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                                                             SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2006

For MEMBERS ONLY of the National Pest Management Association

                   All Roads Lead
Permit No. 592
 U.S. Postage

  Pontiac, IL

                   to PestWorld

                                     ALSO       INSIDE:
                                     Academy Wrap-up   Leading the Way Young Scientist of the Year

                                                                      SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2006

For MEMBERS ONLY of the National Pest Management Association


4    All Roads Lead to PestWorld 2006
     PestWorld 2006 is just around the corner (October 25-28 at the
     Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas) and we are counting down
     the weeks to the largest gathering of pest management professionals
     in the world. Check out meeting highlights, educational sessions and
     a preview of PestWorld’s 150+ exhibiting companies.

18   Academy 2006: This is What All the Buzz is About
     At Academy 2006, attendees discussed models of innovation with
     thought-provoking speakers, took part in incredible networking op-
     portunities, and participated in three days of team-building games.

22   Leading the Way: Women in Pest Management
     The steady growth in the number of women serving in leadership
     positions across the industry confirms the impact women have had,
     and will continue to have, in the pest management industry.

24   An Eye to the Future
     Bayer Environmental Science and NPMA will announce the “Young
      Scientist of the Year” at the PestWorld 2006 Opening Ceremony.
          Learn more about this wonderful scholarship program.


                                     2          Executive Vice President’s Message

                                     Insert     Library Update: Disease
                                                Associated with Urban Rodents

                                     26         Ask the Expert

                                     28         The Beehive
    Lead to
                                                        he National Pest Management
                                                        Association’s (NPMA) PestWorld 2006,
                                                        October 25-28 at the Gaylord Texan
                                                        Resort in Grapevine, Texas, is just
                                          around the corner and we are counting down the
                                          weeks to the largest gathering in the world of pest
                                          management professionals. If you have already
                                          registered — we can’t wait to see you! Not
                                          registered? PestWorld is the place to be. From
                                          incredible networking opportunities to unparalleled
                                          professional development to an Exhibit Hall that
                                          has it all, PestWorld 2006 will provide you with the
                                          tools to grow in today’s competitive environment.
                                          Whether you are an owner, manager, or technician,
                                          PestWorld is four days of networking with industry
                                          leaders, and education from the industry’s best and
                                               NPMA continues to present world-class
                                          speakers who inspire and invoke new ways of
                                          thinking and PestWorld 2006 is no exception. The
                                          powerful line-up of speakers include Dr. Beck
                                          Weathers, sponsored by Dow AgroSciences, and Dr.
                                          Robert Gates, sponsored by FMC. Additionally, the
                                          Opening Ceremony, sponsored by Bayer
                                          Environmental Science, will feature a very special
                                          surprise guest that will have the industry talking for

                                          Dr. Seaborn “Beck” Weathers
                                               Chronicled in Jon Krakauer’s book, Into Thin
                                          Air, a violent storm with subzero cold and
                                          hurricane-force winds, swept over Mt. Everest and
                                          buffeted 30 adventurers who were descending the
                                          mountain’s summit. Left for dead, not once, but
                                          twice, in the middle of the worst tragedy in Mt.

4   PEST WORLD   September/October 2006                         
DS 2006
Everest history, Dr. Beck Weathers’ harrowing                   Have you heard that PestWorld 2006 is going
ordeal is testimony to the power of the human             green with Lawn Care? We want you to enhance your
spirit to overcome any obstacle. At PestWorld’s           lawn care business so this year we are offering three
Opening General Session on Thursday, October 26,          days of additional educational programming
Dr. Weathers will share the story of his adventure,       dedicated to practical information, innovative
the second chance he got, and his new outlook on          solutions, and the latest research in lawn care. (See
his life. PestWorld attendees will be enlightened by      pages 6-7 with an up-to-date list of PestWorld’s
the invaluable lessons he learned, having faced his       educational program.)
own death — and lived to tell about it.
                                                          Step Into Your Industry’s Future —
Dr. Robert M. Gates                                       The PestWorld Exhibit Hall
      Dr. Robert Gates rose through the ranks of
                                                               At PestWorld you can expect the most
the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during his 27
                                                          expansive trade show in the industry with more
year tenure to ultimately become the director of the
                                                          than 150 exhibiting companies covering every area
CIA. Having been an advisor to six U.S. presidents,
                                                          of pest management, including chemical
Bob Gates has been a critical player in many world-
                                                          manufacturers, business services, and distributors
changing events. With wit and candor, Bob Gates
                                                          that will be launching new products, showcasing
will offer PestWorld General Session attendees a
                                                          cutting edge technology, and demonstrating new
keen insight and evaluation of the political and
                                                          ways for your company to be more successful.               Dr. Beck Weathers
economic conditions that affect the business
                                                               For the time ever, NPMA is giving you a
environment at home and abroad. Author of an
                                                          preview of the PestWorld 2006 exhibitors so that
acclaimed memoir, “From the Shadows: The Ultimate
                                                          you can start to plan your Exhibit Hall experience
Insider’s Story of Five Presidents and How They Won the
                                                          and step in the industry’s future. See pages, 8-14 for
Cold War,” Dr. Robert Gates is the current president
                                                          a complete list of PestWorld exhibitors.
of Texas A&M University, the nation’s seventh
largest university.
                                                          PestWorld Cantina —
Advance Your Business                                     The Final Night Banquet
     With more than 75 educational sessions,                   PestWorld 2006 will come to an impressive end
PestWorld 2006 is all about learning, including the       in true Texas fashion with fun activities, live music,
                                                          fabulous Southwest flavors, and a few surprises all       Dr. Beck Weathers
                                                                                                                     Dr. Robert M. Gates
latest research and never-before-seen presentations
at the all-day Research Symposium on Saturday,            at the PestWorld Cantina, sponsored by BASF. The
October 28. This is the opportunity to hear from          final night banquet will be Beyond Your Expectations
25 of the industry’s leading researchers, their           and an exciting way to celebrate the close of a
studies and the real-life applications.                   successful convention.                                                                           September/October 2006   PEST WORLD        5
Educational Sessions                                                                          Residential: New Add-on
                                                                                              Business Opportunities for
                                                                                              Wildlife Control Companies
                                                                Lawn Care: Developing a       Billy Turk and John Elliot
Thursday, Oct. 26                2:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.
                                 Bed Bug Management             Training Program Painlessly
                                                                and Efficiently               Vector Control: Urban
                                 Program: Bed Bugs,                                           Mosquito Control: Another
10:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.          Management & Mayhem            Jeff Michel
                                                                                              Look at Successful
Bed Bug Concerns: Things         Ralph Citarella and Dr. Mike
                                                                Developing an IPM Program     Business Models
That Aren’t Readily              Potter
                                                                in Hospitals and Nursing      Rick Bell, Stuart Aust, John
                                                                Homes                         Wilson, and Chuck Russell
Rick Cooper                      Lawn Care: Product
                                 Review: What Is Best for       Frank Meek
                                                                                              WDO: Avoiding the Pitfalls
Building Real Value in Your      Your Lawn Care Company
                                                                Handling a Pesticide Spill    of WDI Inspections
Business Through Smart           Dr. Wayne Wells
                                                                Dr. Fred Whitford             Dr. Richard Kramer
Financial Planning
Victor Hammel and Frank          Promoting IPM Through a
                                                                Marketing to the 21st         Wildlife: Trapping
Cooper, Esq.                     Public-Private Partnership
                                                                Century Customer: A           Techniques for Nuisance
                                 Kathy Seikel and Deborah                                     Wildlife
Children’s Environmental         Millette                       Hands-on Approach
                                                                Cindy Mannes                  Michael Bohdan
Health and Pest
Management: What You             QualityPro: Elevate Your
Need to Know                     Company to the Next Level      Prerequisite for HACCP in     2:15 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Dr. Faith Oi                     Andy Architect                 Food Safety for Restaurants   Commercial: Open Forum
                                                                and Kitchens                  with Third Party Food Plant
Consumer Perceptions of          Small Fly Management in        Richard Kammerling            Auditors
Pest Management                  Commercial Accounts                                          Al St. Cyr, Dr. W. Ernie
Cindy Mannes                     Dr. Cisse Spragins             The Buyer-Seller Dance:       McCullough, Bill Schwartz,
                                                                Who’s Leading Who? Part II    and Kazmer Wolkensperg
Lawn Care: Finding and           The Buyer-Seller Dance:        Troy Elmore
Keeping Lawn Care                Who’s Leading Who? Part I                                    Developing an Exit Strategy
Customers                        Troy Elmore                    Thinking Outside the Box: A   Norm Besheer, Jay Besheer,
Joe Kucik                                                       Different Perspective on      Jay Nixon, Matt Nixon, Jeff
                                 The New Hire Process from      Bed Bug Concerns —            Spencer, Linden Griffin, Jerry
Marketing to Improve the         Application to Background      Things You Might Not Have     Keown, and Karie Keown
Bottom Line                      Checks                         Considered
Harvey Goldglantz, Bud           Jean Seawright                 Dr. Kathy Heinsohn and Jim    Fumigation: Methyl Bromide
Brewer and Chuck Tindol                                         Duffield                      Alternatives & the Future of
                                 The Perfect Ant Job                                          Fumigation
Motivating Employees
Ryan Bradbury, Clarke
                                 Dr. John Klotz                 Friday, Oct. 27               Ed Hosoda

