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									How To Auto-Posts to Facebook and Twitter With

Twitterfeed is                                    a                                     service
that helps simplify our work to tell our friends twitter andfacebook when you create new posts
in your blog. Of course you have to do this so you do not make a post again regarding your
new blog posts on twitter andfacebook. You can do this as a way to market or promote the
most effective thing                     you                      can                       do.

How    it   works is   simple Twitterfeed, you only   need   to submit / register   the address
ofyour Blog RSS Feed and leave the                       service in                     charge
of sending the "automatic" to your twitter account.

Here's How to Register Your Blog RSS FEED Twitterfeed:
1. Of course you must already have an account on twitter.
2. Click here to sign up, then click "Register Now".
3. On the page "Twitterfeed Sign Up", fill in your email address andpassword you will
   use to                                                   log into acount Twitterfeed. Check
   the boxlabeled "Please include me on Important updates
   and informationThat effect my Twitterfeed account" if you want                        to get
   the latest newsfrom twitterfeed via email, but if you do not want to leave it alone.Then
   click "Create Account".
4. If you have successfully registered, login using your email address andpassword that
   you registered earlier.
5. Twitterfeed page, please enter      the    address setting the Rss Feed yourblog on      the
   "my twitter feeds" and option "Create new twitter feed".(You can register more than
   one address of your blog RSS FEED).
7. After work, please check whether twitterfeed able to work well, after you post a new
   article onyour blog.
8. Thus simple steps how to register your blog RSS FEED in Twitterfeed. Hopefully by
   using these                                                 services work online promotion
   or marketing your products through blogs much easier.

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