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									 A consultation appointment is required in            Locke Family Medicine
 advance of the injection visit. The doctor
will examine you and explain the procedure.
  Recommendations for further evaluation
                                                     1450 East Valley Road, Ste 101   Varicose Vein
    will be done. You will need to order                   Basalt, CO 81621
  compression stockings (see the separate
     Compression Stockings brochure).
                                                             970-279-4111             ------------------------
 Stockings are available in several colors,
 washable, last 6-months with proper care,
and are made to create more pressure at the
 foot and less as they go up the leg, which
       pushes blood back to the heart.
Charges relate to the amount of time spent
by the doctor. Actual injection is done only
  by the doctor, rather than by a nurse or
   assistant. Billing, reimbursement, and                                                                   Family
insurance policies are complicated for this
  procedure. Please review the Payment

        Policy Brochure carefully.

 Fees include (valid through 2007):

 Initial Consultation - Level 4 Visit
 Compression Stockings - $20-80

 Sclerotherapy Session:
 $156 - Multiple spider veins of leg (36468)
        [1-4 sessions usually necessary.]
 $137 - Single varicose vein of leg (36470)
 $250 - Multiple varicose veins of one leg (36471)

 A small number of patients will require
 additional evaluation to determine their
 treatment options. This workup may require:                                                           Kelly Locke, MD
 Duplex Ultrasound exam – approx $400+                                                       1450East Valley Road, Ste 101
                                                                                                  Basalt, CO81621
 There will be no surprises. All charges and
 options are discussed during your consultation.
Spider veins are known medically as              Commonly asked questions include:                   injections to obliterate any vessel; 10 to
"telangiectasias" and are small dilated blood                                                        40 vessels may be treated in any one
vessels. These may become unsightly with         What causes spider veins?                           session.
time and may also lead to dull aching,           No one is totally sure. Certain families are
itching, or stinging of the legs after           predisposed to this condition, so it is partially   Are there certain kinds of spider veins
prolonged standing. Varicose veins are the       genetic. Estrogens (female hormones),               that can't be treated?
large veins you see.                             pregnancy, birth control pills, tight girdles and   Certain types of large varicose veins may
                                                 garter belts, prolonged standing or sitting, and    not respond readily to sclerotherapy
                                                 trauma make spider and varicose veins worse.        alone. These vessels may require a minor
                                                                                                     surgical procedure to remove them with
                                                 How does sclerotherapy work?                        follow-up sclerotherapy for the smaller
                                                 The solution destroys the tiny cells which line     vessels at a later time. You may be
                                                 the blood vessels, without damage to the            referred to a vascular surgeon for
                                                 surrounding tissues.                                complete or partial treatment of these
                                                                                                     specific types of large varicose veins.
                                                 How soon will the vessels disappear?                Some of the extremely small vessels
                                                 Each vessel usually requires 1-3 treatments.        (less than 1/1000 of a millimeter) may
                                                 The vessels disappear over a period of 2 weeks      require treatment with a Pulsed Dye
                                                 to 3 months. Recurrences rarely occur over a        Laser. Vessels on the face do better with
                                                 period of 1-5 years. Treatment does not prevent     different treatments than sclerotherapy.
Sclerotherapy is the technique of injecting a    new vessel development.
solution into these vessels using a small                                                            Is there any way to prevent spider
needle. The solution (we use a high              Are there certain vessels which tend to recur       veins?
concentration of salt water and sometimes a      more commonly?                                      The use of support hose may be helpful.
special solution called Polidocinol) irritates   Yes. They are the type of vessels which occur       Reducing your weight and exercising
and destroys the inner lining of the blood       in a mat of very fine radiating vessels. This can   regularly may also be of help.
vessel so it collapses and scars shut. This      occur on its own or may even come on after the
does not harm the circulation—it improves        injection itself. Large veins may not respond       Remember that injection therapy is only
it by eliminating the abnormal, unnecessary      well to injections.                                 treating the symptoms. Whatever the
vessel. Several injections may be needed to                                                          cause of your abnormal veins is, it's still
totally eliminate the vessels. The procedure     How often can I be treated?                         there after the injection. New abnormal
causes only minor discomfort. Fading of the      The same area should not be injected for 3 to 4     veins can form and may recur, requiring
vessels is a slow process that takes 1 to 6      weeks to allow for complete healing. Different      future treatments in 1-2 years. Wearing
months. The goal is to produce a 75% to          areas may be treated every week if necessary.       support hose regularly may reduce the
90% improvement in both appearance and                                                               need for repeat follow up treatments.
symptoms.                                        How many injections are required?                   Please review the handout on billing
                                                 This varies with the number of areas that have      procedures prior to your visit. In most
                                                 to be injected, how numerous the veins are,         instances you are expected to pay on the
                                                 their size, as well as the response to each         day of the visit.
                                                 injection. It usually takes one to three

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