Keenan, Eric Eicher, and         Using the Web to Improve                                     MPM: Managing People in a
Raleigh Jenkins                  the Value of Your Services     10 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.          21st Century Service
                                 Josh Roberts                   Commercial Food               Business
The Next Wave … 20 New                                          Standards Overview            Kevin Myatt
Issues in 60 Minutes                                            Robert Baker
                                 4 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.                                           Perceptions and
Bob Rosenberg and Gene
                                 PWIPM: Attracting Women                                      Personalities in Pest
Harrington                                                      Fumigation: DOT
                                 in Pest Management                                           Management
                                                                Requirements for
                                 Jean Seawright                                               Dr. Rebecca Baldwin
WDO: 2006 Construction                                          Fumigators
Technologies and the                                            Brad Henry
                                 Closed Crawl Space                                           Lawn Care: Quality Control:
Effects on Termite Control
                                 Research as It Affects                                       Do You Know What Your
Greg Baumann, Fred                                              Planning for and Long Term
                                 Humidity and Termite                                         Customers Know?
Strickland and Jeff Alcott                                      Effects of Disasters
                                 Management                                                   Rick Beard
                                                                Bob Kunst
                                 Bruce Davis
                                                                Lawn Care: Preemergents
                                                                in Various Grasses
                                                                Dr. David Gardner
6   PEST WORLD       September/October 2006                                                  
Residential: Mole and Field   Wildlife: Bird Control       Formosan Termites and            Termite Biology and Control:
Rodent Control in the 21st    Project                      Hurricanes in Louisiana          An Amazing Story with
Century                       Cameron Riddell              Dr. Gregg Henderson              Serious Consequences
Allison Poche Siekkinen                                                                     Dr. Roger Gold
                                                           Lawn Care: Fungicides: Do
Vector Control: Plague and    Saturday, Oct. 28            They Work in Your                Updates in Research from
Other Flea-borne Diseases                                  Business?                        the University of Minnesota
Dr. Kenneth Gage
                              Research Symposium           Dr. Lane Tredway                 Dr. Stephen Kells

WDO: Novel Termite            9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.       Public Health IPM: Urban         12:30 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
Detection                     Asthma: An Analysis of       Entomology Research in           MPM: Competing in the 21st
Kevin Kordek, William Moyer   Causes and Effects           North Texas                      Century Service Industry
                              Dr. Matthew Perzanowski      Dr. Mike Merchant                Charles Dickerson
Wildlife: OSHA Awareness
for Wildlife Control          Fire Ant Bio-Control: What   Structural and Urban
Operations and Pest           Can It Do for You?           Entomology Research and
                              Dr. David Oi
                                                                                            1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.
Management Professionals                                   Structural Pesticide
                                                                                            A New View of Termite
Tom Reilly                                                 Applicator Training
                                                                                            Biology Explains Treatment
                              Fly Exclusion with Air       Programs at Oklahoma
3:45 p.m. - 5 p.m.            Movement                     State University
                                                                                            Dr. Brian Forschler
Commercial: Pest              Dr. Jerome Hogsette Jr.      Dr. Brad Kard
Management in Food Plants                                                                   Advances in Understanding
from the Perspective of the   Odorous House Ant            Urban Entomology
                                                                                            the Role of Cockroaches in
Quality Assurance Director    Management: Research         Research at Clemson
Dan Carlin                    Updates from the             University
                                                                                            Dr. Coby Schal
                              University of Tennessee      Dr. Patricia Zungoli
Solid Wood Packing            Dr. Karen Vail
                                                                                            Factors Influencing the
Treatment Requirements:                                    The Young Scientists
                                                                                            Control of Ants, Termites
One Year Later                Research Update on           Research Unveiled
                                                                                            and Yellowjackets
Anne Bookout                  Structural Pest              Speakers to be announced
                                                                                            Dr. Michael Rust
                              Management Projects
Identity Theft and Other      Conducted at Virginia Tech   12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.           New Research on Bed Bug
Frauds                        Dr. Dini Miller              Asian Subterranean               Biology and Control
Michael Weisburger                                         Termites: History of an          Dr. Ken Haynes and Alvaro
                              United Nations/World         Exotic Termite in the U.S.       Romero
Residential: Africanized      Health Organization          Dr. Rudi Scheffrahn
Honey Bees: Biology,          International Research
                                                                                            Protecting the Airways:
Behavior and Control          Report on Pests              Do Yellowjacket Traps            Flying Insect Management—
Dr. Gordon Wardell            Xavier Bonnefoy, Greg        Reduce Stinging Risks?           House Fly & Mosquito
                              Baumann and Kevin            Lynn Braband                     Management
Vector Control: Resurgence    Sweeney
                                                                                            Jeff Hertz and Alexandra
of Flea Accounts: Ten Years                                Go Bugs! The Ohio State          Chaskopoulou
Later                         Lawn Care: Weed and          University Urban
Dr. Nancy Hinkle              Herbicide Research Paper     Entomology Research              Tick Ecology: Looking for
                              Dr. James McAfee             Program                          Weaknesses to Exploit
WDO: Pretreat Forum: What                                  Dr. Susan Jones                  Dr. Glen Needham
Direction Should the          10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
Industry Go?                  Ants, Ants and Carpenter     Lawn Care: Insecticide
                                                                                            3 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Bert Putterman, Paul Hardy                                 Research in the Transition
                                                                                            Ask the Experts
and Lanier James              Dr. Laurel Hansen            Zone
                                                                                            Larry Pinto, Dr. George
                                                           Dr. Rick Brandenburg
                                                                                            Rambo, Dr. Roger Gold and
Lawn Care: When the           Body and Head Lice: Past,
                                                                                            Dr. Austin Frishman
Insects Come Knocking         Present, and Future          Stability of Termiticides in
Bruce Monke                   Dr. Barry Pittendrigh        Tank Mix Aqueous Solution
                                                           Dr. Shripat Kamble                                                           September/October 2006   PEST WORLD       7
Exhibitor Information                                                              List as of September 6, 2006

3M Company                             Arista Information Systems, Inc.   Basement Systems- Cleanspace          Bird-B-Gone, Inc.
Ms. Lisa Kuschel                       Mr. Andrew Gostel                  Ms. Caitlyn Andrew                    Mr. Bruce Donoho
Bldg. 235-2W-70                        2150 Boggs Road, Suite 430         60 Silvermine Road                    23918 Skyline
St. Paul, MN 55144                     Duluth, GA 30096                   Seymour, CT 06483                     Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Phone: 651-736-1751                    Phone: 678-473-1885 x3140          Phone: 800-541-0487                   Phone: 800-392-6915
Fax: 651-736-6677                      Fax: 678-473-1051                  Fax: 203-881-5095                     Fax: 949-472-3116
Booth #: 234                           Booth #: 222                       Booth #: 1034, 1036         
                                                                                                                Booth #: 502
4Most Innnovations, LLC                Armatron International, Inc        BASF Corporation
Mr. Ian Schultz                        Mr. Jerry Casselano                Mr. Karl Kisner                       BirdTec, Inc.
6724 Perimeter Loop Rd, #145           15 Highland Avenue                 26 Davis Drive                        Mr. Bruce Vergote
Dublin, OH 43017                       Malden, MA 02148                   Research Triangle Park, NC 27709      4074 155th Avenue
Phone: 614-733-3734                    Phone: 781-321-2300                Phone: 919-547-2626                   Hersey, MI 49639
Fax: 614-873-1807                      Fax: 781-324-8403                  Fax: 919-547-2440                     Phone: 231-832-1943
Booth #: 1203                          Booth #: 123                           Fax: 231-832-9686
                                                                          Booth #: 1029, 1041, 1140   
                                       Atlantic Paste & Glue Co., Inc.
A                                      Mr. Craig Martelle
                                       170-53rd Street
                                                                          Bayer Environmental Science
                                                                                                                Booth #: 1102

