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					     Mobility & Higher Education

     Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace Access to information
     and Education

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   Page 3
   • Higher Education Trends
   • Instructional Process
   • References
       – Abeline Christian University
       – Stanford University

   •   Roadmap for Success
   •   Turning Technologies
   •   Q&A
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Higher Education Trends
"Smartphones and wireless technology are quickly becoming
important learning tools in higher education"

           Advance the Educational Process
• Mobilize legacy platforms
• Develop/introduce new instructional applications
• Improve University/faculty/student communications
• Further integrate technology in the classroom curriculum

          Enhance the Student Life Experience
• Ease the transition to campus life for incoming Freshmen
• Promote student collaboration and social networking
• Better integrate University Faculty, Staff and Students with the
overall University community
• Consolidate many devices onto a single platform
 Page 5
Instructional Applications

• Learning System
• University/Instructor class
• In-Class Response/Polling
• Visual Class
• Mobile Document
• Mobile iTunesU Access
• Mobile E-Mail/Calendaring
• Medical Application Access
and Enhanced Patient Care

Page 6
Abilene Christian University

• ACU Video
Watch Connected: The Movie
A fictional day-in-the-life account highlights some of
the potential benefits in a higher education setting
when every student, faculty, and staff member is
"connected." The applications portrayed in the film are
purely speculative; however they're based on needs
and ideas uncovered by our research - and we've
already been making strides to transform this vision of
mobile learning (mLearning) into reality.

Page 8
Stanford University

Stanford Report, September 24, 2008
Online resources go mobile with student-developed iPhone applications

Stanford illustrates how integral high tech
innovation is at every level of the university
Stanford is in the beginning stages of making several of its core web-based systems
and services available to students as applications on the iPhone

A suite of five software applications developed by students
• Two for course management, registration and billing
• Access to Stanford's searchable campus map
• Get team scores and schedules
• Check listings in the university's online directory

YouTube <

Stanford University is offering a computer science course this fall titled
   iPhone Application Programming. The class, one of the first of its kind in
   the country, currently has more than 80 students registered
In The News

Dateline: 10/27/2008
University of Louisville First To Offer Wireless Devices
  and Technology To Medical Students - Business Wire

• Medical students at the University of Louisville now will be
  able to use wireless technology to enhance their education
  and improve the clinical care of patients.
• Devices will include medical applications, such as ePocrates
  and medical and drug reference databases and can be used
  to access the university’s email program and address book
In The News
This innovative initiative will teach medical students how to use a
   wireless device to improve patient care and ensure that students
     have the technology skills needed as practicing physicians

•   A single device, which can replace the need to carry multiple devices,
    including a separate phone, PDA and pager

•   Fast and easy access to medical information and other drug reference
    guides through applications such as ePocrates.
•   A virtual library of textbooks and medical references at their fingertips

•   The ability to do research on medical topics anytime and anywhere,
    without being bound to a PC with Internet access

•   The ability to customize a phone to include information on a student's
    current rotations or areas of study

•   The ability to sync with the university's email program and address
    book, keeping students in touch with their classmates and
                  GET AHEAD OF THE CURVE NOW!
Things to Remember

• Vision - Think BIG – don’t limit vision to only what is available

• Involvement - Faculty & Administration need to be involved with
preliminary planning from the very beginning

• Core Team - Develop a core team to expand vision and determine
steps necessary to develop a program (Faculty, students, and I.T.
collaborate). Engage external partners

• Applications - Involve all constituents in selection of applications
for development from the very beginning. Applications are what
make the program successful (not just a device but an educational

 Page 13
Lessons Learned

• Start NOW Don’t Wait and Plan Early – Start your plans NOW. Rolling
something out in fall 2009 means that planning should begin now

• Collaborate with all Constituents - Faculty collaboration is crucial.
Without Faculty involvement in the project you risk hitting the sweet spot of
providing a mobile learning application that has an impact

