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– Breakfast Menu –


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									       Please place this menu outside                                                               Cereals & Yogurt
        your door before 1 1:00 pm                                                                  Cereal                 Corn Flakes                             Special K
                                                                                                                           Rice Krispies                           Granola
________________________                    __________________________________                                             Bran Flakes                             Raisin Bran
         Room                                          Guest Name                                                          Honey Nut Cheerios                      Frosted Flakes
For your convenience breakfast is served daily from 7:30 to 9:30 am.
Please indicate desired time and place you wish to take breakfast.                                  served with            2% Milk                                 Soy Milk
                                                                                                                           Skim Milk
________________________                                        Your Room
                                                                                                    Yogurt                 Natural Plain Yogurt                   Fruit Yogurt
          Time                                                  Garden Terrace*
Breakfast will be served within                                 Front Porch*                        All cereal options served with ___ Sliced Banana
15 minutes of requested time                                    Dining Room

                                                                                                    From The Bakery
Rise & Shine                                                                                        Toast                  Wheat                                   Seven Grain
Get off to a bright start with a beverage delivered to your guest room prior to breakfast.                                 Sourdough                               Cinnamon Raisin
                                                                                                                           Jewish Rye
Beverage                Freshly Made Coffee                    Green Tea
                        English Breakfast Tea                  Earl Grey                            Bagel                  Plain                                   Whole Wheat
                                                                                                                           Poppyseed & Sesame                      Cinnamon Raisin
served with             Fresh Cream                            Soy Milk
                        2% Milk                                Lemon Slices
                        Skim Milk                                                                   Misc.                  English Muffins                         Oversized Fruit Muffin
Available from 7:00 am, please indicate time: ________________________                                                     Crumpets

                                                                                                    Breakfast Entrees
                 – Breakfast Menu –                                                                     Traditional English Breakfast
The ingredients we use are sourced from the finest suppliers across the USA and some specialty          Our English breakfast is a truly authentic experience. Prepared in the traditional way by
items are imported from the British Isles. We are committed to using as many free-range &               British butchers here in the United States, our bacon and sausages are made from free-
organic products as is reasonably possible.                                                             range organic pork. 2 Eggs (specify style) ______________ , ___ Back Bacon Rashers,
                                                                                                        ___ Sausage, ___ Grilled Tomato, ___ Grilled Mushrooms
Juices & Cold Beverages                                                                                 Buttermilk Pancakes
Juice                   Florida Orange                         V8 Juice                                 Fresh Buttermilk pancakes made from scratch made with nutmeg and cinnamon with a
                        Apple                                  Cranberry                                serving of real Wisconsin maple syrup on the side. Made ___ Plain OR ___ with Blueberries,
                        Grapefruit                             Tomato                                   served with your choice of any ONE of the following breakfast meats,
                                                                                                        ___ Applewood Smoked Bacon, OR ___ Canadian Bacon, OR ___ Black Forest Ham,
Water                   Still Mineral Water                    Sparkling Mineral Water                  OR ___ Country Link Sausages, OR ___ Low Fat Turkey Sausage
Soda                    Coca Cola                              Sprite                                   Seasonal Fruit Platter
                        Diet Coke                              Diet Sprite                              Selection of assorted market fresh sliced fruits and berries. ____ with Natural Yogurt
Milk                   2%                                      Soy                                      Egg White Fritatta with tomatoes and herbs
                       Skim                                                                             3 Egg white fritatta served open face with diced tomatoes and fresh herbs.
                                                                                                         ____ with Steamed Mushrooms

Hot Beverages                                                                                           American Breakfast
                                                                                                        Your choice of 2 eggs any style with choice of breakfast meats.
Coffee                  Freshly Made Coffee                    Cappuccino                               2 Eggs (specify style) ______________ , AND your choice of any ONE of the following:
                        Decaffeinated Coffee                   Espresso                                 ___ Applewood Smoked Bacon, OR ___ Canadian Bacon, OR ___ Black Forest Ham,
                        Caffé Latte                                                                     OR ___ Country Link Sausages, OR ___ Low Fat Turkey Sausage
Tea                     English Breakfast                      Peppermint                               McCormick House Omelet
                        Earl Grey                              Lemon                                    Made-to-order 3-eggs omelet with your choice of fillings. ___ Black Forest Ham,
                        Green                                  Chamomile                                ___ Local Colby Cheese, ___ Greek Feta, ___ Mushrooms, ___ Fresh Spinach
                        Apple Green                            Rose Hip
                                                                                                        Cinammon Pecan French Toast
                        Blackcurrant                           Blueberry
                                                                                                        Prepared to a traditional recipe using french bread slices dipped in a cinnamon-vanilla custard
                        Raspberry                              Peach
                                                                                                        and topped off with crushed pecan nuts. Served with your choice of any ONE of the
                        Wild Strawberry                                                                 following breakfast meats, ___ Applewood Smoked Bacon, OR ___ Canadian Bacon,
Chocolate               Hot Belgian Chocolate                                                           OR ___ Black Forest Ham, OR ___ Country Link Sausages, OR ___ Low Fat Turkey Sausage

All beverages served with your choice of:                                                               Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal
                                                                                                        Traditional Irish Oatmeal made the old fashioned way. (preparation time 30 mins.)
                        Lemon                                  1/2 & 1/2
                                                                                                        Served with ___ Sultanas and ___ Natural Brown Sugar
                        2% Milk                                Soy Milk
                        Skim Milk
                                                                                                      We respectfully ask that each guest choose only
* Weather / Season Permitting                                                      rev 11.16.2007         one item from each breakfast category.

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