                                                                          Ms. Heidi Specht                      British Pest Control Association
Advanced Tracking                      Brooklyn, NY 11232                 2 T.W. Alexander Drive                Ms. Christine Selden
Technologies, Inc.                     Phone: 718-492-3648                Research Triangle Park, NC 27709      1, Gleneagles House
Mr. Alton Gardner                      Fax: 718-439-0039                  Phone: 919-549-2000                   Vernon Gate
6001 Savoy Drive, Suite 600                       Derby, DE1 1BT
Houston, TX 77036                      Booth #: 429                       Booth #: 417                          United Kingdom
Phone: 713-353-6065
                                                                                                                Phone: 0890-609-2687
Fax: 713-353-6050                      Avitrol Corporation                Beijing Greenleaf Century Daily-Use   Fax: 01332 295904
Booth #: 640                           Mr. Troy Meffert                   Chemicals Co., Ltd.         
                                       7644 E. 46th Street                Mr. Jiancheng Xu                      Booth #: 133
AmeriVap Systems, Inc.
                                       Tulsa, OK 74145-6370               No. 8 JingDa Road,
Mr. Werner Diercks
                                       Phone: 918-622-7763                JinXing Industrial Park               Brownyard Group
1292 Logan Circle, N.W.
                                       Fax: 918-622-2527                  HongMen Daxing District               Mr. Bryan Brownyard
Atlanta, GA 30318
                                                 Beijing, 100101 China                 21 Maple Avenue
Phone: 404-350-0239
                                       Booth #: 517                       Phone: 010-58235532                   PO Box 9175
Fax: 404-350-9214
Booth #: 1202                                                             Booth #: 130                          Bay Shore, NY 11706-9175

