskgl, was arrested by'State missing.
                                                                                                                 on J a n . 23 for third-degree as- Police^in Guilderland oh Jan. 22
                                                                                      872-2947                   sault and- second-degree' reck- for petit larceny. She allegedly.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         "A house on Potter Hollow '
                                                                                                                 less e/ridangerment. Police said, stole $60 worth of clothing from
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Road i n ConesVille w a s
                                                                                                                 he struck-'Ms mother on the Filene's in Crossgates. Mall.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      burglarized pni J a n . 24,
I'                                                                                                               arm and grabbed her around
                                                                                                                 her neck while she was driving . A 12-year-old girl and a 13- '• according to ^ t a t e Police in
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Westerio. The btfglar forced
                                                                                                                 on Rapp Road.                               year-old girl were arrested by open-a read door and entered
                                        ,t$g9f Crossgates l^alj in <3tiild^riairid
                                                                                                                                                             State Police jtn Guilderland onL t h e g a r a g e . . Trooper M a r k
                                                                                                                    Heather M. B'erryann, 19.,»:o.f Jan. 19 for petit larcenyt They LaPlante said thafe the .missing
                     Sortie,; With Ldfts .ft Raised Deris, Cathedral Ceilings, Firepiaces, Private Garages.
                                                                                                                 the Brora, was arrested by State allegedly stole $5:7 worth, of itehls includeci a que6H-size
                                                                                                                 Police .in Guilderland oh Jan. 22 clothing from Filene's in Cross- m a t t r e s s , and'' box spring, a
                          Crystal Blue Pool •Designer                                  Clubhouse                 for. sec6nd*degree criminal pos-_                                                   • twin-size m a t t r e s s , • s h e e t s ,
                                                                                                                 session .of a forged ihstrument,                                                      pillow cases, a flashlight, ahd a
                                • Stinir\&* tetmis •indoor andOutdoor Pools,                                     third-degree criminal posses-                   Raegan Bdyle, 19, of 21 Salis- vadium cleaner. The total value
                                                                                                                 sion of stolen propertyj a n d bury a Roadj Delmar, a Univer- df the items was estimated to be
               •.','< -''":. - ^Mbnday - f riday 9<5, Saturday $ Sunday 1 H                                      fourtnvdegree cri'minai posse^A siifcy a t Albany student, was
          :. f : # j | Johnston R^d^fev^ew^brk ; - •' ($tm 456-4822                                                                                                                                     $2120, Anyone with .iiiforii<atif6ri
                                                            t f                                                  sioh df stolen property. Police arrested by Guilderland Police can call State Police at 477-9333,


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