• Integrate Technology into Curriculum - For a program to be truly
successful, a critical mass of classes must integrate the devices into daily

• Partner with Others - Establishing partnerships with 3rd party applications
developers, equipment manufacturers, and carriers is crucial to the process

• Communicate - Communicate with faculty and students early and often.
Ask for feedback to gain true buy-in

Page 14
Tools to Help Develop your

   iPhone Development

   •Native Applications and WebApps
   • Distribution Options
   • iPhone Developer University Program

Page 15
What is available NOW - Medical

 Market Pulse - Why

•Extremely high interest across
healthcare segment
•Close tie-in to higher ed segment
(Medical schools)
•Screen resolution driving
possibility of remote
•Pilot requests starting to increase
What is available NOW - Medical
For Patients:
A.D.A.M symptom navigator: Type in your
  health symptoms and the tool helps you
  determine what they mean, whether to self-
  treat or seek professional medical attention.
MedfileOnline: A web service to store medical
  information and records. ($.99 per month) A food and exercise diary
  and weight loss program. (From $7 per
Pocket First Aid Guide: Offers quick
  instructions on how to treat anything from
  bee stings to burns. (Free)
What is available NOW - Medical
For Doctors:
Epocrates Software: A drug reference that
   includes dosage, interactions, retail pricing and
   health plan coverage. A new non-browser based
   for the iPhone comes out in July and will also
   include pill photos and a pill identifier. (Free)
Modality Learning: A medical reference tool for
   students offering titles like the Atlas of Human
   Anatomy and features such as flash cards and
   pop quizzes. ($29.99)
MIMVista: Medical imaging software that lets
   doctors and patients view radiological images,
   such as MRI, CT and PET scans. Users can adjust
   zoom and angles and merge two different images
   together. (Free)
iPharmacy: A generic and name-brand drug
   database that lets you browse thousands of drug
   descriptions, dosage, symptoms, side effects.
What is available NOW - Medical
  A.D.A.M. – Symptom   Medfile – online     MIMvista –
       Navigator        info/records      Medical Imaging
Industry Leader of Student Response Systems

Global Operations – In over 91 countries
Over 2 million ResponseCards® in use
1700 + colleges and universities
200 + Large scale campus implementations

            Gain Valuable Insights

    Ask a Question…             Get a Response…       Immediately Display
                                                          Results in

PowerPoint® Presentation    Student Response Device   Real Time Classroom

 Turning:                  Attendance into Involvement

                           Participation into Assessment
What Do I Need To Use
Clickers In the Classroom?


                         “Clicker”      Receiver
           ResponseWare Web

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Text entry capabilities
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No need for additional hardware
Access through Wi-Fi or cellular network
ResponseWare Login
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Page 24
          Which of the following are Principles
          of Best Practices in Education?

      1. Active Learning
      2. Prompt Feedback
      3. High Expectations
      4. Collaboration
      5. Time on task
      6. Diverse ways of learning
      7. Student/Faculty interaction
Page 26
       Benefits Of SRS to Instructors and
             Students In the Classroom

Presenter                               Students
Motivates active learning               Popular with “clicker generation” (cell
Improves class attendance and           phones, TV remote, digital cameras,
student participation                   MP3 player, games, laptop, PDA…)

Identifies students' comprehension of   Engages students in active learning
content                                 Promotes students' critical thought
Provides the ability to customize       processes
instruction based on student            Rewards student preparation prior to
responses                               class (reading of class materials)
Triggers class discussion with          Provides students with immediate
student responses                       feedback of understanding of content
Tracks student progress
          What Educators Are Saying About

Receive consistently high ratings from students
Increased attendance and accountability
Increase participation and discussion
Engage Students - classes are more interesting
Instructor has more flexibility in terms of classroom delivery options
    Student Satisfaction Survey

“Using the SRS helped me verify my understanding of the material.”

“I would recommend the use of SRSs in the other classes.”

Pilot Project Opportunities
Thank You

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