AMS Inc.                               B                                  Bell Laboratories, Inc.
                                                                                                                Phone: 800-645-5820
                                                                                                                Fax: 631-666-5723
Ms. Sharon Snow                        B & G Chemical & Equipment Co.     Ms. Sara Knilans
105 Harrison                                                              3699 Kinsman Boulevard                Booth #: 1117, 1119
                                       Ms. Angeline Gullotto
American Falls, ID 83211               10539 Maybank Drive                Madison, WI 53704-2598
Phone: 208-226-2017                                                       Phone: 608-241-0202                   Bugmen Media/Rice Brothers TV
                                       PO Box 540428
Fax: 208-226-7280                                                         Fax: 608-241-9631                     Commercials
                                       Dallas, TX 75220-2512
Booth #: 1222                                                                         Mr. Greg Rice
                                       Phone: 214-357-5741
                                                                          Booth #: 1109                         7670 Okeechobee Blvd
                                       Fax: 214-357-1024
AMVAC Chemical Company                                                                                          West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Mr. Jeff Alvis                                                            BESTechnologies, Inc.                 Phone: 561-686-7171
                                       Booth #: 217
804 Weybridge Lane                                                        Mr. Don Pender                        Fax: 561-682-3737
Keller, TX 76248                                                          7329 International Place              Booth #: 541
                                       B & G Equipment Company
Phone: 817-742-7423                    Ms. Krista Thompson                Sarasota, FL 34240
Fax: 817-742-7424
                                       135 Region South Drive
                                       Jackson, GA 30233
                                                                          Phone: 941-907-7788x106
                                                                          Fax: 941-907-7302
Booth #: 231                           Phone: 678-688-5601                                                      Cheminova, Inc.
                                       Fax: 678-688-5633                  Booth #: 131
                                                                                                                Mr. Allan Van Wagner
Angel - Leigh Corporation                                                              1700 Route 23, Suite 300
Mr. Keith Gross                        Booth #: 709                       Bird Barrier America
                                                                                                                Wayne, NJ 07470
701 Floral Lane, N.E.                                                     Mr. Cameron Riddell
                                                                                                                Phone: 973-305-6600 X223
Port Charlotte, FL 33952                                                  20925 Chico Street
                                                                                                                Fax: 973-305-1382
Phone: 941-286-8390                                                       Carson, CA 90746
                                                                                                                                                           Phone: 800-503-5444
                                                                                                                Booth #: 1121
Booth #: 141                                                              Fax: 310-527-8005
8   P E S T W O R LLD
    PEST WOR D             September/October 2006                         Booth #: 302                           
Chinese Assn. for the Control of   Container Manufacturing, Inc.          Dow AgroSciences                      Entomological Society of America
Rodents & Sanitary Insects         Mr. Robert Jennings                    Ms. Carol Moore                       Mr. Michael Merchant, PhD
Mr. Pascal Cai                     50 Baekeland Avenue                    9330 Zionsville Rd, Bldg 308/3A       17360 Coit Road
Anwai Shenggu Zhong lu, #1         PO Box 428                             Indianapolis, IN 46268-1054           Dallas, TX 75252-6599
Crtyd, #3 Bldg, Rm 2012            Middlesex, NJ 08846-2601               Phone: 317-337-6100                   Booth #: 1218
Dongcheng District                 Phone: 732-563-0100                    Fax: 317-337-4330
Beijing, China                     Fax: 732-563-0704                                   EnviroCare
Phone: 8610-64029948              Booth #: 209                          Mr. Andre Weker
Fax: 8610-64043980                 Booth #: 416                                                                 260 Fordham Road, Suite E
Booth #: 1241                                                             DriveCam, Inc.                        Wilmington, MA 01887
                                   Control Solutions, Inc.                Mr. David Callison                    Phone: 978-658-0123
Christmas Décor/ Nite Time Décor   Mr. Jeff Ziehmer                       3954 Murphy Canyon Rd #D205           Fax: 978-964-0444
Mr. John Ropas                     5903 Genoa - Red Bluff                 San Diego, CA 92123         
P Box 5946                         Pasadena, TX 77507                     Phone: 858-430-4000                   Booth #: 203
Lubbock, TX 79408-5946             Phone: 281-892-2500                    Fax: 858-430-4001
Phone: 806-722-1225                Fax: 281-892-2501                      Booth #: 1142                         Environmental Delivery Systems, Inc.
Fax: 806-722-9627                                                          Ms. Kristi Evans             Booth #: 1221                          Duong Industrial Co., Ltd.            314 Morningside Drive (77546)
Booth #: 119                                                              Mr. Andy Lee                          PO Box 1777
                                   Coxreels                               No. 50, Wugong 6th Road               Friendswood, TX 77549
Cintas Corp.                       Ms. Brenda Edwards                     Wugu Shiang                           Phone: 281-993-0019
Ms. Cara Helmes                    6720 S. Clementine Court               Taipei County, Taiwan                 Fax: 281-993-1113
6800 Cintas Blvd.                  Tempe, AZ 85283                        Phone: 886-2-22995588       
Mason, OH 45040                    Phone: 800-269-7335                    Fax: 886-2-22995522                   Booth #: 540
Phone: 800-CINTAS1                 Fax: 800-229-7335            
Fax: 513-573-4232                  Booth #: 228                           Booth #: 1219                         Estes                                                                                                  Ms. Sandra Meeker
Booth #: 1232                      Critter Control, Inc.                  DuPont Professional Products          1925 W. John Carpenter Fwy, #525
                                   Ms. V.M. Truan                         Mr. Curtis Orrben                     Irving, TX 75063
Citigroup/Shell & Texaco Fleet     640 Starkweather                       Centre Road CRP/705/1N15              Phone: 469-916-4020
Ms. Deidre Hernandez               Plymouth, MI 48170                     PO Box 80705                          Fax: 469-916-4050
6400 Las Colinas Blvd.             Phone: 734-453-6300                    Wilmington, DE 19880-0705   
Irving, TX 75039                   Fax: 734-453-6395                      Phone: 302-999-5409                   Booth #: 235
Phone: 972-653-5849                Booth #: 105                           Fax: 302-999-5400
Fax: 972-653-8003                                               
Booth #: 1215
                                   CTP Solutions
                                   Mr. Jim Romano
                                                                          Booth #: 929                          F
                                   5236 Colodny Drive                                                           Fleetboss
CleanZone Systems, LLC.
Mr. Brent Towle
                                   Agoura Hills, CA 91301
                                   Phone: 734-856-3811
                                                                          E                                     Mr. Clif Whelchel
                                                                                                                241 O’Brien Road
4508 Eighth Avenue                 Fax: 734-854-2505                      Eastside Exterminators, Inc.          Fern Park, FL 32730
Kenosha, WI 53140                  Booth #: 923                           Mr. R.J. Townsend, Jr.                Phone: 877-265-9559
Phone: 262-657-5665                                                       17511 68 Avenue NE                    Fax: 407-265-0365
Booth #: 1223                      Curtis Dyna Fog, Ltd.                  Kenmore, WA 98028           
                                   Mr. William Phillips                   Phone: 425-820-1137                   Booth #: 1234
Cleary Chemical                    17335 US 31 North                      Fax: 425-814-3796
Ms. Peggy Malone                   PO Box 297                             Booth #: 1123                         Fly-Bye Bird Control Products
178 Ridge Road                     Westfield, IN 46074-0297                                                     Mr. Chris Cook
Dayton, NJ 08810                   Phone: 317-896-2561                    EcoSMART Technologies, Inc.           13609 NE 126th Place, Suite 150
Phone: 800-524-1662                Fax: 317-896-3788                      Mr. David Murphy                      Kirkland, WA 98034
Fax: 732-274-0894                                4080 McGinnis Ferry Road              Phone: 800-820-1980              Booth #: 523                           Suite 1306                            Fax: 425-823-8170
Booth #: 620                                                              Alpharetta, GA 30005                  Booth #: 435
                                                                          Phone: 877-667-0006
Coastal Mosquito Control, LLC
Mr. Randall Elkins
                                   D                                      Fax: 770-667-0400
                                                                                                                FMC APG Professional Solutions
                                                                                                                Ms. Susana Randolph
10665 Richmond Avenue,             Diversified Plastics Industries, LLC   Booth #: 218, 220                     1735 Market Street, 19th Floor
Ste. 190                           Mr. Larry Hiner                                                              Philadelphia, PA 19103-7501
Houston, TX 77042                  8911 W. 21 Street                      Ensystex, Inc.                        Phone: 800-321-1FMC
Phone: 281-759-8900                PO Box 1612                            Mr. Micheal Borys                     Fax: 215-299-6100
Fax: 281-759-8905                  Sand Springs, OK 74063-1612            2709 Breezewood Avenue      
Booth #: 202                       Phone: 800-245-2597                    PO Box 2587                           Booth #: 1009
                                   Fax: 918-245-0775                      Fayetteville, NC 28302
                                             Phone: 888-398-3772
                                   Booth #: 803                           Fax: 888-368-4749
                                                                          Booth #: 617                                                                               September/October 2006            WORLD
                                                                                                                             PPEESSTT W O R L D    9
                                                                           J.F. Oakes LLC                     Lockton Companies/PestSure
Exhibitor Information (continued)                                          Ms. Susan Melton                   Association
                                                                           PO Box 115                         Ms. Kristina Phillips
Forshaw Distribution, Inc.              Holiday Bright Lights              526 North Street                   717 N. Harwood, Suite 2500
Mr. Tom Forshaw IV                      Mr. Scott Heese                    Yazoo City, MS 39194               Dallas, TX 75201
650 State Street                        10029 Scott Circle                 Phone: 662-746-7276                Phone: 800-326-6203
Charlotte, NC 28208-4267                Omaha, NE 68122                    Fax: 662-746-4568                  Fax: 214-969-6749
Phone: 704-372-6790                     Phone: 866-932-9363                          Booth #: 1133, 1135
Fax: 704-372-6796                       Fax: 402-502-3467                  Booth #: 903                   Booth #: 1120                                                         Lomanco, Inc.
                                                                                                              Ms. Kim Thomas
Booth #: 817
                                        Hot Foot America, LP
                                        Mr. Roger Snow
                                                                           K                                  2101 W. Main
                                                                                                              PO Box 519
G                                       298 Belvedere Ave
                                                                           Mr. Joe Stephens, III
                                                                                                              Jacksonville, AR 72076
                                                                                                              Phone: 800-643-5596
Gilbert Professional Flytraps                                              4100 Clinton Drive 03-780C         Fax: 501-982-1258
                                        PO Box 1339
(A Div. Of Gilbert Industries, Inc.)                                       Houston, TX 77020                  Booth #: 1340
                                        Sausalito, CA 94966
Mr. David Gilbert                                                          Phone: 713-753-5166
                                        Phone: 415-789-5135
5611 Krueger Drive                                                         Fax: 713-753-3300
Jonesboro, AR 72401-6818
Phone: 870-932-6070
                                        Fax: 415-789-0564
                                                                           Booth #: 135                       M
                                        Booth #: 317
Fax: 870-932-5609                                                          Kness MFG. Co., Inc.               Marathon Data Systems, Inc.                                                         Mr. Steve Cooper                   Ms. Gina Marie Szulc
                                        Hydra-Logic Systems Corporation
Booth #: 1239                                                              2053 Highway 5 South               900 Hope Road
                                        Mr. Mitchell Jay Motley
                                                                           PO Box 70                          Tinton Falls, NJ 07712
                                        10801 Kempwood Drive
GM Fleet and Commercial                                                    Albia, IA 52531-0070               Phone: 800-762-0301
                                        Houston, TX 77043
Mr. Dave Burch                                                             Phone: 641-932-7846                Fax: 732-493-9233
                                        Phone: 713-895-0444
Mail Code 482-A25-D35                                                      Fax: 641-932-2456        
                                        Fax: 713-490-1487
PO Box 100                                                                 www.kness com                      Booth #: 1017, 1019, 1021, 1023
                                        Booth #: 1103
Detroit, MI 48265-1000                                                     Booth #: 622
Phone: 313-665-1665                                                                                           Marsh Advantage America
Fax: 313-667-5001
Booth #: 809
                                        I                                  Kwazar Corporation S.C.
                                                                           Mr. Henryk Jankowski
                                                                                                              Mr. Dennis L. Harris
                                                                                                              23679 Calabasas Road, Suite 523
                                        Innovative Pest Control Products   Budy Grzybek, ul. Chelmonskiego    Calabasas, CA 91302
GNC Industries                          Mr. Alan Bernard                   144                                Phone: 800-977-9785
Ms. Terri Fossey                        8885 SW 7 Street (33433)           Jaktorow, 96-313 Poland            Fax: 818-591-8564
1808 Airport Road                       PO Box 880216                      Phone: 48-46-8564030               Booth #: 330
Pocahontas, AR 72455                    Boca Raton, FL 33488-0216          Fax: 48-46-8564133
Phone: 800-462-2005 x111                Phone: 561-483-4997                Booth #: 129                       McLaughlin Gormley King Co.
Fax: 870-248-9905                       Fax: 561-488-0443                                                     Ms. April Umana
                                                                                                              8810 10th Avenue, North
Booth #: 521
                                        Booth #: 328                       L                                  Minneapolis, MN 55427-4372
                                                                                                              Phone: 612-544-0341
                                                                           Lesco, Inc.                        Fax: 612-544-6437
Gremar, Inc.                            In-Quiz-It Software, Inc.
                                                                           Mr. Robert Meister       
Ms. Claudia Hoskins                     Mr. David Lundeen
                                                                           1301 East 9th Street, Suite 1300   Booth #: 402
1815 Ashworth Road                      1605 North Hampton Rd. (75115)
                                                                           Cleveland, OH 44114
West Des Moines, IA 50265               PO Box 1594
                                                                           Phone: 216-706-9250                MistAway Systems, Inc.
Phone: 712-732-7037                     DeSoto, TX 75123-1594
                                                                           Fax: 216-706-5155                  Mr. Rod Lovett
Fax: 712-732-4169                       Phone: 972-938-7280
                                                                                       2121 Brittmoore Ste 5200
Booth #: 136                            Fax: 972-572-6215
                                                                           Booth #: 223                       Houston, TX 77043
                                        Booth #: 241, 340                                                     Phone: 713-468-6464
H                                                                          Liphatech, Inc.
                                                                           Ms. Kerri McCarthy
                                                                                                              Fax: 713-932-6473
                                                                                                              Booth #: 1003
H D Hudson Manufacturing Co.
Mr. Gene E. Short
                                        J                                  3600 W. Elm Street
                                                                           Milwaukee, WI 53209                Monster Mosquito Systems, LLC
Professional Division                   J. T. Eaton, Co., Inc.             Phone: 888-331-7900                Mr. Kemper Modlin
500 N Michigan Ave., Suite 2300         Mr. Gary Schlosberg                Fax: 414-247-8166                  25700 Interstate 45 North,
Chicago, IL 60611-3704                  1393 Highland Road                         Suite 102
Phone: 800-745-2392                     Twinsburg, OH 44087-2213           Booth #: 319, 321, 323             Spring, TX 77386
Fax: 312-644-7989                       Phone: 800-321-3421                                                   Phone: 281-363-1313                        Fax: 330-425-8353                                                     Fax: 281-363-1332
Booth #: 741, 840                                                                    Booth #: 902
                                        Booth #: 1227, 1229, 1231

