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					                         UNIVERSITA’ PER STRANIERI DI SIENA
                                CENTRO LINGUISTICO
                                 P.zza Rosselli 27/28
                                     53100 Siena

Prices indicated and the activities are valid for 2012

                              Ordinary Italian language course

The Italian Language Center organizes three-month courses of Italian language.
These courses are divided in monthly session. Students can attend either a one-
month or a complete three-month course.
The first day of classes students will take a placement test. Upon test results,
students will be enrolled in the appropriate level for their knowledge of Italian
At the end of the course, students who passed the final exam can obtain 4
academic credits in accordance with ECTS system.

Price per person for each month       € 475
Special price for the groups:
for a group of minimum of 11 students € 400 per person per month
for a group of minumum of 21 students € 376 per person per month

               three-month course
                                     1st month 80 hrs    2nd month 80 hrs   3rd month 80 hrs

              January 9- March 30      January 9-31       February 1-29        March 5-30
                April 2- June 29         April 2-27          May 2-31          June 4-29
              July 4-September 28        July 4-31         August 1-31       September 3-28
            October 1- December 21     October 1-31       November 5-30     December 3-21

               three-month course
                                     1st month 80 hrs    2nd month 80 hrs   3rd month 80 hrs
              January 7- March 29      January 7-31       February 4-28        March 4-29
                April 3- June 28         April 3-30          May 6-31          June 3-28
              July 3-September 27        July 3-31         August 5-30       September 2-27
            October 1- December 20     October 1-31       November 4-29      December 2-20

Didactic material: € 25/30 for each student per month
                             Italian Cultural Courses

       Only for the students attended the ordinary Italian language course.

                                  Free of charges

Objectives: Italian Culture Courses, organised in modules, have the final aim to
give the students a historical, social and artistic introduction to Italian culture.
This is an important integration to their language studies and allows them to earn
academic credits from their schools and universities abroad.

Courses Calendar The courses of Italian Culture follow the same calendar as the
Regular Courses of Italian language and are planned so as to avoid scheduling
conflicts with the Italian language lessons. Students may attend a trimester-long
course or monthly segments thereof; at the end of each month they may take a
written or oral exam on the material covered during classes. The courses are
designed in monthly modules, each including five 2-hour lessons for a total of 10
hours per month.

Diploma and Certifications Upon completion of the C1 and C2 levels, students
who have passed the final exams of both the Italian language courses and the
chosen courses in Italian culture, are eligible to earn a 1st or 2nd degree Diploma
in Italian Language and Culture.

First Degree Diploma in Italian Language and Culture It is achieved by
attending a Regular Course of Italian Language and also ONE Culture Course
organized in 3 modules of 10 hours of instruction (10+10+10) and a final written

                  Courses for youth students (for groups only)

Two weeks courses (40 hours of lessons)
At the end of the course, students can obtain a certificate of attendance.
Price       € 180

Four weeks courses (80 hours of lessons)
At the end of the course, students who passed the final exam can obtain 4
academic credits in accordance with ECTS system.
Price       € 300
Period: any time
                                Courses on request

Each course can be activated even just for one student, with a maximum
enrolment of 15 students.The cost for each hour of instruction is € 65,00 per hour
with a minimum of 6 hours.This cost does not include guided visits or wine and
food tasting.

       Food and wine culture in Italy
       Learning Italian through movies: Italy between neorealism and comedy
       History of Italian Opera
       Italian culture and civilization
       A typical Italian theatre genre: the Commedia dell’Arte
       Words and taste of wine
       The Language of Landscape and Gardens
       Suggestopaedic course of Italian Language

   The Linguistic Center can organize courses for other specific purposes, upon

Price € 65,00 per hour
This cost does not include guided visits or wine and food tasting.

Period any time

                      Courses for Italian Language Teachers

Price    € 475

Period: January and August of each year

The University can award a scholarship to the tutor of the group.
The grant includes the enrolment fees, the air-ticket up to the amount of € 600
and the lodging in a Students Residence (in double room).
The grant is available for any Italian language courses organized by this

Other services
Students are free to use the multimedia facilities and the language laboratory for
self-learning, and have free access to the services offered by the Library as well as
other activities organized by the Linguistic Center and by other Departments.
On request, the University can organize a pick-up service from/to the airport and
it’s possible to ask for a tutor for the all period of staying.
Twin rooms at the University Dormitories at the price of € 300,00 per person (the
price is referred to 2011 and could slightly vary because of the imminent renewal
with the Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education). The rooms are
granted by the Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education according to
their availability. Reservations open from May and are managed by our “Servizio
Accoglienza” (Welcome Service) contacting the address,
tel. (+39) 0577 240104/102, fax (+39) 0577 240148.

2) Guest House “Villa il Pino”: located in the neighbourhood of the University, it is
a complex of three typical Tuscan guest houses which can accommodate up to 60
people (with single, twin, triple, quadruple rooms and flats). All the rooms have en-
suite facilities (private bathroom) and contain beds, desks, lamps and wardrobes.
The flats, in addition, have a private kitchenette. In order to make a reservation, it
is necessary to contact:
Via Berlinguer, 1 – 53100 Siena (Italy)
Tel. (+39) 0577 331467 – fax (+39) 0577 332052 –

3) Agency “Vacanze Senesi”: our University has a special agreement with the
Agency “Vacanze Senesi” for the research of apartments and hotels in Siena. In
order to make a reservation, it is necessary to contact:
Piazza del Campo, 56 – 53100 Siena
Tel. (+39) 0577 280551, fax (+39) 0577 283145

4) Moreover, our University will launch from March a Housing Search website in
order to facilitate the encounter between supply and demand of private lodging in
Siena. The aim is to favour our students in the organisation of their study period.
In order to visualize it, we suggest you to check regularly our website

Students enrolled in our Italian language courses can eat at the University
Canteen in Via Sallustio Bandini no. 47 at the following prices:
- Main course, second course, side order, fruit or dessert, bread: € 6,00
- Second course, side order, fruit or dessert, bread: € 5,20
- Main course, side order, fruit or dessert, bread: € 4,60
or in different University Canteens (Via Sant’Agata no. 1, Mensa Via De Nicola no.
9) at the following prices: € 7,50 / € 6,70 / € 6,10.
In order to eat at the University Canteens it is necessary to show at the cash desk
the Student’s Card issued by the Student Secretary at their arrival.
The Welcome Service of the Università per Stranieri di Siena organizes each month
daily trips all around Tuscany and Italy (eg. Florence, Rome, Venezia, Cinque Terre
etc.), at a special price for the University’s students. Trips are open to all the
students of the University for Foreigners of Siena and the programs are published
every month in the University’s website and among the classes. The price of daily
trips is generally around € 30,00/€ 45,00, whereas a two-day trip can cost up to €
140,00/€ 170,00.
July is generally rich in events. At the beginning of the month (July 2nd) there is
the main city feast, the “Palio” (an ancient horse race which takes place twice a
year in the most important square of Siena, Piazza del Campo), followed by the
celebrations of the winning “contrada” (quarter).
Upon request, moreover, it is possible to organize free excursions at the most
important Museums downtown, the historical seat of the bank Monte dei Paschi di
Siena, the Accademia Musicale Chigiana and the Museums of the 17 “contrade”
(quarters) of Siena.
Thanks to an agreement with the Accademia Musicale Chigiana, students can buy
tickets for the summer season at the reduced price of € 4,00 per person.
Note: it is also possible to organize daily trips for the only group.