10   PEST WORLD              September/October 2006                                                           
Exhibitor Information (continued)                                          Pest Control Technology              Purdue University
                                                                           Mr. Dan Moreland                     Ms. Jennifer L. Towler
                                                                           4012 Bridge Avenue                   Continuing Education Division
                                                                           Cleveland, OH 44113-3320             Stewart Center Room 116, 128
Mr. Todd Banks
5737-B Glenmont
                                      P                                    Phone: 216-961-4130
                                                                           Fax: 216-961-0364
                                                                                                                Memorial Mall
                                                                                                                West Lafayette, IN 47907
                                      Paraclipse, Inc., Automated Insect   Booth #: 1016, 1018, 1020, 1022      Phone: 800-830-0259
Houston, TX 77081
                                      Control Division                                                          Fax: 765-496-2484
Phone: 832-778-6366
                                      Ms. Brenda Preister                  Pestmaster Franchise Network, Inc.   Booth #: 441
Fax: 832-778-6366
                                      2271 29th Avenue East                Ms. Terry K. Walker
Booth #: 232
                                                                           137 E. South Street
                                      PO Box 686
                                      Columbus, NE 68602-0686              Bishop, CA 93514-3545                R
N                                     Phone: 402-563-3625
                                      Fax: 402-564-2109
                                                                           Phone: 800-525-8866
                                                                           Fax: 760-873-3268                    Rejexit
                                                                                                                Mr. Jeff Ling
New Image Software, Inc.             
                                                                           Booth #: 216                         7909 Dorsett Drive
Mr. Richard Jordan                    Booth #: 1116                                                             Fort Wayne, IN 46816
11601 Pebblepointe Pass
                                                                           PestWest USA, LLC                    Phone: 866-532-4737
Carmel, IN 46033                      Paragon Pest Control Products
                                                                           James Shaffer                        Fax: 260-447-7827
Phone: 317-324-6996                   Mr. Ed Johns
                                                                           4363 Independence Court              Booth #: 1217
Fax: 317-418-0706                     3635 Knight Road Unit 7
Booth #: 1205                         Memphis, TN 38118                    Sarasota, FL 34323
                                                                           Phone: 866-IPM-PEST                  RJM Contracting, Inc.
                                      Phone: 800-238-9254                                                       Mr. Raymond J. Meyers
Nisus Corporation                     Fax: 901-363-8541                    Fax: 866-CIP-TERA
                                                                         630 Brookfield Loop
Ms. Melissa McCoy                     Booth #: 616, 618
                                                                           Booth #: 509                         Lake Mary, FL 32746-3745
100 Nisus Drive
                                                                                                                Phone: 407-330-0035
Rockford, TN 37853                    PBM Supply & Manufacturing, Inc.
                                                                           Pi Chi Omega                         Fax: 407-321-3836
Phone: 800-264-0870                   Mr. Steve Vance
                                                                           Mr. Vern Toblan            
Fax: 865-577-5825                     324 Meyers
                                                                           PO Box 8149                          Booth #: 440                     Chico, CA 95928
Booth #: 309                          Phone: 530-345-1334                  Wilmington, DE 19803
                                                                           Phone: 610-932-4856                  Rockwell Labs, Ltd.
                                      Fax: 530-345-9903                                                         Dr. Cisse Spragins
Nixalite of America, Inc.                     Fax: 610-932-4856
                                                                           Booth #: 740 (100)                   1512 Taney Street
Mr. Cory Gellerstedt                  Booth #: 841                                                              North Kansas City, MO 64116
1025 16th Avenue
                                                                           Plastdiversity, LDA                  Phone: 866-788-4101
PO Box 727                            Pest Control Insulation Systems
                                                                           Ms. Ana Rainho                       Fax: 816-283-3173
East Moline, IL 61244-1424            Mr. Billy Turk
                                                                           P Box 712
Phone: 309-755-8771                   104 Turk Street
                                                                           Leiria, 2401-977                     Booth #: 802
Fax: 309-755-0077                     PO Box 25                      Homer, GA 30547                      Portugal
Booth #: 603                          Phone: 706-677-4050
                                      Fax: 706-677-4025
                                                                           Phone: 00 351 233959490
                                                                           Fax: 00 351 233959476                S
                                                                           Booth #: 103
                                      Booth #: 240
                                                                           Prentiss Incorporated
                                                                                                                Safeguard Products, Inc.
                                                                                                                Mr. John Kurtz
                                                                                                                PO Box 8
Oldham Chemicals Co., Inc.                                                 Mr. Rob Cooper
                                      Pest Control Magazine                                                     2710 Division Highway
Ms. Ada M. Oldham                                                          10884 Crabapple Road, Suite 202
                                      Questex Media                                                             New Holland, PA 17557
3701 New Getwell Road                                                      PO Box 55
                                      Ms. Debbie Blustin                                                        Phone: 800-433-1819
PO Box 18358                                                               Roswell, GA 30075-3091
                                      131 W. First Street                                                       Fax: 717-355-2505
Memphis, TN 38118-6025                                                     Phone: 770-552-8072
                                      Duluth, MN 55802                                                
Phone: 800-888-5502                                                        Fax: 770-552-8076
                                      Phone: 218-723-9396                                                       Booth #: 437
Fax: 901-794-8864                                                
                                      Fax: 218-723-9583                                                         Booth #: 702
                                      Booth #: 418, 420, 422                                                    Savich Insurance Services, Inc.
Booth #: 409
                                                                                                                Mr. Tony Martin
                                      Pest Control Supplies                Pumptec, Inc.                        1165 Lawrenceville-Suwanee
Opportunity Knocks Postcards                                               Mr. James E. Cook
                                      Mr. John Long                                                             Road, Suite B-1
Mr. Jim Schimpf                                                            13915-H Radium Street, NW
                                      130 NW Business Park Lane                                                 Lawrenceville, GA 30043
4203 Fair Oaks                                                             Ramsey, MN 55303
                                      Riverside, MO 64150                                                       Phone: 770-963-0765
Tampa, FL 33611                                                            Phone: 763-433-0303
                                      Phone: 816-421-4696                                                       Fax: 678-407-1845
Phone: 813-383-1683                                                        Fax: 763-433-0404
                                      Fax: 816-472-0966                                                         Booth #: 1320                                         
Booth #: 519                                                               Booth #: 403
                                      Booth #: 536

12   PEST WORLD            September/October 2006                                                                
Scimetrics, Ltd. Corp.               Stampworks
Ms. Allison Siekkinen                Mr. Sholom Jacobson
9974 NE Frontage Rd.                 216 Green Acres Trail
PO Box 1045                          Waco, TX 76705
Wellington, CO 80549                 Phone: 254-829-0373
Phone: 970-482-1330                  Fax: 254-829-0374
Fax: 970-482-1885                    Booth #: 937
Booth #: 503                         Super Mister, Inc.
                                     Mr. Danny Makowsky
Sealeze                              15911 CR 285
Ms. Eliz Rinehart                    Tyler, TX 75707
8000 White Pine Road                 Phone: 903-520-7017
Richmond, VA 23237-2263              Fax: 903-534-5870
Phone: 800-446-7325                  Booth #: 134
Fax: 800-448-2908                      SuperSprings, Inc.
Booth #: 921                         Mr. Mike Visser
                                     5055 6th Street
Service Pro.Net, Inc.                Carpintera, CA 93013
Ms. Sarah Lifland                    Phone: 805-745-5553
5950 Wilcox Place, Ste. B            Fax: 805-745-5501
Dublin, OH 43016                     Booth #: 132
Phone: 614-874-4300
Fax: 614-874-4310                    Syngenta Professional Products                Ms. Teresa McNeal
Booth #: 1127                        410 Swing Rd.
                                     Greensboro, NC 27409
SOSTRAM                              Phone: 336-632-6743
Mr. Steven R. Dal Sasso              Fax: 336-632-6135
5709 White Ibis Lane                 Booth #: 717
Land O Lakes, FL 34638
Phone: 813-322-3883                  Systems Environmental Products                      Mr. Paul Howe
Booth #: 303                         92 Saunders Road, Unit 2
                                     Barrie, ON L4N 9A8
SouthEastern Fleet Management        Canada
Mr. Rick Huffstetler                 Phone: 800-367-9311
220 W. Plaza Dr.                     Fax: 705-734-9311
Mooresville, NC 28117      
Phone: 704-622-3812                  Booth #: 1211
Fax: 704-660-9141
Booth #: 1204

Specialty Products Division of Efd
Mr. Henry DiGregorio                 Tamlyn
977 Waterman Avenue                  Mr. James Gerzetich
East Providence, RI 02915-1342       13623 Pike Road
Phone: 401-434-1680                  Stafford, TX 77477
Fax: 401-431-0237                    Phone: 281-499-9604
Booth #: 1216                        Fax: 281-499-8948
                                     Booth #: 117
Dr. Mohamed Rachadi, PhD.            TeleVox Software, Inc.
100 North Point Center E             Mr. Jason Ladner
Suite 330                            1110 Montlimor Drive, Suite 700
Alpharetta, GA 30022-8242            Mobile, AL 36609
Phone: 770-663-8394                  Phone: 800-644-4266
Fax: 770-343-9736                    Booth #: 230
Booth #: 1233, 1235, 1237                                                  September/October 2006   PEST WORLD   13
Exhibitor Information (continued)                                                                       Whitmire Micro-Gen Research
                                                                      U                                 Laboratories, Inc.
                                                                                                        Ms. Trish Grove
                                                                      UAP Professional Products         3568 Tree Court Industrial Blvd
Temp Vent Corporation                Thomco                           Ms. Carrie Schneiderhan           St. Louis, MO 63122
Mr. David Ardis                      Mr. John Clark                   406 Bent Twig Court               Phone: 800-777-8570
4117 Pinnacle Point Dr. #400         3380 Chastain Meadows Pkwy.      Abingdon, MD 21009                Fax: 800-977-1087
Dallas, TX 75211                     #100                             Phone: 443-512-8407     
Phone: 800-373-0089                  PO Box 440549                    Booth #: 1002                     Booth #: 329
Fax: 214-630-5843                    Kennesaw, GA 30144                     Phone: 404-261-3811              Univar USA Inc.                   Wildlife Control Supplies, LLC
Booth #: 1207                        Fax: 404-261-3811                Ms. Cris Pappas                   Mr. Alan A. Huot
                                     Booth #: 229                     11149 Research Blvd., Suite 260
Temp-Air                                                                                                17 Connecticut South Dr (East
                                                                      Austin, TX 78759                  Granby,06026)
Ms. Jessica Mulinix                  Tomahawk Live Trap Company       Phone: 512-346-6070               PO Box 538
3700 W. Preserve Blvd.               Ms. Mary S. Smith                Fax: 512-346-6071                 East Granby, CT 06026
Burnsville, MN 55337                 PO Box 323                                Phone: 860-844-0101
Phone: 800-836-7432                  Tomahawk, WI 54487-0323          Booth #: 609                      Fax: 860-844-0102
Fax: 952-707-5221                    Phone: 715-453-3550                                                                              
                                     Fax: 715-453-4326                University of Florida
Booth #: 1118                                                                                           Booth #: 935
                                            Dr. Phil Koehler
                                     Booth #: 534                     214 Newell Hall
Termi-Mesh                                                                                              Woodstream Corporation
                                                                      Gainesville, FL 32611             Mr. Michael Goldstein
Mr. Bobby Jenkins                    Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.     Phone: 352-392-2484               69 North Locust Street
9519 IH 35                           Mr. James Arriola                Fax: 352-374-5818                 Lititz, PA 17543
Austin, TX 78753                     19001 S. Western Avenue          Booth #: 1209                     Phone: 800-800-1819
Phone: 512-837-9500                  Mail Drop A308
Fax: 512-837-9671                                                                                       Fax: 717-626-1912
                                     Torrance, CA 90501-1196          UPF&DA
Booth #: 1220                                                                                 
                                     Phone: 310-468-4880              Ms. Valera B. Jessee              Booth #: 602
                                     Fax: 310-468-4614                2034 Beaver Ruin Road
Termite Detection System, Inc.             Norcross, GA 30071
Mr. William Moyer
333 NE 46th Street
P Box 117
                                     Booth #: 109                     Phone: 770-417-1418
                                                                      Fax: 770-417-1419
                                     Tramex c/o Black Hawk Sales      Booth #: 641                      Xenex Associates
Oak Island, NC 28465                 Mr. Dennis J. Wieszcholek                                          Mr. Rob Fryatt
Phone: 910-520-8777                  28 Pin Oak Drive                                                   Chapel House, Barns Green
Fax: 910-278-7387
Booth #: 703
                                     Littleton, CO 80127
                                     Phone: 303-972-7926
                                                                      W                                 Horsham, West Sussex, RH13
                                     Fax: 303-972-7106                Waterbury Companies, Inc.         United Kingdom
Texas Pest Control Association                Ms. Merly Carvalho                Phone: 44-0-1403-738696
Mr. Ken Myers                        Booth #: 1122                    64 Avenue of Industry             Fax: 44-0-01403-738696
100 E. Anderson Lane, Suite 325                                       Waterbury, CT 06705     
Austin, TX 78752                     Trece, Inc.                      Phone: 203-232-3865               Booth #: 940
Phone: 512-835-2801                  Mrs. Donna Lingren               Fax: 636-527-9129
Fax: 512-835-2133                    7569 Hwy. 28 West (74330-2817)   Booth #: 823
Booth #: 944
                                     PO Box 129
                                     Adair, OK 74330                  Weisburger Insurance Brokerage
                                     Phone: 918-785-3061              Mr. Michael Weisburger            Zoecon/Wellmark International
The Bug Biz, LLC.                    Fax: 918-785-3063                5 Waller Avenue                   Mr. John Neberz
Mr. Thomas Cornwell                            White Plains, NY 10601-5400       Professional Pest Control Products
9249 Eastman Park Drive              Booth #: 917, 919                Phone: 800-431-2794               1501 E. Woodfield Rd., Ste 200 W
Windsor, CO 80550                                                     Fax: 914-428-0943                 Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone: 888-547-0044                  Truly Nolen of America, Inc.                Phone: 800-877-6374 x5384
Booth #: 1144                        Mr. Truly W. Nolen, CFE          Booth #: 623                      Fax: 847-330-5392
                                     3636 East Speedway                                       
Therma-Stor, LLC                     Tucson, AZ 85716                 Westchester Wildlife Control      Booth #: 909
Mr. Phil McConnell                   Phone: 480-308-0706              (BATCONE)
P O. Box 8050                        Fax: 520-322-4010                Mr. James Dreisacker
2001 S. Stoughton Road (53716)               2615 Carmel Avenue
Madison, WI 53708                    Booth #: 1040                    Brewster, NY 10509
Phone: 800-533-7533                                                   Phone: 845-279-6220
Booth #: 341                                                          Fax: 845-278-5767
                                                                      Booth #: 942

14   PEST WORLD           September/October 2006                                                         
Register Now
PESTWORLD 2006                    October 25-28                   Grapevine, Texas              Gaylord Texan Resort
Your name will appear exactly as indicated on this form, so please print or type all information. One registration form per person,
please. Photocopies are acceptable.

Name (first)



                                                                                                     Title   Location ...
                                                                                                                      First time attendee?             yes       no

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Spouse/Guest Name                                                                                                First time attendee?                  yes       no

                                                                           2     RATE CALCULATOR
             REGISTER EARLY!                                                                                   Early Bird            Regular            Amount
       RATES INCREASE ON-SITE                                            NPMA Member Rate
                                                                                                               (through 9/27/06)     (after 9/27/06)

                                                                         1st attendee                          $385                  $415               $
  3       PAYMENT OPTIONS                                                2nd-4th attendees (ea.)               $360                  $390               $
          Check Enclosed (check # ______________ )                       5th+ attendees (ea.)                  $285                  $315               $
          Please charge my credit card:
                                                                         Non-Member Rate
          Visa                 Mastercard                                1st attendee                          $440                  $465               $

Card #                                                                   2nd-4th attendees (ea.)               $415                  $440               $
                                                                         5th+ attendees (ea.)                  $340                  $365               $
Exp. Date
                                                                         Spouse/Guest Rate                   $250             $275               $
                                                                         Please indicate which (free) tour you will take:
                                                                            Ft. Worth Stockyards (Fri. 10/27)    Taste of the Grape (Fri. 10/27)
Registration fees must accompany this form or registration
will not be processed. All checks should be made payable to
NPMA, and must be in U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank. If you
                                                                         Spouse/Guest Optional Tours (Sat. 10/28)
fax this registration form, DO NOT MAIL A DUPLICATE COPY.                • Grapevine Art Tour & Main Street Boutiques ($30)                             $
Fees cover registration for all educational sessions, exhibit
hall and general social functions associated with the conven-            • NorthPark Shopping Excursion ($30)                                           $
tion. Fees do NOT include travel, hotel, optional tours, or              • Historic Train Ride to Ft. Worth ($60)                                       $
special sessions.

Refund Policy: All cancellations and refund requests must                Golf Tournament: Bear Creek Golf Club (Tue. 10/24)                             $
be received in writing.                                                  ($100/player. More info. to follow with your official confirmation packet)
Before Sept. 27 = 100% refund Oct. 11-17 = 25% refund
Sept. 27 - Oct. 3 = 75% refund After Oct. 17 = no refund
                                                                         Player’s Name:                                            Handicap:
Oct. 4- 10 = 50% refund         No-shows = no refund                     Pair with:

After October 17, 2006, all registrations will be                        Grand Total                                                                    $
processed onsite.

                                                                                                             For hotel reservations, call the
                                                                                                     5       Gaylord Texan at 866-782-7897
                                                                                                    Make your hotel reservations today! To receive the group
   4                                                                                                rate of $189 plus a $10 resort fee per night, call The Gaylord
                                                                                                    Texan Resort at 866-782-7897 by September 27 and men-
 THREE WAYS TO REGISTER FOR PESTWORLD 2006!                                                         tion NPMA. After September 27, rooms and rates are sub-
 Online at                                                                    ject to availability. For online reservations, visit
 Fax to 703-352-3031                                                                      
 Mail to NPMA at 9300 Lee Highway, Suite 301
 Fairfax, VA 22031
                                                                     For more information or questions, call NPMA at 703-352-NPMA (6762).
    This is What the Buzz is All About

    ACADEMY2006!                                                          July 13-15, 2006
         NPMA’s Academy, sponsored by Syngenta, is
    the annual event where attendees recharge their
    enthusiasm for their business and expose
    themselves to three days of fresh ideas, practical
    solutions and real applications.
         At the Academy, the next generation of pest
    management professionals is challenged to take
    charge of the industry. This year in Lake Las Vegas,
    attendees discussed models of innovation with
    thought-provoking speakers, including Dennis Fox
    and Brad Bartlett, took part in incredible networking
    opportunities, and participated in three days of
    team-building Olympic Games.
         Share in the experience. Mark your calendars
    now for next year’s Academy, July 19-21, 2007 in
    Tucson, Arizona.                                        1

2                                                           3       4

                                                                1. Team Cheer - Demon Max
                                                                2. Water Relay
                                                                3. Dennis Fox, Client Development Group
                                                                4. Priceless Networking
                                                                5. Ashish Malik, Syngenta Professional Products and
                                                                Kassandra Mills, Chair of the Leadership Development
         5                                      6
                                                                6. Educational Activities

    18   PEST WORLD         September/October 2006                                
  Leading the way
                                                                                     As PWIPM continues to grow and the role
                                                                                of women in our industry becomes more
                                                                                prominent, so does their presence at industry
                                                                                events, including NPMA’s annual convention
                                                                                and exposition, PestWorld in Grapevine, Texas.
                                                                                As part of PestWorld’s top-notch educational

                        T         ime has changed life as many of us
                                  remember it over the past 20 years. From
                                  transistor radios, offering only AM
                        stations, to MP3 players. From typewriters and
                        word processors to laptops weighing only 2.5 lbs.
                                                                                curriculum, PWIPM is sponsoring two learning
                                                                                opportunities for all attendees:
                                                                                • Attracting Women in Pest Management with
                                                                                     Jean L. Seawright, CMC, Seawright &
                                                                                     Associates, Inc. of Winter Park, Florida
                                                                                     (Thursday, October 26).
                        Likewise, there have been the many advances in          • Perceptions and Personalities in Pest
                        technology and services in the pest management               Management, with Dr. Rebecca Baldwin,
                        industry, including the role of women.                       University of Florida of Gainesville, Florida
                              Women have always played a critical role in            (Friday, October 27).
                        the pest management industry, but in the past it
                        has been more of a behind-the-scenes role where               As education has a primary place in the
                        they received little recognition for their              PWIPM mission, networking is a strong element
                        contributions. Today the steady growth in the           as well. PWIPM will host its annual Reception on
                        number of women serving in leadership positions         Thursday, October 26. All professional women in
                        across the industry confirms the impact women           the pest management industry are invited to
                        have had, and will continue to have, in the pest        attend.
                        management industry.                                          As part of their reception on October 26,
                              Professional Women in Pest Management             PWIPM will present its
                        (PWIPM), formerly the Women in Pest Control,            first annual scholarship
                        was founded by Glenda Love of Cook’s Pest               recipient, Mrs. Mary
                        Control in Atlanta, Georgia almost twenty years         Vongas of Chemtec
                        ago. From its inception, PWIPM has provided a           Pest Control
                        place for women in the industry to network and          Corporation in
By Dominique Stumpf,    learn from their peers. Since partnering with the       SaddleBrook, New
       Vice President   National Pest Management Association (NPMA)             Jersey. The PWIPM
    of Conventions &    in 2000, PWIPM has taken the initiative to define       Scholarship is awarded
    Meetings, NPMA      its role and the value of women serving in the          to at least one female
                                                        industry. PWIPM         interested in advancing
                                                        now has several                                        Mrs. Mary Vongas
                                                                                or securing a career in
                                                        hundred members         the pest management
                                                        and continues to        industry.
                                                        spread its mission of         In her application essay, Mary shared, “Our
                                                        attracting,             industry has advanced technologically through
                                                        developing, and         the years. Although we have done well
                                                        supporting women in     disseminating this information to our world, we
                                                        the pest management     have not shared our successes and increased
                                                        industry through        sophistication with the general public. Our
                                                        educational             success as an industry over the next several
                                                        programs, resources     years will be the image we create and ingrain in
                                                        and peer networking.    society. This will not only impact our relevance,

 22   PEST WORLD    September/October 2006                                                          
Women in Pest Management

necessity and role in the public’s daily life, but
also how we grow because it will be this image
that will attract the new generation to want to seek
a career in pest management. As this evolution
takes place, there will be more demand for non-
technical skill sets which will create more
opportunities for people outside the industry,
such as me. This increased focus on more diverse
talent will open up opportunities for more females
to find their niche in our industry. I believe that we
hold a significant opportunity to let many talented
women and men know that we are a viable,
attractive career choice. We are a great industry
and we should make certain that this message
gets out.”
     Mary understands the mission of PWIPM
and its goal of strengthening the forces and
network of women in the industry. As the winner
of the 2006 PWIPM Scholarship, Mary will be
awarded the scholarship in the amount of $2,000.
     At PestWorld 2006, the PWIPM will continue
to raise funds for the scholarship program so that
they can continue to reward women, like Mary
Vongas, for their efforts to grow within the pest
management industry. Raffle tickets will be sold
by PWIPM throughout the convention (primarily
at the NPMA exhibit hall booth) for the chance to
take home a gorgeous piece of jewelry from the
illustrious, Tiffany’s. Be sure to buy your ticket(s)
at PestWorld for the opportunity to win the
beautiful Tiffany Magnolia Cuff, 18k green gold
and sterling silver, valued at $1,000. Visit to view this
gorgeous piece of jewelry.
     For more information on how to get involved
with PWIPM, contact Dominique Stumpf at or call 703-352-6762.                                    September/October 2006   PEST WORLD   23
 An EYE to the Future
 Bayer and NPMA to Name “Young Scientist of the Year”
 at PestWorld 2006 Opening Ceremony
                      Bayer Environmental
                      Science and the National
                      Pest Management
                      Association (NPMA)
                                                    these campuses will advance the industry
                                                    as a whole.”
                                                         Research was submitted by students
                                                    from top entomology programs around
                                                                                                         “Without these judges, the contest
                                                                                                    would not be possible,” said Michael
                                                                                                    Newhouse, Contest Director and GIC
                                                                                                    Market Manager at Bayer. “We greatly
                      will introduce the three      the country. Topics ranged from the             appreciate the time commitment and
finalists and name the winner of the second         control of ants through the reduction of        expertise they shared and thank them for
“Young Scientist of the Year” contest at the        honeydew, to the resurgence of bed bugs,        ensuring another successful ‘Young
Opening Ceremony of NPMA’s annual                   to the most effective ways to treat termites.   Scientist of the Year’ contest.”
convention, PestWorld 2006, in Grapevine,                The submissions were judged by a                 “The future of pest management and
Texas. The scholarship and grant program            panel of university and industry                the success of our industry depend on the
for entomology graduate students                    professionals, including:                       work which will be carried out by young
acknowledges and financially supports               • Dr. Nick Hamon, Director of                   scientists. We owe a great debt of gratitude
outstanding research that benefits the pest              Development and Technical Services,        as an industry to Bayer for having the
management industry.                                     Bayer Environmental Science                foresight to create this important
      Bayer and NPMA launched this                  • Gregory J. Baumann, Vice President,           program,” says Young Scientist judge and
initiative in 2003, recognizing the need to              NPMA                                       NPMA vice president, Greg Baumann.
allocate resources to the academic                  • Robert Baker, Technical Director, Clark            Stop by Bayer’s booth, #417, to meet
community and groom the pest                             Pest Control                               the 2006 finalists and the “Young Scientist
management industry’s next generation of            • Dr. Roger Gold, Professor of                  of the Year.” Also, coming soon on NPMA’s
researchers. The top three finalists will                Entomology, Texas A&M University           Web site,, will be
receive scholarships of $2,500, $1,500, and         • Dr. Philip G. Koehler, Professor of           the resumes and research from all of the
$1,000 respectively. The individual selected             Entomology, University of Florida          entrants.
as the “Young Scientist of the Year” will           • Frank Meek, Technical Director, Orkin
also receive a $10,000 grant to continue his        • Mark Sheperdigian, Vice President of
or her research. In addition, a $1,000                   Technical Services, Rose Pest Solutions
scholarship will be donated to the general
scholarship fund at the schools attended by
each of the three finalists.
      “We’re committed to fostering the very
best in scientific research — research that will       “I met industry leaders
eventually help us overcome the challenges             not normally accessible to
facing the pest control industry,” said Pete
                                                       those in academia, greatly
Farno, Director of Marketing, PPM, at Bayer
ES. “Graduate students working with                    strengthening my ties to the
faculty at colleges and universities are a vital       pest control industry. Bayer’s
component in this critical effort.”                    dedication to emerging
      “To be able to support research that             scientists and commitment
benefits our industry while strengthening
                                                       to supporting applied and
our relationships with the next generation
of researchers is a win-win-win situation for          basic research proves it is a
the students, Bayer, and the entire pest               company devoted to the
management industry,” Farno continued.                 future of the pest control
“This contest creates stronger ties and opens          industry.”
more dialogue among the great entomology
departments at colleges and universities               J. Chad Gore, 2004 “Young Scientist
across the country and our industry. We                of the Year,” commented on his
believe the research being conducted on                involvement in the program.

24    PEST WORLD           September/October 2006                                                                  September/October 2006   PEST WORLD   25

                     Q.       I am having trouble with an insect
                              called a “cow killer,” or velvet ant.
                              I believe they are actually a wasp. I               Q.       I’m having a real issue with lizards
                                                                                           getting into an account. What
                                                                                           should I do?

                      think they are rare and do not fly. Can you
                      tell me more about them?

                                                                                            The lizards are there because they are
                                                                                            preying upon the insects that live there.
                                 You have done some research on velvet                      Best to work with the landscaping and
                                 ants. Velvet ants are a type of solitary wasp,   lighting on the exterior to reduce the insect prey load
Velvet Ant                       often associated with other ground               available. Trim or remove shrubs near the home’s
                      dwelling bees and wasps. Females are very hairy and         foundation; dry up standing areas of water; make
                      wingless and are brightly colored red, orange, yellow,      sure all door sweeps and screens are in good repair
                      or sometimes white. Females do not fly and can              and tight fitting to exclude them; change lighting on
                      pack a powerful sting with their stinger (modified          the building’s exterior to yellow (insects do not
                      ovipositor). Males are less hairy, duller in color, and     perceive yellow wavelengths and do not come to
                      have wings to fly, but do not sting. They are not           these lights); and angle the exterior lighting away
                      really as rare as you suppose, but various species are      from shining upon the structure. Hopefully, these
                      commonly found throughout the U.S. They are                 suggestions will help, but also consider a residual
                      often found on bare areas of ground similar to              treatment on the exterior to help reduce the insect
                      where other ground bees may occur. No pesticides            prey load.

                      are currently labeled for their control, however, there
                      are pesticides that are labeled for bees and wasps and
                      the sites where these insects occur.                                 I have a problem with a pest that it

                                                                                           lives in the stairwell between the
                                                                                           outside door and the door to the
                              I am treating a daycare playground                  basement. It comes into the basement,
                              and there are wasps coming from                     especially in winter and occasionally I will find
                              the sandbox. What should I do                       them in the house. It hides in dark places. It
                      since a daycare is considered a sensitive                   looks somewhat like a cricket or a very large
                      environment?                                                spider, with a soft body. It is quite large and

                                                                                  hops. What can I do to get rid of these

                                You are most likely dealing with a Sphecid
                                wasp and it is digging burrows in this
                                sand box. The wasp itself isn’t aggressive                   You are most likely dealing with camel
                      or particularly dangerous, but obviously parents and                   crickets (also known as cave or stone
                      teachers do not want the children playing in such                      crickets). They are nocturnal and live in
                      close proximity. A sprinkler could keep the area wet        crawl spaces and basements where it is dark and
                      and unsatisfactory for the wasps, but then the kids         damp. When we experience a heavy
                      would be equally disappointed. A tight-fitting cover        rain or an extreme drought or
                      could be placed over the sand when children weren’t         there is a change in temperature,
                      playing. Also, raking the sand box regularly will           they often come into upper areas
                      cause the wasps to give up and find a more welcome          of the home. It is best to reduce
                      habitat.                                                    moisture issues around basement
                                                                                  and crawl space areas. Additionally,      Camel Cricket
                                                                                  move debris and woodpiles away
                                                                                  from the house; ventilate and dry out crawlspaces;
                                                                                  repair or add door sweeps and screens to doors and
                                                                                  windows; and seal holes in masonry. Also,
                                                                                  microencapsulated or wettable powder formulations
                                                                                  in a crawlspace or basement area (as per label
                                                                                  indications) are good on these pests. They will also
                                                                                  take protein scatter baits labeled for such use.

26   PEST WORLD   September/October 2006                                                                         July/August
                        September/October 2006   PEST WORLD   27

Industry Book Signing at the
PestWorld 2006 Bug Store
A         t PestWorld 2006, in              About the Authors:                  2006 Event Calendar
          Grapevine, Texas,                                                     To register or for more info.,
                                                Dr. Hansen, co-author of
          NPMA’s Bug Store will                                                 visit
                                            “Carpenter Ants of the United
once again host an industry                 States and Canada,” is an           October 25-28, 2006
book signing. We are excited to             instructor in the Department of     PestWorld 2006
announce the appearance of Dr.              Biology at Spokane Fall             Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center
Jerome Goddard, Dr. Laurel D.               Community College in Spokane,       Lake Grapevine, Texas
Hansen, and Dr. John Klotz.                 Washington.                         For hotel reservations, call 866-782-7897.
Schedule your PestWorld events                  Dr. Klotz, co-author of
accordingly so that on site you                                                 November 29-December 1, 2006
                                            “Carpenter Ants of the United       Good to Great: Built to Last
can meet and have your personal             States and Canada,” is an           Trump International Sonesta Beach Resort
copies signed by these esteemed             Associate Cooperative Extension     Sunny Isles Beach, FL
authors. Books will also be                 Specialist in the Department of     For reservations, call 305-692-5600
available for sale.                         Entomology at University of         Sponsored by Bayer Environmental Science.
    The Bug Store will host the             California in Riverside.
following authors during these                  Dr. Goddard, author of “Vital   January 25-26, 2007
times during the convention:                                                    Eastern Conference
                                            Forces,” is the State Medical       Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
Dr. Laurel Hansen                           Entomologist for the Mississippi    Atlantic City, New Jersey
Thursday, October 26, 2006                  Department of Health. He is also    For hotel reservations, call 800-825-8888.
2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.                       an Assistant Professor of           Sponsored by DuPont Professional Products.
                                            Medicine at the School of
Dr. John Klotz                                                                  January 30-31, 2007
                                            Medicine, University of
Thursday, October 26, 2006                                                      Southwestern Conference
                                            Mississippi Medical Center.
2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.                                                           Sandia Resort & Casino
                                                                                Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dr. Jerome Goddard                                                              For hotel reservations, call 505/798-3930.
Friday, October 27, 2006                                                        Sponsored by DuPont Professional Products.
9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

28   PEST WORLD    September/October 2006                